The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 23, 1963 · Page 10
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 10

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1963
Page 10
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Ann Landers Can't Keep Girls From "Bawling" Ann Dear Ann Landers: You will be performing an invaluable service for the business world if you print this letter. It is about weeping women. I am personnel director of a large office. Our company is proud of its excellent working conditions, superior equipment and benefits we provide for our employes. Yet every day, without fail, at least one woman comes into my office and cries all over the upholstered furniture. A female who accepts the chal lenge of the busi- n e s s world should expect criticism, competition and personality conflicts. She asked for the whole package when she left her comfortable home and went out after that paycheck. I'd like to buy a full page ad in every newspaper in the country and say "Women Who Work —Grow Up. Men cannot respect a woman who blubbers like a 4- year-old when things go wrong." I must sign off now. Here comes another one. - DAMP FURNITURE Dear Damp Furniture: A 1 1 right, girls, turn off the water works, you're ruining the personnel director's shoe-shine. And you, sir — keep those paper tissues handy because the gals are going to keep right on bawling. Dear Ann Landers: I have taught third graders in the public schools for many years. These youngsters are inclined to tell a teacher things older children would not. They are so helpless in family difficulties my heart goes out to them. I know a father of 13 children who has not worked in almost two years. Another father of eight has been unemployed for a year. Aid to dependent children helps feed and house them but the dam- age to their personalities is irreparable. Youngsters should not grow up in a home where nobody works. They may become only too willing to go on welfare themselves when they grow up. Obviously, some men can't find employment. But too many fathers prefer relief to working. I recommend closer surveillance of families on relief so that able bodied men who can work, are not allowed to loaf and provide wretched examples for their children .-TROUBLED Dear Troubled: I abhor the notion that everyone on relief is free-loading, but I agree the ad ministration of our welfare pro grams can, in some areas, be improved. As you so cogently pointed out, poor administration involves not only a waste of taxpayers' money, but, more importantly, hu 'man values which can demoralize future generations. Thank you for writing. Dear Ann Landers: Joe and 1 are going to be married. This is an exciting time for us. His fir si wife died when his son was only five years old. The boy is nine now. Joe and I have talked about ev cry possible phase of our mar riage which might be a problem We agree on everything excep one point. We decided to put thi question to you. Do you think a nine-year-old boy should help his mother with the dishes? I say yes. Joe says dishes are sissy stuff. He claims a boy GOP To Investigate Bay Of Pigs Failure WIPE THE DISHES WITH A SMILE - Monique Maiorano, salesgirl in Paris, displays latest in kitchen gimmicks — Nona Lisa print dishcloth. Leonardo da Vinci's original oil painting of woman with smile is on display in Washington, D.C., on loan from the Louvre in Paris. should do yard work, run errands, empty the trash and so on, but he should not be expected to do anything in the kitchen. What you say goes.—IRENE Dear Irene: There is nothing sissified about a boy helping his mother with the dishes. In fact, I hope you will teach him to cook a little. It can be useful hobby. Some men are helpless when their wives have to be away for a few days. They can't make a pot of coffee or scramble an egg because their mothers never let them near the kitchen. For shame. If alcohol is robbing you or someone you love of health and dignity, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Help For The Alcoholic," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. A Complete Line Of PRATT & LAMBERT Paints and Varnishes NUZMAN LUMBER 113 E. 1st CH 2-1572 By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP)-The controversy over the failure of the 1981 Cuban invasion has flared up again. The Senate Republican leadership announced Tuesday it would begin an independent investigation of the U.S.-backed assault on the Bay of Pigs, and Democrats immediately raised a cry of "politics." In Miami, some Cuban exile leaders took issue with Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy's statement that the United States never promised air cover for the invasion. Dagoberto Darias, head of an invasion veterans organization and a commander of one of the assault transport ships, charged Tuesday that President Kennedy betrayed the Cuban people, even though "his brother is attempting to justify him on the Bay of Pigs fiasco." He said jets were in the air on invasion day and that he had received a message from "the American flagship directing our operations" advising that air cov- would be forthcoming at 2:30 p.m. "We saw the first two planes pass in the direction of Giron Beach (invasion point)," he said. "A minute later two other jets crossed, but the next minute, the first ones returned, like sea gulls fleeing from a storm." Senate Republican Leader Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois said today he is already gathering information on the crushed invasion and would lay it before the Senate Republican Policy Committee within two