The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1949
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J.E. William. Our BoordinsHous. with Moj. HoopU •~~i T_ Cti^GPZ/ f^OCA4' TLJjtfr 1 v--^^5^^^^^^^^^^^^ZT^^^^^^^^^F^*^^^^^"^^* ~~ ' ' —— .—-__ _ _ i ^r BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Concrete culveru Iz inch I* inch, plain er reen/oreed Concrete Buildlni HJovlu cheaper than lumber for haras, chicken houses, pump houxrm, tenant houses, tool sited* We deliver Call us for free estimate Phone «9I OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • \ BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS' That's why you'll savb voui'scli many a dollar b> o a v ing your shoes re- pnired by our expert workmen. Next time try u& H-fl LTCRS Q qL"fY SHO€ SHOP . -For ... the Finest Prescription Service Call WOODS DRUG STORE It . . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Glencw artMlng 449] «r eitt Army Surplus WE SELL IN JOB LOTS • Mattresses • Col, » Comforts • Blanktls We Buy Good Used Clolhlnj ANDERSON SHOE SHOP & CLOTHING STORE 15 K Main Bljtherilk FOR SALE CONCRETE , CULVERT TILE CONCRETE SBWER TILE Slits 4-6-8 lnche» CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS • B«l Price, • n e „,,,„, A. H. WEBB Highway 61 at SUle Une PtHtne 111 •elllrd. G*r»«l*» family. which • b* mmm ••ppvrled •!»*« her tm- »h«r'« death. MBMI Haw grt • !••« Birrr t- t» I>T« wltk her. •»ke« her «• mtmrry hl • el pr»Ml»«4 !• «lre MM •• ••- »w*r iitrr. !• the M*M»I|M« nh* h*« falltM tm Uve wllh FrH». X*w. • • r.mjvrt mm* Kmrrr retwrn h*we fri»«« • fl*«lhall JTMMC. r.aTKcl *e- e1dr« 1* tell TlirrT her pU*«. nhe ^(•rtH t« hreak Ihr nrw*. and Hurry n»k» her. u !Vhat are 7*B XXVII BARRY looked at her now for a long moment. "If you're trying to give me that answer I asked for, you needn't hurry. I don't want to rush you. Perhaps that was taking you too much [or granted. But I se« it differently now. I want you to take all the time you want to decide. I want you to be sure, is you said." "That's dear of you, Barry." She 'ished he weren't such a dear. He did not make it easier by being tike that "I told you I'd tell you as soon as 1 was sure. I am sure now, Barry. And I'm so terribly sorry I can't give you the answer I'd like to give — " He had not looked at her, or said a word; but she'had seen his [lands tighten oa the wheel, the knuckles white. "You'll wonder why I'm *o sure — now/' she seid. "I promised IM tell if ever, there was someone else. . . . Oh, I hate myself for having to tell you this. truly I do. I wouldn't tell you, Barry, it I weren't so sure." "That's aJl right," he said. And still without looking at her: "It's Freyman, isn't it?** "Yes." "I think Tv« known it all along. I toki you I felt some sort of change in you — after you met him. — I woke up—too late." "You mustn't say ihat. Or feel L- As \ tyld you, i don't believe ou love me—not in the way 1 love Pritz. why, Barry, it simply :urn< your whole world upside down! H makes you giddy—silly md so ridiculously happy you scarcely can bear it. You don't •eally fee! Ihat way about me." "Never mind that," Barry said. "Please." He looked at her now. He did not try to hide the hurt « his eye*. "It's * bit too soon for condolences. Right on top of a death sentence." "You mustn't take it like that. Barry." lie did care. In the way she felt about Fritz, But he would ?et over it. "I'm so fond of you, Barry; you're ao much a part of my life; I want you always to be that part. I owe so terribly much to you, more than I ever can repay in any way." mind that, either," Barry said; but nol so shortly. This had been a blow; but he would nol give up yet. He still had too much to offer her. It still seemed too right—and sure—that he and Gaynel belonged together; always had and always would. He could afford patience. "You don't owe me anything, Gaynel . . ." "Indeed. I do!" "Are you—and Freyman planning anything definite—in a hurry?" Barry's eyes were on the road again; but there was a good deal back of his light question. "Not hi any big hurry," Gaynel said. She felt as though a tremendous load had been lifted from her. Barry really had taken H very welL As she might have known he would. "Fritz wants me to tell the family. That won't be much fun." -She laughed. "I owe them so much, too. I can't just walk out. Fritz understands that. We . . . we're going to work it out somehow together." Yet saying this now