Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
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TOLUME X. Tha Re^lmter Hmm the Lmrgmml OlraMImm laJUlim Oouaty of Aay Hewmpmpmr PuUMieil Im «w aoamty. Jit jitter. 3ff f iT.R 30«. KIGHT P;iGES. lOLA, KANSAS, OTTOBEB 16. 1908.-FRIDAY HTEMXC. EIGHT PAGES. PI^4^ TWO CBHT& TO TAX MOTOR AN ORI»IXA>TE LEVYING OX ALL VEHICLES UNDER CONSIDERATION A $10. ANNUAL ON THE AUTO COCNCIL, IN REGl'LVR SESSION, lUSCrSSKS MATTi:». Y. W. C. A. UmiMoA Froo Wiilor aiul Gas for Oii« Yoar->Sav<> tlio Gas." ConiHirs I'lcii. walks out and no one else along the street did so, it would make a jog in the street and tlie coniicil some time passed a resolution declaring that they would not grant sjuch petitions whore the granting would result' in making a jog in the! street. SEASON CLOSES TODAY. inters ox- On that and does Prairie Chicken Can Not Be Hunted Now. i' Tlie open season for iirairio chick on elosfd yesterday. Thor<> will h<-' no shooting now for the ht rept until Koveniher in. date the quail sen.'^on opens not close for a month. Prajitie chickens have not Ueon at all ph-utiful this season. A few have l^een shot lint not many hunters were lout look- in-; for them. Duck .shootiug has heeu good so fur for so early In the sen.'son. Continued cold weathor will jhring the larger ducks down(fiom Tlif lorth. making huiiilng mueli hoter. The elly council met in rejMilar ss Inn last night and disposed of a small budget of business. No matters of unusual importance were up for consideration, the now vehicle tax and the plan to sav<t the gas helug the most important matters taken up. The same cild (piesljon of allowing property owners lo move siilowalks to the property line in individual blocks came up and was dispose*! <\f • in the same old way. rouncllmen declare that they will not grant such petitions where it will cause a jog I in the street. Tax .Automobiles. If you own ait automobile, > a- carriage or a vehicle of any kind, this luxury will probably cost you something in the future. The extra cost will come in the way of a "vehici" tax." an ordinance providing for the same beine now under consideration hy the license committee of the city council. "These vehicles arc having the use of our paved streets and excellent thoruglifares and 1 believe that the owners should pay something toward Ihelr maintenance," Councilman C. B. Core said. In bringing the matter to the attention of the council. "I think that a $10 yearly tax on automobile owners and other vehicles at a prorortionato ratio would be nliout riglit." The council discus.sod the m:itt <Manil U was finally referred lo the li- eaiisD committee with the city attorney." •Vn ordinance wi'I jirobably he drawn and submit ted to the council. Save the Gas. "Please he more saving with your gas." This is the plea of tl'c city council to gas consunuMs. It is a well known fact that thousands of gas consumers burn lights eoniiunally and that only when manlhs iireai> and it is necessary to put on ni'W ones Is the light turned out. With a half do/en lights l'urn.>d twenty-four hotirs a day tioe<!i .ss |y. in adtlition to stoves in every home, there is a perceplib't> drain on tlu- gas supply and the council is voitig to make an effort lo persuade the peoide to be more .savin::. To Ithis end the gas superintendent has boon iustruct- e<l to do what he caii to see that gas lighu are turned out during iht; day. Free Water and Gas. Free water and gas for a term of one year has been granted lo the Young Womon'.s Christian As.socia- lion by tin? city council. A petition asking that this action be taken was liresented to the city council • last nigK and acted uiion favorably. The y. W. C. .