Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
Page 5
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TBB lot* DilLT BICTSTtB, FEIBAT tyESTSe, OCTOBEB U, The Encotkragem^nt Qlven j by this bank to tlie saver for increasiug In'n or her account is not rendered In tlie same spirit that a promotei- of an en terprise seeks to influence the investor to increase his or her afnount of stock in his company. We have a personal interest in (lie success of each de- posij:or. Yonr prosperity is reflected on the condition of this bank. Our superior service and methods of conducting lousiness are for your l;enefit. The man or ^woman who wishes to start *a savings ac- cotint in a small way receives the same careful attention as the large depositor. If you start an account with us, we will help you in every possible way. Your determination to win will receive our substantial support, tlms making more than possi1)lc your success. We invitexinvestigation into the management of this lj).ink. State Savings Bahk tola, Kan»a9 Open from 7 to S p, jii. Saturday's and l\'iy Nights RE4D! A fi'w litiiiiliTd ].t s «'c(i (iiis \o. I n <»i |«'rn Iniul :ii $Mt()ii .•nut up. GOLDEN WEST UNO CO. Office Over loira Sloro.. ' Thorpe & BoBgh Contractors, Engineers, Snrrcyors. Fully equipped for all kinds of sarveying, estimating, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Oyer Tamons." Use No. 7 Flour flood as any—hcffor llian most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET Wo bandlo only tho )M >st of Frcsb Meais, Smoked and Salt Moats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmer:^, and will pay ilio lil^bort marUot j>rl<-(> in cash or irailo. ('onio in Uiid set» tis. Wo are sole agonts for .1. M. Horn's COFFEES and TEAS If you wilt jilvp !lii:, line a trial you will nsp iu> ollttT. , Fryer Bros. riionc :10I. :tOS. join, Knnsns. Short Stories - o «• ' lola Happenings —Dr. J. IL l*epp«r. Dcnilst Phone US, Saw Mill at Humboldt. John Sciiilor lias pnrchaseil a saw mill and will erect it on Mr.". N. K. Fishor's land .soiiihwcst of Hvimboldt. Ho will |)r.'!)ar<--<l fo furnish dimension himbcf in any qiiauiity a.s there is iin o.vociloni (inaliiy of timber on tho land.—Iiuuiholdr Herald. -Alwiys ttnic (o eat at Our Way. —Soda Wfller, the Onr Way kind. Post uo Notices. Sheriff C. O. n .ollin'.;er in Moran ye.stenlay pn.^tini; n:i .•h-ctioii iio- I ires. Mathias Buys Property. Geo. V. Mathias recently purchased the Klink iiropertics consisting of throe frame dwellings in block The deal was made through the F. D. Culver agonry. Frank sa.vs that even the mayor some how likes Humboldt. -Humiioldt Herald.' —Oysfers any style at »jiir-\vay. Sanders at Humboldt. Th.' nemoeiais of HtimboMt will iie riiblit'ssod by (lOvernor Sanders of Louisiana at tlio opera house Friday (•v<>n!ns. Ooverner Sanders is sent h^re liv 111" .Vational eommittee, and is ( I K- fiist .S'ouilicrn orator to adiln-ss ilie ludjilc oi" Humboldt. —Drs. Lallirop. OsfpopRth-H. Pli«n<* 4^ The Machinery Arriving Now. The machinery for the .Monarrh Portland Cement compnny lias b^min fo arrive and several piece.s »ro now here. One of the crushers w:is received Monday. It is liie smal'''st crusher and weighs onh ::.".IM1II [lis. There are two other crushers to arrive that will be larger than thi.s. .\Hother niachiiK' for use in ihf niachiii'* room was unloa''nij \\V|nesd :iy ninni- ini:.