Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1907
Page 8
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JMiHUAli TBiJI^Q SUP^mS ET' THE HOLT MEAT MARKET IS SOLO CoiiBiiBjQB iSwflee at Presbyto-taB : ChNiek Tonorrow Voni> Hunat TnlilMir SappIlAS Arrfre. Tfie supplies for thp manual training depsrtmebt of. Oie La Harpe high schpol arrlred yesterdur and are being jlnstAlIed tod«y. >^ It is - liope'(l that evetTthing will be ready tor lh «i opening iof thU department by next Monday morning, although It l8 Impossible 'to tell defloitelr at the present time. "Prot A. J,-Baker, superintendent of the La Harpe* schools, will bare this depdrtment: directly under hie supcr- vl8i(>n. i BtfDgbt Holt Bntcber 8hop. LipebacK Bro». of this city yej»ter- dar consummated a deal 'whereby C. E. Meader of this city purchased tb<> Holt meat ^tket and opened up (or buainesB •wihtSb wtU be good news fo Ills many friends. Mr. Meader has on Axbibit a fine line of choice cuts in his window at the present time. Since Mr.'Header Is well known in th|B dty lie will need no Introduction to teh IJa. Karpe citizens. Haidquarteni for bargains the 3rd and «th—Kj*lblt days. C. P. MOOHEHEAD, Propr. Mrs. C .,!r ::Wpjfrn of MoCune, Kansas, yestccdajr. purchased the Ferris property 90 south Main street. She moved into (he new property yesterday. Mr. Peifris will remain in Jhis city for a"BBbii ''"tIme only. A daii^t^^'^i'^^^rn yesterday to Mr. and .Mrs. James Coughlin, October Srd. : M. "If i A. Snpper Tncsday .M?hf. ' The, members of the local M. \V. A. lodge will bold a supper ne.Yt Tuesday sight This will be in the form of a sandwjchi social where only members will be present^ They are planning on a good time. Soae Mews Stories. ,; In other parts of this paper wljj be fooad stories of interest to La Uarpe •bput the Farmer's Exhibit which is ID season In that city at the present tim& Announcement of "Tommy" Campbell's funeral arrangements, Jola ' La H«rpe base ball game. Want«<rii-*SiB^^ to do. Inauire P. T. Shaw 's resldencb;' Pr ^I»Jrtwian Church. . The Lord's Supper will he oliserved next Sab1>atb,at the 11. a. m. service. Every memb^'t*. of the church should be prweiif. ir vt;ell. and jwithin reach. Preachljng>§\^'&ljt 7:^. Rafly Ray In tbe Suiid&r School and come and brin? your friends at 6:30 p. m. . f -JQHN H. BRIGHT. Pastor. IbtiMdift Episcopal Chnrcb. Snndajr stdtpol at 9:43 ^. m. Preach E atl a. m. Junior League at ?. p. Epwortb ;X(eague 6:30 p. m. Preach at 7:30 p, m; Notes—Thfe-moming service will he a BEurest H <Hne service. The church wfil- be decorated with grains and Tegetableii:- The ^rmon will be in keeping wJtb&te thooght of tbe day. The diBtriet conference convenes Mon day 4 ^ a*-;' The eveMiajs session begins at 7:15 with « song-' service. Preaching at 7:45 by HeViC^ S; Nnsbaum. followed by.the'-codimunldn service. Let every Unember-who can be present-at this service, for it will be a blessed one.- .. Taevlay evening. Dr. Daniel Mc- GuHt of Kansas City will lecture. It 'will be a rare treat. "Wedaesday '«T «ang, Judge Manford Sebooiuiver cad Attorney Jacdoon will speak.: This will be a great Temper' ance meetfog.. ' Toesday': «a4 Wednesday the day neetlngB wUL be ^levoted to the dls- -casirton (3-tit*: various .phases bt dumb wort- -•- j . • . -Ptaa to lte«rT>r. Merllp at 11:30 fe. ' m. oa Wedacadfty. Maabera '^oCjtlto other cfaurdies cor- dbUly l&Tlted to all the sessions and •errieek of tbe district conference. Alao -ibe public In general cordially lartted.' Mo admlsalon fees. Doors •wide op^ ^. IRA M. BENHAM. Pastor. ' • - I r—-.;.i;- E>W YORK BEI^ SALE! Tailored Suits, Coats, Skirts and Waists. Walking Suits, $15. Handsome ii.