The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 11, 1964 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1964
Page 2
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Page 2 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Wednesday,Nov. 11 1964 TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNEi SUBSCRIPa?ON RATES By Carrier, tn City, Per"Week - , 1.35 cents By Mail, One Year, Tipton and Adjacent Counties . $8.00 Member United Press International News Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 1895 at Hie Postoffice in Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3,1879 PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY 221-223 East Jefferson Street, Tipton, Indiana. Telephone OS 5-2115 ROUND TOWN AND THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Manej GOOD NEWS WAS received by the White House regarding the military budget... at a time when'L. B. J. will be using the.pruning shears to 'cut' items he believes to be 'sliceable' . . . all aimed at getting enough kopecks together to use in building the War on Poverty treasure chest. MOST SIGNIFICENT OF Mr. McNamara's remarks to newsmen . . . as he boarded a plane would have- .been; ."today .-we are prepared to a point where we can look ; '. ah e ; id with greater confidence toward winning of the war against Communism in Viet Nam." Right! It so happens that the Big WAR . . . the one of the ballot is over . . . and Mr. Mac is astute enough to believe some sort of action may be worked out. We presume the public can do best to assume a 'wait and see' policy. VETERANS DAY TODAY IS THE DAY we all .pay homage to th service men who gave their lives that we all might enjoy a free society —free o£ taints of communism ... despite grabs "by" politicians for power . . . free from want and hnuger—in a land of plenty. ON THIS Veterans Day, we can think of no better tribute than to ask that every American perform a duty these men would have been proud of, a portion of their lives having been given to their countrymen . . . and in return, they should not be forgotten. WHAT IS THIS DUTY . . . men of today could perform . . . and thus salute those who gave their lives? Each citizen has a duty to learn more about the menace that threatens his future, his home, his children; the peace of the world. "R T WE'RE CERTAIN that if people would only take a little time . . . they would find that communism holds no great mysteries. The leaders blueprinted their objectives—and have been working at them ever since . . . in both HOT and COLD wars. IT IS NEVER too late to recognize the ISM for what it really is—a threat to humanity —and to each and every one of us. R T WE HAVE SPENT billions of dolars to defend ourselves against it .' .'. and the burden will continue to mount—until the world is free of this menace. AS J.. EDGAR HOOVER points out . . . they are dedicated' to conuering our way of life . . . and unless the American people as a whole, start thinking, reading ' and taking some action against it, rather than helping with a 'shrug of the shoulders' . :. we are . . . and will always be, in danger. J. EDGAR SAYS: "IN A BRIEF I made for the attorney general, preceding my publishing of "Masters of Deceit" ... I submitted the following: : -"THESE- DOCTRINES THREATEN the happiness of the community, the safety of each individual, and the continuance of every home and fireside. They would destroy the peace of. the country and thrust; it ! into a condition of anarchy' and lawlessness and imorality that surpasses imagination." 1 SO RIGHT! THE GREAT HEAD of the F.B.I, is so right. The same that was true in 1919 is true today. Communism is : the major menace to our way of life. COMMUNISM IS MORE than an economic, political,, social, or philosophical doctrine, it. is a way of life; a 'FALSE'..:, .materialistic "religion."" It would strip a man of his belief in God, his heritage of freedom, his trust in love, justice, and mercy. Under such a STATE we would all become twentieth century SLAVES'. ' MR. HOOVER ALSO stated he had a deep faith in • the American people and the American way of life.jBut .