Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1907
Page 6
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A" 6,- Good Nevirs! Glad Tidings! Special Display of Linens, Bed<fings, Rugs and Draperies! • Mf$. Hotfsekccper, this fs yow time. For a week we will sell the hotfsehold n2ccssities which >o« are fli(»t interested in at firices which ate most agreeable. Look over yoar needs—both present and probable; this Isiyotfr choosing time and yocr boying time. Take inventory of yot«r Linen supply, cast an eye over yoctt Rttgs. look to yoor Cortains and Draperies. List yoor needs. Then compare yoor list with the prices below andifgore oot what this event planned to benefit hoosefcccpers, wilf save you. Many of the best valces are of^vertised. Stocks are large, new and varied, and of course good, or ihey wouldn't be here Board- ^g hotfsc and hotel keepers will eagerly partake of th«se offerings. This is ruat such an opportunity as they ktt on the lookout for. Another word, an important one—come early. Very Litllc to Pay for Draperies and Curtains \ in si>l(><'t!iiir l.iK-c rortii-roo, 'rii|H->>)i'lfv, iiiul ('iirtiilii iiiti- tcrlaJs, •»<> an-mil v;;ii>.)ii>«) nHti llir i>ril!niir» »i>nv. \v,. yo itcxunl •hrjroodaiid *riir «»Mn )i«(<|U flir (/ru.nirs. i<, s,.|i ;,r ,1 l^sflDuble i »rir«'. I Dainty Fr»'licli Cui; i-.i in r:!!ci\i price. jUT . li 11 It(t ;ji. .|,'>iUMs: Kim* C'liruiiii Sri iiii. I |ic r yni<l jCuilaiii Swissr- ill viiid I'.i'i'- ;ill<l li'.ll i |i -si:;ii>. ... I Or- iiiKl I'i'jr- iiii'iii's will'.. |ii;<•••. i"". SntiwHak*' Cross !iiiiju 'iicH. in v;. yarfl. . .1. I'liii'. ;>oi- ''(U- liiilvl.T i I hsi ::!!';. inio'. 10(- UlKl l.'lf Fhncy Sllkolifn's in imii will ii. .iiun.r m - .. i»er ya:-ii. FinP Art Crciii 'MU 's in :i uiili' r.iiii;'' "i • price i-'i _ Art Burlap.^i jn piMJn iiiicn. r>'il aii'-l lnmMi. I'li-i'. in-r yjiri!.. 1 <'jf Window Shades, Curt.iir.s and ( urtain Rods 111- ilnr!' J I': ••'i;,. p !• I'i il.l-ll. I II-,'.::-.-: . ...i I. I'.i. . il;i- I'll IICT : • iniiiiltr-' ii.iliilir.' Comforts and Blankets. 'Slloline ("ov .eri 'il Copiinns in r>'il. i;reon ancl iiliuv fi \vi!!i !.-<iiicl qualUy nofcin. Pri.-.'..." JS1 .(M) Silkollne Coverotl ('(>liiVon.~ in iril jiic:!. nw- siil." .hm'i.m I witli ylaln and the orJi 'T prim oil. iHli-il wiih •j.^^mX d T confiii. Price \ : »\.7){) l ^ne Sateen fovert-il Cnpifons; in r-.i. I^i:.. .i -xl i-i'-i-r. tiiliii with .. fine ^Mte .oittoii. The pric- 8*^, 7.1 FJne SIHUHlllP'Tovprpd fVinifons i:; cold;..;. \vj;li funop jdown. pricfi .. S;;.:>(> 6{lk covereii Coiiiforis. lilid witli ni t .I 'l tii' is •i"- ered witb i>riiiipti llorjil .i.-tp.-inf ••• |ii:rii i I it. I I" i-r • •lis....... J ^io.CM) iQ-4 Cotton J<lank <Ms in wliii.-. inii iiiui i;r;i> r^i-'iinl v.iiui'.-. u'. ( Ccmforh a "J Siankets. " I •:/. it; V.:, si..-><) :•\•••.•^^ v...iui;l Til'- S(;..