The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 24, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1963
Page 4
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I : OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Thursday, January 24, 1963 Editorials Female Saturated PTA Turning his bow into the wind and looking for a gale, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover let fly at the Parent-Teacher Associations. Speaking at a Fund For the Republicans meeting, the father of the atomic submarine was blunt. "An infernal nuisance" is what he called the PTA. Such criticism is par for the course for Rickover who has been a bitter critic of American education. He added that PTA "members ought to stay home and take care of their husbands." The admiral's widely-published comment drew immediate rebuttal from PTA officials including heads of the state organizations in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. All three are women. It appears one of the biggest complaints was that mostly women belong to the PTA. Top officials claim many men are active in the PTA. Rickover is not alone in his criticism To Your Good Health of the PTA. Writing recently in the National Observer, a professor of education at Boston University and a card- carrying member of the PTA for 25 years had this to say for the organization: "I feel that the PTA, cross country, represents a female middleclass irrelevancy, or worse, a monthly intrusion. The organization has never really shaken off its mono-sex origins, nor has it come close to achieving its general goal of parent education . . . The sex unbalance is most striking at state and national meetings of the PTA, which are 90 per cent female saturated. In order to improve, if not to survive, the PTA needs a strong injection of male force and male image." Whether the admiral or the professor is right, we don't know. It is, however, our belief that were the PTA really doing the job it is supposed to do, the educational problems of America today would be far fewer than they are. Dump Leftover Medicine Dr. Molner By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Molner: My brother and his family always save any antibiotics left over from a prescription and take them for the next infection that comes along. Today he feels a sty forming on his eye and is going to take two pills left over from a boil on his arm. I told him antibiotics that are left over should be destroyed, and that they should be taken ; only on prescription for an illness, and then in the exact amounts. He thinks I am talking nonsense. Am I? I could save money this way, too, if it isn't dan- gerous.—H.H. All left-over medicine should be disposed of, except, of course, the usual staples that we keep around the house anyway. I haven't an objection in the world to saving money. I'm all for it. But there are at least a couple of good reasons, and sometimes more, for not hanging onto odds and ends of medicine. As to antibiotics, why did he have two pills left over? He might — I repeat "might" — have the sty now because he didn't take quite enough of the antibiotics when he had the boil. The two things usually come from similar germs, sometimes even identical ones. He may have taken enough antibiotics to stop the boil, but not quite enough to drive off the disorganized remnants of the germs. Antibiotics, we know from sad experience, should not be used in too small amounts. Why? Because unless the germ under attack is totally routed, there is a chance that a few microbes will mutate, or become resistant to that particular drug. This is why we have had so much trouble with the staphylococcus infections (including sties and boils). Some medications lose potency when left stand- By jph This And That Whatever they do in Texas, it isn't done small. As an example, a Houston bank not only had a Chairman of the Board, but also a Senior Chairman, a Consulation Chairman, and a Vice Chairman. As the President undoubtedly puts it to any one of his three Executive Vice Presidents, "Partner, that's banking." . We never have seen a display window dummy that could be called lifelike. On the other hand, its incredible how many people one runs across over the years who look exactly like display window dummies. An improbable event was celebrated earlier this month. Potato and Onion Week. Put those two together and you make a hash of it. They'll never go together steady like bacon and eggs. Johnny Carson is quite an improvement on