Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1907
Page 2
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tan Cnifj B8tabl |fthed 1869. •lisit Itik ^ AHei (t. MELVIN FRONK, Aitt Cashier. ,200,000 The first pr.ipram of she dirriyii Event club will Ix* I<-III 1< M <'(1 OH Mnn. day afternoon In Lhriiiy iiall, 'tli<? president, Mrs. R. U. Si .vriiM)ii wii! addross ihf I.K'.II-S .IM ! .Mr . Kr .iiil: Riddle will n'.siii>nil. vlr.i. .\. I'. .Acres will l <>;iil ll!'* rll-ni--.on >ii ru: rent PVPHIS. ^ •*•:-•> Mr. ani -Mrs. .1. U. Anut: <li:iiin ir.gly onicrtniiwit ;i groiiii of na'nU- < borlioo<l frKnris at oarrts last rvoniiii;. Tho siifst.s (njoynl spverfil Kair.<'.~ a-iil : ihn |tri'/.?s wont to Mrs. (icorKi- Davi.- cnd .Mr. Marii*on Hobari. .Mr.-. .\r- nt>it scrvpd JI luncheon at tlic i -Ins > of ih3 pvfnius.; . Mr. and -Mrs F. V. \V:rl. of nalla.s. Texas., arc hero for a visi wiili .Mi-s. r Wlrt'.s parents. Mr. and .Mrs. K. H. Stevenson. Their journey \va.« niaiii' excee <iingly tiresome l)ePanso of KI'V- eril delays on Jhe routes ovor which they traveled. . ^- • + Dr. M. Hoii.sp. of l^.-'xinpton. Nebr.. haB reiiirned home after a plcavani vifjit w .th Dr. and Mr.>5. .Maiiloy. . ' f • •> The ino.-t o:uliorali' din nor party of the v.'eck was' ^iven lasi <n<-iiini; li\ Mrs. G.->orK»" T. 'Tall)i>il. ;is a c- >»; PiPDt to .Mrs. K. N'. I'hilliii.s. ri'i:i -.i;:; pr^sifkut of iho Knity chiti. '(iii- E,ucsf.s Wiio weyo .irtiivr.^ :r,ui iili-iii > liur.s Of the varfnu:- ooniiiiii '.M . u .-n-seated at a hT -aulifully arran .m-d la ble decorated in the c:liib"s cnliir.-i. y<.;Itin; jind white.'aiiii tl;c chili il.iw.r golden ro.i. The ccnitM -picrt' :: wroath of. .soldeii rod aixl spr iiK '''ria aiucJrcllng a bnneh of while f.iMi.!- tloiis and . the liilde wa.^ li«Iil<d liy .Vclloxv eaiidle.s Willi ihc xarin .is poiritnieni.s aird i .nrni .'^hiIl•;.- in the provailinK w'lor An .laii ot-ate menu wa.s served in livo cmi.. •.. to Mrs. A. C. English. .Mrs. E. .\. ^i^iiillips. *ilrs. Moyd Coe. .Mr.s. .lolin Devlin, Mrs. O. T !iaGran;,'e. .Mr.~. S; A. Coffnian, .Mrs. A. V. I.olg'-, Dr E ^lth HapW.flklrfl. A. 11.! and Mrs. Gborg^ Talhert. •><•<• ;Tho p. E.. O. Ci-.apier i.s anioimili. various clubs which will opon •h- M;I scm naxt week. There will l).> a iin <•:- ini; on .Monday ;it the IJollon \Vai.M)ip residence, 0( LS I^.st .Madi.^on av.nn.. •!• •> ;'Mrs. E. N Phillips will visii I'ort Scott, rc-laiives iiie.xL week. A larRe and appreciative andii-nrf ffathorcd in Library hall last e\ nitip to' hear the program which iii.- F.^-. worth leaKiie of tne .Meth<>ilis! < .nr .l gave. There weiT> several iiiiisi<al ^e- lC'i:tions by a mal? qiiaru'ttc un ; .Mis^ .Marjorlc r .arlinKhouv.e ami .Mi.s Ki;:n cfljB Carter with other iiiomb /rs of ili. Stjnday school assistetl in niakii.u ili.' cveiitiiB- a jyinc^s by reeitai on -. The dranraF*#^iainonds in ih- Rouph" and pantomime. -Ten V : ?ii)s," ware the principal Teatisre.s ni thfe eveninfj-and t 'he participant!