Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 4
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-I — jM «:roi4 pmT BBCMIgl, TH^^ 15, 3908. N ClASLP.SCOrR BateMd at Ioi«. Kaiiua. P^Bloacs. u I 8econd -ClaM Matter. 4drartlBMg' Batei. Mad* Kaom an AppUcation. I SUBSCBIPIIOX SATfiS. ir n rHu la loiB, Clas Cit7i iMj^m- -Tllle or LaHarpe. >ne Week 10 cents 3n« Month.... 44 cents One Year »5.00 BjHaU. Oa* year loslde coontj |S>00 9M year ontalde conitj tUW niree Months, in advance 11 .00 One Month. In advance 44 «i¥ICLLL FIPEB, CHI OF B1S> SET. Telephooe: Biuinesa Office ------ 18 EkUtorlal Koom ------ 222 «EPtBLIG-V>' TICKET. For President of the United States WILLIA^r H. TAFT • ot Ohio, l-'ur Vice President JAMES S. SHERMAN ot New York. ST .1TE TICKET. For Governor W. R. STUBBS , ot laxrrcnce. . I<"ur Lieutenant Governor W. J. FITZGEILVLD ot Dodge CHy. For Secretary of State CHAS. E. DEXTON of Attica. For Auditor JAMES M. NATION of Eric. For TreasuriT MARK TULFA' of Independence. I>\jr Attorney General P. S. JACKSON of Eureka, l^or Supcrinlcudent Public luoiructioii E. T. FAIRCHILD of Ellsworth. I'yr Superintendent Instirauce C. w: BARNES . Osage City. For State Printer T. A. McNEAL of TopeKa. For R. R. Commissioucrs GEO. W. KANAVEL F. J. RYAN C. A. RYKER. For United States Senator J. L. BRISTOW of Saliua. F^or Cong^ressmau ClIAS. F. SCOTT ot lola. For Judge Thirty-seventh District OSC^AR TOt'ST of lola. For State Senator FR.VNK TRAVIS of lola. COL'.VIT TICKET. I'or Reprcsenlutlvo W. T. WATSON l''or County Clerk U. E. CUUJBRTSON. For Treasurer (.\ ('. AUSMERMAN. l-'Or KoKlHler of Drodrf R. L. THOMPSON. For County Attorney H. A. EWING. I'^or PruUuto Juiljje J. U. SMITH. l''or Shorlff y. O. UOLLINGEU. Fur Siipcrlnlendvnt uf Scliuulb MRS. MAUDE l^UNSTON. For Survejor H. F. PALSTRING. I''or Clerk of Court • C. E. ADAAIS. For Coroner R. O. CHRISTI.\N. For Couimisslonier. Second District T. J. ANDERSON. For Commissioner. Third District C. A. FRONK. THE LAST TIME ' DEMOCRACY TRIED. Secretary Root: "Wliat is funiish cd by Uie record of the DemocratiCi party at large to show tbat it is competent to maintain the prosperity we have, and execute the promises of re-j form it tenders. No proof wbatever, of that is offered. All the evidence we have is tlie otter way. Tlie majority of us have not yet forgotten jthe second ad^ministration of Grover i Cleveland, wliich ended only on the 4lh of March. 1897. The Democracy "then had Its opportunity to show the world what it could do v.ith the government, for it j>ossessed the executive office, a majority of the Senate and a majority of the House. Rs oppOfftunity to exercise that control for the public benefit was wasted. Discord and confusion reigned throughout tlie entire four yeai's. In cjipaclty to reach practicnl conclus- i(^ns or to take any effective action was demonstrated. No promises were kept. No reforms were accomplished. It became apparent that the sole cohesive force that bound the Democratic party together was the desire for the office, instead of progress, we had all factions pulling difCereut ways, totally incapable of agreeing upon a common course of conduct There was but one sentlMent in which a majority of the Democratic .majority; could be united; tliat was in the iliatied jof Mr. Cleyeland. and] they liated Um lor tis virtnes. His «Uiid ]r integrity «nd;. faigh cojurage. his slooere wq»i^iawf:iif^i^^a6 parpose, ^Us have done great things for - the country. The i>eitiocratic patlr'rcpttdiat- cd his. leadcrahip, .aiid the xerr_ ioen who ncnr control that party followed him toJils IgraVe with depreciation and detraction. Under that discord- r How or why William Jennings velt and all the work ho has done the past seven years? That Is what a ^ote for Bryan means. Bryan acquired his hatred for the ant Democracy the country drifted J ^erican gold dollar has never been through years of commercial depress- explained, but that his hatred is deep ion and disaster, poverty and distress^ ^^^y ^ deny. It found withou . effecUvc goverament until ehoracteristlc expression in a Speech ^e first clecUon of McKtaley and a vr,,,,,^^^. W. Va., in Itepublican Congress pteced the reins ^^^^ , ^ of power In the hands of a party com- ^„..