Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1907
Page 6
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CT Tailored Suits, Coats, Skirts Waists and Dress Goods. ISf E>CIA.rv I»RIOB>S FOR Ar^t OF" 'TilIt* wiCBiK Walking Suits, $15. . IliiiKlKunic iifiw Kill UtilkiiiR Siiifx iiiiulo of splendid iiuality. all wo«>l rheviot in black, navy and brown; ' coals. Prince Chap styles, 'I'l and ;!0 iiiilii'.'? lonK, satin lined. The skirts are made very wide full plaited pffect S|>ecial *I,-,,00 Tailor Made Suits $25 Craocfiilly Tailored Coaf Siills In siiiiirl threc-qunrter and senii-titted iiindel:;:, the coats are lined with silk or satin: skirts are made in the new- I'.'ii styles, made of fine broadcloth un- linislied worsteds, serges or fancy inanish mixtures of excejitional merit and tallorint; at 125,00 Tailored Suits. $1850 ArtiHlli -ally made SuKs in Princr Chap Kunii -lilled and cutaway i>rrects. fabrics are line serges, cheviots and herinBhone worsteds in black, navy blue and brown, also in fancy manish iiiixtnn's. Your chuico all this week $lS,oO Fine Tailored Suits at $35 00.. lii ^h ;;r.itlp Hian-lailored Suits, embodying this season's most di-slr- ahlu styles for /all and winter wear. Models with short, medium or :!ii -inch lengih, coais in titled, senii -titied or cutaway pJfects. plain tailoM'd or stylishly finished with braiding. The skirts are variously i )l ;jited and oither plain or wiili self-fold at bottom, come in all the newest fall shades and manish mixtures. Price $3d.00 Sale of Long and Short Coats. r .l'-lnch All Wool Cheviot Ladies" Cubits, special price for all this week !f.').9S .•.L'-inch .Ml Wool lUaik fhcviot U-idies' Coats nicely lrimme<l in l)nild and. velvet. Special for all this week $7.JIS .Mt-inrh All Wool Kersey Coals in black, caslor and Ian, lieaiitlfully trim med; a regular $IL'.!»S values. Special price for all this week l|i|0,«0 .\ Kreal variety of Loii);. l -oo<;<- Coals in black, brown, tan. dark reil, leather shade. 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New combination of colors, choice, per yard SOo Choice of our Cue imported Altman's Voiles, Melrose and Tamis Cloth, celebrated Melba Chiffon Broadcloths in all the new fall shades. Prunella Cloth, Chiffon Taffeta, French Serges and a great matiy other cloths for stylish costumes. Take your pick for per yard $tm2S Antoinette cloth, 54 inches wide in black, cream white and corn shade, medium light wcisrht. a very beautiful cloth for fine costumes and evening wrspj. Special per yard $2mS0 For 46 inch newest Voilings and Batistes, also Chiffon Panamas, extra ffne quality In all the leading shades. 44 inch Crav- enated Wool Suitings, suitable for Suits and Coats, in ihe popu-~ lar mixed shade, choice per yard, 75o Imported fancy Broadcloth Suitings, in striped, checked and plaid effects, combination of light and dark brown, blue and black, green and blue, black and wine, jost the thing to make a nobby and attractive new fall suit. These cloths are 54 and 46 inches wide. Per yard flmSO Patricia Broadcloth in black, only 54 Inches wide, sponged and shrunk ready for the needle. Ask to see this beautiful broadcloth, it will surprise you. Special per yard $3mOO MILUNtRY SALE New all ihe iimem Secend Floors PEEf GETS THE GOP Ln H:irpe .Van AYin> Tenni> ('bam. plon>iiii) (if Allen Ceuutr. P.v defeating Phil Stover three ont of ionr sA 'ts at La Iiari»e yesterday afternwn Mr. Pcet of that city gets the lit't- of champion tennis player i>f this county and becomes the pos- ses-sor nf the handsome cup lx)Ught for the winuei by the lola Tennis chill Ity winninj; this honor Mr. Peet h.ib jirovcn himst-lf a tennis player of ilic biphest order for he had to bat- tie bard for it. Uoliver Upton by defeating Roberts .Thursday came up to Mr. Peet whom he iila.ved Saturday evening on the Pennsylvania courts. Mr. Feet won but he Lad to flght for every point. I'Ptonis one of the surprises which the teimls tournament has develo|>ed. He is ii youngster but a iiromising one in the- game of tennis. The' game yesterday at I-a Harpe was well attended considering the absoliite lack of advertising. In the •nelgbJiorhood of a hundred went over fixMu -lola and they were.amply reimld (by the exhibition. The first set went /to a-deuce. Peel winning by a score :;6f seven to five. Pcet took the two :flrKt igames and Stover returned the '.comjiliment by amtexlng the next two. tTbeit Peet took one and Slaver returned with another. Peel won' the Inekt. The next game went to deuce and Mr. Peet won. Stover won the next and deuced the set. Peet took the ne.