The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 15, 1971 · Page 113
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 113

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1971
Page 113
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Students Can Vse Patio No-Smoking Rule at Bonner is Dropped KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) The Bonner Springs School District in Wyandotte County has abandoned the effort to enforce a no-smoking policy for students by lighting the smoking lamp on an outside patio at the high school. Dr. Theodore A. Stolfus, president of the Board of Education, said, "This plan is the lesser of two evils. In establishing the new policy, the board and school officials indicated students would face an automatic five-day suspension if found smoking in the building. A second offense would be grounds for expulsion. Other school districts in the area, including the Olathe and Shawnee Mission school districts in heavily populated J6hnson County, prohibit smoking on school property. "They were smoking in the restrooms anyhow." Dr. Arzell Ball, superinten- dent of the Sahwnee Mission District, said board policy also prohibits the possession of smoking materials on school property. "We've tried to be good sports about it," Ball said, "we do have a lunch pass a student can obtain to leave the campus." Mark Reynolds, 17, president of the Bonner Springs High School student council and a nonsmoker, said he approved of the new policy, but "it may give the school a bad image and when cold weather comes they may try to move inside again." Cites Damage Terry Pearce, 17, a smoker, said he approves of the more lenient regulation because "last year they just about tore up the restrooms. "But they are observing this new rule and are careful and put their stubs in a can." Asks That Wardens Head Any Probe SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) The nation's prison wardens should head any investigation into the causes of prison revolts, Don Erickson, president of the American Association of Wardens and Superintendents said Tuesday. Erickson, warden at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, said men in his position have the experience, expertise and insight not held by some who have attacked the prison system as a failure following rebellions at San Quentin,.Calif., and Attica, N.Y. "The men sitting on top of the powder kegs are best qualified to look into the situation," Erickson said in a telephone interview. "We have an understanding of the problems inmates face. But we haven't blinded our eyes to the fact that the best and only society for some people is a penal society," Erickson said. "We have many outside forces working on our institutions. Our prisons are being attacked as failures. Wardens are being labeled as failures. "But bv and large most of this criticism is coming from naive, self-appointed experts who. have appointed themselves with the oil of wisdom after a cursory visit to some institution or a talk with one of the products who may be tottering on the brink of parole violation," he said. Erickson said he had offered Announce New Plant at McPherson McPHERSON - KIT Manufacturing Company has announced that a new travel trail er and camper plant will soon be established in McPherson. The Long Search, Calif., based builder of mobilehomes, secfton- al homes, and recreational vehicles, now operates twelve plants in California, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio, and Kansas. The new 40,000 sq. ft. plant to be built adjacent to the company-owned site in McPherson will be the third for KIT;in thl: community. The company first broke ground in McPherson in 1959, when the 77,000 sq. ft plant was started. Two years ago, the firm opened its Sierra . Homes Division adding a new plant with 52,00 sq. ft. * Dan Pocapalia, president made the announcement for the company following favorable action taken this week by the McPherson City Commission when that body approved issuance of $350,000 of tax-free Industrial Revenue Bonds. The v McPherson Industrial Development Corporation had recommended such action to the Commission for the purpose of constructing and equipping a building to lease to the company. "Wg'll issue construction bids immediately," Pocapalia said "So that we can participate in the 1972 Spring market in the plains area." He added tha the company would exhibit in several trade shows in Louisville, Tulsa, and Dallas. The new plant will be a modern metal structure. Pocapalia /said mat employment in the ' peak season could total.up to , JAnK' ; ;' ; .