Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 8
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Tho Index sajs it will keep Pet* ersoa awujr from Republlcaa meet- logs after this. No doubt he wishes he had stayed away from • Pollard's meeting. . Three meu at JHoran who had beeu inveigled into subscribing for the 'Morning Boil by lady friends and who had paid for the sheet six mouths in advance carried the. papers back to the postmaster yesterday end notified him to ootify the publishers to stop sending it. It pays to be de^ cent. . . And, by the way The Register^^atj u subscriber this morning, the pai"' I>e|ng discontinued at tl^e Fuller Idence on Ndrth ^fialnut. People 'y> can't stand being burned a little should not try to burn anybody else Tom Zc -lfiliT is kept fairly busy uow-days. Clipping edltorlalB from other papers and worrying over the local skating rink is about all he I'ools tiblo to (nke cnro of. Thc! Index HOOH the hun<t wrilliig uu tUo wall. It waH uiigtity tnmo tind docile this morning. Tho Hcpubllcan candiilulOH this year wore selected by a ranjorlly of the party and they are entitled to the vote of the parly. The parly vote means a rapid exit for^tho few Democrats who are now in office and a burial ground for the ones lioA' runnli\g. Tiio Democratic orators are using all their force to get their party In line and make them vole a straight ticket. It is time some Republicans took the advice of the Democratic orators. EVER WATCHFUL. A Little Care Will Save .Many lola Readers Future Trouble. Watch the kidney secretions. See that they have the amber hue of health: The discharges not excessive or infrequent; Contain no "brick-dust like" sediment Doau's Kidney I'ills will do this for >ou. They watch the kidneys and cure them when they're sick. U. Coy, retired farmer, of iui South Buckeye street. lola. Kns.. says: "Greater j)rais<! can not bo given Doan 's Kidney Pills ihnn their wonderful merit deserves." For some three or four monthi* I was bothered wUh u wooknoBS of the kidneys, causing mo to arise several times during llio night. The kidney swretions wore unnatural and deposited u heavy sediment. I also bud a dull pain In tne small of my buck that, eausoil me a good deal of dlscoinrurt, oHpocIally when I slooped or liried. I tried a well recommended remedy but did not derive the H 'ightesl beuellt. U was dlffcronl with Dcmn's Kidney Pliis which 1 procured at Cbas. IJ. Spencer & Co.'s drug store. Their use proved effective from thc first and they soon iLxcd me up all right. I gladly give this endorsement to Doun's Kidney Pills and hope many others may profit by it." . For sale by all dealers.. Price 50 ceuis. Fostcr-Mllburn Co.. liufRuia. New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doau's—and take uo other. FOR LADIES AND MISSES They are.Aare—they have just arrived—we are talking about theseinew Tailored Suits for ladies and misses. .The special prices we made last weekl^reatly reduced our stock; but the large shipment received yesterday and today igain makes Frishman's the leading garment store for lola and surrounding towns. Wp urge you t«) come tomorrow, before the assortment of sizes become broken." We Positiyely Name the Season's Lowest Prices for Friday and Saturday. NO OLD GOODS HERE~ALL ARE UP-TO-DATE IN CUT, STYLE AND FINISH Suit Special 0( self striiied and two tojied wuralcd.*:, cheviots and fancy clicvro^ Suitings, in plain tilllored or satin trimmed, regularS22.5o values, choice VI Vll Coat Special Kull silk^llued fine ail ytool Broadcloth Coats, in blacks, blues, brnmis tan», all S'zes now in stock, all $15.00 to $16.50 values, at. J :.....WI^« Suit Special Ladles' line worsted, broadcloth and chevron Suits, actual $25.00, $27.00and $28 50 high class suits, richly ttimmed, special at >. 00,^27.00 and SI9.75 Commencing Tomorrow big list of Attractive Bargains go on sale TWO NEW BASKET BALL TEAMS Business College and High School Students Will Play. The students at the lola Business College are planning to organize" a basket ball, team. Organization -Rill be effected just as soon ^s players can be selected. The students iji the city high school have also organized a team and met for their first practice this afternoon. These teams will compete in the contests at the Y. M. C. A. Children's $5.00 long cloth Coats, all go at S 3 M 95 Children's |4.00 and |4 50 long Coats, ages S to 12, at... $2^75 Little folks' bearskin Coats, ages 1 to 6 . .S2m4 ^8 and S 1 B 98 Choice of 50 ladies' new $6.00 Panama Skirts at..... ^. . .S3,73 Choice of ladies' |8.p0 to $l>.00 coats, new, at $8*98 Regular $1.50 ladies' feathertsilk Petliuoats, at 98c Ladies' regular |4 50 black taffeta silk Waists, at .82,95 • • • • 6e J8e '88o .Wo 88m Our best $1.25 yard wide black Taffeta, at :0|f(dr S5c full bleached Table Damask, yard ., .Mo 000 yards regular 8ic bleached Muslin, yard.. Boys' aud girls' 25c ribbed school Hose, pair .; 100 pairs new cotton Blankets, worth $1.00, at 2) pieces new 36 inch Percales, 12ic kind at ., All of our best $1.25 Dress Goods, special at . OOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOO Q O O AUUniU.V.Mi 81I0KT STOIMES. O O O OOOCOO-d'^OOOOOOOOO Sold Cigar Store. Uobi-rt, Brown has sold his cigar store, located on .loiTcrson avenue, to Willlaui lleadlclicr. Mr. ReadicUor will continue tliu storo in its present location and .Mr. lirown will oi>- crute his cigar factory a.s in tho past. Issues a License. A litonse was issued by Judge J. H. Smith today to Clair Lorraine Will iaros of Los Angeles. Calif., and Em ma Pearl MuUineux of I.aHarpe. They are to be married in LaHarpe today. Mrs. Bollinger's Mother jll. Mrs. Bollinger, wife of Sheriff Bol linger, went to Ft. Scott today where she was called by word of the serious illness of her mother. JIi-s. Kepley. Divide the Children. Pending the divorce action brought by T. \V. Green against his wife. Ella the two sons will be cared for by the father, and the girl by the mother. Judge Foust so ordered this 'moniins HUTCHINSON SANITY HEARING Commission Hearing Evidence In the r- Case This Afternoon. A conuulsslon • Is tisls afternoon hearing evidence' touching ui)on th6 sanity of ATont Hutchinson who was taken Into custody yesterday after noon, after having wandered away ''from his home. .Mr. Hutchinson is harmless but given to delusions. This afternoon he was unable to talk rationally when, questioned by the officers. He has lived in lola for many years,; is known as a hard working man and has many friends who regret to leam of his condition. He will likely be sent to a state hospital for treatment. !• Set AsMe Sale. In the case of the Aetna Bufldiug & Loan ossociaUon vs. Smith, an appli- -. ^cation was made this morning by the defendant to liave the «ale of the Gas' Ctty opera house set aside on tbe] ^iinds thai, tbe publication notices ^^M^i^ beeis printed the number,ofi "^/tiBies'.jiiaiured by lav. The .applica-i ' tlbi^vni be " For John Abrani!<. A warrant was Issued from Justice Potter's court this afternoon charging .Tohn Abranis with having attempted to shoot Dr. F. P. Stapleton of • La Harpe. Filed Two Lease*. .1. Kashabugh has leased to the United Zinc and Chemical company a 40- acre tract of land. A. J. Estep- has leased an 80-acre tract to the same company. Boys' Social Tonight, the boys of tlie Y. M. C. A. will be entertained at a social ito be given tonight in the rooms in the association building. 4 .W^* (Ftrat Published, October 14. 19«S.) Treasury Department!. Ofrice of the Supervrelng Architect. "jVaahington. D. C. October 12. 1908.—Sealed ProposalB will be received; at this office •until 3 o'clock p. m. bdtbe 16th day of" November, and then oiiened. for the construction . (including plumbing, gas piping. Iteating : ai>paratas. electric conduits and wiring), of the :U. S. Foist Office at Joja. Kansas,' In" accord- apce with the drawings and'spedfica- tipn, COPI93 of which may be hadfironi the.Custodian ofPS^site at Iola,'.Kan«as;-or at this office, ai the '<di8Ci !etion Safety Powder JIFA.\.S Jf.ST WHAT IT .SAV.SJ Better than any DtUcr powder, on the market. >o glycerine in its cuniposillon. Doea not freeze no matter how cold. .Misolutt-iy uo dungi-r iii liandliiig. I'se Trojan instead of glycerine audj save the lives «f y«Mir men. and,^ your company from dumagu' suits. I E.W.Coverdale AGEXT Boom 6, !!>tevcnsun BIdg.—lola AFFECTS THE PRICE Snys Furnicrti (<i't Kvttcr I'rlccs uud \la\*v Ijirircr Croph Hith ilepuli- lieanit Holdings Itt'iu<i. .SCOTT IX XEBIfASKA. Helping to Full Cungre ^smtin Pollard Through Into i^aiVlj. Falls.City, Xebr.. Oct. 15.—Congressman Scott of lola. Kas.. cliairmanj uf the committee on agriculture, six^kc In the court house Monday night in the interest of Congressman Pollard and the Republican ticket. The Audience enjoyed and appreciated his line of argument. He brought thc assurance that Kansas was even safer for Tuft than Nebraska. PARKER HEARI.XCi TODAY. Till' Kansas 'Cliy Joiiniul today says: Secretary of .\giifulliire Wilton; who probaijiy knows more about agn- rulliire than any Hvinir American, has the facts and figures to prove not only that farm products bring better prices under a Republican adniiniKtration than a Democratic, but also that thc farmers produce <nore products per acre under Republican rule. The facts as 10 better priccj- under Republican rule did not have to be staled by the secretary o.' argicnllurtf. A comparison of market (jiiKtations showed that condnsively. IJiu it remained for the agricultural department to show that move crop3 were produced i»er acre under Republican rule. These facts were at -certained but recently. When Pres-ideut Rootcvelt a few months ago decided to inve^iiigate the home life of the American farmers to see what could be done, if anything, to improve such life, he directed Secre- ury Wilson to scan the records of the agricultural department for Information bearing on that subject. In this investigation experts iu the department made the discovery as to Charged ^Vith .Murder of Pciirl .Uann Pearson. The hearing of Forresl .Mingle alias Harry Parker, the alleged slayer of Pearl- Mann Pearson, formerly of this city, is set for today at Oklahoma City. The 3ilanu family has received no word as to the result of the case late this afternoon. Daisy Maun of t}iis city went to Oklahoma to testify that Mingle and Parker are one and the same. Mingle -was arrested at Wichita a few weekis ago aud several weeks after the murder of Mrs. Pearson. ed Birth. Mrs-.G. C. Gl>-nn today recei\ word Cbat ff-Soh had been born to Sir. iuad 'lbB. C. E. Casebier of 2ifcLou^. rUl be called A POST CARD CENTER All of your distant friends will be iuterestcd in seeing fine illustrations of our main public buildings and of the picturesque bits of scenery in the vicinity of lola. These are ail shown on the special line of souvenir postal cards which we are now showlng.