Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1907
Page 3
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Will be one lot of fancy hemstitched silver bleached Table Cloths and 50 dozen sanitary rub dry Wash Cloths. The table cloths are fine Irish Linen, bordered all the way around and hemstitched, size 63x81 inches. These cloths sell in the regular way at $3 50 each, but our buyer secured the lot at a great reduction in price, and we will place them on sale Tuesday Morning at 8:30, choice of patterns, $2.48 The sanitary Wash Cloths are honey combed, edge finished with button hole stitch m pink, blue and white, size 10x10 inches, choice of the lot- 3c each, or per dozen, OTTAWA DISTKU'T tO>FEBE.\€E OF M. E. rHUHCH THIS WEEK. > em THREE RAYS SESSION irj:LE(;ATES FKOM MAW (ITIES AKE AKKIVI>G. 35c Farnirrs' Exlilbit Mosi-d—An M. W. A. Social Toniur- row. 3:25—RecwA.«;r'f;-^/v 3:70—The MateriaUinti ot Modem <:iir- ilization; O. C. BiioDston. 3:50—Oiscassibn. . 4:00—The Forward Movement of the Sunday School Work,. Thus. Leigbty. 4:20—Discussion led by Mrs. Julia Ketiner. ( Wednesday Kreuiug. 7:10—Sotig service, led by La Harpe Choir. T:4J—Temperance Rally. Judge Manford Scobanover. prpaidlng. ° . Principal Address, Attorfiey'Gen­ eral Jackson, of Topeka. If you will preserve ;thi8 ijirogram. yjiu will be intelligently informed as lo ibe daily "bill of fare." WliNTER ROBES and HORSE BLANKETS Larp:est Assortment ever shown in this city. . . T. B, SHANNON Two Big Stores. <-APTri!KS A STI!A>(;K 1511MI. I ••>:<;•.••.- .«.. Mocl-s of .•iiriiini:. Ben l.>nn W..un.l« Hiirr SpcciiiK-n iiiid liiki-. It Tiipliu'. it is said tuir. :.•••>'i' '•'••'f i'' • v..ri. |iiliii|i.- Jiii'l shovi-ls. 'I j-i,. lain <M!ii'.- aii.l fiilfl the .iiti'lu'.-s ! ,' .-<•••or.ll tiiiif. ( 1.0( k •_'<iit VKAHS 01,0. tiii.d Sati;:c!a> I'V \:-\: <<'• (My. \\lii:" " ; • :• •> '•- ' ' bir.1 Maii'ls y.-, ^•••^^ • ", or tvn ii!<h.'.s in .^J'I ^ ti ; nj- •'" i j>r. .^ritrlull FApi-clinir Kanilly KHic t'xtrciiH iy lull- iii;. i' > •' ''a' j From Vinrinia. brown <•..!..: -;..t'-.I Mi'- l-Mi.i j siM'f-l" anil <-,i,.t ir.^i! a' ;'lt''- w.i.mdin^ i!. If t!.- I.ii'I li-^--i...-iris v.Tv •.i-.imn'.-. I.^::;l - t'; iiiakt' a pi't ..f it. WOK.MS >OT INJI KIM: lUKIS. FHIIIM!: I.imbs Ihi^ ni.rl. "i Niiltin- SM»N J. II. Hiifk. .1.: H. He i< "' the : -•!;..• -,<.rn :• niinil'f-i- of "' • ' ' " clni tr<'.. v.lrrl: ! I> P .Mitch'-!! i.-i ••.\;i"'cfinf; a f..inii.\ If!:<• li-iiiii Vireiiiia in tbo way <il ..',) ra^hinti.'l iial! i-l.»rk. Th" <•>(•! iia-. ('(•"•Il in tli" family !()•• .Ma..\ iwi) liMii'lifil vfar.s ami is }o: ;i. a '.iuijiy int-.-.-rvt-il .-tat>v Thi- .Mil• . il f.iliiily (ilac.-... III! small value on liiii-l. ami 'i^if.i^.-, lo l\e.-ii it for al;1 ij, :• .••.nliir>. roi.K K K\ii» **ini; six.- Mill n<i trrcol* Wt-rv .Mndi- at CulonM ^\ miiiiuV I 'liH-i'. 11).• iioiii-.' raiiie.j the lionsc Kt-pt ij\ a < I'I'iiiil •.vciiiiaii known as ••({fi: <ix • 11 Ihivis "adilirinn Satiirilay nl^bi fini u''» v,[i.,: .. II • .•! ;|,, ;iif<.-.->t>.. Tlii'v found a sincKilhly M'- v.l^- if 'r - '. i^.-, i,,,, ,|„.v ,.|aitni'(| to lie r«ir-l'w< i; !;i!vii o'f •.•«•;!:! - I'lr i,wif.- tli.-r.- wa.^; no .-v;- iiatut-'- ';.U)'li'-- lomi'i:; otf a ,,..„,... ,,.,,„ t,, mak.'- an ar thp Joii'is w'l.ii.-v- fii. •. !..••• !!.• t.i-.-, (••,nii.f:i'nts ha'i i-cun.- to tli- tbfck fc;- th • .•.'•ilai.- i>'. U—-. ^ .•ilio-if tli- ciiarafftT of llio - . • - — — ii.'ai-. Chi'i <:at.'s OIHci-rs Phillips ATTKMriKIl HOTKI, HOIinfiUY ! To-H .,ti.I (.