The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 10, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 Tuesday,. Nov. 10,1964 CEMETERY VANDALIZED SAARBRUECKEN, Germany (UPI)—Twenty gravestones the Jewish cemetery here were overturned-during the weekend, police reported.' Police said the vandalism probably was the work of mischievous children. FOURTH ESCAPE ROME (UPI) — Seventeen year-old Male to iFabiani escaped Monday from the Volterra reformatory for the fourth, time in six weeks. In two of his previous attempts, young Fabiani was captured in -Rome -after slashing his wrists and jumping into the Tiber River. TO VISIT BRITAIN " ATHENS A (UPI)—King Constantine of Greece and his Dan-, ish-born Queen Anne-Marie will fly to London Sunday for . a five-day' unofficial visit, it was announced today. The royal couple" announced last week that • the 18-year-old . Opening Soon In Tipton Piano Bar and COCKTAIL LOUNGE MUSIC NIGHTLY j IF {you're « 5 for REAL SECURITY, SAYINGS ACCOUNT The sure-fire way to'your target is to form and cultivate the "savings habit"! Open a savings account TODAY , .. and save REGULARLYl We add liberal interest. queen was expecting a chfldi NO TIME LIMIT •_. '"mnJAPESr; Hung"ary ~TOPT7 —Hungary signed into jaw Monday an order stating there r is no time limit on war crimes, The Hungarian, presidential council "ruled out any 20 year statute' of limitations on the prosecution of war criminals. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF APPROPRIATIONS Notice is hereby given to'the taxpayers of the City of Tipton, Tipton County/ Indiana, that the proper legal officers of said "f municipality,' at their regular, meeting on November 23, 1964, at 7:31) p.m., in the City Court Room of said city, will consider pasxage of the following: ... ORDINANCE >"0.-S«7- • •- • AN ORDINANCE REAPFROPRrATIJfG FUNDS TO PAY OBLIGATIONS ACCRUED-'AND TO ACCRUE AGAINST THE CITY OP TIPTON FOR THE FISCAL, YEAR 1964. AVHKREAS: An emergency* now exists for the expenditure of more money during the current jear than was Set out in the published budget, ' - . , - • , ;t BE IT ORDAINED by, >tlie Common Council of the City of Tipton Tipton County, Indiana:.'; -.'£ ' ' .?.'v^".. ,v Section 1. ' -. ' '» _ A 1 '• .... That the 1964 appropriations be'reduced afe follows: PAKK DBPAKTIIKXT ' j' *. «T< Park 111-2-3 214 ' 221-24 1M • 17 51 57 coir 111-2-3 262 • 1 .".1 •J6 . Salaries .:. .: .Vi>.., Telephone .....'..:; Lights & Warer.'.-.i. Contractual Supplies '.. Insurance- .*.'. .-.x-.-.. Taxes : •iwimmlnir Pool. Salaries Miscellaneous; Supplies ... i Insurance lionds . Taxes ..... Cl Equipment. ., 1,400.00 75.00 75.00 424.00 200.00 105.47 45.00 S 2,324.47, 500.00 500.00 S 64.00 40.00 ;.. : .s -sa»jf» .-W J OSJ^^ >14 >21-25 262 *7 "•1 -,C :26 ir.AVOR Ml-2 !62 S ".S CI.ERK-TREASUKKK Telephone /- — J- Lights & Water ~.. - J . Contractual — * Supplies • — - f Insurance;... —' • • • 5 Bonds ....... J. Equipment * —• <•• * Total Park Department Reduction •.. Printing & Adv. 1 •. - J f iiscellaneous .-....."...--..'..- * upplies —. Contincencles . ::tv?;:;::u?K :jl 2.60 515.49 550.00 41.21 41.90 25.00 382.9S 25.00 60.00 550.00 300.00 1,559.1 (1 5.867.44 935.00 « CITY Ml .'4 2 V.LANX1NO '62 ••••t:v- .-..». .. s Bonds COURT . Transportation- Printing.^. Adv. - Supplies ' . Bonds - ... COMMISSION. ' Miscellaneous' . POMMO.V COl'XCII, '31 • Other Compensations J. 'EALTH & CHARITY 52 Miscellaneous .