Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1907
Page 5
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^.^ _ dottteAJ^fcsted •felatalisttcccMfaiiytreated.ctiiuges iiioder«te,good bosstaUsforpatients Cidlii tnswered promptly night or diy, ao years experience. Veterinary. Dentistry a specialty: f1rmakiS .BmmM9, V.S. ttonor QradiMta of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. HospiUt Phone 1068 Res.t Phone 139 "NOT HOW CHEAP, BUT HOW GOOD." Gunther'ft CandieftI A Fine Line ou Divplaj-. Hi SPENCER'S CITT SEWf. Tlie Hold Mine at the (Jrniid toiii)?Iit. Moler Barber College, Kansas City, Mo. Teaches the trade by free clinic and careful Instructions In few weeks. Positions waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. Western Association i Tlaj^ers Caused Oar Way Defeat j at Elsraore. It look twelve innlnBs ycslenla.v for the "Terrible Swedes" of Blsmon- to defeat the Our Way t^ani of tbla city. Fullenwidpr, who pitched for tho Our-AVays was thrro with the ••go <Mls" all the tlnii- and had ho been t.!v;>n support the Swode pitcher was Riven he would have bp.-n victorious in Kplti> (if tho hard hitting Olsonii of tho Wostorn Assocljilion. who woro htronp with with IIK - Ktk -k. if is to tho Olson brothers tbnt tho oiidit for winning tho Riiino Is du>. Thoy pull• d down hits wlilrh oidinaii'y would have won tho Kaino. Tho fln;il ;uv>ro V as fiMir to rivo in fnvnr of lilsinoro. Tho cinio S.itunl .-iv was not KM (•U \^r <ir InlorostlnK. Tho srnro was I iKlit (i) iiiio In favor of IClHiuor^'. • tor, who idlohod for llio Our Ways vot .•nvay hailly and toKolhor with niiinor- (MiK .Trfn -K on tho iwrt of his support I ho ICIsnior.' team sncceodod in plIluK fivo run.s In (ho first Innhuv Aftor til' first, tho panto WH': Hist, both ! Idi's niukiiiK sonsatlonal pliiyv. A Tiird. This Is to rrrlify lluil drunclsis are authorl/.rd to rofiind yotirinoiii'v If Foley's llonoy and Tar falls to ouro your coiicli or cold. It slops tho oouph. hoals tho liintjs .-111 (1 prcvonls sorlous rosults from a CDIII. Cures la cripiio ooii(;h anil pioyoiils pnoii- nionla and oonsuniptlon. ('nnlaiiis no opiates. Tho Rouuino Is in a yollow I)nckaKo. Kofuse siilistitutos. UurroH's .MKS. K.VILKNKK Wile «f T» ttH-OKADO. ill Poor MAYOR MACUY of OkniulRoe. I. T., and Oounoilman Churoli of Claro- more, 1. T., woro in the city Saturday louklii); ovor tho <-ily nas plant with a view of soourin); inrorinatioii that may be helpful to their plants. City Clerk Wondorf was showinj; them through tho plant. Mrs. Tost will open Danrine Classes in Masonic hall Friday oveninK. Ort 11th, 8 o'clock, and a chililren's class] Saturday al ;! p. in. THEHK WILL bo sorvlros al St. j John's church thlb ovoniug as lia; been aunouncod. Wanteil—ICvcrybody lo know that W. B. Ktlley & Son have moved thoir transfer'and sioraKo office to mi South WauhlnKlon. Office and Day Phone 300. Iirr>ldencc and night Phone 1?. RliV. X' II .lONKS, fcirniorly jia>- tor o tho r n. rbiircli hero, hni now •j roddofll of Ind'pi'mlonci-, proachoij yostorday at Ibo I'. 11. chiiicli J. V. Tanner, lirrnsed anctlonrrr and sale crfcr, .'W.'i North McHca, Oas Clfjr. ".No .Mother to UniAv Her" at I he Grand t^inorrow ni^ht. Free CookiiiK Scliofd at &. Aushornian's Tuesday. MR. A.ND .MRS. Orvlll" Woddlo. for merly of this city, but now of Shawnee, Okla., aio in tho city visitin:^ friends. P. E. WanKb, DenllsU Phone 186. Offlee OTcr Bnrrell's Drnif Store. CHAS. SCOTT wont to Moiau thlK. aftornoon wher;- ho will dcllvor his Panama locturo tonight. Dr. J. F. .TaraeRon. Gradnale Anrtion- eer and Veterinarian. Saled or rails made anjwherr. Phone 13, lola, Kas. JOHN F. r.oshoni wont to Indo pendcnce this aftornoou to attend court. I have a number of second hand Sewing .Machines as good as new. Siqger Se.wing Machine Company. IIO East Madison avenue. 