Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1908
Page 5
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thiaBank SoUalii Your sjiyings with the uQ<ierstaQding that they wilf be cared for in a legitimate manner. For the use of your Savings! we p^y THREE PER CENT INTEREST, COMPOUNDED sc|mi*annually. I The small sayei may add ANY amount to hie Savings, after his account is opened—ONE DOLLAR will open! an account, with which we GIVE one of our BANKS^ you jsee in our window. This is a convenience that should not| he overlooked. 1 ^ THE BANK'S STATExMENT show where eyery c^nt is invested; you are informed as to the earnings of ithe ha|ik. The regular supervision of the State of all Savings snks is for the protection of ths people whosie funhs are jplaced|;[in the bank. Every means to give patrons safety is employed. We invite an investigation into the management of this bank. S#a#e Savings Bank ioia, Kmamam . Opeu from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Ni^ts RE4D! A f«^iv iiiiii<lrc«l li MftlitiiN .\o. I m>U>ru liuid ul iUHW uiid ii|>. GOLDEN WEST UND CO. Oilice Orvr lunu btitrv. Thorps & DoDgh i'vutnetors, Engineers, Sarrcyorsj Fully equipped for all kinds of snrTejlng, estimating, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sidewalics, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Orer Tamons." Short Storiei asBssBBB o r assBsaea.... lola Happening^ —Our. Ojrstera.. WMT^. Hffe f C«aferFMrtk Rev. J. J. Carroll, pa^pr of the United Brethren church. irlU leare nen Thursday for lola-to attendflkc annual conference. Others who will go from here are Rev. Ullliam Ctrope. Rev. J. W. Baugbman. C. O Bowman. Mr. and Mr:;. Josiah Yockey and Mrs. Rose Hamblin. The opening session will be held tomorrow evenini;. at which time Judge Oscar Kousi will deliver the address of welcome. The first business session will not be held until Thursday morning, however..Mr. Bowman is the delegate firbm the Chanute church.—Chanute Tribune. Notice. persons having a large picture of President .\rthur please phone J. E. Henderson. V»ust Decide» Theau The Chanute Tribune says' iu its court notes: Several of the cases on the docket are l>efore Judge Foust of lola. who has iheni under adviseiiient and will hand down decisions at this tenn. They have l>een t'ried and will not have to be fought over at this session. -Dr. J. B. Pepper. Dunllst, Pbone Superintendents to Meet. Tlie supcrliitciiiK'iits of tlK- sch<>o's of citifs of the first ami .sucoiid classes will hold tlieir auuual meeting; lu Emporia October 2;;. When the first meeting was held there they werejin­ vited to make this tlieir permanent place for gathering and to l)e ^he guests of the Normal. They accepted the invitation and ti>e meeting will be held every year. N'athaiiiiel Butler of the University of Chicago, will deliver the principal addrejss. There are about owe hutidred members iu the organizatiou.—Emporia Gazette. '><A||[|# —Always time to eat at Our Wayi No. 7 Flour Uocd as any—better than most. Don't- Forget Our MEAT MARKET \Ve handle only the best of Freab j Mcat^, Smoked and Sait- JNleats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the highest market price in cash or trade. Come in and see us. We are sole agents for J. .M.Bom'd COFFEES and TEAS If you will give thit line a trial jon will ui-e no other. Fryer Bros. I'lione 301, SUii*. lolu, Kuu>a!«. stopped Off at Emporia. Charles Everett, of WaKeeney. ar- riveil this afternoon for a visit with Iiis father and mothe."-. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Everett. He is on his why home from attending the Synod at lola.—Emporia Gazette. —Merchant's Lunch St Our Way. Aftermath of the Amateur. Som>' of the players who did Y man Service for the Blue Rapijds baseball te'am. dr.ring the siimm have brou'-'ht suit against xlu .i^tiiKiif for tlw> wa^es line the .Moanwhilf tli.