\- is comparatively a new organization in lola and has not had time to get on a basis which will permit it supporting it.self. Headquarters are maintained on South Washington ave.. and (liis with the equipment necessary for such aii or- panlzation makes an expense which the Y. \V. C. A. at present is only able to bear. The assistance of the city council in reducing expenses will be heartily appreciated. Meters for Schools. Members on tiie city council last night inilulged in a discussion of the time honored proposition to ptit the public school buildings of the city on a meter. The councilmen seemed to feel that the city and Tlie schools would be better off by such an arrangement, li would protect the city, they say, and fCause the schools to be more economical with the gas. Action on the proposition was fin- a'l.v deferred to a later meeting. Fell From Load of Hay. Some time ago. .lohn Gregg, a far- n^er, was driving into town on a load of hay on the State street ro.nd. His wasron was overturned and his hay spilled and he was toppled to the ground. No very serious injuries resulted btjt Ml*. CvcfZi wants the city to pav him .somethln?. The claim was discussed some last night but no action was taken. Sidewalk Petitions. Several |>otitioi:s r^idewalks wore presented to the cotincil last nigl't. amoue them were ono for a walk on north Walnut with a bridge crossing Coon Creek and one for a walk on the east side of north Second from Irwin to Monroe and one for a walk on Sycamore from Madi son avenue to Sycamore. These were referred to the street and alley committee. A petition from the property owners in block 92 on Washington avenue asking that they be permitted to move their sidewalks out to property line was ignored. This was done for the reason that only the property owners in that one block, memhers of the council said, were willing to move out If the owners ija block 92 were permitted to move tiielr PARKER WAS HELD •MIST ANSWFU TO Ml A IK.'K OF .MIHDKR OF I'FARL I»F\KS0\. Daisy Mtinn Idenlifics Hint—Uond Denied—Dying .Sfalemcnt Read. .At the preliminary yr-.steid.iy at Oklahoiua City. Forrc.t Minf ^Jle, aila.s Harry Parker, was iield without bail for the murder of Pearl Maiiu Pearson, formerly of this city. .\di.^paich says: j Oklahoin.t City. Okia.. Oct. n:.—A man who gave the name of Forest D. .Mingle was identified today as Henry Parker, who is accused of thC; murder of Mrs. Harry Pearson in Oklahoma Oily, September 1(5. The fdentificaiiou was made at a preliminary trial by Harry Pearson, the husband of the woman who was killed. and Miss Daisy, .Mann of lola, Ka.s., sister of .Mrs. Pearson. Sheriff Campbell of Crariitld county and Sheriff .Malioney j ;if Logan county identified the pri.s- oner u.s the man i ^'hpm they had in>- pi-isoued as Harry Parker." Mingr«" was held to awa.l the action of a grand jury. Oklahoma City. Okla.. Oct. HI—Afior :he deefndant had waived prelimiuitr^ i'.v.iniinatinn today dcpo-'Stious wii-r taken in the case of Harry Parker \li ;'.s Kcrost 1). .Mingle, held here for ;he killing of .Mrs. Pearl Pearsim inlay. The court fixed no liDJid, nor made any order. II Is uiidtM-Mood (iutl th< will soon Institute habeas C (Uini;' prn- eel'(iill.