Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1907
Page 4
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Ct tCULATtON 11 m /UCntPTtON ItATU. g» ^*^M......... ....«< WM •t-.IoSb Kanna. Poatofflo*. M weaaa-daM matter. . Bataa l(a4e Knows OB J^W pUcatlon. ornciA] FJIFEB, cm SET. OF BAS- IMMMR ' AMOCIATKto mSM. tlM tola O illy Rauistar la a membar of MH AaaoiW »d Praaa ana Racalvaa the flay NiMrt«' f Oiat gr««t naw* oraanlsa- S M hr Svlualvt Aftarnoon PuMlcatlofi • 0\ SJEfOM) THOIGHT. • »««•»»»'••«» ^»-•»«- OX SECOXD THJMCIIT. ('oi.|,Buic >KM- rrotrs|>. This (icparltncnt ri-ocivod oth«r protest, from Ool. l.'tRo WivAhof. ProteslJng, it may Iio inirj-fiolMioI jiiere, is Col. Unpbri^'s <lii<»f iiiiF.^i <iii in life. Col. IJllKlM-fl calls iilliliiiiill xo the fact tliat "Uert" ( V.V IM T S has .'been us^ in this colninn. Ho sjivs It is an luvioIaJ).p rule i>f ilu- I'lilon that, when .Mr. D'.Neiir.-j ii.mio Is ur-oi] premium fifamiis niusi bo Kiv<n. It has alwavR'hpen our iioiioii th:\t a good dwil or iiiiiiwiwyir.v ?i>iii|i:i- thy Is wav'tpd on tlio nirilc «I<»w. IlavInK liV'.'in nvoruli.-hnltii' hi.'iiori- ty f-xjiTfuiv-f n. iiri'li>roiii-r tui- 'riiii ii Is osRiintrd that thi! rfinilill'.'ii.s will- now Ro flfie;td;-.:niit notiUiiMic Mitii<> other can ^iKl'C ..Tudj?e DH^^'^Sh^ i:i iMiono:- with his Wlp ^nRjnoss'.' You will ic- nieniher, hairever, th.Ti . I IK I K'' !>.I'O •wasn't afraid hPlnR Oovi-inor v.oiil.l Intxjrfere with hi.s law l).islnn>-. P A IH C TaudrTille. A Yiddish comprtian ?t one nf iho vaiidfyille h'ousos iisp:; tin- siory oi' the brido Who tooli oif fals^e hair, tooli out false teeth and itnscrr-.vcd a wooden lee.! And *liov r.t+*-ii imliip vaudeville.*^' " We Will Keep Yqui*:S Pressed for Three Months, Free of Charge, if You Pay $16.00 or Over. There are many times when money helps. A Topcka man. who was an awful grouch when lu- viap in hard luck, made fc2 ."i ;00fi in a year Now he is one of the kinde.-:. innsi .>oiir 1H )US, l>eal hoaned men ii; n.v.-.i. Dr. Plass Ulks of fjuiiiiup. This will be Ittllif^tOdtikM'an M^aKliburn. hut none of jhe reporters W I UJ have had to UvfSFvIcw him will sh^d any tears. ' • Mrs. Rorfe^'s restaurant ba- Ront into banl^yptcy. A\'Tiieli lead.^ to ilio connlusioj^ Oia' ilrs. has been tising hoiilo iif her p'i!)'i?hed recipes • on b^r boarders. Tho telegmpb annoiinee.« (lia. L. M. Joiiea will .<;jM?ak. Who is Mr. .lone:; and what of it? Senator JJODS was in .Vlohison Monday. In order, however, to thoroiigli- ly appreciate "Atchi.son Seimior Ixjiif: Rbould haWgoJie there wIi.Mt tlie xtea- ther clsewjjere was very w ;um. Dr. .ixford JIMS Mini Loraled. Doar'Cafitou: I notice yii;i make. IqqOity fftfldmrtn^ Hie whereiir.oniF of the man Vlin .atP only two rieai^i r day and ioamed.on lolling i'vei'\)> - about it. The liian you are in nf is J. W. Rci-oRiflns of M;iMi.'