Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1907
Page 4
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t CIXCULATION 4A )0a TBLimONU. !ltl^ BffllM tv^wr Mi* OBiiii*••••*>•• Three UoBdred People at Cbareh Ded' Icatloii Frlglitened lij SMSglng Scab*. • •UMCMimON RATBt. •l eprrtar In Iota, Oao City, LanyonvlHo or LaHwpo. Om Itoatt...... 44 oMiU wo ^oor,««.iE.^.j.^^.u>.,,.',»j,.ti.M, tao Taor. ta •dwioe.....v ..#TTT ^...|4-M. ntoo Months in adTaBOB..»...'....tLM. teo Mbatt. la adroaeo. .44 at lot*, KanMS, Footoffloo^ ai o«cond-oiaaa matur. MTirtiiiBS Batto Made Xnowa oa A»- OFFIiDU] PAPER, Cm OP BIS* SET. MBMBBR « AMOCIATBU PRIM. . Tho loia D Illy RCWICMT IO a immbw ot Hta Aoooalii^td Prm and RtcelvM tho «ay nport < f that oroat news organlxa- Sam fqr lustvo Aftmoon Publication m lotaL INQUEST IS POSTPONED Koported That -Moro E\ id«'n«'«> -Miiy Br Socun-d TodHj. ,Tlie inquest in tho Sapii muiUor case at -Moraii was i)(»s (|iom .'<l today until tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger, County Attorney ,IVierw)n and Coroner Weill wont over to complete tho taking of testimony, if anything additional liad been found since a wceU ago today, but uiion their arrival th<Mi' dismissed tin- jury imtil tomorrow, morning. At Itl this afternoon the officers -liad not returned and it couhl not b.! learned w;iy the matter was postpoiiod. A mesrfago from Moran this afternoon was to the <?ffoct that a little more lime was wanted to run down some evidence. WiiM liiat evi douce was could not be learned. Were the cries of .Miss Sapp. who i.. believed to have been murdered in the back yard of her father's home in Moran one week .igo last Friday night, that of Mother! Mother. orlMur- der Murder!? Mrs. Sapp. mother of the unfortunate girl, Isclieved that her daughter cried "mother." but those who are li>timate friends ofMhe family beliieve that she must have cried 'murder." They say Miss Sapp was not in the habit of calling her mother by that name, but called her "ma." They therefore advance the tlieory tliat it would have been unnatural for her to "have called "mother" rather tUan' "ma,' in times of danger or distress. And since the two words, "mother" and "*murder' sound very much silike otie could have easily been mistaken for the other, they draw this conclusion: If the theor>- that she cried "inur- der" is true, there is but little if any nason to believe the suicide theory, w-hich some people still advance. To add more strength to the murder tijepry. it was rumored in Aloran last Saturday afternoon that a man was seen to mount a horse in the alley two blocks nortli of tlic Sapp residence, "and ride rapidly in a north- ^•este^ly direction. It is said that this occurred about two uiinufeB after the tlmo of the tragedy. Fort Scott. Kas.. Oct. 7.—Near the close of the services dedicating the $50,000 edifice of the First Methodist Episcopal church yesterday morning, the balcony, seating 300 people, sagged two or three Inches, throwing Us occupants aa well as those below in a momentary panic. Dr. L. H. Murlin, president of Baker university, had just concluded his dedicatory sermon and remarked, "Now I have a surprise for you," when the accident occurred. People started to scramble from tho balcony but were stopped. The pipe organist commenced playing and the services were proceeded -with. The Cap of the i)ler directly under the balcony pillars broke and the old brick in the pier sheered. The pier was constructed out of brick from the old church. The good fortune which had attended the church building movement seemed to desert at the eve of dedication Sunday. Dr. Robert Forbes, assistant secretary of the Church K.xtelision society, was to have preached the dedicatory sermon. The death a few days ago of lir. .lames King, secretary of the society, made It ImiHJssible for "Dr. I'orbes to come. Dr. W. A. Shaitklln, president of Upper Iowa university, who was to have preached yesteniay evening, is ill with pneumonia. At tlie services yesterday morning if was announced there is no debt on the church. A substantial purse W.TS rsiised to give the pastor, itev. K. .M. ICvans, a vacation trii). ORINK PLENnr OF mm (;(M»U AIIVICE AM» A SI.HPLE IKKMK rUESCRIl'TlOX BY E.M. INENT AITHORITY. How to .Muke This Siilt'udid