The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 5, 1996 · Page 24
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 24

Salina, Kansas
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Saturday, October 5, 1996
Page 24
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CB SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1996 NATION THE SALINA JOURNAL V COCA-COLA Is Coca-Cola's secret recipe for sale? Cola giant says great-grandson of company's co-founder doesn't have the real thing By MARC RICE The Associated Press A TLANTA — Over the years, many have claimed to have the original Coca-Cola recipe, only to be met with skepticism. Now, the great-grandson of the company's cofounder says he has the real thing and wants to sell. The reason is simple: He needs the money. "I'm not in good financial shape. I'd sell it, if the price was right," Frank Robinson said Friday. Problem is, the recipe — which collectibles experts say could fetch up to $20,000, strictly as a historical document — is in his estranged wife's hands. Patti Robinson, who contends her husband gave her the recipe as a premarriage "trinket" in 1981, refuses to part with it. She rejected an offer by Robinson to split the proceeds 50-50 with her and wants to give it to their 13-year-old son when he's an adult. Robinson denied he gave his wife the recipe, describing it as "marital property" that somehow ended up in her safe deposit box instead of his when they separated. The Coca-Cola Co., meanwhile, said Friday it doubts the authenticity of the Robinson recipe. Frank Robinson insists it's real. But disputes between the Robinson family and Coca-Cola have been around since the days of the first Frank Robinson. The Associated Press Frank Robinson would like to sell what he claims is the original Coca-Cola recipe if he can get it from his ex-wife. Called by many historians the unsung hero of the company's success, the great-grandfather Frank Robinson named the drink and created the signature script logo still used today. According to some histories, Robinson was bitter when his partner, Coca-Cola inventor John Pemberton, sold the formula behind his back. Robinson says the recipe was among a batch of his great-grandfather's old Coca-Cola papers that he received from his father shortly before his father's death in 1970. Robinson's family amassed a fortune, much of it in Coca-Cola stock. But he was cut out of an inheritance during a family feud in the 1980s. And now 57 and stricken with cancer, the former commercial airline pilot gets by on about $21,000 a year as a real-estate broker south of Atlanta. The recipe is but a side item in a dispute over support payments that brought Robinson and his wife to Fulton County Superior Court on Friday. Robinson said the Coca-Cola recipe includes such ingredients as "gingerene," coca leaves and the super-secret mystery ingredient "7X." Different versions of the recipe, published in several books, say "7X" is a mix of oils from lemon, orange, coriander, nutmeg and cinnamon. Patti Robinson said she has no doubt the recipe she has is the key to Coca-Cola, even though she had a brewer mix up a batch earlier this year and found it had a citrus taste very different from the Coke we know today. But it is doubtful that anyone, even armed with the formula, could challenge the $18 billion empire. For one thing, Atlanta-based Coca-Cola has periodically made minor changes in the formula over the years. Rob Baskin, a Coca-Cola spokesman, said the Robinson recipe is merely the latest in a long line of claims that have never been authenticated. Coke says the only copy of the original recipe — Pemberton's — is locked in a vault. T JACK KEVORKIAN T CONGRESS Congress toughens 'date-rape drug' law Bill for the first time would make it a crime to use a drug as a weapon By The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Rapists who subdue their victims with Rohyp- nol or other "date-rape drugs" risk up to 20 years added to their sentences under legislation sent Friday to President Clinton. The House passed the bill by a voice vote. The Senate approved it Thursday. The legislation makes it a crime to use a drug as a weapon. The 20-year sentence applies to use of an illegal drug as a tool of rape or other violent crime, as well as