Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA ailLT BKCIIST^ THIIBSPAT ETE5I5C^ OCTOBEB 1S,1W8. ^ItHiB Ehooontgemenf Given by this bank to the saver for increasing his or her account, is not rendered in the same spirit that a promoter of an enterprise .seeks to influence the investor to increabe his or her an\09iit ^ stock in his company. ^ We have a personal interest in the success pf each depositor. Your prosperity is reflected on the condition of this bank. Our superior service^nd methods o^ conducting business are for your benefit. The mail or woman who wishes to start a savings account in a small way receives the same careful attention as the large depcsitor. If you start an account with us, we will help you in every possible way. ' Your determination to win will receive our substantial support, thus making more than possible your success. We invite investigation into the management of this bank. State Savings Bank tola, Kaitmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A few liuudrvd ^ stKrtiuus Xo. 1 westtern Iknd at $1000 aud up. GOLDEN WEST UND CO. Office Over luwa Store. Thorpe & Boogh ^ Contractors, Engineers, Snrrejors. Fully equipped for all kinds of survejing, estimating,-patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and < farm drainage. OfGce Orcr Damons." Short Stories lo r j lola Happenings —Sign painting. Fred Rowden. pbone 1428. To See Aoto Kaces. J. Warren Hastings expect:> to tjike [in the Elm R5d?e au»o races at Kun- Sits City Saturday. —Br. J. B. Pepper. Dentist. Phone ICS. Mure Tan 121 tor VllfillMU. Mayor Harris suui'tl today tbai another car load of tarvia was expecteu this evcnhi^ or iu the nioriiiug and that as soon as it arrived tlic city council aud Contractor Uilfiltau would g^t together and decide upon the matter of increasing the «|uautiiy of tarvia scattered over the'avenue. It was recently discovered that the half gallon of tarvia to each square yard was insufficient.—Ft. Scott Trioune. —Always time to eat at Our Way. Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—belter than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We bandle only the best of Fresli Meats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, aud will pay the highest market price iu cash or trade. Come iu and see us. Wo are sole agents for J. M. Uom's COFFEES and TEAS' If .\ou will give this- Hue a trial you will use nq other. Fryer Bros. riiouo SUl, tOb. lola, KnuMis. Buried at Ottana. M. V. Bfuham died at lola at T o'clock yesterda.v moruiug. of lead poisoning. .\Tr. Benbam was an old settler of Franklin county, having lived near Ceiitropolis for many years. For the past two years be has lived in Io!a. where he has been employed ill a /.inc smelter. .Mr*. Beuhani was 51 years old, and is survived by a wife and (our children. The body was brought to Ottawa on an ufteruoon train today and was taken to the Chenoweth undertaking rooms. The funeral will be held at II o'clock tomorrow at tho Uunkard church at Comro>>olis. and burial wiil be in Pleasant Hill cetuetery. four miles wfst of Ccntioitolis.—Ottawa Herald. Evans Bros. OKm mimnk Bookm mmieimum Mehool Sappltmm Offlmm Smmm/lM Whero qnalitir It main eonilA- •ntion wo boy tho boot Whoro demoado wlU Jaatlfy, wo eaxrj •II CT «de» a&d pilcoo. •ontb l|ifl iQiuoi Itlii —Frank S. Seattle. V. S. Phono 139. lU'^. .Mursolf Is Here. llev. .Marsoff. who has resigned his liastorato of the I'liiicd Brethren church, went to tola this afternoon to attend conrercuce. The coiifercnco will decide upon a successor to Rev. .Marsoff. who goes to lowa to accept a call.