!cl. Kv. Ho is a IraVeliUR salesman fur ilic Merit Pants-Company and bi.« urri lory Is KaDfiaK and Oklaboinii. • SHER.M.A.\- AX'innn Virgil. We are>now ronvinr.d that Koni Ihing hhould jbt^ ii*mi- al«)iii iliis u-l Rraphnr'K strOte. Wlifu .< man has wait untlLxttile or ten oVioelc at nl ?ht to get the .r£fiuli o( the Ijall games it the Anericati Lcapne » niean.^ tha the strike'i£,,^rtihg the country. Xow that Sieunenber? in ilie pa pers again.-somebody kindly ron.e ftjrward and tell n.s how the dct^eased Clothes of Copyright 1907 by Hart Schaftner cif Marx A RE you going to buy a Suit to-morrow, or next week? What appeals to you? Price, or a matter of style, quality, fit, variety of patterns, durability, workmanship, designing, distinctive ^appi-arance? Oo you know anything about how a suit ought to be made, or about the fabrics used nnv^adays, or whether it Is worth a dollar more, or a dollar less? If you don't know, be safe and buy a H A RT. SCHAFFNER & MARX or a STEIN BLOCH Suit, the LABEL guarantees the quality and the making, and the QLOBE guarantees the price to be righ't. For e. tire clothes satisfaction, you can't equal these lines. Scores of handsome patterns in Fall Suits, $12.50 $15 $18 $20 $22.50 $25 Top (Hals a:id Kalii Coals made liy Marl, .Srhnitncr \ .Mar\ aud .Stein Klock. makers <ii' slaiidard (foods. Ulirther yon desire a rain coat, a tap rout or an.» other of the fa.sbionabli' lhlni;s In o\ercnats here you will lind ••nr>thln!r thai the heart rould desire I'rires SW to S2B Sli: (MR IIISI'L.W MIMMHVS. (»iir \e« Neltlcton Shnes are ready tor vdiir inspection. They are worn hy tiie liest dressed men in lobi. 'Dull a::d Patent Leathers. Ileadtiuarters i'i>r .John K. .Stctsnsi. Knox and fiiiprr- iiil Hals. ••EirvBr .K RKPjni .fr \\ .MKi;Ti>f; Ma»aehnsetts Politirians Kxpeelcd ti» .terec to a C'eneral Plan. lin.'^ton, Mass.. urt. —When dele- ;ates salhered tod;'.y for the reimli- iican state convention ihey fomul the late lickci alri-aOy s>-vl«.-leil. H has (oi-n aurcd ihai SiMiator I.nd.c;i-> i^hould Miccecd Col. ficoipe P. Doiy, <'ljair- •nan of tlie state commiiie*' as chaii-- aian ol" the con\eniii<.n. The pl.-.iionn already dn'.wn up and is eicpeeied ill'l)e adopted wiihout dis.oeni. •.•I ATHLETICS OUT OF IT TO I>TKKi:ST SCHOOL BOVS. .Tapaneso and Korean Kxclii.sinn I-ea.mie infurmed him 1I..11 hiiiidr.-ds Ilev. Cnmphell of iia^ City Will Or- and held in praei:e..; SMVIIV .«ri.', uaiiixi' Hasket K.-tll Team, 'by (heir ini/)oriei-.s. Defeat at Hands ni Washinirlon Leaves Slender Chanre. \VUr.'<»vjr :.opr Athletics i.tuy I cin'.-s. !.:utiriilarly. and a r<itirid-iip of alien imnioral women will be made. TiiD.'Jc v.-lin hnve noi been in ihe coun- ::y yc;ir.'i .-ind .-ue found ;ii have Secretary Straus ordered p ricltl Miecn biou.nhT her ijic-ally will be Come and learn ecojiomy of time and material by baking wiih I\. C. IJakiiis I'ov.iler. at Uanisay s. WHITK CASE WAS DlSMISSm. f;ity to Pay li':vo hail «r ultiiuat.