Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1907
Page 8
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i- fr "• The first jWrjnlali: la the Sunday ttmusement oifdinance occurred Jast night at -the cpuncil meetlog and t &e •'antles" '; won. \ After the 4 >rdtnan<:e was read' a moUon was made that the , mattM ^.he .-.laUi .on . the . tahle. , ProL - Deanla then arose and said that he saw no reason why >tbe matter should be delayed.. He mentioned the fact that on the city clerk 's desk was a petitiOB from all of the churches, asking that the coun­ cil'vote -for etaoinsfardlDetaoInniiuii • of the niotiop' to d«ifer the matter as a sufiterfngC' The matter was then put: to ^>^ifoto'and.the motl<m carried. fDr, Olytin Mr. Cowan, Mr. Amerman,: Mt, Freyer and Mr- Jones voting for thtimoti^n. Prof. Dennis, 'whi!> ••' ^te of tb> chief suppprters/i^ the oriUnance en- dently exiVect^ that the vote on tlie inatt«r wonid be a -t>e. and would then he up to thQ iniyitrt to cast the vote In favor of ,tke. ordt ^ce. Councilman Jone; was .•• i ^oAsted' to vote afcalhst the inotJ<Mj.->.- The indtc^liQns 'nowVfe (hat tlie ordinance may not come up aRaln, at l«{iBt ,-for som^' Mine. It requires ii two>^rdfl vote to taico the ordiuanRt* from the tahleandithtrfls some of the councllmeni who are now opposod tp the ordinance chnuRp tholr minds the ordinance will pass tlie winter where If Is. ' DOES Jirtt EXPKCT A "I 'VMr." Denoonrpfi PefMlmtsm IVhIrh Eman* ated from;Trltiehm of Hoosevelt. Cincinnati, Oct. 4.—Denunciation ol that pessimism which emanated froni criticism of'the efforts of the Presi: ident to enf<n «e .the laws of the coun; tiy and brfag offenders to Justice conclndes th.e address of Senator For: aker before the Crain Dealers National convention in this city this af-: temoon. Senator Foraker first re^ viewed legislation xm transportation and rate matters and declared tljat he had "an ;ablding faith that the; waves of hysteria In which we have been engulfed are. tiubsidinF:." Ue discussed tb§ ^recent, falling . off in Wall Street A ^luatlons and the growing lack ot 'OMfidence that has resulted and spoke briefly of the inability Of railroads to market enough securities to enable them to make needed improvement^-end enlargements. In conclusion he said: "I am optimistic cnon^ ta beUtfV*'that a turn of the tide will «8i&e?n>feforfr we-reach the eageS of a panic and disa-ster. but it mupt come soSan or be too late to avert consequences' of the most harmful character." . ' Hard Times In Kansas. iThe old days' of grasshopper.^ and diioutb are almost forgotten in the prosperous Kan^ of today; although _ a citizen of Codell, Earl Shamburg. has not yet forgotten a hard time he encountered. He says: "I was worn out and discouraged by coughing night and day. and could find no relief till I triefl Dr. King's New Dls- covery. It took less than one bottle 'to completely^cure me." The safest and moat reliable cough and cold rem- - edy an dlSfttf^ftdd throat healer ever dl8COvered.r''Otiatanteed by all drug; gists. •••n:- • /ilJlilP SALOON FIXTURES BURNED. Fine FnrnHare north $SJiM Goes Up la Smoke, at Indepeadence. .Independence,'.Oct. 4.