Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 6
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QBDQI H02KE WAS QJDABAir. \ • V iS THE ONLY tJASE IN CITY fOB XHEIB STOCK IS THE ClEtt 0/ THE FABMEBS. iriie J/«C8l Foot BaU Twni WiU Flay the-Btvnsou High School Team at BroBson Satordaj Afternoon. John Turner is Better. , Jobn- Turner who sustained serious injuries while working on his farm six miles northeast of the city last Monday is reported as getting along ajS well as possible. The Injury was iistrch as to always make him a cripple. To Bronson Saturday. The local high school foot ball team ;-wlll go to Bronson. Kas., Saturday for a game with tho Bronson high school team. The average weight of the teams are abuut tho same. Has Srarlctina. The homo of Mr. and Mrs. Grimm was quarantined yesterday. Their little daughter is suffering from au attack of Ecarlctlna. This is the first ctsc of any kind cf contagious disease there has beca in the city for several months. -OSTEOPATHT— BB. W .U. ALBRIGHT. Ilegietered Osteopathic Physician. Stote'Bank Bldg. Phone 145. •-. Only Osteopath In La Harpe. • The Work on Electric Line Soon— Securing BIght-of-Way j Kow. i the in 1 - Likes Reservation. Claqde Freeman who returned yes terday from a trip ihrougli South Da kota, where he registered iu the Rose bud reservation opening, says tliat he likes the country very much. Others who returned express theniseives a being well satisfied. Walter Wilson and Henry Gilbert also returned home yesterday. Water for Stock Is the Cry. The farmers who visit here say that rain is needed very niucli. They waat the water for their stock. Began Shuckiug Com. Farmers ,Burrounding La H.nrpe have started to shuck their corn. One farmer who was here yosterday said that It would average from fifteen to thirty-five bushels per acre. Xach Interest in Revivals. Much Interest Is being shown in the revival.meetings which are being con ducted in the Prairie Hall school house south of the city. Each evening a large crowd from here attended the services. WA>TED. Eh'erybody in the community to use Graham's Olive-Cream Soap. It is good foTtKe skfn. We can personally guar- ainfee It'ahd for every cake that does not give satisfaction your luoney will be returned. 10c a bar, 3 for 25c. . WATERS & DANFORTH. Drugs and Jewelry. AU Skates Were Out. — Last night a large crowd of young people skated in the opera house. If posBible 'more interest is being shown In roller 8kating» than ever before Each evening a large crowd of young people gather in the opera house to skate. Last night all the roller skates were out before half the crowd reached the bouse. On Hontln? Trip. A party of La Harpe people spent yesterday in the woods hunting and gathering huts. In the party were Mlsa Margaret ilacDonald, Mr. and Mr^. Jphn Wasson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Danforth, Miss .Tessie Wilson and Mr. and Mr«. John MacDonkld. Personals. Police Judge Clevenger who has 111 for,the past several days is reported as being better today. George W. Cowden returned yesterday from Uniontown, Kas.. where he las been visiting for th<> past several days.' W. O. Dano left yesterday for Kansas City OQ a short business Visit ; Heqnr Lehman, of Humboldt, was hek« yesterday on business. Mrs. J. D.'Arnett and Miss Marie Bsaa, of lola, were calling on ^ Harpe friends yesterday. ' €«)tt. of Moran, was a Let 9»Uer yesterday. tf^'jlTS. H. M. Martin who havT " "$9ist of Mr= and Mrs. W. T, .-far the pa^ several days left _ ; for their home ill Donophan Tbi Kansas City Star says; "W e hzve the money to build terurban electric )ine between KJansas City and Independence. Kas.," E. Laml kin, one of the promotersl said this :nornfng. '"My business: partner, Whltsed Laming, has placed 12j mil lion dollars iu bonds in LoudonJ, He sailed today for America. "Bankers in London and on the coi^ tinent sent W. J. Van Maanen, a,n ex pert in Paris, here last July to investigate the proposition. He rettirncd with a favorable report and the bonds were placed. 