The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI.YTHEVrU.K (ATtK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 1052 FARM NEWS *"° REVIEW. Hatcheries Place 1,101,000 Chicks etui in K April 12. according to Die Arkansas Cio]> Keportini? Service. 'J'h is i.s a dec re ft so of six per ! rent fro ml he previous week. I Of the total placements 839.000 I chicks were hatched In (he nrra Hatcheries and riVali'i* in Aik-, am | 242,000 came from oilier atisns placed 1,101,000 broiler: suites. chicks with producers LIL the • northwest nrea during iho \vi-ck i Htacl Conner News Classified Ads, Ohl-dishionei Kentucky Bourbon with Iho Bincioth of age.. . Njiturii's great New 'Mechanical Hen Grades, Tests Eggs at Hatchery Here nt. fc DICKL Gismim twmi. ioinsiiut..Kr. • is rut; . mis WHISHT is 4 rats 010 CI..AKK (Courier Xews Staff Wrftor) Remember the old diiys when vou held cgtis over Lighted candles floader! them in a bucket of water lo sec whether or nut they were ripe? And you had lo KUO.SK 1o whether they were Grada A, J], or what have you? Welt, the crt;^-^fading business, like practically everything else, now been invaded by the machine HRC. One of the gadgets out s a ni a chine which tests, wnt^hs ud Ki;*dL"> ugKR all in one opera turn. One oT machines lit .- in use at the Hluylock Hatchery on North HlKhv/jw 61 a n d II. F:. IlJayJock, operator of I h c firm says it trikes ilic KIICSS work out of tl»! e^K business eiilirc'ly The rnnrhine: is a desk-tike con .iphut), c<|uippcul u'itli lights ,4 •uU's and .SJJMCMIS, It's trade name the Key Slate KKK Grader a n <1 it's manufactured 1>v the Key State Company of Low- Lstowii, l*a- Tbe miichinc' hits been in opera tinn nt the hatchery for only a hut it has n] ready saved m:my hours of manual labor. One person (.'an operate the ma. chine but. us usual, two heads are better than one. ' One person '•feeds" the mcuhmc and watch • ! es for overripe C^RS and the oihrjr crates tiio efitis riftcr the inachtne has yradod them. The machine operates like this: I-' the C^K.S are put In a trough on the side of the machine. Underneath the trough is an electric 1 it-lit, over which the c^RS must puss. This is for te.sLiu^ purposes. Then, after the e^ss are tested, they are picked up at. the end of the trough by spooivlikrr mechanical hands. Next comes the weighing process. The spoun-hke hands deposit the c^K on the first of font- minatuic chemicals scales. These scales can be -set to any desired weight. If I h c e[jg lighter than the scales arc set for, another pair of spoon bands pick it up and deposit it on the second pair of scales, which is set a little lighter than the first. If tho egfi is loo light for these HKX- This Ls the new egg grading machine now beiitg used at the Blaylock Hatchery. The machine tests, weighs and grades eggs nil in one operation. It tests, weighs and grades 35 eggs a minute. (Courier Ni-ivs rluito) Southern State Tests Infra-Red, Gas Brooding MAGNOLIA — Infra-red 'poultry brooding may have several advantages over gas brooding, but fuel economy is not one of them, tests ! on the poultry farms at Southern j State College here Indicated this i week, ! Ufiln^ a specially installed meter to measure the amount of power u.sfd In brooding, Robert McCullough, f'rescot I'sophomore and student poultryman at Southern State, came up with conclusions on the currently controversial subject: 1. It costs the college two cents chick to brood with gas for nine \ttks. 2. Cost of brood ing chicks wit h lecti icity Is three and one-thirds cents each. 3. Cost and installation of e!ec- ric brooders is lower than for g?,s brooders. 4. Etnrtric brooding equipment is i if?r to clean ami adjust. 5. Mortality rate in using infrared heat, compared favorably with ;e of gas heat. 6. Moisture in the litter, a major problem in poultry production, v is appreciably reduced in the lest using infra-red heat. Mortality rate for the infra-red brooding test was 3.4 per cent. Mortality rate for the gas test was 4.6 per cent. McCullough added that electric power consumption could possi have been reduced by the of additional thermostats. Results of Weed Control Screening Tests Published by Arkansas U* T-'AYETTEVILLE. Ark, — Results '. cfleclLvc. CLiLora 1PC. (i new e\of 1951 .-ici'CeninR tests of various ] pcrmienUil herbicide, aS:-o appeared promising SWEEPS HOES FILES Cultipackers COMPLETE REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES TRACTORS Farmer's Implement Co. H. F. BROGDO.N K. I!. \\ GODSON CUR NEW PHONE: 8166 515 East Main St. settles, then sonic more hands pick. I were it up and take it lo » third pair,' :tnd then n fourth, if needed. But if tho egg weighs as heavy as or heavier than the ounces the first pair of scales is set tot, the scales tilt,'allowing the egg to roll off atid into the sepp.rn.led section designated for thnt weight. The same applies to the second, third Hiui fourth pair of scales, Thrri the rf?Ks nro crated in accord mice to their weight. Mr. Ill ay lock says the machine U'sl.s and grades 35 eggs a minute but 14. i can he speeded up if desired.:•„'., jv"-- Every ^rg-g that comes through the Blaylock Hatchery goes through tho machine, Mr. Blaylock -says. H's the only fair way lo grade cg^s. It does away wilh the guesswork entirely." Mr. Blaylock, inctdcutly. h a s appropriately nicknamed his gadget the "mechanical hen." Arkansas Meat- Slaughter Up | Commercial slaughterers in Ark! nnsas butchered 13 per cent less ' livestock in February thnt) in Jnn- ! uary but liH per cent more tlinn in February. 