The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 7, 1964 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1964
Page 3
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Saturday, November 7, 1964 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Lutheran Ladies Take Collection to Purchase Gifts • A collection was taken by., members.of the Lutheran Lad-' itical jes Aid to buy Christmas gifts 'hat loves reading, has every- for shut-ins of the community j thing within his reach.". How when they met at the-- school jtrue! And you, only, have to. .for their regular meeting. Thir- [reach as far as the Tipton ty-three members were present 1 County Public Library. No one at the meeting which opened 1 ^""'tinn-m with, the' singing of a hymn fol- cJ &brarfy looted By Waneta I. Collins William Godwin, English pol- philosopher, said "He lowed with responsive reading. Secretary and/, treasurer's report were' reatf ; 'by Mrs. Glenn ever completes his education in today's fast-changing world,'for, education is a continuing process and once you catch .up with yesterday's facts, new dis- *Boyer and Mrs. Raymond Lein-jcoveries change the picture. Inger respectively. Thank you Your Tipton and Windfall Lib- notes were read from Mrs. raries, • with their books and Walter-Holsten and Mrs. Clif- magazines, records, pamphlets ford Cook for flowers received land other factual materials can while they were in the hospital . A thank you note was also received from the Ladies Auxiliary of "Old Peoples Home for help you keep your education up to date. Important- Novel Richard Condon's new novel, $25 the Ladies Aid had sent to!"An Infinity of - Mirrors" will them. The group also, voted to send- $50 to the Lutheran hour. The meeting date was changed to- the second Thursday of each month so that Pastor Klausmier could attend the meetings. Nominations for new officers was conducted with Mrs. Ray Davis and Mrs. Edwin Schweitzer serving as tellers provoke discussion among it's readers here and everywhere, who will be moved and engrossed by it. The action takes place between 1932. and 1944 in Paris, in Berlin and then in Occupied Paris. Paule Bernheim, a beautiful young French Jew, and Wilhelm von Rhode, a Prussian officer whose family had been a part of the Mrs. Harry Ebert and Mrs. I German military establishment Edward Doversberger acted as hostesses for Mesdames Mary Bergman, Carlos Bockover, Glen Boyer, Clifford C o o k, Ray Davis, George Fischvogt, Herbert Heffelmire, Raymond Heffelmire, Winona Henry, Dale Hensley, Vernon Kleyla, Edgar Leininger, Raymond Leininger, Donald Piel, Hershel Powell, Herman Quade, Ralph Rump, John Schulenburg, Melvin Schulenburg, Orville Schulenburg, Edwin Schweitzer, Omer ; Sloan, Louis Teuscher, Carl Weismiller, James Weismiller, Elmer Weismiller, Walter Weismiller, Louis Wendt, Phillip Yontz; Misses Alma Doversberger and Edna Weismiller. helpful advice in this book. Hyder's instructions for making frames - with readily available materials and- tools make picture framing easy enough for anyone to do. • Also this book will enable you to deal more knowledgeably with professional framers, whom you might contact-to do the work for you. Do 'you have a yen to do something this fall, something to further your knowledge and experience? Would you like to study a foreign language o r learn how to refinish furniture or learn more about international affairs? Your Tipton County Library can direct you to sources of information o n these and many other subjects. Talk your interests over with your librarian today—she will be glad to help you. Malt %»> Tipton County Library open • Monday-Wednesday- Friday tiil 8:00 plm. niisroflflr THE MIRACLE COMFORT WATCH BAND BRAZILIA $T .95 * F.T.1. ed ilei leweller A home videotape recroder portable (40-pounds) and relatively low cost (about $2,500) billed as the "first major step in the home entertainment center of the future," but at the very least an answer to television networks that insist o n scheduling their most popular programs simultaneously s o that : you sometimes wish you had two heads. The recorder, which consumes tape a t eonomical speed and will run a full hour pie in the following. 