- wrr. he^'rtpy applan'ded a- the tIo=c Look at> Our Libbey Cut r .Ia.w, Rook- woorl Pottery nml ilnixi I'aiiited Cbiua. Sewal), Jewtler and Opiic ji IC4 North Washiujjtuu. Mrs. C. R^SiK-ier has I'.iie :•> '"iir thsige* • Mo ^r for a vi.sii with ' . . * • * On next Tuesday sveii'np ihe fir^ led:ure of Rev. Ellett's serif.-.s oi W^men of Shakespeare's pUiy^ wil ootfiir. The.Biibject for the eveniiu !» :"Lady Macbeih." The Kch .'<l>il fot- the remaining inimlier.s is as fol IOVTB: October 11—Jnliet. October —Queen M.M RiKviif. Octobel- IS.—Portia. Those lecture.^ are fiiven ii;iri r ili< au^plceR pf the Christian End.avi.r so ei<^}' rorjthfi p,iin>ope of erilarKlrm ib. treasufj'. The eomnillteo has nirimtr 'od sfor a, prasram of mnsic on racl nigiit to be contributed l >v ninsician tf jthe several churches. The cliil iroBien wll no doubt alteml each o Ihete lecJuros- because of th -ir nn heclion with the various Findy cour.'* es 6f those organixafions. •;+'••:• The Misses Rose and Grace Marr whol. uttefd"!] s.^veral events in Kan !">p C'ty dtjrinc carwival week, return od feoTiie laat evntiincr. ; • • . A MIsB M 'arv Clianib< r 'a 'n. of Ilnin bol^. was In lola yesienlay for tnectlng of the .\rl ehili. * + + Mrs. lluelnda Root Is .-il hfiinc .ifter in CxtPUded vi.'-lt with :i rniisiii Garden C»y- \ ' \ A ^ A Mr. Wilter LInnen. of f 'licrry vah Il a ^ of his cousins. Miss Flor enccjaad Kate Root. Mr. and Mrs. G. R. lard are honi from- a. few davs in Kansas Cnv. -:• •:• • Mt*. C. H. Bowen. of lUino's. is n gtiest Si her'brother. Rev. .1. M. Ma son. • : ' . One nf the various entertainment "whUdi irill be pfcs.->iited to the pnhli' this iseksgn to enlarge the .Mler Cc^niy -MonuiTient fund is a rnusioah on Jwiveniber 2D. On tliis date th i i .yiic ladies cnuiriftt of Kmporia wil. IcoiMc iit-re and with the assistaiic;' ol .•1 Kroiip of local niii.siciaii.s presciii a \aricd pronraiii. The quartette san;; ai the Chautauqua last Summer on ilryaii ilay ai)>l wa.< reoe.ved with M::!II-; pi'a.snn- liy i!:<' la!',:;'- nii.i! h •, ,if ]..iii:)iiM who li.'::r.l ilii-in •r T V Tiic Wonian 's Rclii ( Corp iuM iii <'( in (J. .\. il. • .-.Il yi-s'cr lay a! ternooii. .A lai>;e atieiidance nail- the in^ennf; a happy occas.on In; th'TO wore no hiisiiiess vorc.-;. .\ I M ter I 'lOiii .Mr.-^. n <-l!e C. Harris of poria. i ;ep:""'meiil iiisliectnr .i! 1:1- t'orps. wa.s icail. .Mrs llarii' is i< l .i' m I'.i .i Oil Novcmiiir .-iinl uil ii ;ak • lli<- .•itiiiii.'il li:".r -..T)ii.n oi oriler. • • • .Mrs c. K.ikiii. as.-iste! iiy ^rr.s Hanson t:;u" an ini .iriii:;; al liutnc • teid .iy afi rtKnin atu! cni .Ttain* d i.'i. la 111 s who li <'!oii:r lo tlii- K;i.\al <li ;ii The lies' e.^s s ^^rved refri'.>h!neir \\rv ;iig the .ifleiiiocn and Ihe elerliiii o :lie oflieei's foi- the ii v. six .i ,'.iilil.