^^. m ^r•eule ilie iiiM.e of Parker. .Mrs. Pearsoii .s* dxiug statement hat ii wa .s Parker who bad s-lio; her was made a pan of the evidence taken. NAME THE OFFICIALS MAYOR .APPOINTS JUDGES AND CLERKS FOR GENERAL ELECTION. LIST SUBMinED YESTERDAY REITBLICAN CO.M.YIITTEr NOW AR RANGING FOR MANY MKETINGS. HOME FOR THE AGED . n. f HI RCH TO PROVIDE FOR SIFERANNIATED MINISTERS. COMMITTEE TO MAKE PLANS SEfOND DAY OF I. IL DLSTRICT rOVFFRENCE PROVES IIELFFri.. To Elsmnre TAiiiorrow Night-.lacJij son, AUiiriiey <icnenil. Has Two Entrugenirnls ui ThU Cnunty. I.. I.. .Vorihrup. c liairinau of thje Allen founty Reimblican central conji- mlttee and .lohn K. (Joshovn, chairman of the Democratic committee. Inst night submitted to Mayor Hobln- .-.nn a list of the names which the.V lesire to have .serve the respectivie parlies .^s election olllcl.ils at thi"' coming general cdectiou. j .•\cting upon the recomuiendaiiont? made by the chairman of both committees the ma.vor made the following appoiutments which were appro'}- (I by the council, in regular session last night. i First ward—.Judges O. D. Vogel- Ron-i. n. William Readicker. D. .T. B. Heisder.sou, U. Clerks, K. S. Davi.S, D.. .M. C. Edwards. R. • Second ward—.Iudfie<: .T. W. Fuller, n.. Davis Wolfe. D.. A. P. Stoddard, R. Clerks. C A. Ainolvl. D.. C.iiy Pe.^s. R . I Third wnr.l—.Iiidgr.^ R. W. fantridl f). Williaiu WhitsoM, D., W. H. M<-- Ciiire. IL Clerks. A. P. Hollensteiit D.. A. V. Fltzcerald, R. Fourth ward. fir.-;t precinct—.Judges W. R. McCall. D., S. Heller. D., R E. Wight. R . Clerks. J. Langford. D. .1. W. Ke'so, -R. Second precinct judges. C. W. Land. D.. A. F. Grnnr: D.. .1. D. Luce. R. Clerks, W. F. PIx 1 -r. I>., .John Oarrett, R. (•'ratifying Reports Front All Rrnnehes and Placi s - Notes of the CohfrreiMM'. defense 107 CARS BURNED Fire Loss to Kansas (iiy Soul hern In Flltshurg Is *«.-..(IIM>, Piit.sbur;-;. Oct. IC.—la a fire broke om abfnit 1 o'clock yetsiordiv ai- :ernoon and raired uniil ."i nVbick in "he evenin .g, 107 frei^ili; cai-.s in the ("ity SniitlK rn railway yards in this <"iiy were consumed, luakin .g I tiU.ii lo.^s of alxi'ii ?i'..'i .ii00. TIK - fire r .ii ;Kr coiiii 'ij l)y .', o'clock but ii i.s .siill snunildCMing. A long striiig of bate car wheels and •nyriads of iwinled irons are ail that •emaiu. While the was not heavv con- -idering the number r>f c:irs liiinied. lue to the fact that iliey wer.j- "bail order" cars, vi 'l the fire w:,ts tlte Iu'.nvie;-t co.'iragralio'i ih.u 1;;:.; hreiir- retl in :i railroad yard in the wjis; in yea r.s. A big crowd is expected tio go to KIsmore tomorrov.- night to attend the rally ti.ere. Word from El.^smore ihiq M !ornt«?r was to the effecmtar^ gooi^ attendance Was assured. Judge FotJSt A. F. Florence, A. P. Harris and oth-j ers will speak. The* Black and Tan Quartette which made such a fine hit; at the rally Tuesday ni'''i, will bi> a feature of the pro.grain. .•\ nuuiber of meetings are srtiedul- ed for the near future. On next Monday i'i;ht a m<'eting wi'I be held at tias Citv. f'ol. Atchi.-on. Mr. Florence, .ludge Foiist and Captain Ewiug will be the speakers. Tuesday niuht there will he a fine meet in:: .it IM- Harwe which will be address.-.l !iy .\t- inrney <:enernl Freii S. .Jaek .s .ui. On Wednesday evening. O.