*y arr- living on bus — Kinporiii c;a/ftt>'. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind Evans Bros. MM** MImttmmmmy. CCAoW Mmmplimm Trm Suontlmm Off lorn Mmmm/tmm Whert qnaljtly li main conilfi- •r&tion w* ^ny tha heat. Wliare demand* will jnstltr. wa carry all sradaa and prlcaa. Uif fqur*. !•]«. KMS. COI.OMST B.iXES Caljfoniis, Arbona, £tr. Bailj until October 31,1808. $30.00 from Iota, Kas. 4 ^ Saiiia Fe Back From Synod. I. W. l.fwis retiuiuil home toi from lola. when' he atteiideil Presb* terliiii S.viioil as a deleg from the Second duirili.—Etnpo Gazottf. —Fresh O.vfitars—Our Way. ds mi in­ ks. —Six per cent money: no commla- 3lon; no delay.—Smith A Travis. Wreck at llnnihwidt. The indecision, of a coal car as to which track it wanted to stay ou delayed traffic on the Santa Fe this morning. The car was being switched onto the loading track when the rwir trucks started onto the second switch This sent a car of cement billed to the Humboldt Hortlaud Cement compau.v carreciiing over to the main line, it Jumped two tracktt and struck the main line afteu plowing u|> the ballast ronsiderably. The car was unloaded and yanked back before ibe passenger trains were due. The ties were cut up ipiit a little but the rails were not misplaced and a little work by the secti<in gang wlil fix things up all right.—Humboldt Herald. i; you want the latest and nicest post cards on the market, get them at Mundis drug store. 2.000 at Salina. The Salina .iournal• says: .\U .lay today and all day yesterday a steady stream of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs poured into Salina for the meetings of the grand lodge and the assembly and encampment. Officers of the lodge in a position to know estimate that bv tomorrow mqrnitig there will be at least 2C00 strangers in the city. The grand officers of ail tbe bodies are Iiere with individual headquarters at the Xational hotel. The headquarters for registration and assignment ofj rooms, of which over 20rt0 have liePH pledged for the use of the visitors, is at BuUcley hall and across the avenue in front of it is swuns a banner announcing it. I Many hundreds registered tiiere tod^y. Chateau Cliocolates. ilie kind vou Uavf alway.-; iiouuht at .Mundis Drug Stove, has a beautitii. Passeporiant picture with each pound box. Consider lola Brick. .V si^ecial meeting of the. city conn- ci! will be held this evening to ti'=*cide whether T^ittsburg or lola brick will be used in paving the square. .\ list of the two brlfks was made Saturday afternoon. The Pittsbwrc proiluct mad'' a little the best showing but n>any .Wvada p-'ople prefer usins the lola product on account of the con- n».»ction of .\. B. (.'ockerill wi'h tluit plant. If is In a way regaril-d m- natroni/.ing hi>m<- in>lustr\,—.Wvala Post. dho tc Ha Is Vi»Hin7. .1. C fiilyar. proi)rietij'. of the Ho^el Portland barber shop, is in Silo^m Springs. .\rk.. on business this weik. Rowd^n " —Sien painting. Fred phone 1428. .It (.'hurcli liviirs. Not on|v did a burglar at lolu si to the depths of infancy which pion O'l h'un to steal a baby's bank, but jlie took it from the home while the fain- ily was at church.—Ottawa Herald.; —Cunningham & .Vmctt. 6 per cent money. Liberal Stopover privileges. Personal iy condocted excuirsions. Tickets acepted in tourist sleei)ers on pay- meat of Pullman rate^ and in chair car. No better way of becoming acquainted with the Great Southwest, •rfaere nuail farms yield a competence, tkan by traveling Over the Santa Fesf- Let me aead you some literature •iMut Callforaia, Arizona, etc. , * W. B.11ALST0.