-'. . as he has said ... we do not understand and know communism. LET US TRY SO WE SAY: Let us try to keep faith with the American boys who gave thelf liyes^that Liberty, Justice .in* «}•'true American WaV '«Tlfe rifltiht be preserved, by fighting this menace with every fll»rej>f "BOB 'EM" BY JOVE IT MUST BE a sight for those not accustomed to same . .' . to visit the 'tight little Island' as they called Britain in war times . . . and see young men who look like a "throw-back" to the stone age ... or better still . . . like a group of 'gals' in hallow- een outfits! THE BEATLES evidently started it; now youth who once would have fought if someone suggested they wear their hair long like the gals^ are wearing it "down" . . . over the collars, looking all the world like they just got up. Maybe they should have "stood in bed" ... as the quip goes! AND THE GALS love it! They evidently are fifth-column- ing the dumb clouts . . . and want to see how they should wear their tresses. The military is outraged ... and are probably trying to get a law passed to muster them into the army. Of. course the 'head shrinkers' and 'sociologists' turn plumb solemn—and announce in 'deep tones, that it is a "protest". Protest against what? Maybe against the very gals who like it. ... in order to show how some of them look! R T EVEN A HEADMASTER at an;pld line school . . . has advised teachers to 'go easy''on it, that many great men have been effiminate! Bully for him, don't you know! The darlings have to be seen to be appreciated, according to the story. The latest to start tHem out are. the "Pr.etty Things" . , another combo. R T NOW WE GET to the bottom of it. The gals like' them and rave . . . and the boys get jealous .. . and 'show the gals' they can be just as pretty . . -. (ain't it downright disgusting?) Grand Duchess Abdicates In FaVorOfSon By WILLIAM ANDERSON United Press International LUXEMBOURG CITY (UPI) —Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg will abdicate in favor of her eldest son this Thursday, Nov. 12. And as one Luxembourger put it: "Unlike the Russians we will not take her pictures down. We will just add those of Prince Jean." The "grand old lady," 74 and ailing; has ruled this tiny but Sovereign nation for more than 45 years. The long-expected abdication to the '42-year-old prince will consist simply of a signature on a document at an intimate ceremony" in' the grand ducal palace. . Prince Jean will then drive to Parliament to swear fidelity to the laws and people of Luxembourg and the new reign will have begun. When she announced her intended abdication some months ago, the ailing 74-year-old Grand Duchess gave the following explanation to her 320,000 subjects: "It seems to us that the length of our reign and common, sense form a basis for the retirement" Hcs 25 Grandchildren Grand Duchess Charlotte and her husband Prince Felix'/whom she married a few months after acceding to the throne, plan to retire to a manor house at Fischbech' some 15 miles from the capital. Prince Felix, considered one of the- best shots in Europe, may find more time for his favorite , sport while the . Grand Duchess may not find retirement as- quiet as he expects. She haSrAS grandchildren and they calTlrequently. i 4 "Tne Itfdnsition should be smooth. Prince Jean, 42, has ROMANCE, THEY SAY—A weekly newspaper In Belgium saya these two are In love, Princess Margarethe of Denmark and British photographer Patrick Lichfield, 25. The princess, 24, Is first of three daughters of King Frederlk, Queen In grid. TELEVISION PROGRAM WISH-TV (Channel 8) Wednesday, November 11, 1964 4 :00 Secret Storm 4:30 Jack Benny 5:00 Early Show 6:00 Earlly Show 6:30 News-Cronkite 7:00 News-Hickox 7:30 CBS Reports 8:30 Beverly Hillbillies 9:00 Dick Van Dyke 9:30' Cara Williams 10:00 Danny Kaye 11:00 News-Hickox .11:15 Sports-Late Show * 12:00 Late Show Thursday, November 12, 1964 7:30 Chapel Door . 7:45 Town and Country 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Coffee Cup Theater 10:00 Sunding Board 10:30 I Love Lucy 11:00 Andy Griffith 11:30 Real McCoys 12:00 Love of Life 12:30 Search for Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 World at One 1:30- As the World Turns NEW FACILITIES PLANNED NEW YORK (UPI)—Parker- Hannifin Corp. announced that it will spend $1,250,000 for construction of new facilities at Plymouth,. Mich., and Lewisburg, Ohio. PRICE GOES UP NEW YORK (UPI)—Mueijer- Brass Co. announced Tuesday another round of price increases for freercutting brass rod ranging between .2.56 cents to three cents per pound. Prices were advanced by 1.38 cents per pound late last month. Mueller said" the increases, which take effect Nov. 13, reflect higher prices for copper and zinc used to make brass. BOOSTS PRODUCTION NEW YORK (UPI) ^Allied Chemical Corp. said Tuesday that it will boost the capacity of its nylon plant at Columbia, S.C., to produce caprolactam polymer by 30 per cent. been assuming numerous execu Ing, not just shrugging it 'off! tive powers since Ms mother with "me old