—Humboldt HeraM. Evans Bros. Oi^gm, maukm, Pmtifm, Sfmtftmmfy, OUm BImnk Baokm muaOlmmm School Sufj/tffmm TygtmwHtmr Suppt/mm, Off lorn Suttpllm* Wliere Qtiallty li msln eonsia- •ration w« buy th« beBt Wh«re demanila will Justify, w« currr xU crtdei prlc««. t««A file Saun, I«U, Kuf. PKllSONP W.W'Tl.N-C, boy or girl to work for board while atlnnding schoo' apply at lola Husinc'ss CoIiet;.e. Phone Tlii-. for the Hypocrite. Wlu'ii ihi> Orejiil Day comes with ciis .-i)lviim heat, and \w all line up :ii .ludniiKiit Si'Mi. to hear what ilt<" .ludK<' (I'cie /N ipiick from tlx- ^ili of II H 'I ,- lirawing niouis. the • load from liie dii .-ii ofi their ancient tinelis. and llinsi> washed up by the .>;ea;;- I think thai many now smiling here. V. iliiiii; ih<ir tiiles are writ- t<'n ci^ar. will lind lliat ilierc was a flaw; ami some wlio wan.lor in sink or slum, will enter into the Kingdom Conic thai 1;. tincrilo mfvi -r saw. For tho .luiluo III' iv:i(I( !h the lu-arts of nun. and tlie things writ there bv life's iron pon. aro sti-ongost of evidace: and of no avail are the lip nftidi- lies of liiose who would sue:ik into I'araiiiso ti.ri>u:;h a hob' in th< sou!lien.-;i f- ::f.'.—-r .inpfjria (la /.oito. —Frank S. IBeattle V. S. Phone 129 About Joseoh's Hat. Piiflii-r .loo Wood, of 11 uicliinson is to got $t;00 :i luontii frtini Hostcm so.ison. Piichor iWotxi will be besi. n-uiemboroil in this locality as 111!' gont who oiil;.;r "W lii.-i iiat.—Dod (^lastoii. COLONIST KATES California, Arizona, >:tc. Waily nnlll October 31,180S. $:10.00 from lola, JKas. If y.'iu v.nnt t!io latest and nicest post carrls on the mark«t. got I hem at MundlB drug store. Fo-- Advanced Work. Through its graduate sclionl the jcnivorsity of Kansas offers to gradu- ati's of OI I MT Kansas colleges oppor- lunifio.s for .-idvanced work in their own slate that are socond to but fow in the country. The libraries, aboiatnrio.-! and museums a.-e fi \\ oi,on to them as to it.^ own K!i !.|iiai<s. Tliat this fact is api>re oiatofl is shown by the increasing nuinlier of such students thai come lo it «'atii year. Liberal Blopover privileges. Per- eonully conducted excursions. Tickets acepted In tourist sleejitrs on payment of Pullman rale, and in chair car. No better way of bcconiltig ac- qnnlnled wltU tho Crea;. Southwest, Vbere small farms yield a coinpetonce, than by traveling over the Santa Ke. Let me send you some literature about California. Arizona, etc. W. E. R,M -SrO.\', Agent. Tola, Kansas. R. ei. Oil£iIleLXi n «neral Contratf^or. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Spec! alty. Oaice Ua i^ast Jackson Are. }7 given .on all work Bfg. 108 S. Bncteje. —riinningliain At .\rnclf. « per cent money. A Prairir Fire. A prairie hre in the Fairfax division cieated some alarm day before yos '.onlay. It was checked before it iiad done aiiv damage. —Insist on hMTlnir "1% S." flo «r. Off to Rosebud. Prank N'imorjok has uone to Dallas S. I\ik.. to ri 'Kisior for land in the new country. Many AIK MI county people have participated in the drawing Brick business building in lola to exchange for farm. Two rcsidemces to exchange for a farm.—Whitaker & Donnell. —Alto CTarage and Bepair Sk«p for an klBds. ol repairing. AstOBolilla lirery. Plione 89S. Are in Cnanuie, Lute Stover, Roy Funi:. T: If. Ciark and J. W. Stewart are do-aii from loin today on bualness.—Cfaan- ute Tribune. —Sign painting. Fred Rn-den. phone 142S. Will Keep Um Suit Pressed if Yon Pay $15.00 or Over Are at Kincaid. W. 3. 