Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1908
Page 2
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: I • i r. A. KdilTHBUP. Tlc «^PwikA«i|i T>.ie. irOBTIIBIIP. M litt-Tntk PAID ira TIME DEPOSnS A. |..|B ]ICiDAUeH. Caaklcr. State if faiMii u XELtnr FBOKK, Ailt Miiit liilh Ann : Assets ;$i,2(K),00ll —Fitxgi'raid, Auto Mury. riioiic. •*• • • Had Many Patrons. The \V. C. T.. U. rooms OIL liaM Jackson street were coiurortably /III- cd yesterday fo- tlie mca)s served to the public. The nicniis^ al_ noon ami for the .evening meal werjc prettily served ,aud,-a. large number of patrons were seated at the several tables. I •^ Y. P. C. U. Mectinn. The lesson study .it the meeting- of the y. P. C. U. last niKlif. was relative to 'jCommittee work." Mr. Frank Waite hJd charge of tin; pfiijgrani :uul several interesting talks and refor- ences were given. A special eoHcc- tlon was taken during Unr part of the evening and the stxiily hour was e .spccially profitabh'. Tiie meeting will occur on Sunday cvcu- ing of conference week. • • •> Dyke Builders. Th^ Dyke Builders' club i of Li».lle ! Builders* chapel held tlcir meeting last night, Mrs. E. N. Jones was present to direct the pleasures and ; business of the evening. A Ijarge num- jber of the members were present. ^ ^. ^ Visit Sister. I Mrs. R. V. Beach of Big Spring Nebraska, arrived today for a visit with her sister. Mrs. R. L. Mauley. —- • • + In Kansas City. Mrs. H. K. Hindc and small son arc spending the week in Kansas City - - * • • Teacher*' Meeting. To review the work done in the several classes and divide the pupils according tq_Bradcs. the teaehors o the primary' department, of the I'res byterian Sunday school hold a meet Ing last night. Wltlnn a short time the graded system of work will IK adopted with classes arrangetl accord ing to thej classification of the pnpfl In the public school. Miss Lingen feldter assisted by Miss Mab'e Brewer and a corps of teachers has ihi work in charge. V V • Mr. and Mrs. Balliet Home. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Balliet return ed yesterday from a two weeks' visit in-Kansas City. •;• • i Mr. and Mrs. Bjxler EriterCiin. Mr. and Mrs. isixler entertaiied at dimmer Sunday fiSrJIr. and Mrs. A. <i. DIckiasonr of tije Dickinson Bros Hay & Grain company, of Humboldt Kans. Covers w!ere laid for Mr. and Mrs. A. G, Dickinson and daughter. Miss Glenna. Mips Ethel Bixler^-.Miss B'eulah Blzler and Mr. Bruce Bixler. • • • Miss Bixler Home. Miss Bet)Iah Bixler returned homp yesterday ^fter spending a few days visiting her sister. Miss 'Ethel Blx ler of Humljoldt. + • + Mrs. Hobart Home. Mrs. L. Hobart returned on Monday from a short trip to Kansas City • * • Mrs. Qatta Home. Mrs. William Galea ban relunu'd from a vlait to Kansas City. She VfM accoupaiiied tiien^ by Iii>r niece, Mr«. Hope "VVbUe, of Chicago. • • * C. W. B. M. Meetlnc ' The afternoon given for the Mis&- ioMry society of the Christian church at the home of Mrs. JTames jRlchard BOD yesterday afternoon was ieapecial- Ir pleasant TJie program jnasnot rendered because the j meiuil>er who ftas to have directed jtfae ajfternoon fjUi : not present, the 'fbasfnjeBs was iiii^UiM jmd at tfa^^^^ tbe af' '^tiooii-:]^ lhcb|ir/Imn .sepried a^ . ' to jonebeoa.' Tb^ tiiile Jn th<^ Lihbey's Beautiful in brilliance, nnsi tensive line embraces cvciy vai suit the most conservative. Cut Glass ^pjsscl iu Ijetuty.ot design, our <x- llety ol tbe very latest cats, jiiccd to Mo, FHC Santa K« nnl 'M. K. & T. Watch InHpectom. dining room was prettily i;a-ni:-! and tli<' in<-iiH wjis sorvf-d !•> <vvi .•tssisting fricii'Is of the hosltw. MrntioriK lola. Tli'^ (iirrfut number i>f the C Member, the slat*' magazine, given er to the discussioit of federation fairs, cont.-tius sonic complimen paragraphs rclativo to the con lion of the Second district clubs, work done by ^ .Mrs. W. D. W'olfrj clubs and also the fodi-ration Ls .s en of and the entertainment proji ed for is also <iiscussed. Tiia column devoted to \V. R notes mentions a report sent Mrs. .-Mice Xtnvman of Tola, in to the reception to charter mem recently given at the home of Mar>' Cholette. Miss Hyde Here. , .Mfs.s kmina HyJe, who i.s {caciiing hiji.