Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
Page 4
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^THE lOIAPAHy BE6iagEB» FaiDAT ETime, OCTQgEB 1^. 1 868. The lOU DULY KEQISTEI CHia. F. SCOTT. •atartd at lola. Kansas', Postcffica, u Secnad-Ciaig Matter. Adreitlaliig Rates Made Known on Application. SDBSCBIPTIOX BATES] it r, «Tlw In lolB, Gas City, Irnxjom- Tflle or LaHarpe. ^ne Week. 10 eenti dne Moatb 44 cents One Year $5.00 By Mail. Onf year Inside eonnty 18.06 Dne year outside conaty $1.00 fhree Months, in advance $1.00 One Month, in advance 44 »FFiciii~PAPERrCIT Y~OF " BASSET. V TelephonKt Business Office ------ 18 Rdltorial Room 222 REPinLICAN TICKET. For Prosldpnt of tlip UnUofl Sfnfes WILI^FAM 11. TAIT of Ohio. Tor Vi<'e i 'iesf<kMit .J.V.\Ii:S S. SHICH.M.AN of .Ww York. STATK TK KI'T. \'\n- Covoinor W, 11. STI'IUIS of Ijiwrniico. For Llcit/^naiu (Jovoninr \V. J. I'lTZC.KU.VIJ) cf »0(lst> City. Fiir Spcrotary of Stale CHAS. H DENTO.N of Atlicn. IMIV .AndKor JAMF.S JM. NATION' of Erip. For Treasurer MARK TI.'LLY of Independence. For Attornov General F. S. .lACK.SO.V of Kureka. For Superintendent I'lililie, In.stniclion ]•:. T. FAIRCHlI .n of lOIlsworlh. For Superintendent In.snranre C. W. 1 >ARNK.S Osage Ciiy. For State Printer T. A. McNEAL of Toi)eka. For R. R. Conunissioners GEO. W. KANAVEL F. J. RYA.\ C. A. RYKER. For United States Sen.itor J. L. RRISTOW of Salina. For Congressman CI IAS. F. SCOTT of lola. For JudKe Thirt.v-.sevendi Di.strict OSCAR FOUST of lola. For State Senator FRANK TRAVIS of lola, COFNTY TICKET. For Ileprpi=entat!ve \V. T. WAT.'iON For Coiuity CWrk R. E. CWLUEUTStJN. For Treasurer C. C. AlJSHEn .MA.V. l'\>r RiKister of I )iM >d.^ K. 1.. TMO.MPSON. For County .Attorney H. A. K \V1.\(;. For Probate Judvo .1. H. S.MITII. For Sheriff C. O. nOLl .lNC.EK. For Superintendent of Soltoolh MllS. .MAIOE FUNSrON. I'or Surveyor H. F. PAl^TRINO. For Clerk of Court C. E. AHA.MS. For Coroner R. O. CHRISTIAN. For Commissioner, Seconil ni.'Jirict T. J. .rVNDERSON. For Commissioner. Third' Distriet C. A. FRONK. LABOirS I>K»T TO TAFT. :Mr. Taft. Fi )eaks tlie literal inuli when he says in his si»eeplie.^ that instead of beinK an opprosi^or (;f labor he has been its fneate.~i licncfactor. 1: was lie who. while a .liidse on iho IVderal bench, hiid down ihr- law thai labor had a riplii to organize, ii a riiihi to strike, lo eollcci fiinds to meet the expense of Hiieh a stiike. and to do everything it cotild short m' violence that would make the strike effective. The deciilons of .ludi;"' Taf-. rightly under.stood. are the niasna rharla of orKanlxed labor. They have been appealed to ai;aiti and a^siin iti defense of the acrs of labor tiiiioii>, and one of iht- iiinsi pruuiiiifiit labor union attorneys lis ih<> Culled Slates is sii|iporiln« Taft on the vt ry Kioiind that his deciKlons liave bciii iiivaina- lile to or^Miixed lal >i >r. .No woikliir. man - certuliil.x. no Wepiildlean work- llIK inah" :dliiUld nllow hllll^elf to be nli^letld by the »i' ai <eu'>.iiIon ihat ^ .Mr, Taft Is all enemy to lubor. 