Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 4, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1907
Page 4
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'mm ^ 4'- CI tCULATION 4^ b.>. gu tacRimoN RATit. IN fal« OM City, LwiyonvflM tmitu. Mntk, la sdraoM. ** M Iflia. 'VMM*. pMrtofBo*. jMsond-ctaas nuittor. B*ta« Mate Know* M Apr lOlMtloa. OFFICIAI Fim CITI Of BAS- „ * AMOCIATKU niBM. . : TlM l«ta D Illy iMwiMM- la « MM A«M«I« ttf Pnm and Recaivta th« My MMrt-' r that; O'vat nawa organlza- SBN fSrU lualvaiArtMfloan Publication THEATERS TO <»PEN SlMl.VY. ; The Managers WUl Iiniciro .Ta.k" Wal. lace's 3ml Instrnrtlrtiis. Kansas Ciiy. Orj. i'.- In r.-plv i<. tin- JllstrilcUoJi.s of JU'JK'" of iii<' criminal court iniln- unmil juiv i<»v I Sai'diiig; th« closlus <if «U<'atfr!» ou 1 Siuiday, Abratiam .Itidali. (irosid.^:ii <if : the Theatricsil M.wia^jcrs' jisy.u intinii. Issned Uils slJilonlHiil vi-.-lii<l:i> : Are llie lliealt-rslKoiiii: l<i uin -u Smi-. Yes. tJipy al! iuit>inl i<i n|ii-i! m-M Si^nday. U-may i-iioi IM- KI ii»^ially known that ,.a9 :in'i- wni «»V Ui** S<m <l;iy ' llieaferfioefs are iiHopli- win. .-iml toll hard si^^JSjHt iu ih.> vt-iu. it v.'Oiild he wrotiR in d ^-firiV'- ilum nf Ihls lltlJi' f.Ieiisnrp'liny li;iv'- i .i lii"-: heViIdes we I'l-fl tlu 'ii we uii- luu vid- lattng any TJWte law liy <»i>'ii'"" "'H' theaters oiuSuiiday. A case /tteftftjinsnnie up h'»f ^ir*» Die supreme cour:. :n ivIiVh i\u ((upstioii of tlie legality of Sunday lasebali tiiay^ng was involved. The rmirf decided that this wa? not a violailou of the-state laws. Rasr-ball vpry miicii nice' the theatre, -has iirk«t SCIUT.-. and tlekef takers and actors who play to art aitdlcnc^ belund Mie j'ooiijghts. cess'bfltfff'yi^'siinfiflr wf"'-'fef-;' j .1 bat we aro not. violatiim atii- siati> ;lkw-by. giving thesp Sunday jifTfomi- aiices. " ilr. Judah said he had conferred v-lth the other managers of the £Uitlon aiid tliat his siutonionr sented thc^lHfentioii of aJI of them. Judge W1 «(*B*i}n ^triicil6ns to thc gnind jury Monday' morning were that Unjess thP 'SWfeTlr ^s wer? clo.sod O.T «ext Sunday, 5ndSctmeins shnilO i).- retiimf^. iindfjr the master and s<>r- Aiant law it^ainst workins on Sunday. The prosa^ions will be for all the Sunday op^ings in the la.^^i yrnr. wmsAY rsii^it vr.\(F. no\n. OUR SUITS OF $15 AND UP PRESSED FREE OF CHARGE; Copyrifrht 1 907 by Hart SchafFner Marx Quality! I A RE you go'nff-to buy a Suit to-morrow, or next week? What appeals to you? Price, or a matter of style, quality, fit, variety of patterns, durability, workmanship, designing, distinctive appjfrjnct:? Do you know anything about how a suit ought to be made, or about the fabrics used nowadays, or whether it is worth a dollar more, or a dollar less? If you don't know, be safe and buy a HART . SCHAFFNER & MARX or a STEIN BLOCH Suit. The LABEL guarantees the quality and the making, and the GLOBE guarantees the pr'ce to be right. For e tire clothes satisfaction, you can't equal these lines. Scores.of handsome patterns In Fall Suits, $15 $18 $20 $22.50 $25 Top Coats an'i Rain Coats made by Hart. Sr.haffnrr *. Marx and Stein Bicck, maker<i nf standard goods. Wtiether ycu declre a rain coat, a top ccat o>- any other of the fashionable things in overcoats, here you will find everything that the heart could desire. Prices, SW to $2S sv.v. orii ni.siM.vv MINDOW.S. Our N-w Nettleton Shoes are ready for your insoecticn' They are worn by the b'>st dressed men in iDla. Dull and Patent Leathers. Headquarters fcr John B. Stetson. Knox and Imperial Hats. Hambeldt Man MoKt Sot .Vhuse Yonner Prank Undsay, ih.