The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY, .JUNK 1<), 19-17 BLYTH5VILLR (AKK.) COUH1KR NKWS Wage-Hoor Rule To Gel Revision Tests for Exemption Of Executive Workers May Be Major Change IJY CIIAHMCS ii. m:Kimu> U'nitocl pii-ss Staff ('uiTi'spoititoiit) WASKIXGTGN, Juno 19 .UP)— '£\, Labor D.^ai-tnu'nt >ps*ru i~-,^ IhR first ]iiive-senle leusi of 'Wno-yi-iir-aM mi'umum \\ i' lunir regulations covorin;: oo'J. Imsino.s.s i's!;iblishnu>:i's anil ''C - ' workers, ! Ken-filavy ot Lalior I,nvLs Tl. Sch- wi'!li'JilT:i(li ntmramcvtl app-mitmont of :i lubnr-mniia^rmriil poniMiitU e Co ror-oinmrnd f'i:m ir 'S in tlie regulations yovi-nmuj Uu- cxcnro- t ion of white-coll nv s;ihirii\s em- ployes from the -13-hour maximum work \\rek. Al the rsnmr- time-. \vaL-o-linur iU- vision sources said Ihr definition of "hours worked" v;ns 1,'rm- ^iius^! 10 include i IIP new stniuiml established bv tho portal \yi\-,- ac r passed by this Congress. SfhuTiHrnbaeh JILLS ordorrM -t bar. on further intrrpiviniions of i "hours worked" until I host- nw I rules art 1 drafted. They will be rencty about Aug 15. After Sept. 12,; interprola- liotis t>f hours worked brrome bin'l- inr; nnon courts if nu employer is fUHYi Tor Ixvii'k \V:U<O-K Find ho proves he was net 1111? in accord-nice witn a \va^e-hour divi.sion interpretation. The prinripM matter for Scli- \vt'l:enb;u-h'.s new hbor-mannponipnt com mil ia\ to consider i :; whether to raise the pros on t, $30-a-wcek stand- in' for exeirptton of executive- em- ployes under the wage and hour law. ., The 1H3R Fair Labor Standards .^5 rxeirmts as executives those employes in ariininislravivc. profes- p iji)l. Irrnl retfMlin!> or oulskl-? si™i'man IK^ it urns provided thev in* 1 rl re-rUin lest?;. The wayo hour administrator set no six tests, chief of which was that the individual be earning n salary of at least $30 a week . At- that time, average weekly rn mines in hviusti v w?re S23 ftfl Tiai^rs FIMCO IQ3S boosted that figure to $17.73 n,q of last Marc-h. nrv iwvmenfs h;;vo risen rorrei- pondiivlv. i T owei-pv. the old rlandard pi ill r-xK; s iu- an exe.inn- tirn t^f eyn'i thrnifli wnee earners rov-ved hv the. v; JUT o- linn- law are mnkini: as nnicli as ?20 a week Other te.sK- for wry fives include nr-sceseirvM <>f mifbr-nf •- to hire an;! fin\ cliiTcik.n of nther emnlovrs pud miinJigi-mr-nf of a eusfoinririlv recognized deprrtinent or subdivision of a plant or establishment. Spanking Saves a Life Pup Thinks He's Hot Dog, Is Ham Instead 'J'ULSA. Ofcltl. <U1'>—Who knows' 1 [i cure for n singe-struck doe'? Nlne-yrnr-oUl Mixry I'ciry fe' her pup, Sklppi-r, Ills flrsl distc of iiwtlitjhl glory. skl|>i>rr hnd u or pni't in lim school i>lny. His per- lornnmct 1 tlr^w lots o( npplnuse. 'rllo IH'Xt Clliy, [111(1 I'VlTy (Illy rtf- tcr, thi> <lo» nindo for'the school niKllloi-luni. \vlit>ro lu- stniltcd n- round the slngo Uofoi'e (he empty liuiuse. PAGE ELEVEN Dust and Smoke in Air wllh » «l«vlfc ilvvoloiiccl l>y I'mnk only -i nillllontlix of » Counted bv Metric fye ^r^^^'^^. V ^W (Ugnjl lo tt«" 1 ...... I'mliUiK 11 button I'luises u oiiil lo An rlvctrlc cyu watches n jt'l of. e| 'A,\i\.si ON. 111., (UP)—lilts «i noisier lln- nninbrr or dust of nlr imsslnn through n bright spot ,f oust o, smoke In tliu nlv so smiill slno ij e | )lu -iicl M in im ulr .snmplc. at H«lil. thicker explained. Wlicn- - | i">'N runmn_i)i> M'CII am be counted nitlumxh Iho particles inny wduli ever It, ti hit of smote or dust, Six-monlh-olrl Freddie Barney looks at Iho pencil, )ust dislodged from his throat, which his fnlher, Clyde J. Barney, of Uiiyton, Oliio, holds tjeforc him. After the youngster shoved Uie pencil down his Ihroat he was rushed lo a hospiUil. Kn route, an accompanying policeman turned Freddie upside down :md paddled him, dislodging tbe pencil Senate Body Asks Thai 1 Old Housing Rule Be Relaxed WASHINGTON. June 19. (UP) — The Srr.ntc Banking Comniitioc reconimcnded yesterday thnt Con-1 Ki-c-ss relax a 10-year-old housing [ regulation reiiorted 10 he 'holding up construi'iion of 100 low-rent housing projects (..cross the country. The "bottlcne;U" re^uhUion—set lip in 1937—stipulates that no more than S5.0CO i>er unit be spent on projects bnilt with federal funds. The Hankins Committee unproved ami sent lo Die Senate foi passage !\ bill which would permit j local housing authorities to pay| the difference between the S5.QJO, Unlit .and present-day builclitiUi costs. The hammerhead, an African biu], builds a nest \vhich requhvs six months to construct. Have ever seen anyone leave par! ol a GRAPE1TE? 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Ctn. 51.85 (JUAHANTKKI) HM'IO & SWKKT miUKllK/S IMIIIK ''"''"' Ct "' 12! BLACK PEPPER 2 CUKItUY 01! STUAWIJKKUY 5 TW3KKLE GELATIN 2 , 13 ', f"\ NKW KUKSII CKOWDKU . SAMi'AN Hrcx PEAS , „ 15 MiXEO FRUITS ' cu!si> HUM ICKKKIH; ANCKI, .son- LETTUCE 13 FACIAL TISSUE . I'. S. NO. I WASMKI) K1CI) 1'01'ULAIf ItHANDS POTATOES 10 , „ 49 CIGARETTES ' '' NO. 2 '/i Can 41)0 Count Ctii. ) r i •*.. S\ J | _^ _ ii _ _ it I i ~' i ( qer Kroner hroqer Kroqer Ktoqer Kroqer Kibqcr-.Kroqer Kroqer ! • , in , n -n. • (o - Urr- r roqer roqer roqer Kroqer Kroqer Kroqer oToqer Kr< AJ,h : O^ Oj/^. U,h' O,h • er Kroer Kroner Kroner Kroner Kr \axier ro cr-Yr Phone 5781101 W. Walnut er More Meat, Less Bone, Less Waste. ^ ^%t " "•<, - -^ Here's why! The Kroger mcth- Ic^jp-Krogcr^Cur'iBcci is cut od of cutHng beef removes 9 H • from top U. S. 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