The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 15, 1986 · Page 2
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 2

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1986
Page 2
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People The Salina Journal Wednesday, January 15,1986 Page 2 ~AP OFF TO SCHOOL — A young Amish girl pulls her sled across an open field on her way to school near Middlefield, Ohio. She and her chums later spent the morning recess sledding down a small hill near the school of the predominately Amish community. Cronkite bids for space flight NEW YORK (AP) — Walter Cronkite is making a pitch to become the first journalist to travel in space. The former anchorman for CBS Evening News, who will be 70 in November, said he's fit enough to play a vigorous game of tennis and he's always dreamed of a trip to the moon. Barring that, he said, "I'll gladly accept a shuttle." Eric Johnson, project director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration program seeking candidates to become the first journalist to travel in space, said there's no age limit for the flight, only that whoever is chosen be in "reasonably good health.'' Walter Cronkite Keillor's back, but not the bats Garrison Keillor ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Author and humorist Garrison Keillor said a couple of things were missing from the renovated World Theater: bats named Bob and Barb. "I believe they've been plastered over," Keillor said as his "Prairie Home Companion" radio show returned to the theater after a two-year absence. "It's good to be home," said Keillor, 43, wearing a red bow tie, black tuxedo, red socks and old blue tennis shoes. He referred to the partially refurbished theater, closed in 1984 after plaster began falling, as "our semi-almost-quite renovated home." The theater's grand opening is scheduled for April. Charles Prince Charles plans Texas visit HOUSTON (AP) — The Prince of Wales will travel to Texas next month to help mark the state's 150th birthday, but Princess Diana will not make the trip. Prince Charles will visit Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, though "all the details have not been worked out," said Helen Mann, information officer for the British Consulate in Houston. The prince will begin the five-day visit Feb. 17 in Dallas, where he will present the Winston Churchill Award to businessman H. Ross Perot. The award encourages Anglo-American cooperation. Texas Gov. Mark White invited the prince to help celebrate the state's Sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Texas Republic. Texas became a state in 1845. Bea backs free love NEW YORK (AP) - Bea Arthur, one of television's "Golden Girls," says she believes in free love. "Marriage makes sex respectable, which then makes it unexciting," she said in the February issue of Ladies' Home Journal. "I guess I'm still into the truck driver thing," said Arthur, 59. "You know, the people you sleep with are the people you'd never bring home to the folks. "I've always believed in free love. I think I was the first feminist without even knowing it. At age four, I questioned why Bea Arthur women marry.'' 'Miami Vice' cameo for Bush? LOS ANGELES (AP) — Don't be surprised if you turn on the tube some Friday night and see Vice President George Bush chasing cocaine traffickers around Florida. "Miami Vice," NBC-TV's hit pop-cop show, is considering a cameo appearance by Washington's I No. 2 man. i Steven Holmes, assistant to Executive Producer! Michael Mann, said his boss is excited about the! possiblity of a Bush role, although Holmes thus farj has been unable to contact Bush about it. I The idea was broached late last year by Bush's I deputy press secretary, Gail Fisher, who thought it I was appropriate since her boss has been heading up a drug-smuggling task force that focuses on Florida. Bush Maggot Megathon on tap again SEELEY LAKE, Mont. (AP) — Grab your favorite maggots and get them in training. Bruce Burns is doing it again — promoting Montana's only maggot race. Burns says the Second Annual Magathon, sponsored by the World Organization of Racing Maggots (WORM) is scheduled March 8-9 at his Barney's Bar & Cafe in Seeley Lake. Last year's inaugural event attracted international media attention. The event, including timed trials, grudge matches and the final dash- for-the-cash Magathon, will be held r .on Barney's six-lane, foot-long indoor maggot-racing