->;» •., s ,;; i. - ,li ,\v:. I" .1 i''-;uiki-i.- :!!!'! '•' s;>. I.! '[ Very Little to Pay for Fine Linens. Thfa store Is ulwnvs till-lltrii'tv lion<i«ki'«-|MT's Iii-ailiiuartcrs for these eroods. .s'lie may Xr.uW atoMuT sf«iri". I>iif for Liiieii* jitid Ho- mestir.s. this store is tlie (lr<illiiiiti<»ii. TI iiti- i- a n-a»<iii. «ii>iid --Mxtds at low prices. 70 inch He:ivv InliiiMch. li Table Linen in rith ilinnl i!-- filgns,—^jnst ihp" kind itn :;oi)(| BervlceaMe use. I 'vit-.-. pov yard..^j^ 50r- 70 Inch VnliL-nclicii T m !.1.> Linen, flajj deai!:n. i;iifid w.-mitij: linen at a very small i-n.^: I'rii -n per yard ( 72 inch hcsivy T'nl,ie;,^il l.i- tjeUj dot di-si.^Ti, ^villl Horn I tmr- der;. Price, per v;tr<l 7.'>C- Same qilaliiv in tifriipMn! !!•>rat par.leriis. I'liui-. ard. 7.'>(,73 Inch lii;av.\ I 'm I ij...!. !i. r| I.i- ren in floinl m (ioi .i -d i: -i:;!;-. , of llie.fin.-s: h'ii'iK M. I.- :-.riii .for: diinibiliiv am! rmUii >'-i.... •per yard SI.(Ml "2 tn<'li iii<ri.-r"./.f><i r.ii !.• i,' nep. in full I ni'.-.o I i. p;!n«>.> p:-'terns. jirWe \t^>- y:\v\\ ^.If- 1 10 inch ful !>lc:i(h luir.- l.i- IICp. c !<JViT dcsis;!!. ''li- 's :in ; exeeptiuual valip- pi i<'- *?-i|Upted. , Vcr yard SaniP ;'|"ality can !»• '.id in l^,oak l«at or d<itl'-fl di;sii;:i. 7.*>f* 70 Inirh fine Liipn. •i!;,!-! SClto)) iii'sj.::n. ,; v (Hid |*be4ter. ;Pric... yard . S1.<»0 ^'e hayi' alariro as .^nrrnii .ui I; of [fine Napkins to nKn>!i niosl •f ^he aiiovi" linens imd ;,! i>ri- •" ces lliai c<m;parc nicely the iiriccs rupmd i>\> \\'.<- lii'.cr.s, , • We are slunvin:.; ;i inui;.!'.;*- line of 'Turkish I Tow.-Is !n all h qn«litie.i. both iliLiaohcd and [unbleached. pri'-»'.'- ran«e fniiii lOc: each uj> to. I'ip.v r:>:ir< ilMck "{"•.a- I's. wjiii I III lionl.T. Ml' i ..\i '>'I- !t'!i; i,i-.\cl ;il a sii'.iii, pni-t'. I'"- f;Mll. oi 1.1 .1 il<>/>'li SI .(Ml lliilf I'.!(^li: !icd .\".;|ii-his. one do/.cii wovn ;o ;.i '!v r \\\<h oii!- lip'd lio:d'':'. I'l'i -i. i"-;- doz- •11. <.">(• T ::\'<1 .^iiM 'r liii'iiiiii'd Tiilh" ''iiiills. |icl !'S! iiclird wiiii lioidi'; •ii; .lioinil. Tills :s :h.' iim-p iliat v.p;ii-. •.vill .1 ;d lia> sn- p .Ti.T niiisii. K;.,-:.. .. S:J..')i» S:uiii,i.> Wjisli t'iiiilis. fiili liif.K lii'd or li.-ill 'I'lMcSii-d. I 'i i> !• i-iiiii ."ic oi' pfi- do/''ii . !'ii ipili I.iip II SI Mill:. i\i:m • •.i:illl\ rind 11 •:p"<-i.i' v.din-. ,U P' 1 .Villi SI.'J."! !:o;i nd '1 : i'!.- ' '!<•! iis. • dui - li'i!>.!i>'ii Iiiil 'i 'n hole -'iicii i'riii'.-' ]':ii '.:t. I '.m:; >.''pi |'t np I- SfO.OU |-';incx I! :i' V v I ;i.:i'it,..! :i! 1 ii'i.-'i 'i'l'v |•l^. .xi ;:i i|U.i \ . 'I'rici' i.riL.' '.!iii' • .M-!i iri "• <>.•)<- r .'P'-; •'!in--i.d iijilid TovMls i i l.M'.5t' <\7.*-~. fi!f»i'fi.'* I':"'<—'. :;-.f. ...u-h to SJ.tKl Carpels and Kuj^s—Your Kind, Your Prices • ;.<• Mi. (.OOIIS. Iliiill • i i.:it!