Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1907
Page 2
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AI M C I. , hoc^:..: MlKSfn Li;ii<' AduliiK alitl Hlaiu-lii! Chatfleld were Bilf^'s of Chaniiti! riW- Mtivus ttiKl lrl<-iids vfstfnlav. • * • MUfi M^i<lK>' K»'»i U-rt tlx' lilt tur imrt of iithl foi- ii visit with friends and ri'lutlvi -H in Kansas I'll v. + • • ThP niuuy frIcndK cif Mr. and Mrn. I, K. WdllHcc will bt' Klad to Know t'ml llii'v" with thplr dnnchtfr Huiilci' liavo conn' for a short vlsU with irldiids hen' and are balng <>nU'riain- Pda'l the home of Mr. and Mi-h M. F. Sickly. Mrs. \\'iillaco ha>i siunt tin' suninu^r at iildorddo S|ir!ii!:s, .Mo., and ha«^ hot'n -Kreatly henoJited hy the climate. • • + • JUss Birtha SiVkly Piiti -riaint -d at dinner on Saturday ovi-iiin)? lor .Miss Wiila .McCoy, of Kansas City. Tho table was set fof the following: pt-o pie: Miss McCoy. Miss .May PicUlo. of'Hunibcddi. .MiBK M.vrile Maxon. of Uallarpe, .Mis« .Christmas Wilson, Miss Alberta .Muiison and Miss SUUl.v. + + • Tomorrow cvtMilii.a the Y. V . C. IT. w ill dispen .se wiili the usual program and plv:- an oyster supper at th;' cliijrch. Th»'re will also IH; a pni):raui •;• • •> The Kpworlli l>eaKue of ihc Kirsi M.'E. church hits a mcetluK touiorrow evifniiii: to fiuish busiuesK affairs connected with their plav of last week. + + Mr. and Mrs. .Mont .McKinney ar<' honi.-» from an extended visit ;ii ('olo- raiio. • • • MiRfi V\lilma Cafe.s spent the wccl, end at her lionio in CarlhaKe. .Mo. J. The Friday Ktichre Club Is nict iiig Willi .Mrs. H. H. Funk today to reorganize? for the year. «!• + + .Mr. and .Mrs George Talbert. Mr. anil Mrs. T. A. .loyee. .Mlss.-s .Marion I^is Talbert. .Madge Joyce. Haiti- Mc.\rthur and Frances Munsoii -.ipi-nt Sunday at Dunlan's grove. + + • Rev. an .l .Mrs. W. H. Carfii Id will id guests of honor at a reception Kiven' In tiie Baptist church on riuiis d«y evenin-'. The nieml)ers .1! ih:> vojigregatlon and friends of tin- ;; of honor will attend. Look at> Our Libbcy Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hund Painted China. Sewall, Jeweler and Opticiao 104 North Wasbiogton. Our Display of Chains. Fobs. Neck Chains, and Brooches IH worth your while to seo. New designs, modest prices. \Vc will take pleaKuro In showing thciu to yon. McNElL BROTHERS. stshlons will be held on October S. 0. Ii> and n. •> • •> Tlie Ladies* iMnsic cinb will meet tiiaiorrow afternoon at •.':;!u at the home of Mrs. \V. T. Watson. 61S East .Madison. There will be a program followed by an informal social hour. The 1 rogram is as follows: Hoil Call—Music heard during llio summer. linpromptn stdectlons. .Musical events—.\ll nx.-mbers. 1 • • •> lh>yh\ Niightiors 12SI will liol .l a reiiear.sal tomorrow to prejiare lh">'r drill work for the Kureka iustallat'on on Friday. + + • A. H. Au.ostine, of Coffey vill.-. i >as j j,,^.;,. spent the past two ilays with his aunt." .Mi>-. M. F. Sickl.v. •> • .•\ nuinb:>r of ladivs from Uu- missionary .•;o<'iety of the First .M. IC. cnurch are going t<i Chanute lliis week to attend a brancli meeting of iln' miss"oiiary societies of severai slah 's boiiN-riuB Kansas. The pro;;.am of events for Ih:- days, tlie Sth to the i:ith. inchisi»e. Is eIal)orate, ami will lie participated in l;y. sev- einl returned missionaries and oilier iLfl'i'Miiial folk, some of whom are: liev. W. .\ Hiown. O. U. of Kaii >ii8 ntj : Wlnnifred SpiiliMig. of Maiiil:r Ida Steven>-:on. Canton. O.; .\giies I'M iniiiKis, China: Kate Ocborn, China: K .M. Uiiddick. India: l.sabel Me- Knight. India. • -> -i.^Irs. Vernon Lenmslers will be hos- Cheerful (Mrcle on Wed- TllQ ladies' Aid-society of tlie i" |-st M K. church will be in session toiiior-i I -s -s »( the row afternoon in the churcii |iarl.u-s-. 1 m-sday afternoon. * I • * • .