Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1907
Page 7
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W«sa Strett, lola, one block frotn square. ' Disease:s of domesticated aniioals successfully treated .charges moderate, good txjx stalIs for panetits Calls aoswvrtd promptly night or d<iy, 20 years t;xoerieiu:e. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. Frank S. Bea tile, V, S, Honor Qraduate of Ontario Vctcr- inary Collcjcc Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Flionc iM) "NOT HOW CHKM', BIT irosv GOOD.': Candies! Watt .Smith Hasn't Cuntrarted Small- |iox Itiit ilns I{<><>n Kxposed. I'.cfuusc 111- i:: fOlil'n-iU't: If) remain ii;ulfr i;ii:ii:iii!irii' \V:iit Smllh tlircit- PliH .-nil :i ;.'iiiii.-t All .'ii cmiiit.- He says tlia! li" iiifil aiivirt- iif ;ni aiimiiiv wnn iclls him thiit (MM ciill.ii I'm tv. ,]::y\ wiilk hf l« <'i>!i!|ii-iii'I 111 Id? .• Acliiii; Ciniijiy lI'Mltii dflic.-i-' 111. lioMdu .M-;i<T(l:iy c; I.'I .I'll .IH'I lii" (wMi'l iiiiiiriliii-' li'>ii.-;c L.'!" Sii'i'li l''i'ii;'li sM-fii. Several Ml lilf liii.i;i!i|ri ll.lM' lil-i'U l 'V |)()K«'(J I") ii •• ilisi -.i.-.' I'.vii ul itm .• ; ill"f'-ii:ii: I'lii:.! I. .\i'ri' (111') I ••!Ii'il 111 ii'Hiit '.i Mii- 'li';' (11:1111 iiii- 111':** ."^liiili!'it.- !];;!' Ill' v.a.'i!- M mi i" l'*.i:-i ii--\ ilic V !•*•' *• li*' li .is a i'"- •.<>:: 11 • !:..;'..ii ::\ ti*' :;iv,-. ^fpl I*.;, ••ill.!']'*!! ! j.wi-! I*- ralll- • t!i*i! M ;i;n.':* c' il'.-. r*' ami ilial '<• i .u:!!!' :*' in-* •.•*•:;• lli*- .li I. 1- \--<- ibvf I'o ii(i. -iiiip. il*- l.-i;'-'l I'vii |i'.'' ilml! -s of I'f.'Mii! ui'.i t'a-; i.i I'Vii'iM-'l 'II' '•'...-.'.i U.c.>- I-. .-• !-;i *<>-«a > > '>!.• . !*• ••! .• •*• T.: • 1' •_•! M :\Miri!i!.jtf;i:N iiinir. ( •••I 'lini'.t'l •I'!;iir'-«lin. SPENCER'S f i.TT >EHa. •in;: l^\\].^I;l•: ('ii .l...| ;>- lii* in ll.^:;:. : :i-; 1.'«I1I .1.1 u.- .•1,1.: I*..I MoliT n ;irl'-r ("<li!.•^^'. Kansas City. •Mo. Tt';ichi,-ri Uic traiit.- Iiy fri-.> t-Iinio and careful-in.-:: liciinns in T IMV wot»ks. l'i).-illi)n.s wait!:;:; lot fvi:vi'idy -...'ii: wii: Iprirn. • Write for ii:irili-iilar.s. ! iior. .ki .\i:S. ;;• .•:-.i;:- :;.!• .• ... ;lu' Mnraii •^.•ii'iiir. i .'i.** in :;i..- :i •in- ihir <ii! .1 r-":iir: :'';..ii:i >:.- : .Mr.-:. T'-'. : '.'.•ill i.;'-:! 1 i:ir.Miii.', (' i:i .M;i-nni<- li.i.l i": :.!.l^ : U;l), .s (.'.•iifi -k a' i| .SaMiril:!'.- :ir.:; p .1 • --I 'S . (il-:. !l '!:.!i'- (i.i-s MI;. \:<i\ Mu.-. 1: -,1 v.- iav ••..:, :•: ;...i:i rif>. •All'".'. I';. ; li ^.• i.. * : i!.*- i-::r:;: •. .1!. '1'. .ui'cil. —Kvnr.v 1'<'U\ t" ' W. r. i -Ci 'Ii'-y .'v .Sr.!l liavt 1. fraii^f'''" ;i!!il y-'ur.i.:-^ 1.:! * I'liolii' L""i. I".' ill'::'••• a: I'hrme 17. X (Uia! • •! ;|h>>i: I'll 1:1.: I>av ! ni-l;' • IlAN I'.AJvTiiOi.D.MKW. -.Ni.ii iiiiv, :<^K :(Ir ?s at K" i !.i r^i^'iiij^s y.