Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 3
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THE MAN AROUliD TOWN barb*. ffiop today In ailtfirer to a Query as-to wasi^Is presidential choice fohow^inft^aticai^d. argument over itae j relat^'fitness of T^tt.afiQjBiyzD. •'wiy i amfor Morddcki B ^wn! of tbe'dub^;\t»f counie;<(-Hls policy, just snltsvme.'^ He 8tand |^squareiy in the box and looks the barter right In the eye. He never runsnitayl 'rom tl ^e is* sue. ar«ra}:«i ^iaribe' ganl^ iiritll the inc ^tlbg bihe^s nip>.'^\\^ra^ his lieu tenants get coM feet and shoU' signs of boIUi^; heidi>iE^n^ t{fet^but;|,jrf Uie lace. Every liatter knows. T?here'he stands. He stays right in the flg|it until the umpire has counted Out the last balloL" . ' i - "More than that, he stands la well 'with the . people. There' is. no other in America today so moch in the blic eye as he. Why every school il in the country knows his Idstory the tiuife he wds a coal miner un- tbc present day when ho stands at e head of his profession. I tlsll you ntlcmen. his life [reads like the blo- pby of Lincoln Who rose from an obscure rall-spllttcri to the hlghcat office In the gir;, 01' the people. Morc- \ over he has the coulixlcncc of the ppo- •• iile. EJvorybody knows^tliat when Old • Mordccal enters the'arena that ther(i is going to bo something doing for tho. other follow. "I am, liowcvor, a liltlo in doubt us to who to select for his running mate. I would like to havu iMiitliewsoa but you SCO the man who Is Iho noxl strongest contender in tho nice hesi- tales to run. tor vice president, and Matty might feel that he was hunillltn Ing himself to act us Old Throe ringer's running male. But .1 want to toll you Malty is some cuinpaiguer. He Hilled more engagcnienls durl^ig the present campaign than any other - man, having almost a third more to his credit than Brown himself. In fact 1 think he over-taxed bis voice which handlcaped him in the cioslpg battles so much that his constituents lost. Otherwise he would havei been The Man. As it is I guess I will choose Orvie Overall for the second place. You see he Is from California which would line up Vac coast for the ticke^." 4 in K\ UT BTBimrC. 0CI08BB II. im, * It 'This is certainly pccjliar weather," said Attorney Chris Ritler this hiorn- iufi. "For some it is cold, others cool and still others warm. On a recent eytnJDg on my way home I met a man wearing an overcoat. Behind him was a little boy In bare feet running along aud apparently feeling at his best. Still farther on I met another man wearing a straw hat. 1 expected to meet some one with a ran., "f think the straw hat brigade lot the weather man run a bluff on ihoni. 1 wculd be wearing my old straw now had I not ItiadVcrtcnlly sat down upon It. 'tllghtly disfiguring tho arc of the circle. Tho roof of il is now entirely loose, t>uvo at ono ond. Tho top would make a good i^ull in n high brcuso liko we anj having today." T HE HEAOiyNE of this announcement is ^he language of tl e stree^ and fully expresses the positioin of this store in this fall's merchaiidisinearenii. Evenfthing new for fall is here. CLOAKS in eV^ry pretty new fttyie for ladies, misses'and children. Warm UNDERWEAR^ the set snug kind thdt fits Jjerfectly. Artistic MILlilNERV—^never before has this depariment been so busy. 'Plain and fancy DRESS QOODSv silks dind tatih^—tlie greatest gatheijins: of low priced dependab e dre^s goods and silks e\^r prestnfi^ here, in every new sh'iide, with trimmings ^o match. Baby jCaps and Hoods in eV«r^ style. Everything hew in NOTIONSi Ye^,'everything, and shown in that elaborate profusion. We want to emphasize the fact that it will pay you best to do your fall trading here and we place added emphasis upon the. special prices we have placed on them to indube you to visit us early. ^1 RICHARDSON'S tJ3 ^st» Madison News of Ihe County' NEOSHO VALLEY. "I rlulm to be llii- only reall.