-'tober 21st. Mr. lack.son will deliver an tiddress at i^avonburg. Mr. .Incksou Is one of the orators in the state which to uetlK 'r with the fact that he has been iirelt -5,.s in his efforts to <'iiloic<- the law means that he will be nivoied w;th big crowds in .XUen eount.v. -SCNNY JIM" IN CAR MAKN. .Sherman Tells .luniestown. \. V. MOB AlKJut the Tariff. HLK FIRST CAR RIDE. V Trip to "loly" ComphtMl the Experience of Allen County YVoiiian. She was an elderly wmhan and was her rid<> on an ilectric carl She seenietl to euj<iy ii iinmeu.-ilyl t)u boarding the car at Ut llarpe. heir first Inquiry was. 'Dtie.s this kind of a car • uu clear through to loly?" On being assttred that the carj made he entire jtuirney to lola. the \voman ottled down in her seat nuich" pleased vnd with exhilarating aniieipati6ns of I six-mile trip on an electric line. All during the ti-:p, .she eyed tlio luotorman and his curious manner of making the car go without "pushing or pulling." WHien she got oft_Llie car .1 her destination, she tripped'off with the jaunty air of the experienced traveler titid walked down the street 'leariJig the apparent eons-cioiisness •hat she had now become cxijerienced in all of the modern mode.> of travel. IS NO SCHOOL TODAY.; The City Teachers are Off Visiting Other Schools. The city schools are not in session today, this being visiUng da}- fcjr the teachers. The board granted the 'instructors a vacation day today that they might visit diher schools and get "pointers" for their work here., The teachers went to Kansas City last evening where they will visit the retools on both sides of the liife today. .laiiKi .iov.n. X. Y.. Oc!. J<;.—.\ d.ay ih:i: be^-m with the «.xi-<:uiiri::r; of U« piiblicaii doctrine lo a ntunber of tr:<.\ e'ing mien in a.iailioad <r,ath on ihf way from Cuba to ilii- jiiaee. iniled lure nicht for .l;i!ii.' . S. Sl>erniar in a huge <iuti.'oii; of voK-r.s. .\l- 'tiioiiuli the local Reiiiililicaii coaiiiiil tec had secured the availabk ituilding. (he traction company".s siree' ear barns, an ovi^rflow mef>(ing wai- :'.cce -.sar.v. Ill his addrei-ri Mi. Sherman di.-^- jCUSired the tariff anil de.-^(•rill. d coiidi- lious ill France and iierniaii.^. wliieli coiiatrii's. he ileclar.d. iii.-i IKI ii|.or iircieelive ine;ihures. 'Oiit.v tlM' Deiisoc rati'' party." <c>ii ^'uucd tilt' ^!>e;iker. "is blind and dul' eaou.i'h to that .'uch rivals ir commerce can be met by crii»pling our furnaces and miPs. by wagi!!g war or our manufacture r.s and desradiu;; tlu staniKud <>( livia:; of all our people Hut Uo' frr.ia France ami Oeriiiaiii have ciane the most h'.giiificaiii sign. «»f the prevab'iice i.f protection. If ttreat Itritaiii. the paradise of fri' trade, the system cr»'aks and totters ' POITLIST FLOPS TO TAFT. IJcftree R. Snelling tii* CoiYeyvUI* .Makes .Spet'ches for Re|Mitiliruns. Toprka. Oct. Ill—C.eorge R. SnelMn- city atti.itiey of CofiVyville and form er ussistaui attorney general-»if llir state under the Leody adn :iiii.-:tration has 'flopped" fnun the Populi.-t part.' and Is lU'W out making si.ecchcs fii Taft and the rest ef the Kepub icat ticket. This Is the first campaign in which Judge Snelling has assi.sted thf Republicans since the Populist part? was born. BRYAN HERE NOVEMBER i ivill Start Ijst Day's Trip Froir Kansas rUy. Topeka. Oct. Hi.