3, "The line has bi -en surveyed Snd per cent of the right-of-way has been purchased. A contract has been clos ed for the cons=tructlon work. The ac tlve work of construction will begin in two months. Ten miles of the roaa at the Independence end have been graded." A dispatch from London yesterday said that bankers there had financed llio road for 12 million dollars. | The Jne will be known as the Kansas, City Kansas Southwestern Interutban railway. The length of the proposed line is 250 miles. The company poses to maintain passenger freight ser\-ice. This e.Ktract is from the report of W. J. Van Maanen, the French expert "I do not believe that there is question of a doubt that the $600,000 necessar.v to pay a per cent on the bond issue of 12 million dollars will he earned several times over when the road is completed and properly man aged." & pur- and BAD CIRCCLATIOy. Causes Pile*—External Treatment Won't Cure Them. Free circa'ation of blood in the low er bowel v.-ill cure any case of piles Piles may hi- due to constipation or any of a dozen other causes. Dr. Leonhardt's I.'cni-Rold. the cul.v internal, tablet remedy for i)lles. opens a free circulation In the bowel.'and cures the cause. ! Twenty-four days' Ireatnient is sold for $1 at Chas. B. Spencer Co.'s. guaranteed fully. Dr. Leonhardt - H. Buffalo. N. Y. Write booklet. and Co. tor Visiting at Garnett. Mrs. Frank Dickey, Mrs. C. LOgtto ind Mrs. S. Butler of lolii. who iiave bfen visiting Mrs. C. Y. Johnson, south of town the past week, were! eu' tertained at dinner Saturday at;the home of J. "VV. Rico and wife. Mrs. Johnson and son, Rolland, were also guests at the Roce home.—Garnett News. To Wehh City; Mrs. Roy Gill has returned to lier home in Webb City after - a> visit'* with Mrs. May Curan. HeUoI "Istlibmjr dniggist? Fve gotalMdoougii,: IioaneneM and: cold on the chevt; tend around right away a bottle of MLUJATNTS EXPfiCNRANT** This old and rdiable remedy has been fdievibg iand-cm^ coughs and colds ifbr 77 years. Veiy eSective fnlitUfeases 61 Croop, Wbo9pii^ Coogb, Con-: gcoted Colds, Broncbttis; Ii^ llannnstiod df the Lonigs aad .btiher fminionanr uknentSi -botdet.«!.«.! I Me TsmlAKs Is » ..^dhdttM teaie«ir evanr rvfifasfiuiiljrv- Detroit. Mich.. Oct 15.^By defeating Detroit yesterday afternoon 2 to 0 the Chicago t team of the National League retkhieid'thd title as champion baseball teion of the world. The preS' ent series differed but HtUe from that of last year, i In the prevlotis scfs- les' Detroit managed to get one tie; game and'went down In fottr strait defeats. In the present series De-; troit snatched one victory out of Ih^ five games played. The Chicago team, according to the critics, showed superiority in ev- iry departnieht of the game In the series aS a'.whbie,_.^aIthough this superiority was'not'so apparent on the. day thai Detroitbatted a victory otti Pfeister's cifrves. Detroit was handicapped • by - SdunidtTs inahlUtr ; to cut down rnnners at second ind^'by the failoird of lier heavy hitting pUt* field 'to bat at critical moments wneh hits meaiit runs.- None of the Detroit pitchers seemed able to donslst- enily puzzle the Chicago batsmen, for even MuIUn. who pitched Detroit's only victory, was found for seven hits. Throughout the series, Chicago's hitting was opportune. The occasions \irere rare when, with men on bases and runs needed, a Chicago batsmen wn/not there with the needed hit. The games were singularly free from squabbling, and on only two or three occasions were the decisions of the umpires questioned. At no time was It necessary for a "player to be sent to the bench to enforce discipline and good order. The series, however, created less interest In the two cities most affected than that of last year, if the attendance may be taken as a guide. The paid admissions were only 62.232 for the five games, and the receliits totaled only $94.976, as compared -^ith $101,000 last year. The "attendance at the final game this afternoon was but 6,210. with gross receipts of $9,577.50. Of the money taken In the players of Chicago, the winning team, get $27,669, and the Detroit players $18,446. The club owners get $19.G81 apiece, and- the National commission $9,497. Overall Pitched a Masterly Game. ; Overall for the second time pitched! masterly game. Only three hits; wgre made off him and one of these would have been an easy out had the. ball not taken an erratic and unex-l pected boxmd as it approached Steln-I feldt. He was wild at times, giving, four bases on balls, but on-the other hand, his strikeouts, however, occur­ red'when Bossman made his third swing at a wild pitch, enabling him to reach first safely. Donovan, on the other hand, met with a very vigorous; reception In the first Inning when three consecutive hits sent Evers over the plate with the first run of the game. With the exception of the fifth inning when a base on balls and Evers's double gave Chicago another run, Donovan managed to keep the hits scattered. It is probable, however, that Chicago would have run up larger score had It not been for the brilliant work of the Detroit Infield. O'Leary's spectacular catch of Tinker's "Texas Leaguer." far back of second base, was a feature of the game. The score: We will accept any certificate yoif bave to| apply on a Piano porcliase and allow yoti foil yaloe for same on any piano in oor store. Only one certificate allowed on each Pikno* We havB tha very best lino of PiBnos in Seutheastern Kenses MA V. Roberts Music Co. 12 North Washington tola, Kansas HE ENDED IN COURT A Bibulous Citizen En Route to Police Station Halted by Appitizin^ Sign. DETTRorr Mclntyre If O'Leary, s's Crawford, cf Cobb, rf J... Rossman, lb S'chaefer, 2b Schmidt, c .. Coughlin. 'Sb Donovan, p . AB R H PO A 3 3 4 3 4 3 3 3 e 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 A man with a large "package" aboard ambled up the stairway leading to police headqijarters yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clock. In the hallway, there is a large empty, wooden chest labeled "Booth's Oysters." The man must have been an epicure, for when his glassy eyes fell upon the oyster sign he steadied him self against one wall until he could come to a full stop. "Bub-bub-bulj-B-ooth's Oishtshers."' he stammered uncertainly. Then he swayed and fro, one arm against the wall, serving as a crankshaft. The suggestive bivalve seem cJ to have plunged him In deep medl tation. The longer he meditated, tho more tempting the oyster seemed and evidently de determined to go down to a cafe and feast for lie turned on one heel and side-stepped to the stairs. After some effort he reach- jed the bottom of the stair-way where he struck the pavement and whirled around a few times.' i William Gates, chief of police, liap- pened to be standing near and a few moments of observation was suQic- ient to demonstrate that the man was unable to care for himself. ' Accordingly the chief assisted tin- bibulous citizen to the city's department in the county Jail. This morning, the oyster epicun- was enrolled among the names of those present in police court and given the usual fine for a plain case of intoxication. DOLLEY ASKS FOR FUNDS. Wants Kansas Republicans to Help the State- Committee. Sickly on the Farm. ; M. P. Sickly, county treasurer. Out at his form today. is Totals 29 0 3»26 12 0 CHICAGO AB R H PO A E Sheckard, If 3 Evers, 2b ... Sdiulte. rf .. Chance. lb .. Stcinfeldt. 3b Hofman. cf . Tinker, ss .. Kllng. c Overall, p ... 4 3 4 4 4 3 2 0 1 2 0 fl 1 3 2 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 10 0 0: 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 4 0 1 0 10 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 Totals .29 2 10 27 12 0 'Overall out. hit by Sheckard's batted ball. The score by Innings: DETROIT 000 000 000—0 CHICAGO 100 010 000—2 O LD GOLDEN Cotfec is dkHooghly aged— isy^ ripened: it has ^1 the color and The suamary—Two base hits—^Mc­ lntyre, Evers. Sacrifice hits—Schul te, .Stelnfeldt. Overall. Stolen bases -Donovan. Boses on balls—Off Donovan. 