Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1908
Page 4
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tk« lOU omtlEflSTEl •at«^«d It lola, Kaasas, Poatoillce, u 8econd*CIau Matter. \ MTertlalnc Bates Hade Kaowa on Application, ' SUBSCBIFndN RATES. ^ r<»Hw In loll. Gas Cftj, LMJM- TlUe or £BHBrp^ >ne Week 10 cenU 3ne Month. .44 cents One Year. , 15.00 By Mall. ^ Oaf year Inside conntj 9SM UtM year ootslde coanty NJOO rhreef Uontbs, in advance |L00 One ijlonth. in advance 44 WFilJilirPiPEKrClTY "'OFr BAS- Telephone: Business Office ------ 18 Editorial Room - 222 mivmuvxy TICKKT. I'vr President of Ihe United Stales WILLIA5I II. TAFl' of Ohio. For Vice Prcsideut JAMES S. Slil5IlM.V.\ of Now York. STATE TltKET. li\)r Govorn6r W. R. STUBUS o'f Lawreuee. l-'or Liculcnanl (Jovcruur W. J. I'lTZaKJULU of Dodge City. I-'or Secretary of Stale CliAS. K. DISNTON of Atlloa. l''or Auditor .lAMliS M. NATION of ICftc. I'-or Treasunr MAIUC 'rVLlA' of Indepciulonce: I'or Attorney General . P. S. .JACKSON of Liurcka. l"or Superiutcndenl rublic Instruclloti E. t. KAIKCHILD , ot Ellsnorlh. j I'or Superintcudeut Insurance C. W. BARNES ' Osage City. I For State Printer T. A. McNEAL of Toi»eKa. For R. R. Coiumissionori GEO. W. KANAVEL F. J. RYAN G. A. RYKER. For United Stales Seuatot J. L. BRISTOW of Saliua. For Congressman CIIAS. F. SCOTT of lola. For Judge Tliirty-seventh DLstrict OSCAR POUST of lola. For Stale Senator FRANK TRxVVlS of lola. COU>TY TICKET. For Represeulative W. T. WATSON For County Clerk R. E. CULBERTSON. For Treasurer C. C. AUSHElt.MAN. Vor Register of Dc^ds R. L. THOMPSON. For County Attorney n. A. EWING. For Probate JnUge J. U. SMITH. I'or Sheriff C. O. BOLi..lNGER. For Superintendent of Seiiools. MRS. MAUDE FUNSTON. For Surveyor 11. F. PALSTRINO. For Clerk Court C. E. ADAMS. For Coroner R. O. CimiSTJAN. For Comniissioner. Second District T. J. ANDERSON. For Coiumibsioncr. Third District C. A. FRONK. IllSL\£Si« AyU BKYAMUM. (Omaha Bee.) Business.uicn of the nation wil; find sometbiug to demand their sober thought and consideration in the stale mcut qf Colonel Henry Waitcrsou thai Bryan's candidacy for tlie presidency will find lis chief source of strength in the.fact thai a Republican hcnate would prevent him, in case of liln ciec- tiou, from doing any harm. Mr. Bryan has confirmed Co'onel 'Watlersoa's view of the situation, in a recent pro- notincemeiit al Buffalo Jlr. Bryan said; "it is probable that wo shall have a Republican senate for the next two years since It would he well-uigh hn: pos-siblc to make enough changes in the personnel of the senate this year to give the Democrats u nmjority. but we can make a beginning this year, and then by presenting tariff reform measures, measures against trusts, measures for more effective railroad re^iatlou. measures for the Insuring of'bank de)>osits, measures carrying out the lul)or reforms, uieasures ce- clalug for the ultimate independence of the Filipinos, and iu other measures outlined in .Qur platform, measure > recommended by; a Democratic president and endorsed by a Demo- cra ic house, we can compel a Ilepub- lid n senate either to accept theee re- for us or present a definite issue upon h&n two years.hence. It Is reas- om» o^e to assume that tiie. Republicans ^iltCM '.ieimte'will feoognfage «r imbUc optnionand seefolly .jpa^las themselres-on, ixecbrd, in to jOie detiben^t^ Jadgoieat: o£, front the buslneS's intci^ts country.diirihg four years under Bryan. The candidate himself 1H£ lOtA PAIIT MBISna, WEP3 of the admits tariff legibla- senate,; yet he to cai| a spe- that hb jcould-do iubibii g for tjjie flrst two yeanTi^Iier than to "present laeaa itre8'''^on trusts, jtarlff. raiiroi|ds, the Philippines and like t ucstionK nnd "compel the Republican senate to either accept thcsjb refoj'ms or present a definite issue on th^m two years hence.' Mr. Bryan must know] thai hj^ could not secure Democratic llou with a Republican has promised, if elected ciai session of congre>s to tiiikc up that question. How many business men will enjoy the prospect o| a certainty of two years of futile agilutiou cf the tariff question, wlilhout nope ot legislation? ,How many intere|bl8 and enterprises already esttiblishcq would smbark in new venturesj. make new ex