—The Democratit campaign managers are now at worl on T^ryan's itinerary for Kansas which is to be the last day beforf .?iect!onl As planned nov/, he wll' start from Kansas City in the morning, go to Hiawatha over the Missopr> Pacific and then west on the Grand Island to Fairbury, Nebr., speaking a' all the towns en route. Yesier.lay .if:, iiionn's s'.;3ion was opene<l with devotional .services con- dueled by R.>v. 11. n. .McHugh. a sui>- erannuated minister of the conference. Presiding EMers Cjllett and Ver.le gav" their reports of the district. Hev. H. L. Snyder, of Parsons, read an excellent paper on Christian Education after which President T. n. Crites of Campbell Colloee. located at llolton. Kns., mtide a ma.>terly ao- dress on the .subject, eaprcially re- terring to the excellent work b.' tiiat .nsiiiiition. showing the advance ment being made in that instftution. There were l .'O students in the college last year. The committee on credentials recommended the receiving of .^frs. .V. M. Chtirchill of Northern Illinois conference. O., D. Wellbaiim, of Miami, and .1. P. Krsi. r be reeelv- ed on their transfers.' Dr. H. H. Hough, gt-neral s.'-crelary of foreign missionary, with headquar- ejted at Da.vton. O., is one of the lining men of the denomination was introduced and gave a stirring nu Ptibli.'^^iiing Interests. The publishing idant of the denomination lo".moil at Dsiyon. O., of the finest in the country, wiili a valuation of three ouarters of a millionj issu- •'nsr several large publications. Several pasior.s' report:; were then passed upon. Rev. C. A. Heudershot, of Holton. Kas.. then niade a lew re- l^nnarks upon ih« estab'ishing of an oM Teachers* home in the stale of Kansas, asking that this conference In 'connection wit:) the other three conferences of the state appoint a com Dittee of three to demise plans. Two other <onfer <i :Cfs having aln'ady a|»- oointed coaimittees. by unanimous action th<' bishou was ordered, to ap- •loiut said committee. The (veiling .ses.^iou of the confer: euci' convened ai 7:"'^. . Rev. Mr. Ho- hari. of iioMhea 'St conference, con- iucted the ilevoiional servi.-es. Rev. •^lank Mav. of Ki. Sj-ott. ren:!>reil a 'leaulifiil solo. The evening srrmon was p-eached by President T. P. Crite.s of Holton. !aking ills text from 2nd Cor. lAX. I'siiui as a theme, "t 'n.seen Reali- fie .s." tie said in part: Materialism, the Kr .':it one of f-:e day. as :;hown u great corporations, railroads, etc.. but the foundation is swinging back o siiiiitual tliini:s. .V m:in who has really <aught a true vi .^ion of the 'ternal life will not see so much in he luaieria' thines about us. With he iT '-ar :v.:m. P.aul, things temporal viU nut I).' of much importance. A ei. ar visieti of real things are uilv det.Miniue,! b.v liMjking Ihroiig .'J rif;iil aii-le.;. .It-siis I'iirisi is to the seeU. r lor life lil^e C'olumhus was to Vtnerica. :i disco\erer. Paul did not ml :i ii.iiiil or iToliiitilion on- material tlii .iL'.s Inn i< hiiive Willi tae iiii- ;eeii i> .miiaP. E\er> Clirisiia -i here some rth'ie. sou-eliow. ftniud tin al- rar of condilion. The Insensible rhiiisrs of the .si .irif. the leal tilings .f lii'e. ir wi^ cannot understanl el- •ctrieity. wir'br:^ lele ?;rapliy. elf., it s n<.; r.';':-ioiiaMe to uive Oo<l a lit- le eredit fi;r i |r>iir.' ihiim:^ that we •anii "t iindersia 'iil. The irrefutable •'videiiee of the rospcl of .lesus •^hri.-;! is the re^i.-neraiii)!! of the de- liaiiched and makitiir biin a clear, niire p.^rson. Dr. r':ite .s js a strong 'leliever in th/ o'd Rili'e di>ctrine >f regeneration, the divinity of Jesus •^hrisi and t.;e miracles of the P.ible md has no use for the modern idea • iiown as high criticism. The Morning Session. .