Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1907
Page 6
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V, iSfcrett, IbU; ofae Wbck?fifbm Bi^Bre. Diseaseb of domesticated ¥B|mal8saccessfulIytre«ted,cbarges ttodcrate.good tx)x stalls (or pal ients Calls aoswei'ed promptly night or day; 30 years experience. Vetcrin ary Dentbtry -a specialty. Hoaor Qradiiate of OnUrio Veterinary College, Prop. HosplUI Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 "NOT HOW CHEAP, BUT HOW GOOD." Ounther'^ Candies! A Kiue Liuc on Display, al SPENCER'S CTTX KEWi, Holer Barber College, Kansas City, Mo. Teaches tbo trade by free clinic and careful Instructions In few weeks. Positions waiting for everybody who will loaru. Write for particulars. FITZCKllAl.l), till- iriiiihf.r man. has tnovrd his oflln.- inun the Odd K <'1- iows' bl'lllilinn Into li:<' llutlor buMd lug on WoMt KlriH't. Mrs. TfSt will oprn UnnchiK ("lasses In Masonic hall Kndiiy rvcnhiK. Oct. 11th. 8 o'clock, and a cliildrcns class Saturday at :'. i>. ni. A BOY was tinni yi-sti rila> In .Mr. and Mrs. MVU'T . of T'''J Simtli lliic.lvcj •• etrcet. Wanfpd—Everybody to know W. B. Kclley & Son have movi-i| ^iicir transfer and storage oflice ii. Jll South Washington. Oflice and Day Phone "OH. Kesidence and night Phone 17. EPWAHD Rcadickor. who nas Hf >r lousjy 111 with typhoid rover, is reported as much better today. J.' T. Tanner, lirenxed anrtlnnepr and sale crier, «0a North lirRes, Gns City. P. W. FU.S.STON and .Mrs Eva ,Ion- kins returned froiii Kansas City, whejo th.-'y have been scclnp the carnival. "No Mother to IJiiidc Her" at the ,Oraad tonlicbt. THE AI.LE.\ County (•.•nii!<ry a- soclalion today tilod iliv plat '"f tlicir new cemetery which is to be located uortli of Gari City. The new cemetery contains eight hundred and si.xty lots. P. £. traoKh, llentist. Phone I8S. UUce oTer burreirn Drag Htvre. . E; C. REY.NOLDS went to iopeha l.:tt'c\ciiiug wlier«; hf will taku (In- Htatc board •.•XiiiiiUjulMin lor ? medical ctitlficale. lit- lias .leld a lempoiary Cjrtllical'- •-v'.'.-'- lilli". Mrs. I'antrell. Pbonp 1W7. FOK SALE -San Lol.^; Valley Coio rado. Irrigated lands in small tract.-. we can sell on nidii'bly payiiienis. for full iiarticirai-s write in- call. Wliit- akcr & iJouiiell. Dr. J. F. Jaiiuson, «iraduate Auction!•«• and Veterinarian. Sales or rails made anywhere. I'hone 13, lola, Kas. JOIIX NV.MA.N of Savonbuig Is in the .ci|y tliis afternoon looking after business interests. I have a number of second II.IM'I Sewing '.Mi-chiaes a- cood ;i ; !]<•.<. Singer Sewing Macbin- ri'inpni!.. , I Id East Madison aveune. C, A BRADKOnn win, I:- el ,ar ::e.' with btealinp jiinK. was re!ca.