'the meu who make tliio aeeiistiiltui ai:(ilii>! Mr. Taft, are ;i>iulii ,>Ni him l »i'i 'aii:-e he i:> n Ke|iub)leati and would be a^;altist liini JUKI the : :ime if he h;id never iK -en on the brin-h at a'l. Tln'y nd/.e upon his decision.^ mereiy jis a pn*- lext to inake*political capital. If he had never rendered these decisions, or If they had Iwen directly the opposite of what they were, they would find some other Kiouiid for complaint. Their real objection to Mr. Taft is thai he is a Rejiublican. Don't forget that. ial matter, ho would support him. In ninp cases out cf ten you will find that the accucaiion, —hatcver it may be it a mere i-retp-t, ar,d that if there 7,err no rrurh in it xrhaiever ihft man would be against the candidate just the same. • "ttTien you bear, a man figijtiuf?: some RepubiicaQ candidate on some one par ticular ground, ask him whether, if the candidate were all right on this spec- The .aggrogate losses suffered by depositors through tho failure of the Kansas . hanks during the past fifty j-oars has been one- twenty-fifth of one per cent of the total deposits. Isn't that nirthor a small matter on which to try to build a national issue? K . Before attaching too much importance to .Mr. Bryan's excited talk about the publication of campaign contrilniiions it woul^ be well to remember that every Democrat in Con- Ptress last winter voted against precisely that kind of a bill. Nobody knows yet whether Mr. .loe Cannon will be a candidate for reelection its Speaker, or even whether he will b(>^ re-elected! to he sl^ottld no'l lie of the House, or should candidate for Speaker men who voted nRaiii lican for Conpress l',e iniKlit vote for er cheap'.' tho House, a member not be a would not tho ^t some Uepub- thk-ou;;h fetir that Ct^nnon feel rath- WHY SUFFER.' Itreatho llyonioigand Kill llie snmo Cmarrh Cerms. I.oudi- as long as you have catarrh your nose will itch, your breath will be foul, you will hawk and siiit, :uid you will do other disi^ustin.a; IhinjTK h(-."iiuse you can't help yourself. The of caiarih have j;ol you in thcii power; they are .-oniinuiilly and |iei- sisK-nily di.i;f;in>; into and irriialiu.r; I 111- iuiK(ii ;s membrane of yoiir no-ne and iliroal. Tiny are now inakinK your life miserable; in time liicy wiil s.ip yiiiir eii;iri> sy.s;ein of em rt^y. i,.-; :;t!enj;th. its vi.:;cr and vitality. ISiit there is one remedy that wil! kill the Kcrms ;ind cure catarrh, and that i.s llyomei, the .Australian dry air treatment. Chas. B. Spencer, the druKprist, will guarantee Hyoniei to cure catarrh, or money hack. tiow'X delay this pleasani anrisoiitic treatment.i Breathe in lly­ omei and kill the germ.';. Chas. B. Sjieiicer wiil sell .voii a complete HVonK-i oirtiiit. in<-ludini< inhaler, for only $l .«iO. It is al>o Ktiar- anteed to cure lnonchiiis. asthma, coujihs. colds, liay fever and croiii). A Hetilthy Family. "0:;r wlio'e f:'i:;ily ha^; enjoyed eood health since we be^ian usins Dr. King's New Life Piils. three years aso." says L. .\. Bartlel, of Rural Ucuite 1. C.uil- f<;rd. MniU 'V They cle;M>se and t<me •tu- -^y.