Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1907
Page 5
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RATM. . roatoOea, •> -. IUO«l«W UM hHii^ilsetfls ATenue. thrj&alh atratt litnd Bl<me the rntdence streets. It win then proceed to the home of Dean Green of the law school, where Chancellor Strong and other meibbers of the faculty will be gathered vi view the pweewIon. BefliM^ «r Xurlage. Deacon House In the Topeka Cap ital supplies diese keen definitions: Marriage Is a sentence for lite. Divorce Is being out on parole. Re- iuarlage is being arrested on the old diarge. How to BP « Christian. Some one wrote to the Lawrence Journal to ask if it was possible to be a Chrltsian on |1 a day. The editor referred it to the proper department and the reply was, "He could not be anything else." CoffeyTille Improvempnt Note. Ottawa Herald: The CoffeyviJJe & Memphis has been given a site for yards by the Coffeyville Commercial olub. Heretofore ttie CoffeyvUle & Memphis road has been compelled to do all Us switching in the crowded space of the newspaper columns. aerar Sketek by Kiitare Fakir «• SeodMka Saa. ^^r#« *!* * * • * • • ^'v' 'iia^ unusual «ard of thanks was >left::at, this office today, says the At _%;^ilt!|m :01obv: dtd not issue Siir_ ;«int of thknks when iny husband died J,U£ij|||atjiovthatr three naonths have pass- I triali t«( have-one printed, t def<^|to Itbank, -apt those friends who |j2|cajn^ in whim' lie lay dead In the 'l-iVxiitS^, and bustled about arranging '^-j^the ishairs and flowers, and answer- the door, but those friends wb« v Ihftve^ odmeln^ since the parade was Lv? -ioveri^d who have sat with me in r.-;mr Ipneilness when they might hav? ;i.-~il>een{wlth happier people elsewhere. \*p'AaA 5 desire-to.state that few of if-%os^ busy before the parade havR 'been :Jto'see ma since it was over. 1 im n^ longer In the limelight, and am •|«ww»^n.", ^ ^ |D>iiltM at-Foot Ball (Janie. t^'^.LAifreiice Journal: "It was jus! ;fl(teei|;yea^ ago, today that thi- Cof fffferilte'rald roccurred." said Enuuei Tlialioq. -tajjftaj Jt^uaial office today. :d see another batU« thii but; of ajd'fferent Idnd. 1 to the football g:inio." |aj;*i^s ^nUBct ;Dalt6n came flown from To IpiTipiSa today with" Dr. Jobn H. Oulland f^aSd Dr. F..T.; Ernst Mr. Daltou i.« ^A^Tlarge athletic 'looking fellow, weigh- "it^ic ah^ntVSOO pounds. He is making a 5 +:§gTB £5)rt;^ kSTC ^fls^rolo made a K aid he- believes that the gov- irili grant his request. Daltoi: la dolet, unassuming man who ii^e »|friendB wherever he goes. — i. • Tale^of a Bntion. .Soctotjr nole-f^om the Anthony abUcaa: deats all what dcpeijcl- .^Ja-^«^a^1»iU:place on a button r;jtr^«.ji. .An. Anthony young lady ' rhi^ III Miau home from c'.:urch t;'8u:|di9;'ereatng got a good scold,„Mp^day' wornlng because she lost ^Bklrt coming home. It came jvblle , walking down Main ,Wd rather thaii be humiUated iieidair iit! up and walking liome U4o *«fr !her arm. when It was ^fltal bJ^n; she had had this year. J?i*n$t iadjr Btepned over the skirl fer l^joB. ;The button on the i44ir |ke'.«QMa she saeeezd. ikToM iSUit'twa Parade. '€.|KaoBaB Globe: The mos^ leVot: all. college events will tLikwrence tonlsht It li> 'i^flama parade of the f Kansas. About 800 stu . nl^'^rts and pa- JvBt^Jniemhle tonight in th«^ ^iH ^^dL a "war dance." :.5P per cent, in it is oiiJy iqeot rpaint Yet ii^iirfaifc.Jead3 and fcldilfor veiy little r ^Southern _ ||»!i6o per cent j:^i |wgnuiteed by re- i 'miiiu &cturers. . .r jthe 'Dotdi Boy rjoallbckeg.; Enjoyfair the Weed. The Waverly "Gazette" is knocking because some of the model young ladles of the town were caugbt smok !ng the other night. for liiai Now. The long distance for failure to d liver his wife's letters has been brok en by a Holton man. H<> found In a drawer a letter that was taken out of the i )08t office twenty-tiireo years ago and had not been delivered yet A fiallty roDsrfrnee, etc. It was announced by one of ibe ministers of a neighboring town a few wpeks ago that he would preach on the subject of .'Hell, and WTio AV11I Be There," saj-s the Mound City Nerns. Before Sunday came around be received letters from three law- vprs. two merchants, two town offlC' lals and an editor, threatening to sue him for slander if be mentioned any names in the discourse. Eldorado FaU of SUagy .Hen. Eldorado Republican: This paper printed an item to the effect that b^re is a man living in Eldorado who I.; too slinw to take a drink of water, • seven different men threatened o whip the editor for printing it. An Appareni Lack of Nerrp. Ft. Scott Tribune: Jt >hu H. Crain and George W. 