Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1907
Page 3
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M M inaCMitj Miit lui ii miri. N IIK LVIN PRONK , AMt CMltlW. ff,ioo,ooo StM SM«U IS HEBE -Noti-d Ktanri'Iist Will ApiKitr at M. E. CoDfercncc Tomorron. ot Our ijldsd:ii^gooa three iiich<-s to It dutfni the emnmer. is bii'sy __-getoig the proiMM' environ- iDaj|ing clever wattr color; B.. "Aodsevelt has electe-l • to'lbe cathedral school. „ the y^id ot tutors ami maK- l.-take private 1esson>> at home.' ^ «rt jare her'special delights, •(• 111 « a » j* • fraaid^hat It is to permit her Sewaij, JewelerflodUpticiu i her Incllnatibns iipdissturh-, ' r — ^ lie Pfealdentj and Mrs. Roos- \ I04 North Washinjjlou. ATe'coiiseiited^ to the present 1 HQ. Jt ^ifls lioceerelt has made! ~ Libbey Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hand Painted China. Tomorrow afternoon the folk who Attended the district coufereuce of the .M. K. church will have au opportunity to hear one of the faniousi evaugeliiits uud lecturers of the United States, Rev. Sam Small of Atlanta. Georgia, riie services will begin promptly at hree oclock. Uev. Small i.s om- of the few iiiln- ister.s who liuve a rejmtation einuiling that of \he Uev. Sam .loncs. Rev. Small and Uev. Jones traveled several times over the I'nited States and Kev Ideas abhut the framing I "arkn .ss. .Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ^anrmahT frame;Vrrof:^'«'^^^^ "V'- •'• '^'^ ^sigri. ShelaparUaltothe;""^ - H ;ndo.-so„. Mr. and i,«J; «*«i„oH un.i «ii»H «-i-^'"-s Crumlex. .Mi. and .Mrs. Phti. <iot .S.WrU(>LEI{S DID \V£LL. woods, stained and oiled, ra . a the i^l£ or carved moldings, ^'-f^,;!'--^^^ , ^. her, wood scenes are frampcl ^ hy Ketcnue luKprclors IVilh 00<).(HM) Worth oi Jewelr.r, .\"ew York. Oct. S.—The Diamond Imporieis"^oeialion has heeii for Hender.son. of Cha Coffield Of oak-'sUInk copper color^'^'J*^^'- "'"1 •^"•'^ •My outer rlih of old silver.,^**'"'"'- + + + ,W -Sl ^rk "prl7«''^""'' •^""'^ MclAiUlh. some time trying to check ..musslint; ai 4 . I who has siisnt the past few weekri whieli has assumed colossal iiropor :vtr. Bolton were hostesses, -members begtotfie.w "luncheou?''^A°l"a'rBe''ni^^ Toiieka and Kansas City foi jis being done by wealthy tourists, be |1i6 |^VbmBD'is Gu'ld j )r St. TImo- 1 tiiuroli win meet at half past ;to|iprrow .with Mrs. Merritt Esse. monitiers w-ere present audi'" +** »'i™Mlfr»ir «rJ'l .tH !r.'.!' ''-be Kri.h,y Kuehre Club won.en | 8. Mitchell, wa« entertain-,,,,,,,, ^, ,„-ellminarv meeiiu;; yesier- , day afturnoon ut the home ot Mrs. H. I H. PunU. .Mr.s. U. K. .Villson was el- i-cteil presiU;-nt and .Mrs. Leigh Iluiit vice pre^iltli'ut. The membership list this .season contains the following names. .Mrs. C. f. .Vuslierman. Airs. ;rtuse ilvalevs regularly In the \rad( li. nul dare to lake lliu risks, .\eek- aees of peai'l.s. dianuuids. rubies an( •meraldK and liatul wrouglii ormi- uouls in exclusive designs are tile ar ides most coiiiinou. The value ot ewe.ry sniu;;gled each year Is estim- itod between IJ.OUU.OOO aud S::.uOO.OO(t UKgliii.y Our Display of Bracelets. Rings. Chains. Fobs. Neck Chains, and Brooches is worth your while to see. New designs, modest pinces. We will take plcaKuio in showing them to ; ou. McNElL BROTHERS. TH£ JCWEIXR*. JIO.\()It.\l(LL' .ME.XTION. fori a few days before go- .^tolPIttsbufg, Pa.. Itor an exteud- [jvlstt with Hfelatlves;).