--*:- 'iay (;oii?'i;:in!:n*'.: •!••;:! whurilv li <;iSTiCj.*''*! f>I'-;.;,< ; ^r-^'i* ;'T \' ;r ^I'- .Vi .tr' S;.fan!'ii' !'.> \. H. iLlf!- !::'-r. .1.' V. Tanner, lieen'.t.l nm-tninrpr and .salt- < TJ«T , .in."! .Vortli .^U-Heu. ( ity. ni:. r. s ^'•-l•i •:!K ;.l. oii '!]*• !•<•<• !!:•.<! lii" ! "I • 'l-'-i' :^ J:r. Mi:*-';-!)'- .;,i>i;i':- v\::'^ ;• a-'h :::<• li' ;^:'i•• <-••: h'V (i'-all!. ;; hr-.i;:." \'i/o;1:i . .in li.;*ii-. P. E. Waneh, Dentist. Plioac Oflice OTtr Barren's Urug Storf. ART HICnUINCTOX Wo-ki-il !'•!' •~'''' aec.-pi*;'! :; j* '- •h.' Oiii- Way r.--i.ia; :;i:i . |. rn:;' i'l] iii't'i> •,v:ij'i-i- a' Dr.rl, F. .hinn^cm. (irailiiat'- \ucfinn- eer and Vfteriiiarfan. >alf» or <'iijl* niaile nn^nlierr. I'lmiic I:!. Inl.i. Ka-^. .\;. Mll.l .IIi; an • ' IiV f;'iin .:!! i-ast. -lii.y Vori:. !i';i:.i:.i .\i .Kllll-r'OV. 11 . !l(l::lt^; r; [::•<• ' '.rich ill..;*: 1: •••1 :i. = .Mr- r r. ::)r::>"i Si;:*';'.a v ; :• : in<-. a: H.-;: ;. I.i.;i. ' " -• -1 • 11.•• 1 .. <t. 1 !.. M 'v. ii*T \: :i' aii*. •... . i »'..< J ill .1 • . -I »•• h.'M". ^. :• .. ' . I'.-- • ••11 1 !:... •. .1 • :•* • :•:.• 1 Si! \i il 11* lit' ('i; .1. •. •%<•'•>• Kai! . li' .]:': 'I'i.' •iii *•':• 1 ' 1 ;^ 1, :.i.ii I ^M.. :; !• 1 •. V :i; i' i< : iiMau.t :i:i ; :i (• '' I hav.' :i (.'.:ii!.< ;• H IW I M: >!::<!.i :i^ :• Sin:-:"!- .-^••••^ i*'..: i-:;i.~i .'.l.iili-uii ;r. ••!•:• • 11. 11 1 r it i'.iii. 1 ;*i-.v *• •.-. ;]• i-..i.-i K* ' >' lu: •••• .• •(.:•• ;1 .1 '. •' 1 • II : • in:' •\ 1; I •: :. .iv w.>- .•.-•:*•. ..I'l -.1. :••• li':.! Al :^••ll '••i I . • • . .1- l:..i ;.• ... I. ..r 1.; H:i •••• : ••. . i.;' 1 a i :• ... ai:<! -:•'•:.• ••:.;:• ii. .•••l..':,,- •. ' ':.' ".7 • -1 •.' I'-". -I •. ,• :• "1. . ; u ;•. ml c" ii.ji. •• ; : 111' • i.i. If. • <• ::.. , ,| •: •• .. . .• 1. . ,. •I. n:; :•.•.!. :r'M! ; ! . :;i ; . .1; ra'tvi .1 ' .*• • 1 •.•.| •i'ii !..!.• 'i'.'.-i. : " .1 Urf II. li :i Start right! To younger housekeep" ers, to beg-inners in the* art of bread and cake making, no agency can render so much aid, no assistant will prove so helpful as Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder. Do not make the mistake of experimenting with others. E. E. Loofrhllu t ho.xe "Torn Breodtn?" as Suhjoot at ExbibiU E. n. I.anKliI n. the flxp «rt com judge \vho is acting in that capacity at the Kai-niPr"s Exhibit which is run- nlnK in full fla>t iit lallarpa at this time, gave nn infrrr'stUiR and instnict- Ive l»'rture at th« corn e.xhlhlt ye.ster- (li y nfiuriifidii rn •Corn Hreertlnn." .\lr l .iitipl ;l 11 s|if)l;n distinctly and In jrt manner whieli afiaeied the atten- j tUiii (if til? vast ciowds which Kath- I iri^d in the •>Nhil )it li.