possession, manufacture or distribution of an illegal drug with intent to use it in commission of a violent crime. Simple possession of Rohypnol .carries up to three years in prison. Passage of the bill follows a sharp increase in reported use of Rohypnol pills, known on the street as "roofies." The odorless, colorless, tasteless tranquilizer- can be dropped into unknowing victims' drinks, causing them to pass out and have little memory of what happens next. Although Rohypnol is illegal in the United States, it is used legally in other countries to treat sleeplessness, anxiety, convulsions and muscle tension. Suicide doctor save life for a change Kevorkian assists paramedics after cyclist is hit by a car By The Associated Press PONTIAC, Mich. — Dr. Jack Kevorkian didn't end the suffering of a bicyclist who was hit by a car. He did help paramedics treat him. But this was one incident Kevorkian Would have preferred stay a secret, The Oakland Press of Pontiac reported today. "I wish this wouldn't get out because you know the kind of jokes that will come," Kevorkian said. "They'll say the guy looked up and thought it was worse than it was." The outspoken advocate of assisted-suicide for the seriously ill was among a group of people at the scene of the Tuesday evening accident in West Bloomfield Township when paramedics arrived. "He came over and advised the paramedics that he had been observing the patient, and rendered an opinion," Fire Department U. Joe Slawek said. "He said the p*.; tient didn't lose consciousness." The 39-year-old man was taken to a hospital. Slawek said he didn't know the man's name. Kevorkian said the man may have suffered a fractured skull. But were it up to Kevorkian, no one would have heard about his, deed. His attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, said Kevorkian's actions didn't surprise him. "He's a physician first and foremost. He's portrayed in the media as someone obsessed with death. He helps sufferirig human beings. ; If someone's not near death, he' helps them, too." -1 As Fieger tells it, Kevorkian was not far from his West Bloomfield; Township home when he came upon an accident near a nature trail, "He was bleeding all over, and Jack provided the first aid," Fieger said. I Slawek said Kevorkian "was> mainly there as an observer arid' rendered a medical opinion." T FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION FDA raises standards for design of medical devices By The Associated Press WASHINGTON — The makers of heart valves, diabetes tests and other medical devices will soon have to follow the same rigorous rules to design new products that the automobile and space industries use. The Food and Drug Administration issued new regulations Friday requiring medical manufacturers to perform these "design controls" in an effort to cut the number of medical devices recalled every year because of unforeseen defects;; "Healthwise, this should have;a : ; dramatic improvement," said-, Joseph Levitt, the FDA's medical; device policy chief. •",'.•• The medical device industry;^ had supported the changes, which i some large manufacturers already ; have implemented. -; "This will go in the direction of; reducing the number of problems" '• that force recalls, said Jim Benson of the Health Industry Manufa(>' turers Association. ' ' Salina Journal QUICK 11-50 .... Announcements 55-213 ... Services 245-279 .. Employment 285-429 .. Merchandise & Auctions 475-693 .. Real Estate & Rentals 729-769 . . Automotive & Recreation Publication Ad Deadline Mori. .11 a.m., Fri. Tues. .4 p.m., Frl. Wed; .11 a.m., Mon. Thur. Frl . Sat. Sun .11 a.m., Tues. .11 a.m., Wed. ..4 p.m., Wed. .11 a.m., Thur. New Ads, Cancellations and Corrections *(Llne ads do not Include photos, ^ borders or artwork). Publication Ad Deadline Mon. 10 a.m., Sat. Tuep. 1 p.m., Mon. 1 p.m., lues. Wed. Thur. Frl":. Sat. Sun. .1 p.m., Wed. .1 p.m., Thur. i .10 a.m., Frl. . .1 p.m., Frl. '(Deadlines may be earlier during holiday periods) LEGALS (Published In The Salina Journal Octobers, 1996) NOTICE OF GENERAL ELECTION TUESDAY, NOV. 5, 1996 STATE OF KANSAS COUNTY OF SALINE I, Shirley J. Jacques, Election Officer of the above name County and State, having received a certified list of candidates nominated by each of the political parties of the State