Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
Page 2
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p. A. NOI^BBDp;;riM».ftMM»t nnBEST PUD «• TinVEPOSITa l. L. BBCXBAUCOI. CMtter. Iifiiitvy tm tM» OMtM ittiu eitabllshed 1869. Stitiifliittf _ IfleiCnity Mist l«ik li AOii Assets $1,200,000 IMFS . H. H . Funk. It will lie necesitao' for the club to t-lcn a president bc- ' cause 'of the accepted resignation of . Mrs. B. E. Allison, who rec»-ntly mov- ^ed to Kansas City. * V- * To Emporia. Miss ICatherine Jones —FlUi^erald, .4uio I.lTPry. . • •> • MIfe Flook Here. Miss Carrie .Plook of Colony, is a puest of Miss Mary Remsberg today... She •will go to MoraiT tomorrow to-j attend the teachers' meeting. ... .J. Entertained Society. An ovont. of yesterday was the ^ meeiinc of the Missionary society of the Reformed chnrch. The ho.stos.s •was Mrs. Roy Foster of North Cot- tonwocj .street. • • Virit Miss FItzgwrald. Mrs. Inez Ebert of Chanuie. will, be here tomorrow to visit Miss .Iraw , Fitzperald. .•. Visit Sister. | Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Cnilili of I.ivor- ppoj. Pa.. an« li«>n' for :i vi.sit wlili . their RlRior. Mr?. C. .A. 1-^onl;. 210 5?oiith rhe.sinul • + .^ In Parson*. Mr. .nnd Mrs. .Sroith I,. .T.'iclcsou are the Rueats of rolativo.s in Parsons. • -> •:• Federation Election. The followinR list of offlcors has been elected in the fifth district: President, Mrs. W; ].. .Tennings. Clay C»ntfr. n-oleft .^d ; lir."?! vico-ppos Ident, Mrs. Lydia Willnrd.Manliat-; FPCOIHI xioo prr-sidiMii. Mrs. Id:( Arnold. Chapni.nn: n^oordinc socri- tary. M.-s. C. K. nabor.'.liinction City: tre.asnrer, Mrs. .\f1di<^ Van Demark, Clyde, re-elected; auditor. Mrs. Jnhm Fofty. .9allna. The clubs have been h.ivinc n rnn vention in .«5alina thin wer-1:, Audit€»riuiii TOMfiHT STEIN The Legless Wonder lOc M.\TINKE TO M 0 R ROW A FT KR \«M I \. Auditorium the week end with her parents,-Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Jones, of Emporia. •:• • * I Mr. and Mrs. Horton Home. October 30, instead of Thursday, the usual time. Those present were Mesdames Loudermilk. Chancellor. Beard. Fife. Morrell. Chas. Ward. Pearl McCallen, Barnes, Stebbins, C. M. Teats. Redman, Glaze. Shontz, Bixler, Knowlton, Geo. Taylor, Ttos. will spend Shuey and Mrs. O. C. Teats. • + • Theatre Party. M.''mbers of the evening r.fio club have arranged a line party for this Mr. and Mrs. F. .T. Horton have re-! evening to attend the '-.Sunny Si.le or turned from an extended visit in Ohio.! Broadwav.' • •:• 4 Missionary Meeting. Dr. and Mr?. S. S. Hilscher had .is their guests ye.storday afternoon mem hers of the Missionary society of the • * + Aid Society. There was a session of the Aid .society of the Chri.siiaii church yesterday afternoon. Several BiiiJd a Club House. art li'iustr.ntinn of th(» a<^flvity If. a movement In Ilntchinson to hullil a club house. A dispatch s.nys: There is a movenieut on among n"d the spirit of prnu"cssiveness j >,iiff<.rent ladie.s* elulis over town \vh!c>i exists in federated cliil) circle-? ,n i.iiiH a club h'ou .s.; for the u.s^-s of tho Hifferent socjetic?. Tlic matter is receivinc; much atten ion at the hands of tlio ofTictrs of tlK- societies and It is prohahle that a move started may turn out to be a good one. Yesterday the presiiling officers and .some others from tne Woman's club, the Domestic Sicienco cluh. the New Ceniurv clul». t'le Philbmalhic society, an dthe two chaotersjof the p. 15. O. li you want a good watch—a watch that i.s not only a tiinekeep- Presbyterlan church. The subject for articles of needlework were coniplet- foreign study was missionary work p^. in Persia and to illustrate work in America the discussion of work among the Xorinans was c(»ndu.