- le.siilii -d as. follows: • I'l. sideiit - .Mrs. Phillips. Vice Pre..;ideni—Mis. <;. \V. All.ii. SocietuVy Mrs. A. W. StillwcH. Trea'siirer—.Mrs. Myers. Reporter—.\Ii-s .1. \V. .N'.^wnirin. Tin "uests iire^-eiit y<>sterday were Mes danics C. W. Adams. .1." H. \v :i!'air, son. D. AVolte. II. I'lilliiis. I,. K. lla-v l« y .\. ('u'niiiiii.i;^. A. I'aiiscii. C. W \iiin. \V. .M. Te le-s II. i :.:iM c. I ''yers .1 II. W ;:f<' \ .\! .>^t;i|v ii I. W. \"Wi .|.'n, T. .M. .'-"at:: -Mis.-, I.iilie .\danis. .Miss Jler.lia Si"kl'. uiil < iiN'i' "ew Kirl frieiiiis .-ii diiiper ton! I: 'vr " 1. Miss Willa .\lcCov. ot sas fitv. CONTEST SITCESS. llnine )lontgorarry and KoKroe Jor•Ion, Ifepistrr rarrlers, Win. The sold medal contest lielil in tlKj •:nst lola church last iii;;hi under the lusp.ces of Ihe \V. I'. T. I', was a •ompleie success. The contestants R 'er.-' memhers of iwo dassi s. part •"•imi.'-ilnc lor a Kold medal ami piiirt Tor a silver medal. The w-iiaer of he ;!old was HlaitK' .Montgomery, of .allarpe and of Ilie silver, ilo'.-i'oe lohnsoii of lola. i ':ach conlestfilt de;i >rve.s honorable in'illion. 'I "he ineil_- ;ls w< !'<• pn seiiU'd by flev. Ilai lue-. >'. ill .'I few well chosen and liai '^iy re • larl.s. The paiilomime rendered l»\ .Mi .ss Eiliia Woo'.is was tli- special •'laiure of the evening, and was gre.-t ' ei'i by Ihe well liierlled appla;.-e ,i, the entire housi-. The \\: (• T. f. ext.-mis their 'le .ir- 'i(si thanks to thes> who re. i,;.-red such lieniilifnl and anpiviprii.te .ine-:'- for llie occasiini. Tiiose tissjsi us ii' 'heir music were. .Mr. and .Mrs. D.'.s telhoisl, .Mfs. Taylor. Misses •:iac> Xi'lson. Alice Wicks, l.uella Vanier and the Smith orchestra. .\1I cieiii- is due Mrs. Glllnm for the faithful Our Display of Bracelets. Rings. Chains. Fobs. Neck Chains, and Brooches is v.'orili your while lo see. .\'ew di :-;i:t!.-i, modest prices. \Vi' will lake iMi .'1'lire in slmwlim li'ieni lo on. PUT NEW CEMETERY Uc.rk Will Hcgiu .\ext Week—Trail- Wm Be Suld to Lodges. KcfiEll BROTHERS. ! .Active work on laying out the iieu •' lola city ceniet, ry will beKin the llr; (o next wer'k when t'ity Knuliie.- ; .\iiiei'nian niel his .i.-sistaiits w II In ' gin plaitiii:; and .slaking out ili. , ha.-i. plaltiii-; (lilt the cenie :i Ili/ .jiiii. 'J'iiere .-ir, n"i il I orletod ot THE J£WEL£/tS. CLUB WOMEN PROTEST and proficient training of the e .:;i,- i I .;s. Tie jiii:;es v. e.-e .Mr- Cia • • \';e* Mis - farv e i '^o ! >:i :. t! .'.ii' .1 R.'l'^le. I'.'aine .\l -.iit .;o;iie:y winner of i!>old r.r'diil. and Uoscoe .loi "!.i 'i. >v::i •er of the sih'or ni '-dal, are imih i.ti'r carricis. fllaine deliver-, n t >i. oiuliwfsl iUK 'l of l .:i ' lai p.' :n.'