«>tl tlijs morning on bond to await his trial at the January j mi of court Dr. BeyDolda. Phone CS*. Bes. 614. A Full Line (i' CRAVANETTE COATS! Good for rain f»r tiijiic Prices— $10 to $20. ChiBi BaMau :Shield8 €£ottun^ Caj .VInisterit Say That the Pay Is Too 8mall. Repgrls received by the Tribuu-' fiuni ten of the Methodist Episcopal cunfertiices in lllinots and nelghbor- ng Kiales show that .f;ic question of higher salary for the average minister of that church has reached a crisis. The geiinrally expressed iipliiii)ii is that r»'liFious work soon will suffpr toi lack of preacliers unlevs salaries ra'sed. In many of the conferene- jiipf. held (hero was an e.xodus of incachers from the pulpit t<> enter bu.s i'less life. Tlie higher salary lU'iveiiient was liscussed and advocated at praclica!- ly ail tiie conference.^. Kroni tlie Dos MOIHT-S conference, luld rereiitly at Council Bluff's. Ih. comes llip report that ".7 of the 217 pulpits are vacant liecause of the in- snllicient salaries i)aiil to the preacli- ef^. Ten y-'ars aco there were more preachers than pulpUs in this conference. Salaries have Iieen advanced about J1<'|> each diirir.g the I;.si four years, bill this Increase—wliii-li has not Ki -p' apace with increase in lb.' <.-<ivt "f living—has la'Ieil to stem the mini:- (irtal stampede Into liusliiess life. Five withdrawals from the rtinisTy were reported ;it the Norlbwest low.i ennfereiic •. held ;i( Siotix City nnd ! the same reason was given in eNei;. : cas" - insunicient iiay. ; The topic was exhaustively di.-;<ns ; I ed at the Indiana conference at Coluni bus. Speal;:'rs read statistics showing tbat the cost of living lia.l in ciea-ied In per ceiu in The last few M -ars. but tliere had been less than Ii> |ier <-enl increase in salari'-s. HaveModern Decorations on Your Walls The wall papers you buy this SI asnii are going to slay on your w.ills for homi- lime. There is every r<>ason, therefore, why >ou sliou'd make sure that flie I>apers cliiiseii are .satisfactory ill e\erv respect and. ate the , ver.>- latest designs. We tliiiik there is no one who will use paper who can not be beiictiled by makink! a selection from our new and u |)-Io -date stock. If coiilaiii^ distinctive i|e»:|i;iis not to lie had eisi-wliere and all materials nc'es-ary to cairv IIM ! the vovy lal'-st iilca • in wall decoration. Ill addition to tb<- ii»:ii,i! choice .iflorili'd there is ;i|it lo lie a '•:'vini; In cost. We k:i<»w positively that no (.lie ;in>v.!:eic can sell Willi paper.- at less than our prices. It will be a pleasure to show >oii till- line and we hope to bive tlii' nrivllcge of .•-liowiiig it III ynu si,; ri. BorreirsD Store The i;c:iall Store, u i:si Sim: <tK Tin: S(M AKK. S'veral iniiiislei-s withdrew fioni ll:is coiifcrcnce to enter lay pnr-iui!s Itivari.-'.bly they said lliey preferie.; ! l |:e preacher's life to a liiisine'-s cancer but the olili-irttioii to "suppiirt llii-!r faniili'-s in deeency' caused llieni. iliey s :i :il. to di'cide in favfir of business Ilenihitions favoring higlier jiay i -i- Itie preacl .i >r>; were nilopted by tli" I .'sy conference of Southern Iowa ;it llnrlliiEton. From i !ie \\(i;:coiisin conf-'renc- :it Wilwatikec comes an es|u'cii!