-.'i.i S FIRE DEPARTMENT•11-2-3 Salaries . ...i . J •21 Lights • * r62 Miscellaneous - j 10.00 S 10.00 loo.oo 50.00 10S.»« 7.50 J 265.76 ',1 . Insurance : ••K Ponds ... ••OI.ICE DEPARTMENT .J 800.00 S 800.00 50.00 $ 50.00 70.54 t 70.54 500.00 75.00 80.00 $. 126.98 ..$ 40.00 ? 820.98 •11-2-3 Salaries '. ; $ .100^00 '21." Salaries Temp......... . .i'- ... t *2t.%f : . '21-2-3-4 Heat, IX & Water . .... :v. ;•.. fit., S 500.001 •il : Printing-& Adv. fc... $ 75.410' '62 Miscellaneous .- .$ "76.1*0 42 Laundry..:.'.:*rrr:':...s s:ira- 7. Supplies ......... % 100.001 Insurance ..: ..: $ 200.61 is Kond.-T .; s 141.00 DEPARTMENT Lichts & Water ;.."..*..;: J 100.00 Printing & Adv S 50.00 Contractual % 704.10 Supplies,: ; *. $ * 600.00 Insurance ' ; :*; j 397.62 Bonds : ;.. S 25.00 Total General Fund Reduction -TKKET !21-4 •41 •«2 '7 -.1 ">6 (IAS TAX 11-2-3 -•'B 'i ? 1.635.17 1.876.72 6.464.17 Salaries . ..*...* $14,400.00 Total Gas Tax Reduction •Section 2. That the 19R4 appropriations be increased as follows: ARK DEPARTMENT urk .. • • Repair Bldg.. & Equip. ... f 400.00 Equipment ....j 4.60 51 28. fiolf 21-2-3 •51-2 62 ::U-2-3 '4 Lights & Water Repair Bldg. & Equip J. Contractual Gas, Oil. Tires, Tubes Materials j -wlninilng Pool 11-2-3 Salaries $ 51-2-3 Repair Bldg. & Eqyip $ 7 Taxes • i Total PaMc Department Increase • CITY COPRT ' $ ..IS i 1.400.00 500.00 4.10.00 25.00 800.0O> 152.01 2,145.83 10.00 $14,400.00 $14,400.00 404.60 $ 3,155.00 $ 2.307.RJ $ 5.867.44 il1-2-3 Salaries; Taxes. '. 400.00 -4.0U WEALTH * CHARITY'. .* *•- * Supplied..,.; .-. .'. Telephohe*:.'.» •. *' - ....'.*.".. Repair-Bldg. &• Equip. Laundry- '.:. .-.-.'.*: . Equipment ;.. 1. '•OI.ICE DEPARTMENT '52 -Repair Bldg. & 'Equip. ... 7 Ta,ies: li'i • DEPARTMENT. Repair of. Equipment' . .. Gas;' OH Tires, 'Pubes' ' Taxes V .'.' Mn.terlals ".- " Total General Fund Increase 400.00 4.00 404.00 KIRK STREET 262 " '.•Sl-2-3 "»7 44 •_ 250.00 $ 250.00 18.00 50.00 45.00 800.00 7 D .00 : 6.00 $ 905.00 -81.00 1.500.00 1.M00.00 : 310.06 2.014.17 HAS TAX '4 4,824.17 6,464.11 Materials..-.".'.:-•. .-$14,400.00 $14,400.00 Total : G&s Tax Tncrease ., $14,400.00 Section "3. That this ordinance shall be in'full force and effect from and after "ts passage, said ordinance being passed this day of November, 1964. ; *'• BAT'BENCH, MAYOR ATTEST:" • ........*• CAROL LORD, CLERK-TREASURER Taxpayers appearing at such meeting shall have the right to-be heard thereon. :The reappropriations as finally made will be automatically referred to the State Board of Tax Commissioners, which Roard will hold a further hearing within fifteen (15) days at the office of the County Auditor of Tipton County. Taxpayers .objecting to any such appropriations may "be heard by xaminers of the • State Board of Tax Commissioners, and interested axpayers may Inquire of the County Auditor when and where BUCIJ hearings held. i. . CAROL LORD ' Clerk-Treasurer City of Tipton, Indiana ! • C-32-38 LP. GAS For Your Every Need CYLINDER AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT NO INSTALLATION METERED BULK DELIVERY . v .-,- t , METERED AT HOUSE ' : ^ Z BUDGET PLAN LP GAS EQUIPMENT i5v FURNACES •"..'•'..".!