„, r»«.„ , i.. „ ^ . !' sound nxoney Democrats, he sa,id: "I call your attention to another , , . . thlno, and that Is that, Instead of de- States ready to repeat that experi- themselves gold stindard ence of Democratic governmentr advocates Do you want to repudiate Roose- . , i ' . ... , ,._ J of sound money, because they are ashamed to use the name, even that describes their position. Instead of saying they are for gold they prate aboute an honest dollar, when they Mr. Brjan Is so anxious to make an 90ld dollar is the most dis- issue out of the publicaUon before the honest dollar in the land today." election of campaign contributions, sets the impression that the why doesn't he insist on the publics- sold dollar has been playing ! tricks tion of the list of contributors to the <>» ^^r- Bryan or that it has got the Indiana and New York State - Demo- best ot him in a liorse trade or some- cratlc campaign fund? Is it because "^^en if tliat were true it everybody knows wiUiout such pub- i^^^dly warrants him calling the gold lication that the brewere and saloon d®"'*'' '"os^ dishonest dollar keepers and race track gamblers arc land.i As a matter of fact, there backing the Democratic flglit in those »«> dishonest dollar In the land un- slatcs with a prodigious slush fund? *<?ss it be a counterfeit. Yet it is remembered that Mr. Bryan wanted to adopt a coin which, while pretending The Steel Trust declared a dividend [to be a dollar, would really have of $10,000,000 the other dfly. In oth- been worth only fifty cents amj which er words, it bet ten million dollars would therefore have been a ilishon on the election of Tafi and ilie continuation of present btisiness conditions. • president a.** Wm. H. Taft." est dollar and a monetary liej WHiilo Mr. Bryan wa.s dtnounclug the gold, dollar as dishonest. |many conservative business men. realizing the ruinou.<; conditions that would fol-' Theodore Kooscvelt: "I-do not be- ^.^ election, stipulated thai con llrve there could be found in all the ^^^^^ which thev entered .should country a so wcM fitted to be specifically ffe -payable in gold." Their views as to tlie integrity of the gold dollar were exactly the re- verso of Mr. Bryan's. The gold dollar has not changed since Mr. Bryan condemned it. It it was dtshoncst then it must be dishonest now. Yet we venture to say tor the benefit of those whom it may concern—if any—tliat this modest yellow coin so hate«l by Candidate Democrats. Lot ns make a good start ^« ^^^fP^^'^ P*"" for the fight two and four years from Payment of subscriptions to Editor now by electing the straight Republi- ^""^^ ^ newspaper, can county ticket now. The way to build a party, like the! way to build a house, is to begin at the liottom. It is a whole lot easier to elect a Republican Governor and a Republican President when the offic-j es in ilie city hall and in the county court house are filled with Republicans, tlian when they are filled with CAUSES DEBILITY Here .\rc Facts Backed Up by a Hlrouf tjuaruntcc. A Georgia mule has kicked a railway train off the track. Thus does tlie emblem of Democracy illustrate its opposition to progress. Debility Ih caused by caiurrh. Ir aur opiiihin. n iierson free from Catarrh was never troubled wlih Do- lilllly. Dcljllliy can never bo curef by iiit'dlelue iiui designed to cure Ca­ iurrh. We pusltlvoly Kuaraiili'u tr cure Catarrh, and thus cure Debility In every CHhe •.vhere we lall to ofted cure, wo will not charge a cent foi iliu medicine ,employed durlug tin iriu'. .N"ow. suiei.v no one bhuuld hesl- ;ale U) or lt> put our clahr lo II praetlciil left under such condl- Mon.x. We take nil the risk: no out I 'Ise can lose unythhu; by the transaction. We make these statements and thi; (iffer becifute W(.