\'. Ageat i lola, Kaosat. Tilcst Sinner May Itetnrn. The Kvpiiblic:iu managers of Allen if-otuuy have l>eeu esi,erinienting wljth the length uf time a lighted torch w^li burn. They want the information to xne ill a coming "grand patriotic dem unstration." and also to stimulate tie invitation that "long as the lamp hot is out to burn, the vilest sinner may ^e- turu."—Ottauu Hera.m. —Oysters any style at Oar-way. KuEOBtc Home. Dr. J. C. .Miller was the guest evjer night of his daughter. Mrs. H. I. Kerr. Dr. Miller has Just returned from the Presbyterian h.vnod at lola where lie was made stated clerk and inoderat|>r of the Kansas synod. He leU tl is • mornlni! for Osborne. Rev. Dr. MilUer I was formerly president of the Colleijie of Kmporla.—Ottawa Herald. Ocgcnl CoBtncter. Flasstoo* Md Cemeat Sidewalks asd —lulst M fcavfaif T. 8." flou. Mama Beat UaatlMMi. The Humboldt.foot ball team t^a« delTeated by the Moran team Saturday afternoon by a; abbre of S to 0. me J*oran bors,.jr^-:iioo much for ihe Hamboidt teana^nd' did aot Jet them acore, altho^ .Haai^oldt. SiB4 "-^ '•iiii!ia;,the<ffc(M» 4 IMS. HOME Where Perii-na is Used As An All-Round Reliable Family IVIedicine. Fuuut;iiuville. Pa., Feb. Itf, i j time, as I do not need any. When I S. B. Ilartman, M. D. : I take cold I take Pernna and in a short Dear Sir: 1 have been think*ng of ' time I sni ail right. My wife is subject writing lo yoa for some time to Ht yuu to asthma. She takes Peruna at that know wliat P<»run» did for nis. ; time, and she has had no neetl for a doo- I jm37|year< old. I lost my health j tor for some time. With many thatikf alx>ut-is or seven years ag». I first | for your medicine, wo remain, had dy.ipepsia and employed different Sincerely yi>or>:, doetors. " PiULlP KRATZ. I.astyear I injuredoneof my kidnevR. I had one of tbe best doctor.-* for. f hat.'. FouniainviUe, Pa., April 10. huxi. He put nie to bed, not to move for two Dr. .S. B. Hartmai): iTcekii.' DearSir: We have Peruna in the I slowly recovered, but was «o weak , huusa all the time and vrbfa we ibiiik and prus(rate<l that I ••ould walk but a ; tve nee<t it, we take it. We am a)>'>ut short di .H ^ance. Intact I bad to keep --ixty yi-ars old and have n<.>t caUeJ » quiet, f. I do>*tor to our place for some year.-*. See the new Post Cards at Miiudl» Drug Store. Here From Burlinffton. Will Douglass and Carl XLithv' rode Wilt Stltchnnt's tandem fo ''h-in ute Sundav via N*eosho Fulls. P!.|!i:i. Tola and Humboldt, and returut-il on Nfonday. n<aklng a total trip of ni" hundred ami twent. miles. Th - roH 'ls "••ere fine especlallv near lola .vlirMv th»^y are macadilmi /.ed. TIP- I :;. tn lola from Burlington, a distam •>! forty miles, was U 'atle in foti- an.! one half hours. The boys .111 ;iot have a puncture or a I'reakduwu.— Burlington Republican. —Aafo Garare and Repair .*<hop for in kind« of repalria;. Aatomoblle Uvery. Pkaae S98. Humboldt Boy Hurt. Joe Cunningham, a .vouiig SOM «if W. S. Cunningham, received a hard Jolt Saturday noon. He was gathering walnnts'frcm a tree in Mi-s Georgia Hutchinson's yard, when he fell to the earth, fifteen feet below. .Vot a bone was broken but he has 208 sore spots aiiil a sprained wrist to remind him that le does ni»t rare for walnuts anywav.—Humbohjt Herald. They ail say that .Mundis has th<? newest and liesl line of po»t cards in the city. On Huntino Trip. Frank Fussman. C H. Scliaffner, J. E. Wat;efleld. W. T. Wixon. Harve Stewart. Dr. Duncan with Tom Davis' cook and Iwttle washer. left this morning for the Flint Mills where they will spend 5 or r. da>s slaus!:- tering <rame and catching fish while the nei<hbor9> send tliem lu nlenty of trub.' Ti-e boys went out last >ear and made such a good Impresaion on the community that rhey were asked to come again.—Humboldt Herald. 1 took;.««veral remedies, but obtained V».e go out in all kinds of weather and no relief. 