\fter the devotional service the 'ournal of yesterday was read and approved. The l)usine ^s of the ye .s .don >vas taken tip. The commhtee on cnn- Mdates for the ministry reponed fav- rable in the re,-< ntiou of Frank Mav, •f Fort Scott, and Mrs. .S. V. Rert.-h. >f Pittsl.uru as ministers in the con- •^r« IK.'. T>.»- liallot the names of the •••Mlowinr: ministers were placed In •ouiinatiiui as candidates for election •o the 5;eneral conference. Rev. J. R. •hainbtr.s. f. !l. Kirkpatriek. F. M. •.ilhn. X. I,. Vei','. r. H. .lones .ind "oreicn ini.-^.-ionary .secretary. S. S. Housh H 'a .'e an eloquent plea for "oreigii missions. D. W. Ross, pastor of Oklahoma '"'ity, presented -the needs of the "hurch in tha» city. A subscription "vas taken up in behalf of the church it that place. Notes of the Conference. T 'e local choir is doing excellent service. Mi.^s Lillie Adams ii play- 'ng the organ. Presiding Elder F. XL Gillett of the •^ort Scott district ret^orted over .""OO fjcccsslons to the church in the district. Rev. O. O. Missamore, na.nor of the oeal church, reported 89 accc3Zions jlui-ing the year. The genial face of C. H. Jones of ndependence, former pastor at thla SUED FOR $800,000 place is present.with his .supply ofj humor. Rec. G. E. Bertch of Pittsburg, reported tiie largest Increase of any church In the conference, where 165 ha^-e been received during the year, f^^y „ v.SKELL BRINGS ACTION n^akmg it the largest church in mem- « »x v. bership in the state. AGAINST IIEAR.ST FOR SL .4NDER. The local church is doing hol)ly under the' leadership of Pastor Missamore in the homing of the visitors . DPCCT II nDAMATIP CACUC Rev. D. W. Ros.^. of Oklahoma City AnKtOl—A DRAMATIC SCENE vi.siied the conference today. Rev. C. M. Rrooke. of D.iytoii. f).. general in .Hnaser <if the Knion llihii. cal Semiiuiry is in aiiendauce nt ihe| ionferenee. The conference contains four lady ministers. .Mrs. M. A. Hutchinson, of| J>«>nnis: .Mrs. liUla L. Thorp, of Humboldt; .Mrs. M. M. Tlowman, of Gree- lev. and .Mrs. S. V. Rerich of Pitltt- burg. a?;^* E. .v. .Montgomery Is the dwarf of the conference, belmr over six feet ta'l and welshing pounds. OFFICER BROKE INTO .SLEEPING AI'ART.MENTS TO SERVE PAPER.S. Mrs. Hearst Rofn^ed OffU-or Admit* liincc^Gine as Reason, That She WHS Partly Disrobed. ^ Omaha. .N'el.r.. Oct. i(;._There was a dramatic s«-eiie on the Fnion P.acific train last ni-.;hi when William Randolph Hearst, the millionaire editor, wasv .served with papers notifying him of a suit for six hundred thousand .lOMN HILL WOFLD RECOVER *!)!>.-J''""'"^ him FOR A FINGER NAIL I'ERfiONAL INJIRIES. Said to Re First I'crs<:nitl Damage Suit Brought Against Kansas Natnial Company in This Connfy. Whiit is said to be the first ],er.;ou :ii damage .^uit brought against the Kan ia.s Natural company in this county, wa--' tiled this morning. John Hiil i.s the painiiff in the aetinn. .