0. R. tJARI) wont to Yatos rontor this morning on a businoss visit. .. lias liispe<-t«r Health. Al FanlUnor oxpocts lo li>avo in a day or two for Colorado Springs, vvltli Mrs. FaiilKiior whn goos tlii-ro for tho l ):'notit of bop hoa^tli. -.Mrs. Faiilknov has bofii in poor lioalHi for sonio tinio aiMl it i*; lioliovod that tlio •'hango (if rliinalo will bcnolit li»^r con- d-tion. .Mr. Faulkner Is thr; city gas Inspootor and the <-iiiiitnitloo nii.'t Satin day to soloct soiit"' otio to lr)(d>' after Ills diiti'-.s until be ri'tiinii'd whirh will prolialdy be in .-i we-.]; or ti-ii i!!.\S 'I'lie i-nniniltloe. hiiwever. ile- clded. that 1 he apiiolnf inent s!ioiil(| lie iii.iije liy tlH' iii :niir. which •.vill liKelj ii • iimie In.!.' .if lotnor- rili:ifl'; win !»• hantiMnal :;orv |i'es iii 'Xt Sunday tiulit :i< tin- Clirisflan i -liiiridi when Mr.;, Wnoten -iiid Mr Wllloiigliliy Willi w <Te l.ilion Into tl )i' rlinreh Ml llio ser\ Ices, will recoiv! the oi'illiiani'o of liaptlstn. There Wi've three peiipli' taken Into the ellineh ill Ihe siTVlr y esfefl.iy . Mr. liiiil Mrs Wimten and .Mr. Wllloimliby. At the yiiiiiig piMi;ili's nieetjim the larm" Mini of $i::'. was p|ei |i;i -il bv the nienibers nf the soeiely Inward till" obiircli fund. tlie inast cm aii^ clean&nen which procluce the old original egg and 8ug;ar coat^ed ArbucMes' Ariosa CoiFfee, no one coiddl ever, tempt you to change to any other coffee. IARBUCK1.B BROa. N«w Totk CItr. . NO SHOW LAST NIGHT snXU. TICKET SALES, Iluslness ill Snnin Fe PaNsenfrer l»c- purtiiH'ut l.litht SntnrdH}. lUg Crtind Wailed in Vain for Grand Doorn to Open. "Tli.'io will bo no show tonight."; si .lil a disa|ipoiiitoil man to the long line of people gatjieroil in fronf of the Crainl last iikMit. awaiting for the door.-! to open. Tlio iiianagomont of the tlioatro dlil not announce Satin-j day night that there wniilil b:- no show last night and as a result the rigular thoatro goors wore on hand. When the time ranio for the i|o:ii -s to open, the ticket salesman was nut on hand, th:' doors wore Torkod and th" house (talk. Tlie si;|ewalk was ciowd- od with pooplo who could not iiiiilor stand till! situation. Finally a niaii got In ciMinoction with the in .aiiago- nioiit'of tho theatre and was told that "thori> will bo no show tonii^lil." and tho crowd went home. It Is understood that I lie maiia ^f- moiit desired (n- fiiiil «)iit bow many people like to alleiiij a Sunday oven- iiic show and so no annoiinoeniont was Iliad"'. TI :o crowd which was on band coliviiired the tiianag •iiienl III.TI CDoil hoiipo cniiltl he ••xi >rrt "d a! i Sunday ev <"iilnK hlllw. Tho first day's biisinosr; of tho lola olllco of tho Santa Fe, since the two e •111 passoiigor fiat rate wont Into effect, showed a decided decrease In the amount of money taken In as well as the iiiimbor of tickets sold. Last Sat iii-iJay was the first day for the two cent far;' iind It was expected that Ihe iiumbor of tickets sold would be liirgor than usual, it is hard to even 2110SS why th<' tiumbcr of tickets sold should he s!nnller than usual. APPKAl.S TO SIPUE.MK «OIKT. Ruller Counly. Kansas, Mants a .New Court House. HI: OF "AFFIMTV" FAME. Karle, Worn On! I 'liT.sically. t-'ors (o Sanitarlnin. ">o Mother to Guide Her" at Ihe Grand tnmorronr niKht. A GIRL was Iwirn last night to Mr and Mrs. I ^IKI of Has.sett. Dr. Rejaoldt. Phone 8S6. Ren. 614. MRS. ROY m -SlI of .South street who for several weeks was not expected to live, is reported as miidi bet ter today.:and it is now thought Iliai she is out of danger. Mr. Roy Rush who was.also dangerously sick is now able to be up and around. • We have a few of those cheap 1of.