-'- pie^Curreut;: Event ^;Iub's initial gpccurrecl yesterday afternoon blEiry' Ifalt. A iJii^" att*ndance „ ere made Vae ^ggg ^eefi- nieet- >|n^;be8sful.i Thlski^ always the Bjbii^l pah of tlie"Tli%t session u' Hita^X^lubi and then" the address j B^si' Ri B. Stevenson; president of |Clt^ to the niembersi was one of py features of the of«a.sion TQiBOii in her usital plcasan: ^i'BjAke of Sie clnb's work in char- le ittiises things. Mrs. nk'lUddle fespond|d and Mrs. N. piii;!!^ Jed the discussron of eur- i.^^ts. ^ '• tlul) federated with the I taa| FederaUon ou May f>. IO07. ia|Ti <9w of the approaching (lis I ^O^yeiitlob at fort : Scott then I ^t4ar dele^tes ejected to repte- |tb|^ jclub. 'Mrs. '^nRj' fitnr"irrr f.iffi A. Armstroip. %1V.( W.-t- •H|B|and Mrsr E. if Ciirtls. i^ub meets again riii'Oetfaber 2; il#ildy of Virginia. ' The mem- 'ipifnni. event cliib .: soci ety.. P|p |ll8t. Isias follows; jAn^. N. ai Miss Grace Acoes- Stfa. B. K. lilMrs. H. A. A^ilrDflg, .Mrs •Pw^i ^oltoD .r Mrs. ^'t. Bartels. 'iBg B. Clllford. MriK«%^p. Gur itn^ C. Mi Cole. .Mfi£»%ln. T>av ,|CL. J. Doxsee. MraliG. V. Den- Henry Eyler. Mrs. Abhle El A.-Wi Howland. rjlni. .T H. , . ilra. H. L. H*ondrJck»; Mrs i;*Bli^lfe ^Mre Paul Klein. Mrs. fe'ifcyons. Sirs. B. W. Lsmaster? .Tkfaifen. Mrs. E; W. M» WfyL 3. y^. McCall. Mrs. T. E. BCH**- Thumas Parkinson, Mrs JJetirson,;^^ MrH. Kranrk RI.MI.- pfjj Shaffer, Jlrs. AaqeK^ s <f >tt p,-i|tl9ei)eF.'Mrs. R. B. i?tev «;nvo !i ttlR. Suclier. Mrs. Ml'M Sfo«l liMira. A. N ; SwIgrtrl. Airs. C. M. •it|3Inj. J. T. W-ood. Mrs. W. ^mi|ber of iola rlnin-li folk went ^pigrpelast evening tp hear ii '".j»y Rev. C. S. Nushauni. presid- ^f the Independenee dip -M IS . llnghos. .Mrs. B. IC. Allison. Mrs. Goorgf Iloeli. .Mrs. 1). W. Roid ?! .loue,s. .Mrs. II. V. Dresbae'u. .Mrs Re.x. IJowIiis. .Mrs. iJeorse Ka«ne. .Mrs O..Curtis. .Mrs. .Mont I'alni'r. .Mis. K. Beiinelte .Siiiitli. The first party will oi'ciir mi Uc at tli' lio'ii - or .Mrs. .1. .\ Wheeicr in Wli.-ciiT Ileifilil-;. * + + .Mr. .iii-i .Mr.-. I!. .M. I)aven|>ori ot Cherryvnie. an" vi«itiiii; U K ' latter's s sler. .Mrs .1. K. Biaek. before leav iliu for V\'<'slern points lliiuilMldl e.K-Haukor Violated .Vntu S|)c«-il \,\iw at Utlawa, Ills Hume. tOltawa Herald.) iu iioliri- court tlii-s afternoon W. S "allis |t; ill five dollars and costs— • total of twelve dollars—on a chargr ot violating iho city speed ordinance or automobiles. .Mr. Fallis. in court, and in convcr -atioii afterwards, 'nslsted that hlF speed did not exceed fifteen miles an .Membeis of .Mr.s. Craiit .Miller's hour, that the street was clear, and .Sunday soliooi elaa*: in tlic M „,„j „„ ^.^^^ ,0 E. church K.ive Iier^ most delightful surprise last evening in the form of an indoor pienie. Tln-re were several Kuests of the eiass members in attendance the membership list in fill' lieing. ..Misses Helen Pollock. Tressi' I>ee, .luliii .lohnsou. Grace Fitzgera'd Zoe .\tclilsoii. Hatlie Dunn. Essie Purke. • Elsie Itesor. lira.-e Cooksey Mary .McConnell. I'e.irl .MIeu. Eluia Haiilelt. .May Pike. Jeaiiette Polle.vs. Virgie Van .\isdale. Mrs. Knowlton. ClarH Hildeliraiidi. Iva Hildebrandt Edilh Cain. .Mi's. Miiler and .Margaret JlcClellaiid. + + + The Y soeiety will meet wilii Misn lued. "1 iiiaintaiiied. however.' said .Mr. Fallis. in speaking of the matter ifterward. "ihat if au example was •leedeil. and if waft thought best to use me as that example, it was al' I 'glit Willi lie. . The matter was set- 'led ill a p'.