1 iarkncss of Touiioss. i:. • here on a visit to hi.-; brother. ICrv.} Harkness. • * • MerJboth .\i.-r.| one of Allen c-ounty's popular young school teachers, was a Kiticaid visit-, or last Saturday. She is t.aching' west of Miblred.—Kincaid Di.spatcli. Muii^int' I'm..a Suiis. for .M .'ii $1.50. ^2. $2.5D. $3 I .'.luii.-ii.ii liiii.!! Suits ;f<>r i;..ys. 50c. 75c. $1. Special Sale of Child* ren's Sweater Coats and Sweaters S:ze.=; to fit a child 1 to .'• y,-ars. $1.50 and |1.00 Sweaters at 75 cents •—It—Onr Way Soda Water. Sore on Bayless. T)ick nayless. the fcinner Mis.<;ouri! Valley It -ague plaver, is not gottint;, the .srpiare deal with Cincinnatii. ae-j cording to papers in the t'eniral As-j .soeiation circuit. They .iccu.^e ih.-' Cincinnatii .sport writers of not knowing a good thine wl'on tli.^y so.- ii. and the fans objeciliiR lo liint uu a:- eoiini of his' sizi-. —n« a Ttoo.ster—Home Indnslry— .Wosbo River Cat at. Our W.iy. How it WoulH Result. .^peaking of tho l.-iuil ilrawinn in the norih. a citizen .said today: "Wl):, are not men pormitied to reuisit-r fur the dniwin;: at homo. Probably tin reason Is that if this wtio p.>rutiiio.l. overy in:iii in the <'ouniry would ng- isl<'r. :itii| III!' dr.'iwiiii; wotilil r<>i|>iiri> I yo;ii's timo.—.Mchismi (llobo. They say lhai Mundis h:..-. Ibe newest and liest line of post c.irds In I III- eiiv. Another Straw Vote. A i.(dl was taUoii of tho mou who went to the Uo.s.Iiud laud drawing in the spec'al train from Atchison. Rryan received votis ami Taft SI. —Atchison (llobe. —Paper Hapgiug. Phone U-2S. Fred Rowden Du.^l 'Dad Yc^tciday. .All of the merchants were <-omp!ain- ing yesierday of the dnsi which lili-w into the stores ill eluuds, I; has luii .•lined iov some tinu' anil whoii ilie hi;;h wind came Ui.- dust would alinosi blind the pedestrian.s. -Fresh Oy.ster.o—Our Way. ClinUcns Oo llnnie. Uov. W. K. (iiatii-n aim wit.- nhn have been visiiimc with Mr. and .Mrs. A. I. Moani. .-li -Sli: Norlh Mri>i. b'fi •.-sterdav for tln-ir lionie in IMexol Mo. • •» . * ^ C "->ii. ' • I 'lcS ;y Hart S.lia:l :i'-: ^ .Marx H OW about tliis winter Overcoat matter? Have you dedided on what you're going to liaye? And on what you're going to payj tor it? And on where you're going to buy it? All these questions can b:e easily answered if you say you're going to have the best your money will buy. That m^ans a Hart, Schaffner (& Marx or a Stem-Bloch Overcoat A choice of one ol th e new smart styles in these makes. This store is the home of Hart, Schafiner & Marx and Stein-Bloch Clothes. . Pnecial nic'Ming for diiii piao 'iec at I. (). (). K hail Krida.\— Ii>iii-.ih' ai T:"" — .\ I^ Adams. Captaii!. Whitman-Sutton Wedding. Th.^ many friends in and about Car noli of .\Iiss Myrtio Wh.iiinan and K'o; i<-r Siift .'iij will li" surprised and ;i!oasnl to h arn of their marriago w; iih occurred yesU-nlay. ,-They wont to lola on the noon train yester- lay, wore married i:i tiio lola court house li.v n (;;is Ciiy mini.-i«'r. anil roturnoti her<! on tiio aftoriioon train. Mr. and |.Air.--. .Sunon are twti of the most poi»ular >oung poop'e of this cinnmiinity and no ono has tho best of more, friouds ihan tho..- !;,i!u<tt N'ows. —Onr. Oy,:tera. W^ay. Visit Parents. Clarouc.' a Toiuplfiou of .St. Paul. Minn , is hi-ro (o visit his paroiil.c;. About the Synod. .