Jack Parr as host of the Tonight show. With Johnny it is so much easier to turn off the set and go to bed. Billy Sol Estes is doing some missionary work while waiting for his appeal from his conviction on a swindling charge to be heard. He is speaking against sin, naturally, and drawing good crowds, because nothing attracts like the voice of experience. What's a good news story? Simple. Anything those directly involved would greatly prefer not to see in print. Washington under Jackie's leadership is becoming so culture conscious that perhaps the addition to'the cabinet should be a secretary of urbane affairs. Looking back into the years, we realize what an underprivileged child we were. Think of making one's way all through the grades and high school without any help from the PTA, ing, and that's why (although we may not hear much about it generally) the really fine pharmaceutical companies pay a great deal of attention to what is known as "shelf life." Different ailments, and different infections often need different drugs, and this applies to the antibiotics, too. Guessing that one infection is like another isn't very sensible. So, if medicine is left over, and you insist on saving it, consult your doctor before you "use it «p." Many times it may be all right. You may save 50 cents or even a dollar. However, it's safer to dump it Dear Dr. Molner: For some unknown reason I seem to find great satisfaction in chewing tooth picks, matches, etc. It is such a compulsive thing that I carry toothpicks in my purse and pockets. According to a recent checkup, I am in good health.—Miss E.F. This is called an "action habit" or compulsive neurosis. Some people bite fingernails, smoke, pick their teeth, fiddle with the silverware, tap their fingers. All you need to do is make up your mind that you aren't going to chew wood or any substitute. Hootpick - gnawing isn't a very>, attractive habit, especially in a woman, but you can break yourself of it in a week or two if you really decide to. Dear Dr. Molner: This may sound foolish but it worries me. Some folks have the cruel habit of pulling children's hair. I don't mean gently, but hard enough to lift them off the floor, to make them obey. Is there any danger that this might damage a child's brain?—Mrs. K.C. No, but this or other forms of abuse can't help but disturb a child emotionally — make him too fearful or make him resentful or make him mean and determined to "get even" when he gets bigger. It is not good for his hair, either. What are ulcers? How should they be treated? What can you do to help rid yourself of ulcers and stay rid of them? For answers, read Dr. Molner's helpful booklet, How To Heal Peptic Ulcers and Keep Them Healed. For your copy write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, El., enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20 cents in coin to cover cost of printing and handling. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO The Ottawa High School Cyclones won a basketball game from Manhattan High School, 43 to 20. An explosnion of fumigating gas being used on seeds blew the front windows out of the Ottawa Hardware Store. Henrietta Hudelson, 403 S. Elm, purchased the No. 1 license tag for the year 1938 for her dog. 50 FEARS AGO A horse, hitched to a milk delivery wagon and driven by R. G. Lawton, became frightened because of an automobile driven by Lee Gray near the corner of 6th and Cedar, and ran, tipping over the milk wagon and spilling milk over the street generously. The horse ran to the corner of 1st and Cedar where it was caught by several men. The Tavern Hotel at 2nd and Walnut was sold by G. W. McClelland and E. G. Gladstone of Oklahoma City. John Sullivan, the Sage of Tauy Creek, was in town telling friends that the groundhog was fake as a weather prophet. He said he had just caught one of the beasts in a steel trap. "They come out of their dens whenever they take a notion," he said. Prayer For Today 1 During the night a vision came to Paul: a Macedonian stood there appealing to him and saying, "Come across to Macedonia and help us." (Acts 16:,. NEB.) Prayer: We pray, our Father, that we may hear Thy call when it comes to us and be ready to serve Thee by serving our fellowmen in their need, whatever that need may be. In the name of Christ, who taught us to pray, "Our Father who art in heaven. . . Amen." Television Log Channel 4, NBO Channel,) 5-18, CBS Channel 9, ABC Thursday t— «port,i •—New« 13-News. WtltM CronklU • :W •—flpeak-Op HIM 4—Widt country 8-U-Mtster Ed •—Oizle and Harriet 7:Mi 6-13—Perry Utsoo 9—Donni Rend liW 4—World of Benny Qoodmfti •—Leave It To Beivet «.