Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 7
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IM lOlA PAILT WMBWaift THPUgPUr ITBUnrCMOCIOBBE 1108. Bi' Tbe^ jure shipped in a steel contflduer, sir^tight, sealed, packed with ice ... abound the container. Vo ice or water touches the oysters.; You gctsolia tDiats— perfect and unbroken. • • . I • Sealshipt" Ch^sters go further and tatte so different! ' Come and see them. Ask for "CTEALSHIPT SENSE "-^a BocU About Oysters AU the following dealers oell ^Scalshipt": mm BROS; pno BINZE; OUR WAY The genuine "Sealsbipt" Oj-slers are always sold from a White Porcelain Display Case bearing the "Bealshipt" trade mark in bliic. This is for your protec;tion—look for it. The "Sealshipt" Carrier System is patented. Infringements will |>e prosecuted to the full ejctent ol the law., NATIONAL OYSTER CARRIER COMPANY . BoHtliNorwaUc, Connecticut. ' . 4^ Becoming a mother should be a source of joy, but the suffering incident to the ordeal niaUes l ^^its anticipati(>n one of dread. Mother's |;riend '\i the only remedy which relieves women of much of the paini of maternity; this hour, dreaded as woman's severest trial, is not only made less painful, but danger is avoided by its use. Those who use this remedy are no longer despondent or gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distress- fng conditions are overcome, ^jT W'ji%|VJ|M and the system is prepai ed for ^k^M "M' • 'mfl Mt£^ Wm[w\ the coming event. "It is worth its weight in gold," say many who have used it. tl .OO per bottle. Bonk of Talnn to all expectant mnthcrii mailed free. TkeBradfidd Regdator Co., Atlanta, Ga. Back to lola. Rev. F. C. McKean returned Monday night from Tola where he attended the Kausas Synod of the Presbyterian, church. H. H. Morrison, who represented the laymen ot the church returned Monday morning. The meet•Ing was without doubt the best ever held by the organization. A feature of the meetings was the special addresses made by a number of the| leading Presbyterian ministers of the easi. Eh-rFhlfertbn; ofSt. Ltouls. moderator of the general assembly, was in (Attendance. Rev. McKean was elected vice moderator of the Kausas Synod and was made chairman of a spiecial en> dowment committee for Sinporia college. A meeting of this committee was held Monday in Topeka, which Dr. MtKeau attended. The Synod will meet next year in Parsoi!-:.—Salina Journal. Annonncefflcnt. Dr. Sutcliffe wishes to iult!::! his farmer patrons and the public that he has resumed the general practice of medicine, combining It with surgery. Office hours 10 to 11 a. m.. 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p. m., » Mo., Fnlrle Keu CkllliMtli^^ iH >«8 UrnSk Duuge to Frop* Chllllcothe, Mo., OcL 15.—The pjral- rle directly west of Chllllcothe resembled the great Nortbera fo-^t fires Wednesday. A fire which is sap posed to have started from a spark from a passing Wabash engine started in a large meadow owned by Judge Chris Boehner. The flames spread rapidly and before they were checked had burned everything in a path two miles \yide and fli'e miles long. The loss is j estimated at about $2,000. Men, women and children fought the fires all day, the burning territory! being out of Zhe fire limits or the city. A number of other small prairie fires were reported during the day, but were soon put under control. | ADTiCE AXD RECEIPT FOB RHEU- XATISX ASJt SIDNEYS. A CLUB FOR K. U. BACHELOI^S? Unmarried Professors are Consider, ing Bractlnfl House In Lawrence. Lawrence, Ks., Oct. 1.^.