\l lie- I'l •'•'^liyli-: iaii elnireli loiii;:lil i!io pas'Or will sp- :il< of tho riunday wiinol iii.-liiiilo ;iiid !s »ie >l lii>-'-l iiiT It lo'a.r t): .awa \i< piildio. If. .S. IVc^^t I- Hrr«. W: S \Vo>i. iir .uanizcr for tin t'-rnai I'.ankers' R «-siTVf Sucict lived yi'sterdav from Kori Seott altPUll a uieelil!.!; of ibe oni 'T Iw .Mr. Wesi with W .S:!i;di\a!i • yanized .lio lod.:ii- hfr>- and f on;; <iuenrl .v fakes riii!c:!i i::roi'.--: U) i'. ami .Mr. Stur>iivan a :t- ^e;!:iir.: m lodge at I-'orl Srott I '.iiV,-. tilled with ail attentive audience. Mr. Pidlard. without sayiug oue word aj;aiusi, the Democrats, utterly pick• d to piecos thi' theories and plat- fo-.ju of til" Domocraii<- party. His s ;ii <fii was Olio of tUf- best political / la'.ivs •ver hoard hero. ll was a pi.iiii. !o|:;ical talk that could not but :il ;•> the voters.—Carnett ^News. —Six per cent money: no comm!«-i slon; no delay.—Smith & Travis. j Aniionncemont. Dr. SulcHfTe wi.-iiies to inform his farmer patrons and the public thftt he lias ros -rne?' The general practice'of medicine, coirbinfr.g it with surgery. Oilice hours l.ti to n a. m.. 1 to 3 and Ti, |t. ni. - , To Slate l|oN]»itu;. I The ro!nmis.•^ion which o.\attiin> d 1 1 \ iii:o tho s:'iiiiv of Mom Hiindiinsoii; ( iy.'sierday roiiimnuMuIod. afior lu-aiiimi- ilii- (vide :!i-i\ that ho ho st-i;i to ilio! sl.iie for ir.aMiioi!!. The in:-l foiinnaio man will pi..).aMy l„ i:ii-.;; ! i:<H'I\« n»>TKST .\T WICHITA. awa.v ill .1 I 'l -w tla>s. ! — Slherdalc. Ka.s., .Man AIniuM Ki|Unl .4 World's RtHord. Heimick to Kansas City. Parle? Helmick leaves this evening on a business trip to Kansas City. He will attend a directors' meeting of the Dakota gas company, organized In this city by Dr. O. S. Johnson.— Chanute Sun. "HENLEY" SUITS AND OVERCOATS In all the new styles and colors of; the season. >IIiN"LEY clothes arc without dotibt the fitting and the best made clothes ever sold in thi.s country—a broail statemt:nt, but we are ready to stand back of evety word of it. We want to show you why this is so. and can do jit in a few mimites time. We personally guarantee every suit we sell to give s.i :i -.'8ction SuilB 9t5.00 ia $28,50. OvBtoaats St2m50 to $28,50. Olhor Suits mnd Ovarct^ats $5 to $t5 BARCUY-rSHIELDS CLOTHING ''Tlw Komso nf qasatty" CO, n<i|i 'l liny Wulcri'd t»j>lers. OvMir.^ should nevor lie w.-it. r.-d or packod diror-ily lu ico. Tho ioo slmuld he aioiilid iho eoiiiaiiloi. Olheruise tho sharp. .ia -4i ;od cti.m-s i-f ihi- ire ciit. iuaiif;lo ami lialior tho o\;.!frs. spuil- iu:.; tlo-;i- h .!•::- .:;td iiliiiiim Ilicir di-'i- oaif ri .ivor. Tiio oyster is a sal' "f;:-,! i! tSli. Wiier. pill into f:;-'i \. ait r -i p-itis i:p a!'il hies i'. '.ii .-1 ~;oit. i!ii(i;i;r l'!avi>r j I: is j'.i • n ;'.i!a!':i'a; :o .M;'k i:: ice aad fresh \>;:'--:' a !i> .--lilijic; a r.'ii" juioy .'-tcnk to such K-.'U lUi-!:;. • So-.ilsiiipr' i)y.-iors are tho I::ii(| ih::i ari- pi-oi<"!iy packed. 1 he>are .-hiiekod iiito aiitij-lit. .-tee! co:i- laimrs aiuijiee i-, packi'd around :ho '-i.iif:!ia<-r.-. i".sk for •';-! .So;i.-o." : 1.1 oV :'l,o:i; "S. .Msnl..'" f)>:'. - .s. i: ll-.'.- Illfii till- 4|i-l:'.il; (i! ••.S.-; l.-hi (i|" f-:.- Y.:ii ui'i liiid. ih'- Wlii:!'in ('a.--.- lM ':i;jri.i lin- iili!- "".-^.-.i !siii;'l ' Trai''--n'a 11; a: ili-.^.'ii"-' -lUi'-- -Ki'.fr l:ri.;li.-i.-. ();?<i 'O 'l! \\:i>.' Ulnri- Itnll.K IbM. Ii.ivi.i ikoi-. of I'ayclii- N. V.. .< \e :i -i. l!i.