-rfectly friendly way." The city's speed ordinance for automobiles makt-s the limit at ei^hl liiil.'s an hour on straisht traveling Hiid ffdir miles an hour around cor- 'lers. Mr. Fallis nhyn the averagp lae'iiiie eaaiiot bi' run at less than Elva McCall on Thinsday evening ami I''-" '"""^ »" "'" ^''^-''^ spend an ev.-uiu}; witli .lauies Wlit comb Ril<' ^t^' air^ you going?'' ^^^iR sack Qf Urn ijanyChi^gelse;" The United Hrntliern Aid s-ielely will meet on Thursday afternoon. + + * The I'resbyleiiaii Bifitlierliooil ivji; | Kive llielr siipp.-i- this eveiilliR at till einin-li. .Mrs. \y. I-'. Dewey 1^ expeet-d to be al lioiii"-- e.irly next weeli from her siimmer 'H oiiilng in the east •'' .^Iiss .Mable \'aii .\rsdale 1'ave.-i soon lor a vliii wlh relatives iu Bartle.s vill«. * ^. + Kev. .MeCiirli. of Kansas City, will visit lils>lster. Mr<. 11. II. .lones Ihl.s evening ami deliver a leeliire at thf conference s.'ssioii in LaHarpe to ni;.'lit. • * * Miss Almeda .lones, wiio has been U 'e iiHve a few of those rheaii lots 'eft in llif;liland Place. Whllaker * '>Olllll'll. -.VO >IOTIIKK Ttl iiVWV. HKIt." "ompau} nt ••'riind Will I'lil «>n .%o»rl riaj rnnlgbl. .V Li>( of I'upils Who .\re .Making School Days Count. Below is -^i -M n a list of the pupils our city schools who iia'e receiv ••d hoiM .ralile iiieiitioii |oi- pro^jress fade In their school work during th- lirst iiioiilli. closing Frida}. October .'>. .k'ffernin sehool: SA. .lames Cobleniz: 7.S .N'eva R' fer: f<\. Ida Lar•.eni: .-.A. Hhinclic U'iolf: lA. Olaf Iieiio; .'t.V ICli/.abelli .Maii|iiardt: 2A, /live ;;iiiiiiuoii; l.\, (iladys Messen•;ale; SB Kdiili Bonoth: 7H .\dah Kouiid; I; B ICIla .Monisoii: .'.B Blolla CopeniiiK: IM Kslher Kedmoii; .'IB Al- 'lert W'.iltaker: 211 FI r Largcnt: IB Mlhi' Gowliier. Lincoln sehoid: r.\ ICflif Metealf: .A .lessie i.utliji: .-.A Ila/.el Hay: 4A Itiitli 'I'liompsoii; :',\ Tiessle .Morris; 2 .» Daisy Faiishior; I.V Helen Green: 7R AleHa tiephart: tiB Clara Alter man: .'.1! .Myrtle CaddeiV. ;')B Uoiolhy '\elley: JB BMtha Feldmau: .'IB Clies ler Faiisiiirr: 2B..Iessie .Morrison: 1 Andra Haiwiali: IC lle:eii .Miller. Garfield school.: UA I'eail .McKt zie: :<\ .Nettie Deinorel; r>A .Mubl .^lartill: l.\ Eiliel S}nioiir, :',.\ Hen ly Bn'wiiigton: L 'A Harold Colby: 1 Edwin Tlioiiipson: 'lit l>it(a Sells; 5 KIs'e Church: IB Harold Swim: 3B Clarence Boss: '.'B Hoy .Martin; 1 Blanche Hastiii;;s: IC Paul Martin 'C Irene Swim. WashiiiKtii s-hool: 7.\ <;arnett' Donncll: r.A Earl .M<-Kiniiey: .-,A Ruth Boyd: t.\ Irene Biivigens; :!A Speii rer Gard: .Marg-iet Zysivowski IA H-rberl I'ields: 7B Hazel Fetter liu: r.B Harris Hil.sclier: . J B ^llcll^ iCdgur: IB Helen Culll.son: :; B Tellin Evans; 2B Helen l>revniak: IB AUI Vm Cuales: IC XiRiiiond Dilask'. .MeKiiiley school: t.-v Hex. I.,e\'al l-y; .'.A Erva Schii>r/.: 1\ Myrtle !"horiiloii: l.\ Claiuli- li'ariliii: :!B Ear WHght: 2B I.iKile Collins: IB Geo. Thornton: IC Altie C.d •: IC .Margare Harder. Bassett sel'.ool: Leslie Shear liorn: IB \'lr«il Avens: ::B Eddie Hill 2B Smith; IB lli-liiy KruKel. A BROTHERHOOD Sfl^PEB. Program and Elabonte Mean for Presbytcrton Men. Tlie Presbyterian Brotherhooil has its first supper of the sbason tonight at the Presbyterian church reception rooms. .\u Interesting program has been prepared for the occasion. Dr. Ililschcr. the newly elected pastor, and -Mr. Scott arc to make addresses. The ".Mysterious" male nuartctte Is to j give a number or two and a big Jiip- | per is to be Strvcd under ihc direr- IJon of R. S. .