—In all ptjob- ;ability a clubhouse will be erected by the meii on the university faculty. At a meeting held recently, of which Prof. A. J. Boynton of the economics department of tlic university, wau chairman, the matter "was discussed by about twenty-flvo of the Instriact- ors in the university and all favored the movement. The following committee was ap- , pointed to consider the advisability I of erecting a home for the club: J.iN. Van der Vries, D. L. Patterson. S.' L,. Whitcomb, H. W. Humble and E. E. Brown, secretary of the university. At a meeting of the bachelors tomorrow afternoon this committee will report. That the building will be erect -I ed has practically been decided by' the committee. A SpleadU Home Xistnre for the Bladdct, Kidneys attd Rhennutism, EasBr Xixed at LItUe Expense. OF mm THE TEACHERS WEXT TO KAXSUIS CITT TODAT TO TISIT SCHOOLS. »» "The people" here do not drink enough water to keep healthy," ex- fclalmed a ^ell-known authority. "Tlie nunrerous case^ of kidney and bladder diseases and rheumatism are mainly due to th« fact that the drinking of water, nature's greatest medicine, has been negh'sted. Stop loading your system with mea- iclne and cure-alls: but get on the water wagon. If you are really .•sick, why. of course, take the proper medicines— plain common vegetable treatment, which will nbl. shatter the nerves or ruin £he stomach." To cure Rheumatism you must make tlie kidneys do their work; they are the filters of the blood. They must be made to strain out of th»> blood the waste matter and acids that cause rheumatism: the urine niust be neutralized so It will no longer be a source of irritation to the bladder, and most of all. you must keep these acids from fnrnilng In the stomach. This is tho cauHC i »f stomach trouble and poor dlge.stion. For these cmiditlonF you can do no better than take tn€ following prescription: lluld Extract Dantlellon. one-half ounce: Compound Kargon. oin: ouuce: Compound Syrup Sarsapariila, three ounces. Mix by shaking well Iti a bottle and take In tea spoonful dfisf's .Tfter each meal and at bedtime, but don't forget the| water. Drink pleiify and often. i This vahialtlc information and simple pros/ripllon should be posted up In each /lousehold and used at the first sign of an atack of rheumatism, back ache or urinary trouble, no matter how slight. PRESERVING THE BATTLEFIELD. TOMORROW IS VISITING DAY XEW BOOKS FOB SCHOOL LIBRARY WERE ORDERED YESTERDAr. Begfamlog Last Mght the Registrntioc Books Will Be Kept Open Untfl 10 O'clock In the ilreuing. Attended Synod. Rev. "\V. X. Lccpcr, pastor of thes L'liited Presl»yterlan church, rcturnet: today from Oluthe, Kas.. where he hat been attending the tynod of hu church. it Episcopal church laEt sv- enli(j|vpleased a fair sized audience, f'irhe orchestra is %compcEed of seveu musicians, all of whom urc solobis. To and From Burlington. V. B. DeWolfe of lola. Is here. look ing after his property Interests. • * ' Rev. Wm. Covert returned Monday from a short stay in lola and attending the Synod of the Presbyterian church. — Burlington Republican. Visiting at Emporia. Mrs. L. L. Collins of lola, who has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Henklus. went to Emporia Monday for a s^ort visit with relatives and friends.—Burlington Republican. The Register has just completed an arrangement which will be of special interest to ISe Farmers By this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola Daily Register for a year and the Journal of Agriculture for a year for $2.25 The Journal of Agriculture is a weekly publication and treats the following departments: Poultry and Bees Women's Page Live Stock The Dairy Farm and Field Crop Pests and Diseases Fmit and Garden The regular price of The journal of Agriculture is 50c a year, but by this special arrangement we arc enabled to offer you The lola Register ^2.C0 Journal of Agriculture 1 .50 Gettysburg National Park Commission Makes its Report. ^Mashingfou, Oct. 15.—To preserve In their original shape the features of the battlefield of Gettysburg, the Gettysburg national park commission In its anuual report today states that in pursuance of the fixed policy of that bod.v. large tracts of woodland have been purchasecl. old road lines have been so altered that they are now parallel the lines of battle and positions of both armies have t>een marked by guns of the kind used in battle. A TOWN ON FIRE Dallas. S. D., nreateoed by Flames- Many TIsltww There to GALand. Dallas. S. D., Oct. IS.