3, off Overall 4. Left on bases —^Detroit 7, Chicago 6. Strack oat-^ By Donovan S. «y Ovenll 10. Donbla plays—Schmidt to Schaefer to Scbmldt, 01 >ear'4o Royrauui fo Oontfi Un. 'WUd^'l^fb4^eraILTime^l:t4. "'•nSr .O'Di ^r. the flavor that you like so well, but none of the harsh taste ohenfound in coffee. This is avoided by die dwroa^ maturing of mt beny, and Iqr oar qMciu medwd of blewfiog ami loaite^ OLD eOLDEN' COilEE Topeka, Oct. 14.—Chairman Dolley of the Republican state committee today issued this appeal for funds: To all loyal Kansans: I wish to thank the Republicans of the stale for their generous response to our last appeal for funds. The campaign is nearing the end. We still have much expense to meet in distributing literature and personal letters, and i? paying the traveling expenses of our speakers. Tlie campaign we are making represents a specific money value to every laboring man, farmer a:ul merchant in Kansas; to the labonjr in. the way of steady employment at'good wages: to the farmer In the way of continued high prices for his products: to the merchant in acontinuatlon of prosperous times, which enables him to do a profitable business. More funds are urgently needed to* carry on our work for the rest of the campaign and the committee makes a final appeal to all loyal Kansans to contribute immediately to their fullest extent. Please forward all contributions direct to Republican state headquarters at Topeka and oblige. J. N. DOLLEY, Chairman. £XCHA]\iG£ OB SELL. List your, property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho county, Kas. to exchange for good lola property. J. T. MILES. Boom 10, Old Court House. THE KMLA ICE ANI> COLD StORAGE CO. Manufartnrera, iVboIsMla and Kctdl D««itn CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled W«ter Vnr COM Stem BcMy for ltasbiefi.1 PkMisUI. FRANK kiDDLE. Mgr. MOXT rSE lOLA BRICK. The Acrada, JTo., Conncn Will Use rittsbnrg Brtelc. odien: ils deficale aiopa and •noodi flavor wffl choan you. TONE BROS.. DM MMS , Iowa. The Nevada Post says: The council met in special session last evening. Mayor Ingram being absent. Councilman M". B. Schnatterly acted at. president of the council. All councilmen were present except Mosier and Chrls- tenson. The special committee appointed by the piayor to visit lola and Pittsburg. Kas., to examine the brick paving of those two cities, made their report, after having thoroughly tested the brick The Pittsburg brick made a better showing according to the report of the committee and their use was advised. The council acepted the report of the committee on the following vote: Yes, Barnett. Brown. Dalton. Harper, Duncan. Schnatterly and Hood. No. Robinson. Councilmen Hood and Schai- terly and City EJngineer J. M. Clack were the committee appointed to visit lola and Pittsburg and make the brick tests. TIsit at Parsons. Ed N. McDowell and wife, of Garnett, and Smith L. Jackson and his wife, of lola. are ft the city visiting S. T. Gilbert and wife.—Parsons Eclipse. Attendlni? Conference, Rev. Fnmk W. May. of Fort Scott, and Rev. Halbert. -of Meridan. Kans.. will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hay. 420 North Chestnut St.. durins the U. B. Conference which is in session here this week. Register Want Ads. bring results. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases: on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunninsham & Arnett St €fV09 Set tip and connected, also any other gas fittingJ 6cibd work and reasonable charges. , Phone 29 vioiitfifss lib vniODicA^ can be secured of J. E. Hendenon who deals with the vobllshers and fnrnishes them at the, lowest price possible. Trial subsctipabn to Van Norden's, 3 months 25c. Phone 98. ; 414 N. Bnckeyo

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