-t<rd. InterestInc r<-ading.s and papers w»>r<' presentid and music interspersed the .liiera-y part of thf occasion. .\t tiie luncheon hour Mrs. Ililr.cler had the ns?islanci» of Miss RW^anor Royil. Miss I^ou Duncan and Miss .Mice McP.ill in serving th»' •. nost.--. I •:• •:• %^ Basket Ball. There will he a bask.i ball ga!n«» at the Y. W. C. .\. rooms tonisht for a class of vinnig women. <• •> •^ Mrs. Howland Home. Mrs llenrv I lowland h:is returneil from an extended vi«;it in Michipan and oiher northern states For MIM Eanle. A group of Lallarpe friends are spending the day with Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Sickly. The honor gupst la Mir.'. Ma hie Eagie of New York •:• • To Colony. Several members of the local Woman's Relief Corps are in Colony today, (hf guests of the Cor|)s iln-re. There will be a reception tonight alter a .special meeting and an inspec- tioit of the Corps by .Mrs. Philip ilei- g.'l.' of this city. •* •* T Baptist Aid Society. M»-n>l(< rs of tlui .\i«l society of t!i<« Baptist church wpre entertaine.l at the rosidenci' of Mrs. M. M. Bckoy. |21-l S'ortli Buckeye street yesterday Miss Cooper Coming. i ariernnon. Tne lours were ehou ov- Miss T.ora Coop .T. of Parsons, will r-r lo hu.^lness. he b«'re nevi weel; to visit :nnon^: j 4. 4. 4. friends. Miss Cooper will also rday j Altr'jistic Club, the wedding music for the marriage] r^^^ ^^j,, ^^^-^^^ ^n,, h„sj „psc; nioo\- of Miss Ma Morri.son and ^tr. Chrster ,„p ^^e Altruistic club occurred Wood on the evoninr; of the twenty- jj^gj ,.vrnin-r at the home of Mr. and •\rrs. R. S. Aspinall. Tlie membership of the club largely repre sented and a business se.ssion early first. Chi Omega Meeting. LET US WRITE YOUR POLITICAL speeches,, club papers, lectures, orations, etc. "E^•ery production a master piece." write us your needs \<'e <'an supply you. Al! correspondence c.nnfidential. Dept. M.. Central Litei- arv Bureau, VJi') Harrison, Kans.-ts Ciiy. Mo., W.WTED—Po.sition in a restaurant or housework. Inqiiire at -lOS South Third. W.VNTF.D -Temporary position by well educated young man. Expert sten ographer and general office work. .\d- dre.s.s H. this office. WANTED—Repair men. oilers and laborcr.s for cemeni mil) work. Write us fully giving references. The Portland Cement company. Portland. Fremont rnuniy. Colo. In. cm Omego literary society of ;„ evening was devoted to plan?, the high sehool was in fie.s.^ion in. .socLil events of the winter. The the ar;.<^emhly room of the hign school j^,„,, ^.j,, pj^e the annual panv for after thrpe o clock yesterday afiPr- ,,,^1^ ^^^^ friends in a short time and noon. The program was of mus.c oihPrwlse enjov social events, and readings and a large number of, ^fj^.^ business meeiinc: Mr«. members and guests were present. | .^spi„„„ served refrestmr-nls and * * *•* 'several pleasant amusements were .<:ocirtv. jnet nt ini' home of Mrs. C. W. Oswald at the corner of Ninth will find it here rightly prLced. Ladies 6 size, i5-jewel, K g'n or Waltham i only $6mOS W. Oswald at the Co avenue and Jefferson street, and talk er but ? leliable timekfepei —yoojed the matter over} The general I idea was suggested that it would be |t ;o')d for the club wjork among the women jn Hutchin.son to have a club »ome. where the raeetlncs couH be held and where it would be possible Ito do more efllcient work In the 1 <)io.sen field. 1 The plan has been mished forward ••V Air.s Oswald, who is the president 0" the Woman's club. She believes :l>il this plan would tmre closelv thf wo -l- of tbe different soci- I li. - ,inl gpi th<^ members of the dif- fivent orcani7ations l)etler acqualnt- .-1 with each other's wqrk. • • Business Meeting. Theip is a bu.siness meetine of fho Afternoon .''