Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
Page 3
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J A NNOUNCES the completeness of its lines >^itli selections made after an exhaustive review of the latest productions from every source. | This grieat section is now in perf<rct readiness. We feel assured we can interest every woman in lola. Never in any s ||iMon tfaave we introduced the new features in so many different vaijiations. All the new ideaf^i'shoWn, whether in the long lines, the softness of the new shades, the profuseness of the hew braids, or any other style of details, are all of a character which gives greatest distinction to the autumn and winter modes. Since many of these Autumn Coats and Jackets are exclusive and wil not be reordered this stason, it will be wise not to delay selections. l.ndiPs' (Vinis. llio liosi values wt' havf ivcr shnWii. irimiiii-d with pieMy silk braid, V(»lv'<^t jiml bnitons. worth J7.".0. spo.-i:il jirifo.. %'\M I.:idi<-.--' I'"ini- l\( r.MV tli'iniii liradrd ill iiiw piinol dosJKiis v.lih silk, velvcl rtiid liiiiioiis. witli new sloovi.? inado full, tiiif'y tailori'd, well wdrtli $1."..00,'fl:il •» . . . l.adic:;" I'iric r.rcadclot;! foal conif:: ill l.niwii. iiav\. Matk, and .:iarmo:ii T'lJii-rirw .1 and ivit!i iM.iiiiic liafU. lai- ! Iliiaiin-il wiili;^i- tni:- toii.: !^i2.(lo. !i!i:..U) ilitii III #e :..(t(» .•ia! • *i.:ifl Clii iliv^):".: li»-:ii'!;liiji ('o::i.s. srn-- c.;.! Pim. i..lA^ ultd W-ft.". 'I liH fj-i'iiv yurly Kiid. di-uidf- 111c-a-;t>-.M] .Mi£.-;er." Coals iii> t» *i«,«M» L 2 — \K\V UTrVX DRESS f.OODS AND SILKS. LAVISH VAniF .TV. ^\ •• V. ;.,ii 10 im|)if;-; jrm lif.r im^n^i;. v%:i|i flit; hri^nilili •! iliP varii'ii*»f tiiii r.u.~f» pari^ciilar!.. wirh iin- fair (hat <H 'i-ry y ;^|•l^ c;l" vii.nds lit :•<• can IK* !ifiii:.'.lii ;!i an apjirfriniilf .-^.niii"-: nfri'r ihtr |irif»' asUod Pl.^ewiion'. Tliai i.^ ilu- reason ivc have l)«'t>n so liii.-y and liad lo r«'ord<r so many limos.tliis season ill our dri-.-s- guilds se-lioii. \V«' wain villi III st'«> ilie priMty iliinss a I Uv. :».>. :.<»,•. $i.00 (^'.r liai* of pii'uy faM Siiiiings riin- ia jiri.-i- frniii. jir;- yard Mk« to KMT rVIMRWFlR SALE OF^PE- riVI. VVLl E. U'litiii a. Mi-:.-iT and f'liililri-n "'.in IIP coniforlatily SIIIIIIPJI for laif fall and vvia:i r at ;ir. al saviiii;s. Any vmiiiaii def;iriiir; ;? wiiiir-r wti;jlii coCon flerci- lined vf^'is. diawir or union suits in fvery weithi will ap(ire«-|at»» thi" ;-|.!fndid valni* oi ihr-^o u,\\ prlif-d line- Ve'ta c.r Uravvfr.,. •aih i.»r. ;»Ur. :.;<• and %\..m ( I'lioii fiiiii: .'.()«•, «]'»«•. i.'.r. S»M:( lAL SALE OF \EU FALL MIL- I.I.VEKY. Our Mi frrifkeci and assistants tiavir h. rii irirnniiiiK ni' a loi of prpity Hai?.: «(• tiave now ai-oiit 30i"» pretty ii.-'w nai . Ill -li.iw yoii Piiori? tr. please any |.i;r .-. Se.- ihif. eJ-irafif ;-howinp. ^ ll3E.mdisoD NEWS OF GAS CITYi* tin:^,::,r INEWS OF LA HARPE THE LOCAL REPimiCAXS WILL OHGAXIZE T.ViT (Lin MOXDAV. FOUR SPEAKERS TO BE THEEE IS VAC (WIIL HAS SOLI) A HALF INTEHEST I.N HIS lilTCnEK SHOP. AV. ('. T. r. I" MiK>nnp. The.Women's Clirisiiaii Temperance- I'nlon in this oiiy is this afiernoon niooiins at ilie Jionie i:i' Mr- A Shaffer. An"lvc«l AiUr I'liiirriil. The hrotber of M. V. HviHiam who died hire Tuesday iniirniui; arrived )i.>:e yesterday only to find iliat liis hru'.her whtitii lu- v;\\v.>- lo see. w:;.; dead and the funeral over. He iee.'i\- d iioiii' in (iklatioma <iiy that lie w;is M>'.'loiisly ill and left at oiiee. lini ar- iived loo late ;S( HOOL LITEHAKY SOCIETY WILL ' IIOLH FIKST .MEETIM; TOIIAY. MEETS EVERY TWO WEEKS jTHE FIREMEN MET LAST MUHT IN KE(.I LAK MONTHLY SESSION. !{• »;ist.r Want .Vds liriii" r.siilts.i TliP Toaeliers «ij ib«' City Li'il Lrening: for kan<».is I ity \\\\vxt- Thej Will Visit th«' Srhools. TearLer-i to Kansas City. The teachers of the grades in the city schools and Superinieudent T. G. Ost)orne left yesterday for Kan.s.ns City where they will visit the schools. The high school is being condticted as usual today. The tt-ach»!rs WHO wont to Kansas City are: .Misses Weith. Fer rl?. Ore. Dodd. Thompson, Mrs. I>i vert and Prof. T. K. 0.