The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 13, 1986 · Page 15
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 15

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1986
Page 15
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Fun The Salina Journal Monday, January 13,1986 Page 15 It's a curse I could try to carry The Far Side Crossword By Eugene Sheffer By ERMA BOMBECK Los Angeles Times - Everyone remembers the prettiest girl in their class. I know I remember Ginger Angel (not her real name). She had porcelain skin, hair that curled on rainy days and pom-pon hands. Whenever and wherever a phone rang, it was for her and she was eternally dredging up a chain that held a class ring the size of a flea collar. Now I read where a club has been formed in California for people like Ginger who consider being born beautiful a curse and a problem. They say they feel insecure about their appearance and their self- wprth. They have felt the pains of discrimination of being good looking by a public that doesn't consider beautiful people overly bright. They can't trust people who say they love them for themselves, and they're tired of being thought of as aloof and cold when they are just disturbingly beautiful. i Give me a second here. I'm trying to relate. I could have sworn Ginger was having a good time all those Tank McNamara years. I guess I didn't know how miserable she was, going out weekend after weekend desperately hoping to kiss a prince who would turn into a toad. (Heaven knows she kissed enough of them.) It's not that I'm insensitive to people's feelings, it's just that their problems didn't seem as major as those of, say, an unattractive person. We all carried our stigmas and stereotypes with us. Sure, being queen suggested your bust size was larger than your IQ, but if you were editor of the school paper, everyone assumed you had bad breath and the light hurt your weak eyes. There's a difference here. Disturbingly beautiful people say they spend a lot of Saturday nights at home because everyone feels they already have dates or they're too intimidated to ask. With unattractive people, no one cares. DBF sit around wondering if they are being invited out because they're beautiful or if someone really cares for them as a person. With unattractive people, we wonder if they asked us out because they lost an election bet. The criterion for joining this group of put-upon beauties is admittedly subjective. Who can define beautiful? As one member said, "There were a couple of people who came to the meeting whom I didn't think were that attractive, but they decided to leave before things got under way." A few years ago I went to a class reunion, and sure enough there was Ginger still surrounded by a group of males. I felt pretty good about myself. I had written seven books, a column read by an estimated 31 million and was a regular on national television. Ginger came over to me and said, "So what are you doing now? Did you finally get married?'' I do have empathy for the Gingers of the world. They are much maligned and are discriminated against because of their looks. I found myself using one-syllable words with her, and when I left I vowed that I would stage a telethon for this poor unfortunate. If Joan Rivers can help me co-host it, Ginger will never complain again. Send your news tip to The Salina Journal; up to, $45 in cash weekly. Gross stories The Family Circus ACROSS 1 War god 5 Opening 8 German admiral 12 Engrossed 13 Nigerian 14 Animal's stomach 15 Afghan prince 16 Utilities building 18 Sport of kings 20 Tina or Lana 21 Camera buffs need 23 Golf peg 24 Old-time lighting fixture 28 Petty quarrel 31 Communal insect 32 Follow 34 Witness box words 35 Russian communities 37 II is read periodically 39 Slender finial 41 Stupefy 42 Shoe part 45 "Treasure 49 Fuel 51 Arrow poison 52 Soviet city 53 Thing, in law 54 Pack 55 Cincinnati team 56 Newt 57 Very small DOWN 1 Sandarac tree 2 Incarnation of Vishnu 3 Heroic in scale 4 Contention 5 Tittering 6 Lawyer's org. 7 Mail 8 Tallies 9 Fruit stone 10 Alleviate 11 Pitcher Avg. solution time: 27 min. nnon OQD cinncin DO DQDBO DOUGH EH EnaooDn nnnnn GDUG ODDD QBnO HDEIGOGOC HDD DIDE DIDDD OFjnl 1 rnnnnn nnnnn nnniw BE juuur»j conn nnnn. cnnn DBBOB nnnnnci inn cnnnn nocnn HSU DGBGD DDE EEHHI IDDOBB nnnoo nno BOD BOQOB GQEB EGG DQD! Ans. to yesterday's puzzle 17 " — Sut Song" 19 Shade of green 22 High tablelands 24 Rita from Pittsburgh 25 Cuckoo 26 Accented 27 Most corroded 29 Fruit drink 30 "High — " 33 Large birds 36 Dobbins 38 Join the Navy 40 "— Take Romance" 42 Musical prince 43 Son of Loki 44 Ireland 46 Against: prefix 47 Broadway brightener 48 Morning- fresh 50 Ship- shaped clock HBU.Q TtJ& & A COMPUTERIZE? Pfo FOOTBALL scour- HAVE vou 0e£M msZep ov&t? BY ALL #/£ For Better or for Worse CRYPTOQUIP GRRMPR.VOO 1-13 JXVFZXRR AXOONR RAEJ V EC) OTA RCTFX— YX ZTRA YNR CEAVY. Saturday's Cryptoquip: CIRCUS' BOLD KNIFE THROWER, A WELL-KNOWN FAVORITE, COULD BE A CUT ABOVE THE REST. Today's Cryptoquip clue: O equals N The Lockhorns Hagar the Horrible -TSOFAR |- |-Z, © 1986 Universal Press Syndicate 1-13 0 "MAY6E YOU eMOUi-P'VE TOA6TED IT 0EFORE YOU PUT OEL.LY ON IT . " CAT6 HAVE AN INCREPIBLE NNATE ABIUTVTO SENSE WHEN VOO AR£ NOT FEELING* WEUU JON.I5E.N6E VOO ARE NOT FEELING WELL THEV ALSO HAVE AN INCREPIBLE INNATE LACK OF SVMPATHV V D1986 United Feature Syndicate,Inc. I-I3 Peanuts >' WHAT MAPE THIS COUNTRY 6REAT?" UJHAT DIP YOU PUT POWN FOR THAT QUESTION, MARCIE? 11 FAITH, COURAGE AMP HARP WORK'.'.. WHAT PIP YOUPUTPOOJN? 1 PEANUT BUTTER SANPUJICHE5" Hi and Lois Wizard of Id IF HE I'M AFRAIP I'LL CRY Beetle Bailey Rex Morgan M.D. xHATE PUTTIN6 THIS SIGM OUT AFTER THEY FINISH WORK AT THE 6EAUTY SHOP, FLORENCE AND KAY GO TO A NEIGHBORHOOD RESTAURANT FOR DINNER f T~~~ ~- " —~~— THIS IS MV HUSBAND'S BOWLING NKSHT---AND I HATE EATING- ALONE I'M GLAD VOLI SUGGESTED WE STOP HERE, FLORENCE.' IW\ TOO TIR6P TO PREPARE A MEAL POP. MYSELF.' VOU KNOW, KAY • --I WISH YOU'D THINK ABOUT MY OFFER TO BECOME A PARTNER WITH Me. IN THE BUSINESS ' I REALLY APPRECIATE THE OFFER—AND I WILL. .THINK ABOUT IT? IT'S JUST ITHAT I'M STILL UrMDECIPEP ' AS TO WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE f Blondie Born Loser 9op<= TRAINING FOR )l( THAT'S THE JANUARY f f TRUE

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