\ noted fashion paper cm a| The Eclipse Club boys will enter- page devoted to i<leas for wed .linp:-! their girl friends at a dance on tells of a pretty accessory to a l)r :dH' j Tliiii.--day i'Vening. in Masonk- liall. toilette in the shape of a inulf. li ! ** is carried instead of a prayer boo); j Kn.ieavorors of th.' I'resbyt .Mor boquet and is made of some dainty j^ l"'sin>s>' or weddings ' session on Thursday evening at the flower in correct usage for * * •> i church. The •:- * ^ l.adies ilf the Or|ihaiis' Home Mrs^ Cvrie Byrd and Mrs. El zaliefii Sjsson hate gone to Sedalia for a Tfelt With relatives during carnivar'^"' l-mbably be greeted by larg:- and leili 'C? cause at ihe Crescent tomorrow I)e if the occasion of their man- •fhe Y society will give a social te-' ^cement. There are sev.-ral club niorrow evening «t the home of .Mis.-i! n-.i-lings but those who are interest Zoe Atchison. I + ^ * j .MlsR Myrtle Maxon of I-;iHarp.'.' entertained a group of lola girls yesterday for Miss W^illa HcCo;--. of Kan sas City. I' * •> •> The Woman's Christian Ti-niper- ai>ce Union will be enferiaiiird on Friday at the honie.of .Mrs. H.H. .lones. the uniim'ii vice presi<ient, at the First JM. E. church. '> f * Mrs. E. B. Keys; Mrs C. A. Kinney and Mrs. .\. W'. I^owland have been elected to represent the lola W. C. T. V. at the state co/iTention will leavr- Iciuorrow. uioruing'.for Eldorado. Th- Hey Iptore/ "Whrrc are'jroti going.'" "Oowg aftef a sack 0/ Um Sm Pmimni P|our. My wife won't use anything else." \ .3 ed in charitv will no doubt be present al one of the various perform- anc -s. • •!• <• The Eiidea\or society of the Cliris tian church will have a business me« iiig in the church tonight to coniplel< deijiil.^ for their series of lectures on "Wifimen of Shakespeare + + + .'Vliss Emma Alexander will leave tomorrow for Aurora. Mo., where sh" will res :de. .Miss .Alexander has been a very active" worker ni the Endeavor ."-ociety of tlie Christian church and lias a wide cMcle of fncndt here. <• The .Mothers" Cluii will meet on [ Wednesday in HulMers" Chapel. + • • .MIS. T. S. Stover will give a <ar Piiity nn Tiiursday aftenioini for mem I.eis of tlie High Five clllb. • • • Among the many churcli siicielle.s whieir will have Impromptu meeting-s tills wiM'k Is the I.,adies' Working so <l;dy of tile I'resbyterlan church. Th.; Heeling is called for 2::!it tomorrow. « • • .\ pleasant picnic parly was given a! Scpiatter's Rest ye8t:>rday. Among tiiose wlio attended were Messrs anrt Mesdaiues C. B. Spencer. F. J. Hop ten, D. P. Northrup, L. L. Northrnp T S. Stover, .1. G. -Mlttlebach, F. K. Smith. .1. A. Wlieeler, .Margery Smith. leucine Sjiencer, Ruth Horlon .Vorthrup. Louis .N'orlkrup Koswell and Verne Nortlirup. .lerry Stover. .1. 1). Mlttleliae»> -ud l.ouij W'lieeier. • .MRS. E. W. Stanfleld has return e<| from Topeka. where she went with her mothei-. .Mrs. Lliinie Sianflelil, )tbo has been operated upon at Christ hospital. Mrs. Stanfleld's many fi lends will be glail to know that shi is rally-ng nicely from the operation .;. <. 4. Some time next W !>ek the. ITnlij club is to give an elaborate reception for president, Mrs. E. N Phillips The affair will be given at the home of .Mrs. A. H. Campbell, inm; North .leffer.son street, with the Soro sis club, of which .Mrs. Phillips is a member, in company with tin- Unity women as guests. REMEMBER! in looking for high grade .lewel- ry. Cut Glass, or Hand Painted China ware, see J.W. COFFEY & SON Kxrlushe Jewt'lers. Knst Siile. PARKERS WILL CGME Popalar Auiusenicnis to Be I'lidrr Auspices of Koberts* Ilund. An ounce of sense in selecting clothes is worth a pound of muscle in getting a better salary. Many a man is sawing wood who might, ;by presenting a bettej- appearance, TO making a splendid income. It's a mighty big boost for your right looks iffyou wear Made by Leopold, ^olooMm ie Ekcndnth, nPUofo. Sold Ijyippe good lire merdwiit .