—Between two -thousand aard twenty-five hundred dol • Jars' worth of l^ar fixtures were haul- ied out of the court house basement ;to the Matthews land north of town ^ahd there hnmed. There was" a great deal of fine .i staff'In the collection, and it caus- ':ed the hearts: of the covetous to monra-when nohe of it was saved. In ^former days the joints of CoffeyvlUe In particular were wont to btiy very tsweU fiztnresi but that doesn't cut any figure with the law. A mahog- ^any finish looks; no better than a pine i^booid finish. ^ TIstt tke'foeefnkb; seliooUt Sam say's Dry dibeds istore all this week. • I .: ONE HUNDRED and serenty-flve 1^ l»!sket8 of conc<»rd grapes were sold I this morning to. the lola merchants. i The ;gTapea are •retailing at 45 cents I }i basket. ,. STORE'S Tailored Suits, Coats, Skirts and Waists. Walking Suits, $15. Jlaud.some new Fall Whlklng SiiltH niiid«» of splendid unalli.v. all wihi I flievloi in black, nnvy anil hi own: oiiats. Prince Chap siyles. :;7 :in<l :t(i liK'liM long, satin lined. The xUlri.-; are made very wide full plaited elTeci. Sped.-)! ^irnOO Tailor Made Suits $25 flraoefiiUy Tailored Coat .Siiifg In Miiiart Ihr^e-quarter and seml -fltted model.'*, the roat.s are lined with silk <n- s.Ttln; .skirts are made In the new- styles, made of fine broadeloth iiii- finished worsteds, serges or fancy ni mixture.'? of exceptional nieril and tailoring at IftJ.'i.flO Tailored Suits. $r8 50 Arlistically made Sniis in I'rinrn t'liap semi-filted and ciiuiway effecls, I'ahrics .ire line .serges, elieviois and lierinKbone worsteds in blaok. navy hlue and brown, also in fancy manish niivlnre.';. Vonr choice .Safur.i.iy and Mond.ty ilSJtO Fine Tailored Suits at $35 00. High grade man-tailored Suits, embodying this season's most desirable styles for fall and winter wear. .Models with short, medium or ."{G-lnch length, coats in fitted, semi-fitted or cutaway effects, plain tailored or stylishly finished with braiding. The skirt.s are variously plaited and either plain or with self-fold at bottom, eome in all the newest fall shades and manish mixtnres. I'rite !i>1">.00 Sale of Long and Short Coats. .'.J-liich .\II Wool (lifviot iJidles' f'o.'its, s|)(<i;il for Saturday and .Mon- il:iv IfiJH .'.-'-Itich .Ml Wool Hl.iric ClM-vlot Ladies" t'o.'iis iileely triiiini<d in braid and velvet. Speeial for Saturd.'iy ami .AIond:iy ."lit ilirli .Ml Wool Ki-r .-^ey (Vi ;iis in lil.'ick, fjislor and tan, lieniTiifiilly trim mod: a resnlar $U'.!tS values. Special for Siitiird.-'V and .Monday ... ijKMMI A !;re:ii vnrl»-ty of Long. Loose foats in bl;i(;k, brown. Ian, dark red. b'al'ier sll.tde. Priecs ranjie .'. ijti.'KOfl. $18.00, i'MM, *'2.'i.0rt Superb Array of Short - Coats. In Imported Carariils. Silk. Ileaver, ^\ Crushed Pliish and I'"ine Wool Cloths. f^ltJM, iV>^ *:i.'>, m. A BIG SHOWING OF MISSES' and JUNIOR COATS. • Made in the popular new materials materials and color.s. Prices range from, corrannt iM7 •< Int Mimi-tieoK""* COKMSr $3,50 to Special Sale of Skirts and Waists. .Ml Wiool I'.-inania Skins in all <•<>!- r.r:-. i-vcrv «)ni' tin- very latest niod-ls. iVoni ^l.!»S lo !iil."..(W M;W AKiMV .\I .S OF MAI .ST.S. TalYcfn Sttks, »(, nuflste. .'ill Wool Haliste Waists nieely Irim- nK'd in li.'ai-k and cream at iljnn {•lilffon Hatlste Waists lie.iiiilfully iriininiMl in lane ai i'2M>ti Chirron Tafffta Silk Waists, bl.-iek. Iirov,!! and navy bine at tjCUlS Kxir.i l''Jiie fliiffon Tafffta Silk WaiMs. black only at $J .!»n Meantifiil .\'et Waists. Arabian ;iiid White from SLIW l« *HMM» GREAT DRESS GOODS SALE. I'retly tiark Checks and I'lalds, double width, .suitable for cbiidren's dresses, wal.sti and skirt.'?, also all wool Tricot Press Flannel.s, in all co'or.s, choire per yard 2So You can have the choice of a gieat variety of materials, -New Plaid Suiting.s, in a combination of colors, Itnported Poplins, Black and Brov^'n Voile.