Kciucdj for KIduej and Hluddrr WMikuess and Rheuiiiatisni. ' Tlie people here' do not drink enou};h water to keep healthy." exclaimed a well known auihorit.v. "The numerous cases of stomach trouble, kidney and bladder diseases and rheuniatisni are mainly due to the fact that the drinking of water, nature's greatest medicines, has been neglecle:! Stop loading your system with i>at- ent medicines and cure-alls: but gel on the water wagon. If you are really sick, why, of course, take the proper medicines—plain common vegetable treatment, which will not shatter the nerA'es or ruin the stomach." . When requested lor such a prescrin tion for the cure of rheumatism and kidney trouble the answer was: "You must make the kidneys do their work: 'they are the filters of the blood. They must be made to strain out of the blood the waste matter and acids that cause rheumatism; the urine must be neutralized so It will no longer be a source of irritation to the bladder, and. most of all, you must keep these acids from forming in the stomach. Tliis is the cause of stomach trouble and iioor digestion. For these conditions I would suggest the following prescription, which is com- l>osed of only vegetable ingredients, which can be obtained from any good prescription pharmac.v. .'^ny one can mix them by shaking well In a bottle: Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half ounce. Compound Kargon. one ounce: Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla. three ounces. To be taken in teaspoonful doses after each meal and at bedtime, btit don't forget the water. Drink plenty and ohen." This valuable Information and simple , prescripllon should be posted up in each house- Iwild and used at the first sign of an attack of rheumatism, bnckuclie or Atteutinn Farinen<, Important Ui Yon. Don't Kl«fl your t<rra|» Iron or junk away. Don't allow unj one to liMtdon yon oDt of tiuw'v. Brine it In yourself iind Ki't foil market TUIUC. I am lieail- (|Dartrri< for xrrap iron, all kinds of Jank, ropper. liraMs, lead, zinr, hldps. pflt«, furs, tallon, wool, rairs. feaUi- itti. »»e*^nax, elr. 1 am at pn>»>rnt pajioK 40 t« 70 ri-nts per 100 pounds for lient" grades of scrap Iron, lie sure jon are at' the rlirht place and get u square deal. B. L, BAK\AK1>, Succefisor to h. Knipp, HH-SiH North Bnckeje. Street, lola, Kansas. THE BJC; HIXT l.S 0.\. roUler, Champion Aeero Bear Itunler IVHh KooHereH. TamlKJUl, La., Oct. 7.—Holt Collier, the champion Mississippi negro boar htinter, reported at President Roosevelt's camp earl.v today, ready for business in the cane brakes. He brought a fine lot of dogs. The first report of killing since the arrival of the presidential party was received today. Pen Lllley succeeded in killing a fine buck late Saturday. President Roosevelt dined yesterday on venison. The Allen County Bar Association Et its meeting Saturday afternoon elected the following officers: John Goshorn, president; J. R. Miller, vice- president, and Robert McMiUen, sec. rotary and treasurer. a- Kotke. The K. P. A. lodge and Blue Cross ladies are all invited to be at Humboldt October 9th und stay all day and bslp celebrate the opening of a new KiP. A; lodge. The Humboldt ladies bivo pKopared an ail-day dinner for •It comers an£ goers of tbe K. P. A. ' fiMd^narters on west Bridge'street : r <- J : • • . - IF ALU MEN were of the same opmioa tbere woitl4 be no horse races, and upon flnt thought, one wot:ld ^tamk "atrife" would be an unknown quantity. Bat think of all men trying to marry tbe saind woman—all men In tbe same line of business—all men advertising. Then, as ft Is now, tbe race would ^^^"^—^* cleverest advertiser. A man who does not advertise is competitor to his neighbor in name only. He is like a •nan fishing without bait, if be catch es anything It is chance only, not preconceived in plaa and action. The advertising columns of tne Register teem with customers for the adrar' user. Are you there with rour bid LETTER FROM K. U. Ivia Boy Tells Alwut Student Dolttgtt. ,••i-f.•.^?'