-' ; ' / Hutchinson News Want Ads the services of his organization to Gov. Nelon A. Rockefeller of New York and said he hopes the governor will accept the help if he appoints a committee to look into the Attica rebellion, n which 41 persons were killed n a confrontation Monday be- ween police and inmates. The governor has said there would )e a major investigation. He added, "We realize cer- iainly that many things need to be done to improve our prisons. "We discharge people every day we know aren't rehabi- itated. We discharge people we enow are a menace to society. But there is nothing we can do sbout it because they have served their legal sentence. We lave no choice." Erickson said he thought society was confused about the role prisons should play, some believing they should be instruments • of retribution and >rotection for society, others )elieving they should be instruments of rehabilitation. Thus, he said, wardens are caught in the middle, attacked on one side for being cruel oppressors, on the other for bsing d'vgooders. "Sure, it's true that a lot of crime is committed bv ex-convicts," he said. "But why hang the prison for that? "People forget that by. the ime we get them, these guys lave failed at everything. They've failed at home, in c chool, at church and suddenly we're supposed to have the made solution. Well, I'll tell vou that you don't change a >erson overnight regardless of .he tools you have." The Hutchinson News LOCAL CALLS 662-3311 Long Distance (in state) 316-662-1215 collect Main Office and Plant, 300 W. 2nd, Hutchinson CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES t * Per Word (10 Words Minimum) 1 day—per word ' ?c 2 days—per word per day »c J days—per word per day . ^ c 4 days—per word per day '...'.'.'".'. TVic 5 days—per word per day '_, ''. ; c I days—per word per day ^ c 7 days—per word per day . '.'..'... 6c 8 or 9 days—per word per day $ c 10 thru 13 days—per word per day !""svie 14 thru 29 days—per word per day s e U days—per word per day ..' 4y, c Want Ads ordered for more than one day, but not running consecutively are charged at the one day rate. . 10% discount for cash with order. All words and numbers counted. The News wlH be responsible for only ONE incorrect insertion. 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SERVICEMASTER, MO 2-2365, Hydraulic Jack Repair "SMITH'S HYDRAULIC Jack Repair Moved — New Address 622 East 3rd, 'MO 3-4628. Lawn Mower Service LAWN MOWER, Chain saw, all types small engines repaired. HODISCO, 1217 West 4th. MO 2-0203. Miscellaneous Services Legal Notices TFlrst published In The Hutchinson News, September 1, 1971.) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF RE.NO COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ) ESTATE. OF ) 'HILLIP G. TEETER, ) DECEASED. • ) . NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL The State of Kansas to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified thai a petition las been filed In said Court by Clarence E. Hamilton, as executor named In the will of Phillip G. Teeter, deceased, praying for the admission to probate of the will of Phillip G. Teeter dated November 8, 1963, a copy of which Is filed with the petition, the original having been admitted to probate as the ioint will of Rhoda C. Teeter, and for the appointment of Clarence E. Hamilton as executor of said will, without bond, and you' are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 23 day of September, 1971, .at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day. In said Court, In the City of Hutchinson, In Reno County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fall therein, |udg- ment and decree will be entered In due course upon said petition. CLARENCE E. HAMILTON Petitioner MARTINDELL, CAREY, HUNTER & DUNN 601 Wolcott Building Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 Attorney's for Petitioner 8414 (First "published In The Hutchinson News, September 1, 1971.) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF ) THE ESTAT- OF ) Case No. 7274 MAEBELLE CADWELL, ) Deceased. ) NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR To the Creditors, Heirs, Devisees and Legatees of MaeBelle Cadwell, deceased, and all others concerned: You and each of you will take notice that on the 30th day of August, 1971, Walter Fraese was appointed Executor of the Will of MaeBelle Cadwell, de ceased, and duly qualified as such Executor and letters testamentary were Issued to' him on August 30, 197), by the Probate Court of Reno County, Kansas. All parlies Interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves ac cordlngly. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against tha said estate within nine months from the date of the first publication of this notice as provided by law, and If their demands are not thus exhibited they shall be forever barred. Walter Fraese, Executor of the Will of MaeBelle Cadwell. Deceased GILLILAND, HAYES & GOERING 212 WolCQtl Building Hutchihi'on, !<ahsa$'«7fol. ' {Attorneys for Executor ' 6411 _ _ Legal Notices (First published in The Hutchinson News, September 1, 1971.) STATE OF KANSAS ) ) SS: COUNTY OF RENO ) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF SAID COUNTY AND STATE IN THE MATTER OF THE ) ESTATE OF A. E. Me- ) GONIGLE'(a/k/B ALGIA E. ) No. 7300 McGONIGLE,) DECEASED. ) NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed In said Court by Bernlce McGonlgle, as widow, heir at law, legatee and devisee of A. E. McGonigle, deceased, and as executrix named In the Will of said decedent, praying for the admission to probate of the Will of A. E. McGonigle dated November 20, 1946, which Is filed with said Petition, and for the appointment of Bernlce McGonlgle as executrix of said Will, without bond, and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 27th day of September, 1971, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day, In said Court, n the City of Hutchinson, In Reno County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fall herein, judgment and decree will be entered In due course upon said Petition. BERNICE McGONIGLE, Petitioner WEINLOOD, COLE, OSWALT & SHAFFER 603-608 First National Bank Bldg. Hutchinson, Kansas MOhawk 2-0221 Attorneys for Petitioner 8413 (Firsrpubllshed~lrrThe Hutchinson News September 1, 1971) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ) ESTATE OF JESS R. ) No. 7298 CAMPBELL, DECEASED. ) NOTICE ^OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR TO THE CREDITORS, HEIRS, DEVISEES AND LEGATEES OF JESS R. CAMPBELL, DECEASED, AND ALL OTHERS CONCERNED: You and each of you will take notice that on the 27th day of August, 1971, Ethel B. Campbell was appointed executor of the will of Jess R. Campbell, deceased and duly qualified as such executor, and letters testamentary were Issued to her on August 27, 1971 by the Probate Court of Reno County, Kansas. All parties Interested In said estate will take notjce and govern themselves accordingly. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the said estate within nine months from the date of the first publication of this notice as provided by law, and If their demands are not thus exhibited they shall be forever barred. ETHEL B. CAMPBELL, Executor of the Will of Jess R. Campbell, Deceased. ATTEST: E. VICTOR WILSON, Probate Judge RAUH, THORNE & ROBINSON 315 West 1st Street Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 Attorneys for Executor / «405 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS CONNIE WIRTZ ) Plaintiff ) vs. ) CASE NO. DANIEL WIRTZ ) 19024 Defendant ) NOTICE OF SUIT THE STATE OF KANSAS TO DANIEL WIRTZ AND ALL OTHER PERSONS WHO ARE OR MAY BE CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed In the District Court of Reno County, Kansas, by Connie Wlrtz, praying for an absolute divorce, an allowance for the support of herself and her minor children, an order granting lo her custody of the minor children, a division of property, and costs of said suit, and you are hereby required to plead to said petition on or before the 30 day of October, 1971, In said court at Hulchlnson, Kansas, in the County of Reno. Should you fall therein, judgment and decree will be entered In due course upon said petition. CONNIE WIRTZ HESS, CRONHARDT, LESLIE «, BERKLEY 1201, Nprth Main Street Hulcbin'sfcn, Kansas 67501 15 CemeteryLots—-Markers When the time comes to~cKobse~a memorial for a loved one, will you know where to look? How to decide? What to jay? 