12 years_ is ; without re winding or reversing, Tip Toppers flub Elects Officers at Thursday Meeting The Tipton Tip Toppers Square Dance club elected new officers when they met in the Friendship room of Tipton Building and Loan association on Thursday, November 5. Francis Ley, president was in charge of the meeting., New officers elected were president, Jay Long; vice president, Beanie Bowers; secretary, Sue Odle and treasurer, Mrs. Gary Holliday. The .secretary and treasurer's report' were given by Bonita Arnett and Jeanette Miller respectively. The New Year's Eve dance was cancelled. New members -who joined the club were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Denham. The Tip Toppers will have a dance this evening at the Farm Bureau hall with Ted Voile calling. Present at the meeting were Messers and Mesdames John Miller, Keith Porter, Jay Long, James Kendall, Mrs. Gary Holliday, Georgia Denham, Bonita Arnett, Jackie and Francis Ley, Sue Olde and Allan Tharp. PAGE 3 for several hundred years, met and fell in love in the French capital in the spring of 1932. Within a few months they were married and had settled down in Berlin just as Hitler came to power. The story of what happens to these two brave and naive peo- a microcosm of; the fate of European civilization during that period. The reading of this brilliantly imaginative novel is an experience that no reader will forget. The most powerful and serious work of one of the master storytellers of our time, "An Infinity of Mirrors," will undoubtedly increase the membership of what may be known as the Condon Cult. His only other book available from the Tipton Library is "Some Angry Angel," but we may be forced to buy more. Interior Decorating Fall and spring are the two seasons when the homemaker yearns to rearrange the living room furniture, make changes in drapes or slipcovers, or redecorate her home or apartment. To help meet this • seasonal urge the Tipton and Windfall Libraries have many books on interior decorating, room arrangement, can be used with existing home ; television sets to record one program while viewing another live, or to record,, while unattended, a pre-programmed selection. It will switch from channel to channel. The developers, in their announcement, predicted a "Tape of the Month" soon will be as common as "Book of. the Month," and forecast growth of libraries of tapes of entertainment, educational and informational events. A low-cost juke box for the home will take up to 40 seven- average jinch records and provide four to eight hburs of ininterrupted music without feeding it a single dime. A mechanical, rather than electrical system, utilizing only one small electric motor, activates the record selector, controls record pick-up and return and supplies the power for spinning the discs at either - , „ - „ , 33 and one-third or 45 RPM. painting, and-wallpapering and Th cnanger Drotect ed bv a ntW rnlatoH cuhinr-t.: Tl n n lr <: i 1 " e „ Ln «»ger, protected Dy a plastic dome, was designed to other related subjects. Boo.ks can make the job of home'dec- orating, room refurnishing and refurnishing show more successful results." The library also has helpful books on finishing floors and woodwork, home re- give the record fan the freedom of choice allowed by single records, as opposed to long- play albums. The record racks j are interchangeable; each re r . , , . . , , cord position is numbered for pairs, upholstery, picture indexing. An entire program frames and framing and other , can be pre-selected and Mrs. Miller Entertains For Club Mrs. Ted Barrett Eye Cue Home Demonstration club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Jackie Miller, west of Windfall, with Miss Eugenia Nunemaker as assisting hostess. Mrs." Robert McKinley, president was i n charge of the meeting which was opened with singing the song of the month, "For the Beauty of the Earth," with Mrs. Guy Trimble at the piano. Mrs. 'Miller gave devotions using as her theme, "Thanksgiving" and followed with prayer. Mrs. Paul Larson gave the secretary's report. Roll call answered 'with drawing names for Christmas and each member - naming something which she would like to have. The lesson on "Room Arrangement and Lighting," was •presented by Mrs. Lowell Trimble and Mrs. Miller. The Officers training school was announced for Monday December 7, in Tipton. The meeting was dismissed with the club prayer. Special prizes were received by 'Mrs. Steve Smith and Mrs. Lowell Trimble. Refreshments were served to Mesdames Mark Daughterty, I Carl Retherford, Ola Dean, Donald Martin, Philip Lawson, Ted Barrett, Guy Trimble, Steve Smith, Ned Kemper, Robbert McKinley, Dorothy Todd, Lowell Trimble, Paul Reish, Paul Larson, Miss Eugenia Nunemaker and Miss Dorothy Bunch. The next meeting will be on Wednesday December 2, for the annual Christmas • party and gift exchange. The peace will be announced later. related topics. ~* The new . book on "Picture Framing" is by Max Hyder. Whether you are going to select an appropriate frame at a store. or buy the materials to make it yourself, you will find 8 a reject button allows cancellation of any tune being played. QSL $2.50 per 100 EYEBALL $1.50 per 100 CARDS $10.00 per 500 CARDS $6.35 per 500 CHOICE OF Color of Ink Color of Paper BLACK BLUE BROWN GREEN RED WHITE WITH ENAMEL FINISH BUFF BLUE RIPPLE FINISH GRAY With One Week Service Bring Yonr Own Ideas h And We Wfll Fix You Up < 221 EAST