?i •«•.'i•--•» • GONE Hov illogical are to have fresh succulent oysters deliciously. cooked and then spoil die feast •with hard dry oyster crackers when we can get Oy^terettes Those delicious little oyster crackers that are always fr^h and crisp and flaky, with just sufficient salt to give zest to either soup or oysters. in moisture proof package* NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY D. C. Dobertjr Suddenly Disappears at Gas City. Some litle excitement has been occasioned In Gas City over the mysterious disappearance of Councilman D. C. floherty. Mr. Doberty left home Saturday and did not return and hla whereabouts have not since been learned. It Is reported that he has left a good many unpaid bills but his friends deny^this. Mr. Doberty has ( borne a good reputation and had no ' bad liubits which gives an added interest to tbe affair He held a good position at the Prime Western and was a member of the city council His wife refused to say anything in regard to the case today except that she knew her husband was gone but she expected him to return shortly. Dn)>'T LIKE HO.ME OF ADOPTIOy. (t'eorgo Jliirshell Ran Away From Jlomc at Geneva. moiillily si'sslou tills evoning. The ladowiiig of lire (irst inonllis' .salary for the leacliers is perhaps Ihe most important business matter to come be- 'fore Ihe board. There will be no other business mat tern taken up. Will Pliiy Basket Ball. Ilasket ball goals are being built in tlie yard back of the .Methodist Kjiis- coiial church. The boys will be given BOARD OF EDUCATION TO MEET ;au «p ,K ,rt«puity to play there. A team will be organized and llev. Camp GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS LOCAL FOOT BALL TEA.U WILI) HISBA>D IF (-HALLE:(UK IS .\0T .MET. ME.MBERS WILL ALLOW BILLS A>D TEACHERS' SALARIES. bell will direct the game. Tlie W. ('. r. r. .M.eilng. The W. C. T. C. met with .Mrs. L. .Arnold on Friday afternoon for the , . . .1 regular business and social session. 3! ol M. L. (hurch Allendint' . ^^r„o,j ^.^^^ A^X^z^i^ to the convention in Eldorado and after a program an elaborate luncheon Conference at La llarpe— Personals. Team WiU Disband. The local foot ball team will disband unless it is possible to secure served. There were several guests from lola. La Harpe and Gas City present. lien Work Delayed l)y Ruin. Myers who has been doing a games by the last of this week. The j great deal of hauling and other sim- members of the team do not care to i jjar work for the city is out of a job go to the field north of the city every jtfKlay because of the rain. The rain afternoon and work hard without hav,„iakes it impossible for him to work Ing something in view. Cp to date the j but Hen says that he don't care as it manager has been unable to get: gives him a rest. Hen has worked games. The boys have been working; hard this summer in the interest of hard every afternoon since llie team was organized and are now ready to play games. the city. Personals. , I. Urown. formerly of this city, camo Are Atlcuding Coufereuce. (,„ j-estorday from Wichita for a sev- .Vany of the local members of il... ..j^,, ^^.j^,, frj^.,,^,^ Methodist liiuscopal church are at-1 jj,,,.^.^^ fending tho Methodist. Kpi.scnpal, „^^,.^,,, j,, ^.j,^. f^,. ,„„„„,^ attacK ot rncumatism, church disiricl conference which Is In, ,^ j,, „„, ^.-^^ „„,.,y urinary trouble, no matter how slight, session in\ \ M. Harpc this week. "ev. | 1^^^^,^ ^.-^^^^ friends D. H. Campbell, pastor of the local j jj^^ ,^ Henderson left Methodist Episcopal church, is on the „„„ ,„„^„,„^. ^^^^^^^ ^.,„,^^. A lett;'r from one of the lola boys attending K. U. says that all of the lola boys arc doing well. Carl Ball, an I<il-d boy. iilayed this year on th<i junior <:lass football team and made a fine Hhowiug as a football player. The lolan declares that K. U. luis a h'-avler and better team than they had last year. Stephenson, a last year Freshman player, is mAk>n? good at full back. "Red" Milton is play- lug end and Reed, the 300 pounder Is playing center. He describes the ann'ttal Freshmai^ Sophomore parade as follows: Tliere were all of 500 students out in night shirts and the sti^ets were packed*, (..ead by two snare drums and one bass drum they marched to the home of Chancellor Strong. Uncle Jimmic Green and Prof. Blackmar and made them get out of bed and give them an address. The nsw gymnasium, which was fi"i>- iehed last spr'ng, is helping the bas' ket ball, football and track teams out wonderfully. The band this year la making a lyuch better sbowfnar than prevloualy since a salaried Inst^ctor kas been provided. '^P program for one day during the conference. The program can lie seen In the La Harpe column. Bourd of Edurution Tonight. The bourd of education of the Oas City schools will In regular they will visit relatives and friends. .