("> I'lir (liK liini^ciicciir*' niiMl '/r tn" Iluir^ rri ;::irci;. I I.;.:. itrp 1 \.v;i'iii>ii I 0 :i. 1 i;:r ::i;\ T j A mii'i:-!,-, 1, ;..')P .-ipii . . . , L'TNiin U 'iiru.: \'.( )i p.lMilli.-- "MiliTi'MP Kl!'.- S.l.tMi II. !• id :i. .1 •••w : Vvivi-i i; ; d.i ..iM Mill f\;<i- 1 liii-iil !•: 1; ml;s. riiiil s;s.,>ii 'P i. in I •• • Ul !• 11 i:. (i;i- S'^t>..">0 ' •..•iiiii •> r i'l'! :'o ;Mi - IMccs. S'i.l.tC) Wi .'i'li ViiVi i ii:;il and Hicsi -r.- Cvcln !',i J 'v. t't-pt.;".-. !':'li' <t I 'l 'i.ii- :iMd .l .i'.riiic d I'riri'^ Ii ii!li ".'1 P «AMI 1I.4S IIIirED L. C. REED OF I<H-.\, VIOLIXI.ST. No REPLIES TO CHALLEN6.S il.tSIJ IIOES .\«»T .SEE .VXY FOOT HAM, t.\.HE.«i IN SKaiT. Till- Si-\\M>\ Itourd >ViII .Meet .Monila.\ Ewiiiii!.'-I'er- sliHilN. r llirtd -Mr. Ueed. Tip- <;a.s Ciiy hand hired i.. C. i !i -(d ot tola. H i iip^irn;-! Ihi' <;as City band dm In;; tin. loinini; wii'.ter. I'rof. Reed i- "•'ii !sjd ,.|(Mi om- ol the lie.<i inn.sic- . iaiis in ijiis sfctioii ol' the country and • don!•!-I ss will do the Has (Miy band !a uT. ;ii dea. ol' ;;ood. Kvcry effort , wi.'! Ill' inadf to make the lianil one of ijic Ic-i ill s(.iiih''».rii Kan.'ia.s by II'. SI .Spriir- wlicii it is time for open :iii' coiieeri.-J. Iliiild II Nc>s Ifexideiire, , .Mrs 1! l-'iankllii of ihi.s ciiy will i'iii'i,'iii the i-n-clion of a inodi'rn coiiajce on Norili Paly street with the of iii -.M wi'fk The new residence when I liinslud will 111' iilii. of thf Mliest <'ot- ta :;<'S in the eily. IVill l'ii|ier I'ostoilice. Willi nii'ii '.viir ne.\r week pap- !''iiip~ ilii' poiaiilliec liiiildinx. Sinct iiii- liianiic has taken place it lias ! Iici'p decidrd ilial ii wonid he best fo pi.pii Uii- iiilciior of ilie building, it v.ii! 11. Id a IT. 'Ill to iis appe:ir- .ir .ri- Kiiiid a Neiv lioriie. I-: T Wilson, till' hardware man. is fialiiira;!' preparations for Ihe .ii..-!i.i:: of a tine ni'w lirinie {at :.'(I2 .Viiiili .\|;iiii siii'cf. lie sold liis ^Viriiier ' liiiiiii. oil .Noiili .Mitin SI reel lo'l-'raiik , l-"i:n soiii(. lime ai :o. Tin. new lioine u'iii.p lini.^iii'd will :id(i a ^iiai ib-al 111 llii' .1 ppi'.iiaiice of ihe ciiy. Nil (Barnes VeK .\I :iii:i;<r Ccoiyi' li.ish of (lie Cm (•it.\ fool hall ii 'ani. says ihat he has ! not as yci heard one word in return j ii'ii ilii. PiiiMS whirh he sent out !-:.:u<' lii'.ii' alio chall«'!;;;inK ilo' world ! '•' a fooi hall .i^anii' lo ' m' playi-d on tip- 'las ("iiy •.;ridiioii. It seems that theri- I is no; a icaiii In lliis .section "f iM» jn.iinlry wliieli (..iii '.s i,, meet them, l .a iliariM- would liavi' played them Ini' jilp-.v disliaiidi'd sop.if linie a ^o and Jliiivi' no icaiii at lie present linie. Scliiiiil Koiird .>l(ind.ij. 'ill', lioard o; > ducat ion of the Oas '.'i;.