- \;ei-.)ry •lisliol r .i'l.ny wli. \\'::<sliin.!:inn. T>r a ten-i.min!? sfin-;;|c <Mpiur<'d the j fi:-~r t'.anie of a iloiHil.' b.-aiU'r. Th.- .\tlil.'i:cs reialiaieil in the second by slnitiin.!; out th;> Senators, ,S to 0. hi il'.e <ipener. t'laiil; and .lohuson the (ir -po^in;^ ;lab aiUsis and :he vcnim' \V:is;:inRto! had all the hi Mi'r I'i the .-Mvitni<-ui. P.oih wore Willi lli<> hi.s for fiv--' inninins I Tlie IJev. .Mr. ramplieil. |>aslor of 1 iuvesiisation and it was discr.veieii Jihe Cas City .Meihodist church, has I that the "vvhiie siave" naflic was far .•<inceivc(l a novel pl.ia whereby he ' more wiflespread tiian ha.s been sus- keei) Ihe sclinol iMiys inter- pected, involvin:, iho imnorration ii I I !>e:i has made arr:\n;4cmenis for a i-hurcli boys liab!:«-l biil Tiain. Tliv ' yard cf tlie.cliiiri'i is m bo fivej' ii;i and in.-id<- itiio an ii;i ui <\;iu- basker • ball ;:i-.>iiads and lu.w ii- the ev.mlnss ; and on .Satunlay.^ the school buys can 1 Iilay haskei h.ill, Ftev. Cainpliell will , likely see a decidi ii i;!erea^le in ihc; nuiiibcr (i( buys in ilie Sunday school.! mou. but of women from l-'rance. Ilns- sia ;MI(: Italy. It is proii(i.--ei! lo have a ciiiinil in- (luiry iiisriiuied in . f lin- larse u r- lesied and siibseqi:e!if!y deported. 15e fore ihe.v are retiuMed to their native lands, however. l!u"y will be reiiuired 'o furnish evidenr;. a.^'ainst ihnse who •.•.out-li: ili.'iu here e.nd proiieeutions .v:i! i<e i-.-min a.i.a:ii.T; ilicise respon- i-.'e 'er ;!'e i!;-.:"!;-. !; !s pi'ol'osi"l •;) 11;; \-e I :;;K:"; I 1> S I -I" MI ( I I men aa.!'.i!('.i ii; .e-i(liii;; ili'-in to prison. A SC.NT.AY school rally will be held at the Hapiist church tomorrow morn, at i'-.i't rj'clofk m v.liieh Secre- ;i:ry Starkly of t!.o Y. .M. C. A. will make tl'.o prine pui addiej^'s to the , yr.uii^' pefii)lp. nurinj; .ihe summer the Sunday schools naturally run .|c wii If) sor.u- ' .\t.-iii ami the object of iliis iiii-i-iirt:.^ is 10 r.iUy ihe .-e.Tttered forces. llie city .M.x.^ in ;i,U(t(i. ! alio bill ^tat-ion. ions werr> mikrepie.-.-nd-.i i.> h -u. eaiie hasjliei-ii itraRKinK aloi,.- .1 year. •• Ibu. ,1 s^Mh WMaou <M »;..|;rfjv ,,o„ilon Farmers. In rtant to You, i the Cosi«i in Da mace .\rtIon. The of (je <• f;. v.^. .1. A. U'liil-- was dIsnii.<^(Hl toilay in dlsiriei cniiri.l,,;. ti:-- i-l.-v.-uiwu so\iU\p;'.w ami payfn.!r the costs. This is :jj:!!.> ii:"l cl<-i!:ei| av.-iy. o-ie iiin vhich Mr. MJiii;- .'iWd - foj ..o.. i.-^i l-- ll,.- -•.•j,aiori.jl '^''-lit. ^„„„„,,„. ^.,„„. ,5^,,,^, „,-„ ,.„,„.^,.„. Ir. Wriite was ih- c.„iuac...r, ;-.,i!M.v!,.!.iar.^ evear.l matt. •> • ,•„„ .„.„.!,,,( ^j,;,,,., ; .,;„ i,,.;,,,. t ill"- Vice -U'.'; • .••:;;.:> by ••<. :':\:. - .f twii hit!-Ui. alli-scd lliai th'> I ''>TI.| : ; ;.| •, in;,-: liy. Th • liiiill) wa unil'^r wliieh lie ha-l to v.'