'Marl)lo acl?d with Henry Griffith as jud^'es at a baby ;how at the Unlontown old settler 's picnic some weeks aRo. Fifteen babes were entered aud the judgcj Tiever saw siich a pretty tliister of little human roses. But the trouble in ia which the judges were thrust by reason of their being judges detracted somewhat from the pleasure of the sight - It was the uuanimouvopiu- ion of the judges that every baby there was a prize winner, and. to Sfiuarc themselves in the Uniontown >mmunity .Messrs. Crain and Marble has sent u prize to each of the con tcstanls. Bed KoH ta!>e!> for Women. Commenting on the frequency with which tlje men on railroad trains hurriedly grab their suit cases on getting off and find out later that they have got the wrong casp. and a lot of fluffy lingerie, the Mankato Advocate wiants a law passed compelling women travelers to have their suit cases painted a bright red as a protection for the men traveler!?. The Sin Corered Ip. A girl who used to make all sorts of fun of those who were poor spell- rs Is now receiving three fat letters a Week from a man who can't'spell correctly more than forty words, al together. But he has a nice big hotise and money in the bank, and that spells something to her.—Howard Courant It's MoTiag Day Ania. The Alma Enten«rise cites the following as being nearer a joke than anything it has heard recently: The Mahan Supply Co. got hot and moved their $100,000 stock of liquors away from Wchita when Mr. Jack -ion told them Kansas was going to en' force the probibitory law. They just rot Inlcely settlsd in Oklahoma City when that new slate adopted prohlbl tlon.. It is the Mehan company's tnove again. The nature fakir on the Neodesha Sun Is due for a call-down from President Roosevelt He is working off a series of auhnal stories which bear on their face the Imprint of that short, ugly word." Read this one, and see II you can swallow it as the truth: Instead of the regular order of bus! ness last night the members of Skid- doo Kennel No. 23 entertained In hon or of some visitors from the country. Many prominent dogs and dogesses were there and the evening was spent In a way long to be remembered by all. The entc'rtalnmenlr took the form of a conundrum party which was interesting as well as Instructive. Professor Kurr was chosen as authority on all disputed .questions as he has quite B finished education, obtained by steeping on the school house steps during the day, for three months past ^BVeral of the questions provoked much controversy and some of these are reproduced below with comments from Professor Kurr, and others. In answer to the question. "Wiy does a dog wag his tall?" Prof. Kurr said: "This question involves an intricate scientific abtuse mechanical proposition, namely, that when a vl bratory motion is originated by mechanical means, the body in which the power is generated will produce oscillation in a pro|ierly attached body i>ro vided the weight of the former exceeds the latter. If the reverse were true it is patent to a careful student of philosophy that the body geuerat- ing the power would of necessity vibrato itself. To be more to my |)oint I would say that the dog b^iug larger than the. tail naturall .H wags the tall, but If the dog were sujaller, then thr tail would wag the dog. This Idea is not original with me but is thoroughly set forth In various works on metaphysics. (See Sec. Steen. Vol. 'Jl of Ur. Daschund's treatise on "Wliat Know About Hats.") Another question was asked. "Why are dogs used as bea.sts of burdeu by the Eskimos ?•• In explanation of this. Prof. Kurr siald that It was necessary to nse sow* animal well protected against tbl cold. The dog is not only adapted for the rigorous northern climate by being clothed in a heavy coat of fur but his breaih also cimies in pants. The next quostion taken up was Why does a yellow dog turn around before Ijing down?" One member gave it as his opinion thai in ancient times dogs slept in tall grass where it was necessary to make a few n'vohilions in order ti get the grass in proper sliape for n bed. This act had bi-conie hereditary be said, and had been handed down from their ancestors. Prof. Kurr took t-xcepilons to.lbl." "I have made a racial study of doss from the mo.