\ In- dcii^ndtnt MIUT In iln« lonimunily." said Lew Hurlk-s today. "In these times the independent voter is rather looked uj> to. Some fellows who occasionally scratch their ticket are Inclined to swell up and auuouiice to \ the world that they are independent ^ voters, but they are not independent Voters. When I enter the booth thfe coming election T will not' be hampered . by any partisanship, biit' will browse around over the ticket until 1 find the men I want io vote for." What AlOa Yon? Do yon feel weak, tired, despondent, have treqacat hcaaaches. coated tongue, bittei-brbad tast4 in morning, "lieart- burn," belching of gas, 'acid risings in throat after eating, stomach gu^w or burn, fool breath, I dizzy spells, ^poor .or variable appetite, {nausea at times and Iclndred Eymp^msl? If joQS^ve any considerable number of jtbVsabovesjNo^ins you are suffering TfroiiaH ^Iiou^n ^iObqrpId liver wfUi indl- bbqvd fegulator and nerv««&«i , ' t^e '"Ooldf^ Medical Dis«rv «7 .*f ramtant madtcjne or secret'oMtrunj; a Itill'llst of Its Ingredients being printpd oMts bottle-wrapper and attested under oa^ Ac'anc^: at lis formula will sho«r that ft oontains no alcohol, or faamful bablt-fbnntnr djrugs. It is a fluid ex^-fist midewlth pur«^trlplo-reflned flywine, of j>roper strongth, from tho roots of (JM foltowing native American forest plants, Ti^ Golden Seal root, tstone root. Black Cbfirrybark, Qu^'« root, Bloodroot, and If ihdrak* root . Tfie followlnc anoDf B host ol i«ti9t«iortbeeur«< CMcMoi 2rat, Jfihn N. sathotsaad TO Mrs. Jacob Hekth, of Neosho Falls, spent a week with the families oflo. R. Heath aud John Slack recently. It would seem from the way the peo pie poured out of lola into the country last Sunday, that the city was about depopulated, for one day at least. W. B. Bolln returned last Saturdjay from a two weeks' visit in lUluols. On Friday of last woek J. P. Mu!x- «oll had three of bis ribs fracluroa, by Ktriltlng a wagon wheel in an jlt- ti'iupt to junij> from a load of hLy thai was falling off on the opposite side. Dr. Garlinghoubo was callod and in but llltlc over a half hour put In nn uiM'oaranco. At this writing .Mr. Maxwell Is bcglnlng to gel around again. Mrs. I'lurl (iuldon IK vistUng her pur- f:its. .Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Miller, agulu. Hi'V, Ulas preached at Salem church Saturday night and Sunday. J. V. Slack uud faml 'y, t:pcut Sunday hi Liberty neighborhood. Ouf of the gas wells that was drilled In on Mrs. Purdom's land during the past week, was a good one. but the other one v ill furnish but a light suppiy of gjis. Both rigs were moved a short distance and put to work again. Mrs. D. Mot:lir formerly of this neighborhood, but now living near Xenia. is visiting old friends here. M. P. .lacoby is encircling his house wlih a new pc >rrh. Miss Effie Holtsclaw. teacher at Ne- Oaho Valley, went to her home at Gaj land last Friday evening and remained until Sunday evening. i Clifford Luiz and Mark Bolin, boys who were raised here, but have siuce moved away, we understand', were married sometime during the past month. j .Many of tht republicans of the v.ckt side attended the rally at lola on lakl Tuesday evening. The U. B. people of this place are attendiug the auuarconference that is now in session at lola. Mrs. Homey Is having a front porch built to her house. F. Flake, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Flake, died at De.xter, Mo., Monday, after being aCfllcted with pulmonary tr'oubje, siuce last spring. Ilecently his mother took him to Dexter in the hope of prolonging his life, but improvement was of short duration. ^ COTTACE OBoyi Mrs. Van Houtcn visited her son. Boss, at Mr. Stewarts over Sunday. Mr. Rollin has purchased! and moved to his farm the house fornierly owned and occupied by Watson Stewart. E>'erybody be sure aud Come out to hear llev. Gordon Sunday at 3:30. Mrs. Helle returned home Monday. Ed Adams who has l^ad typhoid fe\-- er, suffered a relapse last week aud is reported in a very critical condition. Mrs. Earl Brandons parents were visiting hei-e Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott aud Jack ca :ied at Mr. Johnson 's Friday evening. Myhew Stewart and wife spent Tue^ day afternoon with their dayghier. Mrs. Ernest Ybrfnt Mrs. Pudtetfs m6ther is viBitini Mr. St«>irart and Ross Van Houtei- .sj)ent Tuesday evening at Mr. Johnson*.':. Quite a number of children arc absent from school on account of the whooping cough. Myrtle .lohnton c-alleil ou Mrs. Buj-gharl aud Mr.s. Ilogan Friday. Mr. Schlmtz ha;^ completed a fine new house on the place he bought last spring. Earl Braudou is able to be uji and around. Mr. Leitzbach is building a new barn on Uic place where Mr. Johnson live:;. WOULD AMEM) CO-NSTITUTIOS. i{iipti^l loiuniittec mil I.'epnrt Sn^- gCMtions to Their C'ourcntlun. Pitt.sburg. Ka.s.. Oct. 15.