-i'i Emporia this .winter, spent the oV-^jWffk end at her 1 omc here. tjiu-.^i Plans for Tea. I • Til.- fir-sl tea to In- givi-ii by the I Missionary Society of the Christian (church will probably ocfur during the [last week in October. The name of (he hostess has not yet been announced. en th..! Vin |>ok i-id-l • • • To Colony. A large number of ladies who long to the Woman's Relief Corp in Colony today for the inspec and special mretiiig of tbe C there. Mrs. Phi'ip, j>{ will conduct the inpp<'ctinu. •:• • • State Inspection. .-Vnioiig the e \«MUrf of tie first « of N'ovomlier Is an lusttoption of lol.H R. V. by .Mrs. Anna Hear uf Parsons. Mrs. Heac'ick is doi ment conunaudiT for tli«- corps ihi^ well 1 )0 th«< nnnaal insp«ii-troj For Miss Eagle. Mrs "MT'F. Sickly will entertai^ few friends at dinner on Friday, honor guest will be Miss Mable K ii^d of New York. wi;« ts a guest of rela- iriil ;lives in Lallarpe. C. f rom rci ;ard| >ers : lrs.i • •> Music Club. .Mrs. W, T. Watson, retiring pn-si dent of the Ladies' .Music club, was hostess «if the members yesterday afternoon for a recital to open the J year's work and Informally greet the members who have recently been re- 'ceived. The year books were distributed and other dittails of business, vol- ed upon. Tills prograui was reiider nr\',\ cd: • " ion! f^' Mootilighl — Beethoven—.Miss C 'ara Crangle. I .ovos Trinity—Dokoven—.Mrs. j. VV. Itoltou.. I '.'— Schyiitte—Mrs. E<l. Danforth. • '.nrisshra—Penu—.Mrs. W. T. Wat son. .\uliad<—(Inilb'-.Mrs. ROSK r!ail>»>rn«-. Sadness of Souls—Mendelssohn - MissOlive Hankins. Three dann-s from llonrv VIII- -<;«r ni.-in - Mrs f. \.. Kvan^. Mrs Philii. Wary-=h. Mrs Philip Waugh Mil Icivc the <lub in two w <;*>Kf:. The proer .im en that occasion will be taken fmm tb*- libraries of American rompos -cr.'; •rpss; !iMM,;' eU he |)ck. titt- ilii a rbV E igte —Frank S. BeatUe, V. S. Phone 13S The AIIPITORIIJM TOMtlllT Last Radl Happy Richardsd^ vs. Libert, of Chanu Don't Miss I Thursday, Frlilajr and Saturday .Mghts *BiJly' Stein The Legless Woider In trick bicycle riding and faticy skating. •• \- . liCoutliiucd from page \.\ and was a good citizen. It was bus policies and theories to which. Air. Stubb? took exception and as he proceeded to exj)Iode one by cue the vagaries of the "boy . orator of (he Platte;" the. crowd applauded heartily. After concluding his address he asked the crowd If there were any questions they wished to ask and there were a few. He met every ciuestiou squarely, and answered them to the inteiiKe delight of his admiring friends' and followers. Not ohce did he evade or dodge but answered unhesitatiagj- ly and convincingly. After he concluded his addres-j. flic r.Iack and Tan tinartetle composed of "Hod Toy." Aruthr .lohnson. Frank McDonald and Hcrbcrl .Mien, sang campaign songs for lliree •luariers or an hpur. holding the big crowd closely. The lliroiig never tired of the s^iugipg but keiit (he uuartclto I 'U.vv w ilh, •;Hcore.>'. .Meanwhile .Mr. l'u|lard making one of lb** finest addres.'-cs ever heard in lola iu the lheater. Prccc.Iing Ills address the Elsmorc band phsyiil several s«-Iecticms after wbieli C.U '';<iK II. .v. Ewing. candidate fo.r county atf toriiey. intiodMo -j the speaker. Mr. Pollard. The Nebraska congressi;ia:| proved himself the orator his friends have claimed for Iiiin. Clearly :ind f.'urly and with much force and emphasis, be discussed the issues of the ranipaigu. He told what die Kejuibr Hcau party bad done toward enacting Jaws curbing 'he trusts, beuelittiiig iht« laboring siian, llic farmer, in fact the euilre country. He, then took up .Mr. liryan and the phantoms and r-.<in bow.