^t ;infietit ttuios." he said. There is but one logic, and that had any ancestors, in a strange land ou the face of the earth. .V string-1 iro and purple teaiticrs. Remember if you want to see the latest stylei in Suits and Overcoats THAT WE HAVE THEM , Also remember that when you want to get the greatest clothing value jH>ssi- ble for your money, and garments that will fit as though made to your measure, that this is the store where you can always get precisely what you want in ' our showing of HART, SCHAFFNER (& MARX and STEIN BLOCH Suits and Overcoats. Prices, $15.00 to $25.00 Top Coatm mud Urnln Gomtm for Mon miui Young Kifotfp from SW io $Z5m Hoadt/umHora for John Bm Sioiaoif, imporlal and Knox Hata 30TH TEAMS READY MAKE TONS OF SUGAR I'abs aud Tigers Uattlc Today for the World's Championship. Chicago, Oct. .S.—Tlic Chicago and' Kunsans Tarning lleeLs Into .Saccharine :Mufter. up in eastern Kansas. Fuel oil is to take the place of coal. This is stored in great cenieni tanks which were constructed early this year. An open sewer ;!,400 yards long has been built of cenienl to the .\rkansas river two jniilvs ;i\vay. When this yejir's work is conii'Ieled the Garden City |)Jant IMTL'Ii ZL\C & CHEMICAL. IDirideiid on Preferred .Stork Passed Owing to Money CtfudlUous. Directors of the United ; Zinc aiid CheiuicHl company have ijassed the dividend on the preferred stock. Tho company has been ' paying- 1% per cent nnarterl}-. ' TIio eijj .n))any operates smelting aiid ibemieal works at Ai^gentine and lola, , ^ „ , ,veniljer (he longest train r )r jl.-; preferred stock is a 7 e.sierduy afiernoon with light prac-; average of 1,000 tons d.iily will be.j,,p,j, ^^.^.^ xmijnil tho l.'orders i c»n^"la"ve, and |1.640.600 -ice in a ehill iiortii wind aud under a; made inlu sugar. The great beet fields ;„f j]„^ state V triiii of forlv ' " Topeka. lOis., Oct .7.—Tlie big Gar- Oetroif teams arc awaiting the begin- den City sugar beet factory eonimenc-; will be doubled in cai)acity iing .^the^ world's championship sc-:ed using beets thisi week and will j Kansas will to the e:>st in No- •ies this afternoon with each confl- lent. of winning. Ilolli teams put in continue the work for live mouths. .\n i <iiit«t.ujdln::, out of $1,700,000 authorize<l. The stock is closely held. eaden sk.v. Hoth declare they arc tit. .<,,,-pni| nii and down ilie Arl.nn-'. • . ! ' ' rhe rival teams look on each other t ^..'^"/''.^t,. '"^^^ hauled by two monster eng.nes will, ^.....^ vifli a great ileal of respect. Each """" »'i^^'eU, j^^y,. Topeka November K; lor Clii-ifnU divr/lends have been stispended A diri'ctor>e company says eels (iKit it is meet a mighty table lands present a busy scene with; ^ew York aud Itosion. Tlie The Ctibs liavn none of the in- the thousands of men g: teinponi rily because it WHS consider- erf aiiv'nablt! to laisband resourcas in borrowing would bo these times of stringent stated that when money •ed dividends would OlUSOiV HOLT, in the Salem neigh- AVall Street Journal. halted mule with a glass eye can show Let's sk— how do these hostile le-, a better pedigree and goes into better ^io„s compare? The Cubs will de-'*^'^''' . v^., ,, ,, society. 1 have made a thoroiign .,end on l.lg Orval Overall, and Dono-:''l"^"'- <;on struct ion and ennip-: i^i-'"". '"e manager ot tlic e.\- f j.oihoo.i has the honor of furnishing search through the treasures of arch- ,ran .will bt- the king pin for fietioit.• in.-nt. During the last live nn-nilis pediiion. lias secured the largest cul-,(lie "beef" for the Humboldt Kirhpr -ne Se V"LU''\hrV"lK *5o^ They are slated to work tomorrow, j ::oO men have been emplo.ved a. (hciio,... been an orphan." Ing surprise Feaatos for Tolwcco HahIL Bent. Murdock: Tobacco is hard on the Eoil. quxkly exhausUng its nitrogenous element. And It is also hard on the roan who uses it, as It ex haushs his vitality, making him more or lets a nervous wreck. 