The Courier-News from Bridgewater, New Jersey on January 17, 1972 · Page 11
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The Courier-News from Bridgewater, New Jersey · Page 11

Bridgewater, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1972
Page 11
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THE COURIER-NEWS, Monday, Jan. 17, 1972 11 Astrological Forecast . . . Orchestra head hoping for good financial season gram. This year the orchestra opening of the John F. Kennedy By CARROLL RIGHTER GENERAL TENDENCIES for . A curious day and evening. TUESDAY: A curious day and evening. The early morning finds a chance to get a good start on NEWARK "We are determined that 1972 will bring us not only continued artistic received $72,000 fienter for the Performing Arts The orchestra also had a state success, but success also in the ; appropriation to support new avenues of expression, while an-imponant area of building the necessary financial support as well," says Alan V. Lowens-tein, president of the N.J. last year s student program, which included 43 concerts for about 15,000 students in school auditoriums. ind at Carnegie Hall. The orchestra's annual budget is about $1 million, most of which goes for musicians' salaries. About 100 professional musicians play with the orchestra. The orchestra's deficit, which has grown in recent years. Symphony Orchestra lhe orchestra performed a ine orchestra has received amtntal nf 102 concerts last vear $82,000 grant from the National Ninetv-four of them were in 15 Endowment for the Arts to sup- New Jersey counties. The; "must be met through strong port its student concert pro-'orchestra performed at the ! fund-raising efforts in New llabcr's Hollywood Jersey, says orchestra officials. "We know that financial support for this orchestra is available in New Jersey, from individuals and corporations as well as from many foundations," said Lowenstein. SoBhi m lanes vei JL in latest film J ger income. Listen to what a newcomer has to suggest- You can profit from many good ideas. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Find the right method by which to handle responsibilities you have and advancement comes easily. Don't fret over little things with mate. Show more affection and all is well. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Know what your true position is with a prominent associate and then you know how to advance. Try not to be too demanding with others. Show that you ap-precite their efforts. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) You can handle that work efficiently now provided you are not too overly concerned with unimportant details. You can improve your health intelligently. Be sure to drink enough water. LIBRA (Sept 23 to Oct. 22) You have an opportunity to enjoy amustments with a person you like very much. Be sure not to neglect any obligations you may have. In the evening show that you have a romantic nature. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) By being truly friendly with persons you associate with daily, you find you get better results. In the evening do some entertaining and repay a longstanding social obligation. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) It is wise at this time to concentrate on financial and property matters that are vital to jrour future success. Take part in a group affair with mutual benefits. Retire early. CAPRICORN (Dec- 22 to Jan. By JOYCE HABER Gannett News Service Special God," announced that everyone should be married at least six times. That means Rita has one Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti the afternoon brings delays, restrictions and annoyances. However, the evening becomes unusually good for romance and entertainment with happiness in the air. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) You have an excellent plan in mind that should be discussed with friends, but you have to let bygones be bygones. The social should be good in the evening when you can make new friends. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Use those appliances that make your daily routines more effective and profitable. Study your obligations and handle them properly. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Forget worries and engage in new activities that can relieve frustration and bring you a big- Yoiing people to be producers PRINCETON Young people will gather in McCarter Theatre today at 7:30 P.M. to plan programs for the New Jersey Broadcasting Authority's TV, 52 station. The program series, an outgrowth of the New Jersey Teen Arts Festival of 1971, will give youths between the ages of 13 and 19 a chance to formulate their own concepts and to develop them into actual television programs. will make 'The Love Song of jt0 S- Mama Lumera" for Warners! Which reminds me that rela- Budgeting explained SOUTH PLAINFIELD Board of Education member David Dener last night explained the procedures by this fall. It's vet another tale nfitive newlylwed Tina Onassis Bolker broke her shoulder while skiing in Sun Valley with Wendy Stark, the daughter of Fran and producer Ray. Yes, husband Joe Bolker (and his daughters) were; which a school budget comes there. Also there at Lucille iinto being. IBall's condominum. when Lucy I Dener is a candidate in the broke her leg skiing was Liza February school election. Minnelli. Liza was Lucy's "The school budget accounts 0 Slit , . l - - and mostly Desi Arnaz Jr's. :for 60 per cent of the borough's house guest. She just returned, taxes. For the benefit of the the Mafia based on the novel "The Mafiosa. "But not yet quite just another. Because Sophia plays the widow of a Ma-fioso who tires of taking over his duties and prepare yourself takes the veil. Sophia as a nun? Why not? Warners' foreign production vice president, Robert Solo, set the deal, which follows two other Loren films, "Man of La Mancha" and "Apaches," a western again for her husband Ponti. . . . Those with almost total recall may remember that Andy Griffith surfaced in a straight dramatic role in Elia Kazan's "Face in the Crowd." Now Andy's going dramatic again for a spcrmpnt nf MnH RmiaH rallpd from Paris with Desi Jr. It's: children and the taxpayer this getting to be quite a thing. Lit- complex and important finan ce Lucie Arnaz, meanwhile, is cial plan must be carefully con- close to a deal with CBS for herjstructed. It must be understood own TV series next season. (by those responsible for ap From the TV world of Sid & Marty Krofft, all the characters of "Living Island" pop into, "Zap! Here's H. R. Pufnstuf" as they join the frozen fantasy of the all-new Ice Capades at Madison Square Garden January 11 through 23. 70 M timetable proving or rejecting the budget, the taxpayer," Dener said. "Establishing a priority system is the only rational approach to budgeting," he pointed out. As salary and employee benefits are about 75 per cent of the budget, state imposed deadlines create a serious problem if negotiations with our employees are not but j ew winners m . 1 . I Amboy's Drive-In Friends R 7, any movies, Big ueorge. Aaron opening : io:5i. Medium cool R 8:56 and Anthony Spinner coaxed ctfsrr0ackterBlunRd7,B9rook) Des"er8,e him OUt Of OOmedy for the ShOW, Brunswick Drive-In (Route 1) Tower , - , . . , , , - : of Screaming Virgins R 7:30, 10:40. WhlCh airs later thlS Season. . . !Daugrlters of Darkness - R 9 NEW YORK (AP) The MPAA figures show 454 films ; theater owners that "exhibitors stars' names are on the mar-jreleased during the tirst 11 are encouraged by tne tact tnat a casting: Tony i .?'nei JjHrlsvi' 'Vn. Bl" Jaclc Now here's quees: W. C. FIELDS. Maeimonths of 1971 60 more than the studios are now setting pro- order. "This should result in a more amply supply of capital for additional film production, with beneficial results for the theater man." completed by final adoption. In Randall has signed to do the Diamonds Are Cinema (Blue Star) West. Charlie Chaplin in a similar period the previous 'duction budgets in a more 'Modern Times." year. realistic fashion and otherwise Forever - gp 1:30, 3:35, 5:40, s, lono years past the board frequently Cinema (Menlo Park) Diamonds Arei-7 r . , Forever - gp 2:15, 4:50, 7:5c io negotiated a higher salary than voice of a rat (a nice rat, of course) in Hanna-Barbera's ani Think it's all from 30 or 40, i putting their financial nouses in GP 8:30 iiic uuutcCLCU iitLuic emu wua mated film Of the tj. H. White !?:15 Machine Gun McCain children's classic, "Charlotte's1 8:?5 piaTa 7uite-pGP 7 cnaraL,ers the necessary money from non- years ago.' JNot on your nve-cent popcorn. 