\s|dual who has already won a rcpulalion for being able to get up good suppers. .\il of the members of the Brotherhood are urged to lie present at the meeting tonight. WE.NT IIr.>Tl>G—S-VALLPOX. • • • W. ]l. ANDERSOir, Attorncy-at-Law. Notary and Stenographer In OEBce. Phone 455. ......... * : • H. A. Ewlng. S. A. Gard. G. R. Gard ? EWIA'G, GARIi &. GARO, * *: • Lawyers. • * ; • Practice in all CotirtR. 9i6 W. Madison. FhoM SM. • * • • !• Ilnilth (lAkcr Bolton Spent Small liours of .Morning Hunting I'aitcs. Acting Health Officer Dr. J. W". Bolton spent the small hours of this morning in a fruitless iiiiiit for smallpox cases. He arose early ihis morning and look ilie live o'clock <:ar lor Concroto where, according to the re-j port, there were many smallpox case<. I which were not reported to him. Ou ' reaching that city he found the report 111 erroneous one. DR. IHcKILLEX, Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlseas- * es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Office 32, Res, 232. • Office In Mrs. Turner's Bids., * • West Madison. • Phone .05'1. Iola, Kan«. ^ DR. EDITH S. HMOH. • Office and Residence over Bur- • rell's Drug Store. • Office Hours—10 to t2 a. m., 2 • to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. • Sundays by Appointment. • • • • DDItlTY STILL MISSI.NG. Tile (ills (')t.v Councilnitin >ut Ilei-n Heard From. THE I.ITTI.E v„n „f Chas. .Marsh vbo was openiteii iinoii al tlie Topeka ospital some ijine aj;o and wlio for I time was reported as siiikliiK. Is re •ort;'d as vi-rv iiiiicli beiier ami is now lit of daiiaer .\otlilii« 'I'tt iinstliili'd jiralse has nine from tliose who have att'-iuled lierformance of ".Vo .Mother to tJuldr •ler." Tliose who have se;'n it w|I' I surely want lo see it acuiii. and thosr vho liave not. will undoubtedly avail lienisidves of the opportunity tonight I vheii the bin is put on at the flrand Thev will have a cliaiic:' to witness :i clever «oniedy drama, interpreted by an niiiisually strong eomiiany. 1 lea'iei; by .Miss .leaiiette Care.w. .Mis.- 'arew is one of the coming coined I 'airs and lur icrsoiial iiiagnetisiii in- ;iaiitly w ns her auiiiences. Th' I press last season eould not say •iiougli In praise of .Miss Carew's ••'•ork. but she deserves all of her sue- •ev-s for a more honest and consclenii: for several da>s is much improved | 'J."'"^. «orl> r would be hard to find. today. REV. C. H. .rO .N 'ES. former pastor •>f the I 'nited Brethem church, bjit now a resident of Independence. Kas., j is in Iola this week, visiting his son at 711 .South M'Vilnut street .Mr. Jones leaves tomorrow morn'ir.: to a' ti^iid- the auniial rii'ir'-rence of hi^ church at Ottawa. Kas. She is such .-i dear sweet little woman and atlmlrably fitted for ihe part o! "Bunco" in ".Vo Motiier to Guide Her." FIFTV «0 TO IOLA. Many to Take Part In the RohrhHUgb t' Hearing. t Axid nucny bther paimul and serimu ^aflments from .which most mothen Jj suffer, can be avoided by the use of ' lirtlll'* FrtBll" This cTieat remedy is a God-send to women, carr>'ing them through their most critic^ ordeal with safety and no pain. jltoiriiei^S Frieirt" need fear the suffering it tol^trth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror toKfectf-mc^erandchild^ud leaves her in favori^le to speedy recovga^'. The child is (Ottawa Herald.) Tlie parties and their attorneys and witnesses. In the Rohrbaugh trials, •.v'll go to Iola oil Wednasday night 'o be ill ruadiiiess for the hearing of •he first case, on Thursday moniinc. It is estimated that about fifty peo- ile will go down from here. The lo al contingent has. it is said, roserv •.