The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1946
Page 2
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PAGE TITO BLVTHEVILLB (ARIL) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 25, 194C Korea Divided Into Dual Zones Area Has Two S«ts Of Government and Economic Policies'. Writes Check SEOUL (UP)—Koreans emerging from Northern Koreo to the j American zone have indicated that I for oil practical purposes Korea | has now been divided into two nations, with two sets of governmental, political and economic practices. ' i The -American occupation zone. Us ruled through United States' Military Government, headed by Maj. Gen. Archer L. Lerch. Tills lovernmenV was established ' in September, 1946. shortly after i American occupation forces landed Kor«a. Lt. Gen. John U. Hodge,! commander of United States forces n Korea has said that the Ameri-, can plan calls for transfer nany administrative and executive powers to Koreans as possible, as soon;"as they prove their ability to take'Ithem on. This ability seems to have been proven rather well in the past few months. In an interview with United Press Lorch said he believed the Koreans were capable of taking over nearly all functions or government right now. Later lie said ^ he believed Koreans were j Eii'ind .Andeison. 1 'ncom i, Wash , ready for self-government and'war contractor, whose check for hoped they realized this soon.. | $2,500 to Paul A. Olsen, > former Americans Only Advising I secretary to Representative John :(cst announcements from Mil-j M. Coffee, Democrat from -\Va itnry" Government have Indicated ington, Is being Investigated by Youths Damage Homes Under Construction MEMPHIS, Tenn.. July 25. <UP) —Four youths who (nought It fun to tear slorm shoaling and cll]j electric wiring In partially completed houses today awaited Juvenile court action licre. The boys, two 14, one 15 and a 12-year-old compatriot, were accused of $3.000 damage to a row of new houses going up In East Memphis. Three of the boys were charged with doing $300 dumw to a Dclsel tractor they "tried to ta.kc all apart." Chief of Detectives M. A. Hinds satd the boys h:u> admit ted their guilt. . Read Courier -Want Arts. Largest Bomber Hears First Flight The XB-3li. the Army's newest mid the world's largest land based bomber, was n sten nearer its first flight as safety inspections were completed by the Air Material Command at the Fort Worth. Texas plant of the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation. The huge bomber, which hiis a length of 103 feet, n U'lngspreail of 230 feet nml a height ol 55 fuel, ami is powered by six 3.030 h.p. Pratt and Whitney Wasp Major engines, will take off for Us first flli'.hl after t^-xl tests, now being run, arc completed. (NEA Photo.) Fallacies The so-called flatfishes, usch as flat, but thin, laterally, while halibut, are not being compressed the horlxonlally flattened rays and bk ites arc not flatfish. The citrus Industry of Arizona and California uses 200.000,000 board feet of lumber annually for boxes. Head Courier News want ads. that: tills transfer of actual governmental functions Is actually taking place, and rapidly. For several-months, there have been two directors ' In every bureau of the I^clional 'Government, and two officials in many oUier important ix>s£s as 'well. One of these was an American officer. The other Is a Korean. Now, In rnimy of the bureaus, the Americans arc acting in a purely advisory capacity, while the Korean administrators arc doing 'all the actual work. Gen. Hodge explained American aims: in Korea early this year. He compared the Korean government to 1 aj pyramid. The Americans, he said,^ are'-'attempting to build that pyramid'-front''-the bottom laying a firm -foundation in civil service administration so that when the Proyisioiial' and''later the independent.- government <s formed, the top ? government heads can be placed q'u the pyramid without dislc/dging any of the stones. In-line with Hodge's policy, Military ,p.Government has inaugurated I a civil service for Korean administrative jobs'. An ordnance recently ~was'.tissued calling for all government employees to pass the required civil: service examinations aiid ;i eonipletely climating the old Japanese .'-system i'of'--appointments the Senate War Committee. <NEA Tclcphoto.) 17. S. Watching New Bolivian Government WASHINGTON. July 25. (UP) — The State Department today was expected to begin consultations soon with other Latin American nations on tlic question of recognizing the new irollvlan government. Indications are that the United States will favor giving a friendly diplomatic nod to the sludcnt- labbr-teacher group which cnme lo power last Sunday through a revolt. consultations on recognition are expected to slnrt in a week or 10 days. Better Tobacco Grades Sell High on Opening Day through the' Japanese throne. Korea's clvlrsen'ice was organt?cd nlorig lines of the United Slates civil.- service, and actual organization, was done by American civil service heads. All jobs have been placed on. n merit basis. Incumbents can keep their jobs if thcv can': pass .the examination cr if I their length of service and capabilities satisfy higher officials. 