-iU to h(^ar hiin. I 111 Ihr. Iietiire .Mr. I>anshlin einplia- slz';l the siatfinent that no fanner or any other man could attain will;o'.it first rnrryinK into his voea- • tion nnihit'on and f-n'hn.xiasni. The I f.irnier mv.M alsn 'IK^ • Iiis he;i:!." in i selivt iti.i; the [1:1 rent Co'ii. Mr. I.aimh- I In say:^ ihnr if !•-• :ih.sf>Itite !y nec'.*! «ary to iia -.e an iii.-al in seleoiin^ seed corn am! v.nrk 10 reach that end as it i<! ill all r.iher tliincs. He say .c; the ent conr vait amountrbut ^liMO -two ears: MCiii sh«lled one quart. - .Thisr.goes to prors the necessity of selecting good aeed com. The following are the prizes In the com oonte .st. The fruit, vegetables, poultry and other exhibits will be jnd .8:e (l this afternoon: YELLOW CORN. 1st —D. H. Nicholson, Moran. Ud—.Jesse •WHlkerson, <3as City. WinTB CORN. Ist —C. W. Rebman, Moran. 2d—C. I. Fursman. Elsmore. KAFFIR CORN. M^t—.f. C. Griffith. Moran. '1<\ —Harrison Bland. LaHarpe. CORN DISPLAY. 1st —.le.sse Wilkerson, Gas City. ^VMEAT. 1st—C. W. n?bman. Moran. -2il —\V. S. Lytle, Humboldt. _j TKFT LOCATES IX PORTLAND. ; 1.1 i:a'! :il .•I Mr • :.• • Iif. .1. \V. Hii.i.^ .Iii.l .:(• K.•'.:>•• !y ••>•:> \\\(,- 1 aiir.i c-!:i' .!::-iiS 1: !:.,TI ;I;: • r.- :^ .-. ! I> :<.-.;.. '!v :,•<•; ••'••(• ..: !!..:•'•: 'if :::•• \ !•:• t . - l, ' ••'••n:-: 'r :••*.: ;•: ,:. : •< ::*•. Wi • n.. I K. — an ! v .1.- :'-a!:.;«-I' ' ic.'if :.p .:•: : v..{ : ll -nrv 'i: • :i;.! •,.. il*., V:-. I' i:i I.inn. \\ 'ii.iiii till* .!•, ;i:. • "it*.. \\':i!'*-i- in.* 1! :i;;.i V ;|.. , r •r ..iir.l .. Mii . (, . ,••:•• .-• .' ! « 1:. ." ••: -.'I.! f- I •. ..!•.! -iia'-:.- lii'. -r •• I. !.;.* I:•'. . 1' • K' . i;t'1. i !-i :i \ t.a K •••i.••i^. ••;•'!'• K^-. ••.. i . '*•• K. "• \-Il K Ml* : !•: •:.:.• •. \' 'viti K -iin'-ii'- • r : '.. .'• . \'. :i'' K'.;.:.. •^'.•••.\\ I.I ' . 'i '•':•. : l:...- K.-riin-.:. . .\i i.' ,; • 'i • I •! !••.;•*• r ;i|i.':- I.., i 11:1 ' •• 1 .i'li:. :;i:iil> - K i' 1:1.' !:.'i;. -i-..-r. .<;.:!ii:. S:'.i ;'. i .• i • Siiaiii. l..-ii v,.i\\ ' .!:.-i.. ~ K -irvih . n ;>vi.- K- :. ( ! I iiv \',<\!!inv r\M. h. lihick Sui'i'er..,; a I'.ai! Uii:ii..i l.a-ti .NiL-^lil. Former fias City Man Open Real Estate Office There. .John Teft. a former real estate man ... , , ... 1 of Gas City, who was also very prom- iil.^al ear ..f e..,n Mils on Periectlj-. | i^^^t i„ Allen county Democratic clr-' to ihi.- no:i-d jiultre ot corn the li.\-r I'l'r is i.iit oac filleit I'tit fiiiir.-lv ai lln" tip lint instead the 'oil .^-hoiilcl i'\ii-i) I li<.iiiinl ilie S'.'ii"'' a nil I". .Mr. I.aii^iilin '.vi'l lerive tori.iv fo'' ('Meiiito wh'ie he uift aci a-; corn ii|.