—The second days session of the state convention of Ihe Kansas Baptist association opened jesterday forenoon witlt an in- creu^td attendance of dc'egates. Tiic i niinisti rial astociation of Ihe conven- tiou elecled. the following new officers: President, the Rev. A. W. Atkinson of Maiihattdu; vice president, the i Rev. J. J. Uriffith of .VcwUm: score- HAD QUIT WORK Ready to <iivc I 'p in Despair—He stored to Health by YlnoL tary, A. K. .Marlon of Clyde.: tre:iai/rer. "I was sick, run-down and lliial y had to give up work. After trxlng a number of remedies nnd several physicians, 1 was Just :ibonl ready Io KIVOJ up In despair. I saw VInol advertise! the rtev. W. A. Ayers of Wichita. The ! board of directors olecled for three vears \£ an follows: fYank Durham, Emporia: W. L. Harms, Kansas City. Kati.: and F. C. Peterson. North Top..ka. The president appointed a committee of three li> suggest amendments nnd revisions Io (he fitutc conslilution. aud decided to try it. and It has done! ....... „vpc i ICT VIIIUT more good for me thanall other uieunH*"'-^'* good .combined, -l hai> buiU me up and restored my strength until I now feel twenty years youn}:er. and am able to attend to my work aj:ain as usual." Job Jeavons. lti:'.G Uud street, W'Jiee!- Ing. \V. Va. The rea.son Viiiol i.s .'•o sueeessful "n such cases is hecatise il contains toii;c iron and all of the strengtheaing blood-making and body-building elements of cod liver oi!. but no oil. yinol is unexcelled a.s a strength creator for old peopie. delicate (tliild- rei^, weak, run-down persons, and after! sickness—and is the best known reihedy for coughs, colds and bron- chjtls. Vfe return your money if Vinol fails to give satisfaction. Minoi is sold in lola by S. R. U-i!-- reli. Druggist. .Man} Voters Took Adfantage of the Uprn EToning at the Office of City Clerk. ICopvrisht, WOB. by James A. Bdgiertoit This matter must not be reprinted wlth- ouJ.-apecial permission.] Stona SSfts:- Tbe'HIghlahas are not as high a> iome i&bnntalns, nnd yet they are tal enoQgfa. to bump their heads agains; the 'clouds. Storm King does this E< e£t«a tbat .be has become a I6«il barometer. tVbenever lie is cleir tht wcaib^ will be the same, bat whcr the clouds gather like a frown on fh« lirow of ihe old mountain look for trbu ble.' This very human quality is what gave bis royal majesty the name ol Storm King. Prior to that recbristening be xta; called Butter hill. Irving tells bow bs came by that label so much bettei I than any of the rest of us can hope tc ! do tliat it is idle to repeat the tale. It brief. It Is that a certain man. carrying a firkin of butter, wa^ cba'sed by In- dla'uf. Panting bis way tbrough th( .*ton«Si nnd underbrush to the top o! the mountain aud finding his foes eon- stantly gaining on him, he dellberntei? Eat down on his butter firkin and slid down the almost perpendlciilar side oi the monntaln to the river 's eOge. Tbii was not ninkinff a blazed tnill, but i grenietl trail. ^Iton | he* reached tht bottom there was nothing of the flrklo except one or two nalhTtn tho tub, bul the man escaped. In the same way Bull liUI. now made more fashionable nnd. dipilfied o< Mount Taurus, got Its name from the fact that a bull Jtmiped over the mountain and broke Its neck. Authony> Nose was so called from a man wboet nasal protuberance was the wonder of the region. Naturally enormous, thii organ had been mcreased by a thirst like that of Kip Van Winkle and by a choice assortment of carbuncles. Storm King stands by the^ side of Cro'ncst and Is the last of the High-, lands on the west shore. At its fool j nestles the village of Cornwall, where' N. P. Willis and E. P. Roe wrote in the old days and where Amelia Ban and Julian Hawthorne still - sojourn w'hon the mood strikes tbem. But the old mountain offers no such brave front to the people In Cornwall as be docs to us across the river. Here we. look always on bis rocky face as it runs sheer to the water's edge. He !» Imposlne in all moods, but is most so when crowned with clouds. Yet be has his softer moments, and when the sun sets over him. as it does eacb night from my little platform, be becomes a thing of glory. i bere aa tb^ did lik tha loeiutBlat hoJiM wbe& I was a boyi I bare not! itt^pel MKm^ , W>»t:| COflS^tdlTl^fft chantmiut m thetr tcltcnitloiif, bat w •trook • boiil ]biLve tb^ ^tmM age man that If there are np Itatyudi In heaven be wcUIjfetil that kcimethlai -Is lacking'. . . *"", 'I . Some faiiclfal {writers a^Mft 'Oa. these Ugbt 'bearted insect ifolk an constantly ^dlsptitlng, <Me sij^iftft tba: 'TEMT did" and this other as constantlj asserting that "Kajty dMo't-^Thfa bai been r^B^ted till Ut Is: thread!