The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1946
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1946 (ARK.) COURlfck Larger Supplies Oi Meat Expected Agricultural Chiefs Promise Americans Plenty of Eggs, Too WASHINGTON, July 25. mp>— The Agriculture Ui'uarlincut-todto promised Americans somewhat, larger merit supplies, plenty of eggs at reasonable prices utul a possible increase in fats and oils. H suiil there also shuuUl be abmit as much turkey us Jnst year anil only slightly less chicken "'gcr nu'Ut .supplies per person Uiun u year ago nntl near- reconl eyi; supplies will tend to keep egg prices from rising more than seasonally during the Sum mer and Pail,"' It said. Uepiiihm'iH officials said the anliciputeii Incrwiso in meal supplies stems Invijcly from the prospect of an all-time record corn mill wheat crop. They said, this will enable producers lo feed their cattle and ho^.s to heavier weights, in addition, some producers probably will hold back bred sows which otherwise-would have gone to miukel I'csultinjj in a larger Rill pig croi). Tile Fall pig crop had been expected lo slump 17 per cent because of the tight Jeetl situation How murh a record corn would offset this reduction was not certain. The VJi'partmenl said less poultry of all kinds will be marketed in coining months than (lining the corresponding period last year. But a substantial cut in Army requirements r.lul large cold storage holdings were expected to compensate for the cut. It said domestic supplies of fats and oils, including butter, margarine, lard and salad and cooking oils depended directly on the course of prices. j;ln Conley, Lux^rn. nirl. unnamed; James mid Im u.\vis. |ilylhevllU-. Rlrl, Snnrtrn; Unert nnd Jessie Kinllli. J-llythcville. Ir.iy, timmtied; Floyd niHl Lily Crawford, Mald'.-n. Mo., girl, Virginia; Floyd and E.itth Jones, Jilythcville. girl Martini: Ciervis nmi Adell Cupps. Sleele, Mo., boy nervh; James null Ula Carter. lUythevllle. boy, James. Charles anil Mantle Sharp. <Ill-Vila.'. l;oy. Terry; nobeil nnd Marcire Ceiinlin-hani. UhthevlV loy lii'bert; Olen and Friuict P;w!er. !!• Ihuul, Mo., i;lrl. MirKi ret; :in<l Alberta l.e»ls. I'rliicetcn, Tex., plrl. Nettle: renee ntul Minnie Tup 1 ). Hlyltieville. boy. James: rre-1 and njllh Unwell, Vimilii. cirl. Jjindit: .lasepli anil i'ildrcd Il'iim-y, Hlyltieville, Bill. Judy: Charles nnd Ira Lewis. Bly- '.lic'ville. ho/ Cluirles; Itobeit and I.O'l-i Smilh.' lilytUcvllle. Kill. Carolyn; Ceell and Grace lla.sktns. l.n\- ora. l»v. Jiime»: Cltnrley nnd Je- iteva Taylor. lilythevi'le. girl, unnamed: Hoy and Minnie Williams, U'achville, boy. Joseph; Hobby and Dora Keyna. Joiner. l)-:y, Hubby; KuijMie uud Ednn llurdesty. Ulyllic- gli'l Margaret. .Mm and Kmina Hi own, Manllii, girl, Barbara; Lloyd nnd Verua Smith, MmiHu. boy. Jimmy, E<1- wnrd nnd Hutu Ashmore, Armorei. tilrl, iiiimnm d; Ira nnd Mallle and Oneta Montgomery. Manila, boy. Jimmy; li. F. ami FloK-nee lily-1 Unvls. West Rldije, girl, lietly; lilt- tle nnd Oriuje Thurman, Mnnlln, Bill, Nellie; iloy nnd Kssle Ruinbo, U'Piinlo. girl. Anette; Willie and Ober Haines, Joiner, girl. Gloria; Raymond and Myrtle Wlllinins. \JC- panto, boy. Meldon; I.orln null riernleee Korl.vm. l.enelivl'le, girl, Ntonun; Jelhvo and Isih Onvlson, Manila. t!lrl, Kffle; plnson mi" Gladys Dalley. Hlvtlieville, boy, Hilly. . Uabbits nglit by Jumping over their foe nnd kicking It with their hlndfeel. Squad leader C. C. Willolt of Uoyal Air Force is carried through Bislcy Camp, England, after winning King's pri/e ns cliampion shol in 77lh annual meeting of National Itillo As- socialion. The Milky Way Is composed of so many stars that 11 appears whll'j. ICC Proposes Investigation Of Bus Fares nterstate Commerce Commission tuliiy announced plans lo iNvisUiiul,. p':issoniier fares eliarg- <'" l>y the nation's 3l)U lamest bus line;!. A spokesman snld the net In- C'>me u r )),!