weeks. The committee, he said, gave him clearance to begin the investigation. Dirksen's aim obviously was to assemble evidence to rebut Atty. Gen. Kennedy's recent review of 'mistakes" made in the assault. Dirksen said only that he was interested in learning if the President's brother "told the entire factual story." But Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., contended in the Senate that Kennedy's summary was "a cleanup operation — designed to make the worst mistake of the President's career seem like something entirely different." The White House declined to comment on the investigation. There was no comment from the attorney general. Democrats responded that the Republicans were trying to play politics in international matters. Sen. J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark. chairman of the Senate Foreign 10 THB OTTAWA HERALD Wednesday, January 23,1963 Relations committee, said it "has a strong partisan aura." "Any conclusion they reached would be considered quite partisan," he said. "I doubt very seriously that any objective findings will come out of it." Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota, the assistant Democratic leader, said: "President Kennedy has taken full responsibility for the failure at the Bay of Pigs. This is no longer a matter of consideration." The GOP investigation seemed certain to focus on Atty. Gen. Kennedy's contention that the United States had never promised to provide air cover for the invasion. Last week a group of Cuban invasion leaders visiting the attorney general indicated to newsmen that no U.S. air cover had been pledged, saying "we had our own planes." In another development, two officials of the American Red Cross flew into Havana Tuesday at the invitation of Cuba. There was speculation their mission may deal with the 17 or more Americans held in Cuban prisons. PROTEIN POWER Help your dog "power up" . . . with Strongheart Dog Food. It's Real Meat, rich in protein for mighty muscle*, •tronger bones, zooming energy. SUPER SAVINGS NOW ON EVERY USED CAR! 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CHIROPRACTOR 116 W. 2nd CH 2-4777 J, C. South, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 116 E. 15th CH 2-2166 Residence Phone CH 2-3961 S. M. Broclnray. D.C. CHIROPRACTOH 1408 S. Main CH 2-2386 R. C. Capron, D.C. PHYSIOTHERAPY Ground Floor 113 E. 3rd Office Ph. 2-4100 Res. Ph. 2-2270 OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN HOMER N. FLORA, D.O. Osteopathic Physician Medicine and Surgery Zellner Building Phone CH 2-3746 DAVID L. YOUNG, D.O. Physical Medicine Phone CH 2-3844 222 E. 3rd St. FLYING SERVICE SKY SERVICE Jack C. Kille, Mgr. SMILING JACK'S SKY SERVICE Municipal Airport, Charter Trips, Sight Seeing Rides, Flight Instructions CH 2-9775 or CH 2-4230 23 Years Flying Experience BUNDY INSURANCE AGENCY (1 I IIMJr.l III f ic I -I- lr 2-421 1O6 E. SECOND OTTAWA. KANSAS INVESTMENTS INVESTORS DIVERSIFIED SERVICES, INC. exclusive distributor for Investors Mutual, Inc. Investors Stock Fund, Inc. Investors Selective Fund, Inc. Investors Inter-Continental Fund, Inc. Investors Syndicate of America, Inc. Investors Variable Payment Fund, Inc. prospectus upon request from Hazen L. Richardson 1438 S. Hickory CH 2-2773 INVESTORS SYNDICATE LIFE Insurance and Annuity Company MEDICAL DIRECTORY J. F. Barr, M.D. SURGERY Profess'l Bldg. CH 2-1268 Frank A. Trump, M.D. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Profess'l Bldg. CH 2-1620 Louis N. Sneer, M.D. General Medicine and Surgery Office: 109 W. Fourth Phone CH 2-1257 Res. Phone CH 2-3401 David G. Laury, M.D. General Medicine and Obstetrics Professional Building Office CH 2-1620 Res. CH 2-1J27 R. A. Gollier, M.D. Surgery — General Medicine CH 2-1182 Res. CH 2-2393 Professional Building Chester H. Strehlow, MD Surgery — General Medicine Professional Building CH -1279 Res. CH 2-5675 Sylva Lofgreen, M.D. Victor J. Lofgreen, M.D. Physicians and Surgeons 3rd & Walnut CH 2-212* R. S. Roberts, M.D. Professional Building Surgery — Medicine Office CH 2-4325 Res. CH 2-1594 Henning Bros. — 434 S. Main — CH 2-2641 For Prompt Ambulance Service Call CH 2-1331 Ottawa, Kansas JOE TOWNER'S CHAPEL THE ANTHONY CLINICAL LABORATORY Gladys Anthony Allergies, Bacteriology, Serelogy Hematology, Bio-Chemistry, Parasitology Room 15, Professional Bldg. Ph. CH 2-5296 Home CH 2-3407 Pharmacy Is Our Business Your Prescription Will Receive Our Careful Attention BRISCOE DRUG STORE 847 S. Main CH 2-4133 BEAUTY SHOPS Fredanne Beauty Shop We specialize in Permanent Waving and Hair Styling Irene Nitcher Shomber Maye B Snyder, owner 111 W. 2nd CH 2-5120 BEAUTYLAND Styling; Salon 114 E. 2nd CH 2-4347 OPERATORS: Eloise Milton, Marion Ishang, Sharon Brill, and Wiloma Babcock. owner and operator. Millie's Beauty Salon Specializing in Hair Shaping and Current Styling Millie Engles — Owner - operator Rose Marie Baxter- Beverly Gale — Operators US E. 3rd CH 2-3395 Veterinary Service VETERINARY SUPPLIES HESS, FRANKLIN and Others Mann-Bell Drug Store 501 N Main CH 2-3924 Children's Orthopedic Foot Correction Propr-Bilt f SHOES Recommended by Leading Foot Doctors All over the World. Professionally Fitted and Sold Exclusively in Franklin County at RICHARDSON'S SHOE STORE 212 S. Main ELMOR CRAVEN ASSOCIATE First National Bank Bldg. Phone CH 2-1243 General American Life Insurance Co., St. Louis Stocks — Bonds Mutual Funds ROBERT M. DILLON BARRETT. FITCH, NORTH &CO. Members New York Stock Exchange CH 2*2445 425 So. Main Send The Ottawa Herald To Your Student Away To School

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