=!l)onii-. Porsoaals, 1*. F. IVeifer. of Kansa.-< City, was here yesterday on a visit. .Mr. and .Mrs. Lewis Martin, of Vz- iiey. Kas.. were .unesi.- of relatives here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. .lames U»;.ly. of Wieh- ira. were vi.^Iiinir here yesterday. L. F. Potur. of Chanu'i- was a Ijii.^i- ness vi.•^ilo^ yesterday afternor.n. M:-. Harland .Mitchell, of Kaiisa;; Ciiv. was a C.n^- CiP. vi i;..;- vt-sl* r- day. i M:'»«r S. T. Uneii Has Called a Special Election lo Choose a Connri;. .Man From Fourth Ward. Republicans to Mwt. Capt. H. A. Ewing. Republican candidate for county attorney, A. F. Flor-; ence. Oscar Foust and J. li. .Atchison! will speak here Monday night. .\T Ihiij lueeting a Taft diib will lie or.nanized. 1 TaJifs a Partner. j t.-^aac Carl of this city has sold a ' half interest in hi.-« butcher simp lo • I.. D. Cili-on. lie will take possession ai ojice i Started TtTO Hlnrlts. ! Two more bl(K«ks of liie i'rline West- • ern Spelter company smeMer in this ' eily was staried yesterday inoruiitg. No ^ i."?i=^ Question as to the Superiority^ of XALUIMET Baking Powder RtcciT«a Hiflmt Aw>r4 W«rM'« Pir* Fo«i EipotitiM CUcai*, 1907. Called lif-re liy IHness. Cliii he.iier and little granddaughter left today isf^i for I,a Hariie. Ka^.. whi-n- Mr. t""lilclie?ier i".as caDed li> ia-::i?f ia aiia", fir Ills luoihcr. who \\?- Mr;. Jl". .\li-. Chicl.ei.ierV. Iiroilier ; 7*1 .lear. of age, and his recovery • rtoiil.tfiiL.- Cherryvale Repiil.Uean. Tiansarlrd Regular llnslnes«. The meinU-rs of the lueul fire depart imeut held their regular uiuiithly niect- , iiig las! evening. Noiliing besides ron- ,iiiii' business was transacted. ! Will Hold First Meetinir. I The I'hilo Society, a high sch'iol ili'iiary hociet.v. wi!! meet this afier- 1 jioon for the first meetin.g this year. •The liieh .sejiool is divided into two iM.i-ieiies. The other society will meet iii.-M Wt-ek .\ proj;rHm will In- rea- i!i-!-.-d todav ! Callwl SiMTlal EhTtlon. I .Mayor S. T. Civi'ii has called for a i.pecial ••lection for November "id. at wliieh time a rouncllnian to fill ili,. "JUST TO REMIND YOU" SUGARS REFINER'S PRICES OUVENIR Saturday OCTOBER \7 IN AnniTfON TO MSaAT.CHHCK.S WITH Spices. Extracts. Chocolate, Cocoa. Tapioca. Cornstarch. Tea, Coffee. Etc. 3V. Jefforsoii PHONE 336 LEWIS GOT aO DAYS DArOHERTY. FORMER lOLA BOY, I PLEAHS KIILTY TO STEALING. .St;ite Recommended Leniency—.<5aId a Man Can't Reat the Lan in 1 the End. iiiievpired term of tieorge McVail will • fleeted. Mr. .McViill who Is conn- (iliiiaii trom the foiirtti ward litiii laived from ihe eliv lOLM BANK 1. E. HOnVILLB, President. A. W. BECK, Vlce-Preiildent < Directors I jL. E. Horville. • A. W. Beck. -J. A. Robinsop. ,; Geo. B. Ni<itaol8on, .H. L. Henderson. Frank Riddle, J. H. Campbell. J. II. CAMPBELL. Cashier. I. r. ROBINSON. Asa't Cashier. Stockholders. L. E. Flprvile. A. W-r3eck, Frank ;Illddle. II. Henderson. J. A. Robinson. I* L.;Poasler. Geo. E.: Nicholson. L. C. [Robinson. L. A. RoblDSOD, H. T.; Evans, John Ti.WatklB*, i OSTEOPATH r- llR. W .11. Ai.HRirUIT. nee.lMcreij Odleopalhlc Ph.\.nlclnn. Hiatc llnnlt llldK. I'iione t iri. Oulv Osleopulh in I^ llarpn. WuM Well Attended. Tito liocinl given last evening at the I lionio of .VII.4. C. K. .Meador by the I l/idie.s" Aid society of the ChriKtInn • liurch was well attended. .V good time generally wa.s had ^erv!Ilg supper Entertained Teachers. Misses Laura and Jof^ie .McCormick entertained the teachers of the La Harpe school.s last evening. A social j evening was spent with names and nnisic. again this x.-ar. While awa.