|y pes* siniistic re)>urt. Salaries tlii-re \)ave not increased at :ill in Mie last decade or :« It wns r.'veali'd that (wenly I'astnrs in tliis conference recei \i» li ss pay than $(n<i a year. and. at thai each preaclies in two different vil- 'avc;; each Sunday. In this confer 'lice llier? has lieen a decrease nf L''i per cent in salaries during the la-i years, \vhile 1!;e co;-( of living ba- huri ased In lo ."n per cent. rOHT KK>0 TO TIIE AI'At HEs; It l> Kejmrf-'I That the Dklalionia INiNt Ke^ervuti«n Will (TO to TrilK". IJcno. (iliia.. Oct .s.- I 'r .vale in- i Ii riiiali 'i:: -i-.rd IIM -.- from Wash ' iagtoii ill licaii's tl:ii ilif Koil Kelio liiilita;-;. i i'.a'ii.n ; •jon in ;'ban lioiii-d 1 • il-.- >: ii 'i'iii !)'. iiia> I'" g;\ !' i'l'ii;-!,.- now in Okla. O;M.-I. MI II-H O| ^,i^u^^,• if '.vi,i.;i, they vrre dcpriieil clsewlieie. It is possible tliat for ;i time tli;- Ol.laho- ma N '.Tlioii;.! guard ;:iay IM - ,i.'r:ii ited to use til'- I iiildiiit: . for ili '-ir :rmna encampiii'-!i's. Itlention larniers, iMpoiiant fo Ton. Pon'l gl»e jKiir sj-rap iron or .innk nwaj. Won'l «ll"« any one to hood'ui' ,MMi out of same. Hring il In .lourselfi and c <t lull innrkei laliie. 1 am head- i (Ua''trr>i fur scrap iron, nil kind" of .iiink. Clipper. Iira-s, lead, zinr. tildes, I»ll<. tor*, lall 'in, HOOI . niifs. feathers, iiieviiax. lie. 1 uin at present piiiiiiL CO !'> 70 cent-- per HMI pounds tor bc-l -.'railes nf vcrap iron. He sure i yiiii arc III (lie rii{l:t place and L 'ct a j onare deal. It, I.. ISAKNAKn. Surresvor In I,. Krunp. SLM-.IL'C >orlli Buckete sinet. lola, Kansas. ( ini-l)S K.VTIII SIASTIC Ifeluriis From CoiMetillo" |H"li!% V.ii- tlia'^lasllc ther .MlssourPs Shoniuf;. Kai..-as City Post; W. R. Child .s. : i .-liiiust. r of Kansas Cil>', Kas., tlii-. ii 'oriiiiig returned from Ilie second an I ,'il (oineniioii of tl'.e l ,:il <es-to-tIn' (Iiilf ITeep Waterw ;.>s as.s<icta( ion lie- iiosi .ia-ier said that lie iiad a iiiosi • njo.^ aide trip ainl I Mrni 'cl a .ii-,-it i|e ;il iiliiint rivei navigation. ,\lr. Chills wa-i the oiil,^ Kaii.-as ilclegate .11 tills cieivciitjiiii. In s|ieakiiig ol til" trip this niotiiiim lie s .iid: ••.\ wi'cK ,-igo we went to .Memphis .oil -nowii Tolaj tlie .Missouri is mi; t^eii .iUy r •< o ;;iii /ei| . President Roos veil vaM- till' word that tb'- gn-at tiibnlariis nf 'ilie M '^sissippi imisl b* iiiipid -.i 'i and are on tlie greatest. Tliere will be no wailing fof the Ini- prov .Miieiit of 111" .Mi .-is 'ssippi. That is loo big an enli rpr^se, as wi- learn• d ;;t the .Memphis convention. We aie hig enough now to go direct lo Wasliingt'-.ii. In saying we. I mean ;l 'e 'two' greater Kansas cities and all tl..' <-iti';-.. town-; and hamlets on ilii- bank:, -jf the .Mis'--oiirt. With MIK- •ioiirl's senator loyally in touch witli the administration. Iiiniself a uienibe'' f the rivers and harbors' coniniis-slon ui d a resident of ICansas City. S "ii itor \\":ir;ii r will i >r-iv" a most valu all" rva :it to the people livinc M o-c t!',' banks of the river, and he bound