The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1951
Page 2
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PAG« TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Senator Connally Opposes Clark's Nomination as Vatican Ambassador WASHINGTON, Oct. 23. (fl',-O|l- poiitlon by Senator Connally (D- TCMI) givt weight today to a Democratic move to avoid » vote on President Trumnn's nomination of Gen. Mark Clark as ambassador to the Vatican. Connally bused his light against the appointment on Clark's World War I! command of the 36lh Texas National Guard Division In the blcoity Hapido River crossing In Italy. But i Democratic senator who usually supports Mr. Truman's proposals told a reporter he and others hope for avoidance of the religious Issue raised by the President's move to give lull diplomatic recognition to the Vatican. This senator, who asked that his Hame not be usecT said he believes the President's action has put on « hot political spot every senator running for re-election next year in states where the result Is in doubt, between Democrats and Republicans. A vot« for confirmation of Clark would anger Protestant elements which have opposed giving diplomatic recognition to the FUinmn Catholic Church State, the senator said, while a vole against Clark might arouse Catholics who hold the balance of power in sonic areas. As a result, Ihe Democratic senator said he and others hope the President will decide to nnme Clark as his personal representative to the Vatican. Myron C. Taylor held that status frcm 1940 until last January. This would not require Senate action, on Clark's appointment, nor would It require action by both houses on a bill to waive the law agatnst a military officer's appointment to a civilian post. It also would not Involve official diplomatic recognition of the Vatican. Clark's nomination was submitted Saturday and Congress art- Jcuirned about three hours later without acting on it, Many prominent Protestants have objected to the action, arguing tlmt establishment of full diplomatic relations with the Vatican violates a! constitutional Injunction that! church and state affairs be kept separate. The Whit* House said "a Jew hundred" letters and telegrams had come In, most of them critical. The National Council of the Churches or Christ In America summoned a special meeting In Ne«- York on Oct. 31 to discuss the mntlor. The 125-membcr general Ixrarrt of the Council was called Into special session. Churches represented in the council have some 31.000,000 members. The St. loin's Bnptlst Ministers' Conference called the action by Mr. Truman, hlmselt a Haptist. a move "to secure the Roman Calliolic vote" and said it will oppose the President if he seeks rc-elcciion. C'onnalry's was the first opposition voiced by a senator U> Clark personally. In a statement yesterday, Connally said the nomination "Li dead" unless a recess appointment is made. White House sources indicated noJie would be nude because of doubt that Clark could serve and retain his military status. !Ic has said he will not give that up. Connally heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which ft'ould have to pass on any subsequent nomination, Connolly asserted Clark had "mistreated and discriminated against the Texas 3Gih Division and other Texas troops" in the Rapidio crossing. "He showed himself unfit V> fill any high position, either military or civil," Connnlly declared. Former Secretary of War Robert Patterson has defended Clark's conduct of the Italian campaign. Clark, a four-star general, now is serving as chief of the Army's Field Forces. Excess Beef Pool Moy Be Set Up To Help Provide Meat for Army WASHINGTON, Oct. 23. CAP) —+ The government this week may or- ler slaughterers to pool their excess >*ef to help provide meat (or the Armed Forces nnd Institutional us- 5. One high government official said today (he chief alms of the plan mid be: (I) To provide better dis- Court Divides $5,555 Swindling Sam Had in His Underwear CHICAGO, Oct. 23. (AP>— The $5.555 found in the underwear of Slsmimd CSwIndliiig snm) EiiKel while he was In jail in laid was divided among live persons In circuit court yp.fterrtay. .Three of the women In the lile of the 76 year old Romeo each got a portion, but not the amount they sought. Engel Is serving a two to 10 year prison sentence for confidence [ game In connection with ihc com-: plaint of one of the women, Mrs. Reseda Corrlgnn. Mrs. Corrignn. 41 year old rcd- halretl widow, sued for J3.700 which she said she gave Engel after he promised to marry her. She was awarded $<iOO. Mrs. Pauline Mngnton, who claims she It Engel's only legal and (oval wife, also was awarded S600. She sued for 47.550 plus 6 per cent interest and said she gave him the money while he was awaiting trial. The biggest award. $2.500. iv.i« to Mrs. Florence c. Barret*, 52. Slin had sued for S12.000 which she tnid she KiH-e Ensel for safekeeping after he promised to marry her. J. Edward Jones, Engcl'J former lawyer, who sued tor SS.OOp In legal fees, was awarded $1.355. Mrs. Mma Jonro, his mother, wns awarded $500. Her laic husband furnished Engel's ball. Agreement Goes Long Way—But Graves Stay Put NOUA3SKUR AfR MASK, Morocco, Oct. 23. l/fi— The agreement reaches all ihc way Irom the State Department in Washington, through the Foreign Ministry is Paris and the Sultan's pnlnce In Rabat, to the headman of » tiny Arab village In the Atlas Mountain foothills. Those graves are not to be disturbed. It fays, That's why a multi-million