<;, French Serges, Chiffon Bioadcloths, .Storm Sere:es, Chiffon Panamas and Eatises, choice,: per yard... Chiffon Victoria Cloth, 54 inche.s wide, comes in black, white and new shade of tan, light weight, .satin luiitre, snittthle for elegant tailored suits and evening capes, .«-pecial per yard, $tt7S Vox 38 inch Chiffon Batiste, soft fine material, suitab'e for dre.sses and waists, in all the staple and past 1 frhades .^6 inch Serges, also Panamas in black, navy and brown- 20 different styles of fancy Salting?. These are copies from tne imported novelties so popular this se.Tson. New combination of colors, choice, per yard SOo Choice of our fine imported Altman's Voiles, Melrose and Tamis Cloth, celebrated Melba Chiffon Broadcloths in all the new fall shades. Prunella Cloth. Chiffan Taffeta, French Serges -and a great many other cloths for stylish costumes. Take your pick for per yard St,25 Antoinette cloth, 54 inches wide in black, cream white and corn shade, medium lightiweighi, a very beautiful cloth for fine costumi's and evening wrapi. .Special per yard $2m60 For 4') inch newest Veilings and Batistes, al-so Chiffon Panamas, e.xtra £fne quality in all the leading shades. 44 inch Cravr enated Wool Stiitings, suitable for Suits and Coats, in ihe popular mixed shade, choice per yard, 7So Imported fancy Broadcloth Suitings, in stripsd, checked and plaid effects, combination of light and dark brown, blue and black, green and blue, black and wine, just the thing to make a nobby and attractive new fall suit. These cloths are 54 and 4fi inches wide. Per y.nrd iftmSO Patricia Broadcloth in black, only 54 inches wide, sponged and shrunk ready for the needle. Ask to see this beautiful broadcloth, it will surprise you. Special per yard;... .$3mOO MILLINERY SALE New Arrivals all ihe time. SecentI Floor^ MILLIMLRY SALE New Arrivals all ihe ilmeJ Second Floor^ ALL WOMEN SUFFER from the same physical dlsturboaoes, aod the natare of their duties, in many cases, quickly drift theu ioto tliA horrors of all kinds of female oomplaints, organic troubles, ulcero- tioii, falling and displacements, or perliapa. irriegularity or suppression catisincr badnche, nerrousness. Irritability, and sleeplessnesB. Women everywhere should remember that tiie medicine that holds tha record for the largest number of Mtnal cures of female Ills is |^#||I%ikhaiii^ Vegetable Compound nfeihrnabnteastivetootas^ For more than thirty yeara ^jkaa fee«MMli|iaff ifomento be strong, relating the functions per- ^aeOja ^afri ^n &t ^ffaia. It bas«lao proved Itaelf lavaluable in pre- f«daf for ^04-kbth sad tha Change of Uie. 4i» 4^04-kbth ud tha Change ^£'3f^ ^ IWenaiiim, of Bay Shore. 1^ L, writes :—Dear Mrs. FliflrliMB>T7 >T a nflered from a dliiplaeement, exoessive and painful i*^.--r *^'''*l,^ *® ^ down or .Bit still most of the time. IJtfnb &- ni^Bi vegetable Componud has made me a well woman so ^.aa .aiue \ o attend to my duties. I wish every suffering woman B. Hnkbam's V^table Componnd and see what relief PlM^akm't Standing Invitation to Women *«iBaniy torn of female Ulneaa are Invited fo write Mol^^^l^n^ Sheia.tiiaUra.Pinkbamwho UfUim • mac woaea free of charge for more than twenty ljMS#E*ta^Jlie.