-" young Humboldt man who is chargtxl with threatening a yonng lady at lluniboldi, Sunday Jwas placed Mniler a jr .OO bond 10 k^pp the peace. His h ^aiing r^-curred in 3qdge Potter's coiirt. l .iiid.'-'ay is said lohavc ben drinkit^g at the thiK- ho Is rtisirjred with abusing the ynunf TO HAVE MORE PAVING .mi.vKV .HAKKiri Tiiiirr. conditions and the pro.^necis that the I cost of living will in- higher during 'change in banking investments Ihrough the west, whereby the com- I 'snliiB PeiMlon Had Sa.Ticlcnt Sism- crs for Tassaue. Th? ciiy ultoruoy was'.ir;.?<! last niglii III diai'i an r.idliiaiRM! culling for ihc paviig of the blocUs i>u South Walnut. Kast l.ncolii and K<ii- t\:ckv strcet.s wliirh WITO i-i'i-.-uily | .is a CIKIIICP for an iuw.-ird gold movc- Itetitioned for. The conimiiKf w <Mit 1 over the petition for th;> Kast Uncoln i j^^^^^ paving again as there wa^ a nii'-»lion I as 10 whether or not it had ti:f re- 1 ^.j|.^jj„j^^-,^.1, Inlrrest Hales Will Continue High coming wintpr, duo 10 increased j mercia; paiier of some of the best in- VnXil Crops .Ire .Harkeferf. j prices of fond siiifi's .-ind provisions. | dnstriai institutions of the country I CDiistiiuie ihi-' important feat-j have supplanted farm loans, tends to Washington, On. I.—".Money i.s mes of the indusirial and monetary 1 toniribute i-o a shortage of funds for iighi. interest rates are hi.*;h and the.-e .siiuntion." These opi:iions were ex-i crop moving. .Mr. floberts estimates conditions iirornise m continue pressed today by Ceorge E, Roberts. | thai in some of the great agricultural through the tiuiimin. and until tlie.fdrmer direcior of ihe mini, now i states of the .Mississipjii valley from president of leh Commercial .National j ?II>.IMII.'.000 IO ?l-''.i»"0.<!i»il of shrin linu- Hank of ('hi;'ago. wl.d was here for a ; Indus:rial iwiicr is carried by Ihe brief slay on busiinss. icouiiiry banks and iliis l"a<'i curtails Whilf in the oiiiiruui of Mr. Uoberls, 1 Ihe possiliilily of ihe banks furnisli- wlio is .-I careful .-.uiilenl of linancial 'and iiidiislrlal ((miiiiions, the business auliinin. crops aie iiiaikeiod. SerreLu'V Corte- lyoii of ll'.c treasury should continue his plan of making public deposiis ir lb.- banks, at lea::i niiiil the ;rop nioveiii.tit is fully Ilnrinc.'d and there The ing funds o nc.ill to fmaiK -e iln- crop movemeni. If the coniin<-rci:il paper ahs improvel beyond the lis cashed il is driven east and falls fluired number of legal signers, li was found that there were tweniy-on • eli^'ible sicners and tnat eleven had si**ed for it. the proposit'on carr;.ing by one. people of the east are 1 sitiianon ..... e of the great dancer line, there w;il certainly be a ! njitm the eastern banks, thereby con- lakeu place in bank i couiiunance of tight money for atiirlbniing to the n.ghiiie-s of •- .MI. fiobert.s" LETS RUTLEDGE OUT mventmeuts in the v.est during re-1 least a inimih or six weeks. These! the money market. In cent veils wlwrein short time com-" condii ions he aiiribiiies lo ihe de-j opinion the people are sentenced to mercial paper of some of Ihe greai ' mand f<ir funds lo market the crops higher pri.-es for breadsinffs andpro- indiisirial enterprises of the east am'and to the high price.? which . visions dpi ing the coming year, as a now carried by small western banks, crops are brin;;in;< on account of a I result of the comparatively .short ihiid providing invi'siments for ilie general shortage in the world's mar- j woi.d's crop. The prosperity i :f the s'lrpius monev of the farmers. These kets. These fact-., connected with the' farni-r is assured, bir. ibe w.i.-e-earn- How to pure CoBStipation Oi'iice oi' SnnerlnlearieBl Abolished bj Connril. -1. TIK' ili-;i:ir; iiiiibr lb" dirw'ii'M nf lilc Mi-iilf- TJie ofTlc • of .silperilili-llili-iil lit iiMli 111 nliliiles h.'is IHM'II abiil:.