Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
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m 1 • \.". - • . • • m • -i! tOLCHEX. Tsm 5! OlrouimUmm tm GBOClfDS FOB S. D. BAFS COM- >LA1ST TO B. B. COMMISSIOKEBS. INVOLVES LEGALITY OF RATE \ LOC.U »BAL\ D£AL£B SAYS HE IS ^LO^EB BY THE DEAL. ElfiHT PA/jJES. -——• j- lOLA, KAKSAS, OCTpBEB 15,! IMfi^TUUBSDAT ETEXING. EI6H !r PA6ES. BUIR AND BOOZE TUs . Alleged CombliuiUon Landed a YooBg KIssonrI Paelfk Brake* man In JalL Claims Hoad 2Hade Ulm Par 80,000 Capacltj I'ar Mlieu tVhcut T>'%hed But Mjm Ponudii. for ' Allomeys Hitter & Forrest, ou behalf of Smith' D. Ray. have filed complaint against the €auta Fo railroad before the State Board of Railroad Co'mmisslouers at Topuka. Kas., com' plaining of un overcharge ou a cur of t^iJeat shipped over the Santa Ko to the Bower Grain company in Kau saH City. Accordliur to the petition." Mi*. Ray asl<ed for a grain car from the Santa Ipe to ship wheat to ICansas City. The railroad company gave him an Brie implement or furiiiture car with a capacity of eighty thousand pounds. Mr. Ray loaded tlie car with all the w^heat he had. fifty thousand pounds, which is for all average cars a load. The rate from lola to Ivausas City is 10 cents per hundr ^i • The railroad made Mr. Ray pa\-. so the petition states, tor tlie capacity of tlie car, eighty thousand poimds, which is an over charge.or^ grajns per average car load weight. / The average grain . weight per c&r runs Irdm forty, to sixty thousai^ pounds witli a loading llinlt^abofe that of 10 per cent This l&'^b 'utN . ahbther • wa>'.* .so Jlr. Raj" clain^; ol Increasing the freight rates and' it is to be determined whether such a deal will stand. Mr. Ray says he bought this wheat on a basis of 10 cents per hundred, freight, but that the road, ^by giving him an implement car thereby increasing the weight 25.000 pounds Increased the freight rate from 10..cents a hundred to 15 cents and even as high as 17 cents per/hundred.. By reason of Uils. Mr. Ray says he was loser on the car of wheat. COLIOXTO COME Salva ci4 Majl ion jArmy Hopes to' Begin Spe- I Series of Meetings in the Near Future. jbr WllHam Dart, of Kansas City, a divisional officer'Ui the Salvation Armyi held an interesting meeting in tie local barraclis last night with an open air service just prpor. Suiritually and financially, both meet- iflgs were a success, several persons manifesting {an interest in religion and the collection being double the usual amoudt Major Dart left this afternoon for Chanute, yhere he will conduct special meetinesj •Harry Butler, captain in command of the loca^l corps, is making an effort to secure jcjilonel Blanche Cox for a series of special meetings here In the near future.- • i HEARO TOMORROW 4. • injunction Proceedings by. Hiram Turney Conhes up in District Court. John Blair, a youhg man who says that he is an extra brakeman on the Missouri Pacific, was arrested * this inorning by David R. Phillips, a patrolman. A warrant Issued from the municipal court charges Blair with bootlegging whiskcj*. Blair was arraigned after his arrest before Judge Collins. IIo pleaded not guilty and his trial was set for November C. In default or bond In tne .sum of $200. Blair Aveat to jail to await (rial. A SHIP IN SIGHT JAI>.\>ESE S.IY FIBST BOAT OF FLEET IS OFF COAST. A PIONEER IN CljURCH BEY. IHASBEBS SECY OF U. B t t'OXFEBEME FOB 25 YEABS. RE-ELECTED AGAIN TODAY SESSIONS OF tOSFEBEACE PBOP EB BEO'AA TBIS MOBMXU. BcTOtioBal Exercises Led hy Bliiliop ^^m. ^Jcekljr—About lOO JllnUitcrs r and iDclegwtcs iu .Vltcnduncc. >«Uuu Is Excited Couciruiug Plans l*or >Velcouic ui' American Sail" ors to Orient. Tokio. Oct. lu.