Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
Page 6
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I: THE'WEATHER. Forecast*lor Kansas: Partij eloodj tonight and Saturday;.cooler In north and west portions Saturday. Data! recorded at local office, U. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and a. year ago. October IS. Yesterday, Yr. Ago 2 p., m • 81 4 p/m. 79 6 p .m ...74 8 p. m 71 10 p. m 68 12 midnight 67 Maximum temperature ..81 Minimum temperature ..CO Precipitation 7 p. m <i October 16. Today. Yr. Ago 67 57 56 56 56 57 68 51 0.17 12 a. m. '4 a. m 6 a. m 8 a. m 10 a. m 12 noon 7-1 Precipitation 7 a. m 0 .66 .65 .65 .66 .71 56 54 55 56 61 64 0 ooooooooooooooooo o o O ABDITIOXAL SHORT STORIES. O o o ooooooooooooooooo As Result of Injury. Christy Cock'rell underwent an operation at tlio .^t. .John's hospital this morninR for ii>il l)ono in tiio left arm. lio recoivfil nn injury over a'"year ago which left the bono in the arm wonk nud (ll.sfnsoil. A Baby Boy. A son was boni yosn-nlny to Mr. and Mrs. 11. VuntlovliT of throo nillos northoasl oC City. Boi'n, a Baby Girl. Mr. nnil .Mrs. H. U. i\;\l;«>v, of South Waluiil stroi!. uv iiar.^nt.s of a baby frl"! born yostenlay Basket Oall Tonight, 't'onight i< thr rrsuhir >rer-Kiy open to the puhlb' ;.ii ?.l;.M \w\ g.sme c'Ui- test at tho Y. M . r. A . Sovoral interesting gauur, :\r<' schodulod and there are sUille'i players on e.ich team. On the last open night, the attendance was broken. If your slices tire you and you h^ve trouble in getting comfort and satisfaction out of your footwear, trjy ACME GUSHION SOLE SHOES; they are made in lieavjf welt or turn soles, patent tips, low comfortable heels'and roomy comfortable lasts; alive wool felt cushion sole; a|non-conductor of heat, keeping the foot at its normal teniperature; an ideal shoe for people that stand or walk all day; all sizes and widths, price, per pair, ma tmn COME Ft. Scott Democrats Were Armnging for Spcch^ Tains From loin and Elsewhere. Insurance Man Here. Theodore Gardner, spf^cial agent for the National Fl.v Insurance Co.. is in the city today on biisinc^n. Teachers Meeting. The Allen County Teachers' As f>- clation is to hold a mGolinp at Moran. tomorrow. A program is to be rendered. Beynolde In Town. Commissioner George R.» is up from Salem today on husinesr.. SERENE JOHNNIE BLAIR. He 's Not Particular When His Case Comes to Trial. The police say that .Tohn Blair who •flras arrested yeslf^rday on n charge of bootlegging is one of the urbane and serene prisoner.^ with whom thev have dealt for some time. When Blair was arratsnoil before Judge Collin.'?, !.»' promptly plendod not guilty. "When do yon wjiiit to have yonr trial?" Judge Collins n.'^lced. "On, any flm<\" liinir vpiiliod. "Try you any duy this wook," SUK- gCRted the Judge. "I'm not ))artlfui«r,' pairled Dlalr. .']Wol!, I'll set yonr tilnl Hn- Novons- her 6. how win tbni suit von?' vSuiis nie all right." 'rYou Unow that is a Inn? tin,.' ui wait." Blair nodded. 'jYour bond Is fixed in the sum of |2(0. Are you pro|)ar.Mi to givn It?" 'teuess I won 't bother nbout giving bond. I'll go to Jail." The prisoner wnll;pd out of the police court room with Patrolman Phillips. "l may take a nr.iion to give bond; may be not." he said as a farewell to Judge Collins. BETERIDGE IX SALIXA. IXFAXTS' SHOF;.^. Infants" Solt Sole Shces in tan and black, size.? 0 to 4, price. p .Tir 250 One lot of Infnnt.s" Sofc S<'le .Shne.s In colored tops, patent vamps, size 0 !ii -1, ro;;nlar price .'lOc spcclisl price, pair CHILDREX'S SHOES. Children'.^ Turn Sole .Shoes in button nv laoe. size 1 to 5 r*^?ular pricf ti .'ic; special price Chiidren'.^ Turn Sole Shf;.-f<. size .'. to .S, plain kid or dull top. prir.-. pair 900 Fancy Welton Spat.=; In colors to mavdi your dress, price r.lack Siia:.-; in ".. 7 or 10 liuunt ops. prlet'd a •i.-.O. MHK :.">0 AM) .$|.(M) Heavy S<>iv> Sho.'-.^. dull or rSa:n kid top;-., i^aient tip, low school heels, butou or lace, size llH; to :.ric^ Mi.^.'jf-.s' Kxtra Qu.Tlily School Shoe.s. heav.v sole, patent lip. broad toe. hut- ton or lace, size 11'^ to 2. price Ji?2 .00 nnidrerj's .School Shoes in ca.'f skin !i.»;ivv ^;oit'. size to 11. prif*e r'lildrn.'s E.xtra Quality Kid School s ;iii <'s, he:ivy or light sole si/e SVj Children's I.i'ggins in black Jersey fl«.HC»- lined, all sizes, price .•>oo .'..trachun l.»'gt:ins all Ii!:^> aiMJ nrr-y. price pair 81 .oo ^ize^•. red. I.AWIES" SHOES. Vv.idi»-s lli'avy Si .l'- !