\I. I. Anderson of Kansas t;ily came In this tnorning for a short visit wiili frif-nds. For liMt and Quickest BesalU use the RcglHter Want Colums. pretty face, • ?ood figure, but sooner or later learn that the bealtby, happy, contented woman is most of all to be admired. Women troubled with fainting spells, irregularities, nervous irritability, backache, the "biuea," and those dreadful drag;gtng^ sensations, oanaot hope to be happy or popular, and advancement in either home, business or social life is 'impossibUi. The cause of these troubles, how. ever, yields quickly toLydia E. Pink" ham's Vegetable Compound made from native roots and herbs. It acts at once upon the organ afBicted and the nerve ecnters, dispelling effcc- tnally all those distressing symptoms. No other medicine in the country hax received such anqnslifled indorsement or has such a record of cures of female ills as has WHE> 111 XTEKS -MAV <J0. Pruiiicnlly Everything But the Rabbit /!!* Protected In KUUNU>*. yNow lliilt winter in about to open tip. many of the local sportsmen are asking when it Is lawful to hunt thi.i and that kind of game. Nearly e\ >ry wild animal in Kansas is protected by law and sportsmen arc allovsed to hunt them a few months out of tlTc year. In fact the laws have become so strict that the rabbit is about the only thing that is not protected. In Kansas one may hunt the prairie chicken from September 15 to October J5: doves from August I to Septem ber 10: plover from July 1 to September IG: ducks and geese from September 1 to April 15: nuatl from November 15 to December 15. The season i.< limited In most of the cases to protect them during mating season. Wth the quail and prairia chicken. Ihe hunter is allowed to shoot them n short period because of the growing scarcity of the birds. The last legislature prohibited the hunting of either quail or prairie chickens for th3 next two years. A little ten-year-old boy giving his name as George Marshell was picked up yesterday by Guy Roberts of Gaa City on the road just this side of the poor farm. The little fellow when f<Hind was walking as fast as possible I'l lola. He .said he had been at the Kort Scott i>ri)|)an's home but bad been taken out by stmie farmer living ni 'ar Moran. The Morton farmer had in turn given the boy to a Jlr. Settlcmcyer a farmer living a mile ami a half from (Jeneva. The little fellow had become dissatisfied with his Geneva home and so ran off. lie bad walked all of tho distan<-e from (ieiieva to the poor farm when found by Mr. Roberts. .Mr. Roberts brought the lad Into tt)wn .-ind turned liiui over to the police. .\ telephone call to the orphan's home at Ktirt Scott jiroved that tho boy's statement was correct and tho home requested that the child be sent back there. The police purchased a ticket for the lad and made other arrangements to send Ihe boy back, but Settlemeyer came in to lola and took the boy back home with him. The^boy told a very pitiful story as to how he happened to be left alone in the world. He was living at Pittsburg Kansas, with his father and mother. One day the father started out to look for work but failed to return. . His mother then went to Girard leaving the boy and a little sister. They were then sent to the Fort Scott home. The little girl is still at that place. MODERN METHODS. How They Hare Iniprored a Standard Iteniedy. In the 17th Century a wave of excitement swept over England and France when the medical profe.ssion discovered such wonderful curative elements in the cod's liver. In Ihe LSth Century cod liver oil was hnported and used extensively by- physicians in this country, but it was found to he adulterated to a .great extent, and (he useless heavy oil which enveloped the medicinal elements, a great hindrance to its medicinal value. • ' In 1855 a fatuous physician from the Hague went ti> Norway and after two y(>ary of experiment and research produced a light brown nil from tlie cods' livers which was said to be more valuable