|t:<- ill ilie iiali' enrii exhibit ^\!iieh \vili lie '4 'ii llii'i'. s<:iin. 'li..' Faniii'is' K.\liiliit . wliif-h is llie -!i.i'.v:ii;i (if I ill' If'sl fiuiii i>ni(li:cts in this of the siate is the success •iniicipafed There i.s an e\c'lleiit dis- 'i!av of al! fprni pr-iliieis. The .= rain '-xl.ihft :s -'speriiiJly good this year. ^ nst year the fruit exhibit e':celle<l rJtSlVit .-^-a .V .,i.. >.:a2:-^.'.n .V./.-.V,. ul AII I.... I !^"><'- <-"'>ash-s. tomatoes. enrirnl.,>rs.; . .lili. . IV,,- 1'*::.-. KU-,. ..ill U ^y^^^^^^^^r'''^ '^^^^^y- . tai .i.i?l:a„il. I .IM.V , i.ii-le tr.M.M.- „ ,„ ,,,„i I .,iia:i'-':i ^ 'I'^P'^V ">ns:sts t.t .-an- ii 'i 'a lr..;ii*i-. .'..:. .-, •, '. * , :i,;,.'.. iii'/iil "•''1 ' '''1 -ilU'OU^h Kansas rnlrexjltr Has Big Enrollment . The registration figures at the close i,iu this y-ar the fruit has fallej: down j,^^. ^.pp^ of PP1,OO1 at the Unit-'e i:n.' am! ranks anions th- I-ist- 1 v.-rsiiy of Kansa.t, showed a total of cles writes the Register that he is ."•xp.ectinjj to open up a real estate of- Ice at Portland. Oregon. Mr. Teft I'ft Gas City .several month.s ago for a trip through the western part of the country. He visited five weeks in Colorado, was five days in Salt Lake City and one waek in Boise City* Idaho, and .nlso visited other western cities. WILL PA.SS 2,000 MARK. Tlie ilisi.lav of gar.len produce is ex- apples lirapes. wild srapos I. .. i*.-i:>' K.iii-as li.'ii' •..i:iMr;-"V.- 'j::ti: • ..r 111.' v. il! an. .1. .^ . .il v. i'l ill* ••: . . ; • 'i.i. :.--li ... ;i a •. ri.t: ;ii;r.'.- 1:.-' i!i:-'!ll ^ : ;:::.i-;:r;'ii;ir^;;i :s '';?:a;'' •,;r;i-- — ili al; :• i .l.i ::ii a:iacii ol !• \er. a'li'tii ;: I l;:..l: ill -Ki.ii.-a- gam.'. ;:i.-i| \\i: lo I'lyinoiilh Hocks. Hantiinis. Leg fionis, and in fact almost every breed -ii'si'd ill ihis section of the country. Iii.lia:!.^, ami .la • iia A l>'il.ave : "J"-"^''^ ' ^^'^'^^ fre.lkox- vri --i r.-Ia-1'"•''''^ ali-o. .1. C. Norton, who lives lina. l,:,-.ii;. !,• eii hioi...a' ni l" a.s ih 'i.'i''^'" ''^"^ "'••^ P">' ''"^ '"-S" ,1' nil el a .;.i..'tii over ilie .P ::i:.ilily I ••'">• "'" ""'-V ••i'<''-'hoI potato in i.i ' VM) il.: li' il |i !.iyers. Ti:.- li.'.-l. !'^:ili-:iv ins a! , t . Kan- ' ''"• i^overrinien: chenilsts .Mr. Nor on took advanta'_'e. of the opporfim • I..-I 'V 1 . Ill life TO I'ili* aeii >it,. l.,.|.ii 1 slia:i:..'.il lor twii .,t II When thee potatoes were iiioii'^ht to this (• iiinfrv from Hussla . iiak. r li.'ie I'.,. .|.T,;l- ••; team ; in and wrote U<v a f'-w seeds When ;t'.,. .•:i .. : ^ ail oi : 1 i ;ti;.< ...a' i •• r .'-ii.ii- I'i. i'-.. slioiTi! , . , 1 :,ai ' hi iit'-i |. IV 1 lo.iiiiail. Th" ! '^^'-y "n-lved h- \\as instrncted how to . r. at'..! .. iiiaaau.r i.-, in lavor ofH"""' I'"' ^''''S 'o''" . v.