from the Secretary of State, hereby publish as much thereof as Is applicable to said County, and have added thereto the names and addresses of those candidates nominated by the polll leal parties for County offices as appear on the records of votes cast at the Primary Election on August 6. FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT: Clinton/Gore, Democrat Phillips/Titus, Independent Hagelln/Tompkins, Independent Browne/Jorgensen, Libertarian Perot/Campbell, Reform Dole/Kemp, Republican FOR U.S. SENATOR (REGULAR TERM) Sally Thompson, Lawrence, Democrat Steven Roslle, Lawrence, Libertarian Mark S. Marney, Wichita, Reform Pat Roberts, Dodge City, Republican FOR U.S. SENATOR (UNEXPIREDTERM) Jill Docking, Wichita, Democrat Donald R. Klaassen, Wichita, Reform Sam Brownback, Topeka, Republican FOR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, FIRST DISTRICT John Divine, Salina, Democrat BUI Earnest, Wichita, Libertarian Jerry Moran, Hays, Republican FOR STATE SENATOR, 24TH DISTRICT Allan White, Salina, Democrat Ben E. Vldrlcksen, Salina, Republican FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 97TH DISTRICT Larry L. Mathews, Salina, Democrat Joe Kelr, Brookville, Republican FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE 6BTH DISTRICT Gary Swartzendruber, Salina, Democrat Deena L. Horsl, Salina, Republican FOR TREASURER, CAMBRIA TOWNSHIP Cindy L. Nelson, New Cambria, Democrat Janice Fartees, New Cambria, Republican FOR TRUSTEE, DAYTON TOWNSHIP .James Martin, Solomon, Democrat LEGALS FOR TRUSTEE, 'ALUN TOWNSHIP Vivian Johnson, Falun, Democrat FOR TRUSTEE, GREELEY TOWNSHIP Raymond S. Freeman, Salina, Republican FOR TREASURER, GREELEY TOWNSHIP Bob J. Clark, Salina, Republican FOR TRUSTEE, OHIO TOWNSHIP Christopher P. Carezo, Bavaria, Democrat FOR TRUSTEE, PLEASANT VALLEY TOWNSHIP Viola Klsslck, Culver, Democrat FOR TREASURER, 1EASANT VALLEY TOWNSHIP Barbara I. Bowers, Salina, Republican FOR TRUSTEE, SMOKY HILL TOWNSHIP Eddie Wels, Salina, Democrat FOR TRUSTEE, SMOKY VIEW TOWNSHIP Clifford Johnson, Smolan, Democrat FOR TREASURER, SMOKY VIEW TOWNSHIP Carrol Berqulst, Lindsborg, Democrat FOR TRUSTEE, SOLOMON TOWNSHIP Elaine Waddle, Solomon, Democrat Merle H. Kohman, Solomon, Republican FOR TRUSTEE, WALNUT TOWNSHIP Dale Hammond, Assaria, Democrat FOR TRUSTEE, WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Vernon E. Johnson, Smolan, Democrat FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT 71 Tommye C. Sexton, Salina, Democrat Carol Edward Beggs, Salina, Republican FOR STATE .BOARD OF EDUCATION, DISTRICT 6 Elolse Lynch, Salina, Democrat Scott Hill, Abilene, Republican JUSTICES OF THE SUPREME COURT (RETENTION) Kay McFarland, Topeka, Pos. #2 Edward Larson, Hays, Pos. #3 Tyler C. Lockett, Wichita, Pos. #4 Fred N. Six, Lawrence, Pos. #5 JUDGES OF THE COURT OF APPEALS (RETENTION) J. Patrick, Brazil, Eureka, Pos. #2 G. Joseph Plerron, Jr., Olathe, Pos. #3 Christel E. Marquardt, Topeka, Pos. #5 JUDGES OF THE DISTRICT COURT, 28TH DISTRICT (RETENTION) George R. Robertson, Salina Dlv. 3 Danny D. Boyer, Salina, Dlv. #4 FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER, LEGALS DISTRICT 2 Dean H. Selm, Gypsum, Democrat Deane Allen, Salina, Republican OR COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 3 Charles (Chuck) Culley, Salina, Democrat . Doug Forsberg, Assarla, Republican FOR COUNTY CLERK Shirley J. Jacques, Salina, Democrat FOR COUNTY TREASURER Keith Lilly, Mentor, Republican FOR REGISTER OF DEEDS Marilyn Weber, Salina, Republican FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Julie McKenna, Salina, Democrat FOR SHERIFF Dennis "Butch" McCllntock, Salina, Democrat Glen F. Kochanowski, Salina, Republican FOR TRUSTEE, CAMBRIA TOWNSHIP Randy Nelson, New Cambria, Republican VOTING LOCATIONS: SALINA PRECINCTS: #1-Grand Ave. Methodist Church; #2-Memorlal Hall; #3-National Guard Armory; #4-Whittier School; #5-First Pres- lyterlan Church; #6-Frlendshlp Center; #7-VFW Building; #8-Trlnl- ty Hall; #9-Franklin School; #10- Lowell School; #11 -Sunset School; #12-Church of the Cross; #13-Bel Air Baptist Church;' #14-Kennedy School; #15-Carver Center; #16- Oakdale School; #17-Kenwood Hall; #18-USD #305 Admin. Of- 'Ices-ISII Gypsum Ave.; #19- Rolllng Hills Congregational Church; #20-Meadowlark