7 Reds Kept Committees Tri u the North the Soviets have nn altogether different system of government. When they occupied North Korea there were existent People's Committee organized to take] over administration or the country after 'the Japanese defeat. These \yere also existent and functioning in the American occupa- tlon*zone. While the Americans declared that Military Government was'tl>e only governing body which would be recognized, the Soviets took 1 ; over and made use of these committees. In many .cases, according .to Koreans, thcv replaced leaders -and administrative heads, but fheyp kept "the -skeleton organization * intact. This has resulted in a situation where the Soviets can say thot NorQi Korea is governed by an Interim People's Committee, while the'-Ahiericans can only claim that they]; ere building the foundation for $. permanent government The Northern Government has as iff seat--1 he '• city of Pyong Yanc, secom largest in Korea and induslria capital of the country. The American: government is located ii Seoul, traditional capital of Korea. and'_;American officials have taken VALDOSTA. C.a., July 25. (UP) —Tobacco cash rclurns were up and down in the Georgia-Florida fHie?cilrcu belt today—up for better leaf grades, but down for (he lower ouality offerings. The U. S. Department of Agriculture's marketing service said yesterday's opening day sales or O.OCO.GOO ]xmnds of tobacco brought higher prices for choice leaf, but less for t>oor grades than was of- ferod in 19^5. Pirst day sales at Ihe 17 Gcov- ttia and (wo Florida tobacco centers brought ati averace of 4fi cents i nouiul a survey disclosed. The average for better quality obacco was SI lo S3 higher per nindied Irian in 1945, but inferior af fell off $4 to S16.50 a hun- Ircd. Prices generally ranged from 43 o -IS cents per hundredweight in he flue-cured belt, with extremes ranging from five cents a pound 'or non-descript tobacco lo 51 cents for top cumlHy cutters and ups. According to; USDA reports, first day offerincs this season were scncrallv "considerably better" than last season. over (he National Government, while the SovinUs have taken over only government of Ihe five provinces in the North. Communist leaders, both here and in the North, have made great cniital of the supposedly- "peoples" government. Actually this covorr.mcnt is hand-picked, and Koreans say that members of the Communist party have all the Important posts, while aiiti-Commu- Ists are not allowed in administrative posts at all. ' Spanky Joins Army t the famous "Our Gang" comedies, George R P Mcrarland .^ tnov.ii to million* of movie fans simply as Spanky," enlisted tfce'UWtfd States Army Air Forces in Dallas, Tex, last week and *fcMro above Inking the oath of enlistment administered by MftJ ',«*. Wills. BABY FOOD Gerbers Dozen . Hay Pressed Blocks In Stock BARKSDALE Manufacturing & Machine Works South IJrmtlwny IVORY SOAP Medium Size 8c Large Size • TOc ^ 'V ^^ ^ ~*^ *r Cashmere BoiiQiiet SOAP with the Fragrance Men Love LARGE SIZE | OXYDOL.. box 25c KING TASTE Cef fhe New tic THtrrrr Bath Siaee Mayonnaise P>. 35c DELICIOUS 2 for19c Kraft Dinner pkg.10c Canova, Maxwell House, Folger's, Old Judge COFFEE.... Ib jar 35C S\v;m or Him: Itihbnn NAPKINS Pkg. lOc Velvet or 1*. A. TOBACCO canlOc UNO. 2 CAN for 20c ..35c BAKING SODA ...3 for 10c DIAMOND or SWAN MATCHES.. 6for25c .1KFFEKSON ISLAM) —. 5c BOXES fOR PRIDE of ILLINOIS — No. 2 Can m m m TABLE SALT..... 6 for 25c TEA Upton's '/4 Ib. 28c; Tenderlcaf '/4 Ib. 24c; Ib. 2 Ib. 55c 47c Best Cream MEAL No. 2 size Can 15c 5lbs 45c 10 IBs 80c 25 Ibs. . . 1.85 Juicy LEMONS, Sunkist.. Ib. 22c ,. case 345 Sweet Grapes, Red Malaga, Ib. 39c Crispy Head LETTUCE, large... Ea.l2c GOLD DOLLAR Well Bleached Stalks CELERY . . Ea. lOc Prune Juice.qt.BBc California Bakers POTATOES Ib. 5c Fresh Hard Heads CABBAGE Ib. 4ic Garden Fresh SPINACH Ib.ISc Snow White Heads CAULIFLOWER ... Ib. 15c Purple Hull PEAS, Crowder Ib. lOc Fresh Colorado BEETS . Bch. lOc Red Triumph POTATOES ... 10 Ibs. 39c Large Size Seedless GRAPEFRUIT ... 3 for 25c Winesap or Arkansas Black APPLES, New Crop . Ib. lOc Calif. Sunkist ORANGES, juicy.. doz. 55c Fresh Radishes, Onions ... bch. 5c WHOLE DILL or SOUR — 16 oz. Jar PICKLES B 2Sc PORK ROAST ..... ib. 39c PORK SAUSAGE ... Ib. 35c PORK STEAK Ib. 45c PRIDE of ILLINOIS — No. 2 Con PORK & BEANS 15c JACK SPRAT — 46 oz. Can Graplruit Juice 29c ADAMS — No. 2 Can 19c — 46 oz. Can ORANGE JUICE 45c FRUIT JARS — Pts. Doz. 58c; Qts. Doz. 72c 1/2 Gal. Doz 98c LIDS & CAPS, Doz 10c Pure Strawberry or Blackberry — 16 oz. Jar PRESERVES.... 68c FKKSII SLICED PORK CHOPS Ib. 45c FKKSII CUT BEEF LIVER Ib. 29c ALL MEAT GROUND BEEF . . Ib. 29c BEST GltAl>K — ALL CJITS BEEF STEAK Ib. 59c LEAN MEAT Ib. 30c BEEF ROAST Ib. 30c WKOI.K FRKSH PORK HAMS Ib. 40c ALWAYS <;oo» PURE LARD... 50 Ibs. $15 BLUE CHEESE . . . Ib. 79c JACK SPRAT — 46 oz. Can Tomato Juice..27c IBallard Biscuits 10 1

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