\ siliiiols will iin-e: nr-xt Mfiiiday Miirlil in ri:;iilai- session. this aifiiiiii ihi- fust \<.ar's salary of the ;as Cii.v tfaiheis will be allowed. Oilii'i liiisiiii'ss of iniportanee will coiiii' nil for consideration. WA M TSi HELPWAKTED W'WTKU—X middle aped woman for seneral housework. Apply V.\ .N'orih Sycamore. Looae otReoT^RY. KIVIGHTS OF iriCCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nlght.s In each month. J. W. Postwait. commander; R.B.Por- WANTlsn—Cook or Rir! for .i^enera! , work, .\pply at once at Sr. .lames j ter, record keeper. Hotel. I.a Harpe. i lV,^-Camp No. 101 meets In W-A.NTED—Rock loaders at Kansas JK. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. Portland Cement Plant, inouirc ^'^^ Quarry at Concreto. , • -.—: . i KMGIITS OF PYTHIAS.— .Neosho WANTED' #f|gU<//jlJiUlJIJJ ' Lodge So. 43 meets every Monday 1 night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting bro- KAXTi-:i1—itids for paintin;,' ware-jihers invited. W.S.Thompson, C.C: house near Santa Ke dejiot. .\ewion j Chns Hitter, K. of R, and S. .Miliiii.i; and Klevator' Company. i\. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lodge \VANTKIl—To liny pood winter j meets every Friday night in M. W. A. milch cf.w. Iniiuire .Mfrey U'A.NTKI)—To rent furnished romii:^ close in. .Addres.'! X Rei;i.=ter. ball. yi.=;itlng brothers invited. W. H, "Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan. Clerk. KOVAL XEIGHBORS^Ibla Camp, , Xo. 005, Royal Neighbors, meets sec- WA.NTIon—A place for a boy or girl ;ond and fourth Tuesdays of each Imonlh. .Mrs. A. Wagner, oracle; to work for board whiie attending ,^,^3 ^^j^^y button. 413 West Street, .'he lola Business College. Telephone I Rp^order. — • I'..vTA.-Ooiden Leaf Council No! eno CAIK- orAI K^TArf\^*'--- ^"-^A. A. meets first aiid third FUH 5SAL^"'ntM. gjf^fC j ^y.,)„p^,j^y ^,^^(3 ^„ each month In K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey, president; Miss Malile Rhorlafek, secretary. FOR salt:—Flight room hotiKe. four blocks from siitiare. $l,SOU ,00, pa it cash. I'hone HI 5. FOR SALR—4 roomed house, water FR.\TEK>AL BROTHERHOOD,— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeta .„ second and fourth Tuesdays of each and sewer connection.';. $:.0 cash. ?I2 . ,„„„„, jn a. O. f. W.' Hall. : Visiting a month. Grace Arnold, phone .'100,1 meiitbers cordlaly invited. W.H. Anderson, president; (lolda Flam, Becre* (a ry. ^ .luiiidr Order I'nited American clnmics.—.Meets every Wednesday evening at S o'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiiing members invited. R. A, rOIJ S.M.I-:— flood : .vear old ihare.' Widick, Ooiincelor; 0. H. Black, Rec ' ".('iL'hi alioni liMMi pounds, i;::!! .\oii li , .Secretary. .Main. Cas Ciiy. TO TiJ.MH'—I'or lola .properly. |i;ii :ii-i(s of land ill Coffey |.oiiiil>. Iled-j well A: Kay. FOR SAlE^HUao^llmMOus FOR SAl.i:- -Foldin.i; ii.-d ; iip...iair.s ".'11:'. I'lasi sC'fei KOI! SAl.H- -.