-w Fall Whlkiiig Suli:; tiiade of splendid titiiiliiy. alt wool cheviot in Mack, navy atid br<iwji: roHts. Prince Chap slylex. and ::<) inrh'^s Ions. .«atln lined. Tlw Kkiris are made very wide full jilaited crrect. Sjipclal |1.^,.00 Tailor Made Suits $25 Gracefully Tailored Coat Suits In smart three-quarter and senii-Jitfed moduls, the coals are lined with Bilk or satin: skirts are made in the newest ptyle.s. made of fine bro.idcloth unfinished worsteds, serges or fancy manish mixtures of exceptional merit and tailoring at ^2UM Tailored Suits, $f8 50 ArtL-illcally m.ide Suits in Prince . Chap semi-fitted and cutaway eir <>ctt<, fabrics are fine serges, cheviots and heringbone worsteds in black, navy blue and brown, in fancy manish mixtures. Vour choice Saturday and Monday $18.50 fine Tailored Suits at $35 00. High grade Suits, embodying this seaswin's most desirable styles for fall and winter wear. .Models with short, medium or 36-inch length, coats in fitted, senii-fltted or cutaway effects, plain tailored or stylishly finished with hraldina. The skirt.s are variou.'<ly plaited and either plain or with self-fold at bottom, come in all the newest fall shades and manish mixtures. Price. l $3.^.00 Sale of Long and Short Coats. .^L'-in<li All Wool Ch-viot Ladies' Co.'iis. spocial for Satirrday and .Monday ^,-,.{)S' .'.^'-(ijcli All \V<)..I nia.k t'lu-viof Ladies' Coat.'? nicely trimmed in braid and velvet. Special for Saturday and Monday *:.ft<i .'.rt-inch All Wool Kei-.-^py Coais in h!aek, castor and tan, bpaiitiftilly (rim med; a regular value.";. S|>ecial for Saturday and Monday ... iJlO.tttl .\ great variety of Long. Loose Coat.^ in black, brown, tan, dark red. leather shade. Prices ranpe ^L'^OO, ijtlS.OO, $20.00, i^iUM Superb Array of Short Coats. In Imported Caraculs. Silk. Beaver. Cr.i.-hed Plush and Fine Wool Cloths. *12HI(». )i;ir.- *is. ipd.-., *:i.-.. iw. oisnNcnoNwoMss A BIG SHOWING OF MISSES' and JUNIOR COATS. Made in the popular new material.'? materials ami colors. Prices range from. $3.50 to $15 Special Sale of Skirts and Waists. All Wool Panama Skirls in all ool- oi-.-, .v.'ry one the very latesi models. I 'v.-.m .. .* !?3 .»S to »l .i .tm \E\\ A1{K1VAI..S OF WAISTS. laiYila Silks. \e(. Bill We. .\II Wool natl .'ste Wal.-ts nicely Irini- niiil in black and cream at <>1.)>S Chiffon llaliste Waists heantifiilly nlniimtl in lacf> ;it W.ilS CliifTon Tarr.'la Silk WaistH. black, • lironn and navy hliio at sjct .ils K.vira l"ine Cliiffon Taffeta Silk \V.ihis. Mack only af, Hfantifu! Net Walsl.«. .\ral)ian and While from ?3.08 to #10.00 GREAT DRESS GOODS SALE. Pretty (lark Checks and PlaWs, dmtble width, suitable for cbiidren's dresses, wafsLs and skirts, alsn all wool Tricot Dress Flannels, in all colors, choice per yard 2So You can have the choice of a great x'ariely of materials. New Plaid Suiting.s, in a combination of colors, Imported Poplins, Black and Brown Voiles, French Serges, Chiffon Broadcloths, .Storm Serges, Chiffon Panamns and Batis'es, choice, pet yard ...$l,00 Chiffon Victoria Cloth, 5^ Inclies wide, comes in black, white and new .shade of tan, light weight, satin lustre, suitable for elegant tailored suits and evening capes, special per yard, $1,75 For 38 inch Chiffon Batiste, soft fine material, .suitable for dresses and waists, in all the staple and past-1 t -hades inch Serges, also Panamas in black, navy and brown; 20 different styles of fancy Snitin.