- know and have tlim md again proved IIKII Rexull Mucu Tone will cure catarrh. It is dcsiguet fur that one pariirular purpose. I is not u cure-all prescribed to cure I'very disease thai Ilesli is heir to . 1 i{ a specific. Re\all Mucu-Tone is ab wrbcd in ihe stomach afid cari'ied tj; the blcHid until it ixMictrales ever; part of the body, acting UA an anti septic, disinfecting, cleansiug. sooth [,iug and healing agent. It rids the sy; teni cf a'l germ and poisonous matit» purifies and enriches the blood, re builds injured ii.->ue .-i. cleanses atu "nvigorales the niuco-cells. iieuiralize- ihe acids of the bodx. stops mucus discharge, tones uj) the .entire system promotes nutrition, increases bod" weight, and briiiy;s about a feeling o: heallhfuiness that is lasting. Y»c liave Rexall Mucu-Toue In twt i'ucs. Prices JOC and $1.00. We urgt vcu to try a bottle on our guarantee S. R. Uurrcll. The Re.xali Store. Wes. Side Square. Judge Taft represents tlie Stiiiarc Heal, stundlnsr upon a square; plat form, founded !n political, economic and social welfare. If all the loser.^ at raeetraek ;:aiubl Ing and Wall SI root speculators ihould vote for Governor Ifuglies II would bo hard to predict 1 Is major Ity. I Ur.vun eaiinol escaix- from his rec ird In favor of governni<-nt owner •dilp. Ills great mlslnk(! I.-! In trying i.o persuade the people to lot him own the government. TO HAVE^ COUNdil European Powers Will Have JIteUnf Soon to Discuss Balkan Sn«a> lluu. Mr. Taft ami Mr. Uryan have both iefincd their attitude on the tariff question far more clearly th^n It Is iisclosed In their respective platforms. Both parties are pledged to .'Jirifr revision as soon as It can be undertaken, but there is this dlffcr- •;nee. that wteroas tli*' Republican •ilatform favors the callin? of a special session for that purpose Iminedi- itely after tlie Inaufjuration of the next President, the Democratic plat- •'oriu makes no specification what^-ver •s to the lime when the work ^hall legiii. Both candidates, however, have '••anklv indicated their views as: lo the lines along which tariff reform should be carried. Mr. Bryan has declared for a tariff for revenue only, thus proclaiming lii.s allegiance: to the underlying principle of free trade which he helped to fasten upon American Industry in the Wilson-Gorman tariff of 1S9-1. Mr. Bryan was a i-^eni- •ler of the House Committee on Ways Paris. Oct. 15.—It is believed her*, that the internaiional conference oi the Balkan situation, wliicli Is now regarded as certain, will,be limited tc the ratification of private arrangements. The matters to be settled be- w«en Turkey and'the powers probab- The General 'Demank of the Well-informed of the World das always been for a sunple, plea^ianl unJ efficient liquid la.\ative remedy of known value; a laxative which physicians coiild ttuction'for family use because its cwu- pouent ports arc knonn to them to jbe ! ly will be the recognition of the inue- wboleaoroe and mdy beneiicial in effept, pcndeucc of Bulgaria; tiie anuexatlor acceptable to the aystem and gentle, yet ot Bosnia and Herzegovina as accom- prompt, in action. plished facts, and the annexation of In supplymg tliat demand with its cx- . Crete to Gr.eece through the Inter- ceUent combination of Syrup of Figs and ' mediary of the four powers. Elixir of Senqa, the California Fig Syrup SL Petersburg. Oct. 15.