=i left In Highland Place. Whitakcr & Donnell. R. H. BENNE-TT is very ill today It is believed that he Is surf3r:ng from an attack of ptojnaine poisoning. Ho was thought to be in a very ser.ous condition last night. in. CantrelL Flioae lOW. «!(• Xfttktr'.ta- Gaide Her** at tlte I ,\<'w York. Oct. 7 - Worn out by ll;e vlieniloUS experlencf he has had ^Jllce lie sent bis v\lfi>. Willi their cdi Id lo Fiance, lo net a divorce, so that he could many his 'air iilty." I'/'rdlnaiid I'iiiney lO.iile Is to seek rest lor Ills Ira //.h 'd jiirves In a .Mlidi lean :;aiiilarliiin Afl>'r lie ha-: Mifllc ieiilly |ei :overi '(l li- liih 'iiils sailing for ICiirope. It was said today by Alfred Kntl- cer. brnllier of Ml ;s .liilia Kiittner. the ••.•irfiiilty." that the art ••fi; irln abroad would In- for the piiriiire of studying art. but l';arh;'s ledihliors I:; .Monroe say that he Is idiilng for lb:' sight of his year old son. Ilar- olil. who is in I'aris with .Mrs. Karle. SiMiio go so far as lo say thjit Karli? may seek a reconciliation with his v>(>'. although little croilence is plac- • d in this riMiior. nii ,i, F\FOK« E I'RoiiinrnoN. Haskell .Says WiHi'f Half for Okln- hiiniH l.oslsliiliirc to Ar(. <;i !l.'itl<\ O T. ')'•' T -:;iiv<rnor • •:ee| Ila.^k.dl sla''-d l.iil.iy that he will force 111 • )irohllpiloiy l:iw inimedl- .iN'iv upon Hie I;: ••lani." of the ;,fate- lii.od I rnrUiiiriKon This is a heavy lilow to saloon iie'ii. who have h'lti.'d . Iliai they niigl'I hold on until the lof;. ji-,ia('rr" iii"''di.; for ;he enffircemeiii i>d the proliiliitlon sect'on in Ihe con- siitutlnn. "The condltii'ioiial provl'-ion relat to pril ihifi 'iu Is a:niile authority i f(.i~ Ml • III .icf upon at once, withoirt : "v .litMlK for the |e ;;iKlatliro to enact l.iv..^ on tlie ;;i|l )ject." sa'd ll.iskell. j .\ banipiet will he given to .Mr. and I .Mrs. Ilaskeil and (loorge Bellamy, j lieutenant governorclect. at tli,'> Royal Itolel in liiiihri" on the ni"li! of Octo- t i-r Topelia. Kas.. rii -t. 7.—Hiitlor conn iv has a court lin 'ise suit in the su pieiiie court. Fniler the iirovislons of th? law perniitlini: any county with over $2."..unit in Its treasury, to build i now conct house. Ihe commlsslonor.s ordered it built. Tho state's name was si'ciired to gi't an Injunction to tost the roiistitutioiialily of the law. The PiiljiT county dislriet coiirl ovi -rrulod till' nioiioii. and tod .iy an a|ipen! v .a^'I 'lade to tho supreme eoiirt. HM/roN SEES (JIMTHRON GAME. \ >rw Experience Vrslcrday for the Paroled Kansas Convict. Lawrence. Kas.. Oct 7.—Kmmett llalton. the paroled convict, spent tho day here jiml witnessed the first foot- hall game he had ever seen. Ho said that it was just fifl-en years ago today that llie r.iinoiis r.ild was iiiade on Coffovville. "I will see :i hallle, Imi of a differ- eiil kind," lie said before leivinn for the game, ••lliHii 1 Haw fifteen yeiirs ai:o." Ill' was d'I'glited with the game, lie came frotii Topeka in a motor car. JiritOEKEH FOR .nO \EY. .Man Heard Family Had if:tOO and He Killed Three, Ccishon. \. Y.. Oct. ".