tensions or invest additioual {capital during the two. .vears that Mrj Bryaa would be keeping the countryj !u an uproar and business uusettljed by tariff uncertainties, and how ma'iy- ncw cntor|»rises would be l:uincbcd under sucii condiiious? j I The business man who is ijidijfer- ent to (he political sittiiation ir who thinks that Bryan's fa igs wo^uld be pasteurized by a Repnb ican senate is making an. error that u^ay proye very cost I.v. The country cuuldj belter adapt itself to a changl> of policy on llmince, tariff and uthel' public qucr- tloiis tliuu Kubniit to (|Wu yi^ars uf Bryau agllatlon wiihoui the pusplbillly uf rotults. Mr. Bryan l.>j anlhotjiiy for the hlHlonirnt that he cbuld mii'liope lo :a-coMi|illsh anything|in legljiMliou along iln- lines of Ihe Diinvrr pi (Iform fur ;.t Icasi iwo years, fac'. llie compicxion of certain lo remain Republican itor ut leas! fonr years. The election tif Brj-- an. then, would simply liican a calling of n business hall during^ his term of offico. i ]\s a niallcr of the se sellale U If you had a thousand dollars or a hundred tliousand to Invest \n farmsj or town lots or morcbahdisc or uranufactiiring or mining or any other enterprise, would you invest i't now or,would:yCu wait until! after ihe election? And if you waited until after the elcctjon, and if Bryan were, elected, woul(jn't~,v0u wait a i little longer? Wouldn't;you wait until'he wasliuaug- urated, aiid tliQ.ii if i'.c called i special session of Congress rightlawaj'. as he declares he will do. wouldn 't you wait to see what Congress; would do? Well, it-you would postpone making your Jinvcslment in thiis way —wliich is precisely what you i would do if yon areja prudent business man —Isn't it reasonable to belicyi' that Civcry other jjrndcnt business! "aan would do the same thing? And if they all waited, what would ifappen to tic business of the country?! Who would employ the labor? Wlio]would put nioiiey in circulation? ThcSe arc rather numerous questions, bilt you will Imve to answer every cine of tliem iu your own mind before you cast an intelligent vote at the com ing election. It is not at a'l nnlikidy tltat all the zinc smelters in lola should!somc- tiiic come under one managi^ment. Cortainly no one would have aj right lo complain if they did, because no body would be harmed by such a con solidation. But if that sliouldi ha|)- pon. then tlie company owning; all these .smelters would produce'i more than half tlie total amount ot sjpelter made in the. United Slates, a^nd if Bryan were President and Congress had passed the law Irt ^ays ought to be passed, some of the smelters iju-ould have to shut- down. For B.rj-anij says, you know, that the way lo "bu^t t!.e Irusis,'' is to forbid any ouelj company to produce more than r>i(» per cent of the amount of any one ;|rticlu lAY ETEyP^C, OCyPBEB 14, IMS. LOHG WEARING BLACK SILK M ONEYBAK Guaranteed Black Silks, i^ade of chemically jpure silk yarns, tiot a bit of adulteratioa. (inters into Moneybak siHcs, thus insuring extra "sood wearing qualities, besides that superb finish not to be found in ordinary silks; every yard* of Moneybak silk is guaranteed to give perfect satis action. Look for the name on the selvage. 34 inch Moneybak SlO silk, per yard -.. Gold: band Of. inch B'ack Taffeta Silk, per yard st.oo Extra qualiiy '.'d inch Black 'I'af- fcla Silk Sf.25 I .S-iiM-li Taffeta Silk in black, white and colors, per yard SBG and 7So New .sh .nleH of lilui-. brown and rrd York i Silk. inchcv; wide, detachable ^'elvage. same as .Moneybak Silks, per yard Sf.30 Opiia :ind I'.el-.ling.". yi-.rd wi-lc .Salin. full :•.<•> Inches wide, wear gnaranieed. while. Mack and colors, price per yard st.oo Skinner's Sal ins ::•> incbt-.s wide, white, black and colors, wear guaranteed for two seasons, jirice per yard Skiiin«:rs i'.Jai-k '['affet.-i :',<; inelies wide, an :'b^^<)lnt(• ;;uaianic>' wiili ev- fiy y.ffi: !niik for (lie naim-. .Skinner'^ giiaraiiieod. Taffeta; on llie seivage, price per yard I'aiu-v Vcdting and .Waist Silks in I'cisian pat!e|ns, |»rice per yard .\ special l(»l of fancy :;tripc Sifks lit Id Zl inche.s wid*-. and ?lfC^- values, price i»er .vard 69c .Mes-saline Silki^ wiih rich saiin fin- Ish. price ler yard IJraidfd Bti-iJ Ni<.k Giidies wiib tassel ends. {iiUv 26 G ana 75e .V (A .