—.Vi eight o'clock this morning it was reported the guuboai Yankton, preceding the ^Vmericau battleship fleet had been sighted by {he Japanese war vessels off the coast. All Japan is astir in anticipation of the arrival of the ^\nierican fleet. Yoko- homa and Tokio in particular are given over to enthusiastic prcpai-atiou. KEEPIKU LOXC HOIBS. W. J. Bryan iroiUag Bard to Line Up the Yoters. Wymore. Xtbr.. Oct.' 15.W. i. Bryan began the third and last days tour 6t N'ebraslia willi a spe^h before seven o'clock at Endicott this morning. Though it was nearly midnight last night wlieu lie concluded he appeared fresh and chipper this morning. Scv- 2ral hundred farmers had gathered at Endicott. At Fairbury and DlTler. also, there were good crowds. At Wymore the largest crowd yei citcounter- ed during the day. was gathered at the depot. \ The upcniug session of the 40th session of the Neosho conference of the United Brethren church couveu- cd this morning at 9 o'clock in the lola church. Walnut street and Jack- sou avenue. The conference embraces sixteen counties In the southeast corner of Kansas and constitutes thirty-two charges. The church has organiza^ns in almost every city in the territory and many smaller places and in the rural districts. Today there arc about 100 ministers and delegates in'^attendanco. The delegates are from the several charges and have practically the same voice in the conference as the minislei-s. ARRANGING DATES THE £AST FOR TAFT lEXTBAL COMHITTEE PLAXMXU|Boston thinks Bryan Has'nt Got the Ghost of a Show.—^All for Ohio Man. FOB BIG BEPUBLICAX OBATOBS. _„ .... . , R- W. Averill of Bo.sion. who was EX-60V. BAILEY AT HUMBOLDT i in the elty today in the interest of the Sherbrook Gas anil Vitrified Brick Company of Lcroy. states that TBE EX.COVEBXOB WILL SPEAK the Ulk that Bryan is strong in the TBEBE OX OCTOBEB SITB. Ilocb, Long and Attorney General Jackson to Come Too—Meeting Saturday Xiirht at Elsmorc. east Is all bosh. He said that some time ago the | Nebraskan was fairly strong but of late there has been a landslide to Taft. He takes no stock <n the claim of the Democrats that New York will be carried by Bryan. NOW FOR THE CUP 1(. L. Northrup. chairman of the Re- piiblicau county ccutral committee, is today arranging for the speaking engagements of Attorney General Fred| p^^.^, ^^^^ ^ Jackson. ox-Governor W. J. Bailey,' Governor E. Hoch and Senatorj WITH STOYER AXD BOWLCS. liOitg. All of these Republicans are to speak in ^Vllen county this fall and tiic committee is now finding places}Owen and Binkejr Lost to Pe*! and and dates for them. The date of cx-Goxcrnor W. J. Bailey's speech is already settled. He will speak at Humboldt i on the 27th. Mr. Bailey is one of the finest orators in the state and has! Turner In Tennis l'ontc.>4. G—2. \ 6-2, C—3. FOR A TIGHT UD W. JL STl'BBS PBOJOSES TO KEEP KAXSAS DKT. TO PUSH IFIGHT IF ! aECTED BEPIBLICAX CAXDIDATE TALKS TEMPEBAXCE. In Speech in Topeka tbe Lawrence PoUtician Beclarcs Bis Pesition on , Temperance Issne. i .Metsrs. Peet and Turner ytsterday addressed large audiences in Allen established their claim to the tit»c of county before. UumboMt is planning "Cbampions of 190S" iu Ailea county the church being democratic in itsjio have a big time on that date. tennis to the .satisfaction of all con form of government. i , j Attorney General Jackson will prob iesianta. aiid^ tomorrojv afternoon at ably speak at Moran. altliough it has o'clock ou *the Pennsylvania courts not beeui dcOnltely arranged for. He Ibey have challenged Stover and Bow- will be liere either the 20th or tbe l">Iders of tbe cup won last year 21st of this month. The dates for ^ contest for its possession. Peet Senator Long and Governor Hoch and Turner won it iu lOOtJ. but lost it have not .vet b<Jen agreed upon. ^'•^^^ J'^'"'- '^'c com est w\ hard one. It,. L. Northrup, chairman of the Re- Messrs. Owen and Hinkey. after phbjjcan County Central committee playing classy tenuis throughout the FARMERS ARE Wl.^. Secretary Wilson Says They Favor the Taft Policies. - Chicago, Oct. 15.