Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1908
Page 7
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A LABGE CBOUD FROM HERE AT TEKBED THE HALLV AT lOLA. LADIES TO GIVE A SOCIAL 0>E WILL BE HELD THURSDAY EVE. AT HOIffE OF MBS. MEADER. Gaiii€ Cards Adrcrtisingr tbe Foot Ball|' Sunday Betneca ^Tripiels" au^ Ft. Scott Arc Being Circulated. Foot Ball Game Sunday. ; Catda advertising the foot ball game between the La Harpe, Gas City and lola team and the Kalpa dub t^ani of Ft. Scott whicn will be played at the Electric park next Sunday afternoon are being polled here today. The game promises to be very fast as both teams are In good condition. . Will ReglslcT. ^Erwiu Baptist left yesterday for Dallas, Soutii Dakota, where he will register iu the big opening of the Rosebud reservation. It is i>osi>iblc to register as late as October 17th. To K. C. for TrcHtnicnl. Captain Bnkor went to Kansas City yesterday where ho will he ticnlcd with a noted epccialisl for rheumatism He has been ill for the past sbveral weeks. OSTEOPAnil— j DR. y\ .H. ALBRIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Physiclau. State Bank Bldg. { Phone 145. Only Osteopath inl La Harpe. residence of Mrs. C. E. Mekdor Thurl day QTenlnur troui 4 to 8 d'cloek. R( freshments i will be soma ' for tci cents. A cordialinvltatloii Is exteudcj to all. —For private lessons on and Typewriting. See Kuth^ ley. Phono 89. Shorthand rine Harll- Had Good MeeUuk. . The first meeting of the'^-ear of thfe Foreign Misslonai-y Sdclct^ was we^l attended and otherwise a success. E^f ery member took part in the discus- ilon of the lesson on "Moslem Lands.!' Many Attended Big RaHy. i; Many La Harpe people atftended Vak big rally in Tola last evening. A com plete account of the rally will be WANT Clerk of Ceninlttee Promises Club TluU Puvgrtph t'oncenlng Zinc Ore ^RI Bo Pot In BilL found in other pa'rts oC thei paper. John Bacon Is Iluitic. John Bacon who was taken to Kanf sas City several days ago because of Illness has sufficiently rjijcovcred to he brought home. He becanv» ill whllp working on the liew school .building in Elsmore. Kas. ! Attention Ladieji .la-iii.'e-wa Flesh Food Ii ^al•<. nuiuf .shcs, cleanses and beantifys the facti We also carry Je-nec-wa powders bj four folort!, white, flesh.'i-osetie and pink. We win reconnnend t lem to yop after contlnuiil sale for ni<!ire than a year. WATIOUS j& D.VNFOIiTH. ; Drugs and Jewelry. | A Baby Girl. A daughte?- was born yesterday to Air. and Mrs. John Connor, five miles northeast of the city. To Give SociaL The Ladies' Aid Society of the Chris t^an church will give a social at the Pmoijal8. IVlrs. Haigler. of 0^taw;^. Kas.. i, here visiting relatives. George Mollcnkopf was ! in .Mora cstcrday visitiug. j Mr. and Mrs, C. W. Frledley esterday for Garnett, KJIS.,' for a few lay's visit. J f ! .Innips O. Potter, of Iviinsas CitJ-, was here yesterday on business. i Mr. and Mis- Peterson, of near iiioro. wore here ycsterdai" visiting rclatfvi's. J E. 0. Williams who has been very ill for the past several day.*; is reported as being much better today. i PERSONS WANTING boy or girl to worlj; for board while attendtnc school apply at lola Business CollL-t!- ^holie 495 I "i Webb City. Mo., Oct. II.—S. Dutfield Mitchell of Carthage,' and G. P. .Maury of Joplln. returned Saturday night from Auburn, N. Y,. where they went more than a weeH ago to lay the proposed schedule placing a tariff on zinc ore, before the clerk's committee of the ways and means committee. Tliis committee net only approved of the schediile, but promised^ the representative^ that the paragraph placing the tariff in zlnc'ore. as prepared by nicni bers of the club, would be inserted in the tariff.bill just as written. The two representatives also roa ferred with S. E. Payne, chairman of the ways and means commtltce, who said that the ne.\t congress would place a tariff on all things which seemed for the best interest of tne country. He appeared to be greatly interested iu the proposed zinc or tariff and in his conversation seemed to la!\?or the movement now being carried (in by the Zinc Ore Tariff Club. The clerkH'. committee i.s uow preparing the data for a tcntatlvp bili which will be subniited to the ways and menus committee, and this callij for a protective zinc ore tariff. Whca all of the schedules arc arranH"d tbe onimittce will have heuritigs ii)iun Ihi arlous subjects under discu -ssion and for which legislation. h :i.s been .-iskLiJ. Another thing wliich Mr. .Miichcl! and .Mr. Maury deem to be of grcjit beoeflt to this district Is that ihroiigh- out tlie bill the word "ni'-tallir" will changed to "nictalifcrous niiju'rul substance, etc." It Is tipou the technical meaning of tlie word "nietallic" that the suit now pending in the Cnited States courts in .Vcw Orleans of rlic L'nited States aj;aiiibl Hr«>wsi «T depends. This case, first tried in Tc.