.-i, (, .'>:! bin in the ii-iiiii. !:fi<-r i mikrepie.-,-n(i Don't irive yonr scrap iron or .iunk \ away. Don't allow any one (<• hondnn j •il. • l(|uartrrs for srrap irosj. :itl kinds of "" ; tank, copper. Iirass. N-ad, zinc, hides,; pells, furs, tallnn. «»(tl, ra-.'s. fo'it'--' tin:::. I ..• A!.,.. ;..s w .iiK .ul .lamawe p^s. Iieeswax, etc. I am a) present. \\a .iw'.iKMi r-'ii a lit:, air ...... ih- plhir ; oayhijr ik» lo 70 rents per liM) poiiiids for best irrades of scrap Iron. OF ^NAL KN OWLEDG] pronounced it^ : Wa8hbur^;3'nistee says the school lias no presa^iiEent. But it will have one If the foothall team mak^s pood. Ool. MatsoaTsays notuHty kissed Rim by mistake when he got off the train at I^awrence :on his way to K. U. Knowing Col. Matsoa as we do,.»'e.| -- «an «i»sny see how the mi.iiake, Wai , avirided. Ilif TanderQle Ptallosojiher Says; - Marriage Is "a sentence for life. Divorce Is being out on parole Remarriage is lieiug arrested on tlir old diarge. r - Vpllvla has left Zion Cit.v. hut, the ^fi&lhat he did m was donhtlesstdiie -«iaier to toabiUty to take it withlhlm or an oversight. I woman wiji forgive a man any- -thlne./except the .fact that he hat JoF^rtooked -the;'anniversary of their > omnrlage., ' i "Jt nsod to be, that an oiitimist, war -Ofbrianotbier luiine for a man whr Tn Ause borse. But the term bar irideaed to Utebide tlie fnan whr .OD aowJng a patch al- Worda o;'Praise For the severHl liiijr'-dierii* of Iii.-h Pr. Pierce's medicines ar>' <•l.nlpo^^^i. ;•- .MI li> Iftdera in all lti»* .s.-\«-ral .-.•t..»i!-..i | uediflne, ^lil•lli•i iiu\e more'/M j thatt any uniouiit I .I iioii-pri.|.-s-i..ii:il K -- j tituanUU. Dr. I'ii-nv'.sV'avorite I'l .-M -rivr ' Uon has THi; U.M>UR i>r HO.M:SI v on iv. ry , hottle-wrapiit-r. in a full li.-t of all it.- in- gr<'dlcntiprlnUsl in plain Knglish. If you are an Invalid woman a:id JufTcr , from frequent headache, t>ackache. gnaw- : isgdlstijA in stomach, periodicral pains, | disagredatno, cattrrhal, pelvic drain, ' draggim/down di.«tress In loner abdomen <Jr pdv)^, perhaps dark spots cr specks danciA before the eyes, faint spells and klndMdsym»u>m «catiSQd by femule weakness, osfth^ derangement of thi- fv-minine orgaia;yf y can not do better than take Be sure right place and gel a | B. L. B.\n\AKH, w iii.iiiiu 1! lo I ^ _ . I'oi il 'C faf.; eii.l of ilio iloilbl.- hejil I yon are at the ir iivyii, w.'Ml to II, • box and Wash-{ si|Uai'e deal. '•miou pu. up l.oiiK T'iiii Hu::Ii. s. The I .\thli-i:<v w.n- out foi- bioo!" this lir.c j SticcesHor lo L. Krupp. JJ24«a2tt North i:-" fi-iiii'.liioiiy iiir oM-r two riiii.^ I Buckeye street, Inl.i. liHMsn<:. r. Ib.wii.c ill ii! v.;fh iln' f.ain<' iiiiiii-( f.„. In, I iniiiu^. A'ler this, ] COMPLIMEXTS CO.KM EBCIU, rLl 'B I • iii.i.i.u 'lol 'i:; uiiin ihe tjllij } .- II. ui'.ii I'lilHi.le.'iihw played [ Letter From lnr-<-.uiili llii-;lie.