dollar U. S. bomber bnsc now hns ancient Arab cemeteries nestled in Its 12- MjuojT-mile perimeter fence here- south of Casablanca, Walls protect them from the 11,000-foot blacktop runway from which glnnt tour- cnglncd bombers soon will be roar- Ing In training missions—or into combat If need be. The cemeteries are typical of the international quirks Inrali'crl in the building at Nounsseur. one of five U. S. air bases being built in Morocco at a cost of taint $3rm million. SCOUT CHIEF-Mrs, Roy F. Layton of Chevy Chase, Md., above, is the now national president of the Girl Scouts of America. She was elected at th« Scouts' 31st convention in Boston. New York Police Find Small Bomb In Movie House NEW YORK, Oct. 23. (API—New York City's police, long used to getting bomb warnings but finding nothing, said today they recently have found a number of miniature explosives. An anonymous letter, mailed to a New York newspaper sent police to the Paramount movie theater on Broadway last nil-lit and led to the discovery ot a bomb In a basement reslroom. The bomb consisted of a four- tnch-lonf! piece of one-Inch pipe charged with black powder and i ,25-calltaer bullet. Police said the bomb was slmila: to five others found In recent weeks at Grand Central terminal and the public library. Police said the explosives could harm a person standing nearby. Authorities said the letter, printed In pencil, warned that "bombs wilt continue until Consolidated Edison Is brought to Justice for their diutnrdly acts against me.'' It was not disclosed whether th< writer had described his complalni against Consolidated Edison. Nev. York City's private power utility. Read Courier News Classified Ads NATOR Could you get a 12 cu. ft. 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Lemons, Furniture trlbution of bee/ supplies through-i "it the country; and <2) to pro-' mote MEMPHIS. Tenn., Oct. 23. (Pi— Police said a rejected suitor fired five bullets Into a pretty hospital t ecnll 'cian nere ' as ^ night, then llve"animals" "° '" "'" '""""""jihre'*- the pistol Into Ihe gutter and This official, who asked that his !*%,.„£ '° T^ 1offlccrs - ime not be used, outlined the pro- 1 „. ay "Clinician, identified jected pool arrangement to a re-j? 5 M J? ^ 3 "t Bennett, 21. was arter this way | in crlt 'cal condition at St. Joseph A slaughterer would be allowed U>! H f?" il , ' < ?f a5 '' 111 and sell u n lo nr,iv a , m ,,nv, ,. I Joh " Mlllerton Hill. 21. is held id- condition. TUESDAY, OCTOBER M, 19M Rejected Suitor Shoots Pretty Hospital Worker V slaughterer would be allowed to , V \,,n ' I and sell up to only as much as' J ° hn M»l«K>n Hill, 21, is hel killed in a corresponding period ' '• uthout charge, police said, pend 1950. All beef slaughtered In ex-' mg outcome of Miss Bennett cess would go into the pool. ,condition. A priority system would bo set up,! Detective Chief M. A. Hinds gave with first call on beef In the pool j this version of the shooting: going to the Armed Forces; tecond The couple was riding In » car. call to such institutional users os which , Miss Bennett was driving' ' enne was rvng hospitals, orphanages and prisons; ' when Hill shot her. she fell scream-' an : , and third call to slaughterers un- : ing from the car. Hill got out - car. go ou ible to buy and kill their share of walked around and (Ired two more 'attle on the market. Aroostook Potato Man Is Maine's Congressman BANGOR. Me.. Oct. 23. (AP)_A bis Aroostook potato man who never sought, public office before Is Nfalne's new congressman-elect. Republican Clifford a. Mclntire, •13, of Perham will take office January 8 as successor to Rep. Frank Fellows <R> who died last August. Mclntire, a grower and executive of the world's largest potato co-operative, defeated two opponents In bullets Into her body. Hill then walked over to the curb, threw the pistol into the gutter and sat down to wait for police. | a special third district election yesterday. Record Relief for SOUR STOMACH Ghurkas Chase Gumey's Killer Troops, Home Guards Close in on Red Chinese Guerrillas SINGAPORE, Oct. 21. m —Our kha soldiers fought their way In heavy tropical rains through the! dease jungles of Central Malaya today, close on the trail of Commu- nkt guerrillas believed responsible for the killing of British High Commissioner Sir Henry Ourney. The force of nearly 2.000 troops and police was swelled by 250 hcme' guards-armed with shotguns, ril- J les and grenades—from the area of Pahang State in which the hunt was underway. The Gurnnai lound new camps' abandoned by the fleeing Reds. They now appear to have only a! three-hour lead on their pursuers, j Royal Air Force planes bombed and strafed suspected Red flight routes, j Lt. Col. A. K. Crooksbank. dl-j reeling the search for Sir Henry's killers, said the terrorists were led I by two Chinese, Kan Min and Chin Loy. He Identified thtm U Ittdir* of the 30th and 24th companU* of the "Malayan Republic Liberation Army." Big rewards were offered for th«lr capture. Gurney was slain Oct. 6 by guerrillas who ambushed » convoy in which he and his wife »«« travel- ling to a hill resort north of Ku«l« Lumpur. Mrs. Gurney ese»p*d Injury. HEAD STUFFY ft* £5 £z ODD symptomatic RELIEF TUMS FO* THE TUMMY HountainVeiUey •'Mineral Water •f /- HOT iruwi "'"M. Liberty Cash Grocery SOI W. Main Phone 4973 once at America's Smartest "Hardtop" Rambler Country Club Enjoy the fresh-air fun of a thrilling open car, plus the snug comfort of a sedan. 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