\ly best 1 -year-old iitnle: sonih (Ii i.s. Walter ? i. Wolfe. i-' O rsale:- -Good mare with foal. Call a' '.'lO We St street. I-'OR SAI.K—Household noods. In- fpiire .lack .laiiiison. 4IJ Somh Coiloii- wciod. FOR SAT.F:—A .!-'ood .'t-chair barber slKip. Cheap. C. Rodins. l.a ilar'.ie. BUSmESS OmEOTORY .TEWRLRHS. B. F. Pancoaltt, old reliable Jeweler, 110 Fast street. S^TAMMER. Complete court at the best Kbool for stammerers In America at one- half price this fall and winter. White for information at once. McKle School for Stammerers, 270G East 12th Street, Kansas City, Mo. FOit RENT—Four .Velson F ..Acers. rof >ni cot I a ire l-'OR RE.NT—Furnished rooni.s in family wiihoni children. tWl North .leffersoii. I A .New Flr>( Kaseniiin. ri':ii line;-, the iiaU player, says •'•11 iiii. son wiiii 'li arrived at bis lioiise ye.'lerday iiioriiitig will lie tin t::s' liaseiiiaii ill I lie Trolley Lea^iiif . Ill M year. Tnni is eoniideni thai bis I .i,!-(' li.i.'l liisiinei will be siiflieieni ; o lijiii III ;iiake irood withoii: a -e;!! [li-'al of Monlile. •.l:l Itirth. d: ip.;!iler was Iiom to .Mr. and lake llolail of Conereto yester- Oelolu'l lib. Mil. Krecuijiii llnnie. <;ioi~e I'leemaii was taken to \'.-f-y liii ill this <'lty yesterday inorti jiiiA fiLiii the Si. .liibn's hospital where I iiiiderwi'iii an operation some :'iiie au'o Mrr:. Ki ei'iii.-iii is recnverinir '.apidi.v iind ii is lieiieved iliai ii will nnl be loll': liefoic her lii'.ilth will li.' io :a il.' re.-lored. I'cr.^inals. ; CeiirL-e Cordon left yesterila.v ai .aooii'ioi Kansas City where he will , iii'.;id a wi'ddiii.i; of a near relative. , :iid .Mrs. .\. .1. Coes went to . KansasCilv where iliey will take in 'liie carnival I S .\l. Cooper went to Kansas City '•-itiday on a iiiisiiiess visit. WANTS DArtaiTKi; OF nMNCE -S.""!. Sa\(in hiiiir IViiuId Take Child by (oiirt Action. I 11 . Sa\"ay. Oct. —The Sax- I 'lii ivvi'iniiie tubas Insiiniied proceed i 'lijs Iiiiiie ilie li.ilian coiiris d'tiiandI'lUv: iliai ilie ex -crown oriiK -ess of Siviiin and hep hnsliaud Sicnor To.s- .rlli lie iiidered to deliver up the linie iiini -ess. Ihe yoniifiest dan.^hter of the • fo- iii .T I 'ldWii nrin<-ess. to represciita- I I ivr s of Kin;: Saxony. Largest Assortment ever shown in this city. . . T. B. SHANNON 1 Two Big Stores. I'revideut INii.^eMll ill I ei'iv.ana T;;H '^e:'r riihin. I ..ii;'' rros ill. i -.ei.. i .1 . '' ;. ... I 'lT... I idipi liii'is \i !i iii.i! i.i- rHit\ .-iirved I .'ie !i ••• n 111; \ '.art-. iT-'Wd '" ..1 11. 1,1 li- ::, •;• P .Til. •;ni-!:i.~ a,': I.- dies of vv I'l 1; '.'i ;;.e:iii.i 11! • . . ; U'-- . I), r. W. 1 k :1 I S-ii:.:::v :•: J.:; (> i "i '-i.-i i-id I. !ii .rs 'A J! !':.l.'i.- i- iiivil"! 1^ . Pne'l .•p ai 1 11.. rii!-, < iii'iiiii. le... i^a.: .-'iitii.iii • 1 l.i>' t Pir.i. Tip- pv. s-. . . _ - — .|"l;\lill a -pe.ll i M,.;... il M.I.IK .M ',1.-. IliilMll" secretary taft st.ll m j .