saw-'Mt-ean't hap-fDominatad him li«utena«*'*epre- pen here" . . for it can-rand < sentative of the • duchy three we owe thtm that much! [years ago. This took some of the burden from her shoulders and enabled Luxembourgers to become used to the idea gradually that their "grand old lady" was preparing to say farewell. Former Grenadier Guard Prince Jean still looks like what he once was — an officer in the B r i t i s h Grenadier Guards. The tall, slim, straight- backed prince spent World War II in Britain and rode a tank into his liberated capital, in 1944. He brought a British army sergeant-major'along with him ond the non-com stayed on to make the Luxembourg 'army one of the smartest on parade if not the biggest in Europe. In 1957 he married Princess Josephine - Charlotte, sister of Belgium's King Baudouin. They have five children 'including 9-year-old Prince Henri w h o next Thursday becomes hereditary grand • duke . of the 999- square-mile duchy. • SPECIAL Spaghetti & Meat Balls, garlic bread & cole slaw. Enough for 2 for $1.25. Bowl-O-Drome Restaurant Free delivery from • 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 Midnight. C-35 2:00 Password .2:30 Houseparty ,3; 00 To Tell the Truth. 3:30 Edge of Night WFBM (Channel 6) Wednesday, November 11, 1964! 4:00 Match Game 4:30 Bernie Herman Presents 6:00 Bernie Herman Presents 6:30 Huntley-Brinkley 7:00 News-Caldwell 7:30 The Virginian (c) 9:00 Wed. Nite at Movies 10:00 Wed. Nite at Movies 11:00 News-Caldwall 11:15 Weather-Sports 11:30 Tonight (c) 12:00 Tonight (c) Thursday, November 12, 1964 7:30 Today. Today Movie Party Movie Party What's This Song? (c) Concentration i Jeopardy (c) 12:00 Say When (c) 12:30 Easy Money Let's Make a Deal (c) Loretta Young The Doctors Another World You Don't Say (c) 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 WTTV Channel (4) Wednesday, November 11, 1914 4:00 Trailmaster . ',„< Bill Jackson Rifleman •< News-Atkins •. n News-Cochran ' >n Cheyenne -. r Ozzie and Harriet Patty Duke Shindig Mickey Burke's Law r ABC Reports 7„ News-Weath. - Spts..' News-Young' 77 Sunset Strip 77 Sunset Strip Thursday, November 12, 1964 7:30 Geo. Willeford Casper & Co. Jack LaLanne Kindergarten Col. King and Odie Don Melvoin Show Paul Dixon (c) . Missing • Links 50-50 Club (c) 50-50 Club (c) Tennessee Ernie Price Is Right Day in Court General Hospital Young Marrieds' In Review By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — This week - may be the one to remember in the current television season. Already the dismal new video year has been buoyed a bit in the past several days by the debuts of two new shows that promise some substance of bite: Sunday's "Profiles in Courage," based on John F.- Kennedy's book, and the nightly late-hour Les Crane program, which bowed in Monday. Tonight "CBS Reports" presents an hour look at the two Chinas.. And there is some film footage of life in Red China. Thursday "night, meanwhile, ABC-TV offers an hour tour of Rome with Sophia Loren, and the program will include' an appearance by Mar cello Mastrioi- anni, probably the w o r 1 d ' s foremost movie actor. : > , Friday there are two specials that are noteworthy even if they do not live up to their potential. One of the shows, on NBC- TV, has Danny Thomas starring in the first of five specials he will do this season. He is joined "on this" first • outing by Dick Van Dyke, and Juliet Prowse. The second Friday special appears in the time slot of CBS- TV's "The Entertainers," and is an. hour-long entertainment documentary entitled "The Beatles in America," narrated by Carol Burnett. It deals with the Beatles' visit to this country last winter. Saturday, by the way, the nation's top-rated college football team, Notre Dame, is seen coast-to-coast on NBC-TV in a big game with Michigan State. And next Tuesday, NBC-TV will present its long-awaited hour colorcast, "The Louvre." The Channel Swim: Nelson Rockefeller,, George Romney and Charles Percy are scheduled to discuss the future of the Republican party on NBC-TV's "Sunday" program this weekend. . Also Sunday, Henry the same network's "Meet The Cabot Lodge is interviewed on Press." 5:00 5:30 '6:00 . 6:15; . 6:30 • 7:30 •.8;P0 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 12:00 7:45 8:00 8:30 9:15 9:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 WTTV Channel 4) Wednesday, November 11, 1964 4:00 Mickey Mouse Club 4:30 Superman 5:00 Popeye and Janie 5:30 Rocky , 5:45 Pope'ye and Janie 6:00 Woody WocJOpecker ' 6:30 Leave it to Beaver 7:30 Conquerors 9:00 Lloyd Thaxton 9:45 News-Ungersma 10:00 10 O'clock Movie 11:00 10 O'clock Movie il:3b Les Crane . ••. .12:00 Les Crane ? . ; Thursday, November 12, 1964 10:30 Spanish Course 11:00 Communism. RME 11:30 Billie - Boucher ' 12:00 Lunchtime Theater 1:00 Girl ; ,Talk 1:30 MUa^y 'si -.Matinee. 