•d all tha available quarters in the Pennsylvania hotel. BRADFORD lASE COVTI-MED. VIIe^fMl Junk Thief Will Mot Be Tried Thh Term. REMEMBER! Ill looking for liigh i;rade .lewel- ry. Cut Class, or Hand Painted China ware, sec J.W. COFFEY & SON Exrin.the Jrwclcr."*. East Side. IOLA STATE BANK is wffufii, "yh> every 'seiitir ^snpliuil 'Sjga ^g ^^a to The case of the state vs. Harry I Bradford, charged with stealing copper, hav been continued for the term. Bradford's wife died but a few days ago. Yesterday when the case came up hU attoniays said their client did not feel diE |>osed to go to trial and it was continued for: the term. As C. A. Bradford is charged with being an jccessory to t'he stealing his cam? was alBo continued. Baffblar Waat iia^ le a WarC CMPnrAL0f»^oo IOLA, KAMMA9. omeoTOiui A. W. Beck, L. E. Horville, J, JV, Robinson. H. L. HenderKW, J. H. Campbell, Geo, £. Micbolson, Flank Riddle. David liorily. Hie Gas City eouncll- iian wiiK disappeared rather mysteriously last Saturday, has not bccu seen or heard from. His wife. .Mrs. Dority. Ihis luorning stated that she 1id not know where In; was. neither liad she lira id from him since he left. .Mr. Dority 1.-. said to have left a number of unpaid bills. Phone 687. Res. 701. .DR. 0. I.. COX, Bye, Ear. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Dldg. • • • • F. H. MARTIN, Practice Limited to Surgairy. 16 N. Buckeye, Phone 676. • 3fflce Phone I0S3. • j • DR, It. O. t'URLSTIA.N. • I • • PbyHicIan and Surgeon. ' I • • Rooms 7 and 8. Evans BIdg. • j • • • • • Kullcr Bldg. • '• IXYITE A TEST. ('ha«i. B. Spciicor Asks Catarrb Sufferers to fr) Hyoniei on His Guarantee. Chas. P.. Speiiecr invites all who suffer from any form of catarrhal troubles to get a H.vomei outfit from them with their absolute guarantee that if It doeji not j;ive perfect satisfaction, Ihe money will be refunded upon re- Muest. There i>; no other treatment for ra- *arrh that in any way resembles llyo- iiei, none that gives such i|iiick cura- •Ivc results and lasting sallstaction, 10 medicine that can take its place. •Kuie that eaii be sold on a guarantee ike /this, to refund the money unless it cures. Catarrli is a germ disease aiid ran )e cured only by breathing Hyoinei. so liat the most remote air cells in tlie lose thro.-il and lungs are reached by ts aiitiseplic healing iKiwers. In this ^ay all catarrhal germs are killed. Ihe •rritated mucous membrane is healed ind catarrli is driven from the system. This wiinderful iiiedicated air treat- iient dors not drug and derange the ;lomacli. but i.i bretillicd through a Utile pockei inlialcr that goes with every lollar oiiilit. Tlie I way III wliieli Clias. II Speneer ^;e||s Hyomel attests hia coii- Hdcncc in the remedy. Phone '.C2. DR. GLTAN, Specialist. Bye. Bar. Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. DR. W. B. HEILMCN. Physiciar & Snrgeon. Office N. E. Corne? of Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Res. Tol 38. Office Tel. 502. DR. L. TOZER, Iola Infirmary, 303 £. Jackson, We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static. Galvanic and Faradis Electricity with vibratory stimulation in nervous .and chronic diseases. Phone 386. • RdS. Tel. 138. Office Tel.'163. ' DR. J. R. PEPPER. Dentist. * fa permanently located over • E. C. McCIaln'd Clothing Store, * and Is prepared to do all kinds * of up-io-date dental work. • Evening work hy appointment. * I • • !