The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 25, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1963
Page 5
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Hints From Heloise Rustproof Pin Won't Stain Valuable Cloth By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Ladies: Let me caution you about using straight pins! A straight pin is the most wonderful gadget — besides the safety pin — that has ever been invented for our immediate household needs but. . . If, you decide to pin up the hem in a drapery — which is too long. . . use caution! Read — Joe Blow's instructions — that's the little ol' friend of ourr who gives directions on nearly everything tha* is sold — a n f' see if the pins are rust proof. We have re- Helois» ceived many complaints and have experimented for 12 months now. I found that some of these straight pins do rust! On some material this just breaks our heart. The rust marks ruin it. Let me just give you a little tip: When you buy a package of pins (and ladies you're not gon- na pay too much difference — look at your guarantee), you might just prevent damaging an area on something. Pins that aren't rust proof do horrible dam ages when left in materials too long. If you have a problem, write to Heloise. I am here to listen, I understand and welcome all of your letters. Letters do not have to be signed to appear in my column. Neither. . . do they have to be written on stationery and with a fountain pen. You can write me on anything. Just let me know your troubles. So. . . that we can try to help you and at least try to solve your problems. If we do not have your answer, in our files, we will publish your question in this column and see if' some of our other 25 million readers haven't found your solution. With all my love, Heloise Dear Heloise: When I wash my daughter's pleated skirt, I put spring-type clothes pins at the bottom of each pleat and wash by hand. This keeps the pleats from falling out. If I do this, I don't have to put an iron to them. Washwoman Dear Washwoman: Aren't we all? A great idea. Thanks a billion! Heloise Dear Heloise: About static electricity in ny- ons and other synthetics: We own a laundromat and in ;his business we use a fabric softener — which incidentally we sell for 5 cents a packet — and s enough for one load of wash. The softener is put in the last rinse water and we find it excellent for removing static electricity. Some of our customers have said it lasts through two washings. Margaret Bohanon Dear Heloise: When I empty my electric vacuum cleaner bag which is full of dirt and dust I take several sheets of newspaper and place them on the floor. Then I sprinkle the newspaper with water. I empty the soil from the bag The dampness keeps the dust from getting on other things. Fold up the newspaper with the dirt inside and dispose in the garbage. It's neat, clean and no dust around. Anne Barber Dear Anne: Now aren't you just a corker to think of sprinkling that newspaper? I do declare that if I were in your home today I would do your laundry in repayment of this tricky hint. Love, Heloise Ann Landers Up To Something In His Dreams? SISTERS — Katherine Jean, 5, and Janice Rene, 15 months old, are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Price, 1425 Johnson St., Idaho Falls, Idaho. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Homer Miller, RFD 1; and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Price, 1033 N. Mulberry. Great - grandparents are Mrs. Margaret Miller, Kansas City; Mrs. Herman Piene, Richmond; Mrs. Virginia Price, Ottawa; and Mrs. FW. Harp, Oklahoma City, Okla. Mr. Price is in the US Navy. He recently completed nuclear power school and will remain as an instructor. He is an electrician 1st class. Auxiliary •/ Initiates New Member Ottawa Memorial Auxiliary No. 5901, VFW, initiated Mrs. Glen W. Hardesty at the meeting in the hall last evening, and received a petition. Mrs. Rose Abbott presided. The group voted to order new sympathy and get-well cards and to pay the Auxiliary bowling team city tournament entry fee of $12.25. The penny drill netted 61 cents. Mrs. Victor Sowers reported that $50.14 was cleared from a recent food sale and it will be used to buy a table and chairs for the home. It was reported that 14 cancer dressings and 10 balls of rug rags were sewed at a recent sewing social. It was reported that Mrs. Chester Louderback made a recent trip to Wadsworth VA Hospital, taking 20 pillow covers, 50 neckties, 94 balls of rug rags, seven jig saws, puzzles, 188 pocket editions, 25 Popular Science magaines and 41 other mag- zines. It was announced that the committee for the