-oo 6-13—Twilight Zone •—My Three don* »:'M 4—Hazel 9-McHalei Nary (:(W 4—Andy Wlllamel 5-13—Nurses •—Alcoa Premier* 10:00 4-5-D-13-- New* 10:10 »••—Weather It: 18 4—Johnny Canon SMovie, "Hail the Conquertaf Hero" 9—Steve Alien 13-Wither 10:20 4-13-Bports 10.21 4—Curioui Camera 10:30 13— Lifeline 111:35 13—77 Suniet Strip 11:35 13—Peter Qunn 11:45 8—Man From Cochlse 12:00 4—Newi 11:08 4—Movie, "Duel at Apache Wells" 12:10 5—Speak Up 12: IS SMovle, "These Glamour Girls" 12:45 9—News 1:00 9—Almanac Newsreel 1:05 »—Faith For Our Tlmei 1:30 4—Unity Dally Word 4:00 4—See Hunt 0—Quick Dra* MeOraw 13—Magic Ranch 5:15 5—Whlrly Birds •:ao 4—Dragnet »—Rebel 13—Dick Harp 5:48 5— News, Walter CronklU 13—Sports 6:58 13—Weather «:00 4—Newi 5—News •—Newi 13—News 6:10 4—Sports 8-9—Weather f:i* 4—Humiey-BrlnkJey Report Friday 5:55 4— Dally Word •:00 4 — Continental Classroom (Physics) 13— Continental Classroom (Government) «:25 6 — Fisher Family 6:30 4 — Operation Alphabet 13— College of the Air 8:51 9 — Farm FacU 7:00 4— Today 5— College of the Air 13— Rush Hour 7:*0 7:30 5 — Moment of Meditation 1:35 5— Cartoonland 7:45 5— King and Odle 7:50 9— Call to Worship 7:55 •—News i:00 5-13 — Captain Kangaroo 9 — Columbia Lectures 8:30 9 — Deputy and Fells »:00 4— Bay When 5 -Jack La Lanne 9 — Romper Room 13 — Calendar • :25 4— News t:25 8-13— News t:30 4 — Best of Oroucho 5-13— Millionaire l» Seven Keys 1:00 4 — Match Game 6-13— Secret storm u Uueen tvi a Day S:25 4— News SC30 4 — Make Room For Daddy 5-1 3— Edge of Night u Whi iln you Trust? 4:00 4 — Funtlme 5 — Cousin Ken's Karnlval 9— Torey and Prlenns 13— News, Weather 4:15 13— Turban's Land of Magi* 4:30 8— Mickey Mouse Club ».t 4 — Sea Hunt 13— Huckleberry Hound 8 — Torey and Friends 8:15 5— Whlrlyblrds 5:30 4— Dragnet 8— Rebel 13 — Forbes AFB Report 5:45 5— Walter CronklU 13— BporU «:5F 13— Weather 8:00 4-5-13— New* 8— News 4— Sports 5-8— Weather «:15 4— News, Huntley-Brlnkler 5 — Sports •—News 13— News <:25 5— Speak-Up 6:30 4 — International Showtime 5-13 — Rawhide 8— Five Fingers 1:30 4— Sing Along With Mitch 9— Fllntstones 5-13— Route 66 8:00 8 — I'm Dickens He's Flnster 8:30 4— Death Valley Days 5— Alfred Hitchcock B— 77 Sunset Strip 13 — Story of a Tiger Hunter 0:00 4 — Jack Paar 13 — G. E. True 9:30 5-13 — Eye Witness 9 — M Squad 10 :<jc 4-8-a-lS— New* 10:10 5-9— Weather 10:15 4 — Johnny Carson 5— Movie, "Safari" 8— Steve Allen 13— Weather 10:20 4-13— Sports 10:30 13— Lifeline 10:35 13— Alfred Hltchock 11:35 13— Movie, "Saint Takes Over" 11:45 8 — Man From Chochlse 12:00 Midnight 4— News 13:05 4 — Movie, "Hell's Outpost'' U:20 5 — Speak Up U:25 5— Movie, "Crossroads" 12:30 9 — Almanac Newsreel 12:35 1:05 9 — Faith For Our Times 1:30 4— Unity Dally Word 4— Play Your Huaeb 5-13— T Love Lucy 9 — Divorce Court 10:00 4— Price li Right 5-13— McCoys 10:30 4 — Concentration 5-13— Pete and Gladys 9 — Day In Court 10:50 9— News 10:55 8— News 11:00 4 — First Impression 6-13— Love of Lit* 9 — Jane Wyman 11:28 5-13— News 11:30 4 — Truth or Consequences 5-13— Search for Tomorrow •—Yours For, A Bong U:45 6-13— Guiding LAfM 11:55 4 — News 12:00 Noon 4 — High-Noon Oartoons 9 — Ernie Ford 5-13— News. Weather 12:10 5 — Speak Up 12:15 5 — Sports 13 — Farm Report 12:20 4— News, Market* 5 — Local Interview 12:30 4 — Accent •—Father Knows Best 5-13— As tbe World Turu* 1:00 4— Merv Qrlffio 5-13— Password •—Movie, "The Fugitive" 1:30 5- 1 3— House Party 1:55 4— News 2:00 4 — Loretta Young 5-13— To Tell The Truth Tonight's TV Highlights "The World of Benny Goodman' will be a special this evening at 7:30 on Channel 4. It'll be the story of Goodman's life with emphasis on his great era, the 1930s, when he was hailed as the 'king of swing." At 9 this evening on Channel 4 Andy Williams will have as his guest Sammy Davis Jr. Other guests will include the Clinger Sisters, vocal group. Late movies will include a film starring one of the glamour girls of the 1930s, and, incidentally gal who still does pretty well in the glamour department. Her name is Lana Turner, and the name of the film is "These Gla mour Girls." It's a 1939 picture Ottawa Herald ***** 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS 106-10B B. Uata Published d»n> except Holiday!. Beconfl class postage at Ot tawa. Kansas. Robert B. Welllngtca Editor And Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—B mail, one month 85; three months, six months, {3.76; one year. ST. •ubserlptlon rates outside trade are —By mail, one month, 11.61; thre months 14.25: six months, 18.00; on* rear, $15.00. MEMBER OF rHE ASSOCIATED PREBfl The Associated Press is entitled em cluslvely to tbe use for publication o •11 the local printed In tbe news, paper ae wall u ell AP news 41s- patcb. LAFF-A-DAY 1-24 © Kin? Feature^ Syndicate, Inc., 1963. World riffhtx reserved. "I'd like to see them hang thig one upeide down.