\t two. the last game being a deuce and lasting tmtil Mr. Peet had secured nine i>oints to Stover's seven. In the entire set'Mr. Peet secured forty points and Stover 38. pretty a set as the tennis fans ever witnessed. The second set was also won by .Mr. Peet, the score being 6 to 3. Three tennis while .Mr. Peet is an old head at the game and had Sto\-«^ won yesterday it would have been a wonderful achlcveinent. But he may well be proud of the fact that he jiut u „..v,...w,. up such a strong game and also of the ^"'^"j stunt he has accomplished in walk- hig over such old players as! F. W. Hrewster. who is no slouch 'at the game called tennis. 1 Tournament a Success, The finals in doubles between Stov- DE-HOCBATS DIVIDED. .Va-ssachusetts Factious IVaut Different (iubernatorial Candidates. of the games in this set went to a 1 cr and Bowlus and Peet and Turner deuce. The points scored were. Pcet 35. Stover ll". Stover tok the third set «— I. winning the first, third, fourth, sixth, seventh and ninth games. Three games of this set were deuce games which indicates how closely the two were matched. Points scored in this game were Stover 35, Peet 28. The Fourth and final set went to Mr. Peet b a score of C—3. Mr. Peel started the set off by winning three straight, but Stover came back al him will i)robably be played Sattirday and promise to be a great exhibition. They will put an end to a most successful tournament and the interest ; which haK been created means that next year will see a genuine reviva lof the game. Interest this jear up to the startini; of the tournament has heeti somewhat lagging but already fellows who have given the ^ame a passing glance in the past are making i)reparations to start early next year and make a flght for the two handsome, cups. with the next three and the game assumed a pretty lively aspect. Peet j |-„„,ers. Important to Von. took the following three after a hard Don't irhe your iirnip Iron or Junk battle, two of them being deuce games, away. Don't allow any one to, hoodoo Four of the games. In the last set j„n oot of same. Brinic It In yonntelf went to deuce. Points scored. Peat and itet fall market value. I am head- 33. Stover 29. .juartert. for scrap Iron, all kindii of Stover a KeniarluiblF Plarcr. Ijunk, copper, braHU, lead. »lnc. hideti, By winning one set from air. Peet I ,,ejta, fnrs, tallow, wool, ngrs, feath- yesterday Phil Stover can lay claim tu I erm beeswax, etc. I ant,at present an honor that no other player of the \ najrinf 60 (o 70 cent* per, 100 poundx Springlield. .\|o.. Oct. 5.—Immediately afler being called to order today the democratic state convention resolved itself into two bodies. Ihe sup-1 porters of Uartlett for governor comprising one section and the adherents of H. M. Whitney the other. The Hartleit men held the stage while the Whitney men were assambled in the rear of the hall. The detail of policemen stalioned in front of the platfra-ni were ordered to permit no one from tlie auditorium to go upon the plht- fornis without the permission of chairman. he tournament can boast of. . It Is the flnt set Mr. Peel has loal and thai gentleman says that Stover is the making of a wonderful player. This for hcHt gradeit of Kemp iron. Be sure yon are at tJie right place and get a sqaare deaL B. L. IIARXARD. i> pracUcally Stover's first year In *"5S^/e*Jtii?wjSlS State Treasurer's Kepurt. Topelia. Oct. 5.—According to the quarterly balance of thy state treasury, reported today by Treasujer -Mark Tnllei-. he is now custodian I of $17.G8:j.T71..'-.0. ' On August :;i the balance In tht; varioii.s funds was $6X0,;!1.S.:{S. For the past month Ihe receipts Info tliese funds amounteil to $14U.214.52: thit I dlshiirs.^ments Jv42.214.52. leaving a balance on September :;0 of $48T.i:!!t. The bonds, securities and Cash of ; which the treasurer IK custodian •amounted to 5l.935.7tt2.71. A new record is being kept of the bond accounts, and all of the coupons are being checked up according to a co-operative system devised between the offices of the state treasurer and the state accountant « The Junior Department Stpre Flower Pots from 2 for So toJtScm Fern Pots, Hanging BaSkets, JartUnlors OR ABB SAYS: We have long had a reputation in this locality of fiU- •^iug prejcriptions with the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filling them in a way which met with the approval of the entire medical profession. The same careful work will be continued ir the future. The same high quality goods will be used that have been used in the past. We .solicit your patronage W.L.Gralil$, Tmlemhone 476 Premorlntloa Or$igglmt ItyaWautAd. In the Rmg^m'

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