«asltfM )[.ydU ^ Pink- ^umtqtp, fbe is-et^edaUy weU qnisUfied to guide GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS [Coes and Fostw Will Play With Onr Way Boys at F.lsroon'. Will Play WiUi Our W«y. Tom Goes and Itoy ToRttsr of this city will i.Ia.v with the Our Wa.v-lola it'jim which will iiir-f-f. the Kl ;Miior«' bunch on the Kl.sniore grounds next Saturd.iy and Simrtay .ifiprnoons. Roth are Kwd i)liiyprs ami will be of ((Hrviff to the Jola team. Health- Economy Smallpox Friicht. Tlicrt' Is a Kniallriox ncarc In tlii.s chy. The recent niimb«>r of c.thps in Concrcio have given rise to the fright here. A number of Oas City people have been exposed lo the ni :ili>dy by coining into contact with the .it Concreto before thf-y were (| tlncd. WuH F.xarolDatioii Day. Yesterday was examination day in the city schools. The teacher."? will be busy the rest of this week grading papers and transferlng the grades to the reports which in all probability will be-ready to be delivered next Monday. These examinations will be held each monib. Galumef Baking Powder .Best by Test SCOTT WILL HELP ROAD I Second HislnVt Congrexsniun F;nors ! the UovernmeDi Highway. pr.s siirroiiiiiling this city have cnlerftl tlieir prodiicis. From the present oiit- Itiok C ms City will be woU represented when the piizes .-in- ;iv /.Trrted. .Vttend IJrand. The C.aa City ppople have started a^.-ilii this yerir their habit of attending the Oraiul theater at lola. The cars which leave lola .nt the time the theater I k clo.-ied are ii.^iialjy Oiled with tias City people who attended the show diirinar the evening. CJas City i.-i belter repre.sented at these shows in comparison with ii.s size than loin. A large crowd attended the show last evening. Miwrrnc.-, Kas , Oct. -t.—.\ letter was received in this city vintf'rilay from (;onRre.s.snian Chas. V. sA>tt, ill which he said he would help what be could to get the rock riiad. The litter is as follows: •'lola. Kansas.. Sept. 2!>. HMi". ••Vours of th(.' I'Sth Is just receiveil. I utii glad 10 learn of the activity of thi- t.awr'»nce people in connection with the propft.sed military road. I have, of, seen reports of Mr. I'lerce's visit, and If R had apjieared ISUely that a personal talk would have brought results, I should, of course, have gone to s.^e. him. I know, however, that be would be made thoroughly faniilfar with the lay of the land. You may say to your friends In Lawrence that it Is entirely nnneces?- sary to "bombard me w'th Mters" in r.Maiion to this proje<-t, as I .shall ilo everything 1 can to bring the roaa within reach of Lawrence. Sincerely yours. •CH.XS. P. .srOTT." Diltfllel Water One hundred ponnds of Crystal Ice will malce 12 gallons of distilled water suitable for family use. Try It. Ittlalce&CaldStorapCo I Special Drive in Underwear FRANK RIODLE, Mgr. I Attend Farmer's Exhibit. A large numebr of Gas City people went to La Harpe today to attend the Farmer's Exhibit which Is in progress DHure In .V. W. .V. Hail. There will be a dance given In the M. Wv-A. .ball Saturday night, a ^fober in that city. A number of the farm- 5. Admission 50 cents. Good music Piilille Sale. Tyler nros.' sale Tuesday. October one mile east and 5 miles north of l..a Harpe; bors^i j^attle, hogs and implements. Lunch on grounds. Sale begins at 10 a. m. For Sale Cheap, (Jood Farm and City Projierty. See. the THE JATIIAWKER LAND €0. for quick rfi.sults. Old Court IIoiL-^e. loU, Kans. Bi^ Sample Line Bought lo Sell at a Great ((eduction. R, S. aiUlLLAM, Cleneral Cantnetor. FUgstone and Cement Sidewalks ani Curbing a Specialty. Office lis East JacksoB A tb. Pkaaa tM, A Biff Opportonlty. Invest yonr money In a legitimate business. Permanent to increasing income guaranteed. Gqnal partnership. Address Room 13, Frisco Building, Jop^iii, Mo, ' 1 The Iowa Store FLOWER POTSl 5, lb, 1* Cents ^ 1 103 S. Kcntael^i::: . F^j. Delivered to puy pairt of fiiow^. ' •'i't,

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