—The Boursf (jo. prooeeds along ethical lines and relies Gazette published todai" what purports to be an outline of the Anglo-Russltr agreement regarding Turkey and the ipragnimine to be discossied at' the iemihcoining international Balkan com ^ereiice:: li. saysLTorkey is to repogr; aiie th$ independence of Bolggtrli Bosnia, We alone sell in this city Correct Clothes jfbrlMen Made in to-day's New York Style by A label that guarantees the best clothes value obtainable Perham & Son Co. lolay Kansas Outfitters for Men and Means, which prepared that ruinous measure, and. though a Democratic President denounced it as a "crea- tuw of perfidy and dishonor." It represented and still represents Mr. Br/- aiis' position and purpose with res- Iteci to the important question of fiscal iiolicy. Ho is uncompromisingly opposed to tlie federal principle. To him the idea of giving tariff protection to American industry and American wi^e-earners is entirely abhorrent, and if he has his way all such protection will be withdrawn forever. Mr. Taft's position is exactly the reverse. He is earnestly in favor of tariff revision, but he insists that it should be such as shall preserve and equalize the operation of the protect ive principle instead of destroying it. Ifts position is admirably stated in his own words: "There are many schedules of the tariff in which the rates are excessive, and there are a few in w-hlch the rates are not sufficient to fill the measure of conservative protection." The tariff Issue In the present campaign has thus been dofined beyond all possibility of misunderstandin!; by the opposing candidates themselves. One need not go lo llie Dcmocnitic platfovni to learn whore .Mr. Rrymi stands, nor to Ihe Kepiibllcan )ilat- form lo find wln^re .Mr. Taft stands. It Is a straight, clear Usiie of Kret- Trade versus Protection. .Mr. Mryaii l{j pledi'Cd to destroy Ihe protective system, while .Mr. Taft Is pledged to maintain it. The country is on tin- eve of a tremendous Industrial revival. The toU- ns of lis approach are visible in every direction. The farmers have gatLered crops exceeding the aver- ago, and that means incrca.sed business for tlic railroads. Increased business for the railroads means increased activity In manufacturing enterprise, more work and better pay for workingmcn. and improved conditions for a'l grades of labor. But if experience counts for anj-- thlng. this conilne revival of prosperity would be instantly halted and in- defiiiitely postponed by the election of a free trade president. The gradu- Improvement of business conditions now observable i.s due to an understanding throughout the countrj* that there sliall be no violent changes -in our present fiscal policy, and tliat the protective system shall be revised but not destrojed. Mr. Taft stands squarely pledged to that prop- oiiition. while .Mr. Bryau' stands quarely opimscd to it. HUJIEK lIEXDEVSCt> SELLS «HT.! t .1; LEOALS* norking Now With Tadcrwood Scope loncnrreat Ke>«I\.Uo« Ao. II. and \lrw People. j .v proi»osItion to amend the consti- jiution relative to the disqualilicaliou Homer of judges to ho!d certain offices. Be it resolved, by the Legislature of the Slate of Kansas, two-thirds ot the Ttu- Chaiinte tJiai says of Henderson, a loraier lola ciiizeu: Homer Henderson ha« told his in- urest in ihe barber ^h'Jp next to i:ie Dunning drug s;crf lo Kee Ellis, and all details of ihe »^ale are l>eing closed ui> iiAJ;!.'. The coii-sidc-ratiou has noi been given ou.". but ir is nndecstood members elected to each house thereof concurring ilicrein: Section 1. The following propo :?i- iion to amend the const!iulion of the state of Kansas is hereby submitted I to ilie qualified eie<;iors of the statV for their approval or rejection: That\ lo be in the nEigh 'jorhood of Si.rn.Hi. section 13. article .*!. be amended str^=^ Herben Wychoff bought some iiicnihs a ;;o. and th into the shop |to '-'cad as follows: Sec. 13. The jus- hf iitw fi-ui s*^^^'^^ of tbe snpreme court and the „.5,, , , ,,. , i indges of all courts of record of this will be known a.s \\yc.ioif ic shall, at stated times, receive for I5oih aic- experienced by ;l>ers. and are j their services such compensation as ,, , ,. , - , . I judges shall iecei\e no lees or per- the only bve-cha .r shop u, tne city. Lui^ii ^s nor hold any other otfice or Henderson, who has been on tbeU)roHt or trust mider the authority of road for the L'«dei-wo<:d scope and;the state, or the rn!t-?d States. e.