The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, APRIL 24, 1950 OUT O^R WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ET.EVKN * WEAK*, A STRIKE? TWENTIES, THREE TENS, AM' SOME FIVESAM'ONES.' , WHUT I COULD tX> WITH THAT.' FIRST THING I'D— f ^rrf 1 ^^3feP»Kig& eieUT.' WrW MOTHEES GET GRAY BY HERMINA BLACK Political Announcement Tile Courier News has been author- l/ed to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 25 and Augur.t 8 FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H. Autry Re-election Post No. 3 Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No. 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election Post No. 4) For sfaie Senator fl^ W. R. Nicholson -* J. Lee Beardon K'tucky No. 31 Fescue Pasture Mixtures, Alfalfa, SEED CORN State Certified COTTON SEED and SOYBEANS BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1900 W. Main Phone 6856 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Callihan 110 So. First St., Blylheville beauty of this porttor o« Piers Arnberlej's. Here wa^ no attem|)l to modernize or Westernize Great silver tamps hunp from the rool. and carved arches covered by silken curtains gave ac- III kr.lth (,„ hr covca (• the JT was impossible for Clemency, who was forced to watch the tableau, not to see Syrie Amberley's quick jerk away, and the tightening of net husband's embrace af he deliberately drew her closer and held her. his mouth against uers. Then Jon released Syrie. "Sorrj 1 wasn't there to greet you when you got bnrji trom England. Did Piers tell you I'd been out tn the midday sun?" "He mentioned it Are you all right?" Syrie was smiling at him DOW "1 was afraid you might be really—in. when you didn't turn up at_ the airport." "No First headache I've had since you went away." • "Well, don't get any more." Syrie turned to Clemency. "This i« my husband—as you will have guessed. Miss Norton Miss Norton l* Raba's new nursery governess." "So 1 gathered from Piers." He shook hands. "Hope both my ; young women behaved oo the ' journey. Miss Norton." "Beautifully." said Clemency, and addec significantly: "But Baba la dropping with sleep. And now she oat seen ner Daddy she's going to bed like a goot 1 glrL* Clemency led the way into the night nursery, and as Jon Amber. ley bent to put his daughter be: tween the turned-Back sheets of • her white bed. she had the oppor- , tunity at observing him more • closely He was taller than his brother, ; and oo one who did not know would oave r tween them __ ^ : once mutt nave been very good i man who had been illness Hit cheeks and there were deep WE under .up eyes. There was no doubt about his remarkably good teatures but it was a weak face— with none of his brother's bitterness; It also lacked Piers Ambcrley's strength. As they turned away, he said: "She needs someone to be good to her Neither Syrie nor myself are exactly successful in the role of parent." It was difflcull to make a comment on that. As they went back into (he nursery the} found it empty. Syne bud not waited for her husband, a fact which did not seem to surprise him He lingered for a few minutes asking Clemency ij she knew this part of the world, and managing to find out exactly bow she came tr be there. She was somehow relieved wnen he nad gone. She bad the feeling that she ought to be sorry for him but she could not rid herself ol a slight sense of something more like distaste. He certainly had a charm which his elder brother did not possess, but— Jon Amberle;- looked unhappy, and he was probably .uite nice. What Clemency did know for certain was that she would have given a good deal not to have to go downstairs and "loin the Arn- berley family for dinner. eal was even worse than she had expectei The big, square hall was beautiful. The floor inlaid with black and white mosaic: the colors of the deep rugs strewn about ft glowed with lewel-like brilliance —rose and sapphire blue and the clear green of emeralds The porphyry ol Uie walls was rose • . • - 1 -" - — ^ — ~ --^ wuj iu.-n= one siooa mere, f color, flecked with gold, and the harassed tnterlopW , ,,K • u P poncd the - lenes that ran all round the hall of 'r^Tgu^ aem" 1 at eastern houses, but tn bad rivaled the ex- Through the one to which Justine had directed Her came the strains ol a radio-phonogriiph playing D Strauss waltz (I war the one Incongruous touch, but somehow it did not seem that way —perhaps because Clemency adored Strauss waltzes. She lifted the curtain and went in. 