^ at:<l tailed four' 'il..ies b bire ilie a;;oiiy was ended, iiaxiu'i till- s<-oii'. -.o II. T!n> game .,as c;il! i| ill till si \('!i!!i on accuuiii i of .iarlue.-s. Scores: I Kir.-i •~,:w: It H E I f'iiilaiii- phia .unf" OM n—i S 2 \\":!sliini::on ! •"'UH •) <i : Hniteric.';—IMaiiK Jin.l Powrrs: .lohn : .son aa-I K:Ui<ie. i S.' name: rhla.l.-!iih::i 202 Ofiil 4—S Former tolan Wood. tn Frank Dr. Piei The h UngU use of ca»es. atioM 1 U'a.'.hjiiftton 000 noo (V— 0 Shreck: nd Rlaiik.'>ns1iip. Favonte Pre-scriplion ; uniTerles-Dvueit and iltal, surgeon's knife and opera- ,,„..,.,.^ .,,„, Hiiiik-.nvhii) sg lanarmar be avoided by the timely « of ^Favorite Prescription" In such .ses. Thereby the obnoNious e»«mtn- ! ^, .>oUce. ion« .nd IA.J ^^.;<i^:n ..a X. The K. P. A. .o<ige and 1 iysic»ancanbc_avoided and a tliorouati 'adies are all invited to Ix Bfi*6Tsnccessful treatment carried oiit boldt October !l;h and stay a -Fav prescription" l^m; t^rilB j help celebrate ever}-best j K. P. A. lodge. nine Cross be at Hum- all day and he tipening of a new The Humboldt ladies ng drugs. .Do not expect too much from "Favorfla Prescriptlotj;"lt will not perform miracles ; it will not disolve or cur<! tumors. Xo medicine will., It will do as much to ' esublish vigorous health in most weak- -, nesses and ailments peculiarly IncWtnl to women as an^medicine can. It must be' given a fair chance by perseverance in its use for a reasonable length of time. Sick women are Invited to consult Dr. Pierce, by letter,/nrr. AH cormspond- eiice I* gntirded a.s sacrtnlly M'.TCI and wbmaniy rautidenceii ar« protected by ! prafe»sional privucy. .Address Dr. ii. V. ! Pierce, Buffalo. N. V. Dr. P! I 3 P«*" K Pleasant Pellets the best laxative and regulator of tlie bofvefaL TUey iuviforate. stomach, liver and bowe.Ih OiM a laxative; two «r tfarae » •Mhwtla. £ts]r to t«U as ctad/. NOT i:i-lMX« COUN CROPS. V .V, Crouch Takes Exception to Ibarire Amtlnst Electric Line. P. V. Crouch takes exception to the reports imblished in Xeosho Count/ papers to the effect that the South &ru Kansas Electric line was mining corn in the vic'iiiiy of .Austin, are en tirely erroneous .Mr. Crouch says (hat up to date very many com fields have Jieen crossed by line and none of the farmers have he.^n hard to deal with. The road has pad for the corn over which the line runs at a figure very satisfactoo- to the far n>ers. It Is not exitectcd that any railroad or e1?ctrfc road can be buitt without croeaing aome corn fields. Secretary I'rank \Vood of the Tol.