^kfouroty. It ^pajr you to ^ fcim u|>. The big Parker .Vmuseinent com pany's shows are to be In lola thi' week beginning October :!lst. The comimny is to come to lola and Vihow under the auspices of the Roberts baud. • Tlie show is to be given on Sy (;a- piore street between Cast and Marli- son streets and wme of the larger shows will lie praced on the Richards vacant lot just north of the Stone liv- ei .V. Tlie band has lieen granted by the c 'luncil the free use of this one street and can purchasp electricity of the city at a reasonable price. The Parker Amusement company m)w carries ten separate attractions, all of wliicli are said to be standard shows. The band is to gel a certain pi r cent of the total receipts and are to furnish coal, elecirlcltv and water tc the company. The l*5irker company has ail this Slimmer been giving shows under the auspices of bands and as a rule between four an (T seven hiimlred dollars I'.as been made for the bands. Last wei'k at Independence a Parker show was given. The Parker company is now one n( Ihe largest carnival companies on tho road and has four separate companies working Ihe country. The Hanie company had a show in lola severyl y«'ars ago on the east side of the square. In addition to the pay shows there is to be a big free outside exhibition similar to tho feap for life dive which was In when the company was here before. Juifx Oscar ¥owt AddreHited Local Order YeHtcrday. Judge Oscar Fouat delivered nn excellent address yesterday afteniooa to the Knights and l.Adies of Security at the memorial services of that order. .Indge Proust In his remarks spoke highly of the spirit that vox shown by the order when they paid respects to the dead by decorating tho KiHves annually. Ho stated that !to had noted with pleasure thu fact that every year more of the lodge members turned out for this serv:ce than the iircvlous year. He spoke In a general way of tho good accomplished by tho Fraternal orders, saying that wore It not for the Insurance orders many a widow und orphan would be left to suffer when the husband or father was taken off. In closing the speaker emphasized the fact that while It was conimend- Uble to decorate the graves of. the deparied with flowers it was also important to show kiminess to the living that their lives might be made mor,-> happy. The services were atleniied by about fifty of the members of ilie order and were very Impressive. TIIK (IJ-B MEETIMJ I> FT. SCOTT. rrograninie for the Sixth Anuunl (on- lent ion of the Federation. I TREATMElit liveii if mercury and potaah conld core Coiitagioas Blood Poison tha condition in which these strong minerals leave .the system would make the *'curc worae than the disease." But they cannot cure the vile disorder;, they can only cover up the symptoms for awhile or mask the disease In' the system, but as soon as the treatment is left ofE the hideous symptoms return. Mercury and potash eat out the delicate lining of the stomach and bowels, produce chronic dyspepsia by drying up the gastric juices, cause the teeth to decay, and often completely break down the constitution, and where they are used in large quantities, the bones become affected, while th« disease for which one has so long taken thi.