to cet the support of the sen a 'ors and congressmen in the great c ntral west. ".Nothing tangible was done at .Memphis toward lieenening any river : ;• a sfparate sc' iMiie. hut all rivers. s was said by the rresideiil. would '>•• reccmiizec! :ind tlie admission was •'•ade I'.iat all of them ought to be im • ro .e !. Il now remains for all rivers t-. iiial " tlicT own tight. I'mricnce v(i :ld ^ay f r all to join and go to- t;."tlier; busiiie -?s tvon'd say for eacli •o i;et 111 Ptid f flit for itself. We saw that on til" trip. In St- Louis they luit lb" Missouri river delegation at tlie tail end of the procession, mentioned every other boat lint our own. ilid not ev.->n s"iid a porter to meet iis. ;iiid c:ive the worst seats in <';e i-ail wiiei'- the l're?;ident spcke. In Memphi.-. liie 1 oiiis bunch, none f rheiii livijis in the .M'ssoiiri. but all of tlii 'iii f.ii tile Mississippi, crowd- f rl \Vi •Mr of t^ AKA.NTIM-IJ A lMH;. Till- Health Oftieers Sa.i lhat the Animal ( iiiM 'vs Smallpo.v (.erms. \iiiim Conn,.-. )Ii-i;ili (>nU":- Hr .1 ' V,' Holi'iii lull. I . (jiiai .!iitiii"d a d";' i he |i ,iii ;;iim t" I. Hi|-"f'ird wlios" lio'ii" is ai pii--"iii •inai'Hiiiiii'd in his liom" i at _'(C, .sJoinli State street, sufferiiic ! from MM .illpox. The do' says that dogsaiid cats coiuey the di-iease in tie- i same inaiiiiei ;i |crsoii -.vill This (i'<~ \ wi'l h :i-.i- to iciiiaiii tied up at the j home after the <|iiaiantine i-i ra.iseil and th"n it will have to be dis-1 infected i TO r>VKIJ, .MO.M .MENTS. ! Mi'i >dnicn of the World I" llnie Ore- niony Sunda;. The Woodmen of tlie World will i hold an iiiiveilliig at the loia cemetery j next Sunday, the iiionunieuts of .1. j Baunian. Clyde Cwinn and .Alexander Kay to be uncovered. J. W. Kaiser, slate manager of the order, will be present and deliver the main addres.s. Col. J. B. Atchison of this city will also speak. Tb^atTair Is public and everybody is incited. ' i ii« olf 111.' rc.-olntitm coiiiniitti e uol on. however. As a prox.v to <;le"d of Topelia. I threatened to V a minority report mi the floor 111" convention, provided 1 could a .-ecoiid ExC.overnor Itaker o' T.-xa.";. s'-coiided my niolioii. and wiln the aid" as.-istaiic" of Mr IVuIg". pres dent of the Commercial Club, of Kan -as C ly. .Mo the v.ol" stood fiftcn to 111-..- lo .-xchii'" our idaii. dr;-w-ii l>\ the Hoc. K. C KIlis However, aft -r a liarl fjL'ht. i!i" r"st of the coinniit'ee. i":ng afraid to <-arry tb"ir original -.'t of n soluf ion-; before the cfmven- I v.itli onr threat to carry a minor il\ I" lovi. recoiisi-l >red our plan ami adopted re^..olnf joii-.-. "This prices t'i;it if ion t:cllt vei •;ind to wjp I can riv" \i )ii tn\ -.vord fi.r it. if -vve do liot ritlit r.-" il! never g"t the rnvi-r op<-ned in oiir f.iii".' M \hElfS OF I'EAt i:. rhe llacije (imference Adopts Antrlo- Aiiierlraii Arbitration. T'-" l?n-i!" cicT. s - Tlie arb'ratioi. I iiliiiiiitt'-" of til" ii"ai-e conf.""relice to day ad'ipied .in artic;e of th" J^ni:lo A'lii-r 'eiii -iriu'ration luoject estah- lis'i:;:t l'.