—Clias. Henry Rogers was cjilled on today to answer a charge tfiat he murdered Frederick and Willis OIney, prosperous dairy fanners and the flaiighter of their housekeeper. Alice Inuoriek. Rogers is thirty two years old. .lie has n wife ami live children and be is said to have confessed to Ihe crime, saying he was In need of money. Ho had heard tho Oliieys had received Hirer! hundred dollars and armed with a piece of gas pipe he inurd''rcd and then rcldied them. (•01I.MISSI0>EKS ARE I> SESSIO>. Five Killed in Wrerli. Warsaw. Ind.. Oct. 7—Contractor W F. K 'Hinlz. i >r Fort Wayne, was killed and four other nnii injured In a frei ;;lii tr .iiii wreck today on the Pi 'iiiisyivaiiiii road near llourbon. Ind. The Standard Ederheimer, Stdn tc Co, A Full Line of' CRAVANETTE COATSl Grod for rain or shine Prices— $10 to $20. K. (' Star: Tbursdav evr'ninc, Or. lohi-r Ml, the yoiini; people of the Moanil .\venue .M. K. church will girt* I out .•rtniiiniont foi the iienohl of ! Hilly V illiams. niliistro! and philan t^ now broken in hoaltli and almost dostitut-'. An attractive musical progi"am has btep arran.^;<'d. I; will be i;iv^n in the church. .\'iii>h and (jraiid. CAe Barclay [Shields. Clothing ^ Cc^ TnC STORE THAT SATttFIES. AI.L, L.\DY Maecabei-.^ are requested to bo present Thursday p. m.. at ? o'clock at the K. of V hall and brine refreshments. Husini'?=s of import- ai'.ce. CONTRACTOR Myers has not yet ben notified by the city to put In new curbing on South Walnut street, and until he receives notice, he is undecided as to what he will do in regard to the matter. i Hills Allowed This Teiim Larger Than I'sual.: The county commissioners are hold ing their monthly meeting today. The ^reater part of tho day will probably ho taken up in tho consideration of regular bills. The blMs will probably amount to more this month than usual as the court expenses for the Septem- lier term are included. Cut Glass Is .settled by purchasing only that brand, whiclr has been pronciinced the best, not only by connoipeurs. but by all people of taste the world over. Most dealers are willing to admit LIBBEY is the best; but say it is hfgh- priced. A visit will convince you that it is cheaper than other mates when cuttings anfi valiiea are compared. Attorney Kellog? Is Trring to ProTe What Standard BeaUy Is. .\fw York. Oct. 1. —^The result of the Inspection of certain books in the secretary treasurer's (ifllce of the Standard OH coiupau'y by the staff of the government accountants will probably lie told today when the taking of testimony in government's suit against the Standard Oil company is resumed. The fact tliat these accountants had been at work on the books for several days was not made public till .vcster- ihiv. .Mr. Kellogg had asked for the ri 'cords of the old board of Ibiuidation trustees, by which ho wanted to ybow that III" preiioul Staiidnrd Oil com paiiy of New .lersey is really the same old trust under a new naiiio with the same iiiti 'rest:; In confrid, but was told the :.tock transfer hooks were mlsr.iug. I,:iier Assistant Controller May admitted there was Huch a book at Uroad way and Mr. Kellogg demanded imd sediri'd permission to inrpcct It. Mr. Kellogg is said to be pleased with what he found. KFI'ErTH>\ FOR '_'»> ME.MflERS. K. of J,. Arrnnere for Big Time Next Friday Mirhl. The Kniglils and l.ailie.t; nf Securitv are arranging for an especially good tinio next Friday ni?hl when the regular iiistallatinn of officers ifi. to occur. .\ supper and reception will bo given to tho 26 members who have been taken into the order In the last two month."*. Tho lodge menihoi-s are making an effort to make this ono of the most KurcoKsful installations that has evrr been held by that order. The fnllov.