•.•.-d |.arri(i|.at-d in tb- paiad'-. The (;<ild Mini' at the UnnA lonik'bl. SII.VKU LEAF. Pollci' .*>urroiiiiil»'«l H <Mi»i-, HMI in Vain. . UTiild was y,-\A :n '.h- • i .-a.,' i «7'iarl(»rs Sati:r.ia\ .::-l-.t lii.,- .ii •^\:'\-' w«TC atlfiiiMtiii:: to I'lfak ii* > tl f,w«'r<vl t!i'- '! irroiiriitf = "•• \li,. Wcjiz"^!. reiK)rt"r. boiIFS if an att.-miit ti:i| ! i »';ijoyec| thi- rain. madp "> 'u'-r till' '.oi'-= •';•'• •-•Milt. .\!: i.n--; just fin vhcil sowing jihon*. parties -sciiM-iI •(.•lor.^ lii'^ ollif.^! - , f.n !\ acii-s of wlit-at tlif .-Vf't'iiiL bo- arrhTd. '• fin- rain. i .\l!s \\- .dcWlllains w.MU to lola nAIN PREVENTS IVOI.'K. 1 • Snnday. • ("onni-' Hail «1ll visit hom«' folks Dttrltes for Ctirldiie F»««sl >Vi (b Dirl i' Kliii'a!.'. Kansas. In fh<« i.fnr fu- I -Mr. Kfrrs liavt- iiiovod to [ola. | Hersch,.! My.-rs. thr ruiidn-: ,,„,; ,JJ '-^it ;J-'' a -^is .er vi.iting him tractflr. wor? a d<'j.'oted aniit-nranrp; (;.„,,,, .i,,;,,^ ^^i^J thlgi monjiiig. Air Vypis ctrtaiiiiy ijno v.oik on the toads rPCPiitly. had Kopd reason for it. f-i<l Timrs-' ^ir. Jake Adam-- bid a family rwin- dayU big rain «ime m Jnst aft.H- he jfirst of the week. . hadtcoinplet^ digging the, deep Try « Want A*. In llie BecWer. ,M. E. ronfrreure. Thi'"f)itawa district conforence of \\v Methodist Kplscoiial church began in this city this morning. The conference will remain in session until Wednesday evening. The delegates from over the sUile are arriving on eKcll tiain. The following Is the J)ro- grani for lln; entire conference: OKtrirt (Hnfen-nre Proirnim. The rtlliiwa Distrlet foiiferenee will meet in l~i Hariie .Motiday afleriiooii. Oelulier 7. iiiid coutinne In session tin- ill Wednesday evpiiiiig. There aie tliiity-three pustoral charges In the dislriri. Hesides the tliirty-lhree pastors, and all the !<ieal prea<-hers. atid e\hoii''rs. each charge is entitled to send the followitm delegates: District Steward, class leader. Sunday •sehmil superintendent. Kpwortb League pres- iiletit. presidetit of Ladies" .\id soejely. giving a lay reprcsentaiion of KJ.' he- sides the local preachers and exbort- ers. li is not likely that all these will be present, hut a laige attendatici! is expected. The foilowiii'.; program ha> been pre pared and indtcaies something of the treat in store lor the people of I,a llarpe. .Members of all the other churi'hes are cortlially inviieil to attend any and all of services^ .Monday Afternoon. I:Mil—Olganiaztioii atid bitsiness. .Monda> Kienim;. T.|.'.~ Son:.; set vice led liy l>a llarpe Choir. 7 : 1">— SeriiKin. {,' S .\iisl >aiini. presiding I'Ider ol Independence district, ('onitiniiiiiiii in charge of lieriiard Kelley. Tuesday .M<irnin'.r. S:;:<'—Uevotional serv;<-c, l£. ]•'.. Ke>e .-i. !i:Pii~l' spssion. £t:l'o—Tlie .-<'iiiioii. How I i;et .My "Siiliejci.-;. .1. 11. Smith. How I I'repaif- .My Sertiioti. .\. .M. Maclean. The V:!e'.i'cT'.is of Successful Sermon helivciy. I". \V. IJailey. f':."io—Ulsciissioii. —The Seat of .\iithorily in Kvan- gelical Keligion. T. K. Chandler. !''::;ii_|)iscussion. Ill; lll—Rt.,.,.;;^. Iii: I.".—Imigraitoti and tin- Nutional Character I'. .Mci'roii'i. 11 :ii"—(Jiiestion drawer. .1. I). Smith. Tuoday Afterno^iii. II.".—Devotional .service. D. Campbell. :.':(H)_Tlie I.ayiiiai; as a l-';ictor in Cbrirch Finai.ce. .1. K. Coj'P'''- L':LMi -Discnssicn. 2:;;o—The Knrirbmetil of the Spiritual Life: Its .Valine atid Importance. W.. I'. Wharton. lis .Means of Aliaiiimenl. II. .