^o li -;fs. one roiitain'ii:: lb" <ri-"- '11 1." viii .initti d to oblisatorv -. '.itr.i'i'iu; i!-." ofl;"r tiie nam-s of iKwiTs which adheri! to 'be art''- "•". Till- v .as .'!! to The op• i -Mieiiis of I'.ic liuasnr" were Get- •-'anv. .\i'>-tria H-i'n^arv. Sw il-/->rhind. H"!g ire. TJoiniaiiia. Crtec" Turkey Tiiilgar-,-' and Mont "C"C ro. Italy. .Tip "11 and I .iix.'i:i 'iiir2 n-fralned fr'nii M'I ill" iMid cue deleirpte was absent., I'r-.•-i e-f Netidnff (at approved 'b.* draft of the fftinl .••e( of the confe'' 'nee ill wh'ell •"resident Roosev-lt's •lanie is to l-e the f'r-f leent'oiied -is ••••"•••?>:• r of fll.' conferojice. M. Veil•?• ff wMl iiropo««? cMbMnc to the Hri».- "i*p"f of the 'Tnltpd St'»t<>s- anpreeln- t on cf his efforts In behalf of i>eace A Preacher Telln How Mr. Rorkefpller Ke ^rdt* Kinii>e]f. New York, Oct. .Tohn D. Rocke feller's iirivate conception of hlmsrlf, hereiidore never allowed fo brcoine public, which Is that he is only steward of the Standard Oil wealth, res poiisilde to Ciod alone for h K st.mard- ship. was qtioted yesterday by the Rev Robert S. MacArthtir. the rector x-f tbe Cavalry Baptist church, at Sixty eighth avenue and W'est Fifty- s ^ventli street, b.'fore bis regular yoiiiK': people's Sunday inoriiing clasn. The Rev. Mr. .MacArthur. in tb*. course of a defense of Mr. RocK-«.feH Ol- ,-iid III" Standard "il <ompan> said: " '.\ few- year:-, auo som-oiie askeil V.v Uo'-l.i-ridlcr iirir.ifenr why It war, "•:liice h" had : iieh a treiiiendnous fot- 'mie and his tastes wi-re so simpl' 't-at he (-ould not tiossibly use one»i nth of Iii ; incoiii '. be d^d not re- 'iri- Mr Rockefeller th"n made a re- i .iy which he did n<it intend should be •eade piildii- and which gives an atH- fiab- iif hi'- mind never before apiiri- "ial -d liv the luiblic.' •"I am III" trustee of the properly •if otliir-.' he said. 'Hiroiigli the prov 'nee of Cod. committed to my care. I Jill tlif steward of vast inleresis be- tonuing in great part lo the wiiUiw:-; "•nil orphans ami olliers who ari> actu­ ally or relatively poor. For this hold- 'iig I am responsilile lo (!od. A \"ii-i -e f •i. cive up niy interest in the St;iiid •ird Oil company I wotibl iiii |>eril the liiteres; of these peoph- hr-c .-uise of 'lie poiiiil .ir siipposllioii that m-.- with- dr.-iwal Would biirf the company's lius- •ness. Therefore, f feet if niy duty fo 'led and to the p'-ople whoso money '.t iiu.'sted ill my company to eon- •inu" acli\e in its welfare"' Tile Rev. Mac.Altlinr wa^: ;isl>"d •iboiil ill" correctness of the ipiolation '•e had died. He sa'd that it was ah soliitely niillienlic. an<T be iiitlinateiT "lat h;- himself was the one who bad beard :\Ir. Rockefeller so /-h .iracd-r- •"" his |iosliioTi jM Hie world I'KESI!)E>T1\I. AtTION SOt»>. 'Iklahoimi Conslitnlioii Being <>'ot in Shape for Kooseielt. Wasliinclon. Oct. S.-Assistant At •nriiey Ceiiei-al Wliodruff is making a li::est of Hie Oklahoma constitution "or the use of .Si.