- •" BOILERS SPACE HEATERS V WATER .'HEATERS f RANGES. . :': ALL RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCKS Your Only Tipton County Owned. L. P. Gas Company ; " ^ »i 11 A * ERVC0 INC. '•SERVICE TO. THE CUSTOMER" 107 COURT STREET "East Side Square" OS 5-40«4 T Castro (Continued -from page 1) Russia has an implicit commitment to 4efcnd Cuba. -And the Cubans, 'if they were trigger happy,-, could draw the Rus- Hospital Notes MONDAY , ADMISSIONS: Marilyn Zimmerman, Goldsmith; Frank Sans*"Tnto\T'crLTs "with*¥e !5 ea . verr i ! WindfaU; Norman United States. The State Department made clear that U.S. reconnaissance flights over Cuba would contin- Park, Tipton; Marjorie E p p s , Tipton; Julia Tragesser, Tipton; Mark Brown, Tipton; Glen Leer, Noblesville; Ena Ham, Elwood; Edna Lockwood, Arca- ue as necessary to make sure ?. lwul T' =™ «rca- that'j offensive missUe?. are notl 413 ''* Shlrley Hubba r d . ^Pton; reintroduced on' the island. '•3 Leaves Left on " . (Continued from page 3) leavesttTJie evepgrfieris do> tooy! and - for-' thesame'"Masons. Pines are ^dropping ...leaves (needles) . now.' So are ,hem lo£ks, yews ^i \a'nd '.brpader- leaved oneis like hollies,' iliodo-: dendrons a oJd . • .pitf^sporunis.; Some k e e p ; ' seye^al ' years; growth on and'isoote:"i>' — while larches ^andj-.bsdd cypresses keep none, over-winter. But, it'is always the , oldest leaves Wat^ft^opjj ^V ; .-C-. Also, don't, burbv the leaves on the lawn. It^ kjlls, the grass out beneath -the ; -fife and, if there are trees.'above it,- thej, heat also scorches tte^ranchVjl es. Take the leaves^fyPay as! described above ana qompost' them. Pay Television- (Continued from page 1) . Weaver said the final three days of programming this week were without charge ' to subscribers. He also said 4,000 subscribers in the Los Angeles area and 2,000 in San Francisco would receive a rebate of $5. ,T%e money had been collected jby STV as an installation fee^for the system's . program Selector. Programming started here last-July 17 and in San IFrancis- co last Aug. 14. Vina Lpngfellow ,-j •> Kempton; Roszina Nienader,..Tipton;-. Lucille. Byrd, Sharpsville; Oscar Boyd, Tipton;- Charles iParviri, Tipton; Mark Horfon, Mooresville; Shirley Kniger, Tipton; Darlene Causey, Windfall; Madonna .Anderson, Goldsmith; Erick Rode Tipton; Fib "Applegate, Atlanta'; Judy Kerfodf, At- 1 lanta; Josephine Ertel; 'Tipton; Connie -DeFabris, ShafpSville"; Freida Dick, Cicero; .E.'thel Spidel,;.Atlanta; Olas. T-y ; n e r., Sharpsyille; Vera Hammack,, Kirklin. " DISMISSALS: Oscar B oy.'d 'V Tipton; Nellie Tudor, Sheridan 1 *' Josephine Borgan, Tipton; EdJ sie Gross, Kemton; Mark Horton, Mooresville; Ruby Love, Tipton; Patty Letsinger, Tip- lion; Carol Creek, Tipton; Pat ? r ood, Tipton; Floyd Russell, ipton; Mary Oyler, Russia- fille; Patty Barger, Kempton; Mary Steers, Arcadia; Phil Hahn, Goldsmith; Ann Causey, Windfall; Mildred Miller Tipton; Rosemary Amos, Tiptojpgl^ Michelle Moore, Tipton; Albe'rr[ Bear, Tipton; Doris Ferguson, Tipton; Shawn Friend, Tipton; Lula Day, Tipton; Fred Small, Tipton; Lillian Harpe, Tipton; Harvy Hubbard, Tipton; Carol Friend. Tipton. BIIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. William H ammack, Kirklin, boy, 3:09 a. m., November 7. Rusk and (Continued from page 1) with Polaris missiles is strongly opposed by France, Rusk has been sounding out a steady stream of European toreien ministers on the matter in Washington. Johnson is also expected to take, up the' stalemated war in South Viet Nam. Ambassador Maxwell D. Taylor plans to return to Washington from Saigon later this week. COURT ACTION . In Re Estate of Viola