\i-ik Itucii I'oilurs with wide :iia bow.*^. price each 51.50 to S 6 MBO Svw Satin Belt Girdle.'; wiili t^Wi .<ide iu blue, brown and black, price ca<h GBo :>:»• liairliglil Crowns wiih combs attached, si^ccial price—' • • . The Big tiaylight Store — ^ Read ihe OEUHLATOn St Year used in this cquutry. NMiat would the gQME LOCAL POLITICAL NOTES men who work in the smelters think of that kind of a policy? i! is to iaush: -Ian; Wasn't cans: it a great day for Repnbli- Mr, Bryan says that if ho is elcci- ed President laboring men need notJ be afraid of injimclions. But howl Th.- editor of The lnde.v regrets his about their jobs? wo.dd ii P''o-L.^i,;,;,, ,enK„.ber the questions fit a man to be immune from iujunc-i U.M .ru 'dican speaJ^ers last night, tion if he were out of work? , ,„i„;^; ,,^3., j-,.„o,,, jna^j,. ity to ri-meniber will make a good balanci- wheil for .\our inability Mr. Brjan admits tliat if In- were elected he could not really accomplish anything for two years al least, because the Senate will still remain Republican. But. I K- says, 'w.' could present tariff reform ujcasurcs.-nicas Ures against trustmeasures more effective railroad lejsislation, measures for the insuring of bank deposits, measures carrying out the labor rcforius. measures declaring for the ulllmatc independence of the Philippines and other measures outlined in our platform." in oiler wonls he could keep the coimlry stirred' up so that business wouldn't know what to expect from one day to the next. Isn't there a splendid promise of prosperity in that; sort of a program? Wouldn't' men/ just fa'l over each other to put money into railroaiis and factories I and <ilher sr'eal onteri)risos House shak- up his medicine bottle and hand- Carl J. Peterson in an interview! last night said: "I've got to give it to .von.- You've got a great meeting here tonight." CoHncilman Glynn, Dcn'ocratic councilman from the First ward: "The torchlight procession was some sr.cll thing." Chas. Bowlus: "Your meeting last night j "Happy" Richardson, the local roll- was a hum-din?er." j er skating racer is rapidly getting LAST RACE TONIGHT Series Between '-•Happy" and Sciberts Will Come to An End. tell t: truth. i back into form and the speed he The Democrats aiv makir.g a great ,.,,,0^-^,, last night was verv gratifv- play for the colored vote yet the liia.- j^^. ^^.^ 1,^^^ .^od pair of skates to Jority or them who were on the ,351 „igUt. the rollers being taken streets yesterday spent a greater par.t j from another piir o» skates and plac- iof their lime making inn of Republi-;^,^ geiberts was defeated bad- It will i)i!obai)ly l<i> some time be fore oiH> .1.; W. Fuller, retired fnrni tun- (jeakr (bv his ircditorst asksi cans for marching in hind a "niKgcr" band. a parade he- • Tl:f Indev says there was some! j ly. losing the race by ±alf a lap. In ; this series it makes a race for eacli. but oil tlic whole season Seiberts is r„r i^^'^'^'^''" 'ios^'«>^" Stul'l's questionsj —••• ^| ""r^jstill one to the. good, so if Happy o •»,i;rir>ni ,H ...>itncr i-.ito ,„.niii.. disturoance on the street last night... . • , ,„ 1"^ ^ political meeting. l->m p<.opit., ... : -wins tonight he will onlv be tied, al- gavc Fuller the merry ha ha lastpt't ir carefully refrains irom saying t,jo„gjj ^.ii,„i„„ the majority of this niubt. J who made the disturbance. ; | series. . •ni , .1 e"^- '. c • • t. ' ' The losing man In the races gets JCJie futile eflorts of certain LK-m-i . . . . , J, . , - . .i I "o pay whatever, the entire amount ocrats to cause a disturbance at the, , .... meetiugs last night resulted only iu 1 ''"'^'^ f 3"'°"', , , . . ! Tomorrow night the rink will of- their own embarrassment. ' °. ,1 .