^tni••^. jiaifiif Hp, low hi-el';. price JS*!.'»() Ijndies' Kill ur Calf.'!(in Slmivs. Imt- liin or la<-«'. :inbt or lu -avv sole, dtill or plain kid top. price pair *-*.tM) AM» $•».'>.-> I.-idli.'.s" Kid Sboi -H. Ii^avy ...•l.' j,:,!- etii tip, hl?li •'•iban l.n-l prio.- }i«2 .rii> Ladies' Fancy U 'ave Top Shoes in dull or plain kid inlay patent tip, medium htavy sole, prii'e pair Plain Kid Shofs. lurn .<ioIe. plain Ire. no lip. I)lnchrr or siraislit lace, his:.''• spikt* bcfl.s. price The F^t. Scott'Tribune says: The Associated Press dispatches in last evening's issue stated that William Jennings Bryan, Democratic candidate for the presidency, was to invade Kansas for the closing of the campaign. Wlien this news was received here. Martin ili.'ler. chairman of the Democratic county central committee, telegraphed state headquarters and asked if Bryan toulj be secured for one hour on th^ -'nd of N'overaber, offering Uim a;k audience of thirty ihonsand peop;*-. This morning the state coni- mi:rt^r- wirp<i back that it would be ah- so!u,f-ly Inipossthl.^ for .Mr. Bryan to vipii Kort Scnii as he not to come sonih of (he Kaw rivt'r on his lour. He conies direct from the east, where he has been speaking and will siu»ak in Kansas at several places and close t/i.^ earii(i.ti(Tfj in Omaha the ntphi before ol.i ilim. So. it is impossible lor I'ori Scon to hear the dlstiiiguishid .N'fbraskun during this campaign. Hryan spoKe bere during both of bis campaigns, bni there was greater deimind for hiiu ihi.s year than ever btfore and had be cf)nsented lo come CUaUmatt Miller would have at ome l)U.<Ied himself arranging for special trains from lola. Wichlfa. Parsons PitisbJirg. Jopliu.^ Nevada and Stedalia. There was no doubt but .what thirty thou.sand peojUe could have been hroiighi uui lor ihis tneetltig. Bryan will i.ev<-.-theless be heard by many Bouroon county people who are goin? to points in Kansas where he speaks in his next visit. The stat«* committee thought there Ttas little use of sending iiryan here as Bourbon has already b^en poUe^d and declared to be largely In favor of the Nebraskan. SeJUitor iTflde Ffrsf Spmh in Kansas Today. Salina. Kas.. Oct. 16.-^Senator Albert J. Beveridge spoke to a great crowd here this morning, this being his first speech of the Kansas tour. lie •went from here to McPherson. Chair man Dol !ey of the state Republican committee, accompanied hlrn. WISCO.\.SIX IS FOR TARIFF. Mine Operators .Tpln the Movement In Tax Imported. Zinc Ore. filTIIRlE, OKLAHOMA A?«D CARTHAGE, MlSSOCRl. iOEA, AITHISO.V AND PITTSHFRG, KAJfSA.S. POLITICAL GOSSIP Chairman DoUey ot the Republican State Committee is urging the local county workers to pay just as much atlcntlou lo the election of candidates for state Senator and Representative as they do to tlie presidential, state and congressional tickets. He regards a Republican legislature just as important as a Republican governor, or congressman. Ii will take a Republican legislature to carry out the reforms promised by (he Republican governor. To elect a governor on a progressive platform and then not elect a legislature to back him up Webb City. Mo., Oct.. 16.— Word has!would be a calamity. Then again a been received here Iliat the Wisconsin Republican legi.slatme is necessary mine operators have now Joined the;tor the election of J. L. Bristow as Bwvempnt started, here to have con-JT;„ited States .senator. This is per- gress place a protective tariff upon i^ps as Important as the quesiion of zinc ore. According to the message, progressive legislation tor the state. I are,ijristow won the nomination fairly against a snag in the person of the Rtv. Dr. .lohn Webster Hill, jiasior of the ifeiropolitan Temple of NVw York Cify. Jle Is intimately a<.-<iuainfod with Judge Taf;. Dr. Hill rank.s among the leading divines of the coilntry. He has asked for speaking dateis in New- York for the purpose of assisting the Republican candidate. Wh-.n be has to say of Judge Tafi's re ipioiip view.s .'^honld be of ijiiere.