\ he m- icndml Uie ciiriilval in Kansas City Mrs C. II Hackney and .Mrs. Roy Itiiiieaii left yestirda\ for 'llia\ir, Ka< 111 an aiiioniolille WANTEIJ. i :vrrylioih In ilie cuiiiinnnliy in u; e (Inilianrit Ollvefn am Soap. It 1* good for the jiklii. We can [ler.Hoiially guar' nniee li and for every cnke ihni does not glv«' .-tniiiifuction your nioiii -y vill lie reiiirned. lOc a bar. 'S for -.'tc. WATKR.S A- 1>A.NFORTII Drifts and .lewelry. I Taft CInb to Meet. • i The Toft club of the city will meet this evening. Business impoftajice iwill be considered and "a full attendance is desired, i FersoBilii. ! GoQrgB Donald returned yesterday (rc&» IMifxtiai^i: K^.f-wUete he 'hift W heiXlrmrag hIsbroUier, Pfentls. who V F Is attendin; tbe UnlTerritjr of Kansas^ Nfrs. V.'. M Uickejfs left yesterday for Par .-oii.=^. Kti.^.. for .i few days' vi-ii with relatives. Mrs. II. I'. IJoiy vi.-iied relatives in iloran yesterday. J. Ferris wa.s in I'.ronson. Kas. yesterday on business. Mrs. .Mary I rev came in yesterday from l-<is Angeles. Calif., for a visit with her uncle. John Laiiry. and his family. E. J. I'w'iidy wi 1 leave today for Kansas City. He will make the trip in his automobile. ! i l >'wies Daugherty. the former lola lioy. was sentenced yesterday at Ft. Si <it; to tm days in jail for siealing. Till- Triliune .says; In «Ils;rict court Ibis morning two of the crimnisl docket were disposed of. I.^wis Daugh ert.v. the young Mis.=ouri lad whose episodi's in trying to evadf law for wrong doing havi- been published at lengtli for the past few nionth.s, was up -•Jl" M-ntence. He was arre.«!fed for .-te .iiinga Mill of clothes, much pieyvme w.':s brought to bear that clenieniy wah sliowri the boy. Daugb erty fjr .-<t carin- into court on a charge of tampering with the Cnlted States mails, .ludge Smith MePherson. sit- liiiec here in I'liiwd Suites court, looked kindly upon the boy, gave hifu a lecture and told him to go and sin no more, itui the boy feemed altogether unawed by the court's injunction and forthwith went dowjn the street and liofore the close of day stole a suit of clothes and fled to Missouri, whither he was traced liy Sheriff Hesser. who arrested him while wearing one of the garments he had stolen. The bo\ came back here and has since »)iH »n in jail. Mo offered to plead guilty :ii the last term ol.court, but wanted .1 udge.Simons tollitree not to send him to the pen. Thisj the court would- ni do and l )auRhort]| went buck lo his (eil. Since ihV Ineident Ihe lH\v'ti.aK«st parents liave writieii iWilheilc lUipeMU bii-e to Ihe County ntiiirney, usklng ihai the iio> be shown all the mercy possible, as he was ibeir only siipiiori. The siiite rccoinnieiuled ihui the laiy If ulloWeij ID pleltll iKulllV lo it leitHiT degree of lurci 'ity and lhli« lunrnlug he was sellleUCfd lOMMVe llUlely (\uyf III Jiill and III |iay itlie costs of ilie pi 'or 'eciiiloii. HaiiKliiorty told .liidge StiiioiiH that he liad idlscovered that a mail couldn't finallyilieat out the law. lie said he had profited by his 'cx- Iierienrc and though he had roamed around the country for two year.s und been ti crook, he was re.-iolved to maKe .1 man of himself. He went back (o prison and will serve out the sentence, which will make a total of alKiut seven months of prison life for bim. The officers have a kindly feeling toward the lioy and hope be will relorm. . Visiting County Schools. Countr Superintendent'Maude ^ana ton is rIsiUng the country schools this week. Bbhop Weekly at Ft. Scott. Bishop Weekly of the United Breth- I ren church, with headquarters in Kan sas City, was in Fort Scott yesterday called here by the MutchJer will case in the district court. The property I w-ds willed by Mrs. Mutchler to. that , denomination, and heirs are endeavor, ing to break the will, claiming: that ' she was not in her right mind at the j time it was made. Rev. W. J. Stone ' of Mound Valley, who is- also,a minister of the ^United Bretbren'Kshureh. /Was here to act as a'wftness at the Uial.-^Ft. .Qcotl Republjcan.

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