! • coe on N'Uth Sycaiiiere sire. -IB in loia. .:.d n Mtenlieii Variitcrs, Iinptirliiiil In V),''. Don't giu- joiir >«ra|» inm c<- .iv>l .may. Hon'l iilli.w any mic lo ltii<Mi<i'> you tint of sitmc llrinir il in yourself liind irct full iiiarkel value. I am lieail- |iiuarlcrs for scnip iron, all kinds of ' juuk, copiicr. liruss, lead, iXxw, hides, pells, fur*., lallon, wool, rag.s. I 'ealli- er>, heesuax. etc. 1 am »• prrse"! paying t'«l» lo "ll cent', per lIMI iKMiaiJ- for l>es| grades of scrap iron, lie i- you are al Ihe right place and gt i i: M|iiare deal. K. L. »AKNVKI». Successor lo I„ Knipp. 324-82ti North Ruekejc Si reel, lola, Kansas. Waul Admiltaiu-c (o Hotel Cafes .Vflir <i p. III. —I'ase of .Mrs. Slauton RIaeh. .\ev.' •\'oik. (Jet. ."i.— Tlie .New Vor;; I'^jnal Siilfiagf l.c.'igiie al its re-i|!:i. iiii'ciing her last ni.nht put ii.-eit u.i record as oppo.dng tlie rule in li'otel and rcslaiiranl.s lo refuse to leceiv.' »vo:iie!! .uiie.-'.ts afli-r si.v o'clock. 'I'li;' e.isi' of .Mrs. Stanton Hlaeh, (la:";iitei- of ilie l.'iii- Mrs. Klizalielli Cady A::\n- '••t-i '.va.-: llle oectisloi! lor the iiflioi. ')'r- rescjlni Ion adopted lie:ti 'ii!.< tiers"- ilii- '.i-'linli of Mrs. i'.laeh in |ii'iii .;i ::.g sail au'aiiis! the !lojlni:iii lloase In eiinseiin.-nee of her lieill •. ileiiied adiiii; sioii In ilic ri'.sianiam i i' I lie lioiel liecailie she w.'is Hot .•i (ri ,:ii pani.-d by a ^^enileman. ?: lii'iii: a: i-' siN o 'clock p. In. rile I'.'ise V. ill he tried on \\'i 'ilne...;l:i'. ne \l. and i!i":c i; all ai-'i'eeinei:; aiiion.g uoniea ;o ie::d ill" i -oiiri ] I'!. M'lll-: Ma.- Ml cam • .I..'.'. I:, i iii'.lii frtuii llaldwiii, Ka.-'.. fer .i \\ '.\ with his latier. Rev. .J. .M;..'.!!. FXIM.OSItIN I\ TOKIO, lire in illuniiiiatioti Kaitory Kiidiiii- gers .Many Mies. lo- K 'a ! ii i i '^Where are yoa going?" - tbfflog iafter a sack of U, jvdJB't tiseilnythiag else." .Mi -s Ma.- I 'eke;|. ,.f |(n; ''ill :.rri "'e t)|.; evi inr a '•• v 'av,. with f;i. n ''s. •> + * .\ frmp of lol.'i girls •nent lo ! 'i- tarp- \(-terilav to si'c ilie Imll uanie !• t" e 11 the a 'uli scho"! teatiis. Tho.- n t !:e parly wi -rc 'Missrs risji Ilinl •ler. nov -ie lleek Florence I! )o:. F 1 la Mason. I'.'arl Reilly Ml -s "w. .Mi-s llvd^. Flossie .Miinu-». ''.lan:^'ie Van Itsiskirk. .\lineda An'.-i!a. 'vy fiard. Malile .Anderson. s ^IniiS'.ai. Riiliv .Mar- II. Crace i !r e!;. ariil'.". i ;;'..c 'e lial!, Illaiu -Iie r • • r.' 'i .n .Mi-s Craigie .McHowi'll li .is r • urn^d from a delightful oiiiing in Deii- er and other places of inteie.t in "olorado. The hich .<;chool pupils have -aken 'ho f rst. steps loward orcani/'iii" tie- •-'itemry societie.s for th.-- winter. Tlier" "ras a new rule maiU" this wee!, ;i! .1 [ innouaeed hy i'rof. AVJslianl •'••;;aid 'ng lie proirrams Tiie seh -'ii uis .'iave lier'u divide.' into f'lur classrs .'ml each of the sliideni elasse, w'i! ."lave a narticnlav part of ihe liieraty -orl.. The fres '.iiiien will uive dee- 'amaiions. the Hopho:n-ires will i -i 'ad c :«a • <he .lUni'TS Wl\ de !>:i !e ;ne! ho .S>'niors will deliver orations.' "Th.