'W'bni out to bacco lands In Virginia are planted to peanuts as it rehabilitates the soil. So \i the man who quits tobacco and takes to peanuts. He is rehabilitated. Better quit tobacco and take to peanuts. This year's peanut crop is worth 15 million dollars. HATE ST.ITE COBN SHOW. ToprJu People Plan • f'onife^l for the ,4adlteriam. A meting of the committee lu charge of the Bbawnao county boys' com growing contest was held Saturday afternoon, at wliieh plans were discussed for a "com carnUal" to be held late In November or early In December. Them will be a two days' programme at the AJuditorlum, consisting, of epeakJng, mjoslc and vaude yllle, boaldes cgutcsb^ between var lous com growers, pne stiggestlon U that people participating In various local <»ra contests throughout the atate be Invited to send their exhtb-. It* ,to !.Tppeka. On fanuary 1. the state c(>rn atow occurs at Manhattan. Th« priAifcbUity Is that pood sited prftea ifin te t^red to adtilt grow «n ibC'etftn, as -well a^ to boys.—To- Ijgi^ Suto^ifinnial. Overall is tlie National leaKue Ditch- i ' •'* " f«^»ture of the celebration l„B surprise of thTseasonLd the'"'^'""^ '"'I'loveraents. this Iri,.. It can be heard five miles., which bfj«ins there tomorrow. A com I.ater in the evening the mcmberF janie goes for Donovan In the Amerl- 1 1^"*"- "'^ company dejfcnded upon | and on ai )proachii :g a town the oper- niittee or Humboldt citizens went out adjourned to tlie vacant grounds near can. Overall is young, tremendously; coal for its boilers. It was caught, ator will give the people one of the to Mr Elolfs .nlace and seleetPd th^ cles had been buried for the occ.<wion his Hrst really great season, despite '""^ sex eul .v-f .vc cars tied tion.* 'for the bar|)ecue. These were dug up and the following his loug experience in the fast com-j menu was served preceded hy the usu- pany. lloth are hard to rattle. Iloth al announcement that all the articles bat some to help out their pltch- ol the bill of fare were known to con- |njr. Looks very even betwen these form to th» Pure Kood and Drug act t^-o of June. WliG: Pflester. by his flue work in llio Dried Cow Hide, with hair ou recent games, may get a show agaiust Pumpkin lUnds. fricassed. Killian. At that it looks as though Eggs. Vintage of 1904. Soup Bone Gillian overmatched the Hatrack fel- Leather Belting cut in Strips with Crude Oil Dressing. Yellow Corn a la cob. After partaking of the above refreshments a short wcm that was written for the occasion was recited g^'Ys thl"^«teiV of "th4m"' ail. but b>- to author a lOTgtairedSkye ter- ^^^^ ^^^^ confidence in the Tier, after which the meeting adjourned: .(iw. Not only is Klljlan a steady win ner. but he is less "likely to have one bad inning than Pfeister and he bats so hard that he helps himself through many a game. Ruelbach, right and tall fellow. He won seventeen games tills year and lost only four—a record such as few men can show— yet the fans fear him and are always wor ried lest he blow up at a criUcal time. Ruelbach wHI probably be matched with Mullin. Mullln is burly, balky chap, a fast hurler and a game fighter. He is not hard to hit and tho Cubs may get him going early. It looks risky to use Brown. Mor dpci Is not yet fully right and will probably be held in leash. Lundgren seems a more probable pick for the fourth pitcher. Lundgren aga'nst Sel ver seems an overmatch and all in .Into Thief Hopes to Be Sent to Re- favor ot the Cubs. Carl never pitch- fomiatory. ed such effective ball as he has done The hearing of Ed. Fuller, the self- this season, while Seiver was simply confessed auto tWef, has been set for carried along by thu plucky, hard next Monday. Fuller's relatives have bitting team, employed ex-Stata Senator E. H. Kling will surely do all the catching Lamb of "i'ates Center to look after for the Cubs and Schmidt for Detroit, his case. Fuller Is yet a young man Kllug is far and better batsman and and an effort is being ni.ade to have the safer backstop. He will meet his Tis here we meet Our friends to greet And fill our hides ^Mth truck to eat. Uut we must part And go our way To howl and bark Till break of day. UntH we hear Some sleepy one Exclaim. "Get out You Bon-of-a-gun." FLLLEKTASE NEXT MONDAY. him sent to the reformatory. LAZYUVER "( tad no gon-i tliat I trtmM sei h. rlllioyt tli.m. J »M Iroublwl > gtrmt dul with arpid liver anil b«ail»cb.. K'xr line. Uldog 'McMVliC.nfJyC.tbttrtlc I fer] (ct7 luaeb b«tttr •li.ll cprtaiuir rn;i>nro«u <l tlirni to laf Irl.ada « t1i« l>**il»c«ltnll)r 1 hnve .rrr avf n.