February birthday party includes Mrs. Sowers, Mrs. Ed Curby, Mrs. Frank Lehew, Mrs. Viola Robinson and Mrs. F. C. Wise. Mr .and Mrs. Lehew served refreshments to Post and Auxiliary members following the meetings. MATT is the 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGilbray, 812 W. 10th. His grandfather is John McGilbray, Haskell, Okla. (Wright Photo) Chapter Meets Omicron Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, elected a nominating committee at the Wednesday evening meeting with the sponsor, Mrs. Claude Webb. It includes Mrs. Gardner Campbell, Mrs. Don McKelvey and Mrs. Jack Roberts. The social committee, Mrs. John Gutschenritter, Mrs. Don Jones and Mrs. Campbell directed word games and served refreshments. WSCS Circle Study Session Mrs. Guy Mclntosh gave devotions for the Susana Wesley WSCS Circle meeting last evening with Mrs. Ben Gilmore. Mrs. Marion Coen presented the lesson, "World Neighbors," and displayed several books that would be helpful in introducing children to people of other countries. Mrs. Carroll Kirkpatrick conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Gilmore and Mrs. Leslie Wheat served, refreshments to the 13 . members present. Joins Staff Of Council Mrs. Robert Bray, 222 W. 4th, a new resident of Ottawa, has joined the professional staff of the Santa Fe Trail Council of Girl Scouts as a part time district director. She will supervise service to Girl Scout troops and give training to adult leaders in Franklin County and Southwest Johnson County, both of which are within the jurisdiction of the Council. Mrs. Bray has had 10 years of professional experience with the Kansas City Area Council of Girl Scouts. A member agency of the Ottawa United Fund, the Santa Fe Trail Council of Girl Scouts also serves girls in Wyandotte, Miami, Linn and Anderson Counties. Socialettes Soroptimists heard a talk, "The Six Sides of Welfare," last evening by a member, Mrs. Wanda Baird, county welfare director. Mrs. J. R. Hudelson was hostess assisted by Mrs. M. A. Welty and Miss Nell Barnaby. Fifteen were present. American Legion Auxiliary will hold a sewing meeting Monday afternoon in Memorial auditorium to sew rug rags for Wadsworth VA Hospital. Rebekah rally for District No. 8, will be Monday at 7:30 p.m. in IOOF hall. Members are asked to bring sandwiches. Four members of Social Order of Beauceant attended a meeting of Assembly No. 50, in lola, last evening. Going were Mrs. Clarence Reefer, Mrs. W. J. Wright, Mrs. Sam Shumate and Mrs. C. J. Pence, accompanied by Pence. Dear Ann Landers: There seems to be a good deal of divided opinion on the meaning of dreams. Some people say dreams have no significance.—that they are jumbled, unrelated thoughts which flash through a person's mind for no explainable reason. Others say dreams are the key to our innermost desires — desires we won't even admit to ourselves. My husband is,.. a g r e a t dreamer. He is also a pretty good talker — along with t h e c dreams. I'd like to know whether a person dreams about things which have already happened. If this is true the old buzzard has plenty of explaining to do. On second thought, I can't figure out when he would find the time and energy for all the high- jinks. Please set me straight, Ann. I'd hate to blow my top for no good reason. - THE OLD GREY MARE Dear Mare: People do dream about things which have happened. And then again, some people dream about things they wish would happen. I don't know if this will help you feel better or worse. All dreams have some significance, but figuring out the real meaning of dreams, requires a trained specialist. Dear Ann Landers: Aren't teenagers difficult enough to handle without you getting into the act and taking their side against their parents? The other day my 16-year-old privacy means answering to no one. Will you clarify this in your column?-CONSTAND READER Dear Reader: I have clarified this in my column — times with out number. Where have you been? There's a world of difference between reading a teenager's mail and snooping in his diary and knowing where he is at all times, with whom, and when he will be at home. Mail and diaries are persona and private information, A teenager's activities are not persona and private information. These are .matters of vital concern to his parents. No teenager shoulc be free to roam around withou accounting for his whereabouts. Dear Ann Landers: I was amused by the letter from the mother who was concerned because her son was nick-named "Runt." She was worried that it might interfere with his chances Shower For Baby Boy A layette shower for David Fischer, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Fischer, was