^re will he two Kocieiies as he'-•- tofore, the I^ete-Rete and the Phi r»-„,..,.. ..,,,1 ,h. ri. ;i hard ae>l i ist ule ll:at every student must belong •o or.'l of the onlers. A At a meetin:: of the patronesses of; Uie Orphans' Home ye.,t.-rda.. atte. j .10OI1 the !n'i' s considered ;i pi ipo- ^iiion which wil! he ol' ninii 'ii .i; :i •! | <i Ilieiii. Tile ladies will iiav.- <• :u"-'•' ^ Ihe ('lesceii! tlie:!ir ..on Til". •I.'i. ifierticoii an! evening, atnl \\:il le-' r ven the fill! pi-.u 'e,-u Pv ipe iiiai:- ilgers who h:ive so Ihoiigliifnlly silg- ?esled lliis plan. J. .'. A It N MeMili.'li ha- -^on ' lo T .e •eka lo spend the week <-n<l wi!li Mrs McMilleii :ind .Mi:-- Jl :iltie. who at.- lo spend tile Wiill4-r there. ^ J. Mrs. Pane, iiresident of ih • Tipel;.-! '.irphans' Jlonie vis ted in lola today. Tiikio. Oit. Ti -.A lerrihle eviln-hei oecnneil lilts nioriiii^:: at 'in Tak.i- slink' lactoi';.. Osaki. while a nninhe • el' ;;ii s wei 'i' at work siilluu: . hel;., .'lad i;irii'ir|g< ; which had hren eon- deiiiaed. Siviy three ;;irls were kille| :!ild over sixiy iniurei). .\s thi: di-- ...iieh is seal the lajT ^iorv is en i,;.old a niiniPer ot ho.iis coniaiiiiii:'. e\- plo-ive.- ;i I e o !eir)\|llg. REMEMBER! In loiik'mg for high gr.'iilc .lev 1 1- I'v. fi |t (iltiss. or llainl I'.iiii! d Cliiiiaware, sec J. W. COFFEY & SON Kxi'liisiic .IcMclrrs. KasI .Side. j Tiie jiih ot le. \ is lo I" ' }ft lie in I !i lois. I The new cemetery as planned is • he a very iianilsome ai'f;iir. li wi;: , havi' Iwo entrances, one on Corion «ool street and another on .IdT-r ; s;)ii. Tin' t'o.tonwool street en innce i.-; In I..- ii.aile the nuiin one for liie r.asi.ii that .letferson sire-»t has 1 ol yei heen opi-iied as far iKir.'h as :..(• c.enetery s I". Tiiere will he four (iteiila- i.'iv.' v.ay: v h'ch will mak' il. p >-.sile lo drive 'viiliin a short distance i;i any ol' ili.' graves with cat goiiiu .'lilt ot the rlrive way.- r ;;rie v^ill !>• a ciicnlai i !ri\e\vay a; I'oiii entrances and two side drive ways;; idf !iie main drive-One of Ih • features <d' the c'aic ;ei\ v,' II he t!ie lodge lots. in the old cemetery many of the iodges. snc .i a.-, Ihe Klks. Kut;les. .M. \V. A . W. O W., K. of 1'., ele.. v.anted So liiiy a fair si/cd Irai't of land in Ihe cenie I ly ::iid use thai for the loilj^e mem he::; oiiiy. and then e |(!Ct a lodge ia<;ail:i)i lit in Ihe center of ihe nacl. 'tin- lllor-t of the lots in Ilie old eem e;ei'. Wi 'ie dispos'd of wio'li llie plan was coiivi'iced liiai ii was iiri |io .^-.ihle to sell the loili^es hiu enoii'-'ll sji.'ice. Tlie <'iiy tills lihie will, howi'ver. ihake an'.iii'-'em -nls for iln- selling of hig tr.'icis of lois lo the ilifferent lodges in (nder that they niay put up .1 nioiuiiaeni .•ind make llieir siciee an .'ilfraeiive jilaee. |i is exii.-eled tlia: iieail.\ .'ill ot 111- lod !;i -s. will m.-ile ih.e.-e pinch.tse.