-crelary of the" In- rerjor Caifi.dil when he takes up the statehood question with I'resideiil Roosevelt after flie bear hunt. Tli" >liinion will deal witli the question as o wlitJiir Hie const'tntjfiii is repiibil- •aii in lorni. .Mr. Woixlr'iff decliii"- o f"ll what his opinion to the sccie ai-.\ of tile interior v/ill be. '".\ny news concerning the dkl;'.- 'loiiia const it lit ion must come from • he. presiileiit.'" said he. "If he ap- ;'rov"s Hie (-onslitiitioii. that Kr >tlles t. If be doesn"! it will be for htm to -i\e the reasons \yhy. It would b-- 'lit of plai-e for iiie to rush into print Hi 'li any obseivalions on the tiling."" .-Secretary (iarfield is mum on tile snbji'ct. How-ev.-'i-. the ' impress ion jirevaiis that tiie president will ap jirov" till- i-onstitutioii. ROOSEVELT'S REPLY. I.efler tit Mayor Basse of Chicasro on Waterwnj. Chicago, (t'-t S.--M.iyor BiL'se today received the; reply to the ni"ssage .-i -nt by hiin to President i.'eosevclt las' week at St Louii' which ^,-'S carried by motor boat through the Chicago drainage .-jnd niinois and Michigan canal ;in(i .Mississippi river; On Board S(e;imcr Missis::iiipi. Oet .•{. \]\ Iie .ir ?.tr .Mayot— 1 have received your b-itei conveyed to rne h\ •iioior boat (rom c|ii(:.-i:;o to St. Loui? I heartll.v a;:ree with ;ill that you say. hill until till- committei- aiipoinfeile.s- •.le.ially to (-onsider the proiecf have i -liorted I cannot s|ieak as to details I '.iii I iii'lii-ve in all w,i'<»rway frans- port.i'ioii loiitr front the great I.nke; to I he gulf, a route -.vhi'h shall prac- tii-ally give iis a s'-.i coast right in the heart '-f oin' i-oiiuti;-' f am advised that this is ;•. ii.itiiral way aie* that the national governiiieiil should recocnize this fact. Sincerely voiir.->. THEODORE ROOSI-WELT >«• LA>D IN BEAITORD SEA. f.cnlngnell I'olar Expedition AVas a Failure. '"liic .ii ;o. Oct. .< --Th" det.lils of hard -hii 's eM )"ripiici-d by member.-, of thi" '."ffingwell Mikelsen polar ext^eriifion which Was i -e hoiiiid in the Beauford se«i for oe-irl\- .-• \e .-ir reached Chicigo vesierdav witii V. Steffansson. a TUem- bei-'iif the expedi'ion. IX'fTlncWpIl i^ safe in the northern seas with other iiieni 'iers of the exi"»'Iiton. "The main oiii"et of 'be exiiedition that of discovering wheilier Iher i-' a/iv land in !the ne;.iifnrd sea. has been aecom- jidi^heil."" said .StefTansson. "Kvtenslve i -iiisi::c about rlie sea and taking of i -iii I'-ieiiiTii.-i I soiiiidiiws convince'! ei"iiiii"rs ef Hi" party tti"t'- is no land there. fiovemor of Hnjtl 111. Kinc-tcii. .rania=e-i. Oc*. S.—Genernl .Vord Alexis, president of th" republic of Haytl. 's dan::eroiisly ill and his life is despiared of. Try a TTaaf 14. fa tk Beglster PISO'S Coii«ifner Tliaf Gourfh Don 't around vfilh m ' mottcaKe on vourchtst. Ertry day thr.t you If! il • Tem .Tin. thr lu'ht .-r its and I '-vliaii-fiPi;: llif dcl- if iT .iii'p.i.