%; 'Commercial club is in receipt of the • following letter from r"i lola pron«>riv! owner and an out-of-town resident 1 who praises lola very much: j San .Vntonlo. Tex.. 10-1-OT. | The lola Commercial Club, Tola. Kas. j fJentlemen: Your brilliant favor of i SeptT 21si, in behalf of your grand! little city to hand and fully noted. \ Permit me to .say that if is fitie; go<Kl j full of truth and good and is; alright. Seems to me to he a step in he right direction and certainlv will do good. It should he worthy of good names. I am heart, and hand willi you and remet that I cannot at this great distance lie hut little if any assistance and may not be eligible t" membership on this account, but if voit will .send me a blank check with the amount of six months dues I will send cheek for the amount. \Vith best wi.shes for great success. .STOP «WHITE SLAVE" TRAFFIf. Eliminate It Personal knowledi^c is iho winning Lctor i .i ihr^ culminalitiK (onl.-i!; of thi.". Lomiii 'litive afji; ari-J \vi:c ;i i .f arnolir < 'i .-.r.iclcr it place." fortunate pos-ciior i:i l!\c front of Ti.o WcI! Informed of the World. A vapl fund cf pcr.".cr,:il l-.r.ov.lcdgi; ii ttaj.y ksscnti.J to llie .ulurvi-n.rnt of liic liigljcbl;tli-'ncc in ary ficlti of humai! oftt .rt. A Knowledge of J'orms, ICnowledg.j of i-\;nciionj and Knowledge of Products. ..le iill of th;; utnu ft v.ilue and i :i <|UC:'.ioi.i of life and liealtli wlicn a true and v.liolcicmc rcn-.cdy I; desired it should bt: remcnibetcd that Syrup of Figs and Eli:;ir of S<, manufactured by the California Fis Syrup Co., is an elhicai product wiiich h::: mot ^v:.h the approve! cf the most eminent physicians and gives imiversal satiifaclion, because it i: a rcnedy of Secretary Strnns Will at Once. and best of famL'y laxatives, fcr which no extravagant or unreasonable cfauns are made. Tin's valuable remedy h .i3 been !•- r.g favcrsbly k-iowp. under the name ol—S>Tup of Figs -;ind hss attai .'iLcl lo v.orld- wide acceptance as the ntost c.xellcnt fami!-' Ia.xative. . A J ils pur .i laxative principles, obtained from Scnca, ore well known lo [.ityiicians and the WcU Informed of t}:c wcild to be the bcsi we have: adopted the more elaborate name of S '.Tjp cf Fig3 and Elixir cf Serna - as n?.ore. {i .l!y descriptive of tiie remedy, but doubtless it \'.ill alw-iyc i^e called lor by the shorter name of Syrup cf f-igj — and Ic get its beneficial effects, aliv,iys nolo, when purchasing the full name of the Cc.-r.pary - California F ig Syrup Co. — printed on t.':e fr.->;-,t of ever>' package, whether you cuil for —Syrup of Figs - cr by the full name — .Svrup of Washington. Oct. .'..—Secretary i Straus of the department of com-! merce and labor, and i-'iank P. Sar- •reni. eoituniHsIoner of Inimicration, have determined to eliminate the •white slave' traffic from the Pnlted States if possible. On lii.-5 recent trip through the of Japanese women were being brought tn Atnerica surreptitiously northwestern and Pactfie coast states S^retary Btrana's attention was directed to the increasing importation i of women for Inunoral parposee. The] U)UISVILLE,KY. SAN FRANCISCO. CAL.. LONDON.ENQl 10. NEW YORK,N.M'

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