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School. 3-5656 mornings. s" black~i'ram6~glasse1i, Schools. Instruction DANCE ARTS, Master' ce'rtilTcF"priv- ate program. Children's classes—Tap, Ballet, Acrobatic, Baton. Adult classes- exercise interpretive, social. Materials kit furnished. 662-2062, 3105 Farmlngton Road, end Acrobatic. Free transportation. Call MI3 J-3066. •_ _ _ At Adela Hale It's easy to enroll! Personal attention! Individual progress! Free job placement! STUDENT LOANSI ACCREDITED ACBSI AIR CONDITIONED - VET APPROVED COEDUCATIONAL — FOUNDED 1932 Call or Visit Today Adela Hale Business Career School 1st & Plum, MO 3-4419 Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 A BetteFJoB" For You v/hen you have been trained by SALT CITY Business College Bookkeeping — Shorthand Typing — Card Punch — Secretarial Business Machines — Business Administration Senior Accounting Call today MO 3-4488 Avo. A & Walnut Day & Night Classes Dodge City, Kansas 67801 WANTED: Combination club room op eralor and building custodian for Amor can. Legion In Ness City. Must bo 21 years of ago or over. Send applications !o Box 41, Ness City, Kansas 67560. Please 1st qualifications and references. Appll cations will close on September 24. 'FULL Time work for responsible man lo operate fork lift truck, load route Iruck, keep warehouse clean. Apply In Derspn to Richard Burgess, production Superintendent, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Com pany, Lyons, Kansas. NO PHONE CALLS FOUND — Prescription glasses, off' of East l?th. Call to Identify 2-1136, Employment ii 21 "Teaching Positions ~^_ Beginning and Advanced Accounting Instructor 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Age no obstacle. Must have degree. Contact Dick Conard, MO 3-4488 or MO 2-3237. Typing Teacher needed Immediately. Dial 663-4419 Hutchinson. 22 Help Wanted "WANTED: "Truck Driver or Truck Drlver-Torchman Combination. Apply In person-MiDWEST IRON & METAL CO., 700 So. Main. ~NEED~G"bo3~help for "Senera'rw'e'ldTnfl and machine shop. Prefer older men. Leo Bassett, 463-3126, Burrlon. • "MECHANIC wanted." Diesel "experience or willing to learn. Apply Ryder Truck Rental, Inc., 505 N. Jackion. __ "MAIDS Wanted~for" Fair Week. PKo"rfe MO 2-026B or come to 20? South Main, South Hutchinson. COUPLE to MANAGE Motel, vicinity Hulchlnwn. Write Hutchinson Mows, Box 95M. SBRVIcM - Staifon'atlenbanl," 8. Service man, OK Service Co., 25 East 30th. 22 Help Wanted "~'"" malntalnance In grain products plant, in Mid-Kansas. Need responsible, matun Individual. Ability lo supervise personne of three shifts essential, Must have mechanical ability, some knowledge o steam boilers and auxiliary equlpmen helpful. Write Hutchinson News 470 giving personal data, previous evperlcnce and salary desired. All replies conlldon tlal. _ — WANTED "" Welders, assemblers, brake and shear operators, and machinists. Fringe bone fits, 45 hour week. Equal opportunity employer. Please call, write, or see the personnel director. BJ MANUFACTURING E. Highway 50 Ph. 316-227-8173 OVER THE Road experienced Dleso Truck Drivers. Must be able to pass D.O.T. test. Good opportunity for the right man, call 662-6381, or P.O. Box 852, Hutchinson, Kansas. WANTED;" MECHANIC, Farm Equip ment dealership. Good wages, Benefits Bretz Garage, Dlghton. Call collect 397 5812 or 397-2228. Alk for Marvls or Rus sell Bretz. DE^P'EN DA'S Ll~OBY~f5Tba"bT iff fin" with one child and light housework. 7:30 5:30 weekdays. Must have own transpor lallon and references. Northeast location 662-8563. ~IMME'DiAf rr~0pbnrn~g~for"'skfllo'd 'sea cover trimmer and Inslallnr. Steady work lop pay, paid vacation. Inquire Joe's Sen Cover Conter, 206 Norlh Seneca, Wichita PART TIME — Earn 12<00 per year COLLEGE background required. Wrllo o call: Waddell & Reed, Inc., 407 Wolco Bldg., Hutchinson, Kansas, Phone 665-840C WANTED. Parl-llmo bookkeeper. Mus have npproprlalo training. No oxperlenc necessary. Write Hulchlnson News Bo 95-K. , LUBE MAN Excellent opportunity for advancomont fo man with experience. Must have ablllt lo meet tho public. Stop In for Interview and details regarding the good lutur awaiting the right man. Ask for Ke Osburn, sorvlco manager, Dwight-Thomas Lincoln-Mercury _ Eoal 2nd at Poplar, Hulcnlmon NEED $100.? WE need 3 ladles to help us In ou commercial booth during State Pair Guaranteed salary, Must be ambitious Write Hutchinson News Box 95J. PULPW06D"C UTTERS NEEDED at Clmarron, Kansas. Big wood short hauls. Contact Michael Armitrong Box 577, Clmarron. 