'dropping it behind her For a moment or two she paused unnoticed on the threshold of the room. Syrie in a dinner gown oj some soft, draping material the color ot an aqua-marine, lounged back in a deep chair, a vivid violet cushion behind her red-gold hair cigarct in a black between 'icr lips. , onyx holder ^JOT far away Piers Amberley _ sat, reading a magazine — very distinguished-looking in his orthodox black and white. Jon wa- standing by the big record player He looked less haggard in th shaded golden light of the lamps and Clemency realizeo that was startlingly good looking. This room was as Eastern as the hall. Silver pillars again, but the walls of lapis and silver— the upholstery and hangings almost oar- baric to their vivid hues The vividness of Syrie fitted into it— but the men in their perfectly cut clothes struck an alien note. And yet she felt that the picture before Her ought to have been > perfect conversation piece — only there was no conversation. Each one of those three people seemed apart — absorbed in their own pursuits. Syrie in ' her thoughts. Piers Amberley in his reading, ana Jon in the music to which he was lightly beating time with one hand. She stood there, feeling' an em- The FBI examined 192,029 fingerprint nrrest records In 1949. This exceeded 1948 by 4,3 per cent. "Say It With Flowers" Blytheville FLOWER MART Memphis fliway Phone 6MZ "When they left I heard them say they were Agoing to GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION tor a personal loan!" »«r escape. Then Jon I timed his head. andTaw bei At * ' (To Be ConUooed) RENT A CAMERA Low Rates on Box or Flash Cameras Call 3G.I7 — West Main BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Our Telephone Number 4438 Shefton Motor Co. "Say It With Flowers" BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Hiwij Phone 6002 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2B51 Hearing Aid Users iNow, you can get fresh, pre- tested Uallerics for Any Kind of Hearing Aid at KIR6Y DRUG STORES Concrete Culvert Tile Shies mp to M In Corrugated Metal Culverts . Sites ip to M In Altomatlr Flood Gll» Concrete Seplir T^nks RSefal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile "e«: rHces We DeHrer A.H.WEBB , fii ,| sta^ lint Phone 7U FOR SALE Concrete cnlvcrl. it inch to W inch, plain or reenforced Alw Concrete Building Block, cheap- ei than lumber for barns ehirkeD houses, pomp houses, tenant houses tool sheds We drllycr Call •• for tree minute. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. then* ML MCA mMHTJ IV~ DA1 ) MUSIC f "UB " [ STBOMC J I KONG i *•» HIS C*C«ST«A JN PERSO ARMORY HALL May 2 Advance Price . . 1.20 person At the Door 1.50 person Tickets on Sale at Kirby's Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Deafer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSBB It's a Scandal A FEW PINTS op perRot, GOODMAN/ i P'JTAIH' I BUF THE /HOWZA- IN ... TlRes / BCUV LAST 1 SOMe of WEEK, J THATGAS DlONT / "1OU WON RW HITTING- A HOMBR,? si/wr ~ • Skip THE OIL/ WHST — ~~, .„ FIND OUT ci WHOS GIVIWQ ---, iwiiri^. a>_TVlG , YOU'LL GET BEAT/ row. IMO tn MA snmcc. »«. T . «. «a u . 'Look—a dude! Bet he never shot a man in his whole life!" I'KISCIU.A'S I'OF Perils of Parenthood BY AL VERMEEB MEAN "I WAS A | , GOOD SIRL }/ I ^_^ IN SCHOOL// A GOOD \ TODAY"! J/ GIRL IN A Nice Bundle UY MICHAEL O'JI ALLEY and RALPH LAN! GOO BLESS YOU FCC SAYING THAT, MR. HINT— AND FOR BRINGING HIM BACKi THIS IS FOR YOU, BUT WRE NOT TO OfEN IT TIIL1WRE ON THE TRAIN. PROMISE ? IF CHRISTOPHER HADN'T RISKED NECK.WE WOULDN'T BE HERE. ' A BRAVE BOY. RAY TO THE ORDER ' PAGING A DOCTOR.' FLINT HOUSAND DDL . MAN IN 1HE WAWIN6 ROOM JUST MINTED DEAD AWAY/ CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER NIKI...SO SHC'S BEEN FOLLOW.Wa ME f?Sf!?, ! JHAT's MOTFOK..UOUSHTA TURN El ftTEC-[f JWE , IQQK; TWO HORSEMCKMg UP HIPIMO 50 lp STUWSLE \WU ACROSS (*V ONTO WUV BESIDES,WHO /KNEE?^T I C^NT fcRE VOU TO COMPIAIH / eu;£ THE PIL-M *«OUTieiNa«L<«. f nr/ ygfe^fi™ VOtl VEIL! OH TH'KIM, NEAR RATUEgltUKE C*»C! BUGS BUNNY Careless Sylvester you've RUINBD UOOK v-^" DOWN H01.63.' ) f LAPV7 j" «*K« IT TH' NEXT TIWC yA IRON SHEETS WITHOUT SWEEPJN' TH' STONES OUTA TH ALLEY...VBR How's That Again? BY V. T. HAMLIM WEN ALLEY OO? B\G6EO 1>€ BENGAL r£ FAILED 72> CON- 5 IDEE T«i BIS CATS NINE LIVES... AND THE REMAINING t~ •> EIGHT EXPLODE VWJ THOUGHT.'.'.' ^ . YOU FOOL! YOU ^£>„ NINCOMPOOP.' 1^ i YOU BRAINLESS^- ~gL IDIOT.' >W>; J BY EDGAR MARTIN AWc OMW OVifi »c NOliR fW\<a-Vit (S

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