1951, according to the Arkansas Crop Reporting Service, j The total Hvcwotghl of all ant-' ' nials slaughtered in February was 1 down 17 per cent from the preceding month hut 23 per cent above slaughter for February n year ago. : Cattle hvcwcight slaughter w n K down l!t> pei' cent from January, calf slaughter down 20 per cent , and hog slaughter down eight per ' cr-til. control line; weeds in col ton, soy ben MS, ami corn have just been released by the University of Arkansns' Agricultural Ex- pcrimcnt Station. The publication is Roport, Scries 31, "Chemical Weed Control," by I), A. Hinkle. Francis Williams, and Noah S. Peek. Tests on weed control in cotton conducted at the CotUm for both p re -emerge nee and post-emerRCMCR treatments. In one test at the Delta Substation, .sodium cyanate applied as a post- emcrgeMce treatment also gave satisfactory control. In the work with soybeans, hath water-soluble and otl-boluble diui- tros were used for pre-cmergencr treatment. The oil-soluble material pounds of water-soluble dinitro Calcium cyanamkie applied broadcast just prior to germination of Die corn also .satisfactorily controllec weeds and grass. The publication includes record on the amount of weed and grass control obtained from each of tli chemicals; their effects on cotton -soybean, or corn stands: and croi yields from the plots. In additior decreases hi labor costs resulting from the use of .some of liie niateri :'.!s on cotton arc also reported. Interested fanners may obtain a copy of the report, free of charge, from the Bulletin Office, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, Fayettcville, or county extension offices. Planting Seed We hav« for sale a limited quantity of Northern Grown WABASH SOYBEANS. OGDEN SOYBEANS. COTTON SEED Henderson - Hoover Seed Co. Highway 61 South Phone 2860 Grow a dinitro weed killer for fire-emergence weed control When PKEMERGE is sprayed on the soil at planting time, It onirols annual grasses such aa crabgrass, and broad-leaf annual veeds such as pigweed. Growers throughout the Delta have used t successfully for iwo seasons for low-cost weed and grass control n cotton. Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for haml-hoeing luring early critical growing period, Premerge works well In wet ve.uher, keeps weeds and grass down when it i* impo*sihl« o cultivate. See us foe/ay for PR EMERGE I •c uj ai ioon as ponlble 10 make surt uxememi. We have the latest information -* o/ Tbt Dow Cbtmlctl Camp™?. PAUL D. FOSTER Distributor — Office Blytheville Warehouse Phone 3418 1'hone 3153 DEPENDA-BIE AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS Branch Station at Marianna, the I proved toxic to ti;e soybean plants Delta Substation at Claikediile. and regardless of the rate used, 4 btiL Station nt | wntcr-soluble dinitro applied at the rate M one nnd one half pounds the Mnin Experiment FivyclUviile. As s» U\c previous year's work, an applicntion of a ])rr!-cmergeiH:c chemical followed by two applications of a Sence oil was less harmful to cot- Lou stands than three applications of oil. Both water-soluble mid nil-soluble dlnitros gave aatisfactury pit- omergeiice control ol weeds. Pcnta- chloroiilicnol in oil proved just as per aci'o Rave good control without causing as much damage Lo stands. | Two post-emergence applications of Lion Hcrbicirlal Oil No. 1 did not adversely a fleet stands or yields of soybeans, ami gave excellent weed find yra^s control. Excellent control of \vccds In corn was obtained from !\ pre-cnier^eoce treatment \viih one nncl one-half John Deere "H" 4 TRACTORS with Cultivator—from $400! rr Farmall "H 2 TRACTORS with Cultivator—each $700 John Deere "B" \Ve do HUT best lo rale a irreat liii; "A" with you, \\ ben you open jour cliwkini: aivnunl «,lh us. all our many .services are here for \ou In call on. Stop in and open >our account this week. PURINA CHICK STARTER F;isl Drouth. . .\vcll-(k'vclii|)i'(l. fully feathered chicks ...(hill's wliHl poultry raisers waul. And from all indication:-, folks avo lonl.ini> more iiiut more lo I'urina C'hick Stnrtvna lo help them gvl these ru.sulls. In Mash or Checker-Kit form. I'urina Chick Sliirlen* conliiins i''nrinnln I02S—1'iirioa's riijhl comhiiuition of marvelous growth vitamins and stimulators. Start your chicks on ruriua Chick Starlcua for a fast slarl Iliis year. Start...Grow... Lay... Pay. feed Purina ALL THE WAY! Afler chicks have eaten '2 I Us of Chick Startena. they'll be ready for a Ki'owinj; ration. I'urina Chick (Jrouena helps chicks attain lull growth. . .develop I heir bodies fully for early, steady laying and helps prevent egg slumps after production starts. Ask us ahonl the f'urina Program. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 5I. 1 ? ICasl Main Thone 3111 6 TRACTORS with Cultivator—from $600 i L r\ ^ A John Deere A 4 TRACTORS with Cultivator—from $900! John Deere "G 1 TRACTOR with.4-row Cultivator—$1200 rr Ford Tractors 2 FORDS with 4 Pieces Equipment—$1350 Now's the time lo SAVE on a really GOOD used tractor! All the John Decre's, both the Fords, and many of the other tractors are rebuilt and guaranteed. You KNOW you'll get good service from tht tractor you buy at Missco Implement Co. And we've got all kinds of used cquipnienV to po with each tractor. So think of us before you decide on a used tractor —in the years lo come you'll be mighty glad you did! MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Hi way 61 QUALITY FARM ^ EQUIPMENT

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