** •ill. a »lu«t. Oaburu MIU Ma. 2, m Blm, IUM. &e&1 for m^ifwWMFWWw Www, equal in Schmidt when It comes to throwing to the bases. In case of injury to the big guns Moran and Payne will work. Moran Is better than Payne in ail departments and would have a large margin on the Tiger In every way. Betting is abfiut even although there if some talk of od<iH at C to & on the Tigers for the ojiening game. t CANSVC ;4jnuime nnMat. PiJiUMe. Paieni.TutaOnod .naaQdl, I .w Wdiau. W(MM or Griiw. Mc. S ^c. He. Snn oM is imlk. The cennlr.a ubl «l kUiDp .d COO. •MduKMii IO «ar* or runr ••>•>«/ bMk. -^.•tnli^RcmMl)rCa..ClucacaMrN .r. ta ai «ILSiLE ,Ta MILLIOINXES 11' Notice. Kruuse's Cafe. 112 East street, will keep open now till 12 o'clock at night We serve Ajsters in the latest styles and claim we arc the best oyster cooks In the city. Also any kind of short orders. Our resular meals can't be beat. Wo are feeding 200 ppoide a day. We also baudlc ovsters by can or quart. Give Ui /a call. Meals 25c; 21 meals for |3..'JO. Respectfully yonrs. KRAU8E & SON. The Kentucky's nose stuck In the soft< mud oil Lamberts Point flats. Many groundings have occurred there .Iwt none have resulted seriooaljr. One of the Important Duties of Physicians aiid the Well-informed of the World is to learn as to the relative standintr and reliability of ti-.e lending manufacturers of medicinal agents, as the inoit eminent i>hycicians an; the most careftil as to the uniform quality and perfect purity of remedies prescribed by them, and it is well known to physicians and the Weil-In formed generally that the CalLfornia Fig Syrup ^ Co., by reason of its correct method.s arid j^erfect equifiment and the e«thical character of its product has attained to the high standing in scientific and commarcial circles which is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and, therefore, that the name of the Company has become a guarantee of the excellence of its remedy. / TRUTH AND QUALITY appeal to the Well-informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent success and creditable standing, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the f.ict that it involves the; ciuestion of right living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of what ts best each hour of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of effort tnay be tnade to contribute to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generally to gri;at advantage, but as in many instances a simple, wholesome remedy may be invaluable if taken at the proper time, the California Fig Syrup"" Co. feels that it is alike imfxirtant to present truthfully the subject and to bupi)ly the one perfect laxative remedy which has won the appoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Well-informed because of the excellence qf the combination, known to all, and tlie original method of manufacture, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. only. This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of— Syrup of Figs—and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of family laxatives, and' as its pure laxative principles, ol )taincd from Senna, are well known to physicians and the Well-informed of the world to be the best of-natural laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as more fully descriptive of tlie remedy, but doubtltss it will always be called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs—and to get its beneficial effects aUvays note, when purchasing, the full name of the Conipanj California Fig Syrup Co,-^ plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for —Syr|up of Fig-s —or by the full name—Syrup of b'igs and Hlixir of Senna—as—Syrup of Figs and Hli .Yir of Senna — is the one laxative remedy maniifaclurid by the California Fig Syrup* Co. and the same heretofore knowi\ by the name — Syrup of Figs — which has giveo satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists throughout the United States in original packages of one size only, tiie regular price of which ; is fifty cents iier bottle. . i Every bottle is sold under liie guarantee of the Company, filed with the I Secretary of Agriculture, at ^\•asbi^gton, D. C, that the remedy is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning ot the I'uod and Drugs ^\.ct, June 30th,. 1906. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Louisville, Ky. Sanj Francisco, Cal. U S. A. London, England. New York, N. Y. - - '-i" l"-^^ '^I^i*

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