>» destructive treatment has sot been, cured. Contagious Blood Poison is a disease it will not do to trifla with. It is a vile, dangerous and destructive disorder. When the blood becomes infected with its virus the mouth and throat ulcerate, hair and eyebrows ccvtne out, glands in the neck and groin swell, copper-colored spot* appear on the flcsli, and in severe cases sores break otit on the body, the finger nails drop of! and the sufferer is diseased from head to foot. S. S. S. is the only known antidote for Contagious Blood Poison—the one remedy that is able to gctito the root of the disesise and force out every particle of the-poison so tliat there arc i:c\xr any signs of its return. It is purely vegetable, made entirely from roots, herbs and barks of known curative value. Instead of leaving bad after-effects as .some medicines do, S. S. S. tones up ever}' part of the system and puts every part of the body in perfect health. It will remove any lingering effects of former mineral treatment while eradicating the pf>ison from the circulation. Special book on the home treatment of this disease and any medical advice desired furnished free to all who write. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA GA. Til.' in the Federation of Women's Clubs second Kansas district offers a very interesting program lor ii.s sixtii annual meeting to be held in the First .Methodist church, Ft. Scoit. WiHliiesday ami Thursday, October ;) and 10. tlie president Mrs. I).. S. Stephens will preside. The program has been arranged by Mrs. l.iilu M. Hlood. of Kansas City. Al tlie opening session, o'clock U'edneday, Mrs. Jeanette Scott Benton and R. .1. Harris, mayor of Fr. Scott, will didiver the address of w<'l come. .Mrs .Vnna Spencer of Pleas- anion, will respond. .Mrs. Ina F. Ilrooks, of .Mound City, cliairman of tlic department of literature, will read a pa|)er on ••Influences of Good Literature in Ihe Home." and Afiss iCdna Ilolm.'s of PleasaiHon nill have a papi-r on "How and \\ liat to Kea.l." , A reci>plion Is to be giveji Ihe vis IJi rs and (ieleiat<>s in tlH' •>l;isonle Tf'iiipie at S o'clock Wednesday night. Tlie 'I'liursday program will open at !i:::ii o'clock with an address bv .Mrs. Uustace H. Brown, of OIat?le, president of the Kani^as Slate Fed<'r.i- tioii. Her subject will be "Value of Federation." .Mi-s. W. ,A. Farrls of Kansas City. West Side, chairman of the ilepart- nient of "Art. Prehistoric. Medieval. .Modern " .Mrs. O. A .\ewlin. of Ft. Scott will talk of "Word Pictures." In tile department of civics. .Mrs. f.;<-orge .1. Barker, of Lawrence, cliair­ man. will read a paper on ".Municipal Gtivernnient by Commission." -Mrs. iCiistace H. Brown, 'slate president, w II lead the discussion. Thursday afternoon at l:3<i o'clock the department of child labor will l)e re|iri'sentod with a paper by tlie <'liair man. .Mrs. .\ngoline Allison, of DIatlie, on "Child Labor l..ecisiation." The department of education. .Airs, (k-rjige K. Rose of Rosedale. chairman. Itas arranged for an address by Superintendent D. .M. Bower, of Ft. Scott on "The New Things in Kdiication." Mrs. Kssie Holbrook Stuttle of City. West Siile, will speak of "The Kindergarten." At the close of the session Tlnirs- di.y afiernoon a drive alKiut the city is to be provided by ilie women of Fi. Scot I. Suit the interest o£ your business— Your Choice >vill be Intellij^ent— HOW iMlTCir I.*^ SATI.SFACTION V/OItTII TO VOU? Do yen prcf <-r ipelliiKl.H now going out of date or nplo-diilc nicthipflH Ihiil will carry far into Ihc future ? A Iyprwrilir in .'iile jii'it poo<l enougli to sell or the I.. C. SJIITH & 1!BIIS.T% ri:» niTi ;n,«it|i every uwful, viilii .iblR fiMliirc inlMiill nml Writing KNTIUKLV in .<;ight ? i.i-.T I's .';KNU voir TIIK I I. r. f .-^r K AT I. I> cAr.wM (il^ K L. C. SMITH & BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. _| 812 Delaware St, Kansas City, Mo. >KnsPArEKS FAVOR IT. AnU'STIXE l.\ A WRECK. Jorkejr and Some Bare HorsPR Hnrt >'par Fulton, .Ho. Three of the running horses that took part in tho running racer in lola and Harry Augustine, a PatroHa, Kas., t.oy, who rade Jeunle Hughes, were in a wreck on the Frisco railroad at F"nl ton. Mo., yesterday. The Augustine boy had his face badly scratched up and was l^iadly bruised, h"* not seriously hurt. Ronndtree was kllieiT Verdot. the horse which won first here, was badly hurt, as was alsq .lennie Hugrhes. In the car with the horses were sl.