-- ing officers are lo bo Installed: .1 1... Ilarbaiigh. president; Mrs. Willov. vice president; Mrs Fagiu-r. second' vice president; Mrs. .1. I., llarbaugli, prelate; Jlrs. .1. W. Newman, conductor; R. O. Smith, ciiard; Rert Raker, senlitiol; and -Miss Kflio Holfrick; pianist. Moderate Price lalumef Baking Powder U.OOO.OD will b© f*»Tn bcnitbfnuo InJurinuNto luruliinirt.^ STI'HKS SPEAKS AT I'EABOHV. Fa»ors llirect I'rlniary, Oppose-s Trust and Corporallon.s. Foabody. Ks.. Oct. 7.-W. It. Stubb;: talked In ;i lar ^o crowd .lero this af- fr-rnoon at th" piciitc of the Anti- Horse Thief .Association in the par7^. He advocaleil the direct primary, talked against the formation of trn;!:- and auainst corporation" mixiiic In politic.'? and advocated makinc laws which would control the corporations and trusts. Mr. Stubhf. was accompanifd by Senator Dolley. Hon. .1. W. Moore, and ofh'-r politicians were over from Mnrion. Aftor tho speech th"re were horse raeo.s and a race between men .".(. years old. As an example of th° work done by the Anti-Horse Thief Association, a team of horse.t! which was stolen in Burton, Sept. 2S. and captured in f^mporia, were exhibited to the einwd. LAiVREXCE CASE .\0T SETTLED. The KansHH Supreme Conrt Wants to Hear More About Bonds. Mo. Pae, Santa Fe, aaA A T. Watefc iBipeetor.: Topeka. Kas . Oct. 7.—^The supreme court made an order today that the university bond <'ase. brought by the stale to collect $100,000 in bonds issued by the city of Lawrence, should he reareued before the court. The case was siibmited on briefs and by oial argument last May, and It was exj.iecled that ' a decision would be handed down' today: The Court decided that on accotint nf some changes in the court and the fact that .Iiidgc k. W. Henson. a new member, was not familiar with the case, that a new argument should be made. The bonds, amounting to $100,000 and bearing interest at 7 per cent, were issued in 1S70 and were to run for twenty year.=. The moneju w-as used for the building of Frazer hall at the university and were issued by the city aftor an election in order to put the university on a basis needed for the many students who were then atteii|ding the school; L,awrence got into financial difficulties and refused to ps^y. TO jriOttT The Robinson Stoc* Gq Presents "THE GOLD ffliyE.'> f; Tomorrotfj ^lejit, .. "Xo Mother to Guld^Hcr;' - Crescent SpeoM Mailnod tvery Aftmriiooa TODAY ".MARLEUm STOHl " This Film is 2 T-OO F<;ct I.oii;;. Open from 3 »o 5 A 7 lo 10 p. ra. West Madison. Admission i>P. Call on jyi^FFJLKB When ueeding anything in the Jewelry line. STEVE R'S OROCERY Hudqiiartera for Good Thin((s to Cat. Tele|)hoDe 139 Special Drive in Underwear Big Sample Line Bought to Sell at a Great Reduction. The Iowa Store For .Sale Cheap, Good Farm and City Property. See the THE JAYHAWKEE LAND CO. for quick results. Old Court House, lola, Kans. i?. GILFiLLAN, General Contractor. Flagstone and Cement SldewalkB nr\% Curbing a Si>eclaltyj Office 119 East .lacbon Xn^ Phflnn 164.. Special Sale- on L'.">c L'-'.c Visit the K. C. Baiting Powder Dem: onstratlon at Co.wan & Aushennan's I Tuesday. Korn Kinks, f. package.^ Kgg O See. .1 packages Dr. ('rices Food. :'. pack.ige.^ . . Ralston Homing Orits, ?, pkgs—"i'-r I^ettijohn's Wheat Food. 2 pi^cs . . .y:,n Shredde<h Wheat KiBcuit:s, 'i pkgs. Life, a wheat food cooked ready, to eat, 2 packages l.'.c FRYER BROS. Or.K#ry and Wea- Market Phones 308 and 301 . lola fiosiness College Peilinanship. Arithin^t^ivlBtociutloit,' Bookkeeping, I^Iiah, Physical Cul-! ture, etc., Sh6rthand,.Letl^r.lf?ritins.-

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