-tciii in :i ;;eiitle way that dne.- you good. -•"•<• ;u all oriisiiri .iis. HAD A MERRY TIME The !liid><on-('HniplHdl Dehiile ('»n<\v WHS a Iluuinirr and Tones Itoiil. at The Independente Star says: The Hudson-Campbell debate at Cane.v last nisht was a liammer-and-ton.cs affair, iU 'corilin.c; to eye and ear wilnes>"s. Hudson demanded t'.iat Campbell come 10 the skaiiufT rhik vluie he was billed to talk and Campbell went. With him went a noisy, eacer crowd of partisans, who wen in evidence all thi- iime. Hudson ojiened. and in his spree!; rtiade ehar ?i'< against Campbidl that riled ih.u miiilen.jiu tl-rou^h an.I lhr <in .:;li. When be lonk ilie pbiifuriii he :Oii,ok his riiis <r under .leffs nose W. L. DOUGLASS ^50 SHOES W. L. Douglass Makes and3eUsMorernen'5 $3 50 Shoes Than any Other Manufacturer In the World. The Reason W. L. I)on!tla>!< !ji:l..'»0 Sliocv are worn by more nun in -i:'! walk: make, is l)wausc he gives t\u- w<>arrr Hie iMMtclit of Jinr most complete nrsranizutson this rouutrj-. who rm-riie the hitihest wsieres paid in the <>lioe industry, and wluxe c.vcellcd. i of life ilian ai>> otiier 01" skilled. s!!i>r:iii:kcrs in unrlimanshi|> ciimot IM» The soloctinn 01* the leiilliers and other inaicrials for each part of the shoe, and e\ir> d<iail of the iiiakintr, i .«i lookrd affer by especially Itaiiicd expcrlN in every departlueut. ii yi.i: t-tniM ,ake a peep into one fli W. i.. DouuIttsO large factories at Krocltloa, Mass.. au «i >re IMMV careftiil) thcii ^:.'.'(> .SIUH-X utt- made, you Mould thou inider^taiid why tliey hold Ihrir sl.apr, \\{ bcjh-r. »\«ar iomnr. a:..l :i.-c oi uri airr value than any otiier make. The home of W. L DOUGLAS Famous Shoes Oulfitters for Men and Boys _ SOUTH IS CORDIAL >0 VOLrXTEEK .S YET. Farmers Don't Want Phea.«anls-Hon They Increase. I l.AKtii: CROWDS IIKAR TAFT 1\ DIXIE LAND. .M'lXiEj County thus far Ilry,iw;(cs lakinu Volice-<lne Tl» m "Handed a Lemon" M hen He iiittrruptrd Taft. of Clerk Culbertson .says that no farmers has volumeercd to care for th*^ ten jiairs of pheanunis which Stale Uame Warden Del Travis is to sliij) him .soon from the east. The i state is inakin;^ an i -ffoii to .stoci: tb.- i r lati' with ih<- birds. I III this coniii -i -tlull ihi> folIi>uin£C from the Lawrence (;:;ziiii- may IM- <•! interest: .Aliih Rogers, who liv. s on tin- <dii Stanton estate east <ii l .<'<'Oiiii >i(iii..:ind on whose farm there is plcniy of ir .ver (nA\(;K i\ «ill \rti»e Here Furlicr I'nder .Schedule. \ inw litiK- carfl for ilii" Santa i-'i'\ has lioen :!iinouii<-ed wiiicii will affeci | ;i the pliijj running; ihrouKh here to Kansas City. .Apem Ualstoii s:nd Itiis iniu'iiini; that he ii;'-! r '>r"'iv >Ml no deT- iniif word :is ti> ili'> cliiuu-.t. Tli iiii :i- Sill! s :i\s: two trips each way daily, and run bei\\e»-ii Ci-Uarviiie and Havana. Otln-r trains 011 the Southern Kansas division will itt.niii practically . h' ::• prcs:-:il .»;rli,:dllle. W'.WTKl)—.\ boi !Si .k.eiu-r. Apjuy .Mr.-:.- Turners niilHnMy. i Where BiiHcts Flew. David Barker, of Fayette. .