\ lieople w^hen the wreck occurred but luckily all of them escaped without being seriously hurt ,S(ij Railroads Should Add Prniill.T »o Cash Fare.«. Topeka. Oct. T.--The neivspaiiers of tlie stale of Kansas, almost without exception. hav<- editorially takeu up he proposition that since Ihe eslab lislimeni of a IJ-cent passenger rate in he state. Ihe railroads should be permitted to charge a penalty for thi- tiansporiation of persons who board trains and tender cash fare. .-Xud full agreement Is made with the appl:ca' tlon of Ihe railroads that this penalty shall not be rebated. The newspap rs urge the state board of railroad commissioners to acquiesce in such a rule if file railroads make It themselves. «ir to grant, upon further ap plication, any reasonable modillcation pf the flat IJ-eant fare order along tills liiii-. wliich the railroads may ask. Tlie ed'toriais frankly say that th' "railroads have done their jiart In piittini: in the 2-cent rate so that a trial can lie had. and now. why Is It not the right and Inst and fair thin? for the people of Kansas to acqulesc:; in a penalty rule of a reasonable na tare which the railroads wish to In slitiite." The railroads frankly told the board of railroad commissioners last week when the application for a panalty order was made, that It was done for 'he pnrnose of protecting the road?, mid that at the same time It would give an absolute teat of the 2-eenf fare coufrovars.v. * The railroads are now at work planning a further application to the board of commissioners, with a schedule nt nenalties which they wMl suggest. There is no nuestion ftut that the board will acqulesc. PRIIFESSIONALDIRECTORY W. n. AXDERSOIT, Attomcy-at-Law. Notary and Stenographer In Oflice. • Phone 455. • II.A. Kwlng. S. A.Gard, G. R. Card • E>VIM;. (aRi) & CARD, > • Lawyers. ' • Practie., in all CoartS. • 3% \V. MadLson. PhOB« m * •I' • • • It « • « DK. MeMILLEX, Special attention given to Iho treatment of all Chronic Dlaoaa- cs'and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg., West Madison. I'hone r>.'>4. (Ola. Kana. • I'houe 687. Res. Till. .I>R. O. I;. COX. Eye, Kar. NOSH and Throat. Bpectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O, U. W. Bldg. DR. EDIin 8. HAIGH. Offlce and Residence over Bur- relTs Drug Store. Office Hoiir.s—10 to t2 a. ra., 3 to 1 p. m., 7 to 8 cvenlnga. Sundays by Appointment. F. If. MARTIN, 2 Practice Limited to SaTtmj. • • IG N. Bnckeyo. Phone 576. • • • • !)mce Phono 1083. DR. R. 0. CHRISTIAN. rhyglclHD and Surgeon. Rooms 7 and 8. Erans Bldg. DR. IV. R. IlEVL.'WirN. • • Pbysirlai & Hnrgeon. • Office N. K. Corner of Square. • Over K. C. Plumbing CO.'B Store. * Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. 502. • . '"TED" Clllesson of the Regiater force visited relativea In Earlton yesterday. ; fit • I'hone Fuller Bldg. • DR. OLYNX, Speclaltet. Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. Glasses Furnished. . — I , I • I * • I* • • • • • • • DR. L. TOZER. lola InHrmnry, 303 E. Jarkson, We use X-Ray, Violet Raya, Static. Galvanic and Faradlf Electricity with vibratory stimulation In nervous and chronic diseases. Phono 386. • • • • • • • R^». Tel. 198. Offlce Tel. 163. • DR. J. B. PEPPER. Dentist * Is permanently located over * E. C. McClaln'fl Clothing Store. • and la prepared to do all klnda • of up-to-date dental work.- • BvenlnR work by appolnttneiit. 1 • • • • « • P. h. I..atbrop, Mrs. Bessie O. l.athrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICUJfS. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children. Over Side Hardware. Office •Pboiic. Main 4Q8. • • • • FLOW/ER POTSI o, 10, 15 Cents EmUt^mHmrdwMrm 1«3 8. KMtaritr. Phom 483. Delivered ti? uy pa^ of tl|» i^ljr. 14

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