1 Fox (Union) Diamonds Are educational areas such as n . no 7.u o-An These are billings ior current Web." Henry Gibson and Debbie Reynolds will be other Fox" (Woodbridge)' The Butterfly : maintenance nni:niiffimii!iii;::!!!!!ii;iM Sheimvold on Bridge 1 By ALFRED SHEINWOLD 1 :X 2:30, 7, 10. Her, She and Him X i 1:30, 8:30 performances, "revivals" that underscore a recurring problem 0) A new attitude now can be a definite aid in your career. First, got out of that dull routine you are in. You can beautify your surroundings and add to present comfort. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Steer clear of those who annoy you and start looking to better things in the future. Do some entertaining tonight. Take in your stride. Be poised. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) any annoyance that may arise If you do some careful planning, new doors of opportunity will open to you, particularly if you contact the right bigwigs. Show that you are a most loyal and dependable person- IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he or she will be one of those young people who must be taught to engage in new activities without fear. Otherwise there is the tendency here to get into a small grove that is comfortable and stay there, which impedes progress. Direct the education along lines that mean dealing with many people. The fields of selling and politics are fine here. Rita Hayworth, arriving on lo-iJTeJ fcr'lvi. - gp " iuffii cation for Metro's "Wrath of ; ATLewc7nemPa Vcrou I within the movie industry A a shortage of product. Dener said that the computer will assist in future budget evaluation and development. "We are no longer flying by the seat of our pants in the financial area," Dener said. "It is modern, objective ac of . see no tvn Andersen Tapes It's painful to think- It's much the hearts to get rid of the The problem is not a new one, t ii queen and eight of spades- Then GP 7 ! Majestic (Perth Amboy) The Volup j tuarv X 7, 9:30. Clinic X 8:25 nor a numerical one meie he could claim the rest of the Old Rahway Here We Go Round the! simpler to follow some "safe" routine path even if that leads only to disaster. Please don't run off to some other part of THE RISE IN NUMBER is primarily attributable to the growth of the independents. Mills estimated that there were 100 independent companies producing films in 1971, a testament to the death of the old Hollywood studio system. But, says Eugene Picker, president of the National Association of Theater Owners, the pictures from the independents, for the most part, "are not quality, not those that develop themselves .into box-office pictures." "There's always been a product shortage as far as we're concerned," says Picker, who also is president of the en- tricks. Jerry Lewis Cinema jjgk Lyons Mall, So. Finiey Ave.Oo-t'y Baskinf Ridge . k&7ff 76S-05SS ! Kf were about 50 more films released in the United States in 1971 than the previous year but a complex one involving WTiat could East do about all tivities like these that I have and will continue to support if I am re-elected." the paper. The foregoing com I Mulberry Bush R 7:30. Ginger A 9:10 I New Liberty Butterfly X 2:30, 7, i 10:03. Her, She and Him X 8:35 New Plaza (Linden) Night of the Living Deed GP 7, 10:25. Johnny Got His i Gun GP 8:35 Palace Cinema (Orange) Go Between GP 3:05, 8:35. Bed and Board ; no i -in 7 in-n this even if he thought about it? I told you thinking was painful. ments were not referring to dates and boxoffice booking politics, business or public af See if you can find the killing fairs, but only to the simple game of contract bridge. What's Plainfield-Edison Indoors Creature, RusHiPSfimpn to liolfl with the Blue Hard GP 7:30, 10:30. UU9H1CSSIHCU lit HKfUl returns. "I don't think there's any shortage of pictures, but there is a shortage of pictures that organization meeting Beast of the Yellow Night R 8:50, 11:45 Plainfield-Edison Outdoors Creature iwith the Blue Hand GP 7, 10:30. Beast 'of the YeMow Night R 8:20, 11:15 Rialto (Westfield) French Connection 'make money," Samuel Z. nfiArkoff, head of American SOUTH PLAINFIELD John Vlahakes, president ! R 7:15. 