„ .. „ , • 'fer as an attraction. "Billy Stein. A certain local newspaper circiilat-ja without legs, who skates and or tried to get his carriers lo blow •rides a bicycle. He was at Chanute horns in front of the Stubbs meet-;''»«i ^^"^^ a»J t''*^ ""P*-'"-^ ^a.v with a m^in in tlie Vvnit< in ing out a new dose of quick-cure nostrums every day? tjiii- Col. Vog<dsang, mill promoter, iot iicprched slightly, also. lundred torches, five hundred of Roman randies, six lo a iiid six hundred paper horns d in last night's parade. The (Jndfx count 1 who took part in the pariid*' must have hern tarantula's Instead jof human beings. Five- bunches bunch, were BE.Sr CAIKAAII DOCXOltl , This,is tire little;iHyn-^ niei inhaler a doctor (hat ban cured iinany thousands df buffjcrers frcni catarrl. brouc|iiUs. a'otiima, tiay jjever. co&ghs, coks, grip) and croup. ;l It's easy to cure iiour- self with H>omel.. iPour a few drops In tbe:|little inhaler, and breatl^c it in. The healing, »both- ius aud anieeptlc-j air will reach |evcry ||iiuuk and crevice of the cous naembifano 01 nose and stop the hroat: I will rritation al- n[ost iminediately: | will allay the itiflanlmaJon; d rive out the /oul < dor; kill the gerqis andlchre the disease. "My wife bias beed us- i^g Hroinej for] two niontha f ^r,Jbatarrh| She , has reoeffed nore Relief . , ,ittthaii from ani 9tlieiv .t •leat''^. S. Parrett; 0„:;".- mui- the The correspondent for tlio Kansas City .loiirnal who was here yi'sterday said hist night that it was the best demonstration that tl'.ere had been in Kansas^ this year outside of the one al Topelia. He estimated the crowd at IF HUGHES IS BEATEN. 1 , ~~~~ I TI e Index editor savs he was un- He is Slated for Ambassadorship atj^.^,,. r„„,^,. ^^^^^ ^^^^ London. ' „ero offered one dollar to carry jtoreiies in the para«le. ;*eople will !Nw York, Oct. 11.— Governor (.'has j iiardly believe this because it is 0 Evans Huglics will sifrceed Wliilelawl foregoiii- conclusion that if any such Reid as ambaKsador to the court of J nremiunis hail been offered the know- St. James in the event thai he loses-ing editor would have been in tb€ his figLt for re-election. | paraile himself.' The appointment of the governor m! the most imi)ortnnt diplomatic i»osi-| Tlie |<iln Daily Index is r.'dng to tlou within the gift of the admlnls-! have President Roosevelt removed tration Is, of course, contingent U|)onifrom office for o:f.[ns!ve partlsan- the election of Judge Taft. jsbi.). \Miar a shocli this will be to Ettiisaaries of Candidate Tail uiet; Itoost'vtdt if he hearfi of It. ing but the little fellows showed bet- that he is fine. Seiberts. the racer. ter raising than their boss and re-'a^so gix^es him a good-endorsement. fused to do It. ' —7" { Brick building in lola to ! e.xchauge for farni: Two residences to {exchange for a ,farni.—Whitaker & Donnell. TO ATTE.NU LEtTlKE. j Quite a numbt-r ofl good Deniocrils the governor upon Ids a-iival in the cltj- today at the Hotel Asior, .Man- , hattan. and assured him that in ihe!*^""^'' officeLup learly this momf event of his defeat ho would be am-!'»S ami apologized tor the mls-state- ply provided for In consideration ot\ ""^^"'"^ ^Morning Boll, "services rendered during the cam ' " paigu." Plead fer .Ytnkten^ Irleans. Oct. I-l.—Mi relief, church extension and temper I The Index regrets! Its inability to I publish Icongressmani Pollard's speech jlu full. I As a matter of fact they wouldn't liare publish It for the things New Orleans. Oct. H.— Ministerial | , ^ , . ^, , „i jhe did to their platform made It look ' like a imnctured dime. It is also|-a noticealjle fact that The Index tobH the platjrorm put of tlie paper todaf | wrerej discussed today at the In- teroatfonal. Mtssionar}- coaii-enUon of the cbqrehes of Christ. A strong ap- Ciirisjliun Srlcnt!.>it<4 Uolnsr lo ('lianuti* Friday. .\ large iinniber of Chrisiiaii Scieii-| All iiienibers o ti.'^ls are lo noon on Friday to 1. Men's .Mileage Bi attend a lecture to be given there on night at S::jy p. Friday evening. Dr. Frances J. PTuno i Business of iniporl of California, will deliver the iectnre acted and every i]|ienil)er is requested 33 one of the series under the au-sjiiced. to be present. of the church. I E. D. siJHlELDS, President >otice. Ubsini^s Men. the lola Buainci- reaii will meet t<»- ni. in Booster hail, ancc Is to be trans- Baking Po#deF Received Highest World's Pure Fobd^ Exposition Chicago, Nov^i^ 1907 It means tint Cdumet Iiur ^-a h^w Standard m Baking Powder—the ttandaid ct the y^^rld. BecMie this sitard was girfa to Cahimet after thorbngfa tests and espcrimenn, over all |other baking powder*. It means that Cahtmet is the best lakuig powder in cmy pazttcai9F ,ia the w«rid., , And^ neantttat dfanpct pmduces thr V)

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