** CELEBRATING REUNION are Joan Fontaine and Alfred Hitchcock on set of "Salt of the Earth," to be broadcast on Hitchcock show Friday, Feb. 8. This is first time Miss Fontaine and Hitchcock have worked together since he directed her Academy Award-winning performance in film "Suspicion." Starring with Miss Fontaine is Gary Merrill in story of man driven to brink of murder by his wife's meddling. Hollywood At Best Before The 1940s By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Hollywood entered its fabulous era on Oct. 6, 1927, when Al Jolson first sang on a screen in "The Jazz Singer." Wednesday's night's ABC special, "Hollywood: The Fabulous Era," picked up the history of the movies at that point and, with small samples and a narration by 3enry Fonda, carried the story almost up to date. It was, for the most part, fascinating, but it would have been infinitely more effective had the iroducer concentrated on the most glamourous movie years—up to L940 for instance. The most intriguing material was the excerpts from the earlier talkies—John Gilbert speaking in piping English accent; Dick Powell singing to Ruby Keeler; Mae West inviting fresh-faced Cary Grant to come up and see her some time; Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert; William Powell and Myrna Loy; James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. The postwar film material had less charm and appeal. It just isn't old enough. But, in all, it was a warm hour of nostalgia, particularly if the viewer was old enough to remember the enchantment of seeing the originals. People who keep a sharp eye on the television industry have been puzzled for months. It is a television fact that when a hit show emerges during a season, the imitators get busy and, within months, reasonably exact facsimiles pop up on other networks. Well, this season's surprise smash hit has been the country- style comedy, "Beverly Hillbil- lies," on CBS. The puzzle has been that nobody has been announcing plans for a new series called "Chestnut Hillbillies," about a Southern mountain family moving to Boston or "Forest Hillbillies," about a Southern mountain family moving to New York. CBS has now dropped the other shoe and the suspense is over. Its schedule next season will include a new comedy called "Ozark Widow." It will be a true child of the original, however, because it will take Pearl Bodine, Jed Clampett's man-hunting widowed cousin (played by Bea Benadaret) for a star. Presumably, however, Buddy Baer who has been playing both her son and her daughter—Jethro and Jethrine—will be confined to one role, the L'il Abner type in the original show. As a matter of fact, the Jethrine part will soon be eliminated from 'Beverly Hillbillies." Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri. 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon., Tues. and Thurs. Sun. Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under NOW SHOWING Box Office opens 7:00 p.m, Shown 8:00 Only COLOSSAL! Time Magazine SAMUEL BRONSTON CHARLTON^. SOPHIA • SUPER TECHNIRAMA ., TECHNICOLOR MM Adults — $1.00 Students I-D's — 75c Children — 50c Every Home Should Fly This Beautiful 3'x5' 50 Star Flag if it it it it A •**•**• * ***** * ***** ****** * * * * * ***** ***** ****** FLY THIS FLAG ON YOUR HOME DECORATION DAY.. .MAY 30 FLAG DAY...JUNE 14 INDEPENDENCE DAY...JULY 4 --.. j The Crusade fo< freedom starts rigfif 1 at your the colors The more homes that fly the flog...the better ffve whole world will know that America is not forgetting the Spirit of '76. We offer these flog kits as a public service. cost. each kit contaim a big 3x5 foot fine cotton flag with double stitched stripes; 6-ft, 2-pc jointed hardwood staff with ball top decoration; metal window socket with screws for permanent mounting; halyard;mounting instructions and flag etiquette folder. Complete Kit Ready to Mount Only ••*•••••• Now on sale In the Business Office of The Ottawa Herald >J

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