- he has chased in the past twelve years; He showed tbe utter fully or the tlie«)ries that .Mr. Bryan espouses. Mr. Pollard Ihen took up the record of the Hcmocralic party and its Icul- ers. and f^^bowed that when Ibey did have an opportunity fo enact into laws the principles Ihei stand for they have mil accepted them. He quoted the roll calls in the house to prove bis «lateiiieiit. .M ibis |>oilit wbeii he showed that it was vutes not better laws the Democrats wanted, the applause that followed fairly shook the house. Preceding his address. .Mr. Poi- lard took occasion to compliment high ly work an.d record of Chas.. F. Sc.otl. c<iugrcssman from the Second dislrii-t. and be was prevented ror some t'.wc from conliiiuiug his address by the app'ause. Wlien he had finished every one In the house was ready-to admit that he had made a. great hit. His siteecb will long be remembered by the thoii.sands who heard him. .\t the conclusion of his address he went outside and niountexl the automobile, the crowd having~w,ailcd for three quarters of an hoar to hear him. where be siHike for nearly au hour, licing greeted with the satiie attention ano au- plause which cbur.i«'terized his apin-ar ance in tbe theaitr. .Mr. Stubbs toi- iowed .Mr. PuHnrd in the theater and ^»ve an ir .teresling talk. When h'> came Into the o|ii>ra house a ripple uf ;ippianse went over the room, although .Mr. Pollard was la the m:dat vl bis argument. The hiiudreds of }»*ojdc klio w ere !ierc from oiif of llie eliy and ro;int> >v3- terda.- and 'ast evening to attend tr«e raily had exp'jcted that It would W .-• ercat meeting but were iiardl;- crc- pared for the magnificent sue«f-..= flia' it was. All were emphatic in de •lariiig the celebration one of the best they bad ever attended and were lib- ral iu the compliments upon the roni- miliee and citizens wbo devoted their time aud energy to making the occa- :iun what it was. E^cn the Democrats n»>rc compelled to admit that it was nitliout ^ parallel in this county. FOOTBALL AT NIGHT tET US ^\^RITE YOUR POLITICAL speeches, addresses, club papers, lectures, orations. etc.-"Every production a master jnece." write us your needs we can supply you. All correspondence confidential. Dept. M.. Central Litei- ary Bureau. 1240 Harrison, Kansas .City, Mo. Btfsiness Directory. • • • • WANTED—Situal ion by gootl waitress or chambermaid, .\ddress 210 .North Chestnut street.' WANTED—Situation by fine iroiur in steam laundry. 210 North Chestnut street. WANTED-^Five or 6 Xponi cottag'e. close In. moderu or othcVwlse. L. U. Boutin. Barcla>-Shields Clo. Co. WANT—Six or 7 room house, close in. .flight bu>. if bargain or advance year's rcuu Or will e.xchang« following, can add aomc cash: Two story business property, next door P. O.. Scrautuii. Iowa, leased ;'. years fl'im vear. C:e!:r. $J.*.of>. Four room coUage ;i lots, besi part Punca City. Okla. SlTrOO annual lease. Clear. Six room cottage 2 lots, large barn, close in. Harpe. $i7.'»0. mortgage $»;><); will clear. Half intere.^^t '2:< by l^i' brick I .story and adjoining - story frame business bouse. Admire. Ka.«. with shelving, counicrs aud lightiuji pltMit. 13000 for half interest. Clear, long lease.—:;yi; North Walnut street. Foia. Kas. Phone Mil'. W.VNTED—lola iiroperty to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over luwa Store, lola, Kas. DR. XILDBED CUBTIS Fbjslcian aod Surgeon. * Office over Bu'-rell's Drug Store • Office Phone 554. • Residence 214 B. Jackson • Phone 56D. • • • • •i DBS. BEID & KEW, * Pbyslcians and Snrgeons. X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. * * Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat * Offlce Plionp 357; Res. 396. Hrmber» of ••Triplet" Twim to Work UHt I'nder Elottrk Lights at Park. 1 The members of the "Triplets'" foot '•all team will practice In the fiilurn In the evening by electric lights. The practice ground at the Electric park i.^ now fitted n)> with electric lights. ArrangemeniK for practice (n the even ing were made that all the players cuuld be prciseut. Many of tbe playT era were not able to atteud In the afternoon wlthoiit Interfering! with tehlr regular work. The first practice by cliictrlc light will be held this evcnl.