.00 e'nb in nroirress this afternoon at the residence of H«. Pac^ ^ftriin VP and M. K. \ T. Watek Inspectord. Will Visit in Chanute. R. N. A. camp. 12S1 has received an invitation from the Chanute order to attend a special meeting there In the near, future. There was a regular meeting of the lola order ni.<;hf. • • • Sewing Club. Miss Bertha Sickly entertained her Sewing club yesterday afternoon. Miss Vera Simpson, who is visiting her sister. Mrs. L. W. M.iyherry was among the guests. • • * ThurflUay Whist Club. .'Mrs. Walter C. Teats entertained at cards yesterday for her Whist club. There was a five o'clock luncheon with Mrs. J. V. Roberts and Miss Dorothy Foust assisting at the t-ibles. Decorations of the afternoon were carnations and ferns. • • •:• At Home Club Met. The At Home cluh met at Mrs. C. C. Teats', on Sotilh First street on Thursday afternoon. The Scripture lesson was led by Mrs. Stebbins. A paper written by Mi-s. I.oud<irmilk on Uirthoughted Selfishness" was discussed by the class. The <:lub will Mrs. Chas. Ward's oh Friday. enjoyed. •:• * <"Dollar" Social. On the evening of Thursday, October 29. th^re will hie a very uninue and pleasant social at the home of Itev. and Mrs. W. II. OarBeld. when the Aid Foeiety of their church will have a "dollar" social. The .society has spent some time in preparing for this occasion and the congregation of their church and also Inlercste.i friends will he Invited to he present Beginning af five o'clock there will be a menu served In courses. The dining room will l )e decorated in Hal­ lowe'en emblems and the disHes serv ed will also be in keeping with that festivel day. The evening will be spent informally and a number of yo»me people will be asked to con tribute music. Members of the en toriaining society will give one dot lar to the proceeds of the supper and wiM lie expected to recite their nieth o<I of earning the monev. • •> Return to Drexel. Rev. and Mrs. W. K. Chaltam of Drexel. Mo., have rettirned home aft* a visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Ream Slrt North street. New "Directiore''hats lor little girls, AOA —4 01 OC in all shades UoC 30 (1 5 |,^3 School G-irls Corday, "just the hat ^1 cn Oi no for the Mi^s dl.OD ^00 SI.9o \V.\.\T -Six or 7 room hou.-;e. close in. .Might buy, if bargain or advance year's rent. Or will exchange following, can add some cash: Two story business property, next door P. O.. Scranton, Iowa, leased .'• years $200 vear ('ear. $L'.">»n. Four room cottage lor?.. lie.=t part PImca City. Okla. $lE>oo annual lease. Clear. Six room collage 2 lots, large barn, close in, lua ilariie. $i7r.i). morf-'age |f..-.0; will clear. Half interest 2.'. by 120 brick 1 story and adjoining 2 story fram.e business house. .Admire, Kas. with shelving, counters and lighting plant. $3000 for half interest. Clear, long lease.—308 North Walnut street. lola, Kas. Phone 1412. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. WANTED—A iirst class salesman to sell our teas, coffees and specialties direct to the consumer in and around lolo. A good paying business to right parties. Write or call on the Grand Union Tea Co., 704 Kansas Avenii Topeka, Kas. Bffsiness Directory. DB. XUDBED CUBTIS • Pbyslebin and Sul^B. • Office over Ba-rell's Drug Store • Office Phone 554. * Residence 214 B. Jackson * Phone 569. • « • • • • • DBS. BED) k BEID, • Pkyalclaaa and SorceOBS. f • X-Ray and Electrical Appllaocea. • Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat • Office Phone 357; Rea. S9«. * • DB. jreMULLEir, • Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlaaaa- * es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32. Res. 238. * Office over Burrell's Drng Stora • West Madison. • • • • • • • • • • Phone 687. Rea. 70L DB. 0. L. GOX, E^ye. Ear. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Pitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • Offlca Tel. 1083.! KIgbt TeL 40fl • DB. B. 0. CHBismir • Physician aind Sargeaa • Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. * / r • • • • . SALESMEN & AGENTS—$ % | $50.00 per week and over can be made sellins New Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County Falr.s, Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO N07ELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave.. Chisago. : FOR SAlE^mimomtSammo^ hXtR SALE OR RENT—My store building at Elsmore. Kas. See .M. l^. Decker. 211 North Sycamore. Phone 926. FOR SALE OR TRADE—For horse.s or cattle. 3 room house. Inquire 621 South Buckeye. F. H. MlBTOr, Sargery and Dlseasea of Women. Office and Residence Pb<me 676 Office 7 North Jefferion. JEWELRa B. F. Pancoaat, old rallabla Jawalar, 110 East Street. Lodge Dlrectofy KKIGSXS OF rTTm ««l.—Vi.QC^ Lodge No. 43 n -'f -i- -vrM -.).-.u «)ay night at K. of l i-u v,^,,,,^ bn>« thers Invited. W. S. Tbompbun. SL 0. Chris Bluer. K. of R. and & FOR RELN'T—Furnished ro.>m.=. 508 South Jeffer.«on. TO LO.AN—$5,000 private money on farm 6 per cent.—Io!a T^and Co. oooooooooocoooooo o o O H. v. WEAR, O 1\Ichita, Kansas. O O WESTEBX LANDS & BA \CnE.S O Ftor Sale or Trade. O $3.00 an Acre, Up. O KKICIflTS OF HAGCIBBM^ Knights of Maccabees of tlM World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nighta of each month. J, W. Poatwalt. commander: R. B. Porter, record keeper. ^V. 0. W.^-Camp No. 101 meets la K. of P. Hall every Friday nls^t W. T. Steele. C. C. A. H. Davla, Clerfc Visitors cordially Invited. M. W. A.~The M. W. A. Lodes meets every Friday night In li. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. P. a Coifleld.V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clttk. BOTAL XEiaHBOBS^-Iola Cam No. 3 «&.j Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each iuonti. i Mrs. FT A. Wagner. oracUi. Mrs. Bfiry Hutton, An Wert Street, RecordeK . FBJUTEBNAL BBOTHEBHOOB^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeta second and fourth: Thursday of eacb month In A. O. U. W. Ilall. VIslttns members cordially Invited. W. H. An- 0;deraon; president; Golda Blam. OOOOeeOOOOOOOOOOO tarr. LOST mmd FOUND STRAYED—From feed yard, a large red cow. M. Griffith. Ladies Velvet Hats in all Reading shades nil aarli prettily trimmed with velvet, satin and wings pUiUU^^*'" ' Ladies Satin Hats, new shapes, neyr shades, new trimmings. These are the latest models out. |||| First showing of Caps for little Tots, rflu „^ nn White.Blu^,Pink,Brown,Navy .DUu "P MiUU OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned -jut of carpets. , We are busy, but your order will' receive prompt and careful attention. | Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY Phoae tit. RAT£S THE r..l .S LIXE IX THREE DAY.S. Only Two Miles of the Donple Pipe Sy.<*tem Yet to Be BnilL TO CALIPOftNIA LD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA The Kansas C4ty Times says: If the three days of grace allowed for the paythent of a note can be applied ^ the construction of the natural gas pipe line between Olathe and-Ottaw^ Kas., the line will be finished on .sched uie time. .N'o arbitrary date jpF^s^ed; for its completion, but the engineers! said that ii would be finished October 15. This morning only two .p( the twenty-nine, and one-half milea^,re­ mained to be built. A telephone mesf' sage [r6m the office,of the construe^ tion ^'iigineer at Independence. KaaL to the^tar this mornings sa^d that th^' line would be completed Baturday.I The building of this Ijiqe completes 4^ dpiible-.i^pe Ijne syatAOi^tveen JKan-,: sas City and' the' naturaTga's fields. ' ON SALE Sept. lstto9£«.3lst Ask jfer FuU liifarautlaB. i.UJi.J-fUJtp

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