-(iii!ii not grow much larger 'ban a ; '\',.,',„,:,., .,v„.:.. i„ ,,i;,v 11^ we'll i'"^^ the first .v.-ar. Three of the four I,, •• ,1 f. ivairs. ! '•'•'d'^ which •*v;'ro sent Mr. Norton d!.! ',..„.,•',,'•.! ..,1 ' H'l-kell • W^'il ! '^'•'^'^ '"'^ niam- '•i.".. to :'• .',v .•.•|:,';on.; with K,,n::a>= ' "•'^'h '^"'•^l'-''" ^i'''^' niiite large ••••il [• t iiil; liai oiir tea.,i .'oal*! pat II not compan^ w;:h the • . L.D.i li^hi iiii.-.: year " avera-e poiao crawn in this country .Mr Norioii also has on exhibit a TO niKVINT S.MAI.L FlliliS. ii'i-* '•1111'. ill' * ! W,'.', v.n!!. \!;. Kan (I- ( . I . \' !' M'.;!i;. "I ..ill! I. . V \'* .*: .:. I i:il I " : ''"iiiii.l < nr. - I'ili I t . . >-:.ii' llehiT".-. >klii ; riip- I >' I.I-- Ur. Rernoldf. Phone 338. Kcs. 6H. ntVMF. 1." : :;.*•;,-- ii;. -li:*- .ji:: :l:.. M. K. . 1::: i> :.• r-:i-^ ('reshyfr an »-l:i :.-t h ai I''i. v. iii a'!; < i-.>>s the i:;,i:-.:;u 'I":... I'l.-;-; i'ijr wil h'- fer ;:i! i :;;';i "iis ii:;-! :'.M liiei. i:;.-* <;.i :--!iail;. i' v...- rj.ii-u!,: 'lie n;.'.-! liuiiii.; ..- ii.-li: it -!i.' I i' (). O, K. i::.:i -.1 i!i* .M !-i .1:1 \\V li:;v. :: !ef! in Hi:-!. Doni-r"'. - I.l'en'H-li lii:;;.! "i.i- ''is- ! F' ')i'. .' eli a!' !'J*.-^ -il'lHT .••!:al.< .! '2: . .t'.l.': '-v.-^. I" ioi.i Aioiaiit V ' ;i; ' !• i.iu' -hir-v it, a ! .liii- ii(i.' -iii a:;ii l.:ii-i, Jiii'l (he cii.'us a!:<l inena-^er e w.r.' a yr.-at experience to !::o.-~l uI" tin- ln.-.s. allc. one ti'.ey w.ili ioa;; n ii! •iiiln r—lliiii: boldt. Ciiioii t Krs. Canlrt'lL rhonc 10>7. c. !. ff his A (. \C:ars of :i-- iliey tool: ii; The h:iy :.:;i Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of kidney trouble that is pot be- vond medical aid. Burrells drnff store. M: - I :: I-': ^•w e:n-« of corn which yielded twen- fv two I.Uah.'ls in one eighiii of at? (Iiiicr- t,. I'r.'teiit Veen !:i(i.iu of! " i". or on the average of one bun- Inisli ill .MIi'jK. _ 'i'erl and sixtv bushi^Is to the acre. ' ; There wi'io but two ears of the par- S.'ic ., '..•liii .ii' i!..- ree. it; ;'i:-*.s -.i.v*- oi i-:i:i;il. i| ill Ti-aiili a;:,l iiifhl'u- iiiiii'. ii:-;t. lii'l l"!' 'in all.a s;.-»c- •-tf.irt '.vili !..- Ill:i.l.» ia the fiKUr? Ill .|i:.-..|.i-au.' ill., lahit of ihrowing : lii.-..'. Til.- Miiiitary otru'>'r lia.-5 !s- .-.leij an ..i.l*i- :ii)l;t.\ in;; ail v.lfi l^ave -i;:--!i am! ir.iliiiitiiia'i!.' material in •!i"!:- ;il' .- liiii' III".- v.ill lie subject ;,, -.'oii:. ]p*.|i;.!.* have :;olt.'n •'• 1 ii'i.- '.i.-a liia: ilie alle-. ; :u"e : I i:.-. I ii; 11-- of ili'po^it'n.u i;vi\ sr'oii.Fii TKii*. V Ida .Men iUil \id Hunt in M^- -oiiri. 1- V. a :i n|-:y !o..l.iir.; l.uiieli of I.....II. 'j.;.! i.ii.i'ii'.l li.-,::i ilie train i *.