24 Salespeople Wanted ARE YOU ftred oT punching Vcfock'? Are you as far as you can go on your present lob? Would you like a lob that Is depres slon and Inflation free? Would you like lo earn $50. or mon a day? Could you set your own work schedule' If your answer Is YES lo those ques lions, call Dale Tost, Royal Inn Motel 663-1211 today 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. ARE you looking for a position rathe than "Jusi a Job?" Why not see If yo can qualify for a rewarding future? Con tact Robert J. Danford, 663-3359, Farm Bureau Insurance, CAN YOU spare /, hours'per week te on extra (50 to (60? We n«ed 1 port llmi people lo service Fuller Brush customers «02-B2J<' cSRTnt«5, S'LTCTRS", PEPPERS. Eggplant. Stutzman Greenhouse. Closed Sunday, 5 miles Southwest on hlghwa^JO, 662-0828. __ _ _ ~APPLES7~JOnathan7 Delicious, watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, W.C. Slough- ton Orchard, 2 East, 1 South Medora. "CRIMSON SWEET "MELONSrOnelnTlo ast, Hi miles north of 30th Street on ilh and Buhler Road. John R. Dyck^ CRIMSON Sweet watermelons, "4" for .00. Black Diamond, Irish gray, 50c .00. 6321 North mum. _ __ WATERMELONS"— "Two miles north Olh and Plum, VI West. 663-9617. FRESH EGGS — "Pullots, 15c ddz7; arge 37c doz. Phone MO 2-7589. PEARS PPLES: Early Delicious, Jon-Grimes, and Fittings % to 4 Inch diameter, 112S and 160 Ib. tested, approved for water and gas lines. Also Schedule 40 approved by city. Easy to Install. Retail and wholesale. HODISCO, Inc., 1217 West 4th, MO 2-0203. 29 Public Auctions Turon Sales Co Turon, Kansas Livestock Sales Wed., Sept. 15, 1 P.M. These cattle ore already consigned fo Wednesday: 10 Angus calvos 2 to 4 weeks old. 20 Angus Bulls 550 to 600 Ibs. 20 Angus hollers heavy springers. 25 Angus heifers 500 to 550 Ibs. 15 Weighing cows. 50 Angus Springer cows. All the above cows will be pregnnnc tested and blood tested by i,»le date This Is a local herd of cattle. 11 Holsloln steers 475 to 525 Ibs, 18 Hereford heifers 400 to 500 Ibs. 35 Angus steers and hollers 400 t 500 Ibs. 8 mixed sleors 800 lo 050 Ibs. 45 Sloors and hollers 500 to 700 Ibs. 5 Angus cows. One Shorthorn bull 700 Ibs. 19 mixed stoors nnd hollers 300 t 500 Ibs. 7 weighing cows, 35 mixed callle 4(K lo 600 Ibs. We'll have n lot of drive In callle tomorrow also. If you have cattle d cell: Call HY 7-3070 Stanley Fairchild Owner-Operator Turon, Kansas Remember Public Auction '/i mile west and 1V< north of Raymont Kansas. Tomorrow Morn., Sept. 16, 10 AM Household goods. Some primitives an collectables. Farm machinery and sho equipment, ALBERT W, MEZGER ESTATE, OWHI3 J. C. Price, Admlnlstrnlor Snlo conduclod by DAVENPORT Auction Co. "Auction Is our only buslnoss — not sideline" South Hutchinson MO 2-77' Furniture Auction Tonight Sept. 15, 7:30 PM 15 Weet B Detailed List in Tuesday's Paper Financing Available Taylor Auction 15 West B MO 2-072 Merchandise 30 Wanted to Buy CARL'S FURNITURE PAYS CASH For Good Used Furnlluro 710 South Main MO 3-912 nSHESf PRICES paid for uswd~'fur nltur" HARV'S FURNITURE, 13 Soull Main, 663-9071. "WANTED ~"~Frult |ars," proferabTy quart size. Ervin Miller, Partridge, 567 2361 Collect. We~GIV.E"CASH for good used "pianos Call 316-662-4816. Get more for your furniture from Taylor Auction. .We will buy one piece or complete houseful. MO 2-0721. WE P A Y TOP DOLLAR " For Furniture, Appliances & M!f>c, MO 2-7993 oallhy. RUEBKE ORCHARD, 3W miles outh of Nlnnescah River bridge on Highly K-17, 2 East, Vi North, on tha West ide. Pretty Prairie. 