\'. Y.. j <'Ii.i- ; vcieraii- of tho civil war. who lost a ll 'Hit .tt C,.ii.vsbiii;<. says: "The good Chattanoo.c;a. T<iin.. Oci. !'!.—.Ju (ij ;e Tafi's firs; argument 10 souibirn Demi for frtinie. discovered the other day a ocrais toseihor with his rea.sons for [covey of .sixteen pheasants. He BOI giving the .south the first glimpse of • near enoiii;h to them to distin.siiish the Republican presidenllal candidate ' the ma'es from the females, and was delivered here lhi:i morniii?: to j found they were evenly divided, an audience which packed the aiidito- , This is a covey of thi.-; year's breed riiini, the largest hall in the city. Mr. ;in.^, and came undoubtedly from those Taft will spend ibe entin- day in the i that were turned loo.=:e at Uifie View, state. jTh:.^ is the firsi large cov^'y that has He is the first Republican pre;si!:.-n jbee.-i .seen and counted, .so far as the lial candidate to campai;:ii in the bltio'Cazette has learned. aWhou.uh many f;iai>s titaie. ; hav*- been .seen in that vicinity. 'I'lie _ .\lr. Tafi will be the fi:v-l R.-'iiubli-jKouers fariii is about ihree iiiiies from I can candidate to carry hi.^ canijiai.mi i Lake View and all abniir tlie river into Tt 'iinessee .North Carolina :iiiil j thfii is fine cover for tin- birds. 'v'iiTinia which he 10 visit j In this connection the C.azeite de- in the next two days. His rec< pi ion | fides to warn all hunters asainsr dish;i.'; a rypica! <;iii> i;:" yroverl'ial: twrbi';-; '-irds 'Ciioi" is a svict Southern Ims^^pitrliiy. l^r.ste crowd?, j taw ai;aiusl kiniiifV <'V trappiufi IIKIU. greeted him at the do/en places hejaiid a fine of $2.". for each and every sjioke toilay. The attention he re-!offcnse. This law. (iame \V:irden ceived while lt>'|>ublican j Trav is says, will be enforced to the doeirines. was ji. I: a-^ lo indicate' leiter. He has -pent sivrral thoiis- iiiore than pas>iiij; titrrr : I-Mdeiit-' aiids of didlai s se<iiriii;; the. Iii rds. anil l> imjuessed by coidlttl r '-ci -ptloii.!he litis hope that in a few years Kan- tlie candidate n!a<|.: tiiaay n-ftn ncr>; sa.-^ wi.'I be will .-^locki-d with them. Ititil tha; time, i veryone killiim or I W. to ii during* 1 he The c;tpiial of Kfi ;fiu-ky. Frankfort, mined out ennla^.-e to .-< and lieai liie caiidiilate. He .^piili- fmin ill.- ste|is lU" ihe old eapiiid buildiiii;. .\n I'ntliiisiast tote threi- batons fi .im the e;>iitiidate's v< .-I i :i rndenvoi inu 10 shake hands. Wlieiher Kenracky is (iwubifti! or not. tlie fact ri >mai.i.-> that refei:i Ke- piihlicm activity has made ihe Denm- cratic ieailei.^ apiuclieiisive tha: they have j .-i rsnaded the national corn mitiee that .Mr. Bryan .-"annoi afford to Ueyiict Kentucky in his caiiipai^ii- ing, and arranpenieiiis have brei: made for liiiii to speak in IxiuisviiJi' 'i 'lie.-da.\'. He Kitnit 'Km 1 p. I aal .Itid;;e Taft v.ill no: permit an- Ia;rl 'liir^ii^• parti.s:tii iMU -rriipiion while :!'!:!(f'^sins all aiidi.-i .ci- .-d ai Sli.lbv vil!<> v .iifi'.- ilie sm «-i :il irap:iinv:a liird wi I be p'lni.-hed if it possiliie to ctm-h him. The iillly clia:.-^!