|i! 1', i-.i -'i ill ill.' Iii !:i .Mis• ni I'aei I, '"lie iiiiiieli i-..:i I';.til Klein .iml Hacking Coatfhs tear the lungs and expose th«ni to the terrible ravages of consumption. Don't wait until your cough has become a menace to yonr health and hfe. Ose Piso's Cure and obtain the prompt ^lief it has Riven millions of sufferers from coughs and colds during half a century's use. All dmeelstd, is cenU. ' "COUGHS^.uCOLDS 1--71 students, after deducting all dup- ieations caused by student.s register- in more than one school. This is '.early one hundred more than the to- registration for all of last year, f: registration after this datL' a year ngo nninbered about I'.O. It i.s conservatively estimated that the registration will pass the 2,000 mark during the present school year. The Rbblnson Stock Cb Present*: MIBBIED FOLKS. Tomorroii[ Vl«kt wm Cresceot Tiieitce Spmolml UMImmm Change of Fktnm e«eh ixj. Two illnstrated i Songs Wttli £ach Show.i Ojien from S to £ ^ 7 to 10 pwa. West Madison. Adnlaalon 5e^ ' 1 -J- Call on When needing an^liing in the Jewelry line. | HAD A CLOSE SHAVE Deputy County Attemey Anderson Run Down by Fire Wagon Wallace Anderson, deputy county attorney, is congratulating hliuHelf today on a narrow escape hi- had fi-oni serious injury If not death by being run over by the fin; wagon last night. The firo wagon was going east on Madison to the fire at the Star Laundry on South Jefferson. Mr. Anderson was driving with a young lady friend east near the corner of .Jefferson and Madison in front of the wagon. He thought the wagon was £oing on east so he turned south on .lefferson. The fire wagon stopped to attach the hose to the hydrant near the Brown drug store, then turned south on .Jefferson, in the direction Mr. .\nderson was going, on the d?ad run. The wa.gon ran up on Mr. -Anderson before he realized it. This coupled with the fact that a lot of rubbish is piled in the street at this point where some building is going on. cut off escape by turning aside. Th? result was that before Chief ^\•^littal;e^, who was exercisine h 's full strength, could stop the fire horses, they were rearing up over the end of the buggv. the tongue of the wagon just glazing Mr. Andar- son's cheek. The buggy was thrown upon the horse with such force that the shafts were broken but not do- tache<l from the veh'cle. Mr. Anderson whipped up and the buggy was cotten out of the way of the wagon. Considering the conditions Mr. "Whittaker did some excellent driving. Mr. •\nderson sa'd today that had the ton- ciie struck him fa'rly he would have een killed. STEYER'S Gbod tKingitoEat Teie|>hobe IS9 Special Orivp in Under ^yeiU' . ^ " Big Sample Line Bought toSell;at a Great Reductjori. • ;iji '1 .'• •T ::->:.:-v^ri^ IX i.