*«a^os Ci t intljTT- (J iind'T the C'lnttntial hickiny;. (he June** biC'-nir lac rated und.T:lj»- ciH'-tuntly rc- t currintf'.\\.-[p^. •With Plso*s Cnre . thvtv is .T ;oolliini: and htaimi; ''^t'.ci upon th»» entirr ri'T'iiniorv rn»i- cous tncp..brant". It has, s-t-oj ih- tc^l for t:t .irly hii( a ccnlurv as-ihe one r.-lut 'Ii rt 'fn '.dv ior ccn- 5iinipii ,in. cold.s and all cIi- '! ;itirttu>n(>. It i:o-s rii:ht \n ibf orij;)n ol the .'| caiiM' :tiid aids nsttir* to r«-<t'riiii: h-'althlnl con- diti »n^. I'i<n's Cur** is a!i>nluli Iv Ir.'o fmin oI>- j'Ction;i*>ItT inwT- di-nls. Its p-'rfitl s.iflv ji anMn>itt* :ind rncfjiMH-d I fhc.icv mak'- it Ih*- idt;»I p.mi'dy for man. woman . and child. H you hav.- a . cou<h drtv4T it out today Before It ConqnersYon CURE Peiroi't and CJiicaj ^ii?' I ^jni^Tto Bat) : for World** Gliamplpiir'"^ ' Chicago. Oct. S.—Tiie .a i:orj»'.<» which is to detemiina_ tjitf v.orld's chatuiiionship ill baseball bo- y.iiu iliis afteriKKm between the Chicaro .National League team, th<Mtfiam. iron; of that crganfzation, and tbo! Ie'ro;ts, chan ;pion8 of the American Ita-^ue Th« weather is Ideal. When Ihv L -aits opened at olevcn-thirty, 2000 • iithusiastic fans wore Ilne.d^ up at the ticj\ei.' window. Tha game was called! I'l :;::fU. rhe balttrles are OveralJ »'t.d Klin?; Don ivan and Schmidt. • >otfce. .\li emmbers of the Fraternal Or- .!--r or .\iiHorR bo present at. hall "i'hiirsday. f )cti,ber 10. Very important biu;iiie :;s. A F. CTRANT . Prest. ALBKRT IXWfS. Sec'y. For Sale or Trade. .\ line iij) to. date hotel, fall all the linii-; rates fl.'.i) per day ;,bepT In- spi-rtion: Oil town. Call or "write.- !l/iiira Pkillen. bda. Kas.," or T>. .i. .-;kiil"ii. t.'ity Hotel. Okmulgee. 1. T. THE M. E. CONFERENCE ToiiightV Ser«lce at Conference From- Ke> to Be Es|ieciHlly iiiterollug. .\lmost all III" deh-uates who are lo iiUeiid the Oiiawa distrii-l conferi-iii" (if the .Methodist Kpiscopal chiin n. wlii'li is 111 session in ha Harpe loday. liLivc arrived. Tlie program is hi -iug led out as adverlisi-d wiHi Inil veiy few exceptions. Toilay is really Hi" brst day of the ses-iioii as y"sierday war. prjncil>all.^ devoted lo piciiaiatoiy work .•\fter the devotional rvi.e.s at eight thirty (("dock this muiiiing there oc- ciiri'-d a liiisines:; si -s.-ilon of impor- tan. Tlie services last eveuim: were I attended by the riti-^ens of l,a flartif- auil^this city. Tills evenin.g's i:ervlc(<- proii'ise lo ^ic of particular iiilere-.--. .\t sev.m lifty o"clo(-k there will he .i short song seivice which will b" lea-l by Chas A. Hale This service will be iolhnved at seven fortylive by a lee- liir" on "l.'nder the .Sontlieni Cro.;:,."' by Dr. Daniel .McOnrk. For best and Quickest Resalls ns« the Register Want ('oinnis. A \EW WtlRBV FOR HAShEIL. ttklahoniaV lioveruor-elert Besei?;ed by .Men ^Vho Want lo Sell Ehjuor. Guthrie. Ok!a.. Oct S -C. N. Ha;: Kt -11, go-.ernor elect, held a conf ^ronce here tonight with several Democratic patry leaders from different parts of the state on matters relating to his atiniinistration. Ilask^il /s already be ing hard pressed by men who want to be keep'jrs of dispen£ar-e.s for the sale of into.