\. (iordon. Its Hindrances. K. W. Speiicor. Discitssion. ;;::;ii—RiMMiss. :;: In -The f'a.-iors Cliiircli licioid,-;. !1. W. Chaaee. ! :'iii —Uiiaitiess session. Tiioday Kfciiing. <:!•"•—.So:i;; service, ltd li> Clias. .\. Hale. 7; l.'< -Lecture, •rmbr the Soiilheiii Cross." Dr. Daniel .McC.iirk. Uedni'>day Morning. s ;;ii—Devotional service. II. .\. Cook. —iJii.^iness se.^^sioii. !'::!"—.The Twentieth Ceninry Chitrcli: 'i'he Obli:;ation of the Church .Meiiiliership to tile Sunday night Si-rvicp. .V. .M. Harkiiess. The Obligation cf the Chiircb .Mem liership to the I'ravi-r .Meeting. C. r Kose. The Oliiigation of the Church .Mcmbersiiij. to the Woik of Soul Savim:. II. I. Itailey. ;o:;:ii—DL-iciissioii. I": Pi —Recess. 1.'. - .Mefho'jism in .lapaii. The Kelation of the Melliodist Kpiscopa! ihnrch to the .Methodist Church of .lap .-iti. The Kiitiire of the .Methodist ciiiircli in .lapan. .1. !•'. .leiiness. !!:::" -Kdiicatioiial Addres.-, President .Miirliii. I-.nil—.Vdojnrnmeiit. • ^Vedne>day Afternoon. 1 ; (.".--Devotional service. .\. .M. .Ma- baffie. The .New Prolilems Confronting the Chinch and llow to Meet Them. I'rof. O. K\. .\Iarkbam. - 2"—Disctisslf.ti. —World Kvaiig.-Iism: Help.s and Hindrances. .Miss H.-ta Woif. .Missoiis as a Social I'orce and Woil.l Power II. \. Chnrib TlieOl.lieatiou of Wealth to World Kvaii'^ Miss Stiow. The Exhibit IH Over. The Farmers Exhibit which was held in this city last Friday and Sat- iirdav'' is over and the exhibits .are being taken from the various buildings by the owners. The e.xhibit has been the success planned. The managers of the exhibit feel that their work has not been in vain. M. M. A. Social. The members of the local order of tlie .Modern Woodman of .America are making great plans •on the supper which they will hold tomorrow evening in their ball, il will be in the form of a sandwich social where only members will be present. .Manual Tntininir Today. The preliminary work in the uiaiiii- :il training department of the Ui Harpe school wa."* started ibis morning. \\\ the IKIVS of the high school and the seventh and eighth grades will take this work. I'rof. .\. .1. Haker sii|ierintendent of the I-a Harpe city schools, will have this w<irk in charge. DRAFTSM£\. To draw $125-1150 monthly anywhere. Chief Uraftsnian of Engineer ing Firm will instruct and prepare you practically-individually for above salary, by practical work, home Instruction. Guarantee you necessary, actual Drafting Room e.\|ierience. not obtainable in schools, colleges or institutes to I)e competent blg:i salaried Draftsman. .No. Diiilimias. but training until competent. Furnish tools and .position free. Terms reasonable. Address. Chief Drafisniau. Div. 29-C Engineers' Equip't Co.. (Inc.) Chicago. loaee Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K.P.Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nighti^ la each taqi ^-J. W, Postwalt, cbinmaiider:' R. B."P6r- ter. record keeper. W. 0. W'«-^amp No. 101 meets In K. of P. Hall every Friday nlg(it. W. T. Steele, C. C; A. H. Davla, Clei* Visitors cordially Invited. KMGIITS OF PTTHIASr-Neoaho Lodge So. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. S.Thompson, ,C.C.; Chris Hitter, K. of R. and S. WA.NTED—A middle aged woman for general housework, .\pply i:« North Sycamore. WANTED—Rock loaders at Kansas Portland Cement Plant. Inquire at Quarry at Concreto. M. W. A.—The M. W. A. . lodge meets every Friday night in M. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. H. Anderson, V. C.; W. A. Cowan. Clerk, ROYAL ~NFICirBOBS .