Ridge School; #21-Presbyterian Manor; #22-Munlclpal Golf Course Clubhouse; #23-Flrst Church of the Nazarene; #24-Flrst Baptist Church; #25-Unlverslty Methodlet Church; #26-Heusner School; #27- South Middle School; #28-St. Mary's School; #29-Drury Place; #30-Grace Stewart School; #31- Redeemer Lutheran Church; #32- Chrlst the King Lutheran Church; #33-lndependent Baptist Church; #34-ltlnlty Methodist Church; #35- Sunflower Co-op; TOWNSHIPS: Cambria & Dayton-Peace Lutheran Parish Hall, New Cambria; Elm Creek & Smoky Hill-Happy Corner School; Gypsum & Eureka-Clty Hall, Gypsum; Falun & Washington (400)-Lutheran Parish Hall, Falun: Glendale, Ohio & Pleasant Valley- Elevator Utility Bldg., Hedville; Liberty & Smoky View-Lutheran Church, Assarla; Smolan-United Methodist Church, Mentor; Solomon-Community Bldg., Klpp; Spring Creek & Washington (307)- Clty Hall, Brookvllle; Walnut-SE of Saline School. The polls will be open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. LEGALS IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I set my hand and the official seal of this office, this 1st day of October, 1996. Isl Shirley J. Jacques Saline Co. Election Officer (1t) 29 PERSONALS WANTED: TRAVELING COMPANION Retired individual with fixed Income, willing to drive and share expenses. Reply 913-366-7158 or 913-479-5562. 35 SPECIAL NOTICES 35 SPECIAL NOTICES 249 HELP WANTED UMi£AMt^-»&ttw^^ I GENERAL FIND YOUR WAY THRU THE BALE MAZE. Get your pumpkins, squash and ornamentals from a large selections. Svaty's Produce, 1 mile southwest of Ellsworth on Highway 156. Hours 10am-6pm Monday thru Saturday, 1-6pm Sunday. 249 HELP WANTED 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL GENERAL 11 MONUMENTS, FUNERAL DIRECTORS BRONZE MARKERS. If your cemetery requires BRONZE, see us before you make your purchase. MEMORIAL ART CO., Inc. 1608-1 OS. 9th 823-2981 You'll be surprised! Classified ads sell old things. "Second Annual Antique & Dried Flower Sale* 1 November 2nd & 3rd Hospice Volunteers are request- Ing donated Items. Items may be dropped off at the Hospice office, 333 S. Santa Fe or call 825-1717 for pick up. URGENT- IF you witnessed the accident In the 100 block of S. 4th Street about 8:20 pm Tuesday night September 10th. Please call 825-6329. ROSELAWN LOTS. Two prime cemetery lots, Veterans Garden, section D, Lot 108, space A & B. $700. Call (501) 922-3936, Randy Kuhn. 35 SPECIAL NOTICES I 35 SPECIAL NOTICES 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL BARTENDER NEEDED. Will train. Call 825-9408. SCHOOLTO WORK COORDINATOR Salina Area Vo-Tech school. Will coordinate and develop partnerships with businesses for "on- Ihe- Job" training. Job description may be obtained by calling (S13) 825-2261. Applicants must hold a BS degree, Masters preferred. Excellent written and verbal skills re quired. Computer skills are essen tlal. The position Is currently funded through June 30,1997. Interested applicants should send a letter of application with resume of educational, professional and work experience and 3 current references to; Jim Sweeney Salina Area Vo-Tech School 2562 Scanlan Ave. Salina, KS 67401 Apply by 10-17-96 EOE PLANT/EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST Must have experience in repair & maintenance of production equipment, plant electrical systems, lulldlng structure. Machinist ex- jerience Is required, tool & die mowledge helpful. Must be dependable. Excellent benefits. This an excellent opportunity to Join our team. Apply with resume to: REMA Bakeware 625 E. North Street Salina, Ks. 67401 EOE IN RECOGNITION OF STU DUNBAR and his girls We love you PAPA STU His grandchildren Fall Rummage Sale Saturday, Oct. 5: 8 am-6 pm Sunday, Oct. 6: noon-4pm Monday, Oct. 7: 8 am-6 pm Tuesday, Oct. 8: 8 am-6 pm Wednesday, Oct. 9: 8 am-6 pm Thursday, Oct. 10: 8 am-noon Health Center Surplus Items Computers - Desks - Chairs Lamps - Tables - Sectionals Sale proceeds will fund cardiology equipment for Health Center. Sale to be held at 510 S. Santa Fe (former Sears Center) 35 SPECIAL NOTICES What's that? What's that you say? Melaiiie's 40 today! Oh my, Happy Birthday! Love, Larry, Katie, Evan & Paige METLCAST PRODUCTS, Inc., a progressive gray and ductile Iron foundry and machine shop, has an opening In the maintenance department. Work