1 also had catarrh iu aomu i soinntim-s when we go on a trip we form. [ taice |Peruna along. A preveniive is" My wifeadviu-il tue to take Peruna. iH -tter lhau a cure. Tiiat has iK -en '.'ur and it is with pleasure that I i-au say experienee. tliat by taking oue and oue-half Ijottle | I had poor healiii some year.* ago :tud of yonr curetl me aud I feel all right. I &eud this with many thanks to yon, as I enjoy life again. My wife; has also bvea taking your Peruna for a-tbma and it helps to re­ lievo heri We keep your Peruna inj the house coustautlr. Again I say I thank you for Peruna. Sincerelv yours, PHILIP KBATZ. wheal found yonr medicine I hit the right tiling. We both thank you for your good medicine. Sincerelv vburs, PHILIP KR.\TZ. Fountainville, Pa., Xov. 9,1608. Ur.S. B. Hartman. Dear Sir: 1 have good health now and your vaiuttltle medicine gave nie good^ are true in all particulars, tiitaltu. 1 bavt. had uo dotitor for aouet SIOSBD. WOHX.DOXKELLV, ESU Witness to Siinatures. I. Juha Donnelly, Mayor of Doylea- town. Pa., have been^acquainted with MV. Philip Kratz for 15 year.*. I know him to be an honorable and useful citizen. He, in my presence, signed the above statements concerning Peruna, which I have every reason to believe LANYIN'S sie DEAL Bl COAL IJANDS N£JLB PITTSBCB<J AND IVILL OPEX MIXES. WILL S^RT MORE SMELTERS PrKCHASllD LA>U l.\fiL*I»ES Vlt- L.l«|:i: OF LOX£ l '«Hi !iideratJon Not Reported Bat Deed." .Show i)nl.» Xouiinai Suia—.in Ex- • ten>iou t 'i au Kht-trlc Llae.. WILL RAISE CROSIER YANKEE.;; PiO.XKKR MLSSOIRLVX I»K.\D. Sugar Refiner Takes Contract for $87,500. t apt. Stephen Itatrai^ Hied at Clonic in kau.»as CHy. Washington. Oct. i::.—.John Ai- buckle, the sugar reliiser of New York, is to untiertak"- the floatin;r ot tli" crusier Yankee, which three weeks a -O w.-nl ashore at the entrance of Buzzards hay.-. H" entered into a contract with Secretary .Metcalf- today, rip- ^ons;dera:io» l>»-iii'.; J.S7 ..".nit. •Mr. .\rbOckb' is retiuired to expend U]) to $.'>ii.*liMi in tli>- work and if tlien his .efforts are litistice>-ftil. fU>- ^o^- cninient will pay iiim $ I*.'..«HH <. If the work has t<i 1 M - .^roppt.'d becau .se of reasons not uudei tli.- control of the rontracto". h"- is ti» \i<- reimbursed to III" ext.-'iit of o!t< half fi .e money S |>ellf II ' is ^iiider>tiiod ii" int'-lids fo U>e coiiypressed air, L>i curr>lu;; ou the worlk of floating the vessel. —Drs. Latbrop. Osteopath*. Phone 468. Tntu>cr{pt Filed. The tiauscripf in the case of Ta>- er 0«enri v.>i. Frank Ceter was filed in district court today. .tdaiii." on Varatiou. ('. K Adams, ("lerk of the court, left .vesterday for a visit in South Dakota. W. P.. Allison and W'ni. Davis are looking after his duties in his ahsence. For .\ppendiciti>. .xfias lAjlii Barker underwent an operation at itbe Si; .lohn's hospital this morning for appendicitis. Kansas City. Oct. U.—Captain Srej,h eu C. Itasau. a iiioneer Mi.~soi;r:an. died at hi.- honu here todu.v aucd >ears. lie received a liile in the Cou- federaie army .-i>:vin-.r 'inder tieiierai .fu. Sheliiy .—•rved two t^rms as Iei'reseniative in 'lie .Misstmri le.;ts- ari:t<|. and wa.- fh< 1ii>t p'ii'!ic school rfal-fr i[i this coun'y Fifty Cents a Monti) A small bottle of Scott's Emulsion costing fifty cents will last a baby a month—a fewdrop.-% in its bottle each time it is fed. That's a small outlay for so large a return of health and comfort. Babies that are given Scott's Emulsioo quickly respond to its helpful action. It seems to contain just the elements of nourishment a baby needs most. Ordinary food frequently lacks this nourishment:\Sco«'s Emulsion always supplies it. Send tilts a<hr«rt»CTu:nt. toarthcr lumc «< npcr in which it appears, your avorc -i aaJYour cent* to cover po»i.