^-T. These are copies from th^ imported novelties so popular this season. Nc-w combination nf colors, choice, per yard ... .50o Choice of our fine imported .-\ltraan's Voiles, Melrose and Tamis Cloth, celebrated Melba Chiffon Broadcloths in all the new fall shades, Prunella Cloth. Chiffon Taffeta, French Serges and a great many other cloths for stylish costumes. Take- your pick for per yard • • • $1 '2S Antoinette cloth, 51 inchrs wide in black, cream white and corn shade, medium light weight, a very beautifnl cloth for fitie costumes and evenin.i; wrajis. Special per yard :. $2m50 For 46 inch newest \'oilings and Batistes, also Chiffon Pacn- mas, extra fine quality In all the leading shades. 44 inch Crav- enated Wool Suitings, suitable for Suits and Coats, in ihe popular mixed shade, choice per yard, 76o Imported fancy Broadcloth Suitings, in .striped, checked and plaid effects, combination of light and dark brown, blue and' black, green and blue, black and wine, just the thing to make a nobby and attractive new fall suit. These cloths are 54 and 4'j inches wide. Per yard Patricia Broadcloth in bl.ick, only 54 Inches wide,= sponged and shrunk ready for the medic. Ask to .see this beautiful broadcloth, it will surprise you. Special per yard .$3mOO MILUMERY SALE New Arrivats ait ihe lime. Second Fioorm MILUNtRY SALE 0 - ..1- Hew Art^ivais aii ii»e iime, ^, Seconti Fioorm Personals. Mr. and Mrs. Parker of Salem, visited at the home of W. T. Donald yesterday. air. and Mrs. Ira Fowler left yester day mominc for Bwtler, Mo., where they will visit Mr.s. Fowler's relatives. Mr. and .Mrs. Percy Graen returned yesterday from Kansas City. They have been attendint; the carnival. While In Kansa.s City Mr. Graeu purchased a new supply of new patterns of wall paper. OTHER U an ordem wbicti all women approach with indescribable fear, for nothing compares witb the pain and horror o# child-birth. Tbethou^ " ' «f 'tiw penragfaiid danger la ttora for her, robs the expectant mother .'tfiiSS plf M ^t Jpricipation» of tbe coming event, and casts :>ver her a 'iA0flMr of fd^m wiiich cannot be thrken off. Thousands of women tMnfjl ^Mtt'^^iat tiU» use of Mother** Friend during pregnancy robs aU- aiKt dapger, and ioaures safety to life of mother - .andd ^d. Tms scientific liminent is a god-send to all women at tbn , thei^ most critical trial. . Not onlv does Mother's Friend thnudi the perils of child-birth, but its use ""-^-•^--ir ^^Me^'theiijrstemior the coming event, prevents "morning ^^^^ UnOTHER'S IXf OJfE OF STA>»AHD OIL. Assets nf t^'lfi&i^Ai on n fapllal- Ization nf $100,000,000. New York. Oct. For the first time there has jtist been made inildic the income accoimt and balanci* sheet of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, which is the parent of all the Standard Oil Corapanie «5 of the world. The report shows that the wealth of the company has ai no ilmo i.pon overestimated. The income account shows that while the company paid $40,000 000 in I 'iividpnds in the year ended Decemoer last. It carried more fhan $8.1.000,- jOiiO and left as a snrplns for the year iromeihlnip more than $4:?.'50,O0. Added to the previous surplus the total surplus In profit and loss accounts a- moums to $2«1. 