—iSecretary of Agriculture Wilson returned here last night, after a speaking tour througb Kansas. Nebraska and Iowa. Tlie secretary declared that while Mr. Taft would carry all three states the usual Republican pluralities would be reduced.* Mr. Wilson said that he believed IIIR farmers do not believe that Mr. Bryan, if elected, would be able to icarrj- out noosevclt's policies for raili'oad and railroad corporations. THE Jury in Behner Ca?e Finds Accused Man Guilty of Murder,. VERDICT IS IN lludepmdence, Kas., Oct. 15.—The ury In the case of Henry Behner, charged with killing Tobias Sawjer, whom h9 suspected of the ruiii of his sixteen year old daughter, returned a verdict today of guilty of murder in the firs^ degree. The jury was out nineteen^ life sentence. The girl was vant in the Sawyer home. The hearing on the temporary injunction proceedings, begun by Hiram Tume ri of west of town; to restrain the- city of lola from making gas |Conue <tion8 or drilling on the farm; on w^iijch he lives will be heard before Jud^e FOost In the momlnt. says the clt)* ^ent on hlis place akijl drilled without his consent and o^er bis protest and that the damaged bis place and city says it secured « the owner of the place, iB«r Araeti I firdm whom Mr. Tumey If the to. onction^ ia gradted tomorrow.^ (dt it will haw to Qnit drilUtag pu .tltje^ssaei il and «aiu»t in|ke c^inso- Hons to tli4; weUa tiii^. Tbe is drilllAg.lial lease -from boirfBg tba^ tiie case dispoii- 5L1 the hopd hours. . This verdict carries a ser- Body Brought Home. The body of Prank Plake, 21 years, old. son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Flake, livIns,jD( cthwest of lola. and who died if const mptlon, arrived in lola this ifternooi and was taken to the family homr where funeral service trill be held probably tpmorrow. Young Flale had gone to Colorado in that the climate would benefit his health, T )ut It did no good. Bishop AVIUiam Weekly, or Kansas City, opened the conference this morning, leading in devotional exercises. J. R. Chambers, who has' served the conference as secretarj- for a quarter of a century, was re-elected by acclamation. His knowledge of the work of the conference exceeds that of any other member. • - ' ' Following the election of Secretary Chambers. Bishop Weekly read a list of appointed conference committees, after which he gave a report of the meeting of the several conferences in his district and which have been held, showing tbat there had been a great increase in all linos of church activity. •The names of the unemployed niin isters were called and the list cor reeled. The following ministers from other conferences were Introduced and ad mittcd to advisory scats in the con ference: President T. B. Crites and r. A. Hendershot. of Campbell college. .Mrs. W. M. Churchill, of Illinois. O. D. Wallbauni. of Ohio. T. E. Habbert. of the northeastern and C, C. Clampitt of the northwestern Kansas conferences. The names of Frank May and Mrs. S. V. Bortcli. of Pittsburg, were rec ommcndi'd to the conference for ad mission and referred to the proper committee. At 10:30 the sacrament of the Lord's supper was observed, led by Bishop Weekl.v. assisted by Presiding Elders N. L. Vezie and F. M. Gillett. Following the sacrament, the reports of the pastors .were taken up. occupying the time until dismissal. A preliminary session of the con ference was held last night when Judfe Oscar Foust delivered an ad- dreiss of welcome which was responded ito by Bishop Weekly. Both speak ersi delivered splendid addresses. FJbllowing this there was an informal reception for the ministers and delegates who had arrived and later the! visitors were assigned to tlie several homes •for entertainment. liach evening during the conference thei -e will be special music by a chorus and a male quartette. ^ HAS EIGHT CUUSES <JBEAT BBITAIX, BISSIA . AXD FBAXCE REACH .IX AGREEMEXT. BAWN IN THE SEA < 'MC BuUv Ldt BertiB Saa. da r-T^rwa Xe^ Bescacd. Berlin, Oct 15.