• p. L. Lathrop. • i • .Mrs. Bes.ile G. Lathrop. • • OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS, • I • Special attention given to Dls- * eases of Women and Children. • Over East Side Hardware. * Office 'Phone. Main 468. • • FIRST BISKET BALL GA.MF. V. M. r. A. nof» Will Haie ContCHt Friday Mght. Tl"i- first ! a>kel iiall of Hie s .-a.';on \A lo be |il;i.\e(| |-'r day night at tli«- V. M. C. .\. rodiiis betwei 'U two picked tuiliis from li;e Y. .M. C. A. boys .\n diiiisslon of leu <-eUts is lo be cliari;- d for tli(! game and Hie proc :M !ds will .'o toward pulling iu elei-tric lights in the gymnasium. The line up for the game is as folows: .No. I. Allen and Roberts, forwards; Gardner and Rankin, guards. au<l rultcni, C. \o. 'i, U. Helpele. C: I.,. .Nelson ami .\. Heisrele. guards; Root and H. Osborne, forwards. Referee; umpire, Woodaou. Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW MUCH IS .SATi.SFACTION' WORTH TQ YOU? Do you prefer i; etIiiKlj now going out ot date or iip-fi> (.'ale liietluxii vi !I c.irry f;;r ii'itn tlic fclurc ? A lyjir «Til<T iii.idr jmi good riii'ii>;h lo vllcir llir I,. ( .S MITH ^ I '.B (>";.Ti i-Mi III ri II. V Mil r\ory useful, vnliialili* fe;ilii.-n iiibilill mid Writii!;.' ENTIRELY in S'Bht y I i.V.T rs si-'.n vol' TiiK 1 i.i.isTii A rr. 1) TATA i; p. L. C. SMITH & BROS. TYFEWRITEK CO. =J 812 DclawarcSt, KansasCitv. Mo. I-— TKYIX." BERT SNYDER T<H)AY. Uah Accused of Stealing Horse From Show UroundM on rrial. Ik-rl Snyder is belnf; fried in dls- r;ct court this aff^rnfion ou the c'larKo of horse stinllni;. Accordln? .1 tlii> evidence prirseiiled by the plaintiff Vanelta, from whom the horse Is supposed to have been stol- Mi, had driven to the circus ou the evening of September ;{Oth. and hitched It In the alley m-ar Walnut street. It is from ih^re that Snyder Is suii- ixised to have stolen It. Tlie plaintiff aiso has sliown that Snyder traded A horse which was Identified by Valletta as his, to a man whose homo is on Smith Fourth street. Home Made Sausage of all Kintis. Cajh Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UT-TODAfE MEAT MARKET IIS Last Madison Special Drive in Underwear .MRS. CA.S.SIE CHADMICK ILL. The ReroT«-r) of the "Mfiard of Finance" !•* .Not Exprcteil. Columbus. O.. Oct. S.— ReiHJrts from be hospital at the Ohio penitentiary ire to the effect that Cassle Chad- wlck. the wiEard of finance, is in a rltical condlton. and her recovery is not expected. She was taken to the hospital from the women's department only ten days ago and has been gradually si.nklng since she was removed. Far baat aai uMMil naiKa U M B «totcr Waal Calim. big Sample Line Bought to Sell at a Great {(eduction. ill auatlk, Washlniftoiu-Hclla 111 FLOWER POTS! •I, l«. Id Cents Emkln'm Hardwi re Uti S. kcDlucky. Plione 423. Delivered to any part ot the city. The Iowa Store I For Sale Cheap. Good Farm and I City Property. See the THE JATUAWSER LITTD CO. for quick results. Old Court Houses Iola, Eant. lo)a fissifless Colteg Peamanahlp. Aritbiuetie, Elocution, Bookkeapins. Engllab. Physical Culv ture, etc., 8tiQrtJ»i)4 ito^dir Writing. Oeaeral GaBtneton Flagstoae and Cament;8{dtvalkt Mi <».'^^^'i«

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