\icordi:ig to the iKtit'on, .Mr. Hill was eiuiiioved If ti!" i>ii:n|iing .station at I'eirolia and auiung his duties was liiat of oiiin.s certain engines. He says that the engines were not sufficientl.v guarded to prevent accident and injury to the eui- plcyees in this deiiartment. On P'ebruary 21st,^ Iftii.s. and for a FINED FOR FAST MOTORING long time prii;% lo that time the ae- lendant says he was in the employ of p^^*^^ McCandless, of Chanute Was the company. On the day above mcn- for slander and llliel hy Governor Haskell of Oklahoma in Douglass conn ty, Nehrask:i. district ciiiirt. Deputy Sheriff Stewart knocked on the door of the .sia.'e room. The editor's wife replied he had gone to send a tere- gram and Mr. Stewart said he would iireak open the door if it was not )peaed. Mrs. Hearst .screamed out :!!:;t she was alone and would admit no .ii:in. I .-ia.g h.i.s :slinulders a.s a liattering :im th-' sheriff crashed Ihrodgh the J<;i)r. lotmd .Mrs. Hearts almost hys- r;e:!l a:sfl partly disrobed. The wo- ninii rii.siied out and the deputy started to kiiof k in Ih.^ door of the toilet room-- wiieii it was opened by Hr. Hearst and the papers were served. Mr. Hear-st said admittance was re- fuied because himself and v.ifc were retiring, and added that he did not be- leive the case would ever come to trial. Up Before Judge Peery. The Humboldt Ibrald says; Frank McCandless was fined by Judge Peery las,t- week for fasit mot- tjoaed he was busy, st) he says, at the duty of oiling an engii;e and tighti-:!- ing the burr:s on the .siartiu .g calve. Wliile so f n .ca .L -d he s ly.s !ic caught _ !!"! ''*!".'''!i..^i"".T,°!^.l."VJi^!!!:,!!""'.L'^ loiVng ^hrou'^ iiumboidt. 'sevcTAl day -R !)• fore he passed ihroiigh Humboldt in his automobile at the rate of at least fifty miles an hour. As he pas:^"d the Herald office several noticed him :ind by the linie they had reached the iloor he was down by tin :jiid;;i'. A cou'phiin! was tiled against him and .Mai-shal Menson went to Clianii'-- to ijet "rim. 11" came up Saturday :iiid paid his fiu<\ Mr. .McCandless is one of the old offenders of Chanute. He has been fined three times in that town and was stuck heavier each time. .\ufo speeding in Humboldt has become a iiiii.snnce and everyone who is caught exeeeding the speed limit through tk-' streets should be arrested. Me- Tandlcss said the str»et was clear 'tut if someone bad come out from a sine street whil;» he was passing they •oiild not have avoided an accident. the caia shaft and startin,;! valve with the result that the finscr :i;»i. w;is torn off a:id his fi!<ger Inct-rated. Ih charges 'he company, with in gleet ir. that the machinery was not properly guarded and declart-s that the ac-i :b'Ut was through no faiit of his own. ll» says he was dr;iwi!ig $''>."> per inoiith from the lonipany at the time ami that becJMise «»f the injury he lost three month's time. .Moreover he says he .suifercd idiysical pain for v.hit h he is entitled to S:;oi» ;;!id also suffered much nie::tal au?;uish for whi .-li he is entitled to daiiia;_es. In all he asks for $'M>:.. WILL COST SI5,000 CaR:i»alira Is Not Ip to I'siial Standard of Expense rhis Year. INDIANS SIE HITCIICt)CK. Topeka. 0<:. n;.—The l.nsi exren- sivi- Kansas i-;;mpaigii in years is !..Ing conduced by lioth state conuiiit- tei-s this ,\iai. Fifteen thmisand do!- !ars woulil covi >r the entire expenses of both partii:- up ui lin- iire.-ent. The Kopablican coniiniltee has colleruii less than SM.IMKI s-ince the iq,. nins: of the c:,iniiaimi and the D.-nio(rati< coUrctjons have inen no heavier. I'.oih oommittee.s ha-.e managed t.. keep their expe:is( ^ within ihe amount of the collections. The financial e :id of the ••anip:ii:in this ye;'r difi 'ers in aiioiln-:- iiniioriant |)urii('iil:ir. 