course. Libyan jets intercept U.S. plane WASHINGTON (AP) - Two Libyan jet fighters intercepted a U.S. Navy surveillance plane flying over the Mediterran ean Sea off Libya on Monday, prompting two American fighters to scramble from the aircraft carrier Coral Sea, administrat ion sources said Tuesday. The Libyan fighters made no threatening moves toward the Navy plane, which was in internation al airspace, and flew back to Libya before the American fighters arrived, the sources said. Although he refused to provide any details, Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberge r confirmed the incident late Tuesday when he briefly was interviewed by TV crews. Weinberge r said the interception occurred well outside Libyan waters "in the southern Mediterran ean." The incident appeared to represent the first direct contact between U.S. and Libyan military forces since terrorists attacks at the airports in Rome and Vienna on Dec. 27. Nineteen people were killed, including five Americans. The United States has accused Libya of supporting the Palestinian terrorist faction that conducted those attacks, and has imposed a variety of economic sanctions against the North African country as a result. In other developme nts Tuesday: • Pentag on officials stepped up their war of words against Libya and the Soviet Union, with spokesman Robert B. Sims branding the in- troductio n of SA-5 suriace-to-a ir missiles in Libya "a significant and dangerous escalation in the Soviet- Liby an arms relationship." • Sims also said the Soviet Union had increased its surveillance of U.S. ] ships and aircraft in the Mediterran ean region in what appeared to be "an integrated effort to obtain detailed information about our fleet operations and provide it to the Libyans." • And Pentagon sources said the aircraft carrier Saratoga would enter the Mediterran ean on Wednesday , buttressing U.S. forces in the region. The sources had disclosed earlier the carrier was ordered from the Indian Ocean to join the Coral Sea "because of the tensions with Libya." The sources added, however, the Navy had not received any orders to prepare for a retaliatory strike against the North African country. Accordin g to the sources, the incident involving the two Libyan fighters and a Navy EA-3 electronic surveillance plane from the Coral Sea occurred at mid-day local time Monday, meaning during the early morning in the United States. The sources said the Soviet-mad e MiG-25 fighters appeared as the EA-3 flew over the Mediterran ean waters northeast of the Libyan capital of Tripoli and north of the Gulf of Sidra. After the pilot of the surveillance plane detected the Libyan fighters and notified the Coral Sea, two U.S. F-A-18 fighters were scrambled by the carrier, one source said. But the Libyans had already begun leaving the area by the time the American fighters arrived, he dded. "There were two MiGs that showed up and nosed around," said one source. "They came fairly close. "But they made no threats, no menacing gestures, and then they peeled off and went away. There was nothing hostile and it was a rather unremarka ble intercept." The sources said they could not be positive the planes were flown by Libyan pilots, "but we assume they were. They were definitely Libyan planes." They said the Coral Sea is in the Ionian Sea, to the south and east of Italy, due north of Libya. The Salina Journal P.O.BOI740 Zip Cod* 87402 Published seven days a week, 365 days per year at 333 S. 4th, Salina, Kansas, by— Salloa Journal, Inc. I DSPS 47KJ60) HARRIS RAYL, Editor and Publisher Second-class postage paid at Satina, Kansas. Additional mailings made from Hays and Colby Kansas. MIKE ALFERS, General Manager KAY BERENSON, Executive Editor JANE GLENN, Advertising Sales Manager JIM PICKETT, Advertising Production Manager KEVIN MCCARTHY, Circulation Manager KENNETH OTTLEY, Composing Foreman HOWARD GRUBER, Press Foreman RHONDA KELLEY, Credit Manager Area Code 913 Dial 823-6363 Slngl* copy rat** Daily 2Sc Sunday 75c. By Carrier — Monthly rate J8.00 including sales tax." By Motor Route — Monthly rate (8.50 including sales tax. City Motor Route same as 'By Carrier' rate. Mail subscriptions available in areas not serviced by carrier or motor routes. Send change of address to The Salina Journal, P. O. Box 740, Salina, Kansas 67402-0740. JucKSKin • Lorai =, J „ . ... - . tumn Wheat • Blue Bern) Shadow Beige • SllverM |^$/ » Vienna Brown • Aqua S Ss£| Crown topel gH!HS