JAFFtRSON For those who would make their own music, an easy to operate slide chart of chords and keys will help the student of piano, organ or accordion. The novice is introduced to-basic chords in 12 keys with countless variations and combinations. The chart slider is moved to indicate a desired key and automatically the most •popular basic chords are shown on printed keyboards, using colors for easy • reference. If fun means action, there's a new table-tennis table, .designed for use .indoors or jput, that is said to be up to ^tournament- type play yet still folds in the center for quick, compact storage. There .are no catches, latches or locks. A 14-guuge steel frame on the-5 by 9 foot table is combined with a %-inch' banded resin-wood playing surface finished in flat green with white court lines. W. A. Swinford has returned home from Tipton County hospital, following treatment the past several weeks. Mrs. Frank Everling and daughter have returned home from Mercy hospital, Elwood. SUNDAY MORNING BRUNCH IS NICE TO GET UP TO The nice thing about a Sunday brunch is its'relaxed and informal atmosphere. Guests fresh from church or a few hours' extra sleep are in a mood to enjoy good food and good company. A brunch can be a strictly adult affair, or can include your friends' and your own youngsters. ' For the' hostess looking for the mpstest in warm hospitality, the brunch is definitely "in." Food for a brunch should be delicious, but appear to be no trouble at all, a pretense helped along by careful planning and doing most of the work the day before. A menu that pleases guests of all ages starts with Brunch- burgers— extra tender, juicy beef patties adapted from an' old Swedish recipe. In addition to ground beef and seasonings, the patties contain shredded raw potato and chopped glass- packed beets — surprise ingredients that account for their delightful texture. To pour over them, there's a tangy beet sauce that's delicious and different. With them you might serve a Mayonnaise-Vegetable Salad Ring, Olive Muffins, Apple Cream Fluff with Walnut Caramel Sauce, and lots of Iiot coffee. Brunchburgers can 'also be served as lunoli, supper, or din- nerburgers. If you're caught up with your 'Vitertaining, they make fine family fare. \ BRUNCHBURCERS 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 to 2 tablespoons'^ cooking oil or shortening >-- . ' * % cup vinegar '-, 3 tablespoons sugar , 1 tablespoon cornstarch ., BRUNCHBURGERS. An old Swedish recipe was the source, of the "secret ingredients" in these Brunchburgers. Class-packed beets, chopped fine, and grated raw potato make the patties very tender and juicy. Beets are also used for the tangy sauce served with the Brunchburgers. 1 jar (1 pound) sliced beets 1% pounds ground beef 1 cup shredded raw potato 2 eggs • % cup chopped onion % cup catsup 214 teaspoons salt Vt. teaspoon pepper Drain beets and save liquid. Chop beets. Combine % of the beets, beef, potato, eggs, onion, ketchup, 2 teaspoons salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce; mix well. Shape into 8 patties' about % inch thick.'Brown on both sides in hot oil or fat. Cover patties and cook over low heat until done, about 15 . minutes, adding a small amount of water, if needed/ Combine beet liquid, vinegar, sugar, cornstarch and remaining VL teaspoon salt. Cook, stirring constantly until thickened. Add remaining beets and heat. Serve over meat patties. Yield: 8 servings. • . Eight Tips for Parents on How to "Shorten' a Child's Hospital Stay !,<1 -•,<« K'% '••'» '-•» '..'•« /»»t W» U» AAt Mf M» ;.,<| .'.'•« >'t,M1 ;.,<» *.A» M» Vt ' MEETING PLACE CHANGED 'Members of Goldsmith Home Demonstration club, will meet at the home of Mrs. Isabelle Starrett instead of Mrs. Winona Henry as was previously reported. Mrs. T. W. Smith Entertains Class Cosmos class of Kemp Methodist church met in the home of Mrs. Florence Smith on Wednesday afternoon. A short business session was "nened by the president, Mrs. Ada Goar, reading a poem, "Vacations End." Devotions were given by Mrs. Penelope Williams taken from Psalms 34. The treasurer, Mrs. Nellie Thomas gave her report. A vote was approved to send the annual donation to Basher Boys school at Goshen. Report of sick members taken. Mrs. Maude Wilson had entered St. Joseph's hospital at Kokomo for eye surgery. A card was 'signed by all present to be sent out to her. An auction was then held. Refreshments were served to 22 members and five guests. Co- hostesses' were Maude Daniels, Hazel Barr, Nettie Foster and Penelope Williams. The next meeting will be a pitch-in dinner and gift exchange on December 2 at Kemp 'Methodist church. The world of children is full of happy things like lollipops and learning to read, birthdays and bicycles, grammar school and visits to grandma. Sometimes a case of measles