'I |.e looks of h-nh coni- mille.s :iie i.i.i-ii io ini 'iiec I ion. Every ceil! rect-i\eii :ind everv oTit paid out is accounted for KveiA eoniriSator is a stockholder in tlir (;:r.ipaiga and has attthoiiiy lo -oiik ov. r the books and see where hi.- mainy w»at. Xeither conimittee has received any help from 'he national eommittees- The numey h;;.^ eoine from candidates ind pa:ti:iiic e'li !/.•::.; fr'.in over th< state. lo Drcide Validity of Act Excladint; 1/.I)0 From Citizenship.. Washington. Oct. IH.—The validity if the P.ct of former Secretary of the Inffrii.r Hitchcock in c.xdiiding the aaines of I.'ifio Indians from the citl- '.ensiiip rolls of the five civilized (,( Indians just hefore his re- ii.-iiieiii fr- lu office on March-t. 11)07, involved in a e.ise which was argued y;.;;eiday in the siiiu-eme court jf :!ie I'nited States, and which prob- ilily will l»e deciiled within the next flA Wi-l-kS. Till- la e is that of Secretary Garrid vs. .lolin K. Ciold-by. ;> Chicka.-aw iTidiaii. and lii.i and (i .nr.Ui- .\. Allison, ("herokti- Indiai -s. .\!i. Carfif Id having II siit ,siiiut «d for .Mr. Hitchcock, rh .'.-e litdi:itis < !:i!iii iluit tie- omission if lie-ir names vva> liuwarianted and h. y litoiiuhi suit in the courts of the l>!stric! of Columbia to compel their reiteration. The district courts de- ided in their favor and the govern- iie:i! appealed to the supremevcouri. '.liJIiRTV Tt» A KANSAS CONVICT. GUS HETLING IN TROUBLE. Varlin .Monroe, (w Years Old. Has S»-r»ed Ten L<-ars ior a Coffey- ^ille Killing. Ball Player is Arretted in Santa Fe. New Mexico. Tope 'Ka Kas.. Oct. !«.—Governor Wichita. Kas.. Oct. 1...- r:ns H-t- eo..,inu:ed the sentence of ling, a Wichita hall play.r. drafte<l by M -,,,;,, Monroe, who was sent to tne Kansas City u. xt year, who has l>e,-n ,„.:,.:,^njiavv from Monigonierv countv playing with Alhuq leiqne. N. M.. in :., f^^^ murder in the s-coud de- a tournament, is heb! for tne grami ..^.p „p ^.^^ .sentenced for twentv jury at Sant.i Fe on Sl .tM .o bund, yours for complicity in the murder of charged with attempt to criminally \nniam Kine. tnnrshal-of CoffeyviUe. assatdi Mrs. Rose .\nette. according is hT. old. His sentence to inform'ation received here totlay. , j.^ cxj.ire a: i-nce. • The alK'g.d .i.-.sau!t occurred on .i Pullman car. Tli.. woman screame-l EXI'Et T HMKK» MORE, for aid and a j.orter found Hetliuf trying to enter her berth. Hetling (»,fhials Have Flared E<(tIiBate on knocked the porter down, but was Work Yet to Be Done, overpowered by the train crew, who nrevented the passengers from throw- Dallas. S. D.. Oct. 16.— The total reg Ing tim from the train. Hetling an'l 'stration for government land is 99,726 the woman were taken from the train u predicted that onlv about 10,000 at Raton and both released. , Hetlins .„ore will register which will make was arrested and taken to Santa Fe ,he registration full far short of that founty where the assault occurred ,f I'.onesteel four years ago. and given a preliminary hearing and held to the grand jury. Here to Conference. The woman is the wife of a miner Rev. William Albaugh. the United and was on her way from California Rrethrcn minister. Is in lola attend- to Denver to settle tio a $.=;o .0f»0 es- ing conference. He went there this cste. Hetling is unable to give bond, morning.—Ft. Scott Tribune. He denies the assault bat says that ---: be bad been drinUog. Register Want> Ads. bring resnlto.

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