\n^^. was [ippcalcd to the New Orleans «tiurt .md affects the zinc ore tariff. Mr. Mitchell is liighiy elated over the result of the eastern trij) and fee's confident that an e:irnest effort will be made by the ne.\t congress* to p.iss bill placing a tariff upon Iniporteil zinc ore. The Register has just completed ah arrangement which wiil be of special interest to lEe Farmers By this special arrangement we are enabled to oHcr you The lola Daily Register for a year and the Journal of Agriculture for a year for \ $2.25 The Journal of Agriculture is a \vcekiy publication and treats the following departments Poultry and Bees Women's Page Live Stock The Oialry Farm and Field Crop Pests oiid Diseases Fruit and Garden The regular price of The Journal oi Agriculture is 50c a year, but by this special, arrangement we are enabled to offer yOu The lola Register $2.00 , Journal of Agriculture -^O |Qf ^JJ,25 Address all orders juid msKc all money payable to iliat big Th DOWN AT 50 pieces of seasonable novelty stripes, checks and to 85c per yardj Tbcy coni and desirable Wool Sritinj^s in plain : hades, also broken plaida—values that ordinarily ecll «t from 50c e in width ranging from oG to 42 inches wide and the pattens are greatly in demand for fall suit?, skirts and jackets, , We should bH crowded all day Thursday,i|ror these elegant materials will be read]^ for your choosing at, ^ « , yard, only. on the wonderfully low price of per • 'x* For One Day Only Toporrbw, Tlinrsday, Oct. 15 • : • i, Iu addition! to the abov; extra special offering, you will find special salo pticds all Coats, Suit; and Skii^ts, for the remainder of the week. STAFF OFFICER HERE .•tfa.ior Hilliaiu Dart, of Kansas CJty. Hill Tondnrl Salvation Army Met'ling: Tonighl. Wiillani J. Dart, cf . lOmsaj-- City, with raiik of major iu the Salvation army, .-irrived in Jola this iiicruiug ami will conduct a special meeting in the local barracks tODj;^!. Major Dart.has been an officer In tlie ariiiy for more than twenty years and has held some very responsible po.silions in America and other countries. Xi present. Major Dart is divisional officer for ;Kan&-ns and is associated with Colonel Blanche Cox in control of the mid-west province, conijirised of the state of South Dakota. Nebraska Kansas and Oklahoma. This is the first trip the Major has made to lola having but recently come to his present appointment from an important staff position in Chicago. Major Dart is not only a spiritual man. but a man of affairs, having beer connected with some of the most important linaucial transactions of thr army and he is considered one of the best business men in the entire organization. In addition to the meeting to be lielf n the hall tonight. Major Dart wil "lold a .special open air meeting or .\^shington avenue tonight at 7:30. ABOUT ENDOWMENT The Lawrence World Comments On Action of Synod Held Here. jThe Lawrence World s.-iy3: [AX. the meeting of the Presbyterian Sraod at lola Saturday active steps wpVo taken to raise the $30,000 endowment necessary to secure tlie offer of v.''. W. Cockins of Kansas City to build a splendid, new Westminster house for the Presbyterian Bible TAMMANY TO GIVE $10,000. EXCHAiXGE OK SELL. List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. I have |240 acres In Neosho county, Kas, to exchange for good lola property. J.iT. MILES. Boom \% Old Coart Honse. and Presbyterians It cyair here. A committee was appointed to lake tlie campaign funds in charge and before the Hrst of the ydar the trustees of the Bible chair axe confident that ttey will have the necessary money raised. Some time ago. Mr. Cockins, a for- n^eV Lawrence man, but now of Kansas City, offered to put up a SIIJ.OOO building for the use of Dr. Wilber his associates, provided the over the state would raise an endowment fund of SSO.OOO giving them until October of 1909 to complete the necessary amount. Rev. L. K. Wells, the pastor of the •hurch here: E. F. Caldwell and A. "•, Mitchell represented Lawrence at 'he meeting of the Synod. Mr. Cnld-i^ •veil, on behalf of the trustees pro-;S-* and connected, also aa/ Good wo'k aod Phone 39 THE lOLA IC^ AND COLD ip ^ORACfi CO. Mamifacbirars, Wliole$dl« and ketoB Dealers" CRYSTAL IGE And Distilled Water He* G«M ; Storage BeUy f«r VasfnesB. Phoar lit. FRANK^I RIDDLE; Mgr. Stoves seated the proposition of Mr. Cock-{other gas fitting, 'ns and told of the work of the Bl- Me chair.. Then Dr. J. W. Cochran, reasonable charges. stjcretarj- of the national boanl of education of the Presbyterian chnrch- H ^dressed the meeting. Dr. Cochran- And the Exepnses of a Big Mass Meeting Will Be Borne by the Organization. New York. Oct. 13.