000.00 or more than nine limes the amount of the great fine. The balance sheet of the company shows assets of $37I .C<i4 .ri31' as compared with a capitalization of $100,000,000. Apart from the capital ktock outstanding and the profit and loss surplus the only liabilities are accounts payable to the amount of 112.261,000. fieneral M. E. t'onfereneo. Richmond, Va., Oct 4.—^The general Episcopal conference today observed missionary da.v. The of bishops and house of deputies met in a Joint session in the hall of the latter, the bishops occupying seats on the platform with Bishop Tattle presiding. BcffMcr Waito Mag ttnXU, K. of h. .MEMOniAL .SERVKE.S. Judire O.'srnr Foiist is <o lie Ibe Principal .Speaker. The Knipiits and Ladip.s of Security will hold .Mpinorlal Services Sunday at the A. O. r. W. Hall at 2::!0. .Iiidge Oscar PouBt and others will speak. ,-\n inviiaiion is extended to tlio public to aritMid. The lirst Sunday ill October is the regular Memor la! Sunday of ilii' lodge .MOHAN IJECOVERlNfi FROM SIIOfK Escltenient Over .Sapp Murder Case .Siilisidlmr. No home Is :-o pleasant, ropardless of the comforls that money will buy. .IS when the eniln- family Is in perfect health. A bottle of Orlno I..jixa- tlve Fruit Syrup co.sis .'lO cents. 11 will cure evory menibiT of the family of constipation, sick headache or stom ath trouble, nurrell's drug store. Jloran is .eradually recovering from tlie .shock o ftlie Sapp murder which i occiirn'd last week. .\ phone message j from -Morati this afiernorm was to the effect that nolliing new had developed jin the case and the exclleniei". caiist-d !by tho^tras;edy was sulisidi.ig. The detective is still at work but says iiotlihig as to tl)f> progr»>ss he is niak- ini{. The Junior Department 5tore FlowBf Potm ffont 2 fan Bo to 2Som Fomn Potm, Honing amitkmtm, Jtwdlplers PHblic Snip. j Tylor WrQ».' sale Tuesday. Oclnher IS, one mile east and .'> miles norili of ! Ua Harpe; horses, cattle, hogs and implements. launch on grounds. .Sale begins at 10 a. m. .HEMBERS OF rABINET SPOKE. SlrauKS and Postmaster General Mey* er at Cotton ('onvenllon. U'a.shliigton. Oct. 4.—Tlio second and closing days session of the National Convention of Cotiou Manufacturers today was mavkfd by the delivery of addresses by two members of the cabinet, Strauss of Ihe department o fcomnierce and labor, and Postmaster General Meyor. A BliP Opportnnity. Invest your money in a legitimate husfaieBS. Permanent (o Increasing income guaranteed. Equal parlneraSlp. Address Room 13, Frisco Building, Joplin, Mo. Musler Out Company !» Topoka. Kas., Oct. 4—.Adjutant Och- eral Hughes yosterday issued ordefs for tbe mustering out of Coiupaiiy \^ .Vaiioiuil Ciiai-d. of ('iyde. for ! failure to send a full f|iioia of num lo {Con Riley at tbe state encimpment. ; A turd. I This is (o certify that all druggists 'are authorized to refund your money if ; Foley's Honey and Tar faii.^ to, cure ; yoijr cough or cold. It stops the cough, heals the lungs and prevents .serious results from a cold. Cures la grippe cough and prevent.s pneumonia and consumption. Contains no opiates. The genuine la in a yellow package. Refuse snbstltntes. Burrell's OR ABB SAYS: We have long had a reputation in this locality, of filling prescription.s with the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filling them in a way which met with the approval of the entire medical profession. The same careful work will be continued in. the future. The same high qtiality gbeds will be used that have been used in the past. We solicit your patronage W. Crabb, Talophooo 47« Pr—prlmtlon Dfugglml IrjitaWaaiAa. in Iho

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