than the pale yellf-"w oil. but the taste and odor was so repulsive that It frequently caused such nausea that it made Is unpopular. The most vuliiuhlo discovery, however, was later made by two eminent French chemists, who after years of research discovered an extractive and concentrating process, by which all of the medicinal, healing and body build ing elements of the cods' liver are separated from the useless and nauseating oil, these recovered medicinal WA>T >EW ROAD. Have luhi Portland Officials Would Highway East of Plant. Representatives of the lola Portland appeared before the commlsr'-ners today in regard to the opening of a Iiaif mile road running east and west through the Funk eighty which lies each of the cement plant. They want the road in ordsr to give a direct road to the peoiile in the Edwards addition to the Cement plant and Bassett. The commi.ssioncrs have the matter un- <ier consideration. The commhssioncra today confirmed the appointment of J. T. Tredway as truancy officer for that part of the county outside of lola, Humboldt, I .ia- Harpe and (Jas City. X to. Catou, the fxpert accountant, came in today, to turn over to the county the books of the new accounting system recently purchased of him by tho commissioners. «IVE\ THIRTY DAYS TO A.VSWEB. State Snprerae Cotirti* Order Hits Corporations. Topeka, Kas.. Oct. 7.—The state supreme court today Issued an order aiing oil, inese ivuuvKreu iucun..iu«i" i •— - ' — <-lemenls combined with pepLonate-of-I giving the Standard Oil company of iron make Vlnol teh most sclcntltlc j i„(ij.,„a ,1,^ standard Oil. the Prairie ..,<ii vuiiiiiiiio enrf liver preparation I - - ..... and valuable cod liver which the world has ever known. Vlnol Is .so rich In the elements of life that it Imparts vigor to all debilitated and feeble conditions and is unexcelled aa a remedy for all pulnton- arv troubles. Try Vinot on our guarantee to re- j state, turn your money if it falls to give sat- i _ isfaction. S. R. Burrell, Druggist/'i lola, Kansas. Oil and Gas company and the International Harvester company thirty days within which to answer to interrogatives put by the attorney general in the ouster suits instituted by the IT OPENS TOMORROW MISS EMMA RUNT2LER uiuuncuicuwk w Lydia E Piakham's Vegetable Compound Miss Emma Bnntzler, of esi State St., Schenectady, N. 1^., writes:— "For » long Ume I was troubled with a weakness which seemed to drsia all my a^ngth away. I had dnU headaches, was nervous, irritable, and all worn out. Chancing to read one of yonr advertisements of a ease similar to mine cured by Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, I deeided to try it and I cannot ezpresb my gratitude for the benefit reoeived. I am entirely well and feel like a new person." Lr^ B. PiiiidMai 'a Vegetable Componad is tbe moet successful TvmtAj toe tXL forms of Female Complaints, Weak Back, Falling and Displaoements, InSammation and Ulceration, and is invaluable & pre* parinf for ehildUrth aod the Change of Life. j Mrt. Pinkhaiii*45tandins: Invitation to Women .WoMSBSidBsrioff from any form of female weakness are iavitad to gwytty aomwuBiimte with Mrs. Pinkbam, at Lynn, Uaaa. Ber adflM ConirresKman Scott and Senator Long AddresH Humboldt felebratlon. Tomorrow is the opening day of Humboldt's fiftieth anniversary celebration. Elaborate preparations have been under way .for months and the event promises to be the red letter day in the history of tho town. Congressman C. F. ScOtt and Senator C. I. Long are the principal speakers for tomorrow. 3Ir. Scott will speak at one o'clock, reviewing the history of Humboldt. Senator Long will follow with an address. On Wednesday Hon W. H. Stubbs. of Lawrence, who will be a strong factor In the next senatorial race, and Hon. John H. Atwood, the prominent Leavenworth attorney, are billed fo^ addresses. The eltizena expect one of the most anocesafiil pablie smtherincB Hnm^Mt has ever kwwii at the oelebftitfoii. ' " Tuberculosis is not confined the lungs— affect to it may any weak spoL And a damp -variable climate helps it along. Strengthen your weak spot widi Scott's Emuision Its cod liver makes flesh and riches the bkxxL oil en- Its ites in- bypopbosphii vigioraie the norvoot

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