—Ft. Scot. Tribune. COLOKIST BATES California, AxizonOt Etc. Daily until October 81,1908.from lola, Kas. tiberal ttopover privileges. Per- OQiiiilU' 'ciofl^iicted excursions. Tickets ucepted in tourl«t sleepers on payment, of Puilman rate, and In chair car; ' No better way of becoming ac- iiualhtod' with the Great Southwest, . irIiOre-itsnaU farmf yield a competence, Ibkn traveling over the Santa Fe. . Lot me send you some literature About Ctaifornia, Arizona, etc. W. a RALSTON, Agent. IoIa> Kansas., —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. ..Another Tolsou Cvinictvd. I^si night the jury hi the case of the stale vs. Tolsou was finished and the jury brought In a verdict of assault, which would have constituted manslaughter had the wounds been fatal.—Garnett News. Toii-o.i is said" to be a brother of John Tolsou who was sent to the penitentiary for shooting his wife here. —^Paper Hanelng. Fred Pbone 1428. Kuans 5nteral Begins Laying; Pip«. The work of laying the new! pipe line wliich the Kansas Natural Gas company Is extending into the field east of Cbanute began yesterday. The line will be about nine miles long. Forty car loads of pipe nave been received here within the past few iifeeks, unloaded aud strung along the route. \- • I ready for the ditchers and the gang.—Chanute Sun. —Fresh Oysters—Onr Way. 4 it'» AU Over ^on. Evep. the backers of the Cubs iu the world s|ries regretted wheu | they learned rlast e\'ening that Chance 's men had whipped the Tigers taking four out of five games. The result of the game means the finish of base ball for this season and the fans are reluctant to give up the sport for a time. They all say that Mundis has the newest and best line of post cards in the city. ' ' \ < Addressied Moran Meetiuvr. | F. J. Oyler aud 1.. V. Orton" addressed a. Democratic lueeting at .Moran last evening. —Aato Ctange and Bepair Skop for all kinds of repairing. Antomobile llTery. Phono 8SS. HI K 9ini Birthday. Rev. .1. E. Myler yesterday <tl<?- brated his H2nd birthday. Wiiii his children and grandchildren, he en- Joyed a birthday dinner at the home of Mrs. T. E. Oliver. .Mr. .Myler is enjoying unusually .:rooil health for oiif of his age. See the new Post Card.- at Mundis Drug Store. A .Vew Front. .\ force of workmen are puitini: in a new front at the Sleeper building on North Washington street. 'Hie improvement will make the store an to-date one. Chateau Cliocolates. the kind you have always bought al Mundis Drug Store, has a beautiful Passeporlant ulclnre with each pound box. Off to Kansas City. The teachers in the city ."Cliools leave this evening for Kausas City where they visit the schools tomoi- row. None of the schools here wil! be in session as It is visiting day for the teachers. —CnnulDgbaiu K .Vmrtt. 6 per rent money. Jnry mil Meet. The jury called to Inquire into the death of Wesley Stevens, the younp .Mildred farmer whose body, with gun shot above the heart, wiis foiijid recently by the side of his w:mon, will meet tomorrow to hear the evidence in the case. If you want the latest aud nicest post cards on the parket. get them at .Mundis drug store. lieu r. II. Joiie> Here. Uev. C. H. Jones, formerly pastor of the L'- li- church here, is ui> from Independence to attend the conference which begun last night. Kev. Jones has many friends here who will ne glad to learn that his hea'th is souie- whai improved, lie retired iroiii m- tlve work in the niiiiistry alum! two years ago. Brick business building iu lola to exchange for farm. Two.residences to exchange for a farm.