held Wednesday evening at the Kurt Weigand home. Gifts were placed in a little red wagon hitched to a stork with boy doll driver. It served as the centerpiece. Prizes won in games were presented the honor guest. Hostesses were Mrs. Weigand, Mrs. Dale Smith, Mrs. Floyd Kochenower Jr., and Mrs. Robert McLain. THE OTTAWA HERAU) Friday, January 25, 1963 Mr. Add Cheese Sauce Add well-drained whole-kernel corn to a cheese sauce made with tomatoes and serve ovei toast for a savory luncheon dish. daughter cut out your column and waved it under my nose saying, "See, Ann Landers says teenagers should have privacy." I refer to the severe criticism you gave the mother who opened her daughter's mail and read the girl's diary. Don't you realize that parents are responsible for their children so long as the children live under their roof? We have a right to know where they are, with whom, who else will be there and when they will be home. My daughter thinks complete for a dignified legal career. You told her not to worry — that a guy nick • named "Whizzer" did all right. Frankly, I think the mother must be off her rocker. An unusual nick-name can be a tremendous asset. It sticks in people's minds. A politician in Southern Illinois was recently reelected. His name appeared on the ballot as follows: "Runt" Bishop. Thought you'd like to know.— HARRY A Dear Harry: Thanks for the clue • in. And congratulations, Runt. Confidential to Pistol Packin' Mama: This is about as funny as a fire in an Old Folks Home If this woman is carrying a gun without a permit she should be turned in. Are you tempted to smoke because the crowd does? If so, semi for Ann Landers' booklet, "Teen age Smoking," enclosing with your request ten cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped en velope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Senc them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Baptist WMS Hears Guest Guest speaker for North Baptist WMS last evening was Rev. J aul L. Stagg, program associate or the Division of Evangelism of he American Baptist Home Mission Societies. Other visitors were llaron Cordle and C. E. Keith. During a business session by flrs. Fred Kaub, the next meet- ng night was changed to Feb. 27. A letter of thanks was read rom a scholarship girl at Ottawa University for a gift sent her. Ham Muffins Ever add finely diced leftover cooked ham to a muffin batter? The muffin recipe used for this should be low in sugar. The ham muffins taste delicious with breakfast eggs. I DRAKE'S BAKERY For Rolls-Donuts-Pies and all other bakery products Announcing We Have Purchased The Wheeler Chair Rental and will continue the same courteous service. Bennett's Flavor - of - the - Month "Sweeter than Words' Russell Stayer's Valentine CANDIES 3188. Main CH 2-3024 We Have Also Purchased A Carpet Shampooer So — Call us for all yaur Carpet Cleaning, from Wall-to-Wall or rug sizes. CLOSE-OUT- Wool or Nylon THROW RUGS 36"x27" and 27"x54" See Us For: Carpeting - Linoleum -Tiles, etc.; Paints, Formica Cabinet Tops, Sanding and Refinishing Floors. Nitcher's Floor Service 115 E. 2nd CH 2-5673 The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Honor New Officers White Shrine honored district supreme appointments at the meeting last evening in Masonic temple. They were Mrs. Edyth Sal- vensen, Lawrence, district deputy; Mrs. Lela Comstock, Quenemo, membership chairman; and Mr. Carl Schroder, Lawrence, deputy supreme watchman of shepherds. Mrs. Elmer Roth, worthy high priestess, conducted the visitors to the east and presented them with gifts. Entertainment during a social hour was numbers by a barbershop quartet, The Barefoot Four. Gerald Harford and Ray Talbott showed pictures. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dale and Mr. and Mrs. Harford served refreshments from a table they had decorated with red roses and driftwood. Select Dairy (Home Owned) CH 2-1607 1020 N. Main 17 Cu. Ft. FREEZERS YOUR CHOICE $ 187 13 Cu. Ft. Chest $144.88 SEARS 107 S. Main—CH 2-2820 Ottawa Down Down Available at all BENNETT Retail Dealers at the BENNETT RETAIL ICE CREAM STORE COFFEE - HOT CHOCOLATE PEPSI -- ROOT BEER MALTS -- SHAKES -- SUNDAES HAMBURGERS — CHEESEBURGERS CHILI — CONEYS — FRENCH PRIES PORK TENDERLOIN — HOT DOGS Retail lee Cream Store Go the Prices IITI • This Is It!" Women's Fall Heels 706 Pain Values /o $74.95 $5.00 L CH 2-4974 212 N. Main CHILDREN'S SHOES All Miss America Values to $7.95 $ 4.88 Large Group of TEEN'S FLATS Values to $9.95 4.88 All Men's DRESS SHOES 20° OFF O'Connor's Shoes 205 S. Main

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