Involves maintenance, repair and Installation of all types of Industrial equipment. A minimum of three years of industrial electrical and mechanical experience Is desired, with foundry experience a definite plus. Benefits Include: Health & life Insur ance, paid holidays and paid vaca tlon. Send resume to: Metlcast Products, Inc. P.O. Box 1637 Salina, Ks. 67402-1637 (913)827-0361 EOE AVON Supplement your income. Major medical available Call District Manager 826-1779 Need A Job For The '96-'97 School Year? "s Kids'Club, School Age Child i :are, is now hiring. Our program t needs someone with a background In education and/ or ex- ~ lerlence working with children. Hours for position are", 2:45pm-6pm Monday-Friday. Sub-, itltute positions also available for « 'arlod days and hours. Appllop-^ Ions available at front desk of" YMCA. "" ELECTRICIAN Leading bus manufacturer has an Immediate opening for an experienced electrician. Qualified Individual will be responsible for all plant maintenance functions which Include electrical work. Electrical background required, Including 460 volt/ 240 volt/110 volt. Applications will be taken at El Dorado National 304 Ave. B Salina KS 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday EEO Restaurant MANAGEMENT MCPHERSON Managers to $28.000+ Assistants to $23,000+ Excellent pay, bonus program & benefit plan Send resume to: H.R. Dept. 4225 Fleur Drive #241 DesMolnesJA 50321 -3450 i COOK St. Francis at Salina Is now ac ceptlng applications for a full-time Cook. Duties will Include ordering, food preparation, menu preparation. We offer competitive wages, excellent benefits Including health/ dental Insurance, paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave. Please send resume or letter of inquiry to: St. Francis at Salina Attn.i Cory Rathbun 5097 West Cloud Salina, Kama* 674O1 :j 35 SPECIAL NOTICES * Classified Line Ad Deadlines N«-\v Ads, ( (Excludes Publication Sunday Monday...... Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday.... Friday Saturday.... Subiect photos, borders & artwork) Day Deadline 1:00 pm Friday 10:00 am Saturday 1:00 pm Monday 1:00 pm Tuesday 1:00 pm Wednesday 1:00 pm Thursday 10:00 am Friday to change for holidays. T SPANGLES Management Opportunity Assistant Manager Poalton now available. (THISYOUT gh energy level, loves working i public, responsible, reliable. If you said YES to all the above have a position for you! Startlnj salary up to $20,000. Apply a 1720 W.Crawford. GROCERY Growing multi-store independen grocery retailer has position fo Grocery Department Manager Must truly enjoy people and be able to work OUR program with our management team. Excellen financial package based on poten tial and experience. Very compel! live benefits, bonus, health Inaur ance, 401(k). Send resume to White's Foodllner, 858 e. Hwy. 54 Klngman, Kansas 67068 or cal Pat or Brad at (316) 632-3851. RN/LPN Full-time 2/ 10 position available Every other weekend off. Compel Itlve wage. Apply 623 8. 3rd. SECRETARY TO work 35, lours per week In church office. ••. Duties Include phone and office reception; general secretarial Including computer skills, typing, copying, and filing; and knowledge ; of basic bookkeeping procedures. Must be able to be bonded. Send , resume to Sunrise Presbyterian - :hurch, 625 East Belolt, Salina, > <ansas 67401, by Monday, Octo- * ber7. ' DETAIL : TECH Paid Insurance, paid vacation, re- • tlrement, excellent pay. Apply In • person to: Todd Warta Bulck 2222 S. 9th , Salina, KS . YMCA Early Education Center ; Part-time position available work- • Ing with children ages 3-5 years." Hours are 3-5:30 Monday-Friday. ' Also, need dependable, quality ' substitute staff to work various ' hours. Applications available at. front desk of YMCA. $1,500 SIGN ON BONUS CNA's, CMA'S, LPN'S, and RN's. » Excellent wages • Flexible schedules t Part-time/full time t Mileage compensation Call 1-800-999-2185. Staff Support Services Inc. WANTED: GOOD Driver quail- • fled to haul overdlmenslonal equipment, Grain dryers 11' wide by 14' high on a double drop flatbed trailer. Loads to midwest and eastern states weekly, one • way loads. Health Insurance available. Home on weekends. Call' Can/ Trucking, Downs, K8, (913) ' 454-3351.

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