-ii following ilie cri;i<"!snis that have been made in this stale. He says: "1 regard liim a:- CAVANESS DODGED THE CUT-UPS noon. Mr. Cavaness was gone all day ——— I Wednesday. He was on hand to help Proprietor of. the Chanute Tribune start ilie gas engine as usual Thurs- Marries His Society Editor. iday morning and Thursday afternoon The Chanute Tribune says: Mrs. Cavaness came back to the shop. X(;body knew she was Mrs. Cavaness Late this afternoon The Tribune i though, and if she smiled when the found itself minus one of its propri- members of the force continued to eiors. Wilfred Cavaness. and its so- speak to her as Miss Stewart, she ciety editor. Miss Winnie Stewart.'smiled all to herself. The office sleuth was put on theiri The ceremony was performed by trail and he report.=! that the last seen. Rev. W. M. Goode. of them they were headed south on ihe mosi consistent, coiisicientions i the afternoon Katy for parts nn- Chrisiian genilenian I lia\]e ever | known. knowji in public life. He bejlieves in | Tl:e above was a serious enongh} in the Scripiures, in the infln- 1 mailer, but fnrther developments .souri; that afternoon and asked whe- ence and agency of ihe divihe spirit i showed the respective parents ther anv marriaee licenses had been and in the character and work and' The Tribune became somewhat suspicious but couldn't find out anything. The Tribune talked with the county clerk of Jackson coupty. Mis- mission of Christ. He beioniis lo the and friend.'* of these exceptionally issued to Chanute people during Car ^ smart people received annoimcements nival week. It got "no" for an an- scliooJ of fidward Kverett H:i)e. w bo | late this afternoon of a weddinc that swer. The force wanted to do the is at this time chaplain of th- lulled occnrred at St. .joe. Mo.. Wednes-iay right thing bv Mr. Cavaness. If it had the mining men of that section enthusiastically in favor of the movement. The object of (be y.jnc Ore Tariff Club, which ba.-^ ii.- headquarters here. Is to have a turiif placed upon all zinc ore brongln into this country thus e.xcludinc ilie cheaply mined Mexican and Canadian ores, wbl^h at this lime are lowering ibe prices ol the high grade ore of this district. UEOALS' and Is entitled to the solid Mipport of the Republicans of the staie. He stamls for all the progressive ibiiiss advocated by Roosevelt. Tafi and .'^ilubbs and his vote is m^erted in the I'ulted States senate to help Taft seonre those reforms. (First Published. October 14, IPOS.) Treasury Department. Office of " Supervising Architect. Wa.shington. U. \ C, October 12, 1908.— Sealed Projjosals will be received at this office until J o'cloick p. m. on the K.rh day <>f November, and then opened, for the construction (including plutnbing. gas piping, heating apparatus, electric conduits and wirlngl. of the U. S. Post Office at lola, Kansas, in accordance with the drawings and specification, copies of which may be had from the Custodian of the site at lola, Kansas, or at this bffide, at the discretion of tho .SupeiTising Architect JAilES KNOX TAYLOR. Supervising Architect. Oct. 14-16-19-21-23-26. "1 want lo ibank. throtigh the pre?.-, the many loyal Republicans of the .s!a!.» who came to Topeka upon iny invitation to attend the Taff lueeting. said Chairman Dolley of the Republican State Committee. "There were So many of them here that it will be 'riosslble for me to thank tbem per•..'y. II showed that iliey were btan ..lid soul fiir Republican success a'ld were wiling to speittl their time and money in tht' interests of the cause. No public man ever received such an ovation as Taft did through Kuihsasj and it has only one meaning .tiiil that is lUnl the people are no we'.] Katis -fied v.iih conditions and have such great confidence in Taft'n honesty, ability and fitness for president that they propose to roll up .the old time Republican majority for him." The ministers who have used their pulpits in denouncing \^jl|am H. Taft because of his religion have run up I ate. whoi^e prayer:* are oi-lof last week. Oct. 7th. In which they e name of Christ. .Mr T.ift ! were ihe star performers. As near Stales JSen fered in the name of f'hrlst. l.Mr T.ift I were the star performers _. embodies all the greai Cbri<tiiiii iinali- ft-, ihe rattled Trihnne ofTice force lies in his make-up." Iran learn they went to Kansas City —•-— 1 jositensibly to take In the fall festlvi- Notlce.. I !,i,.s. Thev <lid not go together. The All persons having a lari'.j pbtur-• (.rosjiective bride, who ha.s been soci- of President Arthur plr-a.s,- pbone J , e,y editor for The Tribune, dl.san- r.. Henderson. i j penred from the office Tuesday after- S.S.S. There are certain mineni i MAKES A LASTING CURE There are certain minenil medicines which will remove the external symptoms of Contagious Blood Poison, aud