-- iiiadf ill Illi- c-:ird on Il:<- .Siiutlii'iii K.iii.a .s ilivisimi will affect tillf - trai :i.s. .No. "ii-.. tin- l\aiis;i.^ Ci'y pliur. will l'';i\ 1- ('h;.!iiii<' at i; ;i in :iis;i -ad ••fj <;;l.">. as at prf.-^<-lit. •i'lii.^..;ii:ri:i :>?ii :- 1 made so as to rrniUe dir. ct c -uiiiicL-; tions at Lawrrnc.^ fnr'Topeka. .M ilK -Iand present lime. Chanaie i.:i-s :M ):;ers lo; Tojieka must wait at l^r.vreuce foi No. .•>. Iiidi'r the Novcmlx-r card a new iiassen^er will run from Kans:is City to Wellington. No.s. IJ:: and i U. Bassen;;ers <ui the nioiiiiii^r plii ;r for Topeka will iii;ike direct connections with No. Ii:! and arrive in liie si:iie rapii;il an hour earlier tluiii iitider the pre.-^eii! s<dii>diile.. .\'o. It:; will also eonnec; ai Weli- !nj;toii with No. I 'OI. whirli goes throuKli Cininuie ai l ::;o In ordei- (u niaki' this schrdiil.; Sr.. ::«ii wiil h:ue to iiitike up I 'O iiii :i 'i ;i'.-; on its pri'M'iit liiiu- I »'iui-t -;i Cli .iiiii \Vi 'lin;;ion. "The Poveity Sinii:il." IIK- iiiornini: accomtiiodatioii lo \A\<\ wiil ieave 1.'. minutes eurii-r :.!:ei .\oveniber s. TJiis fiKiu.i ^e was ask-'d by ibi> Cii .iiiiiti- dis- patihers. Willi ; .li.-vf if i!i. . i-:i;i •j.x'X tin- freii:l!i iiiio Biiivliiui; i.". inlirMis fiirlii-:' ili :in :.i nnsi'i'; ii i-.iii bri>ii.:^!il l>;tck liU.ii n.;ul.'. 0:1 liiir !tirescn; tin- ;!.ii >nitii("!:it" Kl.iirie I'.iticrs have dune is worth nior.- rliaii live hundred d<dlars to me. ' I spe:!! iii!!ch money doctoring for a jbail ra.;'- of :-ti>iit:ich troiibie. 10 liltit* piii jKtse. [ till'. I tried Flectric f'.ilter.i a::d liii y tiiri-d me. I iii>w take them .!., a Kiiiii-. and they keep me .stronu v^•|•lI •• ."oc at ai! driiKglsts. THEY DAMAGE FARMS. M. Davis Should Thinks Holiday People be More Careful. :iiid j <ii:r •| wish the. newspapi-r:? would quit K'liiijg liie public aboiir the lar^o number of squirrels, biij crojis of persimmons. p:iwp:iws. etc.. for tl'.e rea- .soii tfiat it. is incitin.ii people to trespass bn farms.'* said Wm. Davi.s ar. the court house today. "Of cour.^e you want the news and I don t blame you. P.ut if you would si«- tb" way people. for a day's fan. run over the !:trn:.-^, c!it liown tier -. to set wild uiiUie.s. br.ak off liipli., to fi 'ach rh<^ [KM .-<iin Dions and otln-rwise damage trees, you won';! at least caution i!ii-!!i It) In- niiiii- r ;ti> fill. Out on my f:ir:il near Cailvb- soiiif oiii' has cut II tiwo lir tlUi^- tires .111 .1 !i:is piili" .1 ilow'n s.-v.'ral i;r.ipe vin»'s. ijo- At { lilt ISO TONS HAY BURN Damaging Fire at Hepler fore Last. Night Be- nie no small iiij:ir;.. 1 have a 'no ie.ivi '-i i iresiui.-.'iiuR' sivii up. ini: iJii- pi-iirilr Chanuie ai S a. 111.. and iiiub'r the r.rv.-[ ciurt lead it or if tiny can. don i c:nd 11 will di par. al 7:!.-> a. r.i, | (•••.•iI ill .Many uiliir- f:iriners hav.- .\'t». :.'"s. a pint; whi<'h has be.ii iun-jt !i<> -;iiii.> 1 o!;i ;d.ii !it !o make." ninu luici- a il:iy beiwi-e.i Itidepeii- deiiee and Cedarva'e. wili nut maUi- l.'.-.-jitiiir Watrr bring r.-siilts. , , . .aiiiwd ;i: riark. Hi- .-pid.'- in .1 h.