< first class curriers for lii-lft : .nd the first three months IT II) n; seemed unduly high. First class carriers are tliosp with n BHtss revenue or SICO.OUO or moie unmially. FTC Member Named WASHINGTON, July ar>. (UI'I — The Semite |:idlly rollflrmed I lie- leappniulmcnt of Edwin , l.mnnr l>;iyis or Teiiiu-sse? as a member »1 I In- 1'Vdenil Trade Commission lor a term of seven years biuilunlniF Si-pi. •-• Murray Garsson Served As Investigator in Lindbergh Kidnap Case NASlIVll.LH. Teiin,, July is. WASHlNG't-ON Inlv :H iiii'l— ""' ) " - Mm '''»V Oiirssmt, wlio ila-llu- 11.0 1 ImnS Vi ,,± " «," «'.'» l«Hfy Wo™ Ihe Mead eon,- mlltec invesllnatlnu war conlrncMs of the l-'iii- Hivsltt Metal I'roiliiets Compaity. i^"ed a purl In invfi.s'.i- gallng the Lindbergh baby kjdciiip- Inii fuse, n slate employe saHl today. The emuloye, Karl Echaub. i:u'j- Kelly wcrker In the .Tennessee Con. servallon Deparlmenl. sakl Unruum wns nil inve3ll;:aloi' for Die U. ;>. Depnrtmenl of Ijiibor at. Ihu lime. .Selianb, then a Hearst iie'.vsiwpcr- iiiiiit, s:ild Gar.sson proposed Hint . Ihe Inlior depuitaicnt'.s ulleii senrult I snna<l be a.ssti:ned lo the- ease nnd UiiH I'l'esldeni Hoover n^reetl ttn eiindltlon Dial diaries l.lmlb •] r.'i aiipruvcsl. Al'proval wns oblnlned. .Dentil) tidiled. through "Mfiuan Interests." but later Caisson nnd his MIUIIU \M-re refused adaikltaiioi- lo [lit- Two Killed, 14 Injured In Virginia Bus Crash Vn., July ^5. Two pereoiiH vtcre.killed anil U.oll). ri's Injiiffii last. nl|;lit «ben n Greyhound bin onroulc from Wnililng- lon to UlelnnoiKl I'lashetl Into thu rrur of n truck on U. a. Illi-ljway No. I nbout. 15 miles north ol 1 Ashliind. '1'he. dead nro Dr. Enily I,. Kox. SO, history professor at. Rnudolp'li- Marln ColleKO. Asbland. ami n wiiiiiini leiuntlvely Identified as ViiKliiln Jenkins Nlblctl. ^^, ol Wliuisui', Vn., Hie Injured were brougltt to Uleliiuoiul hospitals. moth«r. charged wltH malllnf obscene letters tp Little nock luntyr college students, hu been »et fcSr* AUK, 8. . Kcricm)' Judfje^, Tom L*m!«y «t the date cftcrtordering the wom«*i- h6id for a psycniatric examination ' Tile Uilorinatloji lijted s:vcu counts and wns filed by Assistant U. S. District Attorney W li Ortft;- ory. Conviction on the c'largrs ear r ry a innxlmum PS'italty of 35 jears imprisonment, and a »35<XW flnr Judge. I^intpy ordered ths *u- iimn held In tb» eaie of Dr A O Kolb, superintendent O f ihg. 5 a c lici)>ttnl lor ncryous disorder's. Sanity Hearing Ordered For Author of Letters I TITLE KCOK. Jilly 28; (Ul'l — A snnlly henrlng for a l.lttlo Hock l.lralln'iuli home In New Jersey find were iwnllcd- (,j Wiishliigton. marly' The Hath Abbey possesses 5,0 windows that It 13 known m Lnntern of England. Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? TiK'iitiimiiit oi c'o'gi"" """ ' "'"•" * I,E\IIHII.I inVl) Irfili vnn, vltnlUy try f. KX'W-iK i'«:\... —in- nnd Mildred Key, Lnxora, girl crop! Je-,',el; Williuin nnd' Mary. Clivei) Osceoia. (jirl, I'atsie. Willlatn and I,om\lc Moore. Join- • cr. bey, Curtis; Virgil .".ml M:i:me Hins'ell, Dlytbevllle. gn' Jerry 1 "e: Felix and Ella noro-.i. Wilson."!'!. Glenda; Sid and Gussie TaUnn, Manila, boy. Harold; Clyde anil Mary Hubbard, Kelser, girl, Liiula Jeddie and liernice Hnse, Joiner. i Birl. Sara; Wilbiirn nnd Alice Clark. (Manila, girl, wanda; James nnd I Virdie. Gimler. Blylltevilhv boy. i Marcus; Edward and Corn Grllfln. ' \T,,nil.