—Whltaker & DonnelL Tu aud From I'bauute. Aliss .Mvitle Chessround. of Paris, lil.. and .Miss Iva Smith, of lola. who have been visiting their cousiu. R. B. Smith, returned to lola Ithis afteruoou. <• • • Rev. J. T. Montlmer aud Rev. Burch were in Chanute today on their way to lola to attend he U. B. conference. " • " .Mr. and Jlrs. W. IC Chatten, who have been visiting Carl Roth, left at noon for a visit', iu lola.—Cha- uute Suu. . —It—Our Way Soda Water. itoMral Contnetnr. Fla^feonn 1^ Ccoaiient ^owaDoi utf '1 Star Makes Local Hits. The fact that Mr. Apt and Mr. Oj'ter are both candidates On tb^ Democratic ticket In Allen county should help a little in the campaign. ^ ^ • Mr. Fryer has sold his grocery store at lola, but it is uot announced ds yet whether 1 or not he will enter the restaurant business.—Kausas City Star. —Soda Water, tho Onr Way kind. Cronfh Jisfeet«lUsifW*er. F. V. Crondi. is elpeetlBg a visit fromJils &tbca-.'W. B:rCr(Nicii ,Vlid 'i8 noWi^^oi^ding the Bak^t.oonTontipp —Oysters any style at Our-way. .Hissed the Point. I-uwreute papers are blowiiifi considerably because Hob Ednionsron of that city made a fair averas"' a hli- MAKE.S ASTONISHING flltts. .Vl*u-ua Tul)ift« I'ure bv>ppp!>ia hj Promptly BemoTlng the fause. or Jloney Back. Dyspepeia caunoi be cured by taxing a digester, sudi as pepsin, becaitse pepsin sintply digests .vour food artificially, and not all of 4ho food either, for it has not effect at all on starchy food, such as iMuaioe .-j. lice. oatmeal. I)rea4l. etc. There Is just one way to cure d>.-- :)epsia and stomach disorders, trivial or serious, and that Is to (one up or pue energy into the stomach walls, so that they will be able to propejriy mix or churn the food. ! Ml-o-na tablets cure stomach troubles by putlng strength and enkrgj- into the stomach. Tliey tjuick]>^ arouse the stomach from its inaction,! and in a short time it is ab'e tu do Us work properly. Mi-o-ua is successfully used in von-.- Iting of pregnancy, in car and Sea sickness. 'I And boar in mind tliat wheu tlie stomach good comlitioui consti- pctida disapears,. also Dervjoasuess. pndon tfsnpponrs. also uervoosness, etc ^ ' Xniaa. B. Spencer Jk Ca. the drug- gilt^ ««lU4]ll^nn4ableta: at^lMl .cento We Will Keep Yonr Soft Pressed if Yon Pay mm or %et pipe Special Sale of Chlfd- ren's Sweater Coats and Sweaters They'come in all colors. Sizes 1 to 5 years. $1.J U and $1 .00 quality, to close them out. we'll sell 'em at VS-^cenb Boys' New Fall Suits and Overcoats 2 J diffetvut styles to select from. i$3.50 to $12.50 This IS the Homei of Hart, Schaf]fii\er ®f Marx Stein-BIoch Society Broiid and Alco System Clothes A combination tliat can't be beaten. VA.LUE—that's what counts! We CELQ give you more real value for your meney than others can possibly give, whether you buy a high priced or a low priced garment. It's the greatest thing in clothes and the hardest to find. SUITS, $15.00 to $30 .00 Overcoats, $10.00 to $3aOO Roin Coats, Top Coats $10 .00 to $25.00 ter on the AVashlugtoii American Ica.^'iie team. Kduionstou's ouly claim to fame should be that he played 011 the same team with Waiter .lohuson. the former Allen county boy. who is ahout the l >ei -t twhler in ilie hi;; league.*. —Six per cent money: no commis- iion; no delay.—Smith & Travia. Coffeyville Sinks Deep Well. .Vt the moetiusr of the city oouucil .\lomlay iiisht Councilman SelUrs ami Councilman HelnieriuK made a report ill favor of sinking some test wells uorth of the pump station to locate a betl of gravel with the ultimate purpose of usinp it for a sheet water supply.