-ll and olie.ed him a bij; sir.ii of money | ,.,owiled and a> he :.r..c.ed to prove his;-.''-:. He demanded;,.,! that he prove them. He tlien declare.I them falsi- in every parti, ular. and al- .so jiiiici 'deil 10 riji the eiitiiie from Ilie iKieii of the man wlm would ."-ticceed iiim to contrri :-s. Br.!!' sides vitibii :i:; I snorted, and .viaynr V.'ilsim tin: i;ii a chair tiiid or- fered a t!ioii:-:iiiil didlar.- iii Hiid.-iili if lie could priive liis s .iaMiueiits. l! f.a^ :is 1,. .id a ;wo c;its hung over a line from the siaiid poin: (-f the man who likes 10 see :i first, class political row. .Mr. Hud.-oii was seen toihiy and stated that reports brought 10 this city by inieresled iiartics were Ki'os.>ly In- aectirtite. He ^:iii| he ir.'aied Ctiir.p- bell like a ueiiilenian; but that tin- Ititer loM his he:id. bc^-'.iiiie ;in»;ry and liiiinclied into a fbuul of al.U 'e. FOOD FOR H YEAR le were cries of •||'.|\an.' Tin- jud ;;i- r .-fi -rred lojtiic inienup- tiun jib-asaiUiV at first. Iiiii ;is ii cnii- tluiH 'd 111- i '.icl :i :-.-d wilh SM'H .- iiii- phas;^: ^' •|i just sui li iiis -itiiK i -s :is this wlii, li .slKiW v.hy it is ibai tlic lii-iiio- er :i:'< p.'ni.* iii-\ir ;;il>- iMiiirul of the V'ov. riiiii.-r.t. I: li:i.-~ ••l.-iiir :iir% -.. liiili a il 'i' sii-!i;'si ni ii. pun:-!- !iilii>. liiii-my 01 ci 'iirit-.-v " liiyan Sees Dantitr .;iuad. C 'llt :i-.;o. OCI. .Naiimial Ciiair- man .Ma<k anno;iiic.'l t(id;i\ ihai W. .1. r .i .>:in will do.«•!.'. inllow the ira'l of Tafi in Ohio win :i' he will >i <ak on iiciola r :.'l<t. .\ri .i finishing; in Ohio, Br.itiu will jourin -y m West Virginia. .New .lii.-(.\ ami .Niw York, :ipi'.il <'ii^ ill .\<-w \i >ik Ciiy nn Oiio- lii'i :;>'.ili. For lici and <iiiicke>t r*s\\\\ Ihe l .'c '-'Jsfer's Want Column^. Mul« f.... noOlb.i. Milk ; :.MUql*. Huliir i.... 100 lb*. Vxt% I'T itui. VcitcUlik-*.,,, T 'OOltM. This rcnrescnt.<> a fiir ration for a man for one year. But some people cat and cat and yet grow tliinner. rhis means a defective digestion ajnd unsuitable food. A one-dollar bottle of Scott's Enioision I equals in nourishit^g properHcs ten pounds of mieat. Your physician can fell does it Send tfcit advertbement tattMer «rfth name ct paper in wiiidi it anmH. ymn -aiMrecs and ibur ccnts to cover vaOaait. and wc witt KBd Imi a *X :oiD ;dete Handy Adas of tu SC01T & BOWNE, 409 Pea^ Slt^ New Yoifc you how it THEY LIKED "BILLY" A Small Audience Out n of Skaters Raw Him Act. .lust a fairly KOIXI audience lurnt'd out last nisht to sei' "Billy'* Sti'in jit The Auditorium but thoso that Win' Vi-e so liberal wilh tiiir applause that it -seemed like n Jiouse full. The higj^est crowd of skater.s of the week was on the floor and and they applauded liberally. Stein '3 act | consists of trick bicycle riding and skat- IUE : on hlR hands. It is a good, clean act and he goes through it in a husi- ness-like way. It is well worth .see- in* and we'l worth the small ad- mlssion price; . • '•ere tonight, tomorrow afternoon In matinee and tomor- .UnT Itlgilt. <• The rink wUl be open all day tomorrow as usual and there will be music in the afternoon. (Ft. Scott Tribune.) IJe.sidents down around Hepler and t! e vicinity have a well defined idea of the prairie and forest tires whicli | they have read about in detail so I much of late, for yesterday aft<?moon and evening thi-y had a dama -ins and threatenins fire to contend wilh. A:s a result of tlie fire about l.