-!!! d :i'ii| a-.1 ii-^uH W. r.. KiiibiUi- is b'l out (.! ;i job, oidinanc tn lli:i( <f|.-c: .v .i .s passcil \<\ ill" ciiiiii'il ! nit'lit •lllc rispoiu ib;l;( V tli; ii'H I <il ,1!:" idllc" ii'iiv I '.M-1 Hi. Ill .Ml-".;;- Kn-I .;Bcw peotjle altogether escape a disor 1^1 IS. .N'-wb.. and .Sfnne T.'i-; ai .•..d^ of the obwels. You may catch cold, v ill be a -aving lo i!:" i-iiy in < iii i.-^ *nta>ca.%, ovei^difnlr. worry too innch, d?>wn ib" ^.•JlaIy r • opt eurdaeenougbpr do a hundred and uK -nt Is HOA one other thilipi that result in constipa- i!ii' ciitiuriiii'e On ji! t &iBor cosqiv^aess. ; When, the trouble cpniMitia«elU6km.wwhatt*^forit. . MOKMS (IT OIF THi: r.[>llts. /In thaopt uon oCtUousanda there is no J ^^^T^c^' wnstipatooa than Or. jj^^ j;,,,, Sal .etlia. ka^.. \r, ^ CaldweU's J ymp P&psin. which anyone »„.sir,,vcd c«a obtain lir & .cents or $i at a drug ""• ' .•fcenat Yoo wke.U at BteJii on ivUr'n.-, »ur 'I •<^s by eiillii>-j lli" lliiibs <,ff. I |i.. •wmpte. and jrton you wake up Hi ]LUe ip«jreln» gi umid li.-u«-;nb \'>\ <\\\\ i>i-i-s -s ^^^fS^SS^^^^c^^^Hir.yo^r s.<r".vn uilh limbs -be .si/..- .,1 a I.M-I I bttdaieycr.yaar^yS brighter, you ftl ocliyo |')-neil nr l:irger. which bnvr- l„ "u cull •iiamMkiTifjir. :AUtbU ouyMt luire lakea •'a'd 'he v.eiglit of the limb br al.s ; —,t9fM^^im^<ia i» i.ff and it falls to the gio'ind. ^^S^iStSfv^d'^^^.'^*'^^ >i<'W^'^r fa-rners nor anyon- in this! -.^Oi^WilaoaBrpwii.of NouvpolU. ni .,luKi>o vcinity remembers ever seiliig siu-Ii I >i»lt—fy teaaylwr that ;Dr. Caldwell's S .Trup ...nrni l>efore fSatBklradaita tolUsiiattieats Uiat,Mtber used : : , ts&^^S^B^^^^^ THE PLAGUE SPREADS s better tlian s^lu ^^V «C> jepr dragciat aaA set a U oent o-*' B*HMeU oar elaiiBt are not jostUed. lierord ofi ! San • Francificn. Oct. 4.— Fifty-on ^/ vej-fled cases of bubonic jilagiie have, .^developed in San Francisco to date. I a.ccording to the records being kept | in. Ihe office of Dr. nuperi IJlne of, [.;iha hospital service >n charie nf ilie; Viork of eradication. There have been I 3»r 'Twi tb'rty deivthrt About ihiriv sn«p'>cisj W"**""! »re under obsi .Tvat on. One of ihej Jift |ronfi^yerificd cases. Miss Kotiinri, j R ^r |Liae<l v^mf at tha cty at\d c«mi>- •sMlibspital. bas recovered and lierii ditieiuuved. i i '.l Oyster Crackers that are always fresh. Oyster Crackers that melt on your tongue. Oyster Crackers with a charming flavor. Oyster Crackers that have never been handled. Oyster Crackers that aro just as good with soup as they are with oysters. O^st^erettes 5 ^ In Tloisture '' proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY er and salaried man will feel the pres sure. The .xelent to which industrial paper has etiiered the agricultural re- • gions is the result of less demand by j ih" farmers for funds for Investment i in. lands and improvements, and ihe| average higher interest rates paid by I Ihe industrial corporations on their | s-.horl lime paper. If. however, as .Mr. , Uoberts expresses il. the treasury will j continue to afford relief in the quiel j way that it has bt^cn going on during i the past month. :be crops will be I marUeiud and then- v.ill be an easier; niiiney niai Uei and relief from daii.uer. I Satisfied Customers I'IRIJCATI(» NOTICK, Siaie of Kansas. .Mien fonniy. ss. i In ihe Districi Court for .sjtid County. S. U. Spillman, plaintiff, vs. Cnion Poi (land. Cemeni Company, a corpora-| lion, defendant. Said defendant I':iion Portland Cement ;-L a corporation, will! tiki i;etii" l!i;ii 1' has been sued in! ilie ;:liiiv.' Ilalili-I Con;! upon lliree ' 6-5-4; 15 the only preparation that is saitable for use, on Gas, orGasoline, Cooking liangts, because it destroys rust, is 'water and grease proof, dries in to minutes and is applied like paint. THKIi.S FHOM CALIFOKMA. : .Seven Hundred I'ine.s <o ell Piunied I at Leavcntvorth, r.c.