—:Tbe German bal- UkmiBo^iiley which left Berlin St 1nijete^j^!^ate»atkmal race. Rave Pragraai Beady far Use at EB< ropeaa Peaea Caafereace oa Baikaa Sitaatfoa. London. Oct' 13.—Great Britain. Russia and France have reached an agreement on the prc^ram to be «ab- mitted to other powers as a basis for tlie diseossion by tbe propoeed Ekiro- eonferenee to settia the BaSkau afnd John F.'Goshorn. chairman of the tournament showed reversal of fbi^iu Democratic central committee, are yesterday, largely due to the high now getting up the list-of judges and wind, and were easy victims for Tur- clcrks for the general election to be nt-r and Peel." The championship score suggested to the mayor for appoint- ^'asj In favor of Turner and Tuiuei meut. They are making an effort to 3—2. <>—'-. ••>— select c'crijs who are quick and act- This iifterncon Stover and AVood ivc that the count may not drag will play out their figla for title of along any more than is necessary. champloii in singles in 1908. Wood won the first set Tuesday by the score .\ number of the Republicans are jf G —-1. and Stover took the second expecting to attend the rally at Els- 7—5. Wlien the third tel stood i>—;i more Saturday niglit. The speakers in favor of Wood darkness fell, so tne are Caotain •E>wing. Jud^e Foust and finish will not be known until this af- A. P. Harris. Music will be furnish- ternoon. As Stover won the last game cd by tlie Black and Tan Quartette, wliich made the score l< —I in tiic dusk, the players have agreed to set I--ite this afternoon the committee it back to —:t. The winner of this iKld a luccling and fixed the places match tsckles Ed Owen in the hope and dates for Attorney -General Jack- of removing him from the path to son. This action was tajken after a "Dicky " Peet. Peet lias won the cup |)'coi:e communication with the two years in succession and will dc- different jwiuts over the county fend it liiis year. If he wins he will wiierc they are anxious t^ have speak own the cup, but if he loses it will ers. JLr. Jackson will speak at La- remain to fight for. Harpe on the 20th and at Savonburg I" Ibe consolation bouta the race for ou the 2!:;l. luc jirizc tenuis rackets has grown fierce. Yesterday Klauiuunu and Teats Tho Republican committee recover- won from Clark and Card 7—5. 1—»!, cd nearly all of the torches used in 10—8. It was a close call. They will the big parade Tuesday night, and now play Uj.ton and Curtis and the they will probably bo nscd at meet- winners gel the prizes. lugs at diffprent points over county during the campaign. the Mrs. Fred Moore Fteturns. .Mrs. Fred Moore returned last evening from Kansas City. where she I In consolation singles i>rogre ::S has been slow. Several games have been played, but there are stilMialf a dozeii contestants in the race and the final gams will be close and fast. Regret is universal in the club that the. young son of Harlan Taylor, of was called by the serious Illness of. , ^ ... r her grandmother. Mrs. Sutton. and |^^T"' r"'.""''^^^^^^ reports that the doctors' have given her up. and she is gradnaly sinking. Mrs. J. C. Woodin remained in Kansas City at the bedside of her mother, j TBE WEATBEB. before the tournament opened and was compelled to default. He and Young, the most youthful team In the contest, showed gifeat possibilities and while bad luck eliminated them this year, they are expected to make strong claims for honors in coming tournaments. Forecast for Kan^s: Fair tonight] and probably Friday;: continued warm. PRINT THE LISTS Data recorded at Local Office. U. S. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and i,e«,ocrallc XaUoaal t.maiJttee Shoif s a year ago. ,^,1 KQW.OOO Has Beca Gliea to . October 14. Ca»pa%a Faad. Yesterday Yr. ago ^ew York. Oct. 15.—The Dcmocraiic ^7 national committee today lissued a ^' sutement of cauutaign recdLu ^huw- ^ ing 190.000 received trom komtribut-f '59 ors In amounts of one hondrjed dollars ^ and OTer.