—^Tammany hall will contribute $10,000 lo the Dei^o- ratic national committee, according A .III announcement made today hy Charl^'-s F. Murphy, the Tammany leader- I« addition, the organization will/pay all the expenses of the i)ig mass meeting in Madison Square garden October 26, when Mr. Bryan Is to speak. This will probably amount to |5,000 more. CURE FOR TUBERCULOSIS. Paris Professor, Said to Have Oi«* covered Wonderful Scrum. " Paris, Oct. 14/—Professor Laneu- longue of (Le Unly*»reity of Paris, has discovered an anti-tubercular serum, which is said to be the most effac- 'ous /emedy of Ihe kind ever used. Of eleven phthisical patients inoculated w-ith tbe serum, ten have either been cured or have shown improvement. Further experiments are expected to show cjven better results. stiowcd how the Presbyterians." through their college at Emporia,, reached but 300 students, while they had nearly 500 at the university. He ^aid that all over the country tbe trend of education was toward the 'arger state universities where the best equipments were offered.- He said that following the lead of the Pres- liytcrians herein establlsblng Wr -sf- minster house, that five state universities had seen like Bible chairs established by Presbyterians. He then appealed to the Presbyterian ministers present to lend all the aid in their power toward securing the necessary endowment. The synod took hold of th** matter heartily and hy a rising vote commended the work done by Dr. Wilber Lere and bis associates. Then they pas .'Jed a resolution asking the National board of Education to release Mr. Cochran for two weeks in November so that he can devote his time to tlie canvass for money for «he West- ullaster house, j There Is no d "ubt but what Dr. Cochran can be secured to take charge of the work. The canvass of the state will begin about November l$th and will he kept up until the quired 130.000 is secured. The ORES^ Q ^ Q ClIBES ECZEMA^ AC^IEJETTER ETC The skin is An index to the quality of the blood. Eczsma. Acne. Tetter, pimples, rashes. I eruptions, etc., show that some unhealthj humor or acid impurity is diseasing and corrupting the circulation, so that instead of 8appl3ring nourishment and strength to the fine, delicate ti^ues of the skin, it is contianally pouring out* its acrid and unhealthy acctimnUtions. Bxtenial applications of Slalves, wash^, lotions, etc., may relieve some of th« itching and other discomfort caused/by skin troubles, and for this reason shbnl,d be nsed.i-bnt such treatment cannot reach the humor-laden blood, and.lhierefore cann6t cure. A'thoroagit cleansing of the blood is the only cure for skin disea^. S. S. S., a purely^ T^etable preparation, is the best and qtiickest remedy. It goes down mtp the circulation and neutralizes and removes the acids, impurities and hnmpts, thoroughly purifies the circulation.and permanently cures skin.-diseases of every kind. When 'S. S. S. has driven the humors and JmpuriCies from the blood, and cooled anddeaased the kcid-heat£d circnlatioii'every.^stptom pasaes-away,-thc Ji agi^n nourished-with, xich^lheid^uul bipod ja)d <he trouble cund^ts Real Estate, Insurance city and Farm Loans Low Ratfi, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long: or! Short Tltne Loans. Cunningham & Arnett MAGAZr^ES A?fD PERIODICALS can bo secured of J. £. Henderson who deaJa with the i^ubtisbers and furnishes them at the lowest pric^ posstbl'ef" Trial sufjSGrlption to Vain Norden's. S mouths 25c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye trustees of the school already hare SIO.COO in si^t toward the fund and expect to raise more than the rd- quired amount by the first of the year. Dr. Wells and A. G. Mitchell returned from the Synod Saturday, before the meeting was concluded, while B. F. Cald-well got back yesterday. All of them were more than pleased with the way the Synod took hold of the movement. COBURN LEADS «^RY" FORCER. A Condemnation of the Government as S .Qonser for the Brewers. Topeka. Oct. 14^-iP. D. Coburn Is presiding over the Stat4 Temperance Union meeting. A leature of tbe day's proceeding -vras th*-'aeelu>- atlon of war on the interstate shilj^ mentsj>f liquor. The annual rep(Q^ declared^'that the.federal govemm,ent was In ihe position of Eponspr and protector of the iiqabr .dealers against the prohibitory law. -A lobby wlll;be sent to 'W^aahlngtoii .to llfkt tt6 Bi«asnre*^ • TlMVBev: jGl^irMs ^1^.. Sh^on^tPld of-BiB'^

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