B. England, Frank. Butner administrator. Inventory and appraisement filed. Petition to sell real estate filed. Sale ordered. u -• loi •. - - • ••' • •. /LICENSE APPLICATION Marlin David Rice, 18, R. R. 4, Tipton, factory worger, to Shirley Mae McKinney, 19, Elwood. ' ELK'S Thanksgiving Stag . This Wed. Nov. 11 Turkey and Oyster Dressing with all the ^trimmings • 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Alf members invited to attend TUESDAY ADMISSIONS: Randall Bradley", Tipton; Agnes McCord, Anderson; Barbara Headley, Tipton; Evon Shirley,;Tipton; Nor--] ma Jean Pryor, Arcadia; Joan Lake, Arcadia; Dorothy Heard, Tipton; Glen Dunham, Sharpsville; Guy Wilson, Kirklin; Harry Miller, Sharpsville;' Walter wards, Kempton;- Cecil Heffelmire, Atlanta. DISMISSALS: Wesley Cox, Kokomo; Ronnie Thornsberry, Atlanta; Robert Mundell, Forest; Roy Justice, Elwood; Esther Wood, Kokomo; Zora Cline, Kempton; Rachel Ferris, Elwod; Hattie Richards, Tipton; Glen Lerr, Noblesville; Mark Brown, Tipton; Lucille Byrd, Sharpsville. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Kerfoot, Atlanta, boy, 9 p. m., November 9. Mr. -and Mrs. Jim Headley, Tipton, girl, 4:34 a. m. November 10. -H 4-H Winners (Continued :frwn DageUn follows: Larry Rump, Hal Julius, Steve Eltzroih, Elvin Teuscher, Sidney Williams, Greg Smith,. Tom. ^wcom, Gordon, Jerry' Smith, Lester Smith, Jack Mendenhall, George O'Malley, Kenneth Amsbury, John Swift,' anfr Don Phifef. The Alternates are: Mark McCullough, Kenny Graves, Bill Dennis, Phil Barber, Bill White, Mike Orr, John,|Grishaw, Steve Quear, Jim Boone, and Jerry Harlow. The 4-H'boys* that will attend Ki wanis I junior Leader Conference weref announced by Richard Smith. They are as fol-. lows: . Jack Lee!, "Mike; Julius;Oren Rector, Jr};- a n d Larry Rump. The alternates are: Bill Salsbery, Rex Dunning and Hal Julias. The Be ^tv Agricultural Demonstration was given , by jjeff CampbelL ^he received a bond from the Production Credit Ass'n.' It was presented by Ed" Neary..' Achievement -- awards were" preSente6" r l)y Earl McNew arid*'•'•received' by-Everett Mc- Gfcrkle'.: T--h e< Electric awards were received by Randy Salsbery, John Hinkle, Jerry Ripberger, Denrtfs Henderson, Kenneth Amsljury% and Wayne Kennedy^ ThCi*ards were, presented by Curtis Kennedy. REAL ESTATE! TRANSFERS Max W. Rose, let al., to Hous- 4 »n|I7.'Stahl& et tf*'Pf of NWV4, acres in Jea|rJoh Twp. .f^Clyde W. Hasketi to Burley J. Sutherland, et uix. Pt of W,V6, NE,M Sec. 11, CwnrTwp. • ftwjlfiam. F. PowelL .et al., to James H. Pedigo, et,.ux. 5.176 acres in Sec. 25, j Cicero Twp. Erma M. Buckland to Elvin Guffey, et ux. Part of Lot 9, Tipton Original iPlat. Advertise In The Tribune FINANCE IN STYLE—Securities account executive Karl Suss- 'riiari get3 his hair styled by Darren Wilde and keeps up on latest stock market quotations at the same time in Beverly Hills, Calif. Wilde, who says more and more men are having their hair styled to fit personality and/or physiognomy, found that about 75 per cent of ms clientele is businessmen and brokers, so he installed the now .lnn»s News Servic '•;'• PROGRAM SCHEDULE The "Homemakers Program" with Mary Alice Crosson will broadcast the following programs over WBAA, 920 on the dial, this week. Wed. "A Stitch in Time" with Lois Folk. ' , . Thurs. "Color Through the House" with Ezelle Johnson. ..Fri. "Recent Trends in Housing" with Mrs. Shirley Smith. ..Air time