*g ai 7 o'clock. Au effort will be made| to secure Mr. IHnke.v. fornier'3- a liiember of the YYale varsity team to! coacU the " rrjplelb" every evening. iUnder hin 'X>achii<i; the local team sholuld be one of tbe strongest foot ball organizatioDs in ih.'s part^f tbe state. » • • DK. MciULLE.V, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and DLieases of Children. Telephones: Office S2. Res. 232. OBic« over Ibirrell's Drug Stora V.'cst Madlsftn. • • • • • • • Phone 6S7. Ret. 701. DB. 0. L. COX. Rye, Ear. Nose and ThroaL Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. Omca Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 DK. R. 0. CilRISTIAir Physician and Snrgeon Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. W.ANTEIJ— A ,.rst clasf; salesman to sell, our teas, coffees and specialties direct to the consumer In and around Jola. A good paying business to right parties. Write or call on the Crand Union -Tea Co., 701 Kansas Avenue. Topcka, Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS—$ $ | $hO.OQ p<',r week and over can be made selling New Campaign Nove'ties from until election. Sells to Stores, Coan- ty Fairs. Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of tsamplcs. charges prepaid for 50c. Ovdf r today. CtnC .\GO N07ELTy CO., 60 Wabash Ave., Chicago. fOR SJUJ£»IIUm&0UMumoum FOR SALE OR RE.v'ri—-My store building at Elsmore Kak Sev .M. L. Decker. I'll North Sycamore. Phone FOR SALKjOIt TR,\I)E—For horses or cattle, 3 r6om house. Inquire G2I South Duckeye. FOR~SALE—570 feet 2x10x20 hard p!ne. Also 'some 3-iach flooring.* Cheap for cash. Pfcone 1214. ' F. 0. MARTW, • * Surgery; and Disease* of * • • Women. • * Omcc and Residence Phone 676 • • Office 71 North JelFersoa. • JEWBLRS. 6. F. Panconst, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East StreeJL • Lodge; Directory K ?nGH ¥S OF I'MUI.^ Vr-r,,},* Lodge No. 43j n- • >>i- w ..i >i <y night at K. o£| P. ^ •• •>«•«- thers invited. iiW. S. Ttiucipbou, B. C. Chris Ritter. K. of R. and 8. FOR SALE—Fresh milch cow: r>dh North Washington. fOR nan- tmmo ^Mmoun FOR RENT—Furnished rotmiti for light housekeeiJlnp. '^28 North Third. Phono l2Sf. ' KOIJ RENT—^Two furniilicd rooms at :ill South Chestnut. FOR RENT—Room at 1.'. North Walnut. FOR RENT—Six room house with or without barn. Close la. Phone -4lt. KMGUTS OF MACCABEES^ Knights of Maccabees of tbe World meets in K. P. Halt, second aod foartb Saturday nights ot each month. J. W. Postwalt, ciDmmander; R. B. Porter. record keeper. Vi. O. W.-—Camp No. 101 meets Ik , K. cf P. Hall every Friday night Vf. T. Steele. C. C.. A. H. Davis, Clerk Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A.-The M. W. A. Lodgt meets every Friday night in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting 'brothers Invited. F. a Cotfleld. V. C W. A. (Jowan. Clerk. BOTAL KEIGUBOBS.—lola Camp .No. 36&. Royal; Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays ot each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraclsi Mrs. Mary Button, 413 West Street. Recorder. fOR eXOHAMOE TO IJOAN—S5.000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—lola Land OJ. ooooooooooooooooo o o o H. r. n'EAB, o O Wichita. Kansaa. O O VVESTERh LA!«DS A BAx\t'llE8 O O For Sale of Trade, O O $3.00 an Acre. Up. O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOO FBATEB5AIi BB0THEBHOOD.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380-meets second an-J foiirth Thursday of each month in A. 0.| U. W. IlaU. Visiting members cordially Invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam. secretary FOUND OUR TELEPHONE l8 constantly ringing these days September, you know. Is the time to have the summer dust cleaned -jut of carpets. We are busy, bat your ordf>r will receive prompt and careful utienliou. Phone us today. iOU RUG FACrORYl PheM Uf. J. E. Bacon leaves oera- to visit I his daughter etm hW recently retozned f ntyhraiUkfll where hn todaiy for Ge- Mr. Jbar a Kan Was rrttlof trom A BALLY AT ELSXOR|:. A Bi? Mretinir to Be Held There ijy Republl4nins. Tbe Republican .county central com-: mittee has arranged for a rally ki Elsmore on the evening of the 17th. Cap tain H. A- Bwlng. A. P. Harris and Judge Foust will make addresses. The quartette .wlli he taken' along. 'Fhla will he the second RepubUcan rally hald at ESapqrt this f %iu.. _ \^. . LOW COLONIST TO CALIFORNIA LD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST I AND" BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA Sept.l^toOct.3lst Ask for itaU InfonBatkia.

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