* 1 "Higher priecs,'* it said, tend to inerease im]iorts. df exports and increase production of fat.s and oil.s moderately in balance of 1946." Will) little or no govern procurement of lard for export, It added. Ihe .supply remaining for domestic consumption will be increased. Even so. civilian supplies of Manila, boy. Dnrrell; Clarence nn<: Helen Brown, Dlythevllle, girl, Viclrie; Uobert and Juaniln Holt, Blylheville. boy. Robert; Jack and c Ruth Gilford. Dell. girl. Barbara; | lira and Dorothy Walters. Blylltc-. fnls and oils last year or will be smaller tlinn prewar. Births In County •*»•••••••»•»»•»«..•«•«•«»•»•»••«••* Clautle nnd Ruth Brewer. Gos- neli. boy. Tout; WmKlrow and Delia Frinr, Walnut Rid»e. girl, Janis; Charley and Lueille I3cckin;iii. Biv- j tlicvillc, Birl. Blllic; Henry find Thelmn Welch, Blythcville, hoy. J. L,.; Emery niicl Myrtle Craig. Wilson, Rirl. unnamed; 'Otis m«l Olivia Hodge, Dlytheville, Do.v, Jhnniie: Alfi'ed and Ma.scie Clark. Klythnville, Rirl. Ueyinn; Woodro'.v nnd Lenra nnynes. Annorel. girl, Baiby; Joe. aiul Verna Woocley, Hlytheville. boy. Jnrne.s: Edgar nnd Mildred Wilson. Osccola. girl. Ver- gic; Oscur and Dec Medford. Dell. girl. Violet; Marvin and Lorine Roberts. Leachville. girl, wilma; CrlaiHl and Mablc Young. Lcneli- ville, boy, Knymond; Cliarle.s and Shirley Nelson. Blythcvillo. boy. iin- nainecl; Clyde nnd Irene Kirby, I onchville. boy, Ronnie; Jinimte and Evelj r ena Freeman. O.sceol:i, boy, Tliomas; L. H. and Henretta Nash, \Ve-sL Ridge., boy, Henry; Clivie and Willie Freeman. Osceoia, yifl. Alline; Claud and Julia Pal- slon, Manila, gill, Lavelhi; Dale aud Nancy Cole, Joiner, girl, Melva; Clint and Emm White. Joiner, girl, Linda; Allen and Freddie Edwards, Blythcville. girl, Patricia; J. B. and Tver Richardson, Blythcville. boy, John; Mericla and Jennie Vise. Le- pauto, iKiy, Merida; Tillwan and Mary Wells, Manila, boy, Gary; Richard and Irene Jones Wilson, boy, Mallory; J. K. and Annie Jones. West Ridge, girl, Mildred: Raymond and Ruby Drown. Manila, boy, Raymond; Jewel and Martha Gray, Manila, girl, Sandra; c-U; Fortunate and. Delia Tunno. I IMyUieville. boy. Ralph; Albert and' Easier Crismnn, Blythevillc, girl, i Virginia; Daniel and Essie Beanf, | Ulytheville. boy. nan; Harry and Helen Sutlon. nlythcville, boy. James: William and Dorothy Paraham, Braggadocio, Mo., boy, Wil- i linm: Ear! and Willie Simmons, i Blytheville, uirl, Currolyn; Robert \ and Gcraltlinc Taylor. Blythcville. | buy, Robert; Rayjnoiul and Cecil Reed. Blythevillc. girl. Patricia; J. W. and E,aveme Flanagan, Blythn- ville, boy. Jay; James anil Lillian Ketchum, BlytheviHe. boy. Larry; James and Ella Fennell, Carnlhers. j ville. Mo,, boy, James. j . Glen and Virginia Sadler. Dell. girl. Sherry; Euno.s and Virgic Goodloiv, Tyler, Mo., girl, Paine.'; Marvin and Grace Edwards Blythc- ville, girl. Mary; E. C. and Hillie Henson. Blylheville, ^,irl, Beverly; Karl nnd Olflin Leslie. Blythcville. girl, Mary Diane; Allen and Cora Street, O.scecla. boy, James; Brodic and Arlie Ivy, Osceoia. boy, Edevla: ' Therone anrt Lillian Shrx'- make, Osceoia. boy, Thomas; Archie and Kathcrine Quarles, Osccola. boy. Obie; V. H. and Ethel Morris. Osceoia. boy. Ronald; Pete and Mary Notgrnss, Oscccln. girl. Emily; Joseph and Nancy s.t Clnir. Osce- t-la. boy, Paul; Chester and Vera Walker, Osceoia, girl, Daiuia; George and Jewel Johnson. Osccola. boy, William; Oarncr and Velma Hogganl. Osccola. boy, Jerry; Armory and Lera Reid. Osceoia, girl, Linda: Jessie and Eva Biirch- cll. Osccola, girl, Cordic; David and Elsie Powell. Reverie, Tcnn. boy. Robert: Buford and Ernie Pat.c, Ulytheville. boy. Georglo Lee; Jefferson and Ellcii Brccs. Blythe- villc, girl, Sandra; J. C. nnd Come- lela Burgess. Blythcville. girl. Prer._ cilia: Wilier and Pauline Bryoons Blythevillc. boy. Roger; Orhia anrt C]ial Harris, Holland. Mo., girl, unlimited; Lewis nnd Mary shinanlt Hoi ncrsvillc. Mo., girl. 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