to Barry it did not sounc very simple. That dreadfu. lotibl caught hoJd at her afafa; hose cold sober fact*. "Tint's good." He did not sound is though he thought it would be niplc, either. Barry knew Gay- family. P AYNEL said proudly, as though meeting a challenge, "Fritz has a grand new job. With a newspaper syndicate. He can take care of both of us nicely. Of course 1 wouldn't want him to take on my whole family—even if he could afford it." "Of course not," Barry said. "I don't believe he'd do it, either." Gaynel mused. "He'd think it wasn't his job. Fritz has all sorts of ideals; he's a svrioua person—and stubborn. Though you'd never gues« it, because he'i always clowning so. I wish," she turned appealing toward Barry'i set profile, "you knew him better. Barry. I hope you will." 'I hope so, too." Barry WM polite, nothing more. Barry swerved Ihe car, with « twist of lean wrists, out of the way of another that almost sideswiped them in trying to pass. "That was a narrow one." he said. 'You handled it beautifully." She had had a bad moment "But you will be friends?" 'Of course." Barry could handle other things as well as he could a car. His tone begged apology, as well as his eyes, "you must remember this isn't exactly—sim T pie—for me. But I don't count. All I want is for you to have what you want—your happiness. I know that sounds like the set speech for the losing rival, but it comes from the heart, Gaynel. You know that." "I know," Gaynel said. She put her hand over his on the wheel; a brief gesture of thanks, of sympathy and affection, that came Irom the heart, too. Barry said, "There's one thing more. If you ever should change your mind—Ml always feel the same; you'll always be the orx and only; you were mistaken about that. I told you Ihat even if there was someone els», I'd take that chance." Shg said, "I'll always.remember, Barry." (To Be Ontinned) v In England It's th« Chemist Shop In Franc* It'* th« Apothecary Shop In BlyrhevilU It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Lookouts »r« posted In natch lowers in U.S. national forests during the fire season. BONDED RADIO REPAIR For (he first lime in Bly- Iheville, we offer you BONDED RADIO REPAIR SERVICE. Every job bonded by an indemnity company which stands behind our K un ran lees. WHY TAKE LESS THAN THE BEST? Piano Tuning AND REPAIR We use Ihe famous STRO BOCONN in our tuning service. WHY TAKE LESS THAN THE BEST? PIANOS NEW AND USED MUSIC INSTRUMENTS- SHEET MUSIC- RECORDS Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main TeL 81J PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our years at experience assure you that when you present a prescription ordei co uj. tt will be expertly compounded from fresh pure drugs You can be sur» at Rothrock'j ROTHROCK'S XOUR ENGINE SINGS A MERRX TUNE MIT txptrt michanict dandle your tun*-up work I N« f •i*»l. Owr with y.w •n»in«'« . n« jumping •* <*nclv- . An4 *•" Chamblin Sales Co. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BV MKKRILL BU>SSEI tADtes „ SWeMtTU CHUMLEV VOU HAVE HEARD Me SftAK OF M/ FOSMfR EMPLOYER, THE EIGHTH DUKE Of CHUTfJEY' DOKf Of CHUTMEVS COND YCKM DAUGHTER "Wi'll bt teeing you mor» often for a while, Jo« th« family i* starving on my wife'* diet!" PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMBER GOSW, MAZEl;... >T GOT LATER THAN I EXPECTED/ THAT'S ALL RX5HT, DEAR IT'S GOOD FOR VOU To' GET TOGETHER WITH THE BOVS ONCE IN A WHILE REALLY WALDO/ I DON'T SEE WHY YOU CAN'T COME HOME AT A MORE BY MICHAEL O'AIAI, KY and RALPH LANE STALLCUP'S ROWING THEM BOTH OUT TO HIS BOAT, CIEEK. DON'T GtT HYSTERICAt, CLEEK SAW THE BLOND YESIERDAY WITH THE WRNAMGICL.-HE'S PROBABLY J05T A FRIEND. I^SOBtlOWAND POUR YOURSELF A DRINK. r'tL EXUDE A LITT1E CHARM ASTHtV (W5S AND SEE IF ! OM PICK UP SOME INFORMATION. 1 DO NOT 1IKE THIS, Vf.RA, fIRST, YOU RING IN MANTHORP. TH£N THE SUDDEN APPEARANCE OF THIS BLOND CHAP.. BY LESLIE TURNER MAOK MY mOBD$_.3HEi TUBN6P OH TH- CHARM TO LAW ME» FOURTH HUS BUT THE one WHO'LL SUFTER MOST ts HIS SWEEr LtTTLE cMPt! A STEPMOTHER KEM*f*M AWPA BRAT UKE HLAW WILL AWCE HER LIFE MISEBAStf! 50 AFFABLE! SHES MOT ONLY HUMAM-, SHE'S 4LIITE . LIKE SUCH A <iENTLBMAN ! SPITFIRE WITH LOOKS ANP NO SCRUTLES BUGS BUNNY IS SPELLED •NCOWWECTLY// V. T. MAMLIN BY C<?A,CKX THESE LOOK TBE PK?£TTySA.D GIT 'EM TO HOSPITAL.' XSSgSS&\ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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