shut the disease up in the system for awhile, but when |he treatment is left ofiF the disease will surely return. Then the loathsomt* symptoms of ulcerated mouth and throat, copper-colored spots, falling hair, sores and ulcers, etc., are usually worse because the has made rapid progress on the internal members, and weakened the constitution aiid general health of the sufferer. S. S. S. is the only remedy that can b« used with; perfect safety in the treatment of Contagions Blood Poison, aid with the assurance that a lasting cure will result. This medicine, miuie entirely of roots and herbs of recognized curative and tonic value, ant dotes and destro3 'S the powerful virus of the disease, and by purifying tie blood of every particle of the poison and enriching and strengthening the circulation, removes every sypmptom of the trouble. S. S. S. does not hide or cc^er up the disease in any way, but dHves it entirely put from t le blood, leaving not the slightest -trace for future outbreaks. Home treatment book with valuable information and tny medical advice desired se: it free to all who write. T9B SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.L ATLAHTA, Q# found out about the marriage it would have told the people of it promptly and enthusiastically. It feels that this explanation is dtie its readers. The bride has been society editor of the Tribune for more than two years, She la the eldest daiichter of .Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stewart, and has grown to womanhood in Channte. She is an excellent young woman, and her many 'friends will wish her lota and lots of happiness. Mr. Cavaness is of the firm of Cavaness Brothers, proprietors and, publishers of The Tribune. This paper would like to say some very nice things about them, hut it can't qnirp get over b^ing stung ict hard. SHOOK THEM UP Lineup In K. U. Foot Ball iSquad Re. arranged Ye»lerday—Ploy Oklahoma. Lawrence, Kas.. Oct. l.""!.—If a cyclone had struck the Jayhawker squad yesterday afternoon, it couldn't have played so great a havoc with the lineup as Coach Kennedy and Assistant Coach ^rosse wrought. Nearly every player on the team was either shifted or re'tired and several new men were introduced to take the placs of the ones temporarily discaroed. After the change was made here la the way the men lined up: Randall, left, gtmrd; Caldwell, left tackle: Pleas ant. left end; ''Swele" Carlson, center; Captain "Pat." Crowell. right guard; Billy Rice, right tackle; Hennessy, right end; Steele, quarterback; John son, left half; Stephenson, fullback, and Stanley Myers, right half. As many of the candidates as can are getting on ilie field for preliminary i)ractice at :;:30 o'clock. The extra time is put in, learning the forward pass and developing their right legs in the matter of booting the pigskin. ' Eighteen men compose the regular varsity squad. Others will be added from rime (o time as their ability is demonstrated. .\11 the members of the varsity squad are on the training table They are: Captain Crowell, CJaldwell, Reed. Randall, Wood. Speer, Carlson, Hennesy, Rice, Steele. Johnson. Myers, Bond, Waring, Fiske, Stephenson, Hahlene and Houghton. The changes in the lineup were made in the hopes of bettering the team work, and Saturday's contest will be the contest. It had been announced that "Tubbie" Reed would be ready to get back in the harness for the Oklahoma game, but it seems that his knee received a worse jolt than was at first thought, consequently he will not be in line again before the Washington university game next week. For flie Rest SeasoDtog IM^ORTAXT TO JIVK BUYERS. All markets are now un.xettled and wtH* be until after tbe national ele^> tlon. Yi> bare BRY.iX-ED onr prices —or In other words, redneed. them all along the Hne. We expect to Ttfft thenii*'or fai other' words, pay jmofe money and higher prkes soon. Pco. tect your own faiterests and vote f6r Taft Respcctfally yours .u . '.B. S. BARNARD, North Bnekey*, lo^ Ssofits, You luiowthe^ importance of good^ seasoning; do you fully appreciate" how essential it is that th&spicesbe always unifonn and reliable—not only ground and packed for goodness, but selected by experts for quality. These advantages you get ra OMNMON IBIMND Sealed imm^diatdy i Aer' graidiini>— camwt dctetiotaterj^ itra£bw«w6i and qnah'^ an r «tai«<cd{ air. . moittuie, anpurttin shf kept Out

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