—rora ~Camp] No. SCr.. Hoyal Neighbors, qieets second aiid fourth Tuesdays of each mouth. Mrs. V. A. Wagner, qracle; Mrs. .Mary Hutton, 413 West Street, Recorder. Careful Housewives WHEN PUTTING AWAY STOVES Always giva th^in a eoat of 6-6 -4 to maka tham nwt proaf. h «4W Itself, Is aipiMUkeiwM, Is bcttu ttmaay MuiMl for Slav**, pipes or wIrt scrctos. • r ' • ' , ,i ' ... Protrac.tctl .Meting. , Tliere will be servit-es all week and over the Sabbath in the Holincs.^ chapel in \AI Hariie on Lincoln street coiidiieted by Evangelist .Maggie .Madison, and others. WILL THE lUXON TRAIN (-0.'. Allen (• ily Subscriliers to Fund Want to Know. Will the Kansas Dixon train go to the .lameslown ExiKjsition as was planned? This Ls what s'inie of the lola subscribers to the Dixon fund and -Mr. .Myler who raised the funds ;.ir .\lleii county would like to know. It pla:iiied to take the train several weeks ago but for some reason ir other the train did not go. Mr. Dixon has ben turned over the money for the .Allen county e.'ihibit but not a single line has been received from him for several weeks and the .Allen county people are at a to kimw what he Intends to do. WANTED' ~MlmomUammous WANTED—IHds for painting warehouse near Santa Fe depot. Newton .Milling and Elevator Company, WANTED—To buy good winter milch cow. Ini|iiire Alfrey House. WANTED—A place for s boy or girl to work for board while attending the lola Business College. Telephone Main 495. FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—Eight room house, four blocks from square. li.SUO.OO. part cash. Phone 615. FOR SALE—1 roomed house,- water and sewer connections. $50 cash, $12 S month. Grace Arnold, phone SOti. TO TRADE—For lola pro|ierty. ir.n acres of land in Coffey county. Ped- well & Ray. fOR SALE'Mlaomllmmmous FOIt SALE—Folding bed; upstairs L*n:; East street. ~'F'bR~s7\LE—Good mare with foa 1. Call at 210 West street. FATIIEK-I>-I.AW WAS KI.M». .Mr. Bradford of IJas (ily. Bears (he Expense of .Mrs. Snsie Bradford's Funenil. The father of Harry Uradford. V hose wile died at St. .lolin's hospitai .1 few ilays asio. )iaid the expenses of his ilaughteriiilaw's funeral and also gave a $I5" bond for the release of his sou from jail where he is held oil a larceny rhar.:;e. that he might attend the funeral. .Mi-s. Brailforii"s death was a vr-ry sad one and attracted no little attention. Her father was hi-re from Iowa, but the fath.^r i:;-law insisted that he be allowed to I'lar the expenses of the funeral. Young Bradford will be tried today !n ilistrict court for stealing junk frOm the lola Portland. FOR SALF>—Ibtiisehold goods. Inquire .liick .lamison. 112 SoUtb Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms, 702 Kasi Madison. FOR RE.NT—Two furnished rooms, modern. 222 South Sycamore. FOR RE.NT—Tbiee unfurnished room.-?. liKiuirc .'"'M South Buckeye. FOR RE.NT—Furnished rooms to family without chiidren. 'Jdl North .lefferson. FOR RE.NT—Furnished rooms for sleepin,^ and light housekeeping. 112';; South Washington. FOR RE.NT—Furnished htnise. modern. Apiily this office. FOR RE.NT—Furnished down stairs rooms for housekeeping. South Walnut. STR.VYED—White biind pony from .".07 .Nfirth street. F. !"•. Smith. Phone lO'C. LOST and FOURD OM.Y :,n CENTS WORKED 01 T. Ili'ceipls for* Police Conrt for Spp(em- lifr (iood. .Itldg' .1. .M Ctdlins' report of the of police court for the t"<mth of September Bho«-s that only .""I cents in fines or costs was worked out durin.c the month. There were '{f' people arraigned in police court during the month. :;4 tif whom were convicted. :! dismissed and 2 continued. The fines and costs imposed amounted to J.Hii.r.u and in back fines and costs was turned in. \EW PICTIKE .