fcsirsM packer EtcTI ;r. Br s;. G d Fawn • Lilium • Muted I —' | Tjnf . Sandmat . Senwee 'crow .StoBlue". Almond Cream • Asian Tan • Buff Pink - Camel Coat • Cameo Rose .Congo Fl nTcrev • Flo el • Heather Beige • Irish Isle • Light Grape • Mayflower • Meadowlark • Meteor • Niagara • N ckel -Nocturne -North Sea • Otter Grey • Roman Tan -Salmon Mist • Satin Bisque • Spanish Blush • Spring Stream • Tansy • Taupe Beige • Tawny Birch • TUrk • \Ucatan • Blue Magic B • ciaba • Cream Puff • Damask Rose • Garnet • Golden Oats • Harbor Lights • New Leaf • Peach] lust • Rein Bro^- Rye-Sand Sunes • Shamrock • Spice Cake • Stratford Brick - Twilight Beige • V.ctc it Glow • Dresden Blue • Empress Jade • Misty Mauve • Moonbeam • Nutmeg; Persian Peach • ™ lie Coral • Apricot Ice • Breezy • Candle Wax • Canvas Tan • Deep Ginger • Geyser Pool • Golden bands q Sand • Nougat Cream • Peach Blossom • Phlox • Pleasant Green • Ram Forest • Silver Tone -Soft st -Tapioca • Venus Blue • Water Hyacinth • Whisper Beige • Aqua Frost • Copperglow • Gazelle • ManiH nt -Sahara Buff • Sea Fog • Sunset Rose • Suntan • Taupe Grey • Winter Blue • Brentwood • Burle • (1 irloom • Muted Chocolate • Sandhurst • Sterling Tweed • Tapestry Beige_ ramble • Chinchilla • Laurel • Morning Haze irtine • Brown Touch • Cabrillo Persian Rose • Glazed 'Ternr een • Watered Blue one • Spun Silk Greystone • Light leli'ght • Damask ian Rose • Alpine uit • Copper Bei icige • Stratford Country Sky Wine • Nat'ur almon Shadov ft Haze •'Sphinx\ \ HtfW"^-~«iaaarvWatm Tone • Waterway • Aqua Mist • Berber Beige • Bi Camelot M^^^So^^mm Sugar • Coral Reef • Country Rose • Crater Lake • C Wine • EngHsh Pewter • Grecian Rose • Khaki • Light Wheat • Ming • Mocha Shake • Paei GoId .•] Paid rth • Sand&er • Shrimp Mist • Sierra Sun • Silver Lining • Taupe Tone• Warm Pink -Watercress W steria • Blue Ice • Cameo • Caramel • Coral Dust • Dusty Plum • Irish Coffee • Oatmeal -Quarry' Bra* Sage Mist •'Setting Sun • Winter Wheat • Aqua • Boysenberry • Bristol Blue • Carnation • Granada Tile n Silk • Lavender • Maderia • Periwinkle • Pumpkin • Raspberry • Rusticana • Sage Green • Seaside Blu< >et Apricot • Tangier Gold • Taupe • Tbffee • Wood Violet • Arctic Air • China Blue • Firebird • Ginger ut • Aqua Mist - Camel - Cameo - Candlelight - Crystal Blue - Dustyjink - Fuchsto ^Gr J^Soda • Liglr Desert Dust • Earth B , ramie Glaze • Chroma ili Fog • Blue Mirage • Clavstone • Coffee Bean • Coral Dust • Dogwood • Fawn Brown • Hazelnut • lettuce • PumicJ * «»«i n. 1 r\ hadow'- Quick Silver ie • Terrazzo • Tbbacc ; rown • Nordic Blue Blue • Mystic Rose imel Tan • 2100 013- M.T.W, VjlayMUHC VjVjucc ucau - v/uitu lyuui. i^v>f,"««— - — — HrPPn . Roman Hint . Shdl - Silver - Snmar - Tiger l.ilv » Affliamarine ' BpniFOSS * Brown If your Salina Journal is not delivered by 7:00 a.m., please call your carrier or the Circulation Department at 823-6363 (1-600-432-7606, out of town subscribers). Same day delivery will only be made in response to calls received prior to 10:00 a.m. in Salina. For other service calls, our Circulation Dept. is open 5:30 a.m. to5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The Advertising and Business office will close on Saturdays at 12 noon. WE ARE PROUD TO INTRODUCE OUR EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR 1985 HIDEKO "MICKEY" CEDERBERG 1st Shift Blast I Production "Mickey" Cederberg has been an employee at Tony's Pizza Service since 1977, beginning as a Meater on 2nd shift, Blast II Production. She later spent two years as a Training Lead on 2nd shift and in 1982, transferred to first shift to her current position of Checkweigher on Blast I Production Her family includes her husband Wayne, who has retired from the Air Force and currently works for the City of Salina; daughter Cathy, who works 3rd shift in Tony's Transportation Department, and daughter Mary Ann, an area sales manager for Dillards in Wichita. TONY's Employee of the year is chosen from the Employee of the Month winners. Selection of the winner is made on the merits of their contribution to the company, service to friends and community, attendance and safety record, job performance, and length of service. All of us at TONY'S are very proud of Mickey and would like to share our pride and good fortune by introducing her to the Salina community. MICKEY, WE APPRECIATE YOU! PIZZA SERVICE 3019Scanlan Salina, Kansas

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