is 10 a. ml to 10:30 a. m. daily. Special On Road 31 W ACRES Special Near East Union Has almost new 2-3 bedroom home. H. W. floors or carpet, attached garage, good well, landscaped, 28 x 40 barn, other out buildings. TEN DAY POSSESSION TERMS CAN BE HAD HURRY TO HOPE , HOPE REALTY ARCADIA DON HOPE T MASONIC LODGE Called meeting Atlanta Lodge 703 F., and A.M., Thursday, November 12, at 7:30 p.m. Intired Apprentice Degree- Refresh. Leon W. Jackson Secretary. rj Having a Club Christmas Party? Now is the time • to make your reservation while choice dates are available. Private Dining Room for your complete enjoyment. TOM'S CAFETERIA "Bunk! DI AN A Tonight & Wed. Shows at' 7 & 9 P.M. "Nothing But the Best" is a' serious story, lightly told and. thoroughly entertaining. It is j; _.screen. .comedy at its bes't. '*' "NdffWs BUT " ¥ BEST, Starring ,Alan Bates ur. - Ffi. - Sat. DOUBLE FEATURE I Opens This Sun. I KIW LAURENCE NOVAK;HARVEY IN W. SOMERSET MAUGHAHS "Hard to believe... "Must have had a 50-year-old Rolls... "Come on now..;'. "Amazing..." it !hr.iU><Moc<Uiki!>te: Ja.p*...««*i.'..W0api.-.:. The 1965 Ford rideSquieter; than a Rolls-Royce! W#h«TottlPltfcriDict^fe S ljaf )«totoFX)RD "This ad kills me... "Incredible!" if ft Ridiculous! "Farfetched!" tt f Hooeyl To the 5 out of 10 people who didn't believe this ad... ' Take a no-obligation test drive i* a 1965 ^ Ford.Maybeyoujust could^'tbelievethe 1 ?d (reprinted above) which appeared in . this paper a few. weeks ago. After all, ; r many consider Rolls-Royce to be one of the world's finest cars.' But Ford does > ride quieter. The world's leading acous- ' tical experts (Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc.) made the tests. The U. S. Auto Cliib certified the results. This year's Ford has the strongest body • ever...a revolutionary new frame that " "tunes out" vibrations... new ultrasoft coil-spring suspensions—all contributing to the new hushed ride. But the ride Is only part of what's new. • Newswept-back Instrument paael^addf > five inches extra knee rocon. BTrahlBrt^.'' slon tunnel is lower than' in competiag»ciJrs for extra foot room; • Trunk ha*more- usable space than ever—holds four 2*suiters' . standing upright. . .. • ' - '•'• j" ' •• ff--;-..-. ., ' • JSfw ultra-luxurious LTD, series — un- matched by any other car in FordS • SBent-FloventOatlon (standard on 4-door hardtops) removes stale air, provides fresh air even With all windows closed. •Exdu- > live new twin-edge key—works with either side up. ; >"... : : - ' ':' • Hot, but hashed, 289-cu. in. V-8 is standard! equipment in XL'ana LTD models. /•Smooth, thrifty, all-new Big Six in other 'models —the most powerful standard Six offered, by any car in Ford's class. V-8 options to 425 hp. • AD Ford automatic transmissions have 3 : speeds,'not 2 as in many competing cars. • FuUy synchronized manual transmissions —you can even shift down to first without clashing gears. If all this sounds like a lor for one car to offer . .. take a test drive.-See why more •people are buying Fords than ever before in post-war history. rooucTsof MOTOR COURNff Test drive Total Performahce' year yet to go FORD M R0S$ MOTOR SALES INC wjTAK-f*icoif*auui£.fOi »-ma ««wa 125 W. JEFFERSON STREET Don't miss "Th» Batti* of Brltabf'i Friday, N#*w *i (b«r.l «,-1M1 tM >m. tCh, ' i. , TIPTON, INDIANA »^lte6iVia ^y«ur hK.I FORD

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