9:S5 Somerville Drive-In Beast of the International Pictures, recently Itertainment division at Trans- "THE ANDERSON TAPES" STARRING SEAN CONNERY (GP) AND "SEE NO EVIL" STARRING MIA FARROW (GP) Jersey's Lowest Admission 9IJt C Except Fri.,Saf. ond" j) . Sun. Eves. $1.50 . Children 75c at all timet ' more, I have a hand to prove it. South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 4 3642 V A Q J 3 . O 65 952 defense before you read on. After taking the ace of diamonds at the third trick, East should return his remaining heart. East cannot be sure that this return wil save the day, but he has no better chance. The heart return puts declarer in the dummy for the first and last time. If he tries to cash the queen or jack of Yeilow Night R 7, 9:45. Creature ' with the Blue Hand GP 8:-j2 told a convention of theater; Lux Corp. "Particularly of Turnnike Indoor (Route 18) Cry Uncle R 7:30, 10:50. Little Murders R 9 owners. He added: "To look forjquality product. There's a big the gravy and to ignore the; difference between celluloid and others is something you can ill quality. We are continually Turnpike Outdoors (Route 18) Cisco i Pike 7, 10:30. Machine Gun McCain 8:40 Union Drive-In The Go-Between afford." !asking for more quality, box Best Actor Gene Hackman New York Film Critics EAST Thomas Collators, has called an organizational meeting of the borough Chamber of Commerce for Thursday at 12 noon at Medici's. Vlahakes said that the meeting will discuss the organization's goals for the coming year. He urged members, guests and other interested persons to contact the Plainfield Area Chamber of IGP 7, 10:45. Fragment of Fear GP ; 9:15 I Westfield Cinema Carnal Knowledge i R 7:30, 9:30. Taylor Mills of the Motion ;office attractions He noted that the theaters are I Woodbridge Johnny Got His Gun 2, hearts, East will ruff. South will WEST 10 7 3 109876 C 82 A AJ103 7, 9 4 K953 Z 54 O A7 Q8764 Picture Association of America echoed the thought: 4,A shortage? In the number of pictures, no. However, there filled with such "quality" product only at holiday times IN THE GREAT TRADITION OF AMERICAN THRILLERS. overruff but will have to lead spades out of his own hand. And Christmas, Easter ir declarer tackles the spades 3 FX Ki n is weren't enough winners. Only (Thanksgiving when the au- without trying to cash a high SOUTH A AQ8 C K2 O KQJ10 943 Commerce for further details. Playing At Your Fvori UNITED ARTISTS THEATRES heart, East can make sure of a spade trick by covering dum f --MtwaJja 'I S i, .fig itaa m W W . i. my's jack with the king. about 10 per cent of those jdience is at its peak, released in 1971 showed good j Throughout the rest of the year, figures. There were very fewjin which the industry calls big pictures, very few money-("orphan periods," there are few makers. A shortage, yes, but, strong lures to fill theater seats, only of the big money-makers."1 But Picker told a meeting of South 1 O 3 O DAILY QUESTION West Pass Pass Pass North 1 V 3 4 5 O East Pass Pass All Pass 4 NT ,. iQ)i? Let's Go To i NOW SHOWING ) ( ...n tn w i '"'" so-oo good. Jpuihfield SIND0OR.OUTD00P 'tWfy' f - N,. ' jf? uXS!" ) f OAHDW JTATt IX. tsTl Dinner 77 COLOR BY DELUXE' Opening lead A A West opened the ace of clubs and paused for thought when South dropped the king. West then shifted to the ten of hearts. South won with the king of Partner opens with one diamond, and the next player passes. You hold: S- K 9 5 3 II-5 4 D- A 7 C- Q 8 7 6 4. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid one spade. The hand is worth a response, but is not strong enough for a response of two clubs. r oreign press unit lists nominations HOLLYWOOD (AP) The .McDowell, George C. 1 -f-m& tf rr Scott, and Ipri thp kin? of Jack i orvtnnrlc tn rlrixo nt tVio qp i movies A Clockwork Urange, ";Gene Hackman and 'The French Connection, 'Mary, Queen of Scots," "The S? tt?BIHE ' -:s:,;v w llifo) W illi Nicholson. Glenda Jackson, Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave, Dyan Cannon and Jessica Walter were nominated as best dramatic ac Last Picture Show" and "Summer of '42" have been nominated bv the Hollywood FREE LIGHTED ATTENDANT PARKING jyRSW 'iMrfM 1-5477 LAST 2 DAYS Adults only "Butterfly" also: "Her, She & Him" WEDNESDAY MORTGAGE TALKS SET TRENTON (AP) The New Jersey Mortgage Study Commission announced it will hold a public hearing Jan. 25 to examine proposals for expanding the . lH5K"B j Shirley MacLaine in I Here is where East should have done some thinking. It should have occurred to East that South had the rest of the high cards for his very powerful bidding. If so, South, would probably win s i x diamonds, four hearts and the ace of spades unless he met with an obstacle. I Foreign Press Association as tress for the awards, to be presented Feb. 6. supply of mortgage money fori best dramatic pictures in its 29th Golden Globe competition. ; In the running for best dramatic actor of 1971 are Peter Finch, Malcolm home building. The nominations were announced Wednesday. Nominated for best musical-comedy pictures were "The i T-- "ZZ" ' "TT,'""- -i twiimii ii i1 " .. '1 1. "Desperate Characters' 1 ,:Ji-i unurKvnilT i Evenings: 7:00 P.M. & 9:00 P.M. -fm RUWATUUI Saturday: 7:00 P.M. 8, 9:00 P.M. ,;r';-3 FOR CISCO PIKE! Sunday: 4:30 P.M., 6:40 P.M. & !7URHPl? He's trapped between 9:00 P M" DRIVE-IN the crooked cop and 3$ j Wednesday, January ith ouTfi iv'l the impossible Jack Nelson ,n TtT.iZoK rill deadline. 'Carnal Knowledge' f 4 HA tA r.rMCHA.-KUiu fc i (rated R) Boyfriend," "Fiddler on the .... fn"&i But East didn't think. He knew it was "safe" to lead the queen of clubs; and he promptly did so. The lead was so safe that it gave declarer the game and rubber. South ruffed the club, drew trumps, and ran StewSrdesses 968-2565 ENDS TUES. Roof," "Kotch" and "A New Leaf." Gene Wilder, Dean Jones, Walter Matthau, and Bud Cort were nominated for best actor in musicals-comedy, with Sandy Duncan, Ruth Gordon, Angela MSTMAMCOIO C The Famous SNUFFY'S is opn every day of the year. Bring the children. Low, low prices. Porterhouse Steak, broiled over charcoal on a sizzling platter $4.42. Come Friday Over 20 choices of Sea Food. Fresh lobsters, $4.78. Cocktails, 56. WILLIAM ROBERTSON Owner-Manager Since 1932 PARK AVE., SCOTCH PLAINS, N. J. Telephone, 322-7726 P'&'lP KAREN BLACK f,! j Ii ,i ji j. - uipij-yw-wjptyi)ii TJ?$'a KRIS KRISTOFFERSON I -f l.-mi r Hi8 -n?i :MJ&?&SA i Vr'fiLFsraiK? ti rT T "V i VIVA -HARRY DEAN STANTON " J BJ -J if- JT1 1 yLl j MACHINE GUN McCAIN .4 ! vIHIjaIS 766-0357 t I ' ATffT rl: Lansbery, Twiggy and Elaine crs of rtf pkinc SHOWN 8:45 "DESPERATE CHARACTERS" ALSO SHOWN: 7:00 "PLAZA SUITE" STARTS WED. "C A RIVAL KNOWLEDGE" May up in the category for best actress. 7:45 - 9:55 - Sat. & Sun. from 1 P.M. v !k. - - .'-Mi' i m i c . Tm mm m mm - m. --.'- a SEAN CONNERY ANDERSON TAPES PLUS MiA FARROW SEE NO EVIL . . INDOOR- v J.-,J, ,t $krt'k "" I -THEATRE I "Allen Garfield' 'Sham - Tlft 1 ei&TiW A mit MMucwui. An.pieolruiAiKliunk , ctO- - EAJT RUHSWICK f . ,hl,iSaloawid,px.l.V.2--:-;C Jffrfl ' 'TyCI 7-5055' LIFE MAGAZINE Jt&f!r J Just a person who protects children and other living things J L WM&it!&32$mrj - l j mssr ck W n- rui i m 1 1- k .r em 3 mmm. x j i . . i i 1 i i mm NATIONAL OlNtHf U.i. !. Nr. Sill LAltC H I I ibkLT WVCK! Ill B SCHEDULE . hP 1, "J:, JIM IB " n 138 CENTRAL AVE. 232-S503 HELD OVER! 4th BIG WEEK "O.VE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER" (:oioi't)UTA Joseph E Levin? presents a Mike Nichols. Carnal Knowledge An Avco Embassy Release r , me utterfly" ADULTS r li ONLY s,.J0M LAUGHLIM DELORES TAYLOR ffflfirTfl,1BI "' J u Li E ch rIstie alanbat?? pfetfelisLS. "THE G O -B ET W EN ";-J PLUS "HER SHE & HIM" Plus "GIMME SHELTER" NEXT ATTRACTION "TOGETHER " J m u David Hemmmgs Gayle Hunmcut' H iHF I "FRAGMENT OF FEAR" ,J)

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