-». Single lois lire al -o lo he sdd iii file new ccnulery. In tho old ceini-- ;'.ie grove lol. ;on!y iois large enfiiit;!l gl.-' grave lot ^mly lote Iar:;e (tnoiigh f;.-r five or sixigraves heiim soM. Tii, single grave ]o ;s '.vili he sratterc' ovi-r different paits of ti 'i- cemetery ai I lie ciivves in th •> rn:id anil other oihl places where it is iinposshle lo lay out a large lol. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY I W Y JR^ liJ S5i W. H. AXUEUSO.^, Allorney-at-Lnw. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phoue ^nn. • • H. A.Kwlng. PA. Hard, G.Tt fl.ird • ' tWIM.-, (; AH» \ UAUI), • • LiMvjers. • * Practice iu Sill Conr»:'. • * y/.; w. ;dadison. Pboao • • • • Special attention given te the treatment of all Chronic niaeas- * • es and I'iseasc.s of Children. * ' Telephu ..i-'H: Otlice oli, Ites. 222. • Office in Mr's. Turner's IJldg., • ; West Madison. • ' Phone r.-.-t. lola. I'Cans. I )H. EPlTn ,S. UAKMI. Office andUiesidence over liur- reii's Drug Store. Oillce lionrs—lu to 12 a. m., 2 to 1 p. ni.. 7 to S evenin^-s. Sundays by Appointment. Phone C37. Res. 701. .DR. 0. L. C().\, Eye, F:ar, Nose and Throat. Spec!tacles I'roperly Fitted. Ofllce A. O. IJ. W. Hldg. V. U. MARTIN, Practice Limited to SurgDfy. IG .V. l:iicl:eye. Phone ri7C. •^flice Phone Ki8S. DK. R. 0. CRRISTIA.V. Pbysiciau and Surgeon. Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. nR. w. R. iiEvuir.v, Pliysiciai & Surceon. OfTlce .N". E. Corner of Square. Over I\. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Res. Tel 2S.' Office Tel. .',02. Phone 9:;2. Fnlier lildg. DIL GLT.N>, S |K -ciali .<il. Eye. Ear, .Vose and Throat Glasses I'"urnished. Vodce |o Our Cii'dofiicrs. i V. e ate pli'.ised lo iiliuoillil e l!i:;t ' I '"oiei "s Moriey and Tiir lor co;i-h . ! ^ colils and lung iroiiircs is not alfecie • (, liy iln- .N'aiioiial Pure P'ood ;ind lnii.:', ilaw iis il contains no opiaii'.; o: otle i ' , ihrii 'Mifir di'iis-. and we r"< omru-nd i' ' i ,;ps a s.ife ri'nii-dy for childreii i 'l , ad'ilis. Iliirell'.i drug siore. i {.:3. Tel. 1118. fJffice Tel. 103. DR. ,1. U. PEPPER. \n permanently located over K. ('. McClaiu's Clothing Store, and is i.reiiared to do all kinds of 'Ip-)le.t ;,le dental W.'ir!:. i-iveiiiiic v.ork by aiUK'intnient. » DR. L. TOZER, lola Infirmary. 202 E. Jackson, We use X-Ray, Violet Riiya. Static. Galvanic and Faradls Electricity with vibratory stimulation in nervous and chronic, diseases. Phone 2*<6. P. L. Lathrop. .Mrs. lics.sie I.;. Ijji'liroj). O.STEdPATHIC PHYSICLW.S. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children. f)ver Side l|ardu.i:-e. Ulliee I'l,one. .Main IC-i. FRiSMMAN'S Fashionable Apparel for Women, Misses and Girls Coats, Suits. Skirts in the la^e^t models made of the newest materials. Every wish of every taste can be satisfied at prices that outdistance competition. Wo want you to inspect this extensive display —see what others are showing, compare style, quality and price and you will buy here. TEAf REHS t.OINfi TO TOPEKA. 