- Xew lines, also, of huported and domestic post card novelties, comics, etc. Largest choice fiiere always. ore average production of crops. They took the.averages for a series of forty years, divided into ten-year iMiriods. Work Harder Vvod Times. The first ten-year period was placed at 100 per ceJit for comparison purposes. That was from 'eo to *70. The ne.\t ten-year period, from '7« ly 'SG. showed J).S per cent, a decrease of -' per cent. From '8fi to *9C the average was !)4 per cent and three-fourths oJ this decrease came In the last four years of that period, or during Democratic times. From "96 to 3906 the average was 108 per cent or 14 per cent more than during the Democratic period. In other words the farmers of tne country, with the same sunshine, the same rain and the same climatic conditions produced one-seventh more products on the same amount of land under Uepubl'.uan rule of the past ten years Than they did under the previous •en years, which was inflicted with a Democratic administratlun. Secretary Wilson accounts for it in •his way: -When prices are good 'aniiers take niore interest in their •vork: they are more careful with their crops; they till the land better, •ilant better seed and cultivate the 2rops better. Tlicy feel that they are going to make a profit and it encourg- es them to do efficient fanning. In Reply to Urjau. "On tbe other hand, under the last UemocratFc administration, with 30- cent wheat. 15-cent corn, 10-cent oats ."-cent hogs and 4-cent cattle they were discouraged and disheartened They .saw uo profit in sight. It cost them mure :o produce the crops than .liey got for them. Therefore, they became careless. They didn't give their growing crops the attention they demanded, aud a:: a result the average yield feil." In his speeches W. j. Bryan attempts to poke fun at the Republicans for claiming prosperity for the farmers. He says tire Almighty is responsible for that, not the Republicans, as it takes rain and sunshine to make crops and the Republicans are not rainmakers, cor have they a corner on the sunshine. But now comes Secretary Wilson with" figures to show that with the same sanshine, and. the-same rain, the termers raise more crops on an acre .under Republican^ rale than; ^bey |did under.D^fl^ratic/^rale, and be reastms'that WAITING FOR APPLES TQ? FALL. A Cartoon That Teaches a Truth Very Aptly. There's a lively lesson to be drawn from a pretty drawing in the display window of the Atchiso.- millinery store at Jefferson avenue and East street. The work Is by -a local artist and a glance at the cartoon makes at once apparent the a:ppIication. The work Is entitled the lola Booster Club. Out in an orchard, an apple tree, liferallr loaded with ripe red fruit is the object of much interest to a group of four, three children and a dog. One of the group;, a little giri. is sitting under the tree, waiting for the apples to fall into her lap. A boy is endevoring to climb the tree and shake off t.-ie fruit and his companion is giving him a boost in his effort to climb. At one side the family dog is sitting, his eyes and ears alert, watch- in? for the fruit to fall. He is interested, though probably he does not know just why. inasmuch as apples are not a favorite disit on the canine bill .of^fare. But the application of the cartoon is plain. Boost the booster and the fruit of bis efforts wUl fall into your lap. Do not sit by idly and watch the boosters work, hoping to profit with no effort to yourself. In boosting the boosters you help ^ yourself as well as helping the meQ who are at the forefront in working to advance lola. For Student Enter |>rMes. Twelve hundred and fifty towr stii- dents in th4 University of Kansas, have contribiited three dollars eadi to a fund for the support of student enterprises during the current school year. The Ithletic Associatipn. tlie Debating Cotuncil. the MaaddlGs^ clui^ the UniversiJCy Band, the, ITnfrersit^ Orchestra an^ the Glee Clatf^l each receive a sljare of this tw^^.^ The contributors are admitted wtthotit further charge tio all entertainments prd^ Tided by these .organizations. _du.rln^ tbe year. This Insures ajsns^diiiling fund for all j lines ^of student entep- prise and provides a series ot*iiigh grade entertainments for; the stadents at a very nominal expenie^ ^ C«il«g| PrMMent |^»fer^ A. D. Qrltei, nresldenti otVc college atrJ^olton^'wni'V^^'feh'

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