32 Building Materials MOVABLE Homes Component Homes Component Garages PERRY LUMBER CO. So. Hutchinson Skinner Plywall Discounts 26 South Main 5-7121 Kitchen Carpets Rubber Back Shags 12 and 6 ft. Vinyl 12 inch Floor Tile 60 low priced selections of paneling to choose from. Come In & Save Cash & Carry! PRIMED HARDBOARD SIDING second grade 12-in. 16-fl. long Easy to install Easy to paint & Durable . . . by the bundle—IGc lesser amounts—IBMsC Easterday Lbr. Co. ISIOJSasl 4th MO 5-0831 S3 Miscellaneous "fteD'U'ClNfl'~'Wallbn~~aftcfrle roTTer mnssagor. Brunswick Monterey pool ta bio. 5-7051 or 5-5206. VACUUM Cleaners, hoses, bags, fillers, parts and supplies, FARNEY'S, 405 N. Main, MO 2-3751. SINGER Upright Vacuum Cleaner $1o. MIDLAND SEWING CENTER, 325 Norlh Main, 3-5351. BEST BUYS In 8-Track Tapes. Lalayolle Radio, 506 East 4lh, Hulchlnson. Opon II 6 p.m. 12-FT. McRAY Refrigerated produce case for snlo. Nlckorson IGA, HA 2-3298. 45""RPM Record!!r"l5c~oachl" HAYES RECORD SHOP 510 NORTH MAIN. FOR SALE: 12x20 Garage, newly fail onsy lo movo, $200.00. 2-8398. HOOVER upright, $10. MIDLAND SEW- NG CENTER, 325 North Main. oys — Reno's, 1304 Norlh Main. LOTS OF NEW & 'CTSlD Gl CLOTHING! Coats - Caps - Boots - Shoes - Overshoes - Jackets • Fatigue Pants - Fatlgua Shirts - Rain Caps - Good Army Tents- all sizes .... ELMO PIERSON 500 EAST O TOP' SOIL FOR Yll"youlTyard""«ir)d~g"ar- den needs. Very good. HOSKINSON SAND & GRAVEL MO 2-7783 Days ~WALL'P AP E R"—"" asn6w~arTO~<T~r6T[. PAINT 25c pint, 50c quart, $2.00 gallon. Look our special tables over for bargains! ELMO PIERSON 500 EAST D ' HOOVE R ' Dlattf-matlc" Vacuurrrclean- er, with attachments. Sold new $119.50— balance $47.50. MIDLAND SEWING CENTER, 325 North Main, 3-2351. MAKE beaten down carpet hap~at doorways bright and fluffy again with Blue Lustre. DUCKWALLS, 1303 N. Main, 720 E. 4th, 523 E. 30111. SAVE'THAT~SMlLe~".w"lth~K"oTaTc film 8. processing from Coberly's Photo Dopt., 1300 North Main. Your complete photo store. Crochet a Pantsuit 960 "Skinny" into this sleek pant- uil for town, travel. Crochet casual pantsuit or wear top as elegant dress. Lacy stripes for top, closer stitch for pants. Use novelty yarn, Pattern 960: NEW sizes 10-16 included. SEVENTY.PIVE CENTS far ench pat- ern—add 25 conts for each pattern for Air Mall and Special Handling. Send to .aura Wheeler, The Hutchinson News Necdlecraft Dcpt., 105, Bo* 161, Old Cholsca Station, New York, N. Y. 10011, Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. SALES AND SERVICE— All makei of sweepers. Klrby company of Hutchinson, 301 East 15th, Hutchinson, Kansas, 662-1251. 2, 3, 4 and 5 INCH"PiPEr'Sucker Rods, Beams 8, Structural Steel. 011 Field Salvage t. Supply 425 W. D, 6626237. ' j< IRBY — Heo¥Eir^~ELElCTfWoTOX Rebuilt, Repossessed Zlg-Zag Sewing Machine, HVC-SMC, 11 South Ma.ln, 2-9551. YYLER SO case beer cooler, less than year old. Paid $1250. Will take $745. Will finance. Call 465-2255, Haven. KIRBY Vacuum "Cleaner' 'with" attach" monls, $29.50. MIDLAND SEWING CENTER, 325 Norlh Main, 3-2351. $19.50. MIDLAND SEWING CENTER, 325 North Main, 3-2351. WE" MAk E~MAGNETIt~V6h1cle~slgns, engraved desk plates, door signs, badges, KAUFMAN'S, 662-3191. New structural and New reject pipe Vi in. thru 4 in. HUTCHINSON IRON & METAL 705^ S._Majn MO 3-3391 Big Carpet Sale Ail At Reduced Prices. Kitchen, Bath, Shags, 501 Nylon, Wools — bybee interiors 1301 East 41 M"A~KE~Eeaten down carpel nap at doorway* bright and fluffy again with Blue Lustre. Reno Ace Hardware 215 So. Main 1304 N. Main 4 Antiques "Jusi~opono3~SeHOCTT§ ANTIQUES, 1506 Cherokee, Groat Bond, Kansas. "COUNTRY'B'AT?¥"A'ni(5uel,~R'aTiSond", Block Wosl ol Main. Open Dally. Antique china and gloss,' carnlvaTglass, collectors bolllos. 1629 East G. 35 Boats, Campers, Eqpt." 12 GAUGE 1100, 20 Gauge 1400, 20 gauge double barrel, MO 2-4689. Printed Pattern SUPER - STAR QUARTET! Sew curve-yoke skimmer, coat, tunic, pants In harmonizing knits, tweeds, checks to mix and switch. Monogram! Printed Pattern 4591: NEW Half Sizes 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, 20%. NEW Misses' 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. Transfer, SeVBNTY-PIVE CENTS (or eact)/pat. ern — add 25 cents for each pattern for Air Mall and Special Handling. Send to Anne. Adams. Care pf The Hijtchlnson News Pattern Depr., 312, 243 West; 17th St., New York, N.Y., 10011,'Prlnt.NAMp. ' ADDRESS with ZIP, SUi and StYL«. NUMBBR. ,.- '' .• .'•',' •'/',''•''

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