\icanl5 under statewide prohibition. F.arb county and each town liaviiig a population of ::,0*^'"' or mor.'' iphabitanls may have a disiiensary. Th-?ro are r.evcnt.v-live counties and numerous towns of n.'fOO lnhabitanti< The po-:,|biltties of niach'ne hnil-l. inc are not absent. Tnere are man* persons in the n"w .qtate who fe.if that tinie;.;-. the latter may beco-ii" th« niicii lis of .111 active r^aloin eloriieii". ill slate politico loicUa. ''ct. 8.—The Atcljlson, Topeka ,V; Santa Fe «jinounced. today an ^ T" fiicrease in the wasea of aR telegraph.--— iilii-rators on the system. The Increase j ' •.V. Ill into effect October 1. Tho in-j' -M a .se came a.s a surprise to the meiu:[ !lie fiir.t knowledge they had of it be- w,g a voluntary aDiioUDcemtint by tlioj^ compar.y. Ili -r- is a list of the increases: Operators on the Illinois aiid"-.llis- soiiri divisions. $-1 a month. i" On tlie Kani?a8 City, Eastern, South'•111 K;i-sas. "*'idland, 'Wostorn Oljj- boma and Ranhandlo divisions, $3 a month. On the Artensas river. Colorado. Vew Mi'.xico and Rio Grande divisions, ":'.."i'i a nioiiHi. Til's is the second iiicr.^ase in vaues the Santa }•'<• operators have •ad in the twelve nionthB.- the :ici -e,-i-;e in that linn- being about R iier cent. The road eiiiidoy;; mm im- on o,>:-r ;ilors. .N'early every man lioclor makes tl'o •liseases of woman a specialty. We • "-e. tli.-'refore. glad to learn that an .Mdiison woman is studying medicine -.vith a view of making the diseases of men a speciall.v. When. needing^nythini}:'! in tJtie Jewelty- line. 'iSli OBOCEfiV 7rr dood Things to Eat Tere |>tioDe: lp9 i Would a Cold Wave Fiiidl You With a Warm Hoitsie? Everything from $1 60 Gas Stove to a complete beating plant at SHANNON'S f GRAND OPENliS .-.'y.n -iL •>ii ' rtBt . . :•. -.•Hi J 'l. (-...;) :>,-i.j :•!:'>• I .flo-'i OF THE New Wednesday Ni^, Oct; m^iO^. SKATING LESSONS 10 to 12, admission including;skates. ... .'.4 2:80 to 5:30, admissLpn iujcfii'Jifrg-sTca 10:30', adois '5 -ioii"i'tjcIiidiDg^llrates Special atteution g'vfep (o begjqj NORTH Slp|;!5gVARE I ^4 4i.t.: . D-catur. Ill. Oct, 8.— The ease of Fred H. Mag II and wife who are ciiarsert with the murder of tha first , wife of Maglll, was called this morn- i Ing by Judge Cochrane. Work em­ paneling the Juiy begao Immedlrtely. Among goods desirable as Wedding Gifts. Libioeys Cut Glass, b pr^-emiueiit. In QUlline, the various jjleces aie quite iialifc| tbr^se made by other gftiss concerns. ' Instead ol ^ coltli).illiancv, the engraved.sur |acK.a.i |d 'd*li-r ..<»,t: catetracfer,'ofj.ibbev Glass has a sole lustre'of pcisitlvpe'le-- gance. As a Bridal Gift, few tbtn(;s give more ple^stre nnd are more highly prized both at the time of reoeivfng and in after life Ib.^^ Litjbty Glass. :

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