- oivll war. •Aim '•<<•', a ro <;i a! I ;<-ii\-l;!'ru. sa;s; 'Tl'i- i-I!r :iio l:;:-':- (.-a- diiii.- wi.iiti more ;li::ii li.f iiii!-d."i(! dni!.,!-. !o ice 1 -JM ;ii iiiiK h iji..-;u:- 111.; for a Ii ;.d (1-1- uf .-!oiiia«-li tntnH.. to iitC; •Hi; / thcii iri .inio r:-=. ::;\C. :hev cuifd I iiuu laki' :;•••:>: .-iS ;• loii:,-. -i;id i'::-'- kv.-p liif's and v>i-!i • ;i. i drill.' ^iiir<'.- S .-e tho !i .-w P..-r Cards ;,t .MundlF nrug Store. >V«iiiKl M«>rliKi::e the Farm. .\ f;:r:i:'T on IJiii.i! Kiiir - ijiipire. G;:.. W .\ K...\.l i.y ,iaiii»-. .-..>.- • \\<u-V. li-n's .\iii;i -a S.ii"..- <ir ..-r: iljf tv.u worst .-joic- / cv.-: -av. 1 ll'. hand. viid oiif o:i ':>\ !•-.; I; - \vor:!i nunc lhaa i:.- w.uhi m u'lld ! would not (If uiihciii' ii I :,.id I" !^.': I'jitf:" the line T.i :• Oii'.v ..- dniu- u i ^ • - Ch.iteau t'liocfilato-. rlie kind \oii havi- a!way.- hoimhi at .Miiiidis Driiv .mor<'. ha- a l.eautirn' P.w-o|-..! ran' jiioture with each pound To Attead Conference Itiv. William ritropo and Mr and Mr.-, .losiah Yock-'v wciii ii> lola ycs- torday afternoon ni attend rfio <ipon- ing so:^sioll of th»- Tiiit"d »r«-ihren conffroiH -o. whicli was hold ttoio last evening. Krom tiles'^- .vhs. Yuckcy will go lo Kansas City. Kas.. to attend the meetings of thf Kansas Library .Vssociation.—Chan u to Trii.iine. —^Merchant's Lunch at Onr Way. Pollard at Gamett. Coneres&ncan E. M. Pollard opened the Republican campaign in this county last night with a rousing .speech alorg t^e line of national af- I fairs. The opera house was ^ nearly Wichita. Kas., Oct. III.—This was iho groatesi day so of the Peerless I'roi 'he' jiildlfu. S|.ooi;il trains were nia from a!' i .ver S <Mtihwesicni Kan- Ill ii'io '.••.•>{ ulu.i lire .-(ifi .'ls wei-<' iat'iiii 'd to .-Of liio civic parade,, ill wliiili liic <-.iinpanics of ihe K. .\. (I and a trioiji of legulars iirok part. Ill M;-- at!«'rnii<i! LIKM- lliaii 15.00U pfi-oi,.- aiii:idi'd iin- -.oi.iiig and riding CI..::.- :. rs \>i;!<-'i (-owi )(i>N from ICaii- ..- ()ki;il.•>:.:.:. T .-var- and .W 'W .Me.\\\ it :nt »l; p.)r:. The ropi:;--, <oii ;e.s: won .by laiiie.- Vi'.inei! <if Siiverdale. ^Kks., v. ho .-e •itne set -i 'i.ds. wiiliiu.iwo seconds of -he wcrid'.s record. Henry Craiiite.ur. i^.-.w Ciiy. Ok., was second if .1. K. .Morris Fairfax, Ok., .hird. oilo'.^: Warroii Pappan. Kaw Cilv; Ol;.. lounii. It;!;!. Ill tho t >ri:!ico ridiniT e.tnfe.ct, Henry i.iainmoi-. K .iw C:i;.. was firtit; .-^•o'l I'liiliip^. Kiii.i;iii.iii. Kas.. second; Clir.d 'i'lavis. Kiiiuniaii. Kas.. third. SUPPLY HOUSE WOULD RECOVER Bi ought Action lo Recover $101 fronfi Wm. R. Garvife and Joe Cave.> T'.\- W. s!.-rn D.-illing Tool and .S't;ip!^' comiiany. of Ciianute. through tii. :.• atinnnys. .lones and Tteid, to- i.u>i:i;lu suit In district court. .•i:iaii!sf Win. It. Carvio and .f. K. Case 111 r. cov.T Si'ii.:<;;. Of this amount $."..T" is aih-nf.! to h>- due them' as haiaiic on ail account wJile the rest is balance dno on a promissory note. Trogaii Safety Powder MKV>S .M ST WHAT IT S.ilS. I'.ct'-r !!ui:i iwy «uhor puwder on the uiarkct. .\i> ufyrerluv bl Its rtmiposlHou. Does not ivottt no niaiter how'cold. Absolutely n» (taliscr in handling. Use -Trojan instead of glycerine and; .save the liv<'j*\(if jour lueu, aq^ yuiir e(uni>any - from daniMfe r»Utt< " E.WXoverdale / AGENT Itooui 6, Sterea -soB BMy;—lola

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