\vie%v people of Ottawa .since Mavj^^^'Pt the office of judge of any federal " 'court or justice or judge of a court of recently sold his i'.ueresi in the Oriental shop, and with Jtie tale of i»ie present bliop t-tvers hi .s eonneeiion' from the trade llr has neeii iiKeiiiig Willi remarkable s .n (eesc. with the I'n- derwimd views, v .likh aii- K.iown to every suiiimer vacatiuii collect. .<indent in the! land, and expects tu be iransl>ried to Saimlpn. Okl.n.. tUorily. whli an Increii.")' in >.iUirv. To and Kroin I linunir. W. \\ Wriuht wont to lola yesler. da> to ali-nd the big Ilepiilillean laMy ilivit. " ' " .lihn K. ^Val^oll^ of I'.nr- lii >.,iioM, il( pt:i.\ hue: !ia! revcnne col- .ettor. was in t'liiiimtc vesterd .iy. leav iiiir fir Giraid. lie \va< aeimniJianicd by I". S. Griffin. ;'.n insi .rcKir for ihe revenue iltjniri nu-iii " ' Misj .flyrtlc CheM-ic.vii of llliiitt!.- :inil .viis's Iva Siiiiih of lula 'venf t'> lola tinlay after visiting their ctMi.s .n. It. H. Smith and | wife.—Chauute Tribuae. this state, during the term of office for which such Injustices nud judges shall be elected, nor i>ractice law In any ot the eourt.« in the state during their continuanct In office. See. This pi -oiiosii ion shall t'l- aiibmirtid to the eiectt :i;< of IliQ siati* at the ven«^ral election cf rcprespnta . lives In the jear 1'JUS for Iheir up* , ruvul or rejection. The amcnduienl hereby proiiosi-d ^hnll be deslKimteil iiM the otnohil biillol by Ihe folln ^vin^: Hile; "The Jndiolal ainenilmeni to ii><> lonstttiitloii" and shall be voted rm' or against as provided by taw IIIKIII such title. ; trussed the Senati' Jiiiiiiiny L".". Passed the lloll.•^e .March t». i:>o7. A|»i>r«»ved March I". \'.»u. 1 hereoy certify that the foregoiirJ is a true and correct eoi>y of original i:enatc eonci-rrent resolution No. II. now on file at iiiv oflice. C. v.. DE.NTO.V. i^fceielary of Stale. Fur itesi and iiuirlke^t rt*>alt:> the Keiclster's Want I'olamns. FIMMi GK.Vl CRITICALLY ILL. Fathiir of the Ball Phijcr Wa;. iu fy clone Last Sommcr. rauier Gray, the ball player, and Mrs. (riuy left this morning for Mlu- ncai>olis. Kas..In answer to word that Mr. Gray's father. Prank, was lyin? critically ill. il:e rei^iilt of injuries sut:talned In a cycioue on the sixth ot Juiy last. Tbe unrortunuie mar suffered a number of injuries and recently paralysis set in so thai he cannot now move on his bed. Years agr he lived in lola and it well knowp^ tt the old timers. Tamer and his wifr will probably, remain there all winter Miss Maud Gray has been with her : father for ilie past three v;ecks. I on tbe mcaits of thelaxative for its remaric* able auoeess. jTTbst is; one of many reaeoas why 3ycap of ^01 and £iadr«f SeoM is gpr n ihe iwrfeieuee by the Wd -InfimBfld. ^|s, beneficial el[eets jpliniyB .hi|Qr, 8tari(cy to Tv]>«ka» The dates of the annual conveutloc of the county Sunday sccool association uieetiag next week are Tuiesday an4 Wednesday, October. 20 and 21, Thp coaT ^tkm. will be; ; held In the Preslortarliin cfaarcfa at<lUdimond:'4 •tersejattsndanee ia.antijplpated. Unta October 31 From lola tu practically all points ia \V and Californi;^ and via the greatest variety rntes to many ulher points. ^ C^*^^ for. berth (accommodattn^ two pejrsons) in Tfanniffh ^9 Toiirist Sleeping Cars from Kansas Gty I>«dqr. Through trains tvict: ^ day from Kansas and Puget Sound. ' Rtx:iining chair cars through trains. Personally Omducted No lUilinOiOn •] ~ i 1 1 n n u LJ ! : asbbgton, Oregon bf routes. Similar City to California j(seats free) on all

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