-.O tons of ^'.oofl hay Was desiroyeil. an orchanl lutted. a bay made into a -Viu 's. 1 fence posts and fences burned down and other Items of damage entailid. .loe Mead and f. R. Hiilett of tils city weri' down about Hi idir when tne fire was rapine. It started about o'clock and is said lo liave been :!c eidentally set off by a man openiiinsc a slaiipliter p<-ii. He went to burn I III- ?;rass off. but neit;libors waiiied biir .-IS a strourr wind blowin*-'. The fire ;:ot beyond his control and in a short time was racing jiortlieasi. iiurniiif;; in its itatii. It is fortunate that houses an.l otln-r building's v .«'n- not within the district over which the win.l swept the fire, for liiev eertain'y would have been con- siiUH 'd. The ili-f biirneil off a district a mile louK and a half mile wide before It was clii'cki d. It ate its wav acio .ss n meadow and through an 01- I'litid of t'e Turner-WlMilock place an.l burned ii |i a b-iv pn-^s bekiiiKin;; 10 thfsi' mi'ii. rifieen hav stacks »Mlil down befnre the fires ravavr- IS and OIII" huinlri'd men ,s,ill|ed forth to ih .'cl. \\u- lire sjiri-ad The men lilli d III) Willi idd Kiii -Us silbllli't'r -'i -d .tiiil M.,il.i ,i ill wat.-r and W 'lii f\ii"ln-i til-' till- 111 pr .vtiit It leapiim aerii ,.'.i II londwav and :idvnnced ii |ion the fie with ilif prei Isloii «»r a mlJItaiy Large Crowd! ,,..,neiivi'r, Thi-* fou?'t Knlhint', and stamp'-d out ilii> fire. It is not l.iiown wii ;ii I hi! llama, e was, but it ran Into till' lliiiidrt'ds of dollars. The nliole cii^nniuiiii V turned out to fiuhl till' Hii' /and the .snioko therefrom Restored Their Hea^^^ use colli, I III seen for niile.^ around. Rieal Ettate Transfers. Beubeij Landers and Marv lenders to f>.*!, blo"!^ 2(^. Lanyonvillc. Consideration J .'irtn. -Mwry ^. Fad<'is. to Charles o. Kuhn of OkmirJsjee. Ok'ahoti'a. hocinnin? at the Koutpiwr.^t corner of lot "f" and r'^ri'j 1::". feet, thence eafK fhence west ^152 feet: to bop ^inninjr. all In lot "I" of Kouchton's .soh-division. of S. P. or\p- fourth, q<U14-lS. Consideration $2500. Thou.«!ands of stomach and bowel sufferers have found the md^s . , of permanent good health and permanent good digestion through Dr. JT^ Caldwell's offer to send any sufferer a free trial bottle of Dr. Cald-^ "wrell's Syrup Pepsin, the great herb laxative compound. He be- ^ lieves from watching for tv/enty 5'ears v/hat it has done that it will cure any t:ase of chronic constipation, indigestion and dyspepsia, sour stomach, torpid liver, heartburn, biliousness, sick headache and similar disorders of the <'4oniach, liver and bowels. It is pleasant to take, acts mildly but nonetheless effectively, never gripes, and is in every way an ideal laxative for the family. It is wonderful in children's stomach trcableai