-ivenworlh. Oct. •!.—The rptar- l.-rmasn-r at For; Leavenworth h;is re(, 1. i.r ;i!-u„;! iiiion which said ''hat a birge niiniber of yiung ii;';'.iirf .•':iim;-, . :iid defeadaiii is In- Hf'-i and piani:; vilttible lor trans- l.-'ii.-i! It: him in i!u- tout! sum of Six j plantinj^ be sliippi^l !o the iKist from 'i b(iu.--:inil Five Hundred Hollars. The i th" Presidio ot ."-^au Francisco, Cal., lii.iiuii ill said cause was tlb-d "11 ilw - for d.-i-oraiive |"s in variinis nub day of .\iigiisi, I!iii7. in said l)Is*i parts of liie post proii.-'r. Hid ro;ir': and In said cause iliej Uliile llid" .-iro frees of many deS- plalniiff tiled an •.iffid;ivi! for altadi- crijiiions at aii-1 iienr the post,' it 1 i-lit. and r;iilsi'il an mcb-r of ;iilai-b- i.'ieni IO b" li-viiii ii|iiiii ilie fidlowinr. dcs.i-ii;.rd hiiiils bi-lon^iim lo ::.!d d. . ;'!i. iii-v^i'; S. i: ', (if S -'C. li'.. j 1 I I .\ I-:. '• , .• In. and .V. !' •• .v. i; of S. - lU; in fivashi,. |.:l, H :i::';-- I :i In .\l|rn Coiai). i-;;!ns:i,;. Iiiiist answer the pellli-in lilel ihei.-jji by Miici MraiiHIiV f:i- iit-:i)!! i!u- lilih da', of Novewiber. K'HT, or said iic;;-' liiMi will l,e !aki-a as a.'ul jiid!.' in-'j!i fur .phiiiitiff In :.;iid ii'-iinn nv $';.:.i)ti.iia V, 1... r"-i!di-.->->i :ii-(iii-i'ingly' •ivonid iinpi.iV". the 'ii!i|;s have plenty of iiiii" .ind cedar lre"s and In I'lii' I iim-I lit' i|iM;t> riiiji.vii-r K; iii- .•Indeil i;ii-'i nl llic bi;ni|lfid Miiii II ley |i Ill 's .mil ci'dais. " t ii.K ( KMI:TKIIY PI.AT. Ci!> Engineer to He'in Uork of Sur- v:-\intr Site. Till- |i 'ai i'i 111" ii'-w <-"i!i"iery w.^s i>i".e!ii--i III i-''.i:-\i-i! last nighi b • 111" ciiiipiKitti-'" ill !• i .-.rgi- .-iiul wa;; .\:id Il-.c .s;i!d aliachni.-ill i.rnce.-din.:;^ i (,,,„,,.,. , -(-,„. ,„„^.,. j-,^^ ,,,,, will be confinm-d and said property ^.j,^. „„^:,„„., „,.,,,. jf,e siirv .H-. will be m-d.-i.-d :.<.!u i.. --aiidy suc.i! .p,,.^ ^^.j,, .^^ ,1^^. engim-.'-r jiid;-'meiii. KWi.N'c. f;.\i;i) 'i.MtD. j tJJ.-al.l AMoiii"-.I'll Pl.iiiillrf. 1 .\.|i-,l: C. .\I)\\:.S. I |i|. j-M-I*-. C'erk of .S:.iil I'oiirl. : lini" friiiii his nmre [ircssing dii li. s. . STO( K 1 0(»1» IJAKKKI) 1> KAX.SA.S. j — i .Miiniif-^liircrs Have Fuiled to Coinplr i With 'he Iji^t I.egislHlureV Law. " To|h ka. 0<t. ;. - No smck foods are; b.-ia;; told in Kansas ai the present | lime, according to wholesale d.='alers.' .N'ono of the f(-«-'s come up to the re- riu'remenis of the law passed by the lust legislatnre. The legislature made e.'riain siamianls necessary and pro v'deil for an "xainination by members of the faculty of the state agricultural college. .\ license was also re- (pilrtd. .MoHt of t?"e companies have refused to coni|ily w th the provisions and llij Internalicnal Stock Food com-, nauy has brought a suit In the United Sia'es circuit cnurt to prevent the (nforccmcni of the law. The whole- Ki'e dealers have sent notices to the r.'tnileis lo return all the present !>"ck to the whojesiile houses and not liffer any for sale. ronuft and learn economy of time and tn.irertal by haklnn with K. C. Baking Powder, at llRmaay 'B. 4^ jBefore anaemic people use Scott's Emulsson * their blood is thin and starved, their general healdt poor, and their spirits depressed. After they use Scott's Emuision their blood i» rich and abundant their, general healUt excellent «n<i their ^iritft boiqruit diStM^:

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