-:. : ly .1. W K'i-.i. ratil Klein .im] ; i.i::in.| \'i-.:i .^iiii'li. Titey w.-ie r"- • :'t: i:::.-.: I I: mil .MniiiiMla '.Ir-iv. ,Mo.. V !i -le ill.-, h::! L.-eii lor a we.-l. o;i a I I ii;-:iii- II ip. I'ii*- liin III' iin*ii ^ml | I ' ." in III.- liniili'i- i '(.iin:iy li h.vjan lo , :i I. iiiid e.iir inii.-.l I" ;i iiir d.e.vii ev | j .•:-;. .::iy ill*-- v.--.- :!'.•;.•. ;;iviiit,' ili.-i.i | ' -1. i,:i;ii.i-I M;.I V In -.ii : oui of toM :i. •1 !(ri. Illa.-i W \S Flllli INCIiMM tltV: i - :il Sl:ir l.aiuidri Nid (IH'crw i -e i \ci'<iiiiilci! I 'lir. .. a. a .; : I . :,' w.i i •' . il to | .•:iii: i : -IIM I .- nil .--'oii'li .' -fi'-:; J • I i 1- .-- 1.1 I I, .'II' iiliiiiil e a.".: 'I'll!.. '1-1 -v iiii-iii h .1 I;':i>-" :il 'If' , ,1 ..i- if till, i.i-'iilinu Till' f'ii'iie: V e!-e ;,iil ..III I • tin- liiu" Hie .li'parl- 1 i 'It- n: ill ri-.i .! The I'iie g:n,- th*' :iti ! 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('i;i:i;-iirte.r !!.'i---hel Myers hi:.- iiot ! , I . vf-t di-eidei] it-- to w;;;i; :irtion he wili i • ""•''I VII llii- 11I--V iiM.ib I-, iill till' new ;„ ,.f-.:iii *l 111 I'i* Sniilh Walaiii i '"''"( , , , • - . i -are.'; cinlii.i.: .\|r M-.-ei-,^ \\M IIOI ' • illiiiiiis (o 'eai- Hill- i!ie present c'lih- iiiu aiiil ii-piiice ii uitji ciirliiiig wlii.-ii | i "!'.i|'ii III I.'." ail'! "ii.;! rli< iiiiir -Mi 'in" i''"':'-^ ii;> si^.-eilV-ii'ioiis and iiiiiil h, i -.n-iv".- lioiice from the e::v he I \ niak. -. I i -e "H" all >" Is |ll<- Iiiiiil pcr- i-. .-. i lili.-r cat < u-r laiidc. S\ v iKilit If you are going to buy a diamond, yon will find persons familiar i>ith the reputation of this store will know that a diamond purchased here niiKt neressarilr be a good one, and there is considerable satisfaction In knotviiig that your diamond is admired and appreciated at its tme ralne. .None dispntrs tlie worth of our guarantee. i inen"s -i:il-. I I" j ::•<• the ••llciilci." d.-li'..:- to uiaie v.iait he will do In n-sjaiii In ill', inaiter •..-r*i.-! !' '•I' . iai* Iri e';i' nil Mill >re fur t iiiir--(-ll'.' ( V.MI'IIII.I. FI NFKAL TODW. Try 3 Want Ad. in the Rejtl*ter. Che Barclay Shields Tin: sniKi: THAT SATISFIE.S. .Scr^trrs tbciirnd :il >ooii in I iiion-' low II. T!,e riiiura! nt 'ToinniN" Camp-i liejl. ihe (Ini'j: clerk who died; at La Harp.- i .•>iei-i !H .v ahoiii luxin of i beari ii-ouhl... was held in riiioiiiown ' Kaiisa -i. i.)d:i.\ a! uvelve o'clock. Tlu" ' dei-ejsed wa^ liikeii to Cniontown «>n | the jiioiniiig M ::4 ''iiu-I Pacific v.-l>er.;-j t.'ie funeral was he'il. Interment trjoV:; jilace in tin- riiiontown cemetery. j • -..-it i m Mo. P^c Santa Fe and W. K. A. T. Watch Inspectors. »-,*;j

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