^ monotonons. It bak been aald In songs essays and bromldic poetry. Thotfe wh< have not enough originality to get ni some fresh conceit retail it In ptint oi In conversation as though it t^re i new discovery. I have no donbt tba: the antiquarians will find on tilie tab lets on the second; city under Babyloi something about '^aty did and Kat] didtt^t." , i As a matter of fact, nothing of thi sort occurs. The katydids car^ on nt dispnte. After listening to them verj carefully I am rea^y to take my oatl that they are unanimous. Eveiy motb er's son of them | and daughter tike wise rays "Katy did.'' It is a chorus o: affirmations. There is not a discord oi negation In It. That is what gives tt^ charm to the song. | It is only man whc argues or disputes In words. If nnl mats have any misunderstandings there i.<i but little talk on the aubject but a fight or a foot race at once Man. however. Ilflis up bis voice anc contends by tho d.iy, the year nnd th» century. And it wns In the offort t» find some other living thing that in dulged In tho same flutlle and disconi ant hnbit that canoed him to fastei this libel on the Indtfcnslve katydid. Midnight. •Tla midnight over all the Bleeping land. "TIs midnight o'er the deep blue of th. •ky. "TIs silence o'er the worW holds atll! command. And silence mid the stars is throned oi high. Thore is no sound save that a gentif ringing Is ever creeping in upon my ear. As If the soul in growing thtegs wer« sin.:<ing Or eltland l>ells were chiming far aao clear; There is no sound save that from darli blue lining Tho stars in points of gold beam si- lenUy And that their tender light, serenely shining. Is sinking on my heart like melody. As though from out some realm beyond our kliowing A music on my soul were sweetly flowing. The registry for the first evening in the office of the city clerk was li'.r;;er than anticipated. About twenty i>crsons enrolled on the books, thereby <iuallfylng themselves as vot- 1 rs :u the coming city election. During the day five persons. reg-t !stered, making the total registry for the day and evening, twenty-five. The c'erks office will be kept opeif <-ich evening now until 10 o'clock un- IH and including October 21i. 'Thost^ I v< ho have failed to resistor should noc Register Want Ads. bring results.!delay in doing so. MARKET 0Ar SJM SmturdBy, OttobertT, mi t o'oiook The following described ptopcrty will be sold at auction sale in our yards: I Horse, s years old, weighing 1400 jiouDds. 1 Sorrel Horse, 9 years oH^ weighing 1200 pounds. I good Milch Cow. to head of Shoats, average weight 50 pounds. Also other stock will sold. FMMERSt List your prbpetty with us, as these J| market day sales are held every j two weeks. VIekmrs The Kan Who Cooldn't Stand tha Qnlet. I It is strange what city life will do to some people. For example, a friend of mine wanted to live with nature aud ronted a cottage about a mile or. two from the river on the other aide of Mount Taurus. His enthusiasm before 8«>lug out to his earthly paradise was of the effervescent variety. He could not talk for two consecutive minutes without dragglnK In some reference to It. Ue sta.ved In that cottage exactly one night. The next morning tic bad a wild look In bis eyoii. nnd nothing could hold him from Broadway and hia tucked in flat In the.side of a cliff at One Hundred and Umpty-umpth street. No more of nature for him. Nor would he even talk about It. The thing was like a skeleton In a closet, too horrible for the publicity of conversation. I It was six months before 1 could get him to take me Into his confidence. Then the grewsome secret came out. He couldn't stand the quiet. He was so used to Ihe discordant din of his dear Msubattan that the sweet silence of nature was like a nightmare. No oue could describe the terror of that My- Kingdom. For a Ifame. As everybody in this section of the world names Ids place. I have con eluded that I should have a label foi my uptilted and