> and 9115,000 received from ^ oontributors in sums under one hun- ^ ^ed dollars. "Tbe number of contrib- otors is placed at fifty tboumuid^per- 0 adis. About flOO.OOO was contribated b7 pemocratic newspapers. The com- 2 p. m ..S3 4 p. m. ....SO 6 p. m. ' .75 8 p. m. 1.68 10 p. m. ... 12 midnight Maximum temperature Minininm tem^ratnre Precipitation, 7 p. m. . October 15. 1.67 .66 ...58 .i. 0 3 a. ni ......64 4 a. m .-63 6 a. m. 8 a. m. Today Yr. agq ipittee says an additional $100,000 la ^ P^ed, adding "We epnestly urge a prompt and generona response to tills .61 .61 .78 t|ife5,Yort,. Oct The name ^traaai^. does Topeka. Kas.. Oct. !.'>.—"If I am elected governor of this slate." said W. R. Stubbs. Republican nomine^ yesterday afternoon before the Slatci Temperance convention. "I will en| force th«> prohibition law^ along with every other law that stands upon th^ statute books. The fight that has al -l ready commenced against the Illegal sale of liquor will be pushed eveii harder if I come into the governor's chair. •'During my campaigif, I have left :io doubts in the people's minds where I stand upoul this question. In many places. I have been approached by the leading politicians and asked not to say anything- on the liquor question.; In every iuiitance I have come out and told the i people where 1 stood. I have always dlcus-eed the propositlou fairly and honestly.' 1 his policy. I bc- '.jcve. has won me more friends pos- .'•-•biy than if I had attempted to re- ii:aiu neutral audj had not come out squarely and taken a square stand lu favor of law enforcement." Occasion was taken at this meetii)g (o take' exception to"^c sudden decision of Rev. J. D. Botkiu, Democratic nominee for governor, not to appear lit fore the convention as he bad {•romiaed. F. D. Coburu. iu introduc- .Mr. Stubbs. said that he was .glad tii .ii the state had at least one man who could spare half an hour from his business to talk temperance to the people. Mr. Stubbs also took occasion to remark that lie was not compelled to lit awake nights to plan how to ge". out of addressing temperance or any tiher gatherings that stood for the be.-t interests of the state. OHIO IN THE LINE Taft Says He Expects That State to Give the Normal Vote to Support of Republicans. Wlieeling. W. Va.. Oct. 15—Judge Taft today concluded his three-day campaign in Ohio. What he thinks of the situation is set forth in the following statcmeut which he Issued today: 'I have now spent three dajs in tic state of Ohio, much of the time industrial and labor centers,, among men who. it is reported, were disaffected and opposed to the Repub- lean party and its candidates. Wherever I appeared I was cordially received and only an occasional Interruption indicated tliat misrepresentations of the attitude of the party and candidates had made a casual Impression. It is my opinion that the attitude of labor toward the Republican party has been misrepresented quite as freely as that of the party and the candidate tow^ard labor, and I find no reason for the .belief that labor win divide It. In my opinion tbe normal Republican labor vote will be cast .as heretofore. In the agricultnraL. regions It is quite apparent that tbe farmers are opposed to a change that will imperil their present pr^perlty. The situation in Olilo is entirely satisfactory andjno one has any reasonable doubt but that the Republican majority will be a snbstantlal one. I certainly Ifttve no donbt on tbe subject myself.- Band Graated Train. Ashland. Ky^ Oct 15.—'Marching Tl:rongh Georgia." played by a brass band, soniuntmed Jbdge Taft to. dnty this morning at Bantiiigton. the first stop of the-lUtJ^padal fiur the day- and tbe last -^RBSt^l^h^nla . A big erow4 beaid'.'%tBi. ^fpeak- .beie. The special travels ~on ^«:diT^^;]|Bp wast

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