\T rRE.SCENT. Film Is iJMO Vt>i-i Long—A Kealistir Sfcne. The Crescent is fortay showing a picture which Is .something uillque and ilifferent from what has hesn heretofore shown in this -city.^ The film of this picture Is 25<M) feet long and lakes alHiut thirty-five minutes t.> run. The colors in this {larttciilar p;cture are especially fine. Th;-, fin- scene 1M very realistic. A CASE OF SILILLPOX. L. L. Hereford QasraBtinrd at Home on Sonth MtaV. Acting County Health Officer Dr. J. W. Bolton this morning quarantined L. L. Hereford at his home at 203 South State street. Mr Woreford 1- suffering from a :sever? attack of the small |iox. His case is directly (race- able to the first case reported at 111 South Prat street. This makes the fcurth care traceable to his source. LO.ST—P.Iack silk umbrella, pearl and gold handle, engraved .Marvin. Finder relitrn to this oflice. Reward. Its Economy To have yoijr Caipet-s and Rugs cleaned by Theiola Rag Factory rHONE 51». Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid,for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODATE MEAT MARKET us East MsdUon : MK. SICKLY BK(JI.>S >EW TEKM. ( ouuty Trrnsiirer Has .Made Excellent Kerord. County Treasurer M. F. Sickly is tr> day closing up the bijsiness of his first terms work as county officer. Mr. Sickly begins his second term to n;orrow. and has his, bond ready to present to the ctimmlssiouers today. .Mr. Sickly can look back over hi.s it-rm's work with a great deal of satisfaction as he has made an excellent record and won the confidence of the patrons of the ofOce. VfgMn Want* briag n^nlt*. F. A. A.—Ooldeu Leat Council No. 4G2, F. A. A. meets first, and^ third Wednesday nights In each month. In K. P. Hal I. t:. E. I >Jiccy, president; Miss Mable Rhnrtack. secretary. FRATEKXAL BBOTHEBHOOW^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meet* second and fourth Tuesdays of each mouth in A. O. V. W. Hall. Visiting members cordlaly invited. W.H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secretary. j .Tunior Order Initrd AmeHcsn M*' chanics,—Meets everv Wednesday eT- ening at 8 o'clock Iti K. P. Hall. All visiting meiniicrs Invited. R. A. Widick. Councelor; C. B. Black, Rea Se'.-retary. BUSiRESS OIREOTORY~ JEWELERS. ;' B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jsweler, 110 Ea.-^t atreer. STA.\mER. Comidcte court at the beat school for stammerers in America at ono- half price this fall and winter. White for inform.ttion at once. McKle School for Stammerers. 2"u& East 12th Street, Kansas City, Mo. mmh6 Water One hundred iKuinda of Crys- UI Ice will make 12 gallotis of distlllpd water Euilabla for family use. Try It lela Ice & Cold StorafeCt FRANK RIDDLE, Mtr. PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE SAFE CONVENIENT ECOMJpMICAL If jOTirdniler'ton'thaiK!:.: •t, wriU'to THE STANDARD on-COMPAMY, Livinqstoo Co i ;anrri <rlnr» and Italiden. All kinds of work a sperfalty > SoiUh SyrsraorK Phsas ItU Evans Bras. OHm, mmtiatmmm. Mk«0/( Where quality U main consld-^i cratlon. we buy the best. Where i detqaoda will jusUfy.rwQ <»rry!' all grades and prices^ Wm SoUott tamm i^mdmT •OUTH tlDC tOUllM {Ota, KMtM. T; P0L4RIICAR FLOiJR Has Stood t&e Test Because 2t8 t&e Acccfit No Of ber Wm

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