-—Fire threatened the destruction of the greater lart of this city, wfiere the registration for government land Is being held vesterday. Two houses owned by the ?hief of police were destroyed and jthers damaged. Citizens moved out of their homes ^nd hundreds fought the flames. Others took the first train out while some •lired motor cars to take them to towns farther east. A south wind carried the fire around the town and it is now burning to the north, but is under control. The streets are full of household goods and the gamblers are "aiTytuK parapherDalla about the city. MI are hurrying to tlie south part of town, wht-re buildiugs are now being te-occupied. Registration office closed Hnd cans of affidavits were in wagons ready to be taken to places of safety. The registration in Dallas yesterday uas 2,565. There were 1,188 applications by mall. In Gregory 365 registered and 1,279 sent applications by mall. The total registration is 85,554. A 5,000,000 GASSER United Zinc and Chemical Company Got Good One Yesterday.— A Good Field. A five million gas well was drilled in yesterday on the Cline farm five miles north of tte city for the United Zhic and Chemical Company. Since this is the farthest point north any well has been drilled in the field It 'indicates, so the gas men say, that the field extends north. The well will be attached to the United Zioc ft Cbemlcal mains. To Try M«jMt>o Again. Negotiations are under way'for the reopening of the Majestic theatre on South street. It is probable that a new manager of the theatre wOl be chosen soon. Several have endeavored to lease the place for a pletnre ali6w. bat T. C. Conly, owiier. deicHnes to allow a picture show to be opetat- ed In the theatre. Adtferttsed Sate. Ralph Drpke .has adVertised a sale ^Of l {Te8t6c}c| and (arm lix||iiement8 Car 4 ^ber 239d at Ut.tiM'm aqdth' of Meets IVIth Jlr-i. Shaffer. The AVoman'a Christian Tcmper.mct Union of the city wl'.l meet Frlda.v afternoon at the liome of Mrs. Scfuiffer The Meeting will be called at 2:3( o'clock. Body to Ottilia. The remains of M. V. Benliam wht dled here Tuchday morning after : long illucss will be taken to Ottawa Kas., for burial. Ott.iw!i was Mr. Bei ham's home before moving to Gas City .Ordered New Rooks. The Gas City school library will bf restocked with uptodate books. Twc hundred dollars' worth were rccentl: ordered by the board of eJucatlon. When the books arrive Giis (.lly wll have one of the best school libraries of any city its size in this part of tht state. Son Is 3Inch Better. • A. Davis returned yesterday froh Xevada. Mo., where he went to visi' his son who is there in the hospital He says that ids son is gettin.s:: nlon: as well as could • be expccttd. He sustained serious injuries several weeks ago In a fall. Are on Dead fire. Two bloclis of the smelter w<_>ro pu on dead fire yesterday because of the shortage of ore. They will be startet as soon as the ore which is orderei" arrives. Register at >"ight- Beginnlng last night the registration book.=? will be kept open In even ing until ten o'clock. The registratioi this year Is much larger thau it has been for several y^ars. To Kansas City. The teachers in the city schools wil leave this evening for Kansas Q\t\ where they will visit the schools Fri Jay. School here was dlsmisocd a' noon tiday. Ideas gathered whilt away will be used to improve the loca schools. Pleased Good Audience. The Hal'.owell's Harp orchestra hat gave an entertainment in the This woman sars she-vras saved from an operation by I<jdta £. Ptnlcliam'g Vegetable Compound. Lena V. Hemy, of Norristo^ni, Ga.^ writes to MXB. Fmkham: I snfTered untold misery from fe» male troubles. My doctor said an opera* tion.wss the only chance I had, and I dreaded it almost as much as death. "One day I read hotr other women had been cured by Lydia £. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and I decided to try it, Beforfe I had taken the first botile I wsa better, and now I am ea* tirely cured. , "Every wcunaa saffering with anjr female trouble should take Lvdia £. Pinkham'a V^table Cc>?Qpoun<L" FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. For thirty years I^ydia E. Knk- hatn ^s Vegetable Compound, ntade from roots lind herb^ has been the «tandard T^™^ ^ feniale illS] uidhaspositiYelyciuedthousandsoi wotnen whothJave been troubled -witti re «5a . ibear- IJIPOBTAXT TO JOK BUT£KS. All markets are now onsettled and •riil be until after the national ^election. TTe have BRTAN-ED car prices —or In other words, reduced them all along the line. We expect to Taft them, or In other words, pay more money and higher prices soon. Pro* tect your own Interests and tote for Taft. Respectfully yours- B. S. BABXABD, 324*326 >'orth Buckeye, lola, Kansas. tioB -qiT^i^TiiwH or nefro'OB^ciwzal ^^^^^^^ for tha iasttw «iitr -B«* ;aan aod D«T«r fuiiad any nUaf BBtU ha bfccan t<tkiuc jom Cuearrtui Stcet be faa« bccna takine UaaeareU ba baa asrar bad kb«,kaadMlM. jTbv bar(^ aaUfaly- earaVblm. Cateanta do what 76a KMmiDaii 'd (bam to do. f •riU c<*« r4a &b« prlrU«^-ernutiixU>is bJaltt.*- KJt. UickjiOB,IIl8BastBarSl.. W.liuUaa^Ha. •aldlnbnlk. .'i>a«"nUta« |^t«t*ataiapad OOO. Unanuitaad to ct|ra or rnor jDnney back. IIUALSALE, TEN MiLUON BOXES IV. C. T. U. MeeUng. The W. C. T. U. meeting M 111 occur at half past tv.-o o'clock 0:1 Friday at the home of Mrs. A. C. Sbaffi-r. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. AndefSou left yesterday for Kansas Cll.v to attend the stock show. , Mrs. E. M .i Patersoii left yeilcrday for Anthony, Wash. Miss Lizzie Driscol left today for Sheldon. Mo.j for a few daj-s' visit with friends. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Haskell ef Toronto, Kas., were here yestorday the guest of relatives. P. T. Teeters left yesterday for L^vr renc?, Kas., where he will visit Ills 50n who Is attending the universly. SHIP WHISKEY OUT OF STATE. Oklahoma's Only Distillery Disposing of Stock on Hand. Guthrie. Ok.^ Oct. 1-J.—Oklatoma's only dlstilleryi located at Lexington. :s still shiping out the wMskey vhich it had en hand at the coming -if statehood, when prohibition put It -lut of business. The liquor upon TThlch the United States Internal ''evenue tax iiad paid has since been held in bond there. It cannot be sold in Oklahoma, but It can be shipped out' of the state, ind Internal Revenue (^oUector Charles Howard qulth recently guaged out a shipment of twenty-five barrels if whiskey to Gainsvlle, Tex., from ^-bence it Is predicted that it will "ome back Into Oklahoma in smaller quantities. CRIPPLES MAKE M05ET. Attraction at Anditorfnm Tonight Xets Good Betumtu The highest priced attraction that he Auditorium ever had was a crip- oled mau, not the one who is ccming 'onight. however. But '^illy" Stein, -vho is booked for three nights com- •cencing tonight, draws good pay. His wages per day are about three times as.high as the ordinarji foreman or 3uper !ntendents about the various Industries over the county. He has played all of the towns in this circuit with the exception of Fort Scott, where he goes after leaving here and they all give him good recommendations. COSTICTED OF LAJID GBAFT. /ury hi Nebraska Federal Coofft Bring Ycrdlet in Baird Case, Omaha. Xebr.. Oct 15.—The jury In he federal court in the Case of Frederick S. Baird, charged with attempting, to defraud the government of several thousand acres of public land In Dawes county. Nebraska, by meana of fictitious entries, late last night, returned a verdict of guHti' on fix counts. Baird Is a Chicago attbroey and the head of a Chicago ranch c^ paay. He was indicted with Fatripk J. atid Lawrence E. King. Tlie trial of the Kings will come up at a futiire termi of court. ' Tradea for Farm. Jim Campbell has traded his prt>- perty on Bast Madison street to J. R. Stewart of [HutMldt for a 160 acre farm near-iaainore. ! Here to Rally. Henry BBU | attisnded^ tie b% Sepu^Hcan T«{ly[oTer.atyf6 !ci on ttja** day, iJIr.-^li^d oid^li^oned 4^ piuiiis reeanak io &ls iUnd by this ^air^^Ft flcbttlEfoptiii^

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