-»jr. inJ vre witi scnj you » •'CompleU lUiwly Atlas of the Woriu ' SCOTF & BOW-VS. 40^ PMII Street. .Vc« York The Pittslburg Headlight giVTss the following information concerning a deal in which the Lanyons. formerly of lola, arei interested, it is the intention, the ^Headlight says, to open up new coal niines and start smetters. The story follows: A deal has been closed by which the Oak.Coal Land holdio^fi. Just northwest of Pittsburg on the Frisco have been purchased from Rohert Lan yon. Sr.. of Wisconsin. b>' Robert H. Lan.von of St. IMU'H and AVni. Lanyou of lola. The cou,>ideraiJou is jiot r«|>urtcd. the deed which was filed jesierUuy ihow^ins only the nominal coaslduru- tion of oue dollar. The deal Includes auretf of coal laud, none Of which has beep devel- u|)eufl and which lies between tl)e city limits of Fitbburg and along tha Frisco railroad iiack be.vond Loqe Oak. Included in the deal also is nearly ill of the townsite of IjoneOak, iu.hidini: li'u town lots in that village. It is stated that it is the Intentions jf the LAnyoas to open extensive coal operations oit this land. Kxtrjnd Electric Llaew .\s a result of this activity iu coal operations the section on tbe ridge northwest ut Pittsburg, west of Cowcreek, will fSoon be busy with coal siiafis and ojiher industries, aod as It is at the very edge of Pittsburg, most of the uiiuers and workmen will live in Pitialiurfr. With the i;ip»-uing of the Lone Oat mines the eldciric railroad will be e.x- 'eaded on west from Fourth street be.vond the i;»ackin;; iionse district to 'he new miiifs. Open Miurri aud .Swatters. Shaii- will! be sunk according to the oians III the owners, at. Lone Oak, and :here i- a ijossibility that extensive -melters will be opened up at-Lone Oak. makiu.:; ihai an important suburb of I'ittiuur^r. \ . Lone Oak at pr»-seni consiets'mere­ ly of a sidiuj on the Frisco used for making up cual trains. There are two or three houses there, but otherwise the town is .merely on the plat. However, i; is the center of a large tract of uudieveloped coal land, and with (he opetjing of thafU aud smelters will makij an important suburb of Pittsburg. .\olK >d.v In piii.-buig today could be tound wiio would verify the report that operations there would be Started Hi once>er'enced coal mea say. however, that! a good coal vein exUtt; under the Lattyou holdings.. —Be a Btioster—Home Industry— :\"eo.sho Biverl Cat at Our Way. trrr>if Ba»>ett Waaiaa. .Mrs. Un\ itfnfra colored of Ba«sett. will be tried} before Judge Hildner ne.\t .Monday bn the charge of dlsturl»- ing the peace }of .Mrs. Stewart! colored. Mrs. Ren fro was arrested today. The trouble ?re\v 'out of an altercation between rhe woiuea which was aired iu 'An lola' jjolic^e court receutly. .i Boy Born. A l"..y w-A^ born V,\U niui'Uiug to I'aui Schumah. of southwest of lola. —Pai>er Hanging. Fred Rowden. Pbone 1428. .lUat KarwUaMvt. An a result; <4 the eaimw for Bible Ktnir ciaasMi by tT»e V..1L C. A. of the Unfveral^' of Kntuaa, IM freah- mei aad 175 upnerelaHnuvi enrolTed. ( iMlen vBl fee. trataeil liy I>iv ^«VJ5 »yBe of the University BlbUi A UNION SUIT THAT SURPASSES ALL Vou undoublediv know what i; means to have to wear uncomfortable aoiS , i'l-fltting uMderwear: >ou gel uuaatisiactui> undergarments oftener than vou get ones 'hat an not; it will be your own fault if >ou continue to do so Superior Union Suits fm* are exactly what their name ii)dicHles-^a superior article stift elastic and hervlceajble—shapely and enduring. They seams, oecurelv aitachetl buttons, wide laps, reinforced crjitch button 1)ole and aishoulder that cannot stretch and caujc sagging and the artu. CID IN EVIRY RESnCT CUA AllSi2M,AU Men of underwear- have never-rlp dropping under oftd All fabrics, np from %lXfO

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