'Vni Yi >irnie schools of the Capital t it .v. II was decided at tl;,-' meeting of '.he hda teachers iliis morning that he lola teachers would go to Top<'k:'. lie last of Ill's iiionili ami spend ;i •By visiting llle schools of ih.-n ciiv. ^ hits for sevi-ral y.ars lieen the <•!.•- •>m of iln- !ol:i i 'i.ehei-., to spend on-^ 'ay every yi-ar visiting the schoo's of ome ciiv I-ast vear the teacher.; vent lo I.eaven 'Wfirtli. The I'xact dai;- of the excursion ha.< lot yet h.-'cn decided. They will pr -ih- "blj" le.Tve Thursday afternoon and rend all day Friday in Topeka. Th<' oJa schools would have a holiday on 'hat date. A' the 'ses^i(<n this morning every eucher ;;ave a talk of two minutes " wiiai ihey had se ?ii or read on the ubject of educational ideas. A coininittee of the principals of >»e bu'liings was appointed to ar- ')(4.ce. programs for the teachers'. Ii^ffhgs (his year. A Special Purchase of New Black Coats for Women Wn have arranj::;e 1 for tfuiorro-'v ;uul \Ion'Jiiy a ino.,t intcresliiii? sitlc cf :ie r c nts Ihe !nt-t?t i-tyles foi fall uricl winter -.w.-ir. Tlicy nre made of thw finc.'rt hfo^idi^'olh nti'd lifV-'t- '•••ficflit. K( r.seys i-i a <., M-C:I ': iiiauy tlil'ien I '.l f|u.i'>i!i-s. Tlio sali' prices r.iuging - K . f ./il >^:>i $5.00. $7.50, $10.00 .SI2,50' $15.00. $18.50 $19.75 This Coat for $10.00 And lis one of the ])rettie.<-t new f.iU .styles, the^new full .slecven and full il.ire (f the skirt. Its a b-aulj', lined Ihrougluiut with grey or blaek satin, •'>0 inches;', : f fine wo'-'l broandotb, .silk braid trimmed. Special for tomorrow $10.00 Women's and' long contt in great variety of style.s at $5,00» S6,95 ""^^ $7,50» positively tlic l).;i-t values ever shown New Panama Walking Skirts, Special $5.00 Tlic quality of the Tauama is excep- tinial to find anywhere near §5.0*) and the style IS the very latej-t. iieatherbloom Petticoats >;:.i'(J value -$1.98. For S:it'ard,iy only hi) He.iihuroloom petticoats in ii'Lick, navy. thrown and grey shades, full dust ruffles, | wottli ?:;.U0, .special Sulurd ly onl}' $i,98 I New Voile Skirts A' ' $6.50, $8.95, SIO.OO. SI2.50 Coats in the Season's Novelties in Caraeul and Broidtail, prices ranging from $15.00 to $40.00 A great assortment of children's coats in Astrakhan, Broadtail and Bearskin, at $2.50. $2.96, S3.50, $4.95 200 Pairs of Blankets Worth $1.00 for 69c a pair. A remarkable blanket ofTering, 2 1^ ])airs t>f excellent (juality, tan, grey and white blauket*s the full 10-^1 size, worth $1.00 a pair, while they last, per pair 698 Special Chiffon Broadcloth -T'l infihes wide. 11;c $1 ;'() qualit}-, a yard , 98c Saturday and Monday only Beautiful line of new fall suitings at greatly reduced prices, |5c, ^5C. 35C ^50C ,69C and $1,00 pBr yard. »5 ILV?;

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