—Coffeyville Journal! . Gus Alberts in Trouble. <;us Alberts, accused of >tartiiij: a lishl with L«'on Gilkey. had his hear- i»;r ill justice Hull's eoiirt yesTenlHV and was dischargeil. Tli.- tronnl.- started as a result of an a'-jluun over a bad^vr tight, at'tlu? raiv ti:ul> a few (lays aso Ti'e evils of a baiti:- er tight so on ami on ihroiigli .ueiiera- lioiis. ami ;i ;\\;i>s make trotible for followers of \\i>- paiiie. —Hartlesviili^ Kuterprise. PERSON'S WA.VTIXG hoy or girl to work for board while attending school apnlv at Tola Business College. Phone 493. Notice. .\ll persons having a large picture of President Arthur please phone J. K. Hendenson. With Ramsay at Atchison. <;<-org«' K-skine. wiio came from .Mr. Itamsay's ohl home. LUiiitVrmline. Scotland, is l»'ein:r entertained by .\lr. and Airs. Itauisay. Tliey tool< him to City y<!Sterday in their Wliiie steamer toiiriug car. which distinguished hy making the trip and re- tii.-n without a hobble.—.\tilii.son Glol)e. —Our. Oysters. Way. Hartield Is 'I'here. Uev. W. H. Garlleld. pasti.r of the liupiist church here, is iu alteudauce at the Itaptist conieniion in -.-.-sioii at Pittsbiir? —Drs. lathrop, 0.<iteopa(b«, Thone OS. Asenc) KMablisheU Here. The Tiojaii S;(;"e:y I'.iwder Company, ot Denver. Colo, have fd au aaeney lu this liiy. .Mr. K. W. Coverdale havinsjbeeii i^eiecitd for the place. They are manitfactorers of Trojan Safety Powder whicit i.s said to be absolutely safe containing uoi j;ylce- rlne. This powde.r has been tried «»ut at the Kausas Portland works ruid itave perfect isatL-ifactJon. Agtucios will be e&tab!ishe<i through this district and lola is to be made a distributing point. —Be a Booster—Home, industry— Neoeho River Cat at Oar Way. Oetwiler at Bartlcsville. J. S. Detwiler of)lola. Kaa.. waa in l-tbia clty:ye8terda« looking after som& Benefit for A. E. Robinson. A benefit for .A.rchie Robinson, ti!- actop who is sick, will be jrivm ;; Kl-etrie iLeatrt- tonight. Kvery i!«>r;n taken in will go to the sick man. .\o regular admission charge will in- niadf; tiiost^ who attend will N-avf a .silver ofi'ering al the door. t)iie man luu- uJr.'U'ly sent io as his eoiitriliiition. ' • * The .\rchit> Uohiu- s .in I>enei5t at Kl.ictric theatre last niuht amoiiiitefl to $"0 .t;:». .Mrs. Waird , Ctiailnirn. \vhos«> husband is proprietor of the treatie took the money to .Mr. a -!d .Mrs. Roblttsoii^today, aud loiin .l Mr. Koliinson sitting up. His witV feels very much encouraged over Ills improvomont.—Atchison (;it)l..-. Areiiio K. Robinson is .-well l<iio\vii ill lola. having been lierer sey.' vral times with theatrical troupes. i !C' :.:i.--ier Want .Ail.s. bring reauUs. E VERYBODY CAN HAVE BEAUTIFUL HAIR NOW. and llicy ci'm't hu.c tu v.ait weeks and months for resuli.t riii..-r. You will aotice marked inipriivnuT.: .-.f.-r toe \cr}' first application. Danderine is qtiicki} ami llsorouglily absorbed by the scaip and the hair uxtn &kuw :t tl.c eSiect^i of i:s won ^rljli. exhilarating and Iife -prud4iriii<; qualities. It is pleasant anJ easy (o u.»e— siiiipK app!: it to thr. scalf> and liair onire a day until the hair Legins lu jfrow. then IV..T or I I HT tiiiirs a vvr-k liii dcsireii ifi.;::- ubtanietl. Grows Hair and we can PROVE IT! A lau\ fr.-uii Caliiomia \.r<;es ID uibktancc as (oilow;;: I tiaTT .Ken tt.ioB yoor <trM^i^ 1 • tut bfctr (oatt: tw .Mererxl tii«M «ib* aii«,al>a.> laninowb :c»>ra«riUt .i iro*dart«I laKcf batrthac aica«- ur«t ovct ti inehr* in lengtti: tbc br<^ (• arrr » lacbe* amaai. Anoihsr from New Jersey: AlWT n»!ag «ltJh iK .ttlc I am bipr-y ^' >i>at t bare a> alee:a bead ot hair aa asyuua la

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