-.p .in ... ...v;. .,,,ni .„T. .vjil l .-.n. ToVjii. de' :,. -S. 1 .-ai' T:;!' i.' K;:Ii>:i-, Ci'^ u I1..1 1 -•.I at N^lt::•:-^i.^ • fin- llljs she Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rtig.s cleaned hy The iota Rag Factory p I 'M. till": ii'llilli. .-.v .p., •V fa'. ;-,.ils • HONE 51». •lippiie; I . I'OI: RKNT—Furnished rooms for sle'^pin.:^ and liKht h'liisekeepin;.'. ll'J'ir Soiiili Washington. FOR RF.N'T—Furnished lioii.-e. npwl- ern. .\pply 'his office. FOit RK.VT—Furnl.«hed down .<;tairs .-ooins for hou.sekeepini?. South Walnut. DiltiUei Water One hundred pounds of Crys* tal Ice will make n gallons of distilled water goltable tor family use. Try It klalce&MiStmieCt FRANK RIDDLE , Mcr. STRAYFD—-White b.'iiul pony from r.07 North street. F. H. Sinilli. i'hone lOii.-.. i LOST BMtd fOURO LOST—Pair of gold nose classes. Leave at .lO.'i East Lincoln. LO.ST—Black silk umbrella, pearl and Kdid handle, ensraved .Marvin. Finder reiiirn to this oflice. Reward. IVtintcd SalesmcM. Voii can earn from Si'.Ono to .$|i ).i)iMi a year and your cxiicnses as a travel­ in:; .salesman. We will teaeh you 10 he one in ei^ht weeks by mail and secure yon a positiini with a reliable firm. No former experien.'-e reipiired. Salesmanship is the lii.chesi paid of all profesions and the easiest to enter, tliindreds of ealis for our srartnates. Write for our free catalo.^ W Kiiit'hr ')f the drill" today, .\ddress: .N'ational Sale.sniaus Traiiiin;? .Vssn. Suite :;iL' Sr;irrilt BIdi;.. Kansas City. .Mo. PERFECTION WICK ruMi OIL STOVE f I.; SAFE CONVENIENT EISIHOHICAL If ymr dMler don't hudle It, «rlta to THE STANDARD Ott. c 6 m I»AIW, KcKislrr Want A d.i., Ic a IVord. LivinqfttoD £> Co Vontrkctort «b« BmOien. All kinds of work « specialty I Soath Sjcamorfi. Pkear ISSfl SBBi I" Theatre iBUtAY, OCT. 8th 1 25, SB amf BOo ii NO MOTHER TO GUIDE HER" AM IHTERESTING NOVELTY .A. Complete Seer.ic Prodiiclion. Ivvery Woman .should sec this Pl.ny. Everything Produced on the .<;tage that is pictured on the bill boards. Songs Dances Fun POULTRY WANTED We will pay you the followin^f prices for No. 1 poultry delivered to us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week: Hens .8c per lb. Spring 1 to 2 lbs 12c per lb. Spring over 2 lbs . . '-'c per lb. : Turkeys No. 1 stock l2o per lb. Ducks F. F. F. iSc per lb. Geese F. F. F r,c- per lb Old Rooster rJc per lb. Poultry must be free from feed. These price? are Cash Richardson Produce Co; H. H. RICHAKOSOV. Proprietor B.VK IS IN SE.SSIO\. annual election of oillcei-s and clos- .Iniinul KlM-tlon of Oftici-rs l>rcurs iug up the buslnasa coiinected with Today. t 'ic banquet wblch occurred uight be- The .\llen Comity Bar association \^ fore last. Cciurt is not In session as II, session this afternoon, holding th.? a re.cult of the meeting. •

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