wedge shaped farm, but it is harder than naming a baby. One man suggested "Gateway View." but that is too Iilghfalutfii, the name being bigger than the farm. I myself have thought of a number of names, but can decide on none of them fdi keeps. When coming here we Intended to raise about 400 chickens, which finally dwindled to fourteen. In tbe fever of my fond dreams of hens I thought of tiamlng the place "Hen- roost-on-Hudson." but aa the heui failed to materiallxe tbe name had to be abandoned. Then'another friend wanted me to ralae Swiss goats. Ue said there were millions In it I got the goat fever also, and aa I planned bow my Swl^s flock would leap from crag to crag I conclnded that I would name the fsrm /'Ooats' Rest." The dream, however, went like the other, and In the end I got only two goats of rather plebeian origin, so that name was out of it. The mountain at the back part of my upturned farm used to be called ''Bull Hill," so the next name I selected was "Bullsfoot" My neighbors objected, however, on the ground that the moun- tarn's name had been Latinized to Moimt Tatirus, so . that name went glimmering also. Then I gave tip in despair. 'If anybody knows of a nice name that is not working, please send it in. The prize winner will have his name printed all over the United States, Canada and Samar and. In addlttoo. one night on tbe hillside. In vain he listened for the musical sounds of the * will have the proud consciousness that ••L" trams, for the satisfying click of he has relieved a fellow being from flat wheels, for the shrieks of whistle>>. anguish. As General Bntterfield's tbe sounds of revelers in the morning place near here is called "Craiside," hours and the thi pan accents of .the! Irvlng's farm, twenty miles below, is phonograpb in the next flat These known as "Sunnyslde." and John Bnr- sotmds would have lulled htm to sleep rongbs* wUdemess. a little farther tip as the mother's lullaby does the fretful. the river, is denominated "Slabsldes," Infant But in a solitude wbere there was nothing but the song of the katydids and crickets or tbe distant voice of mountain streams tbe stillness l>eat In upon his cars, kept him awake and made him afraid. Thire is a legend in the neighborhood of ii^other New York man who came here to live with nature, but for the trutji of this I will not vouch. 1 have enoili^ mendacity of my own to UD- swer for without liocoming responsible for that of other pet»ple. As the tale goea, this man on his first night bad mucb the same terrifying experience M my friend, but he bad more grit He <ibclde^ to stick It out so he Invented a contrlvnnco Just outside his window aat wonid beat tin pans. Jangle i^^P Iron and grind bowlders together. ;^ft- «r tbaf be slept in peace. The Song of the Katydida. If there are some mosquitoes at my ttpped-np farm, there are more katy* Adf. There is always some recom- penaa if we but have eyes to see or aata to bear. If there liad been no Ceorg^; III., there would have been no Washington. -^pse katydid Is the most isdostrioua Oj ^imfit in the world. He sings tba irtisi song of Joy a?J efeht bnt dcsa It ^m ^Ktanj aed: be^rtily tbat It sev-< ftotti old. I hare Ih^^- "jMlw nearly forty, jriirf." and Ihey ^aiae cbahn for ine aa'aftiie these names most be avoided. Competitors can take any other side, however. This country is young. Hnmanity Is young. Both' have ; enough manhood and virtue to work out their own destiny. And by the help of God that das- tiny shall be upward, not downward. I recently had a proof of, the fact that the world moves. Kor aermi years past I have pot only two children in school. Ttds year I pot la three. That Is a sign of progress. About the only fad; I have Is that ef gathering up old prints, pictures anil photographs of paintings. One beauty of thhs Is that It keeps me ao pdor I cannot indulge In otbier fads. Happiness Is no greater became It has a big name. I find that (bd^ag fai the Hudson has no inore thrills flian I used to know from fisblnjg In FM^aJB creek when I was a bdy. People who live In a hiatorie envina- ment sbotild make a little lilatoty tben- selves and so be wortiy of their .anr- ronadlnss. • ^ \ ' • Some'people think they iwet i »'ait !-%*en -anther t^flyrwant ir'to iao# jAMSs A. ^Dcimaion. v <Md iprlB8,«B4lM «d^ If: T.

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