and Uiey like its agreeable taste. It is a vast improvement over griping salts and cathartic pilk, which are simply a temporary relief, while Dr. Caldwcirs Syrup Pepsin is a permanent cure. Its tonic properties build np the stcmach and intestinal muscles. Tiiousands are buying it of their druggists at 50 cents and $1 a bottle, but those who have never tiscd it should write the Doctor for a free trial bottle so that they cac mcke 3 test without expense. If you have 'a stotnach. live.r or -i liisorder. or any member cf your family has, send your address and a free Ixjitls will be sent to your honie, fully prepaid. In this way legions have been restored to health without a cent of co:it. Read these letters and writo t«iay. FREi: SAMPLERS of Dr. Caidweli'ft Syrup Pepsin The Nation's Safeguard of Health FOR. EVER.YBODY ITor ntteen jrarn 1 iiuttfm) from utomartttroubl*and con»t>i>atloa.until ItsruntvdKHlf itfuilt wrroib »«ii )y rillcf. Tt)tiuii «»i|<revitliuitAS'iDi>i>>in«were blouUDic aiMl iimxNure UKulnsi thu tae4rt :tnit tlie w.!Ht.(ttMraiMnir i«lnii aoroM IhoatonMcb. 1 baU l>r. i;irUUvirrll's Syrun Fp|M .ta rovWuaicodMt l«^e»nd commrooeU unliuc kame. 1 iiossitii; luw <l»«lo4aii botitvv iinil I ci»n bouwUy say 1 iMtteve ii MVod lur tlto. I uon't think nn>on«»uat'rcdinor«thaaIdid. •nd irot wen. tor 1 am not uutr irt>)ixTn.t. i>iii i-Dr -^l. nnd r»n vat tMirtblnt; wlihitulitnntalnerdliiUwi.t.-U. 'I'liouuxw;. Kurv-iuanSbonaiMloitb.lowa. UrIrK •lul ¥tl« Wurbt. Wo bATflUMd ll^p Ka«t>ln bottle of .''ynin >N >iM>ln M>\ on«r«0ul»rrOorn» bottlounJ art)now u»ln»iali ,(weHju:r. l tit lKn<»tly tx -nrnKHtby li>tu>oaiiJ MiNHt uitfDailnuo iislnit tl unitl 1 niu ontlmir i-urt -d. I am M yearnoM niid 1 >ro!itralion. itm WAiamioicJ ncub laillKiMiiton. li»i.r tr.utt>l«"ni<t u.-nnrjl niij fiM 'llBir Imtliirsliiri? I lK <tfua uilnu jour mnlU n.a i^uu 1 bikvo fur v...^ brfor^'.-Mrn. Urtck Kllnchum, Jai-Uw >ii. Kentucky' n»vo tor jiu . »•?«•' tu 'nipin buttin «f Syrup fi -piiln aad afte- taklDir it I Iwuirbt Rovera botUM from iny UrtwitliiU 1 l.nU It S i(o«d wmwJy for iwligrHtlon. and ul.-io comiiitiiitloD. i don i rr«frl th^nion^TY IS.I.' fur lu-liU A. V\>nuM. Grand JuncUon, T?nn. ' ^ Ai^mt foot years aao t wna takrn III wliu liidlmilon and IcdtK-e.! to try Dr. tTnldwelf'w §»ru|. J'eiialn. Afwr -ah iQK i*rt of a bottle I wax entirely ruilevf U. and have a bottle In my buoie since. I Uod It the Uneil " stomach (oalo I baveercr u.seJ and eladly rccom- mei}d it to all who have stomach uouble.--C Kowler. Carson Ctiy.Miclt. ^ 1 nMsUyodrSymp Pepsin laKtsnmrner for to. dIffestioD. eonstimtion and biliiMisoesa. 'JT and I ttDil It the best medicine t baveercr used.—Koah B. HatOeld. Zalmu. Mo. :^CALDWEUj LOOK FOR NISnCTUREON THCMCKKCt cvicndini foot Reglstor Want Ads. bring results. Medical Advice: If there Is anythloff about joiir ailment that you don't noderstand. or it you .want any medical sd- -rioe. vrltn to the Doctor^and ke vill mnswer yoa folly. Tbeie Is BO abarre f or this Mrrioe. ^FpL^ OfcWJLCAUIWEU, MB CaUweB

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