2:00 Milady's Matinee 3:30 Lone Ranger CAPACITY TO DOUBLE LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Rexall Chemical Co. and El pleiso Natural Gas Products Co. announced. Tuesday. . they will double the capacity of their jointly-owned polyethelene producing facilities in Odessa, Tex. 'J 1 f.f! t I'lv I'.'.'.i 1%: FOURTH'IN SIX— East German Premier Otto Grotewohl (left), who died at the age of 70, was thej fourth top Communist to die within six weeks. Others were (from left) PaJmlro TogliatU, leader of the Italian Communist Party; Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, first woman chairman of the U.S. Communist Party, and Maurice Thbrez. head of French Communists. M " i \ % $ •% IN HOLLYWOOD By VERNON SCOTT* HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Julie Andrews h'as spent the past fortnight answering questions about Audrey Hepburn and "My Fair Lady." The dialogue follows this pattern: . j Q Have you seen "My Fair Lady" yet? | A No I haven't. Not yet. But I'm looking forward to seeing it. . I ' Q They sayj Audrey isn't as good'in the role of.Eliza Doolittle as you i were. Have you heard that? ! A Yes, I've; heard it, but I don't believe |it. Audrey' is a wonderful actress.. Q. Do you regret not playing the role of Eliza Doolittle on the screen? j A That's difficult to say. In a way, yes. In another way, no. Q. Could you explain that? A Well, if I had attempted to play the role! in the movie I would have been trying to top my performance in the theater. And that's a 'difficult thing to do. I Q Any other t reasons why you're happy you didn't do the picture? | N A Yes. I wouldn't have had a chance s to do j "Mary Poppins" or "The Americanization of Emily." Both ofj these pictures have been excellent for my career. They've j really got me started. | Q Is it possible you might have been typed forever as a one-part actress (Eliza) if you'd done the movie version? .A—That's quite possible. And it would ihave |been a dreadful thing to have jhad happen. &.Ha've you any regrets 'about'.'doing the movie?' again. He's a simply marvelous man. I'd love to see him win the Oscar for it. I hear he does a superb job in the'picture. Q Would she surmise that Audrey will be nominated for an Academy Award in the role that you brought to life? A. Oh, I hope she will be nominated. She should be. Q Has your own- career suffered from being overlooked in the Warner Bros. Version of "MFL"? A Not at all. Quite the opposite. I've done' three movies (Poppins, Emily and "Sound of Music") and I'm doing an Andy Williams show for NBC at the end of the month. In fact, I've never had so many opportunities to make movies and television shows. - Q Will you be returning to Hollywood soon? A Yes. I'll be back next spring for another film. And you can bet I'll be seeing "My Fair Lady" long before that. Adv. for Wed. PMs Nov. 11 ORDERS NEW CARS CHICAGO (UPI) — Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Wall Street Chatter NEW YORK (UPI) — Standard & Poor's Inc. says earnings and dividends provide a sound underpinning for the market but uncertainties and year - end "cross currents" may "make for further irregularity. The advisory service says a basically constructive' policy is still in order. Hi.'. • Colby & Co. says it remains very optimistic on the outlook for stocks for both the intermediate and long term with a prob-' able price range of 950-840 in the Dow-Jones industrial average. Leslie M. Pollack of Reynolds & Co. says.that while alert to the possibility that some deterioration is occurring, he continues to believe that stocks on average will move higher. Investors Research Co. believes there is still plenty of la- : tent strength in- the 1964 market rise and that the weeks ahead has ordered 100 covered hopper should show a continuation of cars from Pullman, Inc. for, the favorable September-Novem$1.4 million. 'ber trend. - n t . 4 IU - * m M OPEN I N G Friday Night Nov. 13 Cocktail Lounge Piano Bar MUSIC NIGHTLY;.^ . 9:00 P.M. 'TILL 2:00 AIM. Wanted bids' on fearing down, or moving, Kemp Methodist parsonage, located at 117 Walnui, Tipton: Bids should ~ l be sent to Richard Regnier, Hutto & Regnier, Tipton, ..Indiana by November 18. FUNERAL HOME OfWrM 5-2425 Tipton IPTON'S FINEST FUNERAL SERVICE SINCE 19)

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