or mumps, or even the sniffles, invades the happy-go-lucky world of childhood and slows down a youngster for a few days. Parents hope nothing more serious than a brief stay-at-home illness will strike beccause a hospital stay for a young child isn't a pleasant thought. But it does happen. Government statistics indicate 10 per cent of all hospital patients are between the ages of 5 and 14. A youngster's hospital stay might be caused by something as simple as a tonsillectomy, as elusive as a virus, or as complicated ' as a defective heart valve. Whatever the reason for hospitalization, the importance of preparing a child for a trip to the hospital is recognized by wise parents. Kimberly-Clark Corporation offers these suggestions to help children accept and understand hospital care: Tips for Parents 1. Whenever your child visits .the doctor for a regular medical check - up, emphasize that the doctor and nurse both want him to be well and happy. 2. After visiting a hospitalized adult, be sure your conversation in front of children emphasizes that "Aunt Minnie is getting well in the hospital" or that "Uncle Joe's pain is all gone, thanks to the doctor's care." 3. Explain the typical set-up of the hospital in language he understands. Tell him of hospital rules and the reasons for them — why he can't have candy, why he must eat specially-prepared meals, why he can't run around as he does at home. 4. Let him take his favorite toy with him and if the hospital allows it, h i s own pajamas too. If he has something familiar with him, he is - more likely to accept being away from home. • 5. Tell him when you will visit him. Don't make promises that can't be kept. He'll look forward to visiting hours, so be sure to enter his room with a smile.-Bring a small gift when you visit, something that will break the monotony of the hospital day. It might be a new book to read or color or a booklet his doctors and nurses can autograph for him. It might be a cheerful Kleenex tissues dispenser like a plush Lucky Lion that not only brightens a child's room, but is useful too. And the lion dispenser will be sure to find a place in his room at home too, providing fun and comfort and handy pop-up tissues whether he's sick or well. 6. Encourage friends and relatives to send cards or letters. Children love to open mail. 7. Personal gifts add color to a hospital room. If they're from brothers, sisters or playmates they'll have extra meaning. Brother could send a balloon that can be tied to, the bedpost. Sister might contribute an original finger painting. A get-well telegram from Grandma and Grandpa will be displayed with pride, a n d a bouquet of favorite flowers is a welcome surprise for a young lady patient. 8. Finally, don't- try to fool him. If it's going to hurt, he'll find out about it Tell him honestly, the general procedure the doctor will follow, and explain that' he's going to the hospital to get well. Following these suggestions, might not make a youngster's hospital stay any shorter, but the days will go by faster, and he'll remember the hospital as the place he "got well." WCTU WORKSHOP Women's Christian Temperance Union county workshop will be conducted at Hazel Dell Friends church, one mile south then one mile east of Windfall on November 10 beginning at 10 a. m. All members are requested to be present and visitors are welcome. A carry-in dinner will be served at the noon hour. Everyone is to bring their table service. Smorgasbord and bazaar, (sponsored by the Stander- ford Class) November 11 at the West Street Christian Church. Serving from 5 to 8. Adults $1.00 children under 6 50c. C-32 CHANGE-OF-LIFE... does it fill you with terror...frighten you? ; Read how countless women havo found the way to overcome chango-of-life fear* Hmre you reached that time of countless women, hare, wllk life when one minute you feel suffocating' hot flushes and the next are clammy, cold, nervous, Irritable? Are yon JB at aCsC? •ffear? , Don't just suffer these miserable symptoms of ehange- of-lifel Find relief the way Tae genii* M<fidnawifat»e senile J gentle Lydia E. Pinkhant tablets. In doctor's testa 3 oat at 4 women wk« ttok tfeass r effective relief without live "shots." Don't brood. Dont w»r*T yourself sick. Get Lydia ft. Pinkham Tablets today. MM LYDIA E. PINKHAM AMBULANCE SERVICE.... anytime Day or Night Oar Two Ambulances Are Fully Equipped With Oxygen loli ^Jountj. - Yjiclti FUNERAL HOME 216 W. Jefferson OS 5-4780 This Week 40 PER GAL. SAVE*1 on famous SPRED SATIN latex wonder wall paint